Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It?

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College dropouts and graduates came together to ultimately discuss, is college worth it? Together, they talk through their thoughts on education, pursuing your dreams, and the downside of going to college. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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14-Fev, 2018

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Lana 3 soat oldin
the guy in the white hat is so cute
MKMusic 6 soat oldin
That was awesome. "Feels like we're all on the same page - just like different parts of the page." ^-^ So funny
S.A Impavido
S.A Impavido 8 soat oldin
How do you get a degree by luck? Getting a degree requires enrolling in classes which takes money classes require assignments require materials which means more money and hard work and effort placed in your assignments and those assignments require a good quality grade to get a degree. How is it by chance or luck?
Ace77 9 soat oldin
but if college was free, how are the teachers and staff gonna get paid? i definitely think aspects of college should be more affordable and cater towards all financial types but not free.
Ivo Krstulovic
Ivo Krstulovic 18 soat oldin
I want to know the meaning of teatur on arm. Chair what that could mean.
c. Kun oldin
“I’m broke” omg i can relate so much
Roshelle Rodriguez
@Jubilee Love & appreciate the content! I’d be really interested in an episode on having grown up as a only child vs growing up with siblings. & another one on growing up with a single parent or no parent vs. growing up with two parents/guardians.
Tyler Frye
Tyler Frye 3 kun oldin
Here you have a genuine group of people who are adults. They may be over 18 but what sets them apart is true adults will listen and do not interrupt. Just because someone has a different view or idea, they dont bash it, they simply tell their side of the spectrum. Great ideas from all and really makes you think.
King Money Mastery
King Money Mastery 3 kun oldin
SCREW COLLEGE. I ALMOST dropped out of HIGH SCHOOL mid-way as I was already making $4500 per month net profit from importing and selling watches. I had the WORST GPA of my entire cohort and the WORST GPA ever achieved by a student in my school's 16 years history. My classmates hated me for I was always terrible with project work and I would often outsource my school work to virtual assistants while I worked on my business/investments. With that said, I hit seven figures in CASH net worth (pure cash net profit, not those fancy real estate net worth with high leverage which gets added into your net worth calculation nor seven figures in gross revenue which many business owners/ecom guys like to do). I hit seven figures CASH when I was 21 years old. No college for me. Formal education will make you a living. (which is very debatable with the current economic situation). Self-education will make you a fortune. If you would like to discover how I achieved seven figures CASH by 21. My channel shows how it is done. Plenty of money making videos.
M Newell
M Newell 3 kun oldin
Seyhun Umut Sağdıç
*really slowly read this. Thhaattt duudee , sooo high , iiii likeeedd hisss voiceeee... Soooo callmmm and sooo peacefulll...
Easy k5
Easy k5 3 kun oldin
It's crazy how most of y'all who think college is a "bad" thing believe it because of all the debt you get after you graduated but here in Canada college is free soo we actually have nothing to lose by going to college...
Harald Karugaba
Harald Karugaba 2 kun oldin
why wasted tax money when private and public sectors are only hiring people with no education don't get me wrong if for example you want to work as a doctor you need a degree however if you are aiming for job’s that are considered low end like teacher, nurs, security guard good luck getting a job her in norway with a certificate from school the reason is general manager would rather save money than to have someone qualify to do the job however there are many reason this is so you can't look this situasjon as black and white however to make it shorts and easy som is pure greed often you see this in private sector or low man power that some company get desperate however in public sectors its more complex that involve budget example it's been stated by many teacher that scholse forced to hiring teacher especially in special ed class that has no qualification stay afloat this gives you a picture that having a degree can give disadvantage when applying for jobs P.S you may have notes that i'm dyslexia the reason for choosing this argument is because the government recently publish a 300 page that took 7 years of make about special ed class i didnt red all as it was too complex but i did ask teacher’s on an trusted facebook group for teacher about some of the allegation since it was shocking to the point even the government now is debating whether on not people who need special educational shall have the right anymore since according to them it makes you stupider the other argument is well known in norway i don't really know how to give better proof than my word as this is what i and many people feels like however i can artikel of people who has degree who doesn't get any job or the link to the 300 page although its in norwegian also i know this sound like a conspiracy or i have mental illness but i'm not i am a firmly believe in vaccination also what did make me so suspicious was i was in a wright and reading course that was hosted by dyslexia association of norway that and even some of my teacher was
natsu mei
natsu mei 3 kun oldin
Peterrrrrr my love
CL Clan
CL Clan 4 kun oldin
The dude in the white hat looks like the guy from the good place mason
YourAverageScholar 4 kun oldin
Regardless of how one may perceive the concept and/or philosophy of school, it is nothing more than what one makes of it. For, regardless of education's intent, you, as the pupil, must ultimately make decision which furthermore will alter you in such a manner that you willing to be manipulated in such a manner. Thus, I am merely implying that for college to be of any relative, subjective significane to you, you must first perceive it in such a manner. To further conceptualize such a theory, I am more than certain that the majority of all college dropouts began did not have the positive of outlooks on college. Therefore, in accordance with such impaired perception, they ultimately deemed it as insufficient and/or inadequate for them. To conclude all of such thought, this is nothing more than the philosophy of self-efficacy at work here; nothing more.
