Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It?

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College dropouts and graduates came together to ultimately discuss, is college worth it? Together, they talk through their thoughts on education, pursuing your dreams, and the downside of going to college. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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14-Fev, 2018



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Mylesthe Goat
Mylesthe Goat 5 soat oldin
Is it me or do they seem like they are all actually friends
Mylesthe Goat
Mylesthe Goat 5 soat oldin
The black guy low key sounded like Jayden Smith
penguin man
penguin man 14 soat oldin
can we talk about the chair tattoo on the white girls arm 💀
Gold 999
Gold 999 16 soat oldin
that bald black guy is an educated person...the way he answers
Omer Salman
Omer Salman 22 soat oldin
I need some advice from you all. I am currently a grade 11 in high school, and you know, "I'm getting good grades, doing this doing that blah blah blah". Heading into grade 11, I didn't really know what I wanted to be. My dad says since I'm good in mathematics and science (which I think I am) I should become an engineer. I have done some research and stuff and I wouldn't say I'm not interested, but I wouldn't say I think of being an engineer as a 'dream job" at the moment. Is it a good idea or wise decision to pursue something that I'm kind of interested in, but still not 100% sold on, and the fact that I think I could do well in it? Because I fear that if I go to engineering and then I'm learning all this stuff I hate, how am I going to tell my parents and then it'll be this humongous dilemma. I want to make my parents proud and get a 'good' job, but I'm not sure 100% sure if this is it for me, but I'm not sure if I'm 100% sold on my other interests as well, such as business.
Jeff Ortega
Jeff Ortega Kun oldin
Get a trade you lazy fuks.
bklyncrook Kun oldin
Joseph be looking like Bubbles from the Wires.
Fatson Kun oldin
The guy with leather jacket be lookin like the creepy train guy from polar express
Sound cookie
Sound cookie Kun oldin
Mark Zuckerberg left the chat Bill gates left the chat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chun Wong
Chun Wong Kun oldin
Cris Bowman
Cris Bowman Kun oldin
I didn't want to go to college, but I didn't know what to do otherwise. CS was probably one of the more useful degrees at the moment, but the passion just wasn't there after one semester. I stayed because I was tired of failing teachers, professors, parents. But what about me? By ignoring my thoughts and feelings I failed myself. I left after my mind degraded to the point I didn't get out of bed to eat let alone go to class. Do what you truly want to do, cause in this country, there's a good chance you probably can.
Hannah Tenorio
Hannah Tenorio 2 kun oldin
Just in senior highschool and im stress on what i want to do with my life but i really like music and arts .
John Batchler
John Batchler 2 kun oldin
For me vocational training is the way to go I did it through the Navy I've achieve my goals I got everything in life I wanted no more but getting caught up in education fraud the fun part begin education is the key to success but u have to do it ur way not system way
John Batchler
John Batchler 2 kun oldin
It supposed to be the next step in real education not this sham we have now but not everyone is suitable for college I'm one of that person I got wiser and did it on my own only the top 1% of profs make real money not all the profs make it this is what I've been saying buy the book and learn it urself through utube
Algerian Prophet
Algerian Prophet 3 kun oldin
These guys piss me off. They answer the question which i understand and talk about it with each other but they don't get behind the politics behind it. Ignorant people
Super 1
Super 1 3 kun oldin
Can you make a middle ground video between, People who want KIDS vs those who don't want KIDS?
Jerome 3 kun oldin
Make video about "Do you believe in ghost or any supernatural beings?"
Tomy Desonvrainom
Tomy Desonvrainom 3 kun oldin
Sage Lucas
Sage Lucas 4 kun oldin
This is the friendliest episode of middle ground I've ever seen 😊
dns424 4 kun oldin
College should NOT be free. It would completely squash the quality of education. This is not to mention that the students who’d go would not have nearly as much motivation, being able to drop in and out at any time. All of this only costs more money and has less value.
Roxan Michelle
Roxan Michelle 4 kun oldin
Collegue is not the key to success. But don't miss the opportunity to learn something there because it can be helpful in the future.
