Easy Curly Girl Method for Beginners

Curly Susie
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This video, Easy Curly Girl Method for Beginners, is a revamp of one of my first videos. The info is the same, but the video is better quality & much much shorter.
In this video I am only going to tell you the things you NEED to know. My advice is to start here and then learn and build on your routine from there. That’s what I did ❤️
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E-mail: Curlysusie17@gmail.com
Intro Music: Instrumental original music written & recorded by Scary Pockets (used with permission)
Products Used:

MY FAVOURITE GEL = www.sallybeauty.com/biotera-alcohol-free-defining-gel/BIOTRA17,default,pd.html
Biotera Website: www.naturellepro.com/biotera
OR - LA LOOKS GEL amzn.to/2tPjfBs
Conditioner -(does contain mineral oil) www.walmart.ca/en/ip/down-under-naturals-coconut-splash-weightless-moisture-conditioner/6000191918138

The basics from the creator of the CGM! WATCH THIS ... uzvid.com/video/video-NDofglvTFx8.html
WAVY - uzvid.com/show-UCufRrUeKGwD7JYv5NnoEFRA
CURLY - uzvid.com/u-dayniema...
- uzvid.com/u-CurlyPenny
TIGHT CURLS/COILS - uzvid.com/show-UCbIX...
CURLY GIRL APPROVED CONDITIONER:www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WZki...
Amazon Links:
Suave Naturals Conditioner - Tropical Coconut : amzn.to/1NiLT2S
TRESemme Naturals: amzn.to/1NiMCBg
Nature's Gate Conditioner: amzn.to/1URNRst

SILICONES TO AVOID, investigate anything that ends in xane, cone, conol and col. There are a few fragrances that are ok that end in one (so confusing)Here are some common silicones:
- dimethicone
- amodimethicone
- cyclopentasiloxane
- cyclomethicone

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Avocado Dee
Avocado Dee 6 soat oldin
Getting older and trying to find vegan products is been crazy, been twisting and pulling curls into place, used to be able to wash and go. I’ll try this
Willow Summers
Willow Summers Kun oldin
What do you mean it's bleach blonde underneath? You dye your hair brown? It would make me feel better to know I can still have healthy hair even if I dye it once in awhile.
Anam Maccoi
Anam Maccoi 3 kun oldin
Wonderful I have curly hair Had got it chemically straightened I am almost depressed half of my hair is straight and half is curly....
Alexis HI
Alexis HI 3 kun oldin
Any suggestions for my hair lol it's nice and curly everywhere but the top layer is straight, like the ends curl but barely it's crazy. My brother has one half of his hair where it's super curly and one half completely flat😑😂
Brandy Dixon
Brandy Dixon 4 kun oldin
Due to my work I have to wear my hair up in a bun every day. Will this be a problem when trying to do this?
Teresa McDonough
Teresa McDonough 2 kun oldin
Curly Susie I work in the OR also and the disposable bouffant hats are drying my hair out so bad. How and what kind of deep conditioning do you use?
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 3 kun oldin
I work as an OR nurse. So there are 4 days a week when my hair is up in a bun & in a hat. I just use a soft satin scrunchie or a large claw clip & I’m extra good to my hair on my non-work days.
Alexy Boyer
Alexy Boyer 4 kun oldin
You should make videos on other topics!
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 4 kun oldin
I have zero Fashion sense so that is out 🤣😂🤣 but thanks a million. Some great ideas in there
Alexy Boyer
Alexy Boyer 4 kun oldin
Curly Susie hmm maybe other topics than what you regularly do. Fashion maybe :) or your daily wardrobe if you’re into that 😄. Maybe daily struggle and inspiration. “How to” videos for moms? Since I see you’re a parent. 😊 but yeah those are some things off the top of my head! Thanks for replying by the way!❤️
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 4 kun oldin
I just started making health & fitness videos but do you have any Suggestions?