Loser 4 kun oldin
People need to stop waffling.
Sahar Al Khalifa
Sahar Al Khalifa 4 kun oldin
i wanna be in one of these video
SYDUCTION 4 kun oldin
If your major is liberal arts/political science/communications/African American studies/women studies.... lmaooo have 0 sympathy for you if you can’t get a job like who does that
VoxelRush 5 kun oldin
Only problem I see is that if you want a high paying job, you'll need a item saying that you can do it(Even if you really can't).
Raluka Alexandra
Raluka Alexandra 5 kun oldin
That was beautiful!
Sam Felix
Sam Felix 5 kun oldin
The guy with the white cap was the Blue Power Rager. I love him and his gf.
SpinelliBoyz TV
SpinelliBoyz TV 5 kun oldin
Spends 500,000 for education Next weekend falls off a porch drunk and becomes incapacitated. There’s your investment working for ya. Lmfao
Aki .16
Aki .16 6 kun oldin
*Prince ea has joined the chat*
Andrea Schuhmeier
Andrea Schuhmeier 6 kun oldin
I loved the last statement "seems like we are all on the same page, just different parts of the page"
Tahseen 7 kun oldin
This was short...Want more
Trey Sims
Trey Sims 7 kun oldin
I graduated high school ASE certified with state inspection and emissions license. I dropped automotive as a career. I currently work for the state of Pennsylvania at 20 years old making 35k a year without overtime with overtime can be 55k-70k. We are underemployed so there’s always overtime so it’s basically free money.
Alicja Lawenska
Alicja Lawenska 7 kun oldin
Wait in America you have to pay for university.. I always thought it was free because where I live in Poland, university is free for anyone thats a polish citizen
Tha GOAT 5 kun oldin
Alicja Lawenska that sucks that it is free smh inflating the value of education makes people have to stay in school longer...
Mithas Janbade
Mithas Janbade 7 kun oldin
X-finer 7 kun oldin
college is built for workers not entrepreneurs
Tabitha Elisabeth
Tabitha Elisabeth 8 kun oldin
I want to sit down and have a conversation with the women empowerment coach girl. I just. It just feels she's so full of positive energy. And I need to spend time with someone like that.
April Meijer
April Meijer 8 kun oldin
the guy with the white cap is cute man
btss *lovelovelove*
I'm just here for the korean cute boy
Alex 8 kun oldin
“I’m broke...” Me too brother. Me too
Music Is Life
Music Is Life 8 kun oldin
I love how they were all mature
Delilah Concepcion
Delilah Concepcion 8 kun oldin
Looovve the topic! Very useful. Currently struggling with this question myself. And I think I’m going to take a break off from college and see how I do with out it. I can always go back but seriously already in debt and I just started. Not that anyone asked, but wish me luck!?
Khulan Undrakh-Erdene
That Asian guy tho.... the most handsome person I have ever seen in my lifeu 😂
Matthew Arant
Matthew Arant 9 kun oldin
I don't want to pay for your college.
Total Lad
Total Lad 9 kun oldin
Would smash
Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson 9 kun oldin
College is one of the biggest scams ever foisted upon American society. We tell kids they must get a college degree to be successful. Many graduate with a useless degree, at least $100K in debt, and can't find a job, while the plumber, the auto mechanic, the welder, the electrician goes to school one to two years, graduates with little to no debt and is making $80-$100 per hour.
