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I ate my Diamond Play Button 3 different ways!
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I hope you enjoy today's #vlog! What other #food should I make in my #silicone Diamond Play Button Mold?
xoxo Ro

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino 7 oy oldin
I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕
Ashley Valeriano
Ashley Valeriano 5 kun oldin
The Oreo challenge with your sister molly
RCgames_101 Oy oldin
OM-gosh!! This is so cool!! You should try to make a giant gummy in your roaming play button mould!!
Riley Boelens
Riley Boelens 2 oy oldin
I’ve watched so many don’t even remember I think it was the nerdy nummies cookies..🤗🤗🤗
Nancy Almaguel
Nancy Almaguel 2 oy oldin
I think I just saw an adorable cake i don’t remember which one but it was adorible
Muhammad Ashfaq
Muhammad Ashfaq 2 oy oldin
I watched the Oreo Chellenge ❤❤
Coral The Anime Girl
Dark chocolate for sure! Milk chocolate is too sweet for my liking but white chocolate is also good too! And the first video that I watched was when you made the fnaf cake with Mark!
Tayler Wallery
Tayler Wallery 2 soat oldin
I don’t like either
Celeste Ruiz
Celeste Ruiz 14 soat oldin
Let’s play Every fifth like is a hater I’ll start
Celeste Ruiz
Celeste Ruiz 14 soat oldin
I’m a milk chocolate girl
Anthony Maielli
Anthony Maielli 15 soat oldin
Random Reuben
Random Reuben 16 soat oldin
Pink Lemons??
Sristi Majumder
Sristi Majumder 17 soat oldin
I LOVE dark chocolate ❤❤
Maximizerboy King of Electricity
Why... Read more
Ipsita Saha
Ipsita Saha 21 soat oldin
Milk chocolate
I don't know anything
I don't know anything 22 soat oldin
I hope you didn't eat the part your dog licked
sharmaine ahlyssa jose
i miss rossana says "all we gonna ded is..." and "lets get istarted"
gia soriano
gia soriano Kun oldin
the popsicle looks like a ruby play botton
Brooke Robinson
Brooke Robinson Kun oldin
Her freezer is HUGE
JC Muffett
JC Muffett Kun oldin
I am a dark chocolate. And I am eleven. I used to hate it
Adeline Arendell
I love the way she talks as if everyone watching has a diamond play button
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley Kun oldin
2:50 the face is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny
Lauren Kinsella
Lauren Kinsella 2 kun oldin
Milk chocolat
hungry legend
hungry legend 2 kun oldin
Did she hit puberty???
Kelvin CAlex
Kelvin CAlex 2 kun oldin
Little disappointed that you didn’t frost it
MILLYTEN 123 2 kun oldin
I miss nerdy nummys 🧁
Dmitriy Hess
Dmitriy Hess 2 kun oldin
you shood make a jello one
rocky moody
rocky moody 2 kun oldin
i tried doing that and i did it with cholate
Lis Mae
Lis Mae 2 kun oldin
About what you said about the fast buds I think Tokyo taste buds change every 7 years or something like that And sorry for just now commenting😕
Leprechaun Vlogs!
Leprechaun Vlogs! 23 soat oldin
Lis Mae haha don’t worry I am here late too
Ava Lindsey
Ava Lindsey 2 kun oldin
You should make a jello diamond playbutton like if you agrre
gingerbread 196
gingerbread 196 2 kun oldin
Hey Ro!! I went tk a book shop today and I saw your book!! Superrrr cool, weldone!!
DogeMcDoge Really
DogeMcDoge Really 3 kun oldin
Mysteriously 10 million people died
R Trio
R Trio 3 kun oldin
Graciela Nunez
Graciela Nunez 3 kun oldin
Milk chocolate dark chocolate is tarte to me
StitchLover44 3 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that Ro and Cookie were wearing matching clothes?
Madelyn Henriquez
Madelyn Henriquez 3 kun oldin
You should make a jello play button
Natalie Redditt
Natalie Redditt 3 kun oldin
Natalie Redditt
Natalie Redditt 3 kun oldin
Milk chocolate
Natalie Redditt
Natalie Redditt 3 kun oldin
Grace_Gachaaa 3 kun oldin
This makes me thirsty and hungry for some reason ._.
Lupita Rojas
Lupita Rojas 3 kun oldin
Tami Fonseca
Tami Fonseca 4 kun oldin
Dark chocolate
Grace Croft
Grace Croft 4 kun oldin
You should've made jello
c i n d y
c i n d y 4 kun oldin
both. White, milk and dark are my fav
Emmy Dennis
Emmy Dennis 4 kun oldin
i like milk choclate but i think my taste buds well change becuse im only 8
KOMAL DEFELICE 4 kun oldin
I have that set of nerdy nummies spatulas
Grace Fuentes
Grace Fuentes 4 kun oldin
And I would not be able to wait for chocolate to cool I would eat it right away
Grace Fuentes
Grace Fuentes 4 kun oldin
The first video that I saw of you was the princess cake of Anna and elsa
Nicki B
Nicki B 4 kun oldin
I wanna eat am hungry
T A W 5 kun oldin
The first video I watched of yours was when you and Molly made the Elsa and Anna doll cakes
Micaella De Guzman
Micaella De Guzman 5 kun oldin
Aubrey Ochoa
Aubrey Ochoa 5 kun oldin
Milk chocolate I hate dark chocolate
Crazy Kid
Crazy Kid 6 kun oldin
Dark Chocolate all the way!
Claire Bear
Claire Bear 6 kun oldin
Cookie is like can I plz have some!!!! 😂 and it was so cute!!!!! I love your cute dog
KittenLady GachaTuber_YT
Your dog looks a lot like my friends dog Moses except her dog is the size of me and has floppy ears :3 he's ADORIBLE!
