Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe Outside in a Trough | Family By the Ton

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Because he cannot physically bathe in a tub or shower, Casey is forced to wash in a trough.
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5-Yan, 2019



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cielo jones
cielo jones Soat oldin
Bitch work out
satan is watching you Meli
Sherry Glisson
Sherry Glisson 4 soat oldin
Casey im 5 foot 11 and weigh 214 pounds. my husband who died 5 years ago was 6 foot 6 and weighed 802 when he passed. i know EXACTLY how u feel about this cause i took care of a bigger man than u are for 14 years.....the first thing i thought when i first saw u was DAM LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS RED HAIR.....i wish i lived near u id come and help u....
Ash Smyly
Ash Smyly Kun oldin
*He used my shampoo*
Kali .T
Kali .T Kun oldin
rebeca lima lima
Dish soap ???????
Novacane Kun oldin
Imagine him oinking like a pig. I am a bad person
Looesq o
Looesq o 2 kun oldin
Hypnotic watching the skin folds floating in the water.
Looesq o
Looesq o 2 kun oldin
Looks relaxing to bathe outside
Peter Bolton
Peter Bolton 2 kun oldin
I feel bad for two
luisawildcat 2 kun oldin
😡😡😡To the people who make fun of the man here. Shame on the ground. I hope you never get sick and need help. Fie, shame on you.😡😡😡
Mini Mixers
Mini Mixers 2 kun oldin
I feel bad for him he obviously has issues
Jessica Billingslea
so how they get all that water out
.AccessoryAddict. 2 kun oldin
0:36-0:42 ALMOST like a pig????? 🤔
Payton Watkins
Payton Watkins 2 kun oldin
What if people see him take a bath???????? :(
JAKE JEDAY 2 kun oldin
He is actually trying his best 😉
James Grey
James Grey 2 kun oldin
If he gained 40 more pounds he'd be a 747 and could fly away.
Finley Tarry
Finley Tarry 2 kun oldin
At least us proper body wash
roadtriptv_1d 3 kun oldin
Im always wondering how can u let it come so far?
interesting avocado :3
Well at least he is keeping clean for his size some people just don't bathe and like just wipe it's not very nice
Victoria Samano
Victoria Samano 3 kun oldin
I feel bad for him he's Is nice and sweet
Saysha Gibson
Saysha Gibson 3 kun oldin
Saysha Gibson
Saysha Gibson 3 kun oldin
alex ramirez
alex ramirez 3 kun oldin
Dammmmm he is so fat i feel bad
Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr
DISH SOAP? ??????
THE Clown
THE Clown 3 kun oldin
살찌는게 무슨 유전 병이라도 되는냥 그러고 나왔냐..; 어휴.. 징글징글해 가족에게 민폐네
carol m
carol m 4 kun oldin
Who buys the food for these people Its not love to do that. You want food .you walk to the shop .you work to pay for it
Gymnastic Lover
Gymnastic Lover 4 kun oldin
Not to be rude but that thing used to be a bathtub for him would be a pool for me that how the world is oh 🤷🏾‍♀️ well
Gog pool
Gog pool 4 kun oldin
"bigger guy"? Try JUPITER guy
Gustavo Paiva
Gustavo Paiva 4 kun oldin
Nussa kkkkkk
iNF4mOuSxMiKE 5 kun oldin
I'll give one of you about tree fiddy to drink that dirty trough water.
brittany melinda
brittany melinda 5 kun oldin
I hate People some Comments are rude, impolite, i'm very ashamed of human in general, so of me too but especially of adults who should give more good exemples to kids and teenager, i am a teenager.
