Eating With My DAD!

Mark Wiens
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Thank you very much to 23andMe for sponsoring this video. Learning about my ancestry and discovering some of my taste preferences, and comparing them with my Dad, was fascinating. He and I both had a great time meeting and eating. We happen to be traveling in Ghana, and my Dad happened to be in Nairobi, Kenya for a few days having some meetings, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity, to meet my Dad. Luckily it all worked out smoothly!
Accra, Ghana
Waakye - 8 GHC ($1.80) - Waakye is a popular Ghanaian food / meal, and that’s what we started the day with. You get rice and beans, a number of other starches, and some tomato sauce stew and meats, all piled high into a leaf bowl. It was delicious!
Makola Market - Next we visited Makola Market, the largest and most energetic market in Accra. It’s a must visit, to see the energy and life at the market.
The Accra Arts Center - Finally, we stopped off at the Accra Arts Center to buy a few things before leaving in at night.
Accra to Nairobi - We had a late night flight, and we landed early at sunrise to cool Nairobi!
After checking into a hotel just for 1 night, we took a quick hour nap, and then jumped into a taxi to go meet my Dad who was staying at a guesthouse.
It was great to see my Dad and at the guesthouse we compared our ancestry and our taste preference.
Then we went to go eat some Kenyan food, which was a highlight. Now do you know where I got my love for food from?
Java House coffee - Finally, as you already know, I have a tendency to enjoy caffeine, and so does my Dad. So it was only right to stop for a cup of coffee to finish.
Thank you for watching, and again, a big thank you to www.23andme.com/markwiens for sponsoring this video.
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3-Iyn, 2018

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Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens 7 oy oldin
Big thank you to 23andMe for sponsoring this video. Check them out here: www.23andme.com/markwiens More Ghana food videos coming next!
ivory fyall
ivory fyall 6 kun oldin
Your Dad is really Handsome, Mark Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😉😉😉😉😉
ivory fyall
ivory fyall 6 kun oldin
I just found you channel & I Absolutely Love,Love it. FOODDD IS MY PASSION AND LOVE. I'M A CHEF.❤❤❤❤❤I hope one day to be able to Visit. Thailand. How Beautiful. God Bless you & your Family Always. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Unique Rodriguez
Unique Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
outdoor explore
outdoor explore 10 kun oldin
Hey Mark I'm from Kansas and your biggest fan that would be cool if you came to Kansas and did a video
outdoor explore
outdoor explore 10 kun oldin
Hey Mark I'm from KANSAS would like to see you come back to your dad's roots and shoot a video
Cindy La
Cindy La 3 soat oldin
I swear your son seems like the most behaved boy ever
Mel Zee
Mel Zee 7 soat oldin
Two seconds in to Mark's video and I'm already smiling! 😄
Noureddine Merradou
Noureddine Merradou 9 soat oldin
Meating my dad LMFAO , nice video
Cholerou Rozhemai
Cholerou Rozhemai 13 soat oldin
I am sure your wife is a supportive and reliable person. love her always 😊
Shobhasri Raghavan
Shobhasri Raghavan 21 soat oldin
You are the millennial’s Anthony Bordain - newer, cleaner, family man, not used up and thrown up by the food industry he was a product of, a fresh-faced innocent by comparison. I’m not saying this with any disrespect to Anthony, it’s a legend among my family & friends how much I loved Anthony Bourdain’s shows.
nukem bear
nukem bear Kun oldin
The two non Kenyan eating with their fingers the Kenyan eating with utensils lol!
sunny Kun oldin
meating your dad?? i was expecting some gay porn
s Chang
s Chang Kun oldin
Dad is handsome.