Jenny Kwon
Jenny Kwon 5 kun oldin
0:01 - 0:11 How do you know this?I've never seen you beforeeeee Edit: danggitt i never use heat to my hair (since I damaged hair from colouring them hoho),I didnt use any products that contains alcohol or silicon,I didn't use hot water but oh my god,I can't live my life without combing my hair everyday and bcs of my job,I can't be having a loose free hair since my job requires me to tied it up high af.Plus,I live where the only weather we have here is summer where im gon die is I ever let them be free......I need to consider getting bald.
small footprint
small footprint 5 kun oldin
I'm trying to catch up on some older videos, so I found this one very helpful. It's a lot to take in when making such a big change. When I went to get my hair trimmed... just before I found out about this method of care, I had the foresight to ask for it to be blunted around the bottom. It's about shoulder length. I had shampooed and conditioned it so she blew it completely dry and flat ironed it, which hurt and pulled hair out. She said it was the only way to cut a blunt cut... because of the wave/curl. I am going to do what you suggested, and never blow dry it or use a flat iron. I won't be needing a cut soon, but the question is in my mind, "How do you get a blunt cut?" for net time. You have simplified things for me, a little. It helps. Thanks for posting.
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 5 kun oldin
If your hair is soaking wet, there should be no issue cutting it bluntly. My hairdresser always cuts my hair blunt & I’ll I really mean by “blunt” is there there is no point cutting. But I do have a few layers, they just aren’t point cut or thinned out.
Sara Flores
Sara Flores 7 kun oldin
I hace the same curls as you do!! I loved this tips :) thankyou so much.
Jennifer C
Jennifer C 8 kun oldin
Hi Susie, I want to thank you, as a newbie to the curly girl method for your delightful, down to earth, informative videos. My curly girl journey started 3 weeks ago, while on vacation , and I couldn’t stand my hair anymore! I booked an appointment with a random salon, and lo and behold, 1900 kilometres from home, I finally found a stylist who knew how to cut my fine, curly hair, and also give me a style! She took the time to give tips on how to care for my new gorgeous look, and I have to say it was a life changing experience. 3 weeks later, I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror! Anyways-, my point is , all the products and techniques won’t give awesome results , until you find the cut that knocks your socks off!! I will actually be “interviewing” stylists now, to try to find one at home who can cut my hair with my curl, and being prepared to spend more money than I have in the past. Your videos have given me great info on products and techniques, which I’ve found invaluable ( and fun). Greetings from Ontario!
hibah dawood
hibah dawood 9 kun oldin
Does using the curly girl method help stop hair fall too?
Tori Gillispie
Tori Gillispie 10 kun oldin
I would like you to make a video to see your hair just air dried vs diffused dried
Saoirse Ward
Saoirse Ward 10 kun oldin
I think I have naturally wavy or curly hair because I had curls as a kid but they went away when I flat ironed it as a kid and I damaged my hair so much with chemicals and heat so I want to try this out and see if I have curly or wavy hair because it’s very thick and frizzy
Kimberley - Jane
Kimberley - Jane 13 kun oldin
The Curl Company do amazing products!
Shivarra 15 kun oldin
I find the CG-method confusing. I'm in a fb group that DOES allow combing, but only in the shower and only with a wide pinned comb. I also simply cannOT avoid putting my hair up in a bun. My hair is really thick, I sweat way too much while wearing it down. I don't really care about my curls, I just want healthier hair.
Emma Rossetti
Emma Rossetti 15 kun oldin
Fellow Nova Scotian here 😊
라사 15 kun oldin
When I apply gel I notice my hair fall out quicker. Did you notice this as well? I have a 3b hair mostly, but gets very frizzy & dry easily
ahgaseNCTzen 18 kun oldin
Idk why I'm watching this my hair is stick straight lmao :(
ahgaseNCTzen 17 kun oldin
+Curly Susie hahaha you're too lovely for that! :)
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 17 kun oldin
Haha you better not thumbs down me 🤣🤣🤣
Guadalupe Mercado
Guadalupe Mercado 18 kun oldin
Thanks for making this! I just started my journey and I was feeling extremely confused on what were the essentials to this method. I’m excited to start. Thank you!
deepali nage
deepali nage 18 kun oldin
Which shampoo is i use for my curls
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 17 kun oldin
The brand isn’t important just make sure it’s silicone free
Bri MacFarland
Bri MacFarland 19 kun oldin
Thank you for this video, I have straightened my hair for ever, because of my frizzy hair, and I couldn’t bring myself to get past that awkward transition stage. And I keep going back to straightening. But seeing how beautiful your hair looks, I have inspiration. Now I’m going to binge watch the rest of your videos hah, thankyou!
