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Dwight Vs The Machine - The Office US

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Season 4, Episode 5 & 6 'Launch Party' The Dunder Mifflin Infinity website is launching and Michael is excited about going to the big launch party in New York while Angela plans a satellite party for the Scranton branch. Meanwhile, Dwight competes against the website to see who can sell the most paper in one day.
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8-Okt, 2018

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Marko Smiljanic
Marko Smiljanic 12 soat oldin
"Damn it, Kelly, it knows!" Hahahaha priceless
alexslykid Kun oldin
Dwight I think looks better and sexier with a stubble and I’m a guy
Saurav Sharma
Saurav Sharma 2 kun oldin
3:04 Pam is looking smoking hot here
Jennifer LePage
Jennifer LePage 3 kun oldin
The best part about this is that the machine/computer sales program was using falsified data to increase the number of sales logged in a case of fraud. Dwight defeated it anyway. Salesman of the century.
Royan Bhupatiraju
Royan Bhupatiraju 4 kun oldin
"You beat me"."You are the superior being". Wow! Pam is so magnanimous
Falconlover 666
Falconlover 666 4 kun oldin
For a minute I thought Bert would be on the office
Sizzly Sausage
Sizzly Sausage 6 kun oldin
Joseph Coombs
Joseph Coombs 7 kun oldin
This is like t series Vs PewDiePie
noah warnock
noah warnock 7 kun oldin
novola1972 10 kun oldin
Well, that’s an asshole more Jim and Pam. Dwight is a saleswoman and dependent on the commission. This is the only time I do not support their prank
Florin Sekosan
Florin Sekosan 10 kun oldin
When he yelled at kelly he sounded like Michael for a second
Ya Moms
Ya Moms 10 kun oldin
"Oh. I didn't realize we could use the leads we stole from Staples." He starts looking around 😂
Nombre Generico Con Xx xX
I'm from Argentina, you know were I can see The Office? Because isn't in Netflix here
Tapan Sapre
Tapan Sapre 15 kun oldin
i think it was the default dance at 3:20
I'm Human
I'm Human 15 kun oldin
3:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mad Dox
Mad Dox 18 kun oldin
Ashlyn Da phoenix
Ashlyn Da phoenix 19 kun oldin
You more of the office
Nicolas Goldring
Nicolas Goldring 20 kun oldin
3:17: Best part in the entire episode.
Queen Qwerty
Queen Qwerty 26 kun oldin
Aww Dwight’s eyes looked like a poor puppy
Manny's Vlogs
Manny's Vlogs 27 kun oldin
Dwight is very annoying.If I were Jim, I would either tell Michael to put Dwight where Kelly works.Or take Pam with me and go to another paper company.Then return 2 episode before Finale.BOOM.Done.
flamingo 101
flamingo 101 28 kun oldin
At 4:22 she has 5 fingers than she has 4
Colin Wong
Colin Wong 28 kun oldin
Why does angela where her watch on the side of her wrist
Luper ionic
Luper ionic 29 kun oldin
In the end, he still lost
Brendan Ziegler
Brendan Ziegler 29 kun oldin
How did I miss this?
Luis Elizalde
Luis Elizalde Oy oldin
If i worked in the office I'd be all over Angela smh
D.DoT-Z Oy oldin
2:04 Words cannot describe how much I want to punch this actress
Please Don't Call Me That
Seek therapy.
Pewds vs T-series 2018 (Colorized)
J05HUA Oy oldin
How did Jim/Pam know Dwight was using the stolen leads?
Stray Oy oldin
I remember laughing so hard the first time i saw "What is a Jim?"
I love at 2:03 how Dwight yells at stupid Kelly.
JCKillah Oy oldin
IN YOUR FACE!..... machines
Frost Gaming
Frost Gaming Oy oldin
3:18 defualt dance
Xylarxcode Oy oldin
Jim's job at Dunder Mifflin. 10% selling paper. 40% flirting with Pam. 50% pranking Dwight.
Aidan Tran
Aidan Tran Oy oldin
"Start selling multiple reams like a man."
Vincent Chen
Vincent Chen Oy oldin
Aw man I actually kinda feel bad for Dwight.
James Bogucheski
I've watched so many hours of the office it's almost like I'm on the payroll already.
David Potts
David Potts Oy oldin
Jim needs to stop playing pranks on Dwight. Angela broke his heart and Jim is using Dwight depression to his advantage which is not cool at all.
TheOddGirl 01
TheOddGirl 01 Oy oldin
His ex-------- Pam, I want you to set me up with a man Dwight's mind-------- WTF!!!!!?????
TheOddGirl 01
TheOddGirl 01 Oy oldin
At the beginning it said he went through a break up, but who would want to date .......well.......Him?
