DRUGSTORE Makeup Tutorial | Affordable Makeup & Tools

Gemma Isabella
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Products Used
ALL Brushes are from Vanity Planet Brush Set
+ Real techniques Sponge
Embryolisse 24Hr Miracle Cream
Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade 'Chocolate'
Maybelline Fit me Concealer 'Shade 20'
Nicka K Matte Perfect 23 Eyeshadow Palette
NYC Liquid eyeliner 'Extreme Black'
Jordana Best lash extreme
Ariel Faux Mink lashes '218'
Creme lashes 'Wispy'
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation 'Golden Beige'
Maybeline Age Rewind Concealer - Light
La Girl Pro HD powered - Beige
Coty Airspun Setting loose powder
Wet n Wild Megaglo Contour Palette 'Duche leche'
NYX Sweet cheeks blush Palette
Wet n Wild Highlighter 'Petal Pusher'
Gerard Cosmetics Hydrating Face Mist
City colours Auto Lip liner 'Nude'
NYX High Voltage lipstick 'Flawless'

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14-Apr, 2017

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Малика М.
Малика М. 4 soat oldin
You sound like flight attendant, i felt like i’m on the plane, while watching this video 😅
breeana santos
breeana santos 5 kun oldin
I love it!!!!👌🏼😍😍😍😍
blackpink blink
blackpink blink 8 kun oldin
Too much make up
اميرة بحجابي
Mahendra Mahto
Mahendra Mahto 10 kun oldin
Very nice 😍😍
Anna Ani
Anna Ani 12 kun oldin
lilla collins
lilla collins 13 kun oldin
this is amazing !!
Ясмина мирная
Saltanat Spatai
Saltanat Spatai 19 kun oldin
Unicorn Unicorn is my name
She looks like Kim Kardashian
Meline Arakelyan
Meline Arakelyan 15 kun oldin
Yes very much looks like Kim Kardashian😂
jram omer
jram omer 22 kun oldin
New sub here😍😍😍
She Kurniasih
She Kurniasih 23 kun oldin
Kim k
abdulrahman Bilir
abdulrahman Bilir 23 kun oldin
Soo nice 👍
Nabin Kat
Nabin Kat 29 kun oldin
I am really blessed to get this
嗨 嗨
嗨 嗨 Oy oldin
Kim Kardashian looks
Pratiksha More
Chris Summer
Chris Summer Oy oldin
So pretty!
Ясмина мирная
Love ♥️
Sandra Amira
Sandra Amira Oy oldin
i love this make up
Sumayyah Akhtar
What is you’re Snapchat
Chong bawi
Chong bawi Oy oldin
I don’t like the makeup but it who’s gud
Silike Ftv
Silike Ftv Oy oldin
Get to know more makeup tutorial here! ☞uzvid.com/show-UCUpF2NQC5saGpJ-crTQQ3Xg
malek khoucha
malek khoucha Oy oldin
Tkhl3i sans maquillage 😨😨
Bargaros Givenchy
Bargaros Givenchy 16 kun oldin
malek khoucha bel3aks ! Elle est belle sans maquillage !
نانا تۆخۆت جوانی😍
Vincent Pasignasigna
Omg i love your nose😍
Fatima Basaleh
Tori Shaw
Tori Shaw Oy oldin
Well like all you guys know she’s probably hella confident in herself and like me even though she pretty wears makeup for fun so like piss off plus it’s a makeup tutorial it fits her style of how she applies makeup
alexandra Janáčiková
So many negative comments...I mean you're watching makeup tutorial what do u expect that would be about? It's obvious that she is putting makeup on her face ...and if you don't like this type of video why the hell do you watch it? I mean everybody has their own style and this is hers...she's doing it on purpose to show us some products from drugstore and how to apply it or if it's worth buying them...I'm personally grateful for her showing us and no matter what you say she is beautiful as with makeup as much she is without it...so please do me and other people who are interested in makeup topic a favour and just don't watch such videos🙏 Thank you.
Roland Casias
Roland Casias 2 oy oldin
Too much makeup!! 😒
Bahara Amanova
Bahara Amanova 2 oy oldin
Doris Lu
Doris Lu 2 oy oldin
Me encanta tu maquillaje ❤️ saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱
Nigina Nigmatova
Nigina Nigmatova 2 oy oldin
It's too march for yanger skin 😁😁
James Smith
James Smith 2 oy oldin
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هردى لطيف
Pleas I wont now wat is your hear color its so beautiful
Ivana Ivanova
Ivana Ivanova 2 oy oldin
She is beautiful without make up. Why is she cover her face so much??
Anya Urbaeva
Anya Urbaeva 2 oy oldin
Она как будто в нос говорит
منى عبدالله
You are beautiful without make up and when you put it you look like so attractive but I just think when you want to clean it because you put twenty layers in your face 😅😅😅
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Kader Kader
Kader Kader 2 oy oldin
صارت تشبه كيم كارداشيان 😘😘😙😚
صمتي لغتي
Solveiga Petrovaite
So beautifull :)
H A 2 oy oldin
OYUN CLUB 2 oy oldin
very nice
Alli Ahmed
Alli Ahmed 2 oy oldin
baddix abir
baddix abir 2 oy oldin
x 2 oy oldin
you are cute as fuck without makeup omg
Karima Hasan
Karima Hasan 2 oy oldin
Mostly I like ur blushes
Aneta Asatryan
Aneta Asatryan 2 oy oldin
اوم غمازات
Wow beautiful 😍😍😍
rosie c14x
rosie c14x 3 oy oldin
D. 3 oy oldin
Do u had a nosejob its so pointy