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Dwight Vs The Machine - The Office US

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Season 4, Episode 5 & 6 'Launch Party' The Dunder Mifflin Infinity website is launching and Michael is excited about going to the big launch party in New York while Angela plans a satellite party for the Scranton branch. Meanwhile, Dwight competes against the website to see who can sell the most paper in one day.
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8-Okt, 2018

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Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas 19 soat oldin
Angela at 3:22! Love that woman!
Manugoogle Last
Manugoogle Last Kun oldin
-40 reams for the battered woman's shelter. Edgy.
Gabriel Belanger
Gabriel Belanger 2 kun oldin
3:17 Andy and Dwight hit that default dance
Érica Domingos
Érica Domingos 3 kun oldin
ricardo gonçalves
ricardo gonçalves 3 kun oldin
Here you can see what a jerk Jim used to be compared to Pam, but then again, she was fucking Roy when she knew Jim loved her just for the hell of it
A White Spider
A White Spider 3 kun oldin
I’ve never seen this show but this clip was funny af
Tomb Raver
Tomb Raver 4 kun oldin
I really like the relationship between Dwight and Pam.
Sjors Grandiek
Sjors Grandiek 4 kun oldin
How do poeple watch this without losing braincells?
Medicinal Boys
Medicinal Boys 4 kun oldin
Pam will always be a golden hearted person , real or not
Step daddy
Step daddy 4 kun oldin
this channel is the only thing that keeps me from ending it all
Ohank 400
Ohank 400 4 kun oldin
“DAM IT KELLY I KNOWS!!!!” 😂🤣😅💕😘
LKP LLC 4 kun oldin
bigpizzabuffalo Janet
Fuck the office
Chief Ray
Chief Ray 4 kun oldin
Poor Dwight
Ecko Albino
Ecko Albino 5 kun oldin
The moment when Doug Judy arrives at The Office
— sujifilm
— sujifilm 5 kun oldin
is that doug judy??
Ao Chen
Ao Chen 5 kun oldin
Pam's last message was sweet but I think it only added salt to Dwight's injuries.
conrad1543 5 kun oldin
When they start dancing to the air horn I lose it every time 😂😂😂
Spider Doctor
Spider Doctor 5 kun oldin
4:43-4:46 Oh the possibilities~ :3
gabe 5 kun oldin
3:19 when andy starts default dancing before it was cool
Chris 410
Chris 410 5 kun oldin
Who am I? 0:43 , _Someone that’s a afraid to let go_
Siva 5 kun oldin
3:15 this is why I love Andy! 😭😂😂
PurpleBandit3000 6 kun oldin
Aw man that ending got me.
doug bull
doug bull 6 kun oldin
I wish I worked at the office.
tra731 6 kun oldin
It's nothing spectacular, but one of my favorite dwight quotes is "in your face, machines!"
Nope _
Nope _ 6 kun oldin
PhantomWolf68 6 kun oldin
_what is a Jim?_
Jungwoo Roh
Jungwoo Roh 6 kun oldin
sad nigga hours
Chris Crum
Chris Crum 6 kun oldin
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Panda78209 6 kun oldin
jjm31usa 6 kun oldin
“In your face machines!”
Cooper Neidecker
Cooper Neidecker 6 kun oldin
If I get 1k subscribers before 2019, I'll remake an entire episode of the office. Pinky promise
Tdot 7 kun oldin
nazril hafiz
nazril hafiz 7 kun oldin
Aww pam
Ashlen Cahall
Ashlen Cahall 7 kun oldin
Dwight = John Henry?
Chris Manuel
Chris Manuel 7 kun oldin
Pam is a sweetheart for trying to cheer him up at the end
Kirsty nicole
Kirsty nicole 7 kun oldin
"no!" haha oh Andy is funny
Quanesh W
Quanesh W 8 kun oldin
Won the battle but lost the war
Arcordia 8 kun oldin
Jim is such a dick tbh. Ruined the show for me
ded mnwlkn
ded mnwlkn 8 kun oldin
I like how the machine was his companionship and when IT LEFT he kinda just died inside...
Gaurav Bahadur
Gaurav Bahadur 8 kun oldin
Am I suppose to laugh?
Rain Urmeneta
Rain Urmeneta 8 kun oldin
The Amac
The Amac 8 kun oldin
Dwight low key probably made a shit ton on commission that day.
Andrew Simonton
Andrew Simonton 8 kun oldin
V M. N
Casey5693 8 kun oldin
Is it weird that I think Dwight looks better with facial hair?
jjrjedi 8 kun oldin
The end of this video should have been in the friendship between Dwight and Pam video.
Thelostvlogs 8 kun oldin
I’m sad. I’m eating cold chili
Jason Kim
Jason Kim 8 kun oldin
He also made a nice commission.
