Easy Curly Girl Method for Beginners

Curly Susie
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This video, Easy Curly Girl Method for Beginners, is a revamp of one of my first videos. The info is the same, but the video is better quality & much much shorter.
In this video I am only going to tell you the things you NEED to know. My advice is to start here and then learn and build on your routine from there. That’s what I did ❤️
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E-mail: Curlysusie17@gmail.com
Intro Music: Instrumental original music written & recorded by Scary Pockets (used with permission)
Products Used:

MY FAVOURITE GEL = www.sallybeauty.com/biotera-alcohol-free-defining-gel/BIOTRA17,default,pd.html
Biotera Website: www.naturellepro.com/biotera
OR - LA LOOKS GEL amzn.to/2tPjfBs
Conditioner -(does contain mineral oil) www.walmart.ca/en/ip/down-under-naturals-coconut-splash-weightless-moisture-conditioner/6000191918138

The basics from the creator of the CGM! WATCH THIS ... uzvid.com/video/video-NDofglvTFx8.html
WAVY - uzvid.com/show-UCufRrUeKGwD7JYv5NnoEFRA
CURLY - uzvid.com/u-dayniema...
- uzvid.com/u-CurlyPenny
TIGHT CURLS/COILS - uzvid.com/show-UCbIX...
CURLY GIRL APPROVED CONDITIONER:uzvid.com/u-watch?v=5WZki...
Amazon Links:
Suave Naturals Conditioner - Tropical Coconut : amzn.to/1NiLT2S
TRESemme Naturals: amzn.to/1NiMCBg
Nature's Gate Conditioner: amzn.to/1URNRst

SILICONES TO AVOID, investigate anything that ends in xane, cone, conol and col. There are a few fragrances that are ok that end in one (so confusing)Here are some common silicones:
- dimethicone
- amodimethicone
- cyclopentasiloxane
- cyclomethicone

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15-Iyl, 2018

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ola kuvada
ola kuvada 10 soat oldin
I don't know how to find a shampoo which is not so expensive but doesn't have sulfate silicone and alcohol
nomtriescarnem 7
nomtriescarnem 7 13 soat oldin
where do you come from? ^^
Evianca Kun oldin
I have a question, should curly hair avoid mousse?
Tammy VanRoon
Tammy VanRoon Kun oldin
I have a question for you...when you go to a salon for a trim. Do you bring your own product? or do you ask them to only wet your hair and not wash it?
Juju Apples
Juju Apples Kun oldin
Thank you so much for this! Almost all the curly girl method videos or posts on the internet seemed a little too complicated and too detailed for a beginner. but this helps me get started :)
sage pepper
sage pepper Kun oldin
Thank you x
444jenessa Kun oldin
I have sulfate free but my hair still looks awful - I've sadly relapsed and went back to heat and straightened my hair because I was sick of feeling insecure
SweetasSugar42 2 kun oldin
How do you not use a diffuser with heat?? I have really thick curly hair and it won't dry without applying heat.
mcgoomlynn 2 kun oldin
Kathryn Hahn look alike! Super cute and thanks for being to the point!
Sandra G
Sandra G 2 kun oldin
Thank you so much, I am a beginner and you were a great help.
Geneva Grace
Geneva Grace 3 kun oldin
This method just helped me so much. It’s so simple and it made so much sense!!!
Lill Painter
Lill Painter 3 kun oldin
I'm totally going to so this. btw, i love your accent. its like canadian irish sounding.
Delia K
Delia K 4 kun oldin
Holy OMG, if I stop using heat I am goona get a hell of a cold, you can not do that winter time
Naniya Mernando
Naniya Mernando 4 kun oldin
This is basics... N u said new but this isn't new,.. I mean this all on natural back hair videos laterally nothing new....
Kelly Diprospero
Kelly Diprospero 5 kun oldin
Love it! Short and to the point. Thank you!
Ashley Espinal
Ashley Espinal 5 kun oldin
Does it work with wavy hair??
Madeleine 6 kun oldin
I had beautiful curls when my hair was shorter. Now for some years I gave up. Whenever I try again, it's ok for several hours after washing, but then they become stiff and not nice. I like the curls, but I feel I have to be sooo careful with them, like, holding my head still if possible, no hat, avoiding wind, no pulling them with hand, no playing with it etc... It's exhausting :( Even here when I watch your video, I feel you hold yourhead still, maybe subconsciously protecting them from damage.. Or I imagine things at this point :P My question is - how permament is the effect we see in the video, on healthy hair with CG care? Are you carefull with touching your hair, playing with it, etc ? Are they easily "undone" ?
