Eating At The Worst Reviewed Indian Restaurant In My City (Los Angeles)

Brennen Taylor
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Y'all ever had 1 star INDIAN FOOD? well i have... and its not great... lol
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Brennen Taylor worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series



8-Yan, 2019



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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor 2 oy oldin
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dheeraj biradar
dheeraj biradar 11 kun oldin
One day few white pigs visited Pakistan Restaurant and made video on UZvid "worst reviewed Indian restaurant" Slow claps for white pigs🤣🤣(pause at 8: 50)
Laura Te Aho-White
Laura Te Aho-White 14 kun oldin
You went to the worst Pakistani restaurant... there is a difference.
Loading Name
Loading Name Oy oldin
Dude it's not indian restaurant...Don't fucking put wrong tittle for review
Shizo newsome
Shizo newsome 5 daqiqa oldin
Just gonna say this... love your hoodie Brennen, Tim Burton it my favorite and I always wear my nightmare before christmas hoodie.
paper Johnson
paper Johnson 18 soat oldin
"let me bite this meat down here, awww that's his paw" maaaaaaan I was rolling
Notis Garcia
Notis Garcia Kun oldin
Gage Mossett
Gage Mossett 2 kun oldin
Im Indian
Mr A
Mr A 3 kun oldin
Dude it's a Pakistani restaurant watch at 8.50
Kiarah Uduman
Kiarah Uduman 3 kun oldin
love how they said soup instead of curry 😂
Qual Yadayam
Qual Yadayam 4 kun oldin
more worst reviews, please
Markus Ikast
Markus Ikast 4 kun oldin
Why do All mexicans look asian, the same as Lil xan????
Krishna Panchal
Krishna Panchal 4 kun oldin
Hey man it's pakistani food look by the door its written there 9:00
Kelly Lee
Kelly Lee 4 kun oldin
i love the way brennen eats rice🤣
Gamini S
Gamini S 4 kun oldin
PLEASE READ EVERY THING I WROTE!!! you guys should really stop doing this , it could really spoil your stomach if your eating at an Indian restaurant then please only eat at a good restaurant and for matter of fact however good Indian food is it can be harmful if not eaten correctly and also pls dont get me wrong , i am just trying to help , also i am an Indian and i know its a little late but , ihope u guys are fine and also can i get a shoutout if u see this, my name is GAMINI . S , i also don't know if u guys will be able to pronounce my name and i am 14 years old and your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Panda
Mike Panda 4 kun oldin
Bruh you eating goat ass
Jeff Thatcher
Jeff Thatcher 4 kun oldin
Jeff Thatcher
Jeff Thatcher 4 kun oldin
rcjshogan ._.
rcjshogan ._. 4 kun oldin
When that guy threw up I felt my throat burning
I See You
I See You 5 kun oldin
such fucking pussies.... thought they were asian....guess not..
Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher 5 kun oldin
Literally melted when he paid for the lady 😭
Nakul Patel
Nakul Patel 5 kun oldin
If I am not wrong, restaurant name is Asian Spot
Sanpreet Kaur
Sanpreet Kaur 6 kun oldin
I'm Indian and I was so jealous watching this 😢 I wanted to try some 😂😂
Irin Tinne
Irin Tinne 7 kun oldin
The flatbread is called naan and you are supposed to dip it in the haleem
Irin Tinne
Irin Tinne 7 kun oldin
I like Haleem it is very good he says it is stringy lol
Buck Simmons
Buck Simmons 7 kun oldin
Damnit I was trying to eat some cinnamon toast crunch. Lost my appetite smh
Nochu Park
Nochu Park 7 kun oldin
Indian restaurant?.... Pakistanis have left the chat
Hanson Family
Hanson Family 8 kun oldin
Maheen Shaikh
Maheen Shaikh 8 kun oldin
I’m surprised that there wasn’t a lota in the bathroom😂😂
ExoticGamer 9 kun oldin
Kebabs? Lol kebabs are Turkish and Arab.
unknown man
unknown man 9 kun oldin
I watched a few of these and I’m wondering is he a expert at every food?
unknown man
unknown man Kun oldin
Sark Aztik ehh you do need knowledge unless you don’t know wtf you’re talking about
Sark Aztik
Sark Aztik 7 kun oldin
He's an expert on zero food. He's a food reviewer, not a food critic. You don't need any knowledge on food to be a food reviewer, although it helps.
