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Gemma Isabella
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Products Used
ALL Brushes are from Vanity Planet Brush Set
+ Real techniques Sponge
Embryolisse 24Hr Miracle Cream
Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade 'Chocolate'
Maybelline Fit me Concealer 'Shade 20'
Nicka K Matte Perfect 23 Eyeshadow Palette
NYC Liquid eyeliner 'Extreme Black'
Jordana Best lash extreme
Ariel Faux Mink lashes '218'
Creme lashes 'Wispy'
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation 'Golden Beige'
Maybeline Age Rewind Concealer - Light
La Girl Pro HD powered - Beige
Coty Airspun Setting loose powder
Wet n Wild Megaglo Contour Palette 'Duche leche'
NYX Sweet cheeks blush Palette
Wet n Wild Highlighter 'Petal Pusher'
Gerard Cosmetics Hydrating Face Mist
City colours Auto Lip liner 'Nude'
NYX High Voltage lipstick 'Flawless'

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14-Apr, 2017



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رهف احمد
رهف احمد 6 soat oldin
منو عربي ؟؟ لو بس اني
Королёва Кристина
Как мумия!
Jorunnej Resma
Jorunnej Resma 2 kun oldin
Wow you look like Kim Kardashian💛
pathan khan
pathan khan 3 kun oldin
can u plz tell me the secret of ur clear skin plzzz
Elma Ajdarpasic
Elma Ajdarpasic 4 kun oldin
Ist jmd 12 und liebt schmincke genau so wie ich
رورو الحلوة
Really u r artist, amazing makeup 👍🏻
Crystal Egg
Crystal Egg 5 kun oldin
What shade is the city air spun ? Mine makes me look PINK 😫 and It’s in translucent
Jeanine 5 kun oldin
YOu look like a young kim kardashian
Sarasabah Sabah
Sarasabah Sabah 8 kun oldin
Bravo i like that tuto so much keep going honey 😍
ouss game
ouss game 8 kun oldin
you are the MAKUP ARTISTE 100%💘❤❤🗻😍👩
rosé 9 kun oldin
Ana Lizarraga
Ana Lizarraga 5 kun oldin
rosé how fucken rude your jealous 😂
Jessica Lorraine
Jessica Lorraine 7 kun oldin
Lol no really #Hater ^
Ha Na
Ha Na 8 kun oldin
Srx jalous 😒
LeShae Toliver
LeShae Toliver 11 kun oldin
Soooo much makeup. Wow
Angela Viloria
Angela Viloria 11 kun oldin
did u just put moisturizer on ur lips
pradeep bhuriys
pradeep bhuriys 12 kun oldin
Very good makeup dear so cute
Letty LopMart
Letty LopMart 12 kun oldin
Sy Sy
Sy Sy 14 kun oldin
you are so cute💜
ur nose is tooooo sharp. is tht a gift of nose job dear?
Jessica Lorraine
Jessica Lorraine 7 kun oldin
She's fleeky lmao someone's jelly🙄🤡
Star Vixen
Star Vixen 8 kun oldin
Black Ginger
Black Ginger 16 kun oldin
When u fully makeup, ur face lookalike Kim kardashian hehejaja😍😘😗😊😉 Some people they have sensitive skin can not use a cheap products..
imrich kandrac
imrich kandrac 16 kun oldin
jus dont tok
Mflflldlf Shala
Mflflldlf Shala 17 kun oldin
Sehr schön gemacht👍 Aber nicht bei jedem sieht das Make up so schön aus 🤷
Faye Dulos
Faye Dulos 17 kun oldin
Яна Маркелова
Это пиздец, товарищи. Сколько у неё косметики на лице??? Тонна ........
