Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe Outside in a Trough | Family By the Ton

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Because he cannot physically bathe in a tub or shower, Casey is forced to wash in a trough.
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5-Yan, 2019

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Derek Dementia
Derek Dementia Soat oldin
I had no idea that Cartman graduated already?
donald duck
donald duck Soat oldin
I think that the dad should be done with that **** and kick him out and if he doesn't survive to bad he should try a sport once in a while or a salad. Fat has a whole new meaning
Red Master
Red Master 2 soat oldin
markman63 2 soat oldin
Fun fact: obese people can’t reach back and clean up after no.2, instead they use a rag on a stick
Best Boss
Best Boss 2 soat oldin
When your that big you should consider surgery
Shayshay albino red
Shayshay albino red 2 soat oldin
He can still move around though he can loose weight then
Tylerz 2 soat oldin
So sad
Julie Simpler
Julie Simpler 2 soat oldin
Why is the camera angle so low during the interview?!?
Republic of Braveland
Very sad but that bath looks fun
Jenello Killop
Jenello Killop 2 soat oldin
How does he goes to the barber
Avian EdgeLord
Avian EdgeLord 2 soat oldin
What's the point of living when it gets that bad
Lisette V
Lisette V 2 soat oldin
What is he going to do when he doesn't have his father one day???? Sit in shit?
youtube bosses
youtube bosses 2 soat oldin
Holy man boobs
Rachel T
Rachel T 2 soat oldin
I mean...at least he bathes (looking at Amberlynn)
Capri Spires
Capri Spires 2 soat oldin
Its called loose wait
Mariguana yvg
Mariguana yvg 3 soat oldin
That's one big boi
My penis is unbelievably small, but
Just throw a toaster in it.
David Walker
David Walker 3 soat oldin
Why does our government reward people who are obese with a monthly check? I guarantee if they did not get money the weight would fall off!
Edd 96
Edd 96 3 soat oldin
"A bigger guy"
Britney Fernasaza
Britney Fernasaza 3 soat oldin
What is he a plate?? He pouring dish washing liquid into his “bath”
diamondzzz786 3 soat oldin
just to selfish he should help himself. Once the father is gone thats it he will rot. Need to help your self first.
My penis is unbelievably small, but
Gotta wash the cow somehow
Philip 3 soat oldin
At around 400 pounds, don’t you put a chastity belt on this kid’s mouth?
Dark assassain Youtube
Swear to god if some one makes a yo mama joke
Cole Erickson
Cole Erickson 3 soat oldin
Just start walking and losing weight little by little
Nouchka de Vries
Nouchka de Vries 3 soat oldin
how...How could someone become THIS big...
Grey’sAnatomyLover 123
" Because I'm a BiGgEr guy" I wouldn't use the word "bigger"
Lily Walter
Lily Walter 3 soat oldin
This is just sad.
Ian Miscenich
Ian Miscenich 3 soat oldin
Is he obese because he’s lazy, or because of a condition? I can’t tell who’s fault it is
Incineroar Fan
Incineroar Fan 3 soat oldin
1 year on fortnite
Incineroar Fan
Incineroar Fan 3 soat oldin
Xenoslyce 3 soat oldin
When she say she likes her boyfriends thick
Rachel Hagen
Rachel Hagen 3 soat oldin
Awww poor guy
Daniel Weinstein
Daniel Weinstein 4 soat oldin
Pretty sure I see the cows wanting there water bowl back.
ZoLeLy Moore
ZoLeLy Moore 4 soat oldin
He needs a shower, not a bath.
ZoLeLy Moore
ZoLeLy Moore 4 soat oldin
I would never support this lifestyle.
Ayaana Brown
Ayaana Brown 4 soat oldin
0:20 is that dish soap?!
Northern Man82
Northern Man82 4 soat oldin
Wipe me!!!!!!
Anna K
Anna K 4 soat oldin
If his parents truly love him, they would get him into a rehab center for food addiction. For instance, alcohol is legal, but he could become an alcoholic if he didn't drink in moderation. So, would his parents provide him with alcohol if THAT were his addiction?
Anna Ket
Anna Ket 4 soat oldin
Only in a America
888kjxh888 8
888kjxh888 8 4 soat oldin
Where sea world when you need them ??
the obsessed gamer
the obsessed gamer 4 soat oldin
It’s still a lot better than my hygiene levels
xXTOXICXx 4 soat oldin
he so lucky he has a really good dad my dad would wake me up at night to take a shower
Moot Mouse
Moot Mouse 4 soat oldin
wew lad “it’s whatever”
Matt Hunsaker
Matt Hunsaker 4 soat oldin
Just keep on trying you got this
FA1L3D P0NY7A1L 5 soat oldin
just imagine the neighbors
KT W 5 soat oldin
At least he's trying to be hygenic
Daniel Dorn
Daniel Dorn 5 soat oldin
How long until he researches the crucial technology of a rag on a stick
Daniel Dorn
Daniel Dorn 5 soat oldin
he is over 700 pounds and still able to walk most people are bedridden at 600 pounds what an legend an absolute unit
Jaycie Seland
Jaycie Seland 5 soat oldin
I hope Amber Lynn is taking notes
Jayden Woods
Jayden Woods 5 soat oldin
I really hope he gets help for his weight. I bless him and his father.