Ilove Fishes
Ilove Fishes 10 kun oldin
@8:04 the string is slow cooked meat shredded and mixed with lentils and cooked slowly it’s haleem
Ilove Fishes
Ilove Fishes 10 kun oldin
U guys don’t even know the Pakistani food and just judging it and it’s the first time you guys are eating it so it’s not fair
SickFlank 11 kun oldin
The meat you were eating is Call Cow heal it's very good When Pressure Cook
SickFlank 11 kun oldin
You supposed to dip the Sada in the Goat Gravy dam bruh white people mane
Aww Brennen buying that for the lady’s so sweet 🖤
vmiiax 11 kun oldin
Your fucking videos suck ass now I used to like you but not anymore. One you’re disrespectful as hell . Why ruin hard working peoples life for views. What does it matter if the food sucks? At least you’re eating food there’s people who can’t eat food right now. Get your head out of your ass. There’s much more shit to worry about then a 1 star reviewed restaurant what an ass.
dheeraj biradar
dheeraj biradar 11 kun oldin
One day few white pigs visited Pakistan Restaurant and made video on UZvid "worst reviewed Indian restaurant" Slow claps for white pigs🤣🤣(pause at 8: 50)
anabolic123 11 kun oldin
The Paw!!! I lost it! LMAO 😂🤣
Allen Amores
Allen Amores 11 kun oldin
Are you guys brothers or in a relationship with the guy with black cap?
Allen Amores
Allen Amores 11 kun oldin
I mean brennan and the guy with black cap.
Abdul Hadi Qureshi
Abdul Hadi Qureshi 12 kun oldin
Man u eat bread diping in the haleem When u ate the paw ur not sapposed to eat that u drink the soup Pakistani and indian food are really spicy Im from pak
Vicky Donor
Vicky Donor 7 kun oldin
Abdul Hadi Qureshi Paki restaurants always claim to be “Indian restaurant” stop giving India and Indians a bad name
Salaam 2leikum
Salaam 2leikum 12 kun oldin
Well, they probably serve halal meats, so unless jims fallbrook market has halal meat, there may be no other option..😕
Alexis Mcnamara
Alexis Mcnamara 12 kun oldin
Jake is my favorite in all these videos. 😂
Vanessa Perez
Vanessa Perez 12 kun oldin
I am India is it that bad ?????????
Farzana Sima
Farzana Sima 13 kun oldin
You bastard you don't know how to eat that nalli Bihari foul people cannot eat chiillie
Joanna Jimenez
Joanna Jimenez 13 kun oldin
Lmfaooo “oh that’s his paw” 😂😂😂
ArcRiseGen 13 kun oldin
Yeah Haleem is supposed to be more watery and is basically a spicy stew made with beef/goat with lentils and sometimes barley/wheat/oats for the thickness
Eshwari Phad
Eshwari Phad 13 kun oldin
Selena 13 kun oldin
As soon as they showed what food was being served, I was thinking these are WAY TOO PLAIN to be Indian food! A total rip off! Edit: At the end, holy sh*t! I hope the guy is okay.
Chelsea Fredell
Chelsea Fredell 13 kun oldin
Brennon Taylor is soooooo cute. 🤤🤤🤤, just me?
_Reverse card _
_Reverse card _ 13 kun oldin
They just said the quality was bad then they said the chicken is fatty and good quality
ZANAIB BHUTTA 13 kun oldin
Go to the best reviewed Pakistani restaurant
Naufal Habibi
Naufal Habibi 13 kun oldin
WTH! Indian food restaurant but the entrance had arabian language writing
Juan Montoya
Juan Montoya 14 kun oldin
6:15 that's what I imagine id be like in this show
Online Fitness
Online Fitness 14 kun oldin
hey if u like spices thn u shuld vist indian restro...
Geeky Carlys
Geeky Carlys 14 kun oldin
Judge me all you want comment section but I feel like he only payed for her meal for the camera ... to look good. I actually hope I’m wrong because it was nice of him. Don’t come at me but this is what a lot of these youtubers do now. Anything to look good on camera and for the views.