Fatihah Najwa
Fatihah Najwa 6 kun oldin
her cute and funny personality make me stay :')
Ruth Flores
Ruth Flores 6 kun oldin
I love all chocolate . Dark and milk 😍😜
Charlie Giles
Charlie Giles 6 kun oldin
should've tempered the chocolate to make it shiny like the play button is :)
Lucy Esmeralda
Lucy Esmeralda 7 kun oldin
Noir chocolate
Lilia Blair
Lilia Blair 7 kun oldin
I like: 1. Dark chocolate 2. White chocolate Milk chocolate is too light for me and too sweet. I just don’t like it. My mom loves 70% and 65% dark chocolate it’s super bitter and dark and I kinda like it. So yeah
jump scare foxy
jump scare foxy 7 kun oldin
Im your 10,995,007th subscriber
Lauren Pugh
Lauren Pugh 8 kun oldin
I like dark chocolate 🍫 more than milk chocolate
maria sanchez
maria sanchez 8 kun oldin
Isabella Vasquez
Isabella Vasquez 8 kun oldin
Who else heard her say hear we go coddie in stead of cookie
Michelle Korin
Michelle Korin 9 kun oldin
Rosanna NEEDS to be a guest judge on nailed it
Giri Raj
Giri Raj 9 kun oldin
I am a dark chocolate girl
Shaw Sydney
Shaw Sydney 9 kun oldin
Mike chocolate
Sand Rot
Sand Rot 9 kun oldin
Classic German dark chocolate
Joe Christo
Joe Christo 9 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate better!
Gage Garrett
Gage Garrett 9 kun oldin
Dark chocolate
Miranda Córdoba
Miranda Córdoba 9 kun oldin
Milk chocolate is the best one for me Ro 🍫
HappyFellowship 9 kun oldin
I like Hershey's milk chocolate but I also like Ghirardelli dark chocolate but with Lindor I like both
Minahil Syal
Minahil Syal 10 kun oldin
I LOVE white, milk chocolate and dark chocolate! But i like dark and milk chocolate better! 😙😙🍫🍫
girl gaming
girl gaming 10 kun oldin
Milk chocolate
Orlando Hampton
Orlando Hampton 10 kun oldin
I think you should make cookie a play button
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
Milk chocolate! sorry ro! love you!
Cherokee Gorton
Cherokee Gorton 11 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate.
Aleesha Hargis
Aleesha Hargis 11 kun oldin
I like dark and milk chocolate. But not white
Layna Jenkins
Layna Jenkins 11 kun oldin
The First video I watched was the Death Star Cake video. I loved Nerdy Nummies from the second I saw the Thumbnail!
Mena Marie
Mena Marie 11 kun oldin
I like dark and milk! 🍫
Kassandra Gonzalez
Kassandra Gonzalez 11 kun oldin
Both chocolate
kool unicorns
kool unicorns 12 kun oldin
it's a Rose spa (Ro's spa) #rodiculous hehehehehehe
kool unicorns
kool unicorns 12 kun oldin
I like white chocolate and dark chocolate.
Divanshi Gupta
Divanshi Gupta 12 kun oldin
Milk chocolate ❤️
Gavin Gavin
Gavin Gavin 12 kun oldin
My favorite kind of chocolate 🍫 is milk chocolate 🍫 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Michaela Busuttil
Michaela Busuttil 13 kun oldin
The popsicle looks like a ruby playbutton
Michaela Busuttil
Michaela Busuttil 13 kun oldin
I love dark and milk chocolate
Nayana Suresh
Nayana Suresh 13 kun oldin
I love dark chocolate
Cara Lang
Cara Lang 13 kun oldin
I hate dark chocolate but I loveeeeeeeee milk chocolate
Hope Richardson
Hope Richardson 13 kun oldin
Milk chocolate
Otter lover
Otter lover 13 kun oldin
I love dark chocolate soooooo much!!!! 🍫
Makayla Matthews
Makayla Matthews 13 kun oldin
I eat either dark or milk chocolate but dark chocolate is my favorite
Xray Vision
Xray Vision 13 kun oldin
Jeffree Star has a big sweet tooth, you two should collab.
RyzuLucario 577
RyzuLucario 577 13 kun oldin
Reese’s are the best.
Playa 13 kun oldin
Milk Chocolate but if I had to choose my favorite chocolate it would be Hershey chocolate 🍫🍫
Avery Masaru
Avery Masaru 13 kun oldin
Ahhh baking smarts I love baking and i'm eating cake while I am watching this!!!🍰🍰🍰 P.S it is chocolate🍫🍫🍫
dailyvlogfan92 13 kun oldin
Why are there so many dislikes???...people smh
Nojus Mickevicius
Nojus Mickevicius 14 kun oldin
Doro štokalet
Dione Corrigan
Dione Corrigan 14 kun oldin
My favourite chocolate is dark chocolate
Katie Burns
Katie Burns 14 kun oldin
Haha. I'm allergic to dairy, so I can only have the uber dark chocolate ( like 90-100%)
E3R0r hannah
E3R0r hannah 14 kun oldin
I like all chocolate
Squishy Lover
Squishy Lover 14 kun oldin
Aww! Congrats on 10 Million! My first video I watched from you was the Elsa And Anna Cake, with Mo! And every sense I’ve watched all of them! ❤️
Silvy Gamer
Silvy Gamer 15 kun oldin
Milk Chocalate My Taste Bud Change Too I Used To Like Dark Chocalate😂
Aubrey 2010
Aubrey 2010 15 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate
Craaazyboy 15 kun oldin
Can I stop getting horror movie ads at 12:00 am
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