Ecko Albino
Ecko Albino Oy oldin
The Officinator: Rise of the Machines
Frederick Kriesel
God that ending is dark
Harish Jahan Mohan
Jack danger, pontiac bandit. That's how i know them. I bet many of you would relate to me
Big B
Big B Oy oldin
Nawwwws.... Pam is such a sweetie
Harold Asugar
Harold Asugar Oy oldin
Andy blowing the horn and dancing was the funniest part 😂😂😂😂 3:18
molly kunkle
molly kunkle Oy oldin
The reason all of the top comments are quotes is because nobody can beat the office, it’s the best
Jonathan Cox
Jonathan Cox Oy oldin
If they have 2,000 sales in 1 day I think they would be rich
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas Oy oldin
Angela at 3:22! Love that woman!
Manugoogle Last
-40 reams for the battered woman's shelter. Edgy.
Gabriel Belanger
3:17 Andy and Dwight hit that default dance
Érica Domingos
ricardo gonçalves
Here you can see what a jerk Jim used to be compared to Pam, but then again, she was fucking Roy when she knew Jim loved her just for the hell of it
A White Spider
I’ve never seen this show but this clip was funny af
Tomb Raver
Tomb Raver Oy oldin
I really like the relationship between Dwight and Pam.
Sjors Grandiek
How do poeple watch this without losing braincells?
Medicinal Boys
Pam will always be a golden hearted person , real or not
Step daddy
Step daddy Oy oldin
this channel is the only thing that keeps me from ending it all
Ohank 400
Ohank 400 Oy oldin
“DAM IT KELLY I KNOWS!!!!” 😂🤣😅💕😘
BMW M3 E46
BMW M3 E46 Oy oldin
thepenvaper Janet
Fuck the office
Funkstreife 5-3
Poor Dwight
— sujifilm
— sujifilm Oy oldin
is that doug judy??
Ao Chen
Ao Chen Oy oldin
Pam's last message was sweet but I think it only added salt to Dwight's injuries.
conrad1543 Oy oldin
When they start dancing to the air horn I lose it every time 😂😂😂
Spider Doctor
Spider Doctor Oy oldin
4:43-4:46 Oh the possibilities~ :3
gabe Oy oldin
3:19 when andy starts default dancing before it was cool
Chris 410
Chris 410 Oy oldin
Who am I? 0:43 , _Someone that’s a afraid to let go_
Siva Oy oldin
3:15 this is why I love Andy! 😭😂😂
Aw man that ending got me.
doug bull
doug bull Oy oldin
I wish I worked at the office.
tra731 Oy oldin
It's nothing spectacular, but one of my favorite dwight quotes is "in your face, machines!"
Nope _
Nope _ Oy oldin
PhantomWolf68 Oy oldin
_what is a Jim?_
Jungwoo Roh
Jungwoo Roh Oy oldin
sad nigga hours
Chris Crum
Chris Crum Oy oldin
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Panda78209 Oy oldin
jjm31usa Oy oldin
“In your face machines!”
Cooper Neidecker
If I get 1k subscribers before 2019, I'll remake an entire episode of the office. Pinky promise
Tdot Oy oldin
nazril hafiz
nazril hafiz Oy oldin
Aww pam
Ashlen Cahall
Ashlen Cahall Oy oldin
Dwight = John Henry?
Chris Manuel
Chris Manuel Oy oldin
Pam is a sweetheart for trying to cheer him up at the end
Kirsty nicole
Kirsty nicole Oy oldin
"no!" haha oh Andy is funny
Quanesh W
Quanesh W Oy oldin
Won the battle but lost the war
Arcordia Oy oldin
Jim is such a dick tbh. Ruined the show for me
ded mnwlkn
ded mnwlkn Oy oldin
I like how the machine was his companionship and when IT LEFT he kinda just died inside...
Gaurav Bahadur
Am I suppose to laugh?
Rain Urmeneta
Rain Urmeneta Oy oldin
The Amac
The Amac Oy oldin
Dwight low key probably made a shit ton on commission that day.
Andrew Simonton
V M. N
Casey5693 Oy oldin
Is it weird that I think Dwight looks better with facial hair?
jjrjedi Oy oldin
The end of this video should have been in the friendship between Dwight and Pam video.
Thelostvlogs Oy oldin
I’m sad. I’m eating cold chili
Jason Kim
Jason Kim Oy oldin
He also made a nice commission.
Mikser Wolf
Mikser Wolf Oy oldin
*W H A T I S A J I M ?*
Jakub Tallee
Jakub Tallee Oy oldin
“Ryan started the 🔥”
OneOFThese NotLikeTheOther
Dwight is an anomaly the world needs !!!!! To weird for mass production To rare to die
Amanda Johnson
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Amanda Johnson
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jacen cade
jacen cade Oy oldin
Is this why everyone i know who watches this is a self absorbed jackass who thinks bullying is funny?