N. Fi
N. Fi 20 kun oldin
Dear Susie, how often do you wash your hair? How exactly do you do it? How do you keep your nice after shower curls on the second and third days? And the most what is your go to bed hair routine? Too many questions to answer and biiig thank you 😘
Oksana Khomiak
Oksana Khomiak 24 kun oldin
Thanks for this video and going directly to the point!!! But easier said than done about avoiding all that bad stuff in shampoos, gels, etc... Do you believe in the list of ingredients you read on those bottles?
Angelica Mori
Angelica Mori 25 kun oldin
I really hope this can work for me, I'm desperate. My hair is very sensitive to hormonal changes and stress, i had straight hair when i was in elementary school and once i got my first period BAM i had frizzy, awful, wavy hair all of a sudden. I started taking care of it and i had beautiful curly hair for a long time. Last year though i went through a horrible breakup and after 2 months when i went to the hairdresser to cut it, i noticed i had lost my curls. It's like the bottom is curly but the top part is mostly straight now, and the curls look different too. I don't know what to do honestly.
Christine White
Christine White 25 kun oldin
Thank you so much for keeping it short and sweet! You made a great call for not making an over long and complicated video, because like you said some people get overwhelmed. I know i did, and this video helped out a lot to start off with :) ❤
Jane Bista
Jane Bista 26 kun oldin
Hii I like your video a lot .I want to you to guide me about my hair I have a very dry ,frizzy ,rough curly hair and I use treseme shampoo and conditioner but its not helping .I am so tired .can you please help me how to make better my hair.
Kate S
Kate S 28 kun oldin
I'm just starting out and this was super helpful and reassuring. Thank you!
Smileholicfox 29 kun oldin
I use hot showers to help my migraines what I have a lot so shit. Can't leave that but my curls are getting better!!! I'm cutting them slowly but I can see that my natural hair (+henna) is so much curlier than the shitty the hair ends
Lucy Davies
Lucy Davies 29 kun oldin
Can you not come your hair when it is wet?? My hair would be very knotty if I didn’t.
loh22 Oy oldin
I can assure you that the water you shower with isn’t hot enough to damage your hair.
Shaye Salazar
Shaye Salazar 28 kun oldin
That's what I'm saying I've tried rinsing cold and it makes no difference. I'd rather enjoy my shower!
Baybarb27 Oy oldin
So I must’ve just stumbled on this method by accident, I’m late 40’s same curly/wavy hair I’ve had since junior high, luckily:) I stopped going blonde, so no bleach, went to a darker color, I’m going grey now ugh, sulfate free shampoo, deva curl is a fave, no towel drying, air dry my hair most of the way & I don’t use gel, I use a pomade, just a water soluble one, small amount, and a curling cream, that’s it. Simple routine maybe but I’ve kept my curls all these years, do what works for you.
Białka Oy oldin
Really helpful video! Your hair looks amazing. I have one question - you said that it's necessary to avoid all the products that build up on a hair. How about henna, cassia and other natural hair dyes? I heard a lot good things about them, but only from people with straight hair and I'm not sure is it good for curls. Personaly I've dyed my hair with cassia twice, but it was before I started my curly girl adventure.
sophia b
sophia b Oy oldin
Nah, I'm still overwhelmed, stil not ready. Since I got new heat styling tools I now fluctuate back towards a non-sustainable approach)) But one day..
Vickyy Oy oldin
Thank god for Susie! I didn't understand sh*t about the CG method, but now I do. Can't wait to have my curls back 😍
soni choudhary
But without heat...it takes too long to be completely dry.. 😐
CiERRA ROSE Oy oldin
My hair takes 6 hours to dry. If you want to be full cgm, you'll deal. And your hair will thank you. You can diffuse on a cool setting with a blow dryer though.
marsha ballard
Perfect for beginners. Not a beginner but in process of going curly again.
Jamie V
Jamie V Oy oldin
I’ve been doing CG since 2006 and I use my diffuser on low heat. It has not damaged my hair in the least bit. It helps it dry faster and I get more volume that way.
