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10-Yan, 2019



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Casey Holmes
Casey Holmes 2 oy oldin
GIVEAWAY WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AND CONTACTED! Congrats to jokelberry1 & cidalexis90! ❤️
Tanya Mccullagh
Casey Holmes quick tip for your pomades drying out... the revolution aqua seal is amazing and keeps them from drying out... loosens the product too. So good quite similar to duraline
Cindy James
Cindy James Oy oldin
Congratulations ladies!
Vicktoria Lawson
Wish it had been me, but congrats to the lucky winners. Hopefully one day...
Neika Latoya
Neika Latoya 2 oy oldin
Congrats to winners🎉. I was really hope going be me. O well maybe one day😞. God bless everyone💕
Love Jodi Lea
Love Jodi Lea 2 oy oldin
I can't believe I won! Thank you so much Casey!
Natalie Flath
Natalie Flath 21 kun oldin
instagram is @natalieflath !!!
Kate Norman
Kate Norman 21 kun oldin
BOBBIE BRACKETT 23 kun oldin
omg my jaw literally dropped when the blush flew out
Ashley Renee'
Ashley Renee' 28 kun oldin
Vira Shamataylo
Vira Shamataylo 28 kun oldin
@viraaateee 😬😬💖
Mackenzie Maia Osores Cornejo
Didn’t these use to flip up... nope, now they flip out haha 😂 you’re too funny!! @mackenzieosores
Mackenzie Gannon
I have never laughed as hard as when that blush flew out.
Olivia Carnathan
What are u wearing on your lips now
Carolina Abril
the blush had me dying omfg
Marivel Arambula
What kinda primer do you recommend recommend for oily skin but I also need to cover pores?
Rebekah Martin
This nursing student could use some pamper products. Insta is @Rebl8908
Nicu Vilarrubi
My instagram handle is @nicuvilarrubi ive been following for like 2 years and love your channel and your vlog channel. You are pretty, funny, caring and real! You also made me buy a lot of Stuff 😂 and fall in love with make up again. Loooooved the pregnancy reveal to your husband, he had the cutest reaction, it was heartwarming. I hope you have a healthy and easy pregnancy and full of love 💕💕
Megan McRoberts
Megan Malm
Megan Malm Oy oldin
Girl FINGERS CROSSED! I get married in May and am dying for the hourglass ambient light pallete🤞😂 insta: meganmalm
Jessica Suhendra
Jessica Suhendra
Jessica Suhendra
R IC Oy oldin
I'm pregnant and I love the klorane non aerosol dry shampoo. I just can't do the aerosols anymore right now. I have black hair and I find if I blend it well there is no white cast. Plus the smell is just s very light lemon scent.
frances lupo
frances lupo Oy oldin
Nicole Meador
Nicole Meador Oy oldin
Laine Lindsey
Laine Lindsey Oy oldin
I heard they discontinued the better skin line! I have two foundations left and a concealer and refuse to use them because I don’t want them to be gone forever haha.
Vmae 88
Vmae 88 Oy oldin
Scents might just be "strong" because you're pregnant. I am having that problem with mostly every product right now!
Lauren Baatrup
Michelle Herron
Idc about gift card but id love if u followed me on ig
Michelle Herron
Christina Herron
Kelsie Hanefeld
@kelsie_brianne 💖💖💖
Omg when the blush flew out 😂😂 and then when you said “come back”!! Lol
Anna Posey
Anna Posey Oy oldin
annaposeyy ❤️❤️
Kiara Boyette
Kiara Boyette Oy oldin
That's great to do a giveaway..IG is Kiara Boyette
Elena Thompson
Morgan Evans
Morgan Evans Oy oldin
I replayed the true match flying across the room about 4 times and almost peed in my pants.
Lori Aronson
Lori Aronson Oy oldin
recently found you - and I am loving your content! congrats on the baby btw :) @lori.aronson.71
Jenna Moore
Jenna Moore Oy oldin
j_dmoore ❤️
joanna cortes
joanna cortes Oy oldin
That blush 😂😂 @joanna121808
Jaclynn T
Jaclynn T Oy oldin
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole Oy oldin
@im_in_the_house_man 😭😍
Dessi Fox
Dessi Fox Oy oldin
Hope Oy oldin
HLG76 on insta! Much love!
Leslie Shaw
Leslie Shaw Oy oldin
Love the giveaway! Thanks! 🤗 my insta is leslieshaw12
Erin Plemons
Erin Plemons Oy oldin
Bryanna Wenzel
Love you girl 😭😍 @bre.wenzel
Jess Oy oldin
I love your drugstore videos SO MUCH.
Ellen Murray
Ellen Murray Oy oldin
Love your videos!❤️ IG: ellenmurray1995
Alyssa Lovejoy
Love these types of vids💕💕 Ig: alyssalovejoy
Brenda Silva
Brenda Silva Oy oldin
I unfortunately don't have any social media! But i enjoy watching all your videos. You inspire me a lot!
Aidyl Andreas-Torres
Instagram: dyla_anmj 😍😍🙏
Lauren Chenault
@laurenchenault ❤️❤️
Kate Black
Kate Black Oy oldin
your eyeshadow😍 I would love to see a tutorial or know what products you are wearing on your eyes!!
😂😂😂 choked up on my scent
Brenna James
Brenna James Oy oldin
Brenna.powe !!!!!
