Dunkey's Best of 2018

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Fourteen incredible games I played in 2018.
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thumb art by twitter.com/Desuplex
List of Games
14. Monolith (0:35)
13. Jackbox Party Packs (1:11)
12. Downwell (1:47)
11. Bloodstained : Curse of the Moon (2:13)
10. Monster Hunter World (3:03)
9. Lumines (4:05)
8. Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End (4:35)
7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (5:26)
6. Donkey Kong Country : Tropical Freeze (5:39)
5. Enter the Gungeon (6:56)
4. Zeroranger (7:20)
3. Into the Breach (7:59)
2. Celeste (8:49)
1. God of War (9:15)

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10-Yan, 2019



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KoOkiEzRoCkz 2 soat oldin
I havent been able to catch-up or learn about whats going on in the gaming industry. Due to just getting older, busier and money. This made me feel like im missing out on so much :(
CookieBaBa 9 soat oldin
wait Downwell isn't a 2018 game
Retsila 47
Retsila 47 12 soat oldin
Super Mario brothers 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bum B
Bum B Kun oldin
number onw should have ben roblox11!1!1!1!1!11!1!1111!!1!!1111!!
John Evanoff
John Evanoff Kun oldin
Uncharted 4 came out in 2016 why is it on a best of 2018 list
John Evanoff
John Evanoff 3 soat oldin
darthawesome 24 ok gotcha
darthawesome 24
darthawesome 24 3 soat oldin
John Evanoff while it came out two years ago, Dunkey’s best of includes the best games that he played this year, not necessarily the ones that came out this year
Raj Singh π.e
Raj Singh π.e Kun oldin
Super Mario Bros 2
PawlogatesGD Kun oldin
Iconoclasts? :(
J D 2 kun oldin
What’s the music at the end??
Judah Weir
Judah Weir 2 kun oldin
Aww no super Mario 3
beeeen498 2 kun oldin
So we're not going to talk about how Uncharted 4, a game that came out in 2016, is on this list? Ok...
Deaven Swickheimer
They are games that he played in 2018, can't play every game when it comes out.
Frosty Fullbuster
Frosty Fullbuster 2 kun oldin
But Bunkey, can I get that GOW soundtrack name at the near end?
Captain KillAssist
It's the main theme of the game, if the music during the God of War segment is what you're referring to
Aidan Spiderman
Aidan Spiderman 5 kun oldin
And then it all hit me at once, I never actually finished uncharted 4.
SuPeRMEmEsLoRD Hetzlchr
Your dead right about fortnite
High Quality Woot Content
Tropical Freeze makes you really feel like your donkey kong
lt.SpookyCarrot 1
lt.SpookyCarrot 1 7 kun oldin
No, you’re an ice cube
Grumpy Pig
Grumpy Pig 8 kun oldin
I just realised you called Kleines from Monolith a “dog” I see the resemblance now
mrbanana ops
mrbanana ops 9 kun oldin
My guy I have 256 hours in gungeon
Old Glory
Old Glory 9 kun oldin
0:28 West Virginia is as east as it gets.
Shnitzel Master
Shnitzel Master 10 kun oldin
kinda sad return of the obra dinn didnt make it
Gaming Grandpa
Gaming Grandpa 11 kun oldin
Great jakass Nig....ergante
loopy koopa
loopy koopa 12 kun oldin
bobthebuilder 12 kun oldin
Monetize your vids dawg
ingusmant 13 kun oldin
Maybe is just me but GoW felt like another game was being made and then Sony turned it into GoW because it's a known franchise
Cray Entertainment
Cray Entertainment 11 kun oldin
I don’t agree at all. Maybe it’s just because I watched so much stuff about it’s development. I had ZERO interest in another God of War game, I just didn’t see how it could move forward. I enjoyed the series but felt it was played out. Then the reviews started coming out and the developers were able to share a lot about the game now that it was released. I watched and read so much about the passion they still had for the franchise. They fought hard to be able to convince Sony that it was a game worth making. The devs felt there was more to Kratos’ story yet to be told. In order for it to succeed they knew that it couldn’t just be more of the same. They had to create something fresh. I’m so glad they pushed to make this game as it was easily the best game I played in 2018. You could tell just how much energy and passion was poured into it. I loved seeing an older, more mature Kratos and exploring his character development. I can’t wait to see what they do with the sequel.
