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I ate my Diamond Play Button 3 different ways!
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I hope you enjoy today's #vlog! What other #food should I make in my #silicone Diamond Play Button Mold?
xoxo Ro

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7-Avg, 2018

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino 2 oy oldin
I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕
Billy The Big Fat Gamer
U should be the next Ariana Grande
Gay Wolf
Gay Wolf Oy oldin
shuddhota's home
shuddhota's home 2 oy oldin
You are so cute!love you
Abigail Bragaglia
Rosanna Pansino I'm soooooooo sad u died in Escape The Night
Lavender Doggo
Lavender Doggo 2 oy oldin
Rose and Joseph You know she isn’t 😉🙃😎
Elli Anderson
Elli Anderson 3 soat oldin
I like milk chocolate
LIM SHU ZANNE - 4 soat oldin
Ro! I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate too!! It's like the best treat EVER 😄!! Edit: I WANT THAT DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON DARK CHOCOLATE 🤤!!!
LIM SHU ZANNE - 4 soat oldin
My cousin once had a pink birthday party and, like, literally everything was pink! So, like, we had pink lemonade, and it was my first time seeing PINK lemonade so i was mind blown or something. But pink lemonade is really nice! I just....LOVE IT 😆!!
Amanda Jackson
Amanda Jackson 9 soat oldin
I can't believe that you have 10 million subscribers. I remember finding your channel late at night and watching the OG episodes of NERDY NUMMIES. Thank you for creating this channel
Majid Shaikh
Majid Shaikh 10 soat oldin
Make a cookie play button
Su Herman
Su Herman Kun oldin
like food
legendary karrie
Lol withe
Alyson Kun oldin
If you don’t have a diamond play button silicon mold... ha, cry about it!
_KrysKD _
_KrysKD _ Kun oldin
The Popsicle one reminds me of Rubies. :)
Txpical Confetti
Venkat Rao
Venkat Rao Kun oldin
I love both
Azmeena Fatima VLOGS
Nicolas D
Nicolas D 2 kun oldin
I need a rainbow cake yesterday morning
TheDerpyPotatoLord 2 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate 🍫 also, did you know that there is a ruby chocolate now? It tastes kinda like raspberry :P
Mika Jayne
Mika Jayne 2 kun oldin
I love x2 =love love love dark chocolate
A Sharma
A Sharma 2 kun oldin
Evita Brenchley
Evita Brenchley 3 kun oldin
Dark choc!!!!!! 🍫
Evita Brenchley
Evita Brenchley 3 kun oldin
I luv ur nerdie nummies spatula 😍💕
Elena J.
Elena J. 3 kun oldin
That's a massive fridge 😂😂
Mohammed Abbas
Mohammed Abbas 3 kun oldin
😍😍😍 dark chocolate ❤️💘
Holliday Cox
Holliday Cox 3 kun oldin
i like milk chocolate and dark
Vega Campo-Sosnowska
Who else cringed wen she bit the icicle!!? I’m not hating or anything it’s just one of my pet peeves!!
Vega Campo-Sosnowska
OMG!! At 5:45 she sounded soooo much more American and more different than usual!!
Daniella Camarena
Daniella Camarena 3 kun oldin
Dark chocolate💗
Naizaren Guerrero
Naizaren Guerrero 3 kun oldin
You should make a bath bomb out of it
Jasmine Hill
Jasmine Hill 3 kun oldin
Danni Bunch
Danni Bunch 3 kun oldin
i like dark chocolate better
Shreeya Subhash
Shreeya Subhash 3 kun oldin
I like both milk and dark chocolate
Aliza Mirza
Aliza Mirza 3 kun oldin
I have been watching your vidoes ever since your first video where you made the mario star cake
Amazing world
Amazing world 4 kun oldin
Sean Chloe Bonbon
Sean Chloe Bonbon 4 kun oldin
ro make a Tumbs up cake
Slimey Vlogs
Slimey Vlogs 4 kun oldin
I like dark and milk chocolate
Fernanda Aguilar
Fernanda Aguilar 4 kun oldin
I love 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫
Kate Cabalbag
Kate Cabalbag 4 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate
CrazyKittenz TV
CrazyKittenz TV 4 kun oldin
I hate dark chocolate milk is better🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫
Angalina Perea
Angalina Perea 4 kun oldin
Dark chocolate 😍😍😍😍😍😍
michaelosc 4 kun oldin
Always milk!!! 🍫🍫
Elise Meikle
Elise Meikle 4 kun oldin
dark chocolate all the way
Aliyah Mendoza
Aliyah Mendoza 5 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate 🍫
Googadis Beotches
Googadis Beotches 5 kun oldin
Dark chocolate!😋 you should make like a clear jello diamond part of the play button and the rest of it some frost color or something!
CupQueena 5 kun oldin
Oh my gosh its like TKOR
Lps_TieDye 5 kun oldin
Markiplier is proud And still won’t let you touch his diamond play button
Ky Berry
Ky Berry 5 kun oldin
4:30 "Diamonds taste good"😂
Gacha Sunshine
Gacha Sunshine 6 kun oldin
Can u do more food to playbutton or drink? wait i have an idea can u do watermelon playbutton drink pls
Gacha Sunshine
Gacha Sunshine 6 kun oldin
Milk chocolate mmm yummy IS THAT RO'S FOOD CAN I HAVE IT?!? ITS SO BIG AND TASTY
Asha Gadai
Asha Gadai 6 kun oldin
I first watch your Elsa and Anna cake you did with mo.