Awa Diop
Awa Diop 5 kun oldin
Slt je voudrais être sa femme
Arsomoru Maitoyame
Arsomoru Maitoyame 6 kun oldin
caaaaaaseeeeeeyyy you're gonna be the one that lays meeeeeeeee
Asia Gaston
Asia Gaston 6 kun oldin
This is pathetic we suppose to take care of our parents not the other way around
g-master Gaming
g-master Gaming 6 kun oldin
2:30 true art
linzi K
linzi K 6 kun oldin
I hope that guy is eternally ashamed of himself for blaming his poor father for his weight. He might bring the food but you dont have to eat you awful blob
Da Str
Da Str 6 kun oldin
"I'm just big boned"
bahijjah suleiman
bahijjah suleiman 7 kun oldin
You dady
Dan Summer
Dan Summer 7 kun oldin
Jesus dude, time to get off your ass and maybe make a change? I understand its hard, but god damn. Do it for your dad if not for you.
tomasloureyro loureyro
GilbertIs Playing
GilbertIs Playing 7 kun oldin
Just imagine when he farts.
Josierica Goes Ramos
Et le papa il et la il regarde normal ... 😐😞
SneakyBadAss 7 kun oldin
It's like watching sous vide.
White Raven
White Raven 8 kun oldin
Ok *what* am I *watching*
White Raven
White Raven 8 kun oldin
A "bigger guy"
Berni Reed
Berni Reed 8 kun oldin
"now I'm at a point where..." So now you've been selfish enough to rob your dad of his golden years.. you are just getting bigger. What are you going to do when he's gone.
Flamemare 69
Flamemare 69 8 kun oldin
How do you go through all that and say " It's whatever"?
yoowuzgud 8 kun oldin
I'm sorry. There is no amount of food on this planet earth delicious enough to make me put myself at risk for such a precarious and pathetic situation. This is no way to live life.
TheNevilleHood 9 kun oldin
I bet he smells 💀
Sophia Anatolios
Sophia Anatolios 9 kun oldin
They came up with a really smart way to clean him though. I mean most stop bathing, these guys figured a solution out.
Velmurugan Kandasamy
How come HE eats a lot
Мурат Юлдашев
Каждый день утром пей вода худеш бистро
Bae Bae
Bae Bae 9 kun oldin
dish washing liquid?
Sodeepned 9 kun oldin
You won’t see people this size in Europe. You won’t even see people half his size in Europe. Obesity in America is all thanks to cheap fast food and the convenient American lifestyle.
Not a Phony
Not a Phony 7 kun oldin
Corn Syrup in everything , Even compared to Canadian food, american ingredients are garbage , they put artificial sugar and fat in everything and anything
Tasha Jones
Tasha Jones 9 kun oldin
His dad said he is jus there....and drinking a beer
Habert Muwulya
Habert Muwulya 9 kun oldin
The good thing he can walk
le marin elbehri
le marin elbehri 9 kun oldin
allah yashfih mon ami amine
Alan Heath
Alan Heath 9 kun oldin
Father should of not gave in to demands and took him to Alaska and left him with locals If hungry he can hunt
Trevo2xx 9 kun oldin
david white
david white 9 kun oldin
This massively obese blimp of blubber is in denial-he refuses to recognize he’s sick, and he blames his parents for his shoveling copious amounts of junk in his mouth. His parents shouldn’t feed him, but that tub of lard refuses to recognize he’s responsible for becoming s huge mountain of fat.
peanut Butter
peanut Butter 9 kun oldin
It,s ok
jeko chancotaze
jeko chancotaze 10 kun oldin
Patrick Ramos
Patrick Ramos 10 kun oldin
CanadianGamer 97
CanadianGamer 97 10 kun oldin
Fortnite players.
Adam Vanderpluym
Adam Vanderpluym 10 kun oldin
99% of people on the show is a Southerner it seems.
CloudBurst 10 kun oldin
eatsity, eatsity, eatsity, obesity!
Minor nadas muy vien Guevara
Lo cual que chhilo
Nicolletta13 10 kun oldin
I am never eating again.
Nemorin Leyou
Nemorin Leyou 10 kun oldin
Ελενη Γακη
Ελενη Γακη 10 kun oldin
Leanne Phillips
Leanne Phillips 10 kun oldin
Make the right choices
Leanne Phillips
Leanne Phillips 10 kun oldin
If you eat junk food every day and time never by fit
Casey 10 kun oldin
Man that dad is awesome
goldenhadesx 11 kun oldin
There is a point where liposuction becomes a need. This is the need, im sure a few guys on Craig's list can enlist your services and give you the money you need assuming they don't murder you for a fat suit.
