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Sir David Attenborough takes us on a new journey to follow the greatest animals of their kind… Exclusive first look at the new BBC Earth series Dynasties. Find out when and where to watch it here: www.bbcearth.com/dynasties/modal/where-to-watch/ #Dynasties #WorldAnimalDay
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4-Okt, 2018

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idgaf nigga
idgaf nigga 6 soat oldin
That extra lyric from that chick at the end was unnecessary. The trailer was compelling enough without adding the extra human celebrity voice we don't care about.
Valentina EXO
Valentina EXO 12 soat oldin
Shubham Srivastava
Where Can I Watch This Amazing Documentary By Sir David Attenborough ?
vin ashford
vin ashford Kun oldin
never seen anything more cool than the closeup shots of the primates 😱😍😱 😱😍😱
Dave McGuire
Dave McGuire Kun oldin
Painted Dogs...... I am speechless. An emotional roller coaster. Television at its very, very best. The narration, the cinematography, the soundtrack. Worth the licence fee on its own.
ZX6RR Ninja
ZX6RR Ninja 2 kun oldin
The music is?
Manny V
Manny V 2 kun oldin
Chimps fighting with sticks and stones now
Khalid Shbail
Khalid Shbail 2 kun oldin
Love everything made by BBC. Long live my favorite channel
Kawaii Games
Kawaii Games 3 kun oldin
Another treasure from Sir David!
Blue's Hardcore Gaming
Edward Laurell
Edward Laurell 6 kun oldin
Chromatic Aberration of White Light Perforated Pinhole 3D Dispersion
Atif Khurshid
Atif Khurshid 6 kun oldin
Can’t wait for the series to be out.
Jason Sonic V
Jason Sonic V 6 kun oldin
Edward Nygma
Edward Nygma 6 kun oldin
Friday at 5pm from work tired as hell Happy it’s the weekend gets food and some drinks ignoring girl friend calls and text turns on Netflix and planet earth with David Attenborough damn good times
SavageMaster 6 kun oldin
Watching this for homework and school work - my topic is Dynasties
Zikri 6 kun oldin
When I am about to start to watch this series, I though it would be he Lion episode that would be the best, because i adore and have a softspot on them,, and it was indeed a fantastic episode. but damn, but the war between 2 packs of painted wolves was simply superb. It was gruesome and brutal, but yet you understand and touch the very deep of your heart.
Goatman 4 kun oldin
+JuicyWatermelone You can find them on BBC iplayer
JuicyWatermelone 4 kun oldin
where did you find the episodes?
Goatman 6 kun oldin
The painted dogs was so intriguing and spectacular
鹿卡 鹿卡
鹿卡 鹿卡 6 kun oldin
these are incredible awesome !!!!!!!!!! better than the drama series ive seen before !!!!!!!
Malie 7 kun oldin
Dude this is like gangland but animals.
Damarys Dingui
Damarys Dingui 7 kun oldin
No matter how much catastrophes this earth has been through.. I still love this earth for this awesome documentaries.. 💖🌍🌎🌏
Fadil ErgaTNWK
Fadil ErgaTNWK 7 kun oldin
James Watt
James Watt 7 kun oldin
The monkey is very much dramatic. I feel like it’s Andy Serkis doing motion capture.
Albert Bremner
Albert Bremner 8 kun oldin
That Bengal Tiger and her baby....just wow
Abhimanyu Kotwal
Abhimanyu Kotwal 8 kun oldin
Better than Marvel and DC shit...
Madez 8 kun oldin
That thumbnail though. 🤣🤣🤣 The penguin looking straight badass
labyrinth187 9 kun oldin
1:23 speechless
Ans Hmd
Ans Hmd 9 kun oldin
When this come to Netflix ?!
Robinson Menezes de Souza
BBC is the best thing to have happened to television.
Megan Block
Megan Block 9 kun oldin
Who sings the song?
Tim Ward, Jr.
Tim Ward, Jr. 9 kun oldin
Halfway through my heart was already pounding. What am I going to do until January 19?! (answer: re-watch all of Planet Earth and Blue Planet)
Mister Stag C
Mister Stag C 9 kun oldin
I will watch anything his voice is on.
Mister Stag C
Mister Stag C 9 kun oldin
+In The Beginning Was The Word hmmmmm.. not porn, educational, a teacher with a voice like that would make everything interesting.
In The Beginning Was The Word
Mister Stag C ... Sir David could make a Porn Hub clip seem weirdly family friendly.