Elijah 314
Elijah 314 5 kun oldin
Depends on the degree you go to get some are useless and others are useful. If you have a talent go with that if it can make you money, but dont go by force cause you'll end up dropping out anyway with nothing to show for it
Brandon Star
Brandon Star 5 kun oldin
Idk what I want to become in life I went to college because I’m afraid of being judged by everyone because I am a average intelligent special ed student with no type of talent
Israel Estrada
Israel Estrada 5 kun oldin
Out of any tattoo she got a the bottom view of a chair
Sarah Floria
Sarah Floria 6 kun oldin
I have my bachelor's degree and I think it is useless
thegigadykid1 4 kun oldin
Degree in what
Ruben Hernandez
Ruben Hernandez 6 kun oldin
A bachelors degree is the biggest scam
Matthew Hetrick
Matthew Hetrick 6 kun oldin
They music dude sounds so high
Hi,ImRachel 6 kun oldin
If college was free more under achieved that actually want to help eachother would be able learn more
Benjamin Reneau
Benjamin Reneau 6 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that girl literally has a tattoo of nothing but a wooden chair on her arm.
Captain Waffles
Captain Waffles 7 kun oldin
Who ever edited this was high af haah
Druffinieren 7 kun oldin
Luckily in Germany College is free and If you wanna Go to study the country pay mostly your University bill.
frankpesca 7 kun oldin
Theres not such thing as free benefits the only way for the goberment to give you free staff is by first taking from other americans in the form of taxes you end up paying it with less jobs and less bills in your pocket
Jesusjuice32 7 kun oldin
We have socialists and dumbasses who think everyone having a masters wont bring the value down of a masters degree lol. Too much of something makes its value go down.
Mabelina Durán
Mabelina Durán 8 kun oldin
Theyre so smart and easily explain their thoughts. This UZvid channel is sooooooo good♡
kennethh_c 9 kun oldin
Anyone can make a good living without a college degree. My story is...I did 10 years in the Navy, gained experience, got out after 10 years, and did full-time cybersecurity. I didn't like the idea of going to college since I was already collecting a decent paycheck, but the VA pays veterans to go to school for 36 months and pays tuition. So why not? Now I'm working part-time cybersecurity, getting paid by the VA to go to school for free, and going to college. I don't think college degrees are overrated, but they definitely are not the end-all be-all for success like some people think.
Koogan H
Koogan H 9 kun oldin
Hate to break it to you but ... Architecture is a degree lol... contractors tend to go to some form of school.
Orange Man Bad
Orange Man Bad 9 kun oldin
4:06 "In my college experience the higher I got, the less people that look like me that I saw so, the more people that look like me in college would make me so happy." Sounds racist to me but ok.
Charlotte Katakuri
Charlotte Katakuri 10 kun oldin
I smell an insanely amount of thots in the comment section, my thot senses are tingling. I need my LIGHT SABER. BEGONNE THOOT
Nick TheSaved
Nick TheSaved 10 kun oldin
Is there a word for education that doesn't mean school/college? Like maybe intelligent? Or experienced, knowledgeable, savvy, or something? Or maybe education is the right word for "learning," but when people use it they really mean a "formal education"? I'm think the 2nd I said ^
Thomas Chaffin
Thomas Chaffin 10 kun oldin
Being educated is the key to being successful does it mean you have to get a college degree it just means that you need to know what you're doing with the job you were doing
TrueRay 10 kun oldin
3 classes before dropping out?! Bruh should have just finished it to just finish it.
Th1zDwK 10 kun oldin
Sigh... 3 semesters left, leaves college for a calling. Still doesn't know what to do with himself. If that was my kid, I'd be livid as a parent for waste on so many levels.
Ini Ubaha
Ini Ubaha 11 kun oldin
You cannot get a degree by luck sir! but you wouldn't know. Don't minimize others hard work because you are bitter or whatever.
S0 Friday
S0 Friday 11 kun oldin
Marco Chan
Marco Chan 11 kun oldin
Everyone's opinion resonated with me. They all had a different questions and answers, but stayed on topic. Its not a bad thing to discuss because we get introduced into different view points of a subject. Very well produced video!
MrDZO5 11 kun oldin
well, in denmark we dont pay to get in college, the students actually get paid to go in college
Gerald Hansen
Gerald Hansen 11 kun oldin
For the statement, education is the key to success, can we elaborate on it more. If it is gaining education on the passion or job you want then it is a key factor, but what about useless courses you don’t need to have even though colleges force you to take them.For example if I am pursuing a career in journalism or acting that means I don’t need education in math like geometry. I may be interpreting the statement incorrectly but in my eyes it seems to me that education is a key to success depending on if what you are studying is helping you with what you want to do in life.