Cursed 14 kun oldin
9:47 The moment we all came for
No Chill
No Chill 16 kun oldin
2019 video: 10: Crackdown 3 9: Super Mario Maker 2 8: Legend Of Zelda Remake 7: New Fire Emblem Game 6: Captain Toad Treasure 5: Smash Bros Ultimate 4: Smash Bros Ultimate 3: Smash Bros Ultimate 2: Smash Bros Ultimate 1: Super Mario 2
doggy crazynez
doggy crazynez 19 kun oldin
2017- Nintendo 2018- Sony 2019- well then its gotta be be micro... 6:03
multivarka pro
multivarka pro 2 kun oldin
Ryan Reffert
Ryan Reffert 4 kun oldin
I mean they’re off to a pretty good start with the MCC coming to steam and adding Reach, but beyond that I’m not holding my breath
jeff lol
jeff lol 5 kun oldin
+______ salty xboxfag lol
Flibba Flabba
Flibba Flabba 11 kun oldin
+______ sorry, xbox used to be better but Microsoft has been lackin for a long time now
nullskz 13 kun oldin
take the tea sis
Altamash Faraz
Altamash Faraz 19 kun oldin
Wasn't uncharted 4 before 2018?
Snowcone Makes stuff
Downwell yesss, I didn’t think anyone else played it
AJ G 20 kun oldin
Is shovel night really so good that you used it twice (8:50) lmao
Matthew Denholm
Matthew Denholm 15 kun oldin
Celeste is NOT shovel knight
Jesus Batista Santiago
Where's new super mario bros. 2?? *I want my money back*
Alex Tompkins
Alex Tompkins 22 kun oldin
Sortlist 22 kun oldin
Wow! I love this 😁
Yhtoo 23 kun oldin
no knack, wack
SkeletonCrew 23 kun oldin
I got celeste for free a while back. (haven't played it) Now I feel bad cuz I can't actually buy the game and support the developers...
Bronco Man
Bronco Man 24 kun oldin
I bet Tetris 99 wins 2019
X.M L 24 kun oldin
7:21 ZeroRanger tho.... Gets wild af
slavkei 25 kun oldin
"And adds some new ones, like being able to switch characters with the press of a button." Dunkey, my dude, did you forget Castlevania III for the NES which had that exact mechanic between Trevor, Syfa, Grant, and Alucard? Or for that matter, Dawn of Sorrow that had Alucard mode, where you'd play as Alucard, Yoko, and Julius with that exact same mechanic. Where it mostly turned into "Switch to yoko and spam magic attacks to win".
Gandalf the Grey
Gandalf the Grey 25 kun oldin
How is Deltarune a JRPG??
Daniel Cunningham
Daniel Cunningham 11 kun oldin
Cause JRPG is a genre of game and doenst have to come out of Japan. It's clearly a JRPG
Nikelfight 26 kun oldin
2019 so far. Xbox: We get crackdown 3, metro exodus, and more games for gamepass. In call of duty BO4 we have gotten Hijacked and grand heist along with news of much more to come very soon hopefully. We get new guns in WW2 and Nintendo announces crossovers with Xbox. Nintendo: we get our much waited direct and definitely fan serviced. We got Tetris 99, dameon X Machina prototype mission and FFIX all in the same day as the direct. 2017 was the year for Nintendo. 2018 was the year for PlayStation Although crackdown and metro have been slightly disappointing they aren’t bad by any means. We are getting much more content to come and with Nintendo’s insane hype for smash, Mario, Zelda, daemon x machina, fire emblem, and many many more. With Xbox coming to the switch and a true partnership I feel this year will not only be Nintendo’s time to shine yet again but now Xbox gets its light. These two companies are going to shape the gaming wave of 2019. Anthem was a sad sad beta but for it to be something new and fresh breath of a decent iron man simulator game it’s good. As a huge fan of Destiny and bungie in general it’s really good to see EA take a hit. We’ve seen just how shit EA has been in the past. Aside from the shitty loot boxes their games have been overall good and balanced. All their games share one thing though. They all act as if they aren’t finished yet. Battlefront was good and battlefront 2 didn’t add much to that. It felt unfinished and all that EA wanted to do to fix it was add loot boxes. Anthem feels different personally. I love the fact that indies will also be getting some light this year. We get more Hollow Knight