Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN

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On my way to the Philipines so decided to make a stop at 7-Eleven in Taiwan for some brunch.
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18-Fev, 2018



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Mil Flowers
Mil Flowers 2 soat oldin
So fun!😂
The YETI BEAST 4 soat oldin
*deep inhale*MAMA I want ramen noobles and I did wrote noodles with a b to make it sound goffy
Sham Niedlich
Sham Niedlich 5 soat oldin
She looks like Anne Hathaway😍
DTEE PRO SOCCER 10 soat oldin
He also probably ate the entire 10 hours he that he was there
DTEE PRO SOCCER 10 soat oldin
I’m not trying to be rude but how much can he eat😂
Me3 Graal
Me3 Graal 14 soat oldin
I wanna fly to Japan and eat a cup of noodles
Ecneralc Kram Castillo
I have no life I'm watching a guy eating a breakfast
Rosemarie Bilski
Rosemarie Bilski 20 soat oldin
How can he eat so much at one time??? Also, how does he stay so fit with all that food? If I ate like that I'd weigh 400 lbs :)
Ivan Lind
Ivan Lind 22 soat oldin
He acts like a microwave in 7 eleven in nuthin
Sike Sike
Sike Sike 9 soat oldin
It really is nothing in TW
Dusk Fiery
Dusk Fiery 22 soat oldin
16:10 you fucked up your editing lmao
Rogue Nation
Rogue Nation Kun oldin
Christina Jacob
Christina Jacob Kun oldin
I would just go here instead of going to a fancy restaurant!
Kpop Tae
Kpop Tae Kun oldin
That's it I'm moving to Taiwan
Dy UnJust
Dy UnJust Kun oldin
Watching this video, I think he stayed there till dinner. 🤣
Scout Relic
Scout Relic Kun oldin
Kinda surprised he didn't dip the ice cream to the broth before eating it
Anushka Tasnim
Anushka Tasnim Kun oldin
Lol Dr Pepper Asian cousin 😂 😂😂
King Poopacabra
King Poopacabra Kun oldin
Dr milker it's like dr peppers Asian cousin LOL I died 😂😂😂
chiselite Kun oldin
Are all 7-ELEVENs in Taiwan like this?
Sike Sike
Sike Sike 9 soat oldin
This one is a little bigger, cuz it's near the airport
Ayala Kun oldin
Mr.Waffle Pancake
When you said *soggy* to me it sounded like *sawggy*
qasim qadir
qasim qadir 2 kun oldin
Did this dude leave any food for his wife or what
Peaches 2 kun oldin
We don't even have 7-11s in Brunei T___T
andrewthoj 2 kun oldin
Note to self: Stop watching these videos at 3:00 am
Yu-San Lai
Yu-San Lai 2 kun oldin
It's not asparagus milk, it's asparagus juice, and I like it, thought it was pretty refreshing! :)
Iceycoolman 2 kun oldin
Meanwhile im grateful when I get the candy straws.
Sike Sike
Sike Sike 8 soat oldin
+Iceycoolman thx for letting me know bud...ha
Iceycoolman 8 soat oldin
+Sike Sike It's a mix of a sweet straw (Not very strong, you just taste that sugar taste) and a sour coat of powder, it gives you the sour flavor along with the actual flavor associated with the color if I remember correctly. I haven't had them in years so I dont really remember much.
Sike Sike
Sike Sike 9 soat oldin
I've always wanted to taste that actually
CAR Productions
CAR Productions 2 kun oldin
711 in the USA: is just candy chips and drinks While not in the USA: bento boxes, milk, ramen, dumplings, hamburgers, buns! Literally a whole restaurant
sky blue
sky blue 21 soat oldin
Briele Celidon
Briele Celidon 2 kun oldin
Dr.pepper asian cousin dr.milker i just died 😭😭💀🤣
nimaiiikun 2 kun oldin
I like Taiwan's 7-11 more than Japan's
Yousef Al-Aithan
Yousef Al-Aithan 2 kun oldin
Omg u look like Jackie Chan
DatboiNeedsMilk 2 kun oldin
This guy look like Jackie chan but his cousin
Lara Jose
Lara Jose 2 kun oldin
micheal tran
micheal tran 2 kun oldin
My mouth was water when I watched this
Mehrub Chowdhury
Mehrub Chowdhury 2 kun oldin
How does he stay so fit when eating that much?
Carl 2 kun oldin
And Uh lets go *yeet* at 7 11
Somthing weird
Somthing weird 2 kun oldin
metric Jeff
metric Jeff 3 kun oldin
I feel like you were eating the bun and then someone pointed a gun at you so you got more surprised about how good it was
43 Skillz
43 Skillz 3 kun oldin
Ur voice is like trump
NeoStoicism 3 kun oldin
no one: mike: "Hello Kitty isn't a cat!?!"
Potato Life
Potato Life 3 kun oldin
He’s gonna soon bath in Broft
DonkeyShows 3 kun oldin
This guy grosses me out.
Depressed Bart
Depressed Bart 3 kun oldin
I love that he eats his chicken with his chopsticks 🥢 🍗🤣🤣🤣
CANCEL DONE 3 kun oldin
when your on a diet and you see him eat is just the worst combo ever
mea cross
mea cross 3 kun oldin
6:47 How do you describe your spouse
Gacha Gamer
Gacha Gamer 3 kun oldin
I'm getting hungry
Doug Gotcha
Doug Gotcha 3 kun oldin
US 7 Eleven needs to step their game up x1000
RAGE GAMER124 3 kun oldin
I think his mom gave birth to him while eating at a 7 eleven....