Яна VLOG 7 kun oldin
+Anfisa Sm у всех разные "вкусы" в макияже , если кому-то нравиться более нюдовый макияж а не как у этой девушке в видео , то это не повод обсирать человека не зная его , лучше следи за собой ))
Anfisa Sm
Anfisa Sm 8 kun oldin
Яна Маркелова ,даже на англоязычном ютубе найдут русские уебины,пользующиеся только детским кремом и помадой из ларька. Макияж-это искусство,деревенщина тупая,но тебе этого не понять 🤦🏼‍♀️
Vane Martz
Vane Martz 17 kun oldin
No me gusto, abusaste del color blanco bajo las ojeras! Todo hiba bien hasta que te llenaste de corrector
Wendy Lopez
Wendy Lopez 17 kun oldin
No me gusto solo tus ojos kedastes muy blanca
LOC'D 2GETHER 21 kun oldin
this look is gorgeous!
heva mkail mk
heva mkail mk 21 kun oldin
I love so mach😙😙 she buitefuol🌹🌹🌹
jessica maudya
jessica maudya 22 kun oldin
RAHEZA SHAREEN 23 kun oldin
at first i thought this is not going to look that good, but omg this look is absolutely flawless and its my favourite makeuo tutorial !!! LOL, your eyeliner is perfect btw xoxo
Anbarin 24 kun oldin
0:33 my energy now finished like your cream
Ghizlan Hsmaoui
Ghizlan Hsmaoui 25 kun oldin
Sange pliz🤲
amir Khan
amir Khan 25 kun oldin
You are so cute and lovely
سيد حسوني الناصري
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 2 kun oldin
هو شنو الحلو ليش انته شفتهمت
In Es Ninouch
In Es Ninouch 26 kun oldin
Wooow 😍 perfect 👌
Louka Hafsa
Louka Hafsa 26 kun oldin
قنطار ماكياج لماذا كل هذا نبقى كما راني و العاطي ربي
Basic Video
Basic Video 26 kun oldin
Watch our Top Trending Makeup tutorial compilation, uzvid.com/video/video-ArQceD0hcRo.html, please, share, subscribe to support our channel. Thank you
October RF
October RF 27 kun oldin
labez yalli tlabez
wali shah
wali shah 28 kun oldin
Which company foundation is this? Please ask me
Viola 7 kun oldin
Viola 7 kun oldin
+Jessica Lorraine no baby hahahah its from wetnwild I swear, see www.wetnwildbeauty.com/photo-focus-foundation.html
Jessica Lorraine
Jessica Lorraine 7 kun oldin
Wasn't it Maybelline ? 🙈
Viola 26 kun oldin
Wet n wild
Wes N Alex
Wes N Alex 28 kun oldin
Loved it
Amal Saad
Amal Saad 29 kun oldin
You look like kim k. 😍
Aiganysh taalaibek kyzy
Kim k look alike
Lucin Mkrtchyan
uzvid.com/video/video-DQLtHIkcmLE.html best make up
Tanshu Jaiswal
Why so negative comments??? I like her... luv from India♥️
Aziza Boltaboeva
Your face is not breathing at all. You should stay with natural beauty. Just stop it!
Aziza Boltaboeva
You put to much makeup. That’s crazy girl
tasnim begum
tasnim begum Oy oldin
Girl that foundation is flawless! Perfect shade for you!
Y T Oy oldin
What type of glue you used for lashes ?
#R.B vlogs
#R.B vlogs Oy oldin
U look like Kim Kardashian 😍😘☺️☺️
Joseph Chhakchhuak
Гуля Супалиева
Слишком до*уя косметики на лице. Но я поставила лайк.
C Sky
C Sky Oy oldin
Wow thanks so much for your video! Helps a lot! 😍
Amy Harper
Amy Harper Oy oldin
Followed this makeup vid for fun and it actually looked really nice, thanks aha xx
Mehemmed Elsadoglu
أمنيات ضائعة
Violetta Simon
Too much of everything
Frunze Araqelyan
Private Video 18+ r5PbxH9Z75.mcdn.design/TOKunZuHky
the soo
the soo Oy oldin
بنات ممكن تساعدني وتعملو اشتراك في قناتي بعمل تنسيق الألوان ونصايح عن والاهتمام بالبشره uzvid.com/video/video-HWRl2n_gIp4.html
manysa manysa
manysa manysa Oy oldin
the soo
Raul Hluz
Raul Hluz Oy oldin
Gemma Isabella you are beautiful and your Brown teas l assure you see much more elegant and already made up you look much more beautiful doll
Ankie. com
Ankie. com Oy oldin
Munazza FaisalGhauri
Aaly Shan
Aaly Shan 2 oy oldin
To much makup ooooooooooofffffffff
Neelam Kumari
Neelam Kumari 2 oy oldin
Beautiful 🤗
Mimi maquillaje y algo mas
Esraa Al Iraqia
Esraa Al Iraqia 2 oy oldin
هل اجد عربيا
Miss Elena
Miss Elena 2 oy oldin
Fake womans...!!!
