Eating At The Worst Reviewed Indian Restaurant In My City (Los Angeles)

Brennen Taylor
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Y'all ever had 1 star INDIAN FOOD? well i have... and its not great... lol
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Brennen Taylor worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series



8-Yan, 2019

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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor 12 kun oldin
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Kerri Skuce
Kerri Skuce 3 kun oldin
Boi, 666 likes.
Creative Lifestyle
Creative Lifestyle 5 kun oldin
That's Pakistani restaurant
Riasad Sadi
Riasad Sadi 6 kun oldin
If you want to be good foodie, then please try to know how to eat and what to eat. Indian foods are always spicy. It is obvious.
Sugar Marie
Sugar Marie 7 kun oldin
Brennen Taylor doesn’t make any sense if you don’t say the name of the restaurant
Sohaib Khan
Sohaib Khan 8 kun oldin
The food looked nasty, but, I feel like for an Indian Restaurant you should bring an Indian dude, for a Mexican Restaurant bring a Mexican dude, etc.. It will be more detailed cause they will know what the type of food is there and how it should actually taste, makes the reviews better.
Blyatiful Narkotik
Blyatiful Narkotik 30 daqiqa oldin
LoveForCharity Soat oldin
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Yo haleem is soooo good that place probably made it bad
Beardie McBeardface
British Indian food is incredibly good, trying to get more authentic dishes instead of Chicken Tikka Masala is helpful
Sahil Siddiqui
Sahil Siddiqui 3 soat oldin
Haleem is exactly the way they served all over the world. You are just not well acquainted with the dish. Sorry. Bad video.
Natalie Woodman
Natalie Woodman 3 soat oldin
13:27 u start flipping people off💗😂
Sadiqha Razaei
Sadiqha Razaei 4 soat oldin
The Haleem is meant to look like that . The way it’s mades that’ they seperate the meat which is why it looks stringy coz it meat . But it’s meant to taste good , if it’s made properly
Shahid Chaudhery
Shahid Chaudhery 7 soat oldin
You have no fucking idea what you’re eating dude, next time take a Pak/Indian guy with you who will really tell you how’s all that.
Stina Sampson
Stina Sampson 7 soat oldin
Its supposed to be spicy
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 10 soat oldin
The one guy threw up but not the rest?
Shyanne Summer
Shyanne Summer 11 soat oldin
You are one risky son of a b***
Nesam Paniyur
Nesam Paniyur 11 soat oldin
bro you have to come to I India and I will show you the real deal
Elijah Price
Elijah Price 11 soat oldin
😷 already getting queasy
SonicPlayzzz 12 soat oldin
Idk y but the way the eat it is triggering cause im always eating it 🤣
its elite 02
its elite 02 12 soat oldin
trying to end the video and plug as fast as he can while his friend is dying in the back
Brandon Holloman
Brandon Holloman 13 soat oldin
Who else went back to watch him getting ready to throw up lol
Om Gorakhia
Om Gorakhia 13 soat oldin
I dont trust this channel...they can go to any limits to get views...they clearly saw its a pakistani restaurant still tagged indian to get more views...8:51 i am talking abt
Skyla Pickens
Skyla Pickens 15 soat oldin
everyone hating on him for saying it’s spicy, he just said it’s spicy he didn’t say omg it’s spicy i can’t eat it. y’all are haters
Tyson Corcoran
Tyson Corcoran 16 soat oldin
Damn Brennen your outro was like Daneyres's intro lol the queen of dragons, the breaker of chains, the slave owner killer, the blonde queen, the one who frees slaves, the queen from another world, the majestic, the free-er of tongues(which means the right to speak), queen of womens' rights, the rightful heir to the northern sword throne, barrel rider... Oops wrong movie, and the one who fell in love multiple times. That's about the right amount of time your outro was lol
Cynthia Fuentes
Cynthia Fuentes 16 soat oldin
when you added the fart noises I couldn't stop laughing and kept playing it over and over
Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez 17 soat oldin
I love his hoodie Victor and Emily from the Corpse Bride
Depression hour
Depression hour 17 soat oldin
Did you hold up your shit for the thumbnail?😂😂
Natalia Quintana Leal
Natalia Quintana Leal 17 soat oldin
I hate this type of video and Bren it's really annoying, but for some reason I can not stop watching
Shane Quadras
Shane Quadras 17 soat oldin
The food is not real Indian food
Jessica Fuentes
Jessica Fuentes 17 soat oldin
I just wanna know where you got that sweater
Shane Quadras
Shane Quadras 18 soat oldin
Noor Wafai
Noor Wafai 18 soat oldin
Okay, but, your brother's simple plan shirt..... I'm obsessed
Aero Hawk
Aero Hawk 19 soat oldin
Literally tables they stole from Subway
Katia Astorga
Katia Astorga 19 soat oldin
Way to give us a warning on that last part by sister just threw up watching him throw up 🤣🤣
Sayan Dutta
Sayan Dutta 23 soat oldin
Fucking clueless white mofos!
Pandu Stu
Pandu Stu Kun oldin
I almost vomited looking at the food
Jessica Bekou
Jessica Bekou Kun oldin
do Arabic food next ! edit: or Chaldean,Lebanese
Weather Girl
Weather Girl Kun oldin
*the Gordon Ramsey of reviews*
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Kun oldin
and here i am, in India, still haven't tried any Indian foods but really its becaus i never thought of giving it a try (but thts Pakistani food restaurant tho)
Alonso Gomez
Alonso Gomez Kun oldin
This review is not fair because they haven't tried eating Indian food before! I'm Mexican and I have ate at so many Taco Restauarants that I can tell what a bad Taco tastes like these guys can't differentiate because this is their second time eating Indian food so therefore they can't have a fair review
I sTaN nAmJoOnS fLaT aSs
*The sink wasn’t even connected to the wall.*
No Name90
No Name90 Kun oldin
Ur going to kill this little trend
Cameron Zep
Cameron Zep Kun oldin
Oh man! That first bite though!!
Destroyer 100o2
Destroyer 100o2 Kun oldin
Hey you idiot the reviews are like that bcoz you damn western people don't know Indian food and all you want is a damn dish containing raw broccoli with maoneese
miss capulet
miss capulet Kun oldin
i love this man.
Gigi Cole
Gigi Cole Kun oldin
Brennen is the nicest person
Tiffany Daryal
Tiffany Daryal Kun oldin
It's not Indian restaurant .its Muslim Pakistani restaurant
Umair Yasir
Umair Yasir Kun oldin
you are eating the food all wrong. haleem looks like that and is eaten with naan or roti. u ppl r really ignorant here,
Superpainter 92
Superpainter 92 Kun oldin
at the end when he threw up is all the review i needed to see XD
Emily malbeuf
Emily malbeuf Kun oldin
i work at an indian restaurant im here for thiss
NoSleepRacing Kun oldin
This is dumb
Bidhya Dhungel
Bidhya Dhungel Kun oldin
wtf. I'm really disappointed because you are literally insulting
Bidhya Dhungel
Bidhya Dhungel 18 soat oldin
+thatonecatlady yes you are absolutely true because even it has no taste according to them; indian food are something which you know with its spices nd flavours it is going to taste fine not that worst . they really insulting the flavours of one country
thatonecatlady 22 soat oldin
I think they're all just ignorant of how Indian food tastes and they're influenced by the negative reviews so they're just nitpicking at something they aren't used to :/
lechar roper 023
I saw nothing wrong with the bathroom better that ur typical mc donald
Leonard Carr
Leonard Carr Kun oldin
The most offensive people on Utube,douches too.