The Dude
The Dude 9 kun oldin
Sir David is the one person that everyone hopes will live forever. The talent of these film-makers is unmatched...
Morgan Mendieta
Morgan Mendieta 9 kun oldin
This would have been perfect but then at the end, Attenborough says "Din-as-tis" ruined the whole thing. I know, I know but for "Dynasty" you have to pronounce it "dye" just sounds cooler.
Jordi 9 kun oldin
Seems a tad dramatised....
Kimbo The Jimbo
Kimbo The Jimbo 10 kun oldin
noo! The poor little penguin all alone in the storm...
여민하 10 kun oldin
does anyone know how i can watch it in Germany? we don't have BBC 🙄
Vm Abijeet
Vm Abijeet 10 kun oldin
And, that simply is the definition of a trailer
Vijay Vaddi
Vijay Vaddi 10 kun oldin
How they captured the chimp 'David's shot is beyond me. It's just mesmerizing!
jonis jebisow
jonis jebisow 11 kun oldin
world is a stage and these animals are paid actors!
Doctor Attitude's Wrestling
0:28 What type of dog is that? I've never seen those before.
Doctor Attitude's Wrestling
+key270 ???
key270 8 kun oldin
What hole did you just crawl out from?
carter niklaus
carter niklaus 11 kun oldin
Extremely cool and educational show! Saw the first 2 episodes and every time I'm taken aback by the quality
Lejay J
Lejay J 12 kun oldin
Damn ive been hearing this guys voice for yeeeeaaars doing play by play analysis on what wild animals are doing and thinking(especially lions) and this the first time ive ever seen his face. This look kinda dope
DIGGY DODGES 12 kun oldin
Sir David Attenborough should get Star like all the other Celebrities, if he hasn't already got one, he should also be in some Hall of Fame if he isn't already. IMO He's like the Michael Jackson or Jordan of Wild Life.
wonderviewer manir
wonderviewer manir 12 kun oldin
I dream is to meet david attenburg once.
In The Beginning Was The Word
No broadcaster anywhere in the world can make a documentary, particularly a wildlife documentary quite like them Brits and the BBC.
Hanif Allamby
Hanif Allamby 12 kun oldin
Bbc is jus the greatest to ever do it
Jan Bangash
Jan Bangash 12 kun oldin
Amazing ....nice camera work
Jaswant Kaur
Jaswant Kaur 12 kun oldin
Amazing !!!!!
Cooper Liao
Cooper Liao 13 kun oldin
Can't wait to watch this! Please make more documentaries on Africa.
Shado Vijon Records
Shado Vijon Records 13 kun oldin
Really have to applaud the videographers!! These scenes could not have been so easy to get!! THANK YOU FOR THIS!
paul gibson
paul gibson 13 kun oldin
Plot twist, Sir David Attenborough is God, and has been trying to educate humans on how important animals and other creatures are on our planet!
Dario Solis
Dario Solis 13 kun oldin
Espectacular bbc!!
Alex Thomson
Alex Thomson 13 kun oldin
This is amazing
Despott 13 kun oldin
If there was one person on earth that could be gifted with immortality, I would choose Sir David Attenborough.
Ruelle - Game of Survival (Official Audio)
Malik Asad
Malik Asad 14 kun oldin
Wandering Aimlessly
Wandering Aimlessly 15 kun oldin
Prime Minister
Prime Minister 15 kun oldin
Respect to animal kingdom for their unrelenting toughness
Marcin Szarowski
Marcin Szarowski 15 kun oldin
310 dislikes from antianimal numbs... lol
92Beyo 15 kun oldin
92 and still active! Chapeau!
mystickid1 15 kun oldin
How can I buy/get this program in 4K UHD in America?
Mitt P
Mitt P 16 kun oldin
Today's digital age don't make men like David... But he showed his passion working with digital age so well..... love his docos :)
Fadil K
Fadil K 16 kun oldin
You cant beat bbc on docs when you have this man backing them. You just cant. Stop trying
BG Jc 16 kun oldin
I love this
Path Finder
Path Finder 16 kun oldin
6 Dynasties. Don't forget Sir Attenborough has one of his own #GreatestOfAllTime
Fresh_Water 16 kun oldin
never has my picture felt more perfect. can't wait to watch this.
Vee Cee
Vee Cee 17 kun oldin
When I'm watching these videos, I almost forget to breathe. Magnificent and majestic.
Maamar DLIOUAH 17 kun oldin
So this is like Game of Thrones for nerds, legit nerds! Awesome!