Jamie V
Jamie V Oy oldin
Great video though! I will share with friends who are beginners.
Amanda Moreno
Amanda Moreno Oy oldin
And here I am sitting flat ironing my hair ...
Meiko_Q Oy oldin
Help! I have wavy-ish hair and am just starting out. I've been using devacurl low poo shampoo and conditioner and then in the shower I apply devacurl b'leave in followed by their light defining gel. Scrunch scrunch scrunch and plop in microfiber towel. My curls looks okay for about an hour and then my hair looks awful. You're right, this is unbelievably overwhelming.
melon Oy oldin
:( I’ve been trying to do curly girl but my work requires me to tie my hair up in a bun so it always looks like crap
Ebichu Hanner
Ebichu Hanner Oy oldin
my hair is usually kinda poofy and can be kind of unmanagable and hard to deal with. It’s not curly, it’s wavy and not thin but not thick either, but it can get really wavy in the summer, like 2b wavy (i’m 2a i think) do you think i might actually have 2b hair but am using the wrong products? i’m definitely trying this either way :)
Amna Oy oldin
Anyone here knows some shampoos without sulfate/silicone? Like major brand names easy to find?
Veronica Mendoza
Amna Shea moisture
How do you keep your hair from getting greasy if you aren't using shampoo?
Mahak Bajaj
Mahak Bajaj Oy oldin
Can you also makes a video on how to comb curly hair?
Brittny R.
Brittny R. Oy oldin
Yes, I pretty much ignored the method because it's like a 4 year college degree just to figure it out. No one starts out an expert! I was confused as hell.
Really Though
Really Though Oy oldin
I thought this was 40 below fruity from the thumbnail... 🤨
artdollz Oy oldin
I love that little Rock and Roll bit at the beginning of all your videos
Vanessa Sandoval
WAIT so I put gel/styling cream while IN the shower? & do I leave it on or rinse it out? IM CONFUSED please help :(
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
You leave it in. Check out my wash day hair routine video. The reason you apply in the shower is because you want your hair to be dripping wet !!
Fiona Howatson
Thank you. I am 52 and just found out I actually have wavy/curly hair after fighting the frizz all my life! The info out there is overwhelming so I found this video great. I can build on this as I go along. Best wishes from NZ
LeftFalangie Oy oldin
so..... you dry your hair AFTER you put in the products? Doesn't that make them come off?
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
The single most curl changing part of my daily routine is applying products to soaking wet hair! Trust me
Tallie Manning
This is not the curly girl method. This is the low poo method
reagan L.
reagan L. Oy oldin
Tallie Manning it’s not supposed to. It is how you fix your curly hair so the curls are more defined. This leads to the curly girl method.
Julie Whatley
Julie Whatley Oy oldin
I love your videos! I'm so glad I found you through the Cape Breton Post that my husband subscribes too. I finished Chemo 18 months ago and have been left with unruly curly hair. I've tried many products, lots of hot irons, and heat, resulting in lots of frizz..... I've been doing it all wrong!
Should we also stop using thermal caps? I hope you answer my question. 😁
penelope-ann raines
i wish i would’ve seen this 2 years ago
Nadia Bruce
Nadia Bruce Oy oldin
Absolutely love your video. I have a problem though... I have to wear a scarf for religious purposes. What would your advise be for that?
Nadia Bruce
Nadia Bruce Oy oldin
+Curly Susie thank you so much for the feedback
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
Hi Nadia. I would make sure the scarf is silk or satin if possible & style your hair loosely underneath.
Shereen Samy Channel
Are you from Ireland? I hear an Irish accent.
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
Hey! So many people ask me if Im Irish... Im actually from Cape Breton Nova Scotia. Lots of Scottish & Irish roots.
Erin Strickler
I wish i could stop brushing and pulling my hair back, but I’m in the military and it has to be slicked back :( And if I don’t brush it it just becomes a rats nest. How do you manage to not brush it??
Spence W
Spence W Oy oldin
Omg . I have never seen a youtuber from my home town . I automatically love you !