Chungus The Moist
Chungus The Moist 12 kun oldin
I like the Asian guys outfit
KVSINO 12 kun oldin
sooo no one notices shorty got a CHAIR tattoo splat on her arm........ *blueface voice* yaa aiight
Asurakun1 12 kun oldin
It really depends if college is right for you. Some degrees like psych, computer science, nurse, engineering a whole lot of technical stuff then yeah. it's better to get through a college so you can speed through the learning process. Really, the whole concept of (Go to school -> go to college -> get a degree) isn't a guarantee of getting your dream job. I wouldn't be surprised if someone working in McDonald's has a masters of anything. There's problems with money, a whole lot of debt, people say it's a great investment but to some people like me. it isn't. especially if you're not even guarantee to find the job you're looking for. It strikes up a whole lot of uncertainty and that turns into an equal amount of fear.
indigo la end DTRWHo
That was so fast
Sa Sa
Sa Sa 13 kun oldin
for STEM careers uni/college is necessary
LaudandaFriar 13 kun oldin
Should have been about high school dropouts/graduates
Owethu Bhengu
Owethu Bhengu 13 kun oldin
Rhe Asian is Lance from Power Rangers
JACOBY4DG 14 kun oldin
Free college = Bernie = Socialism that’s a horrible idea as much as it would help everyone
Maycie Freeman
Maycie Freeman 14 kun oldin
To me success means to be doing what you love and being able to pay your bills! I don’t think education is necessary for success always. What you want to do in life and be successful in just doesn’t require an education sometimes.
Chris P
Chris P 14 kun oldin
Any chance Peter Adrian Sudarso reminds other people of Tom Holland?
realjustin 14 kun oldin
Graduate was logical enough to go to college but got a chair tattooed on her arm
Lux 15 kun oldin
I'm sorry but the girl with the chair tattoo why honestly a giant chair on your arm?
Lilllyyy Kook
Lilllyyy Kook 15 kun oldin
This group was so kind
hecc mcgee
hecc mcgee 15 kun oldin
Yea sorry crippling debt isn't worth unless you have a super specific thing you wanna do and you're very passionate about it so passionate you're willing to shake your whole financial future
Cadag Henneryrose
Cadag Henneryrose 15 kun oldin
This guy wearing a cap is an architect student and me as well (my 1st year) . I also agree with him. I Have my future plans already which is different from my course and i believe i can achieve it. I don't think i feel becoming an architect. I want to pursue my dream
Trinity V
Trinity V 16 kun oldin
I think instead of telling people oh become a blah blah blah because of money. It should be viewed as how can you help society improve? I was homeschooled and this is how my parents introduced jobs. I’ve worked at sooo many diverse places and I’m so grateful for that experience. To the world am I worthy because of my income? I don’t care but I can offer medical assistance down to cleaning toilets and I’m happy 😊 oh and help stock market advice and bag groceries.
Tip Aly
Tip Aly 17 kun oldin
I don’t think college would become useless if everyone were to attend and graduated. But I do believe it becomes another step in the education system that we should provide at a basic/entry level. Once you want to go into a specialized area, then you pay for it. My issue is that education on all levels does not prepare us for transitioning into adult life or work life. We are flung into this big pile of knowledge, soak up what sticks, and then walk away with all of it trying to apply it to an6 given situation. 🤷‍♀️
mariana bernal
mariana bernal 17 kun oldin
Damn, that asian guy’s cute, and the white skinned dropout’s cheekbones were sick
Lamp 18 kun oldin
"Woman empowerment coach" She doesn't want good pay
Caoimhe Connick
Caoimhe Connick 18 kun oldin
I don't think a degree is all that necessary (depends what it is e.g a doctor). I didn't drop out of college I failed too many exams to continue on, but now people I went to college with have a degree and a job that's low paying and nothing to do with their degree and I started small in a company but worked my way up into a position I would have got if I had continued on in college. I would value a hard work ethic over a degree anyway.
evidence smith
evidence smith 18 kun oldin
He did 4 years and only had 3 classes left and dropped out!!!!
apex XD
apex XD 19 kun oldin
the real question is *why* *does* *the* *american* *education* *system* *suck*
zsteele11 20 kun oldin
Education doesn't mean anything if you can't afford your life.
nlytend1 20 kun oldin
If your career goals require a college education then go for it, if it doesn't don't waste your money unless you simply enjoy getting a formal education
Truthfears Guilty
Truthfears Guilty 21 kun oldin
college education should be covered by the government.