Laura Te Aho-White
Laura Te Aho-White 14 kun oldin
Saying a Parkistani restaurant is Indian is the same as saying that a Canadian restaurant is American.
Michael Stolk
Michael Stolk 15 kun oldin
U see the guy in pink is a bad actor over exaturating. the big guy in the end with the cap is honest and just tells the truth. pinky is just anoying
Neha Kushwaha
Neha Kushwaha 16 kun oldin
Heyyy ,, shut up your mouth guys 🤐🤐,, This is not Indian food, understood ,
Ankit Majumdar
Ankit Majumdar 16 kun oldin
Reddylion 17 kun oldin
Muslim shit food not Indian.
AttackThisTitan 17 kun oldin
I can see friends in the back on the TV I love friends[;
Abhishek alagundagi
Abhishek alagundagi 18 kun oldin
LoL You are not a food enthusiast and you are reviewing food and you have millions of views. LMAO Schmucks.
Ordinary Genius
Ordinary Genius 14 kun oldin
+Abhishek alagundagi Your mediocre grammar does seem to fit you, because it's 'poor', just like your country, 'India.' Cows are holy in your country. I'm glad you Indians don't eat cows, because they're more intelligent than the people there. Most Indians are worldwide known as 'perverts.' Then I guess I can shush you down by mentioning 'Chris Hansen'? Forget about beating your 'meat', because 'cows' are still holy in your country, remember? I'm afraid that this is not some random melodramatic Bollywood movie, so the Indian doesn't 'win' in the end in this situation. Don't be delusional, but sane and rational. Sorry, but I just proved that 'schmucks' are inferior to trolls, like me. *Actual* pro tip: now that I've destroyed your 'internet schmuck-personality', you can from now on prove your point by being realistic and pragmatic, just like a realist. Take care, Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas, or whatever your name is.
Ordinary Genius
Ordinary Genius 16 kun oldin
+Abhishek alagundagi I'm just an ordinary genius who is trolling a butthurted Indian. You can only prove a point by misleading others by letting them think you're a certain ethnicity. It may be 'witty', but not intellectual. You can also prove a point by being realistic and pragmatic, instead of lying and manipulating others. Your 'grammar tip' is useless, because it's 'low IQ', not 'less IQ.' Sound it out yourself. It doesn't seem right at all. Perhaps a dyslexia screening test will boost your career.
Abhishek alagundagi
Abhishek alagundagi 16 kun oldin
+Ordinary Genius LoL Judging people by IQ, that is the lowest quality a human can ever have. You defined yourself. Ah! anyway, I have wasted enough time with you. Pro tip: Never argue with a schmuck, they will drag you to their level and beat you with experience. In this matter I lost. Yeah I'm a "low IQ". Grammar tip: It is not "Low", It is "less".
Ordinary Genius
Ordinary Genius 16 kun oldin
+Abhishek alagundagi You're 'potent' in misleading others regarding ethnicity. Heck, I bet even the city you live in is ethniCITY. Not to mention, I'm not an American. I live in The Netherlands. The only thing you triggered is your own (undiagnosed) autism. Yeah, I'm an 'ordinary genius' according to the view of society, but compared to you (low IQ, limited intellect), I'm a SUPER genius.
Abhishek alagundagi
Abhishek alagundagi 16 kun oldin
+Ordinary Genius LoL you are really an ordinary genius! I am actually an Indian and I tried to prove my point by misleading you of my origin. Now I hope you understand how one can leisurely manipulate anyone with or without their conscience. And I also deliberately mentioned "LoL Americans" to trigger your arrogance. You threw cockroaches at me. LoL
CBRO boy23
CBRO boy23 18 kun oldin
T series made it
gnr 18 kun oldin
That is not Indian food lmao. Come to the UK the curry is the national dish there's a bunch of great spots. Try the fish & chips, and English breakfast
MrTzekov 18 kun oldin
Goat meat becomes like strings when cooked, certain pieces
Olivia Wallen
Olivia Wallen 18 kun oldin
brennen:oh thats its pawl lmao
Shakeel Rylands
Shakeel Rylands 19 kun oldin
You have no respect. Your mother probably can't make food
Shakeel Rylands
Shakeel Rylands 19 kun oldin
Fuck you naai
FrosterBlaze 19 kun oldin
Aye that's a Pakistani restraunt look at 8:50
くじらくじら 19 kun oldin
Billieeilishbois Man
Yes, yes I do
Radhika Vasudevan
Radhika Vasudevan 19 kun oldin
Oh my God! You guys are so freaking ignorant it makes me cringe! Maybe that restuarant is bad but the least you can do is Google what u order and know what to expect ! Idiots!
