Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN

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On my way to the Philipines so decided to make a stop at 7-Eleven in Taiwan for some brunch.
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18-Fev, 2018

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Johnathan Nguyen
Johnathan Nguyen 2 soat oldin
My mouth is watering like a baboons a**. I want food!
Mason 2 soat oldin
how did this guy eat all of this
Thatidiotwithabox 2 soat oldin
I one time got a really good lunch at 7-11 there for about 3 usd
Jason 3 soat oldin
How this guy eat so much?
Fluffer Nutters
Fluffer Nutters 7 soat oldin
Wait I just thought of something, if two vegetarians get into a fight, is it still called beef
ashanti891 8 soat oldin
So what is Hello Kitty if it is not a cat?
Milwaukee Phil
Milwaukee Phil 8 soat oldin
I wish i had a 711 right infront of my house😭
Angela Jiang
Angela Jiang 8 soat oldin
Im looking at the prices in USD and its so cheap
Shannon Wood
Shannon Wood 9 soat oldin
I am so jelly over a 7-11 what’s wrong with me? 😂
April Lee
April Lee 11 soat oldin
That food looks gd asf
Zain Mansour
Zain Mansour 12 soat oldin
He is living the life
Zain Mansour
Zain Mansour 12 soat oldin
I don't talk about my food, I just eat it🍲🍕🍖🍥🍘🍘🍱🍌🍞🍞🍠🍠🍤🍡🍤🍗🍗🍢🍗🍡🍖🍕🍕🍲
Yossi Awaka
Yossi Awaka 13 soat oldin
Asian countries are the best hope i move out to one in the future
fred 14 soat oldin
i hate that this convenience food shits all over the catering i get at work. god damnit.
Lil Insanityx
Lil Insanityx 15 soat oldin
I love watching your videos so I can drool over all the food I can’t have 🤣
SzKinga 20 soat oldin
if i would have these kinds of stores around it would really help my college dorm life 😅
Noemi Samson
Noemi Samson 22 soat oldin
omg that is exactly what i did. noodles topped with fishcakes and egg
Clayton Wilmes
Clayton Wilmes 23 soat oldin
What’s the name of the noodles you picked out
Reginald Doze
Reginald Doze Kun oldin
You have to do another one these videos are great...
Khaw ai lin
Khaw ai lin Kun oldin
the thailand 7-11 is amazing too, almost every 10 mins you will see one pop up lol, and their biggest 7-11 is 3 floors! with so many things, it's practically a mini mall XD
melvin ison
melvin ison Kun oldin
You should try the apple milk, apple flavored milk. its really good
Ike Art
Ike Art Kun oldin
Shelbi Devine
Shelbi Devine Kun oldin
I saw starbucks omg
xd Jamoa
xd Jamoa Kun oldin
Food: *exists* Strictly dumpling: LETS JUST DIP IT IN SOME BROTH
Sunny Nova
Sunny Nova Kun oldin
Now I want noodles
During the apocalypse, I’m living in that 7-11
Axl_jay 98
Axl_jay 98 Kun oldin
Who else repeatedly watched the vid
PUBG Nation
PUBG Nation 12 soat oldin
Just you
monserrat angel
monserrat angel Kun oldin
"Dr. Pepper asian cousin" 😂😂 that made me laugh 😂
FaerieDust Kun oldin
Man, I wish we had something similar in Sweden. Obviously the price would be a good 10× higher, but I honestly wouldn't mind.
RJPUBG Mobile Kun oldin
Why does he add penetrating in everything
Urooj Zara
Urooj Zara Kun oldin
How the hell did this man eat so much😂
protizemo s
protizemo s Kun oldin
Every time I watch you eat noodles I go and try to make some, fail, then eat it anyway
protizemo s
protizemo s Kun oldin
All of this is equal to two tiny flat Burgess in mxdawnalds
Kyla Deguzman
Kyla Deguzman Kun oldin
He's breakfast is like my food for two days. 😱😱😱
anzenchitai Kun oldin
I can't believe you could stuff yourself with all these 7-11 food but failed the giant dumpling challenge in Japan.
Sabbatical Holiday
The video is awesome and it feels great when someone gets to eat such great food and so much food in a budget. But I have to say his stomach is like a black hole, everything disappears inside it, otherwise how can one justify him eating so food at one go. 😂😋😎😊
Airgames Kun oldin
Y do i watch eating videos wen im hungry😌😌😌🙇🙇🙇
potatochips Kun oldin
WAIT WAIT WAIT ... Hello Kitty is not a cat?
Zokim Lianzaw
Zokim Lianzaw Kun oldin
Did he just say Hello Kitty isn’t a cat?! I’ve been lied to my whole lifeeeee! (Btw love your videos.)
CreatorNite 2 kun oldin
Man....this makes me miss Japan.....they have fullcourse meals in their 7-11 too....*sighs*
ThiccDad 420
ThiccDad 420 2 kun oldin
Hanna Indriastuti
Hanna Indriastuti 2 kun oldin
After living in Taipei for 1,5 year and now I have to back to my country.... 😭😭 Taiwan’s 7-11 will definitely what I miss the most.
Robert H Osimo
Robert H Osimo 2 kun oldin
The fact that he ate a chicken leg with chopsticks bothers me
Panada Bear
Panada Bear 2 kun oldin
This guy has definitely never smoked a joint or done mushrooms in his entire life.
VianneyCreates 2 kun oldin
How do you fit all that in? Please tell me it took all 10 hours of your layover?! LOL!
disneyeatskids 2 kun oldin
Any 7/11 I’ve been to into the U.S. could fit into this 7/11. Better be ready to get the runs if you eat food at 7/11 here.