Mike Bloodsworth
Mike Bloodsworth 5 soat oldin
You know one day your dad's not going to be there anymore to help you out
TheGreenerItGets 5 soat oldin
Dish washing soap!
OG trickshots And more
R.I.P his dad for putting up with him
Ikke Iik
Ikke Iik 5 soat oldin
SJ Kirk
SJ Kirk 5 soat oldin
He needs to quit feeding him like a pig.
Roblox Jayijng
Roblox Jayijng 5 soat oldin
Long life :D
telldem1 5 soat oldin
Bless his heart......the fat guy.
white girl that is white
I wonder when the last time he tickled his pickle was
nothing 5 soat oldin
My dad wipes my ass.. Ya know, it's whatever
Jaime's life
Jaime's life 5 soat oldin
At least he's clean and don't smell
UMAR_BFD804 YT 5 soat oldin
I feel sorry for him
Gavin Black
Gavin Black 5 soat oldin
The learning channel
Oreo 5 soat oldin
Tbh I don't think he's that bad.. atleast he can walk
Coouge 5 soat oldin
Would be nice if it was a hot tub... then add potatoes, salt, pepper lol He'll eat his own soup!
Just Toya
Just Toya 3 soat oldin
FireFøx 5 soat oldin
Dads 100% right.
chris johnston
chris johnston 5 soat oldin
That’s a true dad.
Kevin Ofori
Kevin Ofori 5 soat oldin
Do you even lift?
Claudia Gouge
Claudia Gouge 6 soat oldin
Holy shit I'm not being rude or anything but he is fat!!!!👍👎 Like if u agree with me👍👍
Kitty 6 soat oldin
Um glad he has something comfortable to bathe in.....Bless his heart.
Rainbowpony Gamer
Rainbowpony Gamer 6 soat oldin
This is why you exercise and manage your weight I’m not saying that is you have a larger body that it’s bad I’m just saying it’s easier to do things if your not as big as him
Leela Jr
Leela Jr 6 soat oldin
Did he use dish soap in the bath ?
Jess 6 soat oldin
That’s selfish, lose weight for your damn health, your dads taking care of you when you’re at the age where you should watch over him. Smh lazy af
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 6 soat oldin
I know it’s weird but imagine his penis size😂
Chuncky Star
Chuncky Star 6 soat oldin
SMH disgusting
American Skeptic
American Skeptic 6 soat oldin
I'm fat but godamn
Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
Im impressed he fits in the chair
The Truth
The Truth 6 soat oldin
I would consider bathing in a god dam hog trough to be the end of the rope ? Longest good dam rope I've ever seen. When you can't reach your own god dam ass to wipe then I would say that enough is enough, Jesus lord may God have mercy on your soul.
tupac shakur
tupac shakur 7 soat oldin
Mango Plays MSP
Mango Plays MSP 7 soat oldin
why not just lose weight?
oi Won't Read Your Reply
A "bigger" guy he says.
Rxshyy_a.x 7 soat oldin
Lol his booti big
Gaza Kim
Gaza Kim 7 soat oldin
At least he’s bathing
Lilith Stolas
Lilith Stolas 7 soat oldin
*But why dish soap*
Maria Callous
Maria Callous 7 soat oldin
think of his heart trying to pump blood around … wow, amazing he's alive. bariatric surgery
Lucas Rodrigues
Lucas Rodrigues 7 soat oldin
it's not "almost like a pig" , you ARE a pig, how can you do this to your father and still say you love him man!!!
Nutty Junno
Nutty Junno 7 soat oldin
BXhomie5 7 soat oldin
Absolutely not, son or no son. He made that choice to be big, not his father.
Renada Chandler
Renada Chandler 8 soat oldin
Well, how does he bathe in the winter time?
Francesco Armetta
Francesco Armetta 8 soat oldin
R.I.P Verne troyer
Fawazz 8 soat oldin
Did he use dish soap?????
Knight Rider
Knight Rider 8 soat oldin
Global warmer..
John citizen
John citizen 8 soat oldin
heart wont last too long...
FABZZZ 8 soat oldin
There is no turning back from this..right?
Nomadic Romeo
Nomadic Romeo 9 soat oldin
Surprisingly very mobile for 700lbs.... could easily lose weight..
Sam Sharma
Sam Sharma 9 soat oldin
It makes me feel sick and sad at the same time
Hermione Granger-Weasley
That's true love. ❤️
RM.99 9 soat oldin
feel bad for him
Yauicidjnssbsj Msisisisjsn
Why is ur dad watching and it’s not his fault but why would he let this happen to that extent mostly the sons fault
Dark Lord
Dark Lord 10 soat oldin
I though he was gon be more graceful underwater 😏 Im thoroughly disappointed.