Tina Sørensen
I've heard that is Sodium Laureth Sulfate that is worst. Even though they don't have SLS in shampoo they have other type of sulfate.. So there are shampoos and Conditioners with no sulfate of any kind..? Checking because sulfate exists in many forms.. 😊👍🏼
Tina Sørensen
I just started t subscribe you! Ok cool!! I also wonder HOW the hair manage to curl more and tighten up. What's in the products that makes the hair become more bouncy and curly and why!? My hair is wavy and heavy.. (nordic hair)
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
Yes there are 100% sulfate free shampoos ... lots of them.
I clicked on your video randomly and the second you started talking I thought, "that's a Caper!" Glad to find a fellow curly girl from NS! Going to start tomorrow!
Diamond Light
Diamond Light Oy oldin
Why all these videos have nice before hair too? Like her before hair is sooo good.. I do not see any damage.
Sumi Marshall
Sumi Marshall Oy oldin
You mentioned not using alcohol, but the products you use like suave have alcohol. I keep looking for alcohol free. Can u make a suggestion for alcohol free conditioners? By the way, I love love love you. Your videos changed my styling life. I love your simplified method and use your method daily. I use the suave naturals conditioner and blue sport gel, but am now ready to see how curly my hair can be encouraged to get by trying some new products or adding products to my routine.
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
Haha Sumi... I’m not a celebrity :) the best thing about Sally is that you can return products that you don’t like. Thanks for watching 💕
Sumi Marshall
Sumi Marshall Oy oldin
+Curly Susie thank you so much for clarifying. I feel so blessed to have you reply. My first encounter with a celebrity. I love your journey! Can't stop watching. I am plopping right now. Just got back from Sally's with a cartfull of new products to try. Gonna give A try to some of the Laura Method that you shot. Wish me luck. I am doing this only after I tried your second day revitalizing. Had a lot of time on my hands today. Love u!
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
Hi Sumi. I know that this is going to sound confusing but there are 2 basic types of alcohols. 1: drying alcohols (which are bad) example... Isopropyl Alcohol. 2: conditioning alcohols (which are good) examples... Cetyl & Ceteryl Alcohols... my spelling may be off
Megan Townshend
I could pinpoint EXACTLY where you were from as soon as I heard you speak. Thanks for this! Much love from Halifax!
Kathleen Anne
Kathleen Anne Oy oldin
what if you play sports and you have to have your hair up tight?
Kat Grant
Kat Grant Oy oldin
I love the way you talk. And your hair is GORGEOUS! Thanks for keeping it straight forward and simple!
seventhseance Oy oldin
Target started selling smaller travel bottles of the products I need to buy. I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money just yet. Only in case I’m wrong and I don’t actually have curly hair. It’s always been poofy and frizzy since I turned 14, as a kid it was silky smooth but had some waves. I have a few cousins with curly hair too so I’m wondering if I got the same genetics as them. My sister has always had pretty silky soft Asian hair 😑😑 and mine was this unruly mess. All I could do was put it in a ponytail or under a beanie 😩😰
SunFlowur Oy oldin
That central Amyerican ayycent lol
Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry Syrup 2 oy oldin
GOD BLESS YOU!! a short, to the point, video. Thank you 💓💓💓
Caitlin Sampson
Caitlin Sampson 2 oy oldin
I’m curious since you are from Halifax. Which products do you use? I am from B.C.
Mc Hobbit
Mc Hobbit 2 oy oldin
What if you NEED to use anti dandruff shampoo? If I don't use the prescription stuff regularly, I have a head full of dandruff. My hair also hates conditioner. It either turns mushy, gets weighted down or I get more dandruff from it. I tried so many of them. And even if I found a good one, I need the anti dandruff shampoo.
Mc Hobbit
Mc Hobbit Oy oldin
Tea tree oil does sound like a good idea. It's worth a try. I definitely need something to keep that dandruff in check. I have to mention that my hair is more wavy than curly and has a very frustrating almost straight underlayer. It's not damage as I haven't used any heat on this hair, it's just like that. Most conditioners make this part so straight and flat, it sticks out under the wavy/curly hair on top even if I scrunch it and encourage it to curl. Not a good look. My hair is also not very thick/big. I don't have the automatic volume some people get from their curls. Close to the head, it's already flat although wavy. If I were to brush or comb it, it wouldn't be smooth obviously but it also wouldn't poof up and look messier than before like many people's curls.
