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I ate my Diamond Play Button 3 different ways!
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I hope you enjoy today's #vlog! What other #food should I make in my #silicone Diamond Play Button Mold?
xoxo Ro

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino 4 oy oldin
I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕
jade lilac
jade lilac Oy oldin
Billy the Fire paw gamer
U should be the next Ariana Grande
Gay Wolf
Gay Wolf 3 oy oldin
shuddhota's home
shuddhota's home 4 oy oldin
You are so cute!love you
Abigail Bragaglia
Rosanna Pansino I'm soooooooo sad u died in Escape The Night
Skye Everest
Skye Everest 4 soat oldin
I like Milk Chocolate
Sloth Tunes
Sloth Tunes 6 soat oldin
dark chocolate is the best
Vals Daily
Vals Daily Kun oldin
The popsicle looked like a watermelon 🍉
Soeripto K
Soeripto K Kun oldin
I love dark chocolate. Its YUMMY.
Sheba Kurien
Sheba Kurien 3 kun oldin
I LOVE DARK chocolate
Cookie Bites
Cookie Bites 3 kun oldin
Ro is so short 😂😂😂 now i dont feel so alone....😂
Famfam fun 5
Famfam fun 5 6 kun oldin
The chocolate one was the best looking
Famfam fun 5
Famfam fun 5 6 kun oldin
Every since you started
Famfam fun 5
Famfam fun 5 6 kun oldin
Milk chocolate 🍫
Night Skies & City Lights
XD it's because of Ro that I realized I don't trust a Baker that wouldn't occasionally eat some of their own creations Love you, Ro! Stay awesome!
Cat National Galaxy
"Do you like Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?" NEITHER, I like White Chocolate best" (I'm sorry but Dark Chocolate is my least favorite)
Erin Rae Xox
Erin Rae Xox 7 kun oldin
Make JELLO In your play-button mould Please Xx
Khaled Masri
Khaled Masri 7 kun oldin
you actually very short XD
Kyle Paez
Kyle Paez 8 kun oldin
What about white chocolate¿
Victor G
Victor G 8 kun oldin
8:18 minecraft sound effect when you dig no?
Gacha Psycho
Gacha Psycho 9 kun oldin
At 8:01 i do the same whit popsicle😅
Reese Dreier
Reese Dreier 9 kun oldin
Dark chocolate 🍫
Alexa 04
Alexa 04 11 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate
Rebecca Hollifield
Rebecca Hollifield 11 kun oldin
Dear ro,I subscribed and terned on notafacation
Amanda Fossett
Amanda Fossett 12 kun oldin
🥛🍫oh ya
Jeremy Recardo
Jeremy Recardo 12 kun oldin
I think you should make ice cream diamond play botton
Michelle Battersby
Michelle Battersby 12 kun oldin
You and Justin makeing a gingerbread apple shop
Kimmy Aurino
Kimmy Aurino 13 kun oldin
i LoVe DaRk ChOcOlAtE
Roya Bova
Roya Bova 13 kun oldin
I like white chocolate :P
Diviya R
Diviya R 13 kun oldin
Milk chocolate
Emily Tews
Emily Tews 14 kun oldin
Does anybody else love baking but hate using ovens
nab Pa
nab Pa 14 kun oldin
I like🍫 milk chocolate
Oliver King
Oliver King 15 kun oldin
Yeah I prefer white chocolate 😂
Zac Persson
Zac Persson 15 kun oldin
ro you are so tiny, (dont take this the wrong way as its not an insult) you look almost like a little kid in that kitchen with how big everything is
Virginia Lang
Virginia Lang 16 kun oldin
I like White chocolate
Bubble BFB
Bubble BFB 17 kun oldin
Milk chocolate is my favourite
Léa-Rose Paradis
Léa-Rose Paradis 17 kun oldin
Love this ❤️❤️❤️ You should have done the shave ice with a fourch, love you 💜❤️💜❤️💜
Classics 1234
Classics 1234 17 kun oldin
Ewwwwwwwwwww- wait what?!
Noreen Tilus
Noreen Tilus 17 kun oldin
I like both!!!
Stefani Barron
Stefani Barron 17 kun oldin
Milk choc
Esmeralda Aguilar
Esmeralda Aguilar 17 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate because my sister was baking a cake and I tasted the chocolate chips and it was to dark so I told her and she went and got milk chocolate she doesn't like dark chocolate either
E & E
E & E 17 kun oldin
Milk chocolate
Ezri M
Ezri M 17 kun oldin
I can't pick! I like both milk chocolate and dark chocolate
Elodie Liu
Elodie Liu 18 kun oldin
giant oven ro!!!!!!!!
Alexandra Simone
Alexandra Simone 18 kun oldin
You should have made a gummy play button.
Kimberly 18 kun oldin
Elizabeth Hagerty
Elizabeth Hagerty 18 kun oldin
make a huge ice cube then plop it in your tub and get in it.
Wendy Unicorn
Wendy Unicorn 18 kun oldin
You can make rese's diamond play button!
Wendy Unicorn
Wendy Unicorn 18 kun oldin
I love nougat😛🍫
Addison Blonski
Addison Blonski 19 kun oldin
what about a hard candy play button?
Addison Blonski
Addison Blonski 19 kun oldin
u have the coolest oven!