Tha GOAT 5 kun oldin
Mike Robertson i majored in lesbian dance theory and I was able to find a job you bigot... I work at mcdonald's making 8.25 an hour!
emily marie
emily marie 9 kun oldin
I can’t believe they all think college should be free. Where the heck is that money gonna come from?
fresnoredemption 9 kun oldin
It truly depends on the career path you want. Some careers absolutely need degrees (doctors/lawyers/CPA) which others is better to either go to a trade school or do hands on training (any maintenance field/computer tech/computer programmer). Obviously, there are benefits for both college and hands on but it truly depends on your field. Minor rant, colleges should also get rid of most of the useless electives they require so that people wouldn't have to spend as much and waste as much of their lives in useless classes that have no benefits to their field (I had to take a film class, physics class, and two semesters of PE in order to sit at a desk and play with numbers as an accountant (all three listed are better in high school where they have a set schedule and can be introduced to various studies (and to get them moving more) but not for college as one of my PE classes was archery and it really didn't do much PE for me at all)).
Leo Cardenas
Leo Cardenas 9 kun oldin
0:54 yes Jordan!!!
Morrigan 10 kun oldin
Honestly all three of the drop outs are attractive as hell, like personality and physically.
gbfh8 11nm
gbfh8 11nm 10 kun oldin
Besides medicine, finance and law you don’t need a degree. A degree just helps you get your foot in the door but talent, passion and a hard work ethic are what make you successful.
Emma Bunch-Benson
Emma Bunch-Benson 10 kun oldin
I think an interesting question would also be if people had to drop out by choice or not. Some people are forced to drop out even though they want to finish due to circumstances beyond their control such as money or learning disabilities, like dyslexia and dyscalculia. There literally could be so many possible reasons
Cassu6 10 kun oldin
I feel like everything I’m learning in school right now well at least most of the things are of no help to me in the potential careers I want to pursue
Mark Pantoja
Mark Pantoja 10 kun oldin
Why do they have to walk that far? Lol college.. knooooowledge
Raihannah Taylor
Raihannah Taylor 10 kun oldin
I can relate to this Middle Ground so much. I was attending a community college for 4 years as soon as I graduated high school at the age of 17. I enrolled while in high school, even took some entry college courses before even being enrolled, and finally started my first semester in Fall. Years later...as I attended I began to ask myself a question that changed my perspective, "Is this what I want to do?" This question, unfortunately, caused me to dropout. I was going to school for Hospitality & Tourism Management and I enjoyed most of my courses, but I didn't enjoy the managerial courses, law courses, and prerequisites. I hated it. I hated it so much that I began to question if this was my major of choice. I had already spent 4 years worth of grant money, resources, and accumulated over 85 credits. A semester away from obtaining a basic AA degree! However, it wasn't truly what I wanted to do and it hurts...because I enjoyed going to school and learning those courses that engaged me, but to me, it wasn't worth attending for another year. I think everyone should go to college and have that opportunity, if it's not for you it just isn't, but no one should be looked down upon or punished for making that choice within themselves.
PatrickIV 10 kun oldin
We should do college like Europe does. You take an aptitude test and it you pass you get in. They don't have as many regards in college.
Lordalexanderillest 6
I don’t think it’s about if college is worth it or not I think it’s more about knowing exactly what you want in life and knowing what it takes and if college is required for what you want then yea it is worth it but if you wanna do something that doesn’t require college then yea it’s not worth it. It’s a topic that is so different with every person that there’s really no answer tbh. Like you can’t really tell someone yes or no because they really have to figure it out on their own.I think the problem that I had was I honestly felt so pressured by all my teachers and my parents telling me go to college and get a good job. Idk just me tho 🙃
Asian dude is hot. 🔥🔥🔥
natalie mendez
natalie mendez 11 kun oldin
i feel like many people fail to realize that college does not equate success. i think many people still believe this mostly due to society’s belief that there is virtually no other path to success.
Gargamel Knutsson
Gargamel Knutsson 11 kun oldin
Suckin and Fuckin!
Nitty 11 kun oldin
College should not be free. That would ruin high education. Much cheaper? Yes definitely cheaper. Free? It's not possible unless the government taxes us to death.
Nitty 11 kun oldin
higher education***
Jacob Canavan
Jacob Canavan 11 kun oldin
why did you drop out? "because it wasn't me and I don't think it was worthwhile" or was it too hard? If you dropped out because it was difficult and you couldn't push through that's weak. In any instance you should keep trying.