Kayla Thong
Kayla Thong Oy oldin
I say try tea tree oil shampoo, or keep the shampoo if that doesn’t work out. Try conditioners with little to no protein in it, only apply it to you strands not your roots. Scrunch your hair to help keep its form and even add clips to the roots to keep it from laying flat. Oh and you can try massaging your scalp with tea tree before you wash to work on that dandruff.
Joy Colville
Joy Colville 2 oy oldin
Products not available in Australia and wont ship. :(
Michelle Harris
Michelle Harris 2 oy oldin
Love the video! I been trying to start the CG method but get so overwhelmed with products and the dos and donts THAT I just give up. But enjoyed the right to the point to get started video..a few pointers and I think I'm excited to give it a try lol. Today...throwing the flat iron away! New subscriber!! Excited to watch more of you!
Jelena 2 oy oldin
I'm 1 minute in and I already love your personality
Lisa Taul
Lisa Taul 2 oy oldin
Thank you! I do get overwhelmed with too much info. Great video
Mikayla Blosmo
Mikayla Blosmo 2 oy oldin
I have been doing al of this for awhile now I don’t diffuse that much and I don’t use to hot water I have curly shampoos that don’t have the sulfates silicons etc + using styling creams when my hairs wet and their is still parts of my hair that stay wavy / straight in the back while the rest of it is tight curls and I don’t know what else to do to fix it
Whatever Girl
Whatever Girl 2 oy oldin
I thought this was gonna be a tutorial
Banalarilin Kharnaior
I want a curly hair too just like your😫😫😫❤❤❤❤❤
Anushka 2 oy oldin
so i know flat ironing curly hair damaged the curl and hair, but does just hopping out of the shower and air drying (no scrunching and no other products) also damage it?
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 2 oy oldin
Not at all
Dang I need this. I have naturally curly hair but it is always dry and gets frizzy so easily. I will have to talk to my mom about hair products. She thinks I can just use plain hair products. She has straight hair and is always trying to get me to straighten my hair
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 2 oy oldin
It doesn’t cost any more money to buy silicone free products. You should show her a video :)
Rachel Osterhoudt
what are some shampoos with no sulfate and silicone in them?
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 2 oy oldin
Tresemme Botanics, Shea Moisture
Tabbs Seal
Tabbs Seal 2 oy oldin
Nice video! Short. Simple.👌 I have a question, is it true that when you use a curly gel your curls get dependent on the gel?
Poulomi Hari
Poulomi Hari 2 oy oldin
I have natural curls like yours. They were really beautiful. People would often compliment me for my curls and think I spent hours in a parlor to get that. That was till I turned 16, perhaps because my parents used to take care of my hair care routine with natural herbs. (I am Indian). I remember having used coconut oil for most of the time, and soap-berries like Reetha and Shikakai for shampoo. Gradually later I begun using commercial shampoos that were loaded with sulphate. Now at the age of 25 I begun seeing white strands of hairs growing up. I had nightmares for weeks after that. I looked up on various methods on fixing my hair. The greatest advice was to discard away all sulphate and silicone products. Thankfully because I am Indian, it was easy to find good herbal products. Even herbs. I also begun using seasme seed oil with neem extract for moisturising my hairs. It worked a charm and I got rid of all those white strands. *touchwood* . Heres is what I do now. I comb my hairs only when it is necessary. And I use wide-teeth combs for that. No hair brush. I use the home-made Neem-induced Seasme seed oil for hair massage. It nourishes the hairs real good. And I shampoo with non-sulphate shampoos only twice a week. I never blow dry my hair. I have a flat iron but the last time I used it was almost an year ago. And I never use rough towels. I have a special hair-towel that has smooth velvet side. I use it for soaking the wetness and then let it dry naturally. It takes around an hour but its all worth it. For any Indian girl reading this comment: the shampoo I use is Khadi naturals. I have tried their Satritha and Hena-tulsi shampoos. I would recommend the Satritha product if your curls are heavy and dry. It has Bhringraj extract.
Natalie Sheehan
Natalie Sheehan 2 oy oldin
Thanks so much for making this! Is Jessicurl a good conditioner to use?