Tia Ornellas
Tia Ornellas 3 kun oldin
i love how enthusiastic and energetic, happy and exciting you are. that’s what I love about you
Victoria xo
Victoria xo 3 kun oldin
Betlmao 3 kun oldin
Victoria xo we need 7-elevens like this EVERYWHERE
Ivy Boo
Ivy Boo 3 kun oldin
gets shirt LEts DiP IT In THe BrOtH
Scouts Captain
Scouts Captain 3 kun oldin
I'm more surprised by the cleanliness and how organized and clean everything is really impressive
Angie Franco Vlogs
Angie Franco Vlogs 3 kun oldin
OMG That Looks So Amazing 😉 Thats Gonna Be My Next Trip ❤️🌹
Payton Bowman
Payton Bowman 3 kun oldin
I’m going to start saying shnacks for now on Snacks is how the uncultured swines say it
Donna Pinson
Donna Pinson 3 kun oldin
He must work out...otherwise he'd weigh 500 lbs.
Anna Cristobal
Anna Cristobal 4 kun oldin
Btw when he said “something i forgot” in 14:20 i thought he was going to mention about the girl hes with LOL HAHAHA
Anna Cristobal
Anna Cristobal 4 kun oldin
Pls feed the girl
MasterIB 4 kun oldin
how many times has he said "broth"?
Logan Adams
Logan Adams 4 kun oldin
Dip it in broth, 69 times
Kallys Awesome
Kallys Awesome 4 kun oldin
12:13 you can feel how much beef is sHiTtInG in here 😂
12:13 I know he said sitting but it’s sounds a little off and said ____
Gabbett Family
Gabbett Family 4 kun oldin
this video makes me so tired
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 4 kun oldin
If I lived in Taiwan I would be 900 pounds
Nicola M
Nicola M 4 kun oldin
"Dr. Milker! Who's that? Dr. Pepper's asian cousin?" Sorry but that cracked me up!
Reeser3000 4 kun oldin
William Smith
William Smith 5 kun oldin
6:48 *THICCCC*
S1R Ch1llz
S1R Ch1llz 5 kun oldin
As a kid I actually enjoy those like if your a kid and watching this
mr henryming
mr henryming 5 kun oldin
Wierd flex but ok
DmY808 5 kun oldin
Damn mike has thickened up a lot. Popeye arms. hahaha
Oh yeah oh yeah 4657
Just A Channel
Just A Channel 5 kun oldin
LMinute THE
LMinute THE 5 kun oldin
Well chan in my house we eat White rice most of the time like that plain and DRY i like moiste rice but its 👌
Jnjmanao060 5 kun oldin
Mans barley fed his wife😂
Izz Haziq
Izz Haziq 5 kun oldin
U also need to try the singapore 7eleven but the 7eleven the place must be at SGH you can just take the taxi and just say that you want to go to SGH hopital
Converse 87
Converse 87 5 kun oldin
Our 7-11's are known for the slurpees. We are actually the slurpee capital of the world for 19 years now. 😄
Bench Man
Bench Man 5 kun oldin
Ryan Szlapetis
Ryan Szlapetis 5 kun oldin
This makes me so hungry and jealous
Broken壊れた 5 kun oldin
Does this man have 8 stomachsp
yadontknow sara
yadontknow sara 5 kun oldin
“Dr. Pepper’s Asian cousin” LMFAOO
Daddy Liang
Daddy Liang 5 kun oldin
You have very nice 7/11 and we have really nice 9/11
Coffee Kraze
Coffee Kraze 5 kun oldin
My question is how does he eat that much? 🤔😄
2b pencil
2b pencil 2 kun oldin
For his size im still not so surprised 😂 matt stonie however 😰
meilirima 6 kun oldin
Student paradise... we don't even have 7-11s here where I live.
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 6 kun oldin
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 6 kun oldin
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 6 kun oldin
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 6 kun oldin
Christopher White
Christopher White 6 kun oldin
There isn't a lot of rice and if you think it is your suppose to eat it with the pork and the chicken with it
Rohan Regikumar
Rohan Regikumar 6 kun oldin
StudlyHunk 6 kun oldin
This guy just ate 1 and a half day of food for his breakfast.
Smart Spud
Smart Spud 6 kun oldin
We don't have 7-Eleven in my country Get 7-Eleven in new Zealand nowwwww
Dan Sutherland
Dan Sutherland 6 kun oldin
That is so awesome!!! Yummy good morning,yes yes🙂
Yajmar Nozid
Yajmar Nozid 6 kun oldin
I really missed Taiwan's 7/11! The meals are really decent compared to the one's in our local area. 😆
Tamara Kennedy
Tamara Kennedy 6 kun oldin
Was the middle of soft boiled egg Brown? You might be sick ive never seen soft boiled egg turn brown color...
In The Beginning Was The Word
Why do I torture myself like this when I’m in bed and hungry?
Misheel Bayasgalan
Misheel Bayasgalan 6 kun oldin
I am so happy for him
henntaiyarou aer
henntaiyarou aer 6 kun oldin
Nyrael 6 kun oldin
My favorite snack from the Taiwanese 7-11 is the salmon onigiri. It has saved me countless times whenever I'm starving on a long drive or went up to the mountains like in Maokong!
mfr 6 kun oldin
Who is filming when he's picking the food and stuff ??
Aljoscha Kühn
Aljoscha Kühn 6 kun oldin
April R
April R 6 kun oldin
Looks at Mike’s shirt More like “Pec to Pec” Amirite?
Mike Watson
Mike Watson 6 kun oldin
6:09 never seen any one get so excited about a blue-ish grey piece of beef. Barffffff
Annie Ni
Annie Ni 6 kun oldin
wait... what do you mean hello kitty is not a cat? Explain yourself
April R
April R 6 kun oldin
Annie Ni don’t google it, you’ll just upset yourself
ayan man #so good
ayan man #so good 6 kun oldin
you make me hungry a lot
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