Mikser Wolf
Mikser Wolf 8 kun oldin
*W H A T I S A J I M ?*
Jakub Tallee
Jakub Tallee 8 kun oldin
“Ryan started the 🔥”
OneOFThese NotLikeTheOther
Dwight is an anomaly the world needs !!!!! To weird for mass production To rare to die
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson 8 kun oldin
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Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson 8 kun oldin
Kxpsksksmxk a ls
jacen cade
jacen cade 9 kun oldin
Is this why everyone i know who watches this is a self absorbed jackass who thinks bullying is funny?
gujwdhufj ijjpo
gujwdhufj ijjpo 9 kun oldin
“What is a Jim?” lol
Jc Bergado
Jc Bergado 9 kun oldin
Pewdiepie vs. Tseries in a nutshell
yiban di
yiban di 9 kun oldin
Dwight's face at the end...
pneu _
pneu _ 9 kun oldin
The Office is probably the most overrated TV show of all time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good show that can hold its own but it can’t be compared to Arrested Development or Parks and Rec.
Jason Carillo
Jason Carillo 9 kun oldin
Mostly the only thing I watch on Netflix.
Barney Lynch
Barney Lynch 9 kun oldin
Andy was the downfall of this show. Never once was he funny, just an annoying twat.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 9 kun oldin
What’s a Jim?
smugdoggo 9 kun oldin
epicdad843 9 kun oldin
That’s why I fux wit Pam
Mr Solo Dolo VI
Mr Solo Dolo VI 9 kun oldin
"I would like to have a relationship with a man "
AX4N TRANS 9 kun oldin
I loved that show.
Velociraptor Earth Community
great job on 42 trending!
김충세 9 kun oldin
3:20 Angela is the best.
Elias Figueroa
Elias Figueroa 9 kun oldin
If only Robert California had come into the fold earlier and been in this scene. It would have made Age of Ultron so ominous, as if a sign from the universe that this was the day Ultrons casting really took place.
lukonic 24
lukonic 24 9 kun oldin
What is a jim?
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez 9 kun oldin
The Chef Boyardee was enough for me
I'm A Lover Not A Loser
*What is a Jim?*
JASON SANABRIA 9 kun oldin
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Melanie Duran
Melanie Duran 9 kun oldin
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Andres mendoza
Andres mendoza 9 kun oldin
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johan loor
johan loor 9 kun oldin
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johan loor
johan loor 9 kun oldin
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Iwant ToDie
Iwant ToDie 9 kun oldin
Why don’t I remember this episode
Patrick Pin
Patrick Pin 9 kun oldin
I’ve watched this series three times, and it never fails to make me laugh out loud 😂3:14
Brendan Tjeerdsma
Brendan Tjeerdsma 9 kun oldin
Why is this Trending
Surg k123
Surg k123 10 kun oldin
Whys this trending
TheClitCommander69 10 kun oldin
4:45 My heart. 😭💔
Kimberly 10 kun oldin
I cried at the end.
Grandma Sid
Grandma Sid 10 kun oldin
The fact that this is on trending
Fortnite all night
Fortnite all night 10 kun oldin
Why is this funny
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt 10 kun oldin
Start selling multiple reams like a man
TheRealLoneFallout 10 kun oldin
Why is this on Trending lmfao
Ham Evil
Ham Evil 10 kun oldin
Omg my favorite show ever, I even sleep to it. Love the pranks?
Alex Silverstein
Alex Silverstein 10 kun oldin
Undertakerfan365 10 kun oldin
Only came for 3:17
Elias Gibson
Elias Gibson 10 kun oldin
Are we all forgetting that the computer actually sold more then Dwight? I mean, it would sell for 24 hours a day, so after an entire day Dwight would have sold less
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 10 kun oldin
Jim' face from 2:40-2:47 is just priceless hahaha
sonradiant 10 kun oldin
EW NIKO 10 kun oldin
Watching the office is the whitest thing I’ve ever done
Ryan Lawrence
Ryan Lawrence 10 kun oldin
I love the fact that office can still hold up to time
Arch Angelo
Arch Angelo 10 kun oldin
Pam is a CUNT!!!!
Please Don't Call Me That
Why are you screaming?? Did Pam do the thumbs down sign when you showed her your penis? If so, I am very sorry, Arch.
Colten Phipps
Colten Phipps 10 kun oldin
gameplayer502 10 kun oldin
Angela is fucken hot
Metika Begleiter
Metika Begleiter 10 kun oldin
Name a better show. I’ll wait
Metika Begleiter
Metika Begleiter 10 kun oldin
Steve Smith ok, I’ll give you that one😂 To be honest, after I posted this comment i realized there are a lot of Better shows 😂 but I still like it a lot ❤️
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 10 kun oldin
+Metika Begleiter Simpsons seasons 1-9
Metika Begleiter
Metika Begleiter 10 kun oldin
Steve Smith yes
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 10 kun oldin
Like any genre?
My Name
My Name 10 kun oldin
He should have beat that negroes ass and spit in that Muslim whores face