content and rumored Shovel knight 2. Along with the much anticipated release of Doom Internal I can’t wait to see a Multiplayer experience for many soon to come games between Xbox and switch. Doom 2016 had an amazing switch port and it didn’t seem logically fucking possible for it to be that good on such a weak console in retrospective to its competitors. Minecraft is going to improve and now worlds can be played between Xbox and switch. WITHOUT REALMS! Much new content is expected to come and for the first half of 2019 everything looks good. Right now PS4 is doing good for it’s monthly games and it’s online subscription, however Nintendo and Microsoft have shown us too much goods to come that if PS4 wants to compete for another best year they’re gonna have to release something truly remarkable. As a huge fan of PlayStation I can honestly say one thing that would get them somewhere is Diablo 4. The next Diablo game for mobile is a decent yet terrible idea. If Diablo 4 is coming then Sony should buy rights to it as an exclusive. Games that could make them big this year are as follows if they have chances of reveals or if they could be real. These games are all personal wants. Horzion Zero Dawn 2, Last of us 2, dying light 2 (this ones real and if it’s as big as we think it could really help PlayStation this year if it’s to release this year) Another God Of War or a remaster, Bloodborne 2, and many more I hope to see. I know many of these won’t happen this year and that is why I feel Xbox and switch have this year in the bag. PlayStation ruled last year and I hope Nintendo and Microsoft deliver. If you read all this thank you, and you are a real goat honestly. Reply to me and tell me your thoughts and hopes for 2019!
liquidswordz17 26 kun oldin
LOL "Tornado Johnson"
João Victor Abramides
Spoiler alert: Super Mario Bros 2 wins.
Zombie Slaya
Zombie Slaya 26 kun oldin
João Victor Abramides Same for 2019
Atahann D.
Atahann D. 28 kun oldin
The climbing.
King Lizard101
King Lizard101 28 kun oldin
where's league of legends ?
Nick 28 kun oldin
Judas Dedalosson
Judas Dedalosson 28 kun oldin
Most UZvidrs make a review 2018 of their own videos. Funkey, Dudley, whatever his name is, makes year reviews of his content.
cody codytin
cody codytin 29 kun oldin
"2018 was Sony's year" *shows rdr 2 in inferior ps4 pro*
Crazelord91 29 kun oldin
Every year Dunky takes these lists more seriously
Maxim Mirkin
Maxim Mirkin 29 kun oldin
did divinity original sin 2 really not make even honorable mentions in the comment section
Maarten Rutten
Maarten Rutten 29 kun oldin
4:58 that pause was perfect
Emo Jesus
Emo Jesus Oy oldin
God!! YES!! GOD OF WAR!!
chrome wizard
chrome wizard Oy oldin
I drew the pic at 1:39 !
chrome wizard
chrome wizard 18 kun oldin
+Endie End yes.... >.>
Endie End
Endie End 19 kun oldin
Are you proud of yourself?
J-Brazen Oy oldin
Everyone: Say the line Dunkey! Dunkey: 9:47 Everyone: *YAY!*
Sir DonutZ
Sir DonutZ Oy oldin
Dog of Wisdom
Dog of Wisdom Oy oldin
Such a great list just to fuck it up with God of War...
Dog of Wisdom
Dog of Wisdom 12 kun oldin
No it's not, it's an overrated POS.
Zombie Slaya
Zombie Slaya 12 kun oldin
Dog of Wisdom No it's a masterpiece
Dog of Wisdom
Dog of Wisdom 26 kun oldin
No it's not. It's not even a God of War game, just a generic action adventure game with restrictive gameplay and a story that tries to seem interesting but just comes off as dull and pretentious.
Zombie Slaya
Zombie Slaya 26 kun oldin
Dog of Wisdom But God Of War is a masterpiece
Durodes Duvo
Durodes Duvo Oy oldin
... Why is Uncharted 4 in here?
Arlo Steiner
Arlo Steiner Oy oldin
Smash is trash
Arlo Steiner
Arlo Steiner Oy oldin
ImBeans Oy oldin
I’m gonna have to disagree pal
🏋🏻‍♂️Game less train more
Snowy YT
Snowy YT Oy oldin
I cant tell if this is real, a spoof, half-spoof or what and its fucking hilarious
SKX44 Oy oldin
His best of lists are always serious except for the mario bros 2
Rex Kwon Do
Rex Kwon Do Oy oldin
No Spider-Man?