Shreya's Kitchen
Shreya's Kitchen 2 oy oldin
Are you Irish? I hear a slighttttt accent
Shreya's Kitchen
Shreya's Kitchen 2 oy oldin
Curly Susie oh cool! Love your videos btw! :)
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 2 oy oldin
I’m from Cape Breton Nova Scotia in Canada. Born & Raised. There are lots of Scottish & Irish roots here :)
peakmemequality 2 oy oldin
So like no-no heat, my hair just feels like straw in cold water and how do you keep your hair detangled my gets so tangled and that's why some times I still brush it any tips?
krorter 2 oy oldin
Thank you, Susie! I am two weeks into CGM, and I was getting overwhelmed! Low po? High po? SOTC?? I was about to throw in the towel (heh), until I watched your video, which breaks it down so simply. Deep breath. I can do this. Thank you!
Danielle Frank
Danielle Frank 2 oy oldin
For those curly girls. Maui moisture products are your best friend! They are curly girl safe, I love them!
annam 2 oy oldin
How about using silicone oil
Nienke 2 oy oldin
Is iT nessecary to use a gel? X great video
Steph M
Steph M 2 oy oldin
When cleaning the scalp, do we apply the conditioner to the roots of our hair? I've read that conditioner just makes hair oily and since starting this method, my hair is incredibly oily. I washed my hair, and when it dried, it was still oily :( I cleanse my scalp for 5 minutes.
gl0ry time
gl0ry time 2 oy oldin
but...what do I do in winter, wearing a hat... or all of the year, wearing a bike helmet… I simply can´t do without a ponytail.
J H 2 oy oldin
idk why I still watch these videos haha I cut off my hair really short over a year ago
》Tilly 《
》Tilly 《 2 oy oldin
My hair has always been relatively straight with some frizz and waves, and i used to brush it constantly. Recently started using some more nourishing hair products, started brushing less and noticed the schorter bits of my hair have actual curls when i air dry them.. Wish the rest of my hair curled the same, still have hope it will when it gets healthier.
Molly Katherine Cornett
For looking for sulfate/silicone-free products, does it literally say “sulfate” or “silicone” in the ingredients? Or are there fancy/chemical names for them that I should look out for? Thanks 😄
Jenny Harrison
Jenny Harrison 2 oy oldin
Hello fellow Nova Scotian. I'm going to try this. My hair is wavy more than curly but there may be curls in there, somewhere.
sorsaria 2 oy oldin
The hardest part will be no hot water. I live for a scalding shower
small footprint
small footprint 5 kun oldin
Can't say I love a scalding shower, but I do like it hot. The first time I learned that it wasn't such a good idea was when I had sore and itchy bumps all over my face and in my nostrils and ear lobes, eye lids, etc... My regular doctor couldn't figure it out, did a biopsy.. nothing.. Sent me to a dermatologist who diagnosed it a rosacea. First thing he said was don't put your face up to a hot shower. There were other don'ts too, but I was devastated to think that I couldn't have my hot hot shower. It doesn't help to tell someone like me to not let it get on my head or face. I'm not the shortest person, but not tall enough to do that, either, so I've had to get used to a less hot shower, and I'm probably not going to turn it off, and on, so I'll have to work on how to get all this done in a way that works for me. I do love the curls, so I'm going to work it out.
Little Dreamer
Little Dreamer 25 kun oldin
Same here, so on my non-wash days I put some oil in the ends of my hair, pineapple it & put a shower cap on so that I can burn in peace without worrying about frizz lmao
Nadia Appelbaum
Nadia Appelbaum 27 kun oldin
sorsaria lmfaooooooo if my skin doesn’t turn red after I get out I’m going back in
: D
: D Oy oldin
I can’t do hot showers anyway because I dyed my ends purple
Greet the queer
Same, I like to feel it BURN ON MY SKIN!
Tracy Schoenhard
Tracy Schoenhard 2 oy oldin
Thank you for this video: the encouragement, motivation and assurance that my hair will turn out pretty. I was getting overwhelmed with my CG research with so much to remember!
Is a bell
Is a bell 2 oy oldin
My hair looks like a poodle
Lady Grey
Lady Grey 2 oy oldin
Combing and brushing I feel is okay since it helps distribute hair oils but use a wide tooth comb and paddle brush and start from the ends and work your way up to gently detangle
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