Mo Amin
Mo Amin 21 kun oldin
Education is key to success but, I’m an electrician and a dropout. Crazy huh
Vxzan !
Vxzan ! 22 kun oldin
Lmfao I dropped out freshman year now I’m a barber and I’m close to opening another shop with my cousin
sandyleoquirk 22 kun oldin
Where can I find myself a Peter 🤭
Charlotte Katakuri
Charlotte Katakuri 6 kun oldin
+Oh Hey another thot appears
Oh Hey
Oh Hey 6 kun oldin
Charlotte Katakuri the exit for you is that way -->
Charlotte Katakuri
Charlotte Katakuri 10 kun oldin
average life
average life 22 kun oldin
The white guy from the dropout side is such a stereotype
Elon Musket23
Elon Musket23 22 kun oldin
Omg Peter is the blue ranger from power rangers ninja steel
Elon Musket23
Elon Musket23 22 kun oldin
Peter's such a chilled dude...i like him
Ayesha Qureshi
Ayesha Qureshi 22 kun oldin
2:41 i wish i saw who was speaking... need a better camera man or editor... or maybe it was just a slip up accidentally
ShadeandShadow4ever 22 kun oldin
I'm glad that I'm young. Recently I'm seeing at the community college that everyone is like me. Trying to figure it out.
Amnah Al-towai
Amnah Al-towai 22 kun oldin
The Asian guy 💗 Want him for scientific research
Diana Herrera
Diana Herrera 23 kun oldin
The most positive middle ground episode 🧡 I related to both
grant master
grant master 23 kun oldin
Free loaders.
Rachel Green
Rachel Green 23 kun oldin
The Asian man is hella cute
Marián Manríquez
Marián Manríquez 23 kun oldin
America has the most capitalist line of thought I have ever seen. Thinking college is just for getting a job is so sad. College gives you knowledge, and yeah, of course you can read and learn on your own but college lets you know people who you can debate with, talk and form a critical thinking. College is much more than just a step before job.
Ratoftheswamp 23 kun oldin
Okay but they are all super attractive.
Ashley Donovan
Ashley Donovan 24 kun oldin
Little do they know you have to go to school and have an ASE to he a mechanic
DorienWKS // WildKAT
College is overrated
Drink Me
Drink Me 24 kun oldin
You don’t need a degree to succeed in life!
Emmanuel Lopez
Emmanuel Lopez 24 kun oldin
College is only worth it when you choose a major that makes money. A perfect example is nursing. In California the average annual income is around 70000 dollars and you can start working with just a associate's degree. The total cost of the program (for a community college) including books and equipment is a little over 6000 dollars.
JamesOfTheJungle 24 kun oldin
Bruh is that the blue ninja Steele ranger
sub to pewdiepie
sub to pewdiepie 24 kun oldin
finish college make less money the soem1 the haves no college degree sucks
sub to pewdiepie
sub to pewdiepie 24 kun oldin
5:05 he said the you know what u wanna do not if your not sure
nicholas dean
nicholas dean 24 kun oldin
Ya it is the next step then after college the next step is get 10s of thousands in debt and forced to settle and find a job for the rest of your life 1:40
Shy Ane
Shy Ane 24 kun oldin
Do Bloods v Crips
Courtney Cullison
Courtney Cullison 24 kun oldin
I dropped out when my son was stillborn. I got pregnant again about 6 months after and I decided to be a stay at home mom. I can always go back to school, my kids will only be little for so long
tj momo
tj momo 25 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂 Every other comment is about how the Asian guy is hot. He is not a piece of meat ladies. 😂😂😂😂😂
Doggo 25 kun oldin
College is just a waste of money that you’ll never get back
Cynthia 25 kun oldin
I don't know if i'm the only one who thinks this, but the guy in the brownish cap/pins on his lanyard is pretty darn cute!!
Kaylee Mullen
Kaylee Mullen 25 kun oldin
That Asian dude is fine asf
Sydney Lewis
Sydney Lewis 25 kun oldin
The two people with the big mouths are the 2 people who dont kno what to do with their life
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