Coming up Muilhaus
most of these games came out ages ago.. wtf dunk
ImBeans Oy oldin
All his best of year videos are like this. It’s just games he played throughout the year.
Paul Jacob
Paul Jacob Oy oldin
i love celeste and the outro music.
Alexskiper Oy oldin
But does Donkey Kong make you FEEL like Batman?
Daniel Keighley
The only best of, or year in review that matters
GΛKI Oy oldin
paul castro
paul castro Oy oldin
Where's terraria
Alex K
Alex K Oy oldin
god of war is a masterpiece like the witcher 3
OrangeOldfish Oy oldin
But where's Hollow Knight at 8:56?
LutizzTV Oy oldin
What?????? No Knack 3? you are crazy donku
guhtz Oy oldin
Make a Days Gone video when it comes out
Anders Lindberg
whats the end credit song?
Tony VALTONトニー
So many trash games
The James channel
5:57-who's here from beatemups?
QualityMeme Oy oldin
"Deltarune proved that JRPG's can be fun" ...huh?
Crafty Biz
Crafty Biz Oy oldin
What is it with you and Super Mario Brothers 2? Honestly it’s not really that good.
ImBeans Oy oldin
Is this really good bait or blatant lack of understanding? I can’t tell anymore.
atomic 119
atomic 119 Oy oldin
Where’s my knack 2?
Kit Cat
Kit Cat Oy oldin
Fortnite sucks
Kontrarianin Oy oldin
I don't like smash.
Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor Oy oldin
Dunkey needs to stop playing those mobile games.
Ghassan Awad
Ghassan Awad Oy oldin
I thought you said Rick Jagass
Reemez Oy oldin
i love this guys voice
Ebola Weeb
Ebola Weeb Oy oldin
Dunky please play Tetris Battle Royale or I'll have to unsubscribe from your channel.
Keizer Lea
Keizer Lea Oy oldin
Donkey Kong: frozen ape
esb8 Oy oldin
Wow Celeste finally got much needed praise
Micho Dali
Micho Dali 16 kun oldin
+irarelyupload defintly one the best of its genre but people that dont prefer the genre i can see why they dont like it as much
irarelyupload 18 kun oldin
The Raging Pikmin
The Raging Pikmin 28 kun oldin
Excuse, that was one of the picks for the game awards 2018
Freddy Krueger
This video really makes you feel like Super Mario Brothers 2
Seraaron Oy oldin
Where's Knack 2?
Actual DatBoi
Actual DatBoi Oy oldin
I respect how you are tackling this series. It's got a nice balance between criticism and Dunkey. Really well written
Cactus Milk
Cactus Milk Oy oldin
Bwuh Oy oldin
celeste>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>battle royale games>>>>>>>>>> soy of war
Tyler Schell
Tyler Schell Oy oldin
I’m surprised red dead redemption 2 isn’t on here
Max Garcia
Max Garcia Oy oldin
I've poured over 100 hrs into gungeon, and I've never beaten winchester's challenge once xc I also still need to buy that rat key
Taco_Man Oy oldin
Sony was epic
mad milk
mad milk Oy oldin
U got me dunkey
Ebola Weeb
Ebola Weeb Oy oldin
8:57 I am unsubbing because knack 2 isn't in there.
Alan Avera
Alan Avera Oy oldin
spectr extibite with demitale kid
Will anything top super Mario bros 2 for the Nintendo entertainment system?
Booqufis Boo
Booqufis Boo Oy oldin
Where the hell is red dead 2
The Raging Pikmin
The Raging Pikmin 28 kun oldin
Booqufis Boo dunkey said he didn’t really enjoy it that much
bokagoofy Oy oldin
Deltarune is a JRPG? I'm pretty sure it's not.
DylanDude Oy oldin
In style.
2019 is probably gonna be Xboxes year then... JK! Its Nintendo's Again!!
Ronin Smith
Ronin Smith Oy oldin
"Dunkey's Best of 2015" "For the sake of variety I've excluded games I've already reviewed" -Dunkey Puts Enter the Gungeon, Uncharted 4, Celeste and God of War
Francisco Rendón
Fun fact: The intro is shorter than usual because he wanted to make the video exactly 10 minutes
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