BTS FUN 2 oy oldin
Fifi Ch
Fifi Ch 2 oy oldin
Waw I love it you look amazing would u please do may wedding make up😢😢 wish all the best thanks 😘😘😘😘
Muy parecida a kim kardashian
SARAH MILLER 2 oy oldin
You did amazing
hwazin hwazin
hwazin hwazin 2 oy oldin
You look charming But there are a lot of lossepowder🙄
Neesha Rai
Neesha Rai 2 oy oldin
By the time your video ended, I cleaned up my room. Also, you talk too much. PS: not trying to offend you.
Tashnee Sampson
Tashnee Sampson 2 oy oldin
Omg you a different person
kudelja 2 oy oldin
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muammed farwq
muammed farwq 2 oy oldin
Very byutyfl
Kenza Safi
Kenza Safi 2 oy oldin
I m in morocco.you are beautyfaul
Senan Hagverdiyev
Very beautiful
Nuura Cirro
Nuura Cirro 2 oy oldin
Course Mariia
Course Mariia 2 oy oldin
Nice work👍
Niss Miss Dz
Niss Miss Dz 2 oy oldin
to much foundation to much concealer to much make up 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Ashley Lyons
Ashley Lyons 2 oy oldin
I'm sure you probably need more ugly!
Dulce Soto
Dulce Soto 2 oy oldin
Then do it your way.
Wendy M
Wendy M 2 oy oldin
ella es muy bonita! Pero sí, demasiado! Super cargado! 😯
Малика М.
Малика М. 2 oy oldin
You sound like flight attendant, i felt like i’m on the plane, while watching this video 😅
breeana santos
breeana santos 3 oy oldin
I love it!!!!👌🏼😍😍😍😍
blackpink blink
blackpink blink 3 oy oldin
Too much make up
Sugar Cherry
Sugar Cherry 2 oy oldin
zaynab •
zaynab • 3 oy oldin
Mahendra Mahto
Mahendra Mahto 3 oy oldin
Very nice 😍😍
Anna Ani
Anna Ani 3 oy oldin
lilla collins
lilla collins 3 oy oldin
this is amazing !!
Ясмина мирная
Saltanat Spatai
Saltanat Spatai 3 oy oldin
Unicorn Unicorn is my name
She looks like Kim Kardashian
Marilaina Van Der Burg
Without the 30 surgeries👌
Meline Arakelyan
Meline Arakelyan 3 oy oldin
Yes very much looks like Kim Kardashian😂
jram omer
jram omer 3 oy oldin
New sub here😍😍😍
She Kurniasih
She Kurniasih 3 oy oldin
Kim k
ronahya jyani
ronahya jyani 3 oy oldin
Soo nice 👍
Nabin Kat
Nabin Kat 3 oy oldin
I am really blessed to get this
嗨 嗨
嗨 嗨 4 oy oldin
Kim Kardashian looks
Pratiksha More
Pratiksha More 4 oy oldin
Chris Summer
Chris Summer 4 oy oldin
So pretty!
Ясмина мирная
Love ♥️
Sandra Amira
Sandra Amira 4 oy oldin
i love this make up
Sumayyah Akhtar
Sumayyah Akhtar 4 oy oldin
What is you’re Snapchat
Chong bawi
Chong bawi 4 oy oldin
I don’t like the makeup but it who’s gud
Silike Ftv
Silike Ftv 4 oy oldin
Get to know more makeup tutorial here! ☞uzvid.com/show-UCUpF2NQC5saGpJ-crTQQ3Xg
malek khoucha
malek khoucha 4 oy oldin
Tkhl3i sans maquillage 😨😨
Bargaros Givenchy
malek khoucha bel3aks ! Elle est belle sans maquillage !
GARDA ARMY 4 oy oldin
نانا تۆخۆت جوانی😍
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