DOGA UNLU 11 kun oldin
I don't think that the college education is just about the degree you're getting. The people you meet, especially if your college has a diverse student body, and the things you learn outside of the books -- such as living without your parents, I'm literally thousands of miles away from my home -- can be really meaningful. Still, if you think you can get this type of education without college, then go for it. I just didn't like the idea of equalizing the college education with a bachelor's degree.
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 12 kun oldin
Peter is a former Blue Power Ranger, just wanted to tell y'all. 😁
NetWork Production
NetWork Production 12 kun oldin
I'm about to be completely honest here. I didn't go to college and I know more things and I know how to do more things than every person I know that went to college. Hell I even have more money than most of them. They're in debt I'm not. I've even work with some at my job and they make less and I hath to tech them most things. That go to college and you'll be successful rule they drilled in our head back in the day myth has been busted for years. You can pay all that money and waist all your time in college to figure out that career you are pursuing is actually not for you later on. Then it's to late. You could've just invested that time and money in building your own business. Well than again maybe everyone isn't capable of even beginning to think in such a way. If you was to see me you probably wouldn't believe I'm good at almost everything that life has to offer at first glance though. Message 📨
Hannah Avila
Hannah Avila 12 kun oldin
*Kids these days...* (Sarcasm)
Sweet Serendipity
Sweet Serendipity 12 kun oldin
I said “nah” and joined the USMC instead about 1 year into college 😂😂
Dark Destiny3
Dark Destiny3 12 kun oldin
Problem is people to college for a degree. Not for the education lol
Kamille Daniel
Kamille Daniel 12 kun oldin
The korean boys is hot😗😍😘
Gabrielle Worley
Gabrielle Worley 13 kun oldin
3:25 what was he taking abt 😐🤦🏽‍♀️
Niyah Rodger
Niyah Rodger 13 kun oldin
My boyfriend is currently at University studying Biomedical science. It's scares me to think of the many people that went and did all these things to try achieve what they want to be and came out with nothing.. I obviously have very high hopes for him and back him fully.. I just hope the outcome is what he wants.
Emilio G16
Emilio G16 13 kun oldin
That’s why you work towards a scholarship for it to be free
Sam 13 kun oldin
I wanna be friends with these people
Sam 13 kun oldin
“I know what I want to do with my life” one person stays standing Me (screaming at my screen) “ I feel you girl! I 100% feel you” And then other guy turns back: me “yes, another one. Yay I’m not the only one!”
Janina Dillow
Janina Dillow 13 kun oldin
I'm in middle school. But in elementary school, I knew we were poor, and its gotten worse since then. Since elementary, I have been working towards a scholarship, but I don't know how much it's gonna help. Like you can only do so much, and if I don't get it what am I gonna do. Not everyone should go to college though because if they did there would be no point. The schools wouldn't be able to buy the things they need without really high taxes. Nobody wants higher taxes, and not everyone wants to go to college. Some people do, and there is a balance between labor workers and then jobs like Doctor or Veterinarian. I don't know, but it's just my opinion and what I've observed. Tell me if you disagree with anything and we can discuss it.
romz 13 kun oldin
Some highly specialized careers require going to college such as engineering medicine law, and all STEM fields so I would say going to college for these degrees is definitely worth it since there is a healthy demand for these professionals.But if you are going to college to accrue debt over a ridiculous PhD. in leisure studies for example then good luck to you.Nevertheless college can be a good place to develop yourself as an individual, your political views and also learning to network for opportunities which I think is even more important than getting the degree itself.
Njabulo Magagula
Njabulo Magagula 13 kun oldin
Black guy is hot
gui t.m
gui t.m 13 kun oldin
The white hat dropout guy is A Cutie just saying
Matt Cunningham
Matt Cunningham 13 kun oldin
Its super simple. Major in something useful and practical. That's all you can do youre fine
Hassan M.Hassan
Hassan M.Hassan 13 kun oldin
no wonder they dropped out! from the first look, you could tell who was the dropout! the black dude jordhon sounded "..""
Mariana T
Mariana T 13 kun oldin
I haven't been doing anything academic since I was 13. I have so much information in my head about so much stuff from passion. Learning comes naturally, if you love something you wanna learn about it, period. I feel like I would die in college. I literally have nightmares about being at school
Chelsea Lucky
Chelsea Lucky 14 kun oldin
I know this is really off topic but. the asian guy {sorry don’t know your name} is sooooo hot!!