Lilly Bliven
Lilly Bliven 19 kun oldin
They are literally playing Friends in the back round lol
Mya Harrington
Mya Harrington 19 kun oldin
Jessamine Olson
Jessamine Olson 20 kun oldin
6:34 loom at the tv
hollow tavo
hollow tavo 20 kun oldin
No offense but indian food in general looks kinda gross
Mix Breed Kayla
Mix Breed Kayla 20 kun oldin
Poor goat :'(
MOHD 21 kun oldin
The goat haleem is supposed to have proper pieces of meat and not be stringey but some places they make it stringey.
VSzC GAMING 21 kun oldin
Try best India food
Supreme Hello
Supreme Hello 21 kun oldin
Raw thAt chicken looks like my cusions skin Jeez
Priscilla Garcia
Priscilla Garcia 22 kun oldin
Like your corps bride sweatshirt
Cobalt Bleu
Cobalt Bleu 22 kun oldin
I hope he feels better.
syd syd
syd syd 22 kun oldin
Random Everything
Random Everything 22 kun oldin
Holy Crap He Threw Up
mlg galaxy wolf
mlg galaxy wolf 22 kun oldin
8:12 Kid: HEY, IT'S BRENNAN TAYLOR! Mom: Honey, no it's not
Salva Maqhfirah
Salva Maqhfirah 13 kun oldin
mlg galaxy wolf
mlg galaxy wolf 22 kun oldin
NitroWarrior 23 kun oldin
It’s actually Pakistan food 2:59
WhoKnowsIT 23 kun oldin
When does he get the raspberry for worst actor?
Frog Chronicles
Frog Chronicles 23 kun oldin
Yo this dude is a brat 😂😂
Ozair Khan
Ozair Khan 23 kun oldin
It is said that the "string curry", which is called haleem, sometimes contains actual fucking cotton. No joke, look it up. The more you know lmao
Zallycatz Bengals
Zallycatz Bengals 23 kun oldin
I would also be very curious on what you consider Five star! Do you have some recommendations that i have yet to see? I don't think i have seen you rate anything above 3.5 on a good day unless i am missing something :)
Zallycatz Bengals
Zallycatz Bengals 23 kun oldin
Do a colab or review with some people that know Indian food or at least have a clue about spice verse "HOT" and all that. I love the vids with you guys doing this and taking one for the team with the crazy rating stuff but if you don't have a clue on the food in a culture and haven't really tried it, at least take someone along with you that does know what to be expected. Just saying guys..
Jordyn Dyer
Jordyn Dyer 24 kun oldin
I’m not even eating this stuff and I’m throwing up😂
Lol Loly popy
Lol Loly popy 24 kun oldin
I heard my fortunate life choices
Newar Chillabog
Newar Chillabog 24 kun oldin
You are so fancy BRO, people are starving and in poverty and you are being a spoiled brat. Peace and blessings.
Serenity Ramsey
Serenity Ramsey 24 kun oldin
@ 4:38 you can see “Friends” playing in the background on the tv, lol 😂😂😂
Eligha Bacchus
Eligha Bacchus 24 kun oldin
I am indian and Jamaican
Faithmon David
Faithmon David 25 kun oldin
Bob Singh
Bob Singh 25 kun oldin
Stay safe with the Saag Paneer or Dal Makhani 😂
lobiapolo2012 25 kun oldin
Hahaha the front door says Pakistani food, the title says Indian food
Glambyandres 25 kun oldin
LMFAO the tables and chairs at that restaurant are from Subway 😂😂😂 lol I used to work at Subway I recognized them 😭😭
I am a potato
I am a potato 25 kun oldin
And this is why I go to brand food restaurants...
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