Corsades 17 kun oldin
This is by far the best trailer I've seen in my whole life
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari 14 kun oldin
sums it up
bughu 17 kun oldin
hüseyin yildirim
hüseyin yildirim 17 kun oldin
how i can find this music? anaybody kow what s the name of music?
Rueben Agius
Rueben Agius 17 kun oldin
Its basically game of thrones but David Attenborough
f̸u̸s̸h̸i̸g̸i̸n̸a̸ o̸n̸'n̸a̸n̸o̸k̸o̸
This was my first look on BBC I saw the Emperor Penguins Dynasty and I was absolutely enthralled by the sheer beautifulness that captured every scene showing the process every step was beautiful and I saw the last part the camera men was truly awesome as they tried to help the female emperor penguins into going out of the ravine and also Sr. David Attenborough's way of narrating the series is beautiful!
APARAJITH C 18 kun oldin
fannysludge 18 kun oldin
This individual is irreplaceable .
Free Egypt
Free Egypt 18 kun oldin
kmallory100 18 kun oldin
Ruelle is in a BBC documentary now?!
Peter Federico
Peter Federico 18 kun oldin
i got chills
szkzs64 18 kun oldin
Looks like another amazing show !!! can't wait to see ! What is a song and music of the trailer ?
God of F.
God of F. 19 kun oldin
Erath is beautiful without human being...
Paul kross
Paul kross 19 kun oldin
Then you tell me Africans aren't welcome in the Americas, Europe and Asia ...where by every thing that the mother land has provided has shaped mankind and define the human race.My continent , home for all diversity
Tashiq Naveen
Tashiq Naveen 19 kun oldin
I see David Attenborough i click
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 19 kun oldin
"This is a wild game of survival."
Coldstreamer957 20 kun oldin
287 flat earth people dislike. 😂 And, we should have world animal day EVERY day!
Enkhe Darmaev
Enkhe Darmaev 20 kun oldin
can't wait
kerrd06 20 kun oldin
Not taking away from Attenborough or the documentary in anyway.. What is that backing song?
labyrinth187 20 kun oldin
i believe David Attenborough has voice of GOD
dixie chix
dixie chix 20 kun oldin
I don’t like to watch animals docu coz it makes me sad. I’m easily to cry.
Sugar Swirl
Sugar Swirl 20 kun oldin
God Bless Mr Attenborough, I hope he lives forever. I don't know how we can watch these documentaries, be so moved by them yet continue to kill them, exploit them, and destroy their lands. ): Humans really are the worst species on the planet
Sabyasachi Koley
Sabyasachi Koley 21 kun oldin
I always wondered why the cinematography of every BBC documentary is so beautiful & perfectly captured!!!
john phillips
john phillips 21 kun oldin
Eternity is to long to get this wrong. Accept Jesus Christ today, we are not promised a tomorrow. It is a free gift, take it. Do yourselves a favour and check out these channels, Richiefromboston and ODD World.
Mad Dog Fifi
Mad Dog Fifi 21 kun oldin
Get lost..and take your Goblins,gods and fairies with you. Time doesn't exist for you when you croak.
Dean Tibbz
Dean Tibbz 21 kun oldin
The BBC should ask Sir David to record every word in the dictionary so that when he eventually passes he can still carry on narrating.....like living on forever...Nobody will ever be able to replace him! He's an Absolute treasure!
Igor S
Igor S 21 kun oldin
This is Game of thrones haha
minhthu vũ
minhthu vũ 22 kun oldin
E. N.Akasha
E. N.Akasha 22 kun oldin
i have learnt so much fro this man!! thankyou Sir David Attenborough!!! thank you.
Shane Victor
Shane Victor 22 kun oldin
Feral Dragon
Feral Dragon 22 kun oldin
When will Canadians be able to watch this series? Or will we get it at all? I know it's started in the UK now
NewsRedial 22 kun oldin
so NOW, the BBC show recognition of the value of the family? After doing all they can to degrade family values. And, have people become so brainwashed now that the BBC just need to hint at animals being 'on the brink' and flash a picture of an iceberg to activate the pre programmed global warming alarmist sentiment (even though there have been record amounts of ice over the last few years with ice study expeditions ships getting stuck in ice and the ice breaker rescue ships also getting stuck in ice.
1976wong 22 kun oldin
Looking forward to this....
Dope Lyrics And More
My school had to do a comprehension on this video
Evonzz Evonz
Evonzz Evonz 22 kun oldin
My mind and body is ready.