Sarah 7 kun oldin
Ahhh...!!! Listen...i know thats maybe strange...but i had not much money and no shampoo anymore...BUT i had a lot dog shampoo and i take it for maybe 3-4 times...and i know now why my hair was so awesome with it🤣🤣🤣 it was without silicon...alcohol and all that other stuff... lool😂🤓
Sarah 6 kun oldin
Madeleine thats a good idea!! Thank you!!❤️
Madeleine 6 kun oldin
You can also make an easy, cheap and fantastic gel out of linseed, to style your hair :)
Emi V
Emi V 7 kun oldin
It’s almost winter I can’t wash my hair with cold water 🚿
Madeleine 6 kun oldin
Yes! that, and I would walk with my head wet all the time time if I did't dry them with a hairdryer...
Rebel the XApologist
You have no idea how great short and to the point videos are for me...I am one of those that easily gets overwhelmed with too much info at once. The very cool thing about you that I have seen in other videos of yours, is that you explain the WHY part of the WHAT. i really dislike the info packed videos where all they do is tell me the whats and hurry through...i find myself having to seek for more videos to see if I can find out the why parts. Especially, when they never reply when I ask them to tell me why. You never make me go through all that BS. Thank you!
Elizabeth Barrett
Elizabeth Barrett 8 kun oldin
I am switching from blowing out my hair to wearing it wavy/curly d/t moderate ( feels severe)hair loss. I am down about 40% of my previous hair strands. I am a 2b /2c ...and y'all on these comment threads seem PASSIONATE. I need to wear my hair back sometimes. As a nurse, I cant just have loose waves all over the place hanging in peoples...ya' know ... nastiness. I have been switching from a ponytail to braided pigtails as it seems less damaging. I think putting the hair tight and the elastics is not good for it . How much will braiding my hair affect my ability to get my waves in more of a curl pattern when I can wear my hair loose ?
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 7 kun oldin
I often wear my hair in a loose braid. Im an RN on a post surgical unit so I know the struggle lol. I have an old video called "Hairy Styles" with some of my go-to updo's
Maida Tariq
Maida Tariq 10 kun oldin
Can you recommend some inexpensive shampoo and conditioner products ?
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 7 kun oldin
I love Tresemme Botanique right now :)
Bailey E
Bailey E 12 kun oldin
You remind me so much of Aly Michalka! You’re so naturally pretty ❤️
Pamela S
Pamela S 12 kun oldin
What shampoo, if any, would you recommend to strip away old product- like silicone or parabens?
Jassi Wolfi
Jassi Wolfi 12 kun oldin
Oh boy. That was pretty informative but I'm actually scared. I never really liked my hair and so I'm used to it to wear it as a loose ponytail. I'm really afraid of the transition. I will definitely look like shit haaha.
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 13 kun oldin
Two words; Thank you.
MyKittenHasADD 14 kun oldin
I'm failing at this. I find it's really drying my hair out. Im using the deva curl be'leave in and volume foam and live clean moisture shampoo and conditioner. My hair is now dry and brittle.
Jessica Farmer
Jessica Farmer 14 kun oldin
Is she Irish?
Sophia 14 kun oldin
Wow you seem so serious about this 😂
Alethea Kelly
Alethea Kelly 15 kun oldin
Sleeping on curly hair? Great basic tips, thank you!
lil munda
lil munda 15 kun oldin
You are so beautiful!❤
Jasmin Flowers
Jasmin Flowers 16 kun oldin
I am so happy about this video! Thanks for keeping it short, that's totally sufficient for starting!
Gail 17 kun oldin
Hi Susie! I am one week into the CGM and have been binge-watching UZvid to get tips. You are my favorite, because my hair is very similar to yours and because I really appreciate how simple you keep things. It can get overwhelming - so many different products and techniques! I also have to admit, I love your accent :-) Thanks for all the help and inspiration!
CALiBABY 323 17 kun oldin
Finally somebody who simplified it for those who wants to start this method 👌🏽
chiara d
chiara d 17 kun oldin
Hi Susie, I've started the CG journey (but 'm wavy, not curly) since three weeks by now, but I notice that - some days , like today - mi hair are not silky and fluffy, the're freezy and messy, such as straw. Rough (forgive me for my English...). I wonder why. Could you give me some tips?... Am I wrong? Today for example I cowashed, then I condished, then put on a leave in conditioner and finally put on some gel. So what have I did wrong?....