Victoria Cerny
Jen Booface
Jen Booface Oy oldin
Oh boo I missed it ;( congrats to the winners
Martha Oy oldin
Jamie Pesnell
Jamie Pesnell Oy oldin
@jamiepesnell is my handle!! This would be amazing for my wedding makeup 😭
Megan Theobald
I like using those towels for taking off masks but I personally don’t think they workcwell for actual make up, it kind of takes the makeup off but I feel like you have to scrub so hard just to get a little off!
Melissa Rivard
I love that you’re trying old goodies again! 🥰💅🏼@ melly_bellyy
grimy tay
grimy tay Oy oldin
♥️♥️♥️♥️@tomassiheather ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bridget Reever
I absolutely love watching you. Ig: briidget91
bryanna mania
bryanna mania Oy oldin
I love trying out things you recommend! I’ve never been disappointed! ☺️ @bryannamannie
Jessica Layne
Jessica Layne Oy oldin
That blush 😂😂 @jlayne1999
Karla Juarez
Karla Juarez Oy oldin
my instagram is kv.juarez
SABKHO Oy oldin
love your videos! IG@sab.kho
Yvonne Carter
Yvonne Carter Oy oldin
I'd like to enter too! I don't have an Instagram though! :(
Pamela Ramon
Pamela Ramon Oy oldin
Insta handle @_pamelajay! Love you and Ulta! :)
Julianne Morrill
instagram:julianne morrill
Julianne Morrill
I love your channel!!!!
Maggie Durham
Maggie Durham Oy oldin
BellaZ Pho
BellaZ Pho Oy oldin
@bellaformyfriends 👉❤
Shaelyn Lincoln
I can not grab the physicians formula palette quick enough :( My instagram handle is sshaebutterr!!
ericaa713 Oy oldin
Yayy I love drugstore 😍 ig: ericaa713
Caren Anneston
Caren Anneston 2 oy oldin
How do you like the catrice HD liquid foundation compared to your other favourite drugstore foundations?
Crystal Crabtree
Crystal Crabtree 2 oy oldin
The Milani #4 is my favorite I use them all over and then add a clear gloss it is also Tati’s favorite
Jocelyn Castillo
Jocelyn Castillo 2 oy oldin
love ya girly :) Insta: Jocelynxz
Angela Hairston
Angela Hairston 2 oy oldin
Your makeup is always gorgeous!! IG @naturallyangelamichele
Elizabeth Genoa
Elizabeth Genoa 2 oy oldin
BeauTee 96
BeauTee 96 2 oy oldin
Always love your videos 💙 @trystennicole
Natural Beauty Mermaid Jennifer
I had no internet for a week so trying to catch up on some videos. My mouth dropped when that l'oreal true match blush just flung across your room. I just started laughing because the other day I was going through and cleaning out my makeup and a similar experience happened. 💛
Erika Marrs
Erika Marrs 2 oy oldin
Casey your hair is just to die for. I want to have silky looking curls too!! I would love a hair video!!! Congrats on your pregnancy!!! It def looks good on you!!
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith 2 oy oldin
@natsmith143 Love you!! ps you have that pregnancy glow!
S Douglas
S Douglas 2 oy oldin
The banana powder looks a rip off of the Ben Nye one. However, I am a huge fan of Pond's Cold Cream and I shall try the Clinique Balm.
Jolene Smith
Jolene Smith 2 oy oldin
Instagram @jolenemoanamarie can’t wait to know the gender impatiently waiting!!!
McKenna Casper
McKenna Casper 2 oy oldin
Kelsey Hansen
Kelsey Hansen 2 oy oldin
Abigail Stanley
Abigail Stanley 2 oy oldin
Mary Page Bradley
@mary_page17 💕
Amber Weatherspoon
I love your channel !!!! @amberspoon ❤️
Amber Blakely
Amber Blakely 2 oy oldin
😭😭😭 I totally love ulta!
Megan Victoria
Megan Victoria 2 oy oldin
Hi Casey, super can I have been following you since your itsbl0ndie days you have been my favorite beauty guru for years. Congrats on the baby I’m thinking it’s going to be a girl I’ve already called it lol anyway love you and your little family would love to win. ❤️❤️
Alicia Palos
Alicia Palos 2 oy oldin
@lichaa_palos ❤❤❤
Erica French
Erica French 2 oy oldin
@eericadawn . I love you so much and all your videos! It's crazy I went to Google what your favorite drugstore products were on my way to the store and you just put one out!! XOXO
Erica French
Erica French 2 oy oldin
Congrats ladies!
Erica French
Erica French 2 oy oldin
All done just saw that you chose the winners already.
Kaila W
Kaila W 2 oy oldin
@xoxo_kaar ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Makeup Mommy
Makeup Mommy 2 oy oldin
Daphane Ahrens
Daphane Ahrens 2 oy oldin
you're such an inspiring person! and also so excited for you and davis! @daphaneahrens
Lizzy B
Lizzy B 2 oy oldin
Emily Hockstein
Emily Hockstein 2 oy oldin
Love watching your videos Casey!! I've been stalking ulta's website for your physicians formula pallette to be in stock!!! Fingers crossed ** Insta emblossom88
mia anbi
mia anbi 2 oy oldin
Hiiiii! Love your channel!! My Instagram name is mriannabi ❤️
Silvia Calderon
Silvia Calderon 2 oy oldin
Omg you look amazing! You are glowing babe 😍😍😍😍😍 IG: _silviacalderon_
Rachel Stackhouse
Sooooo happy for you and Davis! It would be so dope if I won cause I’m getting married in July so ya girl could use some bomb ass make up. Def gonna follow your wedding day tutorial. If you have new products you’d recommend let me know!! Insta is rachhstackk. Lovey youuuuu
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