Codyjb818 2 kun oldin
Omg this looks sooo good I need some ramen like right now
Zacharyyy 2 kun oldin
Julissa N.
Julissa N. 2 kun oldin
CHRIS090509 Production Ltd.
I'm so hungry.
jesus arrieta
jesus arrieta 2 kun oldin
Camera girl is cute asf
바나 2 kun oldin
he literally said: you guys should come here and try this, as if it’s in the neighbourhood 😭
Clash Cuber
Clash Cuber 2 kun oldin
tija1012 2 kun oldin
Lol who is holding the camera? Bruh I need this food 😢
AKATEENAGER 2 kun oldin
Dude wtf they have MUJI in there? Ahh 😬 my 2 biggest weaknesses are food and stationery 😓
Whoosy GamingXD
Whoosy GamingXD 2 kun oldin
Why are you looks like Jackie Chan
Rei 27
Rei 27 2 kun oldin
i miss Taiwan so much 😢
the blue Wolf and the purple Wolf
Tyler Ngo
Tyler Ngo 3 kun oldin
I gotta go there Mainly for the prices
wolf plays
wolf plays 3 kun oldin
The best thing at my local 7 eleven is a hard donut
Harry Saging
Harry Saging 3 kun oldin
"Did you know she's not a cat" EXCUSE ME, WHAT THE FRICK
Jupiter Star
Jupiter Star 3 kun oldin
Shnacks lmao
FizzyLemon 3 kun oldin
Moderatly T H I C C
Alia Singh
Alia Singh 3 kun oldin
How- how does he not gain weight?
Lennardo Da Vinci
Lennardo Da Vinci 3 kun oldin
why am i crying this is too good i NEED this
Dcwood1979 3 kun oldin
I still don’t know how you can eat that much. Although. If I could. I would as well
Xyro MastR シ
Xyro MastR シ 3 kun oldin
We need a black version of this guy, like African or something....
Mario Craft
Mario Craft 3 kun oldin
I just watched a dude eat food from 7-11 for whole 16minutes
baskoro tejo
baskoro tejo 3 kun oldin
mikey is consuming a lot of steroids lately .....
Viviana Kelly
Viviana Kelly 3 kun oldin
*it is currently 3:33am.....WhY aM i WaTcHiNg ThIs?¿*
Kaden Milloway
Kaden Milloway 4 kun oldin
shnacks........................................ok then
supergirl fries
supergirl fries 4 kun oldin
Im weird to think 12:03 that sound was satisfying
Emmanuel Tiburcio
Emmanuel Tiburcio 4 kun oldin
In america we have frozen pizzas and frozen cuban sandwich mean while in there its like a walmart
DIO 4 kun oldin
*B R O T H* *X1000000*
Mekayla Liistro
Mekayla Liistro 4 kun oldin
How do you eat that much oml
Candice B
Candice B 4 kun oldin
USA food standards are low ... GMO & Processed food & junk for us
IRON5 4 kun oldin
He gonna have the shits to the tenth power!
Brittany Santiagos
Brittany Santiagos 4 kun oldin
How does he not get full after everything he ate btw all of that food looks good especially the pork bunns
David 4 kun oldin
There youtube... I watched it...
Derek B.
Derek B. 4 kun oldin
I'm done with the US 🤣
Bulldog Bank.
Bulldog Bank. 4 kun oldin
Only if this happens in the US.... wtf cant us ppl cook proper food huh!?
Jeff Carmicheal
Jeff Carmicheal 4 kun oldin
Oh, my goodness! Loving this! I would absolutely love traveling with you and getting to experience all the aromas and flavors over there... Keep making awesome vids! ;)
vale o
vale o 4 kun oldin
*Dip it in some broth*
Connor Neal
Connor Neal 4 kun oldin
Who else went to there kitchen and made some ramen noodles....
like JC he does his own stunts or maybe he's just too much America The taxi driver dropped him off at this crosswalk or huge scramble but no walk five 6ft passed crosswalk and then try to cross the street
Sunny Island
Sunny Island 4 kun oldin
What is the address location of this Taiwan 7 Eleven store? I'm goin there!
Kaylee t1316
Kaylee t1316 4 kun oldin
At 3:13 so funny
LALA BRRR 4 kun oldin
This made me hate my own country
Castleblade 4 kun oldin
i get a jackie chan vibe from this guy
vkook my biases
vkook my biases 4 kun oldin
Dr dilkton whos that Dr peppers asian cousin😂😂😂😂
Meru 11
Meru 11 4 kun oldin
Im kind of glad though that my country doesnt have these supermarkets otherwise my binge eating would be extreme. Even though i am a bit jealous of all these foods.
iimoq jexmo
iimoq jexmo 4 kun oldin
This guy has a big stomach..
Savage gamer 21
Savage gamer 21 4 kun oldin
That ain't seven eleven that's heaven
chong德樑 4 kun oldin
Jeremiah Reyes
Jeremiah Reyes 5 kun oldin
Your girl looks like Anne Hathaway, She's pretty.
Lydia White
Lydia White 5 kun oldin
I am the Ryuuler
I am the Ryuuler 5 kun oldin
*dR pEpPeR’s AsIaN cOuSiN*
Bloxman 6636
Bloxman 6636 5 kun oldin
*B R O T H*
HQhunter 5 kun oldin
Why are 7-11 in japan has like the best meals but the ones in australia is literally just coffee and donut
Sao-Khue Nguyen
Sao-Khue Nguyen 5 kun oldin
damn he got tiddies