Victoria Hom
Victoria Hom 20 kun oldin
I LOVE dark chocolate 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫
Consuelo Avalos
Consuelo Avalos 21 kun oldin
milk chocolate
Dahlia_ Olazaba_;-;ME
I love milk chocolate
Cat Lover
Cat Lover 21 kun oldin
Milk Chocolate 🤗
Jyoti Jain
Jyoti Jain 21 kun oldin
Dark chocolate + Milk chocolate is my fav
Katrina Cleveley
Katrina Cleveley 21 kun oldin
Make a reses peanut butter with choclat play botten
Tashfia Nabi
Tashfia Nabi 21 kun oldin
Everybody subscribe we need to hit 11 million. Also yes I know I commented late. I love milk chocolate a little more than dark chocolate
Isabel Vazquez
Isabel Vazquez 21 kun oldin
Lillian Folds
Lillian Folds 21 kun oldin
How else saw cookie and if u don’t know who cookie is ur not a true fan of her
EmilyDoesAG 22 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate 🍫
Gwen Komene
Gwen Komene 22 kun oldin
Thanks for the great vid Ro!
All The Artsy
All The Artsy 22 kun oldin
Rosanna: Oh, look at the details! You can see everything! Me: *sees absolutely no detail it's just a blob*
Creepypasta Lover
Creepypasta Lover 22 kun oldin
I thought she was gonna legit try to eat her diamond play button 😂
Mary Denson
Mary Denson 22 kun oldin
Markiplier's not the only one with a diamond playbutton now.
Aaliyah Dream
Aaliyah Dream 23 kun oldin
well your taste buds change every year
Benji Roskes
Benji Roskes 23 kun oldin
milk chocolate
Martha Stone
Martha Stone 23 kun oldin
Milk chocolate 🍫 is my favorite
Katie Love
Katie Love 23 kun oldin
For the people who disliked her video why because there is nothing to not like about delicious treats?
K T 23 kun oldin
Is that your play bottin
Hedy Woodhouse
Hedy Woodhouse 23 kun oldin
I prefer... ALL chocolate. Although if I had to rate them, it would probably be: 3. White chocolate 2. Milk chocolate and 1. Dark chocolate (just not anything over 65%... 😀). Chocoholic FOREVER!!! 😄😍🍫❤🍫💕
Ardyn Jo
Ardyn Jo 23 kun oldin
Every 7 years your taste buds change so
YungDaggerX 24 kun oldin
I’ve been supporting since like 2012, love you❤️
Carolina Tijerina
Carolina Tijerina 24 kun oldin
Erica Thompson
Erica Thompson 24 kun oldin
I love milk chocolate but I hate dark and white chocolate
Amazing Amazing Anthony
I like white chocolate
Madd Shumaker
Madd Shumaker 24 kun oldin
I'm team milk chocolate
sara vennink
sara vennink 25 kun oldin
I love both milk chocolate and dark chocolate 🍫
sara vennink
sara vennink 25 kun oldin
You should do a draw my life video. Like if you agree
The awesome Jacob 1
The awesome Jacob 1 25 kun oldin
The awesome Jacob 1
The awesome Jacob 1 25 kun oldin
Willem Kempen
Willem Kempen 25 kun oldin
Unicorn 360
Unicorn 360 25 kun oldin
Dark chocolate
Daria Molnar
Daria Molnar 25 kun oldin
Filia Rees
Filia Rees 25 kun oldin
White chocolate is my favourite
a n g i e
a n g i e 26 kun oldin
Milk chocolate for sure🍫
Tayla Ware
Tayla Ware 26 kun oldin
i like milk chocolate.
Nyla Baramy
Nyla Baramy 26 kun oldin
I like dark chocolate
Nero Embodo
Nero Embodo 26 kun oldin
if you had do nose you eat what dog likes
Sara Kozaat
Sara Kozaat 27 kun oldin
Milk chocolate 🍫 ❤️❤️
Cher Camacho
Cher Camacho 27 kun oldin
Dark chocolate
xPotatoe Gaming
xPotatoe Gaming 27 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate. But my FAVORITE is white chocolate
Anai Andrade
Anai Andrade 27 kun oldin
I like milk chocolate
20kF Fam
20kF Fam 27 kun oldin
Who else thinks she should make a giant gummy play button?
Pearl Tracey
Pearl Tracey 27 kun oldin
VV VV 27 kun oldin
dark choclate!!!
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen 27 kun oldin
Dark chocolate and I am 13 years old. I all so love coffee
my disney loving reborns
Milk chocolate.i love your channel.i just subscribed and now love watching your videos.
It's Just Mia
It's Just Mia 28 kun oldin
White chocolate
Izy Ranosa
Izy Ranosa 28 kun oldin
Solangie Garcia
Solangie Garcia 28 kun oldin
Milk chocolate
crazy pig-lover
crazy pig-lover 28 kun oldin
DARK CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST!! 😍😍😍🍫🍫😍🍫😍🍫😍🍫😍😍🍫😍🍫😍😍🍫😍🍫😍😀😀😀😀😀
Fluffi Pineapple
Fluffi Pineapple 29 kun oldin
Lola Lemonhead
Lola Lemonhead 29 kun oldin
It makes me so sad when youtubers have dogs and they eat infornt of the dog. Because I want the dog to eat food
2 yil oldin