Ron Solomon
Ron Solomon Kun oldin
Jason Leo
Jason Leo Kun oldin
you seem like such a awesome person with that smile but seeing people eat with their hands turns my stomach i assume they have forks. I have colleagues at work who do it and its like watching a monkey eat. Nice video though
sky dreamer
sky dreamer Kun oldin
I like when you do your: yummy 😋 expression hmmmm
Soundofguns Kun oldin
Mark's dad is such a friendly and awesome guy
AO Playz YT
AO Playz YT Kun oldin
Mark has a unique face expresion happy mode all the time and well explain wt the journey..😍❤👍
Silvia Salazar
Silvia Salazar Kun oldin
Como quisiera saber lo que hablas no hablo ingles😂😣
TideGypsy 2 kun oldin
Your dad is so cute! Reminds me of my dad.
kali deres
kali deres 2 kun oldin
Mark Wiens, you have a very cute little kid !
Rodney Marranya
Rodney Marranya 2 kun oldin
good tucker👍
xabis01 3 kun oldin
Cheers from Mexico! You have a beautiful family... Wondering if we can meet your mom? That boy of yours look berry smart bébé! Magnifique job by the way...thanks for sharing your family and travels. Abrazo y me preguntaba si puedes compartir tu historia de como aprendiste español?
Lisa Salmon
Lisa Salmon 3 kun oldin
They have the same Chin
Lisa Salmon
Lisa Salmon 3 kun oldin
Am i the only 1 who thinks Marks Dad is 🔥🔥👀 ijs😍🙌👏
Katie Daniels
Katie Daniels 3 kun oldin
great food and you have a beautiful family God bless you 😃
Jafar Mirzayi
Jafar Mirzayi 4 kun oldin
I’m 206 pounds and I’m concerned every day when I’m eating, I’m surprised how you aren’t going to get fat with this too much food for every day. 😄😊
Khaizer Wasi
Khaizer Wasi 4 kun oldin
Main thing he never insult or complain about food , same words ohh wow We muslims always AllumdiuAllah
Sady Yasmina
Sady Yasmina 4 kun oldin
I m so proud to be africain 😘😇
Agmef Aquino
Agmef Aquino 4 kun oldin
You looked like your dad smile ,he's tall like you still young good looking guy I glad you meet precious daddy stayed together and enjoyed your trip with him
Agmef Aquino
Agmef Aquino 4 kun oldin
You looked like your dad smile ,he's tall like you still young good looking guy I glad you meet precious daddy stayed together and enjoyed your trip with him
Agmef Aquino
Agmef Aquino 4 kun oldin
You looked like your dad smile ,he's tall like you still young good looking guy I glad you meet precious daddy stayed together and enjoyed your trip with him
Carlos Krueger
Carlos Krueger 4 kun oldin
Something Fishy about 23 and me.??...How old is your dad ...And did he work in his Life??...Looking forward to seeing Your Mother....
Carlos Krueger
Carlos Krueger 4 kun oldin
I wonder if I should Try 23 and Me ???
Carlos Krueger
Carlos Krueger 4 kun oldin
My Dad is from Germany....And My Mom is from Argentina..Mark...I Hope that You can Visit Argentina...
sagrammyfour 5 kun oldin
Mark--love your smile. Why don't you write an autobiography?
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He cleaned his plate
doon nepal
doon nepal 5 kun oldin
Show your mom too
sdm rbk
sdm rbk 5 kun oldin
this is awesome! I think its pretty uncomfortable for your wife with the child - at least for me it would be. :/ . I hope she is enjoying it?
nik nikos
nik nikos 5 kun oldin
Your Dad is cool Mark
E J 5 kun oldin
I wish I can eat as much as you eat without gaining weight! Lol I am drooling for every show that I watch. It's so hard for a foodie like me to watch this without drooling. Thank you for the tips and places in around the world.