Dania Maen
Dania Maen 18 kun oldin
Thaaaank you so much for simplifying the CGM. This is what I was looking for, the basics. And after that I'll continue learning but first, the start. I'm the type that gets overwhelmed lol. Thank you ❤️
Berrytale 19 kun oldin
Verena Pfeifer
Verena Pfeifer 19 kun oldin
hey, thanks for the video! have you got a tipp for hair at the second or third day? I’m also not quite sure whether I should sleep with my hairs open or closed :)
Megan Michelle
Megan Michelle 19 kun oldin
My hair used to look exactly like yours is now🙁 I neeeed to start taking better care of it. You look beautiful!
Tanya K
Tanya K 20 kun oldin
Hey Susie, I really want to thank you as this video changed my life completely ,I have been straighting my hair from last 6 years but now I love my curls because now I know how to maintain them and control frizz. Love you ,keep posting videos as it helps tons of people like me.Thank you: )
Michelle Barr
Michelle Barr 21 kun oldin
Hey, wow you’re spot on! I am new to this transition and to your page. So happy I have found you ❤️❤️❤️🤩
Spread islam
Spread islam 23 kun oldin
I have a dry curly hair so that will help me thank you
Felicia 23 kun oldin
Just wanted to say thank you 😘 I finally decided to try this method today. I did not go out and buy any products just used what I have on hand. My conditioner and cantu curling creme instead of t-shirt I used a pillow case. My hair looks awesome and it's not fully dried yet.
Emily Neri
Emily Neri 23 kun oldin
What about tee tree shampoo?
Chandelle Ross
Chandelle Ross 24 kun oldin
Really beautiful and well spoken 😉😉
K S 25 kun oldin
I did the big chop. Best thing i ever did for my hair
Sierra Long
Sierra Long 25 kun oldin
My situation is that my hair is fairly healthy for the most part, and it will curl after a wash. However, the curls only last for that day, they get flattened out when I sleep, and even more so after I comb them out… any tips?
stephanie santos
stephanie santos 25 kun oldin
the only thing i'll say is that braids are actually really good for damaged hair. keeping your hair bundled (just not pulling on your scalp at all) keeps the individual hairs from being exposed to the elements. It's actually how i coped through my transitioning phase and it kept my damaged hair from getting worse haha i grew my hair past my collar bones when it had been stuck there forever
Yasmeen's Kitchen
Yasmeen's Kitchen 26 kun oldin
What do you mean stop brushing and combing @4:03 ?
n20kwill 27 kun oldin
Omg! Rachel Green!😍😍
Kat Hafiaz
Kat Hafiaz 27 kun oldin
I can't afford new shampoo AND conditioner. Is it okay if I only get a silicone free conditioner. (I don't shampoo often. About once a fortnite cuz I only use shampoo when I have buildup)
gardengirl 28 kun oldin
what do you do with your hair on windy,rainyor snow days?
TheWant2beperfect 28 kun oldin
Question my hair is damaged I have over processed my hair ..will this bring curls back ..i mean my hair is falling / shedding :(
Melissa Burke-Littles
Your hair has changed so much!! I am excited to start diving into this.
Alastríona Oy oldin
You actually have the most beautiful face it's so distracting
Simply said and easy to understand! I have a watched a few of your videos already about CGM, I really want to try it, but with all these specific products unavailable where I live, it's difficult to actually get going and trying it. I have never known what to do with my hair, over the past couple of years I've actually tried to take better care of it (as in not roughly drying it with my towel et etc) and I do have some curl in there - I used to straighten my hair once a week (as I only wash it once weekly anyway due to it being dry) I do have a question though - Does this mean I can never dye or straighten my hair ever again? Granted I used to straighten it to escape the frizz, but I would like straight hair now and then. Thank you!
Jada G
Jada G Oy oldin
Oh, your accent is really cool!
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 29 kun oldin
Thank you Jada! I’m from Nova Scotia in Canada :)
Thank you for this video. As a mom of a very curly haired little girl, I get overwhelmed by it all. (I have super straight hair) I need to educate myself to keep her hair healthy.
WEYffles 17 kun oldin
Bless you,my mom would just tie my hair in a ponytail before going to school.
Jada G
Jada G Oy oldin
Are you Irish?