Kai Minamoto
Kai Minamoto 11 kun oldin
"almost like a pig" Dude, you are a PIG! lol
Kai Minamoto
Kai Minamoto 5 kun oldin
+brittany melinda Nah, it isn't. The only poor and sad thing here is your sentence. lol
brittany melinda
brittany melinda 5 kun oldin
This comment is so sad your life might be boring...poor...thing.
The brave hunter 400
Not cool bro not cool
recocam 64
recocam 64 11 kun oldin
HE *T H I C C*
Ken & Shan
Ken & Shan 12 kun oldin
To fill that tub up quicker he can hook a hose up directly to the hot water heater.
iiBrookieRBLXii 12 kun oldin
Usually, they can’t help being obese. But this guy spends his time playing video games! He doesn’t even care anymore.
Noor Hasan
Noor Hasan 12 kun oldin
How would you take bath outside when their is cold,, freezing temperature outside.😕
Kimmy Boo
Kimmy Boo 12 kun oldin
You love to death , key word death he need help
Robert Jr
Robert Jr 12 kun oldin
The most disgusting part is when he’s losing weight and hes gonna need surgery to cut of the ex ex skin of.
lemonlimelukey 12 kun oldin
thats the least disgusting part. disgusting is eating yourself into a prison of flesh.
//SuperAsh4U// 13 kun oldin
I'm 120 lbs I was 145 2 years ago and 137 last year. I'm 5"6 and 3/4. I wanna be really thin so I watch these to give myself anxiety if I eat.
OOF 13 kun oldin
I feel horrible for his father.
Leer Wesen
Leer Wesen 13 kun oldin
LMFAO at dad drinking at 2:02 Buddy; you need something harder than just beer to deal with that! He cleans himself in a trough like a pig. and he rinses himself off with a BURGER KING cup (1:21) and why the hell is he using dish soap to wash himself?! At at the end he goes "it's just, you know, whatever" about his elderly father wiping his obese ass. Zero shame.
Lexi New
Lexi New 11 kun oldin
+Wanderer Werewolf Um, you do know there is body wash that comes in similar containers, right??
Wanderer Werewolf
Wanderer Werewolf 12 kun oldin
He's using dish soap because it's easier to hold on to and to spread around. You try moving a dinky little bar of soap around a body that size. And if you drop it, and you can't reach down to the bottom of the tub, you have to have someone else reach down into the bath and grab it for you. Really, it's simple mechanics.
Jonathan Lagdamen
Jonathan Lagdamen 14 kun oldin
His father is helpul
Lexi New
Lexi New 11 kun oldin
Yeah, helping him to his grave. He enables and overfeeds his man child son.
adolf hitler
adolf hitler 14 kun oldin
Ashley Birruete
Ashley Birruete 14 kun oldin
Ascó 😈👹👺💩🍖🍗🍢🍡🍥🍕🍅🍈
hera Taite
hera Taite 14 kun oldin
EEWwww .. YUCK!
ohhow lovely
ohhow lovely 14 kun oldin
How on earth do you even get to such a weight
Eden Lobb
Eden Lobb 15 kun oldin
Where'd they get that tub thing ? I need it for reasons
Sana San
Sana San 15 kun oldin
This is sad ... just so sad
Dick Tater
Dick Tater 15 kun oldin
His bath water was bottled & labeled as beef & mushroom broth. You're welcome. Buuuuuurp.
Lovexxxmena Dobrik
Lovexxxmena Dobrik 15 kun oldin
That looks fun
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 15 kun oldin
Icronixi 15 kun oldin
That is gonna be my brother one day.
Passion Jones
Passion Jones 15 kun oldin
For some reason I couldn't stop looking at this
Mag Nificent
Mag Nificent 15 kun oldin
Well, now I have officially seen it all! Thanks UZvid!
Sonya Jones
Sonya Jones 15 kun oldin
I'm glad that he's bathing thoroughly.
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