Isaiah Abendroth
Isaiah Abendroth 6 kun oldin
Milk chocolate is my favorite 🍫🍪.
Ary Mills
Ary Mills 6 kun oldin
Chloe Skrezyna And Skrezyna vlogs
I like milk chocolate
SlippyDippy Dippy
SlippyDippy Dippy 6 kun oldin
I like neither well I do but neither are my fav white chocolate like if u elate which u probably don't
Andy Forrester
Andy Forrester 7 kun oldin
I like white chocolate
Debra Demick
Debra Demick 7 kun oldin
I love dark chocolate 😍😍😍
Kayla Dawson
Kayla Dawson 7 kun oldin
Dark chocolate is better then milk chocolate
Aahir Sengupta
Aahir Sengupta 7 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate
Jayani Nanthakumar
Jayani Nanthakumar 7 kun oldin
I love dark chocolate
Latasha Nesbitt
Latasha Nesbitt 7 kun oldin
I love dark chocolate to
McKennzie St.Peter
McKennzie St.Peter 7 kun oldin
I like white chocolate
Abby Fernando
Abby Fernando 7 kun oldin
The chocolate play button was my favourite 🍫
Abby Fernando
Abby Fernando 7 kun oldin
Milk chocolate is my favourite
AlessiaGamer 7 kun oldin
Dark for life 😍😍😍
Mia's funny videos
Mia's funny videos 7 kun oldin
I love milk chocolate
Miley Denman
Miley Denman 7 kun oldin
You should make a cookie
daphne hurshman
daphne hurshman 8 kun oldin
i have never had dark chocolete
She sounds so much like miranda sings here 2:30
Ruby Psaturo
Ruby Psaturo 8 kun oldin
ok I love your hair
Madelyn W
Madelyn W 8 kun oldin
all i love your videos and you
Ruby Psaturo
Ruby Psaturo 8 kun oldin
omg im not the only one I love and I mean love dark chocolate
supershyguy16 8 kun oldin
I like dark and milk chocolate they are both equally delicious😄
Stephannie Salazar
Stephannie Salazar 8 kun oldin
What about gummy?😂😫
Whizzi -
Whizzi - 8 kun oldin
thats a nice oven
ceng Jessica
ceng Jessica 9 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate
jinan alabbas
jinan alabbas 9 kun oldin
I love milk chocolate
Ace OF Spades
Ace OF Spades 9 kun oldin
I love dark chocolate too!!😍🍫
Awsomehusky 9 kun oldin
milk chocolate but I like white better
Jungkookie's _Wifeu
Lucy Trimberger
Lucy Trimberger 9 kun oldin
I like milk better than dark chocolate.
Kynzi Saunders
Kynzi Saunders 9 kun oldin
You should try and recreate cakes you did like 5 years ago ,, you should do the iPhone cake you did. 5 years ago that would be so funny to do. Hope you read this
Sarah Henry
Sarah Henry 9 kun oldin
You should make a Ro spa vlog: your home made/ imagined up spa.
Tiffany Warmouth
Tiffany Warmouth 9 kun oldin
dark chocolate is my favorite plus it’s healthier and not as sweet
Sarai Nunez
Sarai Nunez 9 kun oldin
i like either dark or milk
Dante Rombouts
Dante Rombouts 9 kun oldin
I suggest not eating everything you will get Dieabieties
Marshmallows GoMeow
Dark Chocolate!!!!!
Mansi Shah
Mansi Shah 9 kun oldin
You should make a gummy playbutton
D-I-Y King
D-I-Y King 9 kun oldin
i LOVE dark chocolate u and me both ro i love you so much
Liss G
Liss G 10 kun oldin
the chocolate one by far looked the best 😍😍
JPEG Today!
JPEG Today! 10 kun oldin
My fave was the pink lemonnade like if you agree!😶😶😆
Billy The Big Fat Gamer
Team white chocolate 🍪
Arlyn Domingo
Arlyn Domingo 10 kun oldin
Milk chocolate
artishman kanak
artishman kanak 10 kun oldin
I like dark chocolate
TheCrystalTaco// TCT
Milk chocolate
Pugsley Yeno
Pugsley Yeno 10 kun oldin
My first one was when you and Mo made dresses for Anna and Elsa
Sierra Tastet
Sierra Tastet 10 kun oldin
BTW I preffer dark chocolate
Sierra Tastet
Sierra Tastet 10 kun oldin
Karla Charles
Karla Charles 10 kun oldin
Milk chocolite princess cake
Mikel Hall
Mikel Hall 10 kun oldin
Dark Chocolate!!!
Claire Whitney
Claire Whitney 10 kun oldin
Amy O'Sullivan
Amy O'Sullivan 11 kun oldin
You can break it up with your hands... No you can't LOL😀😃😄😁😆😂☺😊😇🙂🙃 I 😍 you ro
Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson 11 kun oldin
Yaaas, Dark chocolate!! 🍫
Family양파 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thought she was actually gonna eat her diamond play button Wow I’m dumb;-;
Silvia Eva Agosto
Silvia Eva Agosto 10 kun oldin
Not the only one
10 oy oldin