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
Hey Jada! I’m not, I’m from Cape Breton Nova Scotia in Canada. We all talk like this :)
Sarah MacDuff
Sarah MacDuff Oy oldin
I’m at the first picture so far 😂 HELP, SEND THE POLIIIICEEEE
ladyminya Oy oldin
Thank you for breaking it down for those of us who are confused and overwhelmed by how much information is out there. The basic gist is that we avoid sulphates, silicones, alcohol, using heat, drying with a towel, and hairstyles that don't support our curls. I can get on board with this! :D I'm excited to try out the products I've purchased to see which ones work best with my hair, but this basic outline has been so helpful.
Do u have any tips for severe hairfall?
52hello25 Oy oldin
Thank you for making this video! I'm definitely one of those people who get overwhelmed by how much information is out there concerning the CGM. I did a big chop back in April and switched to sulfate & paraben free shampoo in July (and also got a microfiber towel, which eliminated so much frizz). My hair improved a lot, but it was still a bit dry and the curls fell apart within two days of washing. I kept wondering what I was doing wrong, and your video explained it! I had no idea that I had to avoid silicone as well! I just checked my products, and they all have dimethicone :( Looks like I need to go shopping! Also, I love your accent! Super cute!
Josi Orta
Josi Orta Oy oldin
Ooomg, I love hooooot water hahaha and winter is coming 😭😭
Einfach Corinna
My hair has always been straight, but once after my hair dryed it had actual curls. An now when it's damp I can see some waving. So I have stopped using shampoo, I use flour. Do you think that my hair is curly?
LadyTime11 Oy oldin
hey, what if I can'teliminate blow drying? It's kinda cold here in wintertime..even inside the house sooo.. :/
Danielle Frizzell
When this video started I thought “she sounds like a Cape Bretoner” and sure enough... lol :) hello from Halifax! ;)
Shelby Renée
Shelby Renée Oy oldin
Who loves her accent????❤️❤️❤️
Ute Beier
Ute Beier Oy oldin
I tried it and it works. It is amazing, thanks for your videos and your explanation 😀 much love from germany
Lyn Steriti
Lyn Steriti Oy oldin
Just found your video...thanks for encouraging me to keep doing what I am doing. Ok so I do most of what you say and I am in that transition process...but a problem that I have is when I get up in the morning....what do I do with that?
I switched out my shampoo and conditioner a couple months back, and I never used heat much to begin with, but I can't, CAN'T, stop brushing my hair. It's so tangly, and I have to look presentable at work! Any tips?
Caroline K
Caroline K Oy oldin
It’s very hard to shop non sulfate or non silicone shampoos in Norway and I’m not allowed to shop online, what am I going to do?
Dulce García
Dulce García Oy oldin
Thank you Susi!! It’s short an easy for a beginner like me.
Mel Lo
Mel Lo Oy oldin
Thank you for this! Just started transitioning a few weeks ago and this is very encouraging! 👍
Soumyashree Mohanty
Hi Susie, Since a month I am following cg method... I am getting back my natural curls but I am losing volume as I am facing a lot of hair fall... Can you please suggest what to do.....??
Kylee Miller
Kylee Miller Oy oldin
Susie, I've watched plenty of curly girl method videos but yours has so far been the best. I'm one week into the curly girl life, and this is the first time in YEARS that I've worn my hair down for several days in a row. I kid you not, I used to wear my hair in a ponytail every day cause I hated my hair. I'm talking at least 5 years. I actually love my hair since I started this method. You have changed my life, and I wanted to say thank you. 💕💕💕😭😭
Juanita Munevar
im going to try this. my hair was damaged from dyeing it. My hair was always pretty much straight but the front of my hair (my bangs) is becoming very wavy and the back of my hair around the nape of my neck curls into Literal ringlets its so weird. Everything else is straight. I recently cut it short so i could begin an experimental phase until i find out what works so i can grow it long again. Thanks for this video it was super easy to follow
Josefina Avila Martinez
I have super straight hair I come from a long line of super straight haired people. I have a 3 year old daughter who has curls. Her hair is damaged. I don’t know what to do with it. I feel bad that I didn’t look into how to maintain it before. It’s all overwhelming
Layal A. N.
Layal A. N. Oy oldin
“I’m only going to tell you what you need to know” *spends 2 minutes saying you’re only gonna tell us what we need to know”
Mrs Reghan
Mrs Reghan Oy oldin
Your accent ❤️❤️ Great video
Sheri Yonenaka
So no comb, hair pic or brushing!???
Joanna Ortega
Joanna Ortega Oy oldin
You should like my 6th grade ELA teacher.
Joan Anna
Joan Anna Oy oldin
I did the big chop!!