Shwee 14 kun oldin
I understand why some colleges might need the students to pay, like if their are a small university/college, but I don't understand why the medium or big colleges/universities need student tuition, or at least at the amount they want. Like Harvard for example, they do not need any student tuition because graduates donate millions of dollars to Harvard. Or the Public universities get funded by the government or state. I don't mind college is not free but I wish the tuition was affordable because at all students are scholarship students. Like why should students go into debt, sometimes major debt to get an education.
Sir CoCoNUT 14 kun oldin
It is only worth it if you know exactly what you want to do with your life. Otherwise go to Europe and do college there. You won't starve to death in 10 years.
Egg Salad
Egg Salad 14 kun oldin
Honestly depends on the courses you take. Don't bother if you're just going to take "gender studies" and "lesbian dance theory" classes
ryne lefler
ryne lefler 14 kun oldin
I like these... interesting to hear others thoughts
Alicia Rodriguez
Alicia Rodriguez 14 kun oldin
I don't understand the black dropout guy's logic. Does he not realize construction workers, or anyone in any field in the world can be college educated? There is such a wide range of degrees that could help in any profession or just expand your knowledge in general. This plays into the harmful idea that college is exclusive and out of reach or that only certain career paths can benefit from more knowledge?
20 m Views
20 m Views 14 kun oldin
Happiness is the key to success
XxGR3YW01FxX 14 kun oldin
Dude quit with the phony softened language. It's disagree not non-agree.
Icelle C.
Icelle C. 14 kun oldin
Hope they all be good friends
Ira Michael
Ira Michael 14 kun oldin
Have you tried blindfolding people so they don't get peer pressured into their choice?
J R 15 kun oldin
I wanna do this 🙂
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 15 kun oldin
Dropped out of College, lol I dropped out of High school😂😂
Emma Brook
Emma Brook 15 kun oldin
Kind of unrelated: but in the US (Im Canadian) is there a difference between college and university?
Jana Cecilia
Jana Cecilia 15 kun oldin
everyone was cute asf
Sbm895 15 kun oldin
Going to college is one thing. Being smart about going to college is another thing. I knew even before I graduated high school that I was going to go to college so I spent the four years in high school preparing for college. This meant ensuring that I was positioning myself to be able to get to college and getting scholarships to go to college. This meant taking a lot of time to think about what I wanted to major in and what the return would be once done. Just going to college and not even having a game plan will result in a job one doesn’t like feeling like it was all a waste of time. College is the best thing I ever did and I am currently reaping all the rewards of my degree.
XX_MD__Xx 54
XX_MD__Xx 54 15 kun oldin
Sean has a really puncheble face
all9m 16 kun oldin
The College dropout's dress better probably because they have more Sense of self.
Ian Adam
Ian Adam 16 kun oldin
I haven’t watched it all yet but I hope they ask about salaries Edit: goddamnit
ary 16 kun oldin
Ernie10 16 kun oldin
Your tattoo on your arm is a chair out of all things. Of course you dont know what you want to do with your life
Raymond Foalima
Raymond Foalima 16 kun oldin
Can you ask this again but with an older demographic?
Kahlil Rivers
Kahlil Rivers 16 kun oldin
When you start asking yourself, "Is college really worth the money" lol
John Hagaha
John Hagaha 16 kun oldin
okay look, this channel really open my mind and I feel really good when i listen to different perspective or views about education, future or even how they want the life be. Thanks for upload this video and its really usefull.
A :p
A :p 16 kun oldin
Peter is fiiiinnneeee 💀😭
Lucidity Soul
Lucidity Soul 16 kun oldin
First you must ask, what is knowledge? I believe college is just another way for the government to stay wealthy. You could learn just as much online. Only difference is the social interactions that could benefit you and you get a degree. A degree, what is that? Just a label, signifies your intelligence? You pay so much just for that piece of paper, you are still not guaranteed the life you strive for. It seems like society believes education can only be achieved through schooling. We need to get with the times, the internet is endless. Vast information. Obviously you need to be able to differentiate between what's real, what's theory, what's opinion, etc... I believe if you know where to research, you can educate yourself just as a college student. As long as you stay consistent with your research.
Thomas Shacksnovis
Thomas Shacksnovis 16 kun oldin
I doubt there was a conservative in that group, free education and everyone jumps to their chairs. Nothing is free, you have paid for an education to invest in yourself, how can you be so entitled to believe it should be free. Education is overpriced because of Government meddling. You don't need a college degree to start a business, there are plenty of free online courses. Do better.