Great video. I am into simplifying my life, which is why I decided to embrace my curly hair. So anything complicated, I will not do. So, thank you for making it simple.
chiara d
chiara d Oy oldin
Hi Susie, (forgive me for my English...) first of all I'd like to thank you for your clear suggestions and tips. I'm Italian, and I didn't find anything so useful in Italian on Tube. I'm not curly, only wavy, and I need to wash very often my hair only because the sport I practice (running) 3 and 4 days a week. I already use a "bio" routine, since 6 years ago. But I haven't get a valid hair routine since I've found your videos. I only have a question (no: two...): 1) I dye my hair. I need to. Is it possible to use your routine aniway? and 2) How long does it takes to you to blow dry your hair with diffuser? I have to wash my hair early in the morning, (I usually train on 5 am...) and I always have so short time.... Thank you, Chiara
Rebecca Doyal-Meyer
Excellent points. Cutting out hot showers is going to be tough. I have long hair, so foregoing pony tails will be difficult too. I avoid heat styling. I have Hashimotos Disease, so I have had to go with an organic shampoo and conditioner; otherwise, my hair falls out. Thank you for the tips.
Lyzette Vega
Lyzette Vega Oy oldin
I'm in a transition, I don't know what to do with my hair, it's in a bun most of the time...your Tutorial was very helpful!
REB Oy oldin
what shampoo brand do you use
honz2themax Oy oldin
HEY CAPE BRETON! :D my fam is from sydney mines... I love hearing home in your voice :)
Adri Void
Adri Void Oy oldin
Im thankful for this simple video- my hair is naturally curly but for a while its been a struggle to get more then limp waves at the top and front (even though the underlayer of my hair curls fine!). Learning how damaging my current shampoo and conditioner is really is opening my eyes to how I can fix this.
My scalp gets greasy after one day .should I really go sulfate free? Worried it's going to get worse
Kelera Rokotavaga
love this vid so much 😙❤
Megan Gwaltney
I am so confused. I just started trying to go back to my natural hair. I’m Caucasian, and have fine hair, but a lot of hair. I keep reading/watching about CO washing. But I’ve heard that it’s not for everyone...i.e. people with hair like mine. I swim in the saltwater or chlorine everyday. My hair tangles so easily. I don’t want to lose hair from Co washing, as I’ve heard some people talk about. Help!! I’m so overwhelmed.
Nefoedd Oy oldin
Im in the uk and I cant find any shampoos that are sulfate free
rebecca williams
Omg i have just discovered this method just now on UZvid and I'm so excited. My only worry is I'm vegan and I'm from the UK and i have no idea what product to use. My hair was so curly as a young child and over the years of brushing nd shampoo it's rare I get curls. I get tight ones underneath and i have always dreamt of having it curly again. Will it be easy to chop your hair short to get started? Xx
Aurora Hynson
Aurora Hynson Oy oldin
Um, I thought you weren't supposed to use ANY shampoo??
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
Nope! You can still use shampoo... sulphate free shampoo, or low poo, or co-wash. Everyone is different.
Aubrey B
Aubrey B Oy oldin
The problem I’m having with my curls is very confusing to me. I didn’t know I had naturally curly hair because I never knew how to take care of it, so it didn’t curl. But for the last 3 years, I haven’t used any heat tools (maybe like once for a wedding). I chopped all my dead and dyed hair off, and now my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been. It’s is so soft and silky to the touch and has a lot of shine. Still... it won’t curl properly!! The hair around my face curls beautifully, no complaints there. But the underneath of my hair is pretty much pin straight and the majority of my hair has like 5 different curl patterns ranging from wavy to super curl. I already do the curly girl method, I’ve tried twisting, plopping, doing all my styling upside down including diffusing, a plethora of different products and nothing helps. I can’t even wear my hair down unless I’ve done a whole styling routine which is so time consuming, just because my natural hair at this point is so embarrassing.
Nameless Oy oldin
the canadian accent omg yesss
Katlaind Oy oldin
This was so helpful! The curly girl method is really overwhelming! I’ve been trying to figure it out and slowly transition for a couple months now! Keep making videos! I’d love to see your opinions on products and stuff like that! You’ve got a new sub ❤️
Carina Rr
Carina Rr Oy oldin
I've got dandruff and the only thing that helps is a special Shampoo that also contains sulfates. I dont want to change it, because every time I do, my scalp gets worse and itchy. Can I Do the curly girl method even with a sulfate containing Shampoo? I also try not to shampoo the ends of my hair....