Victoria Kemisola Alder
Come to Nigeria Mark
BFR frrr
BFR frrr 6 kun oldin
Mark I love your videos sooooo much! 💖 Question: How do you keep so slim? Please share your secret... 😁
B J 6 kun oldin
U the man mark
Dj Genius
Dj Genius 6 kun oldin
Its amazing to see the loads these beautiful people carry on their heads, amazing
tianna stewart/
tianna stewart/ 6 kun oldin
i think you spelt meet wrong
Roberta Takimoana
Roberta Takimoana 6 kun oldin
Awesome your dad is cute ya look look just like him cuties!!! What a beautiful wife and Baby how gorgeous is he? He's so yummy :-) Neat
mohammed sayid
mohammed sayid 6 kun oldin
Daddy cool 😄
Empress B
Empress B 6 kun oldin
I love Mark's facial expression after taking that first bite 😂😂😂
Mahe Akbarian
Mahe Akbarian 7 kun oldin
Love your videos Mark. Great food & Great people! God bless Africa and it's people.
yvonne kamboua
yvonne kamboua 7 kun oldin
His really kind and has taste
Pam BB
Pam BB 7 kun oldin
Mark, we love your family already and meeting your dad was the icing on the cake. Great video!
Joshua Carr
Joshua Carr 7 kun oldin
I was born in ks, alot of beef u should go
EmiDa Hemi
EmiDa Hemi 7 kun oldin
8:55 He says he is going to me-a-t his dad
Erika Hernandez
Erika Hernandez 8 kun oldin
I love african food 💕💕💖💖
SUDHIR PATEL 8 kun oldin
You are kind of like your dad, but not really because your dad is completely selfish to the point of being selfless when necessary. Better than nothing still.
carolyn M francis
carolyn M francis 8 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing your travel experience.
carolyn M francis
carolyn M francis 8 kun oldin
Mark you have an error, ( meating) please make changes.
SUDHIR PATEL 8 kun oldin
Dad is broke and finally loves you because you are successful. All the best.
SUDHIR PATEL 9 kun oldin
The Germans are adventurous and intelligent, Asians are cowards, and Americans and much of Europe are prejudice, and Russians are just Russians, and Africans were cool before Europe demoralized them, and so life sucks for most people because rotten killjoys still hang strong on the tree of society to poison children to not become free. One or two more generations and Islam will stop ruining nature with their non-Hollywood abusive God. Christianity and the rest of the religions too. Live a little and leave your kids alone. "We're not going to take it. Oh no, we're not going to take it, anymore." Twisted sisters. I want to be like you and just do it, but can't with all this disease around me. Maybe I will leave to freedom.
72aakhan 9 kun oldin
we alll..from all over the world love you Mark..keep it up..and thanks for sharing your experience with us..aakhan from New York, NY
TM159 mcBride
TM159 mcBride 9 kun oldin
You should have your own cable travel and eat show !! It would be a hit!! Just subscribed! Thank you!
jigar78611 9 kun oldin
I really love the way talk n present urself Mark. Love from an Indian fan of urs who too is a foody like u. God bless u.
Alfredo Digma
Alfredo Digma 9 kun oldin
Your dad seems to be a foody too!
JEY !!
JEY !! 9 kun oldin
I just happen meet some Kenyan friends n there's a lot of indian adapted things like they love Bollywood n chapati are originally from India n smoosa also .
JEY !!
JEY !! 9 kun oldin
Out of Africans Kenya's are those people could show some kind of understanding with Indians . May because they watch Bollywood , they kind of understand we Indians
S. Pohl
S. Pohl 9 kun oldin
Mark, you appear to get your good nature and gregarious personality from your Dad. Kudos! He seems like a wonderful guy. So nice that he enjoys spending time with you. Fun to see him dig into those sauces. (I'm a sauce person too.) The food and coffee look amazing.
Alexa 9 kun oldin
In all the videos I watch ..I notice the same thing...so one tip for you Mark..involve your family in the video more, dine with them on camera, you rarely or almost never involve them and it seems like they are always alone in the background feeling left out. I hope I'm wrong.
paul pinnock
paul pinnock 9 kun oldin
I've been of your for a while now it's amazing how cultural knowledgeable you guys are and cultural tolerance the whole world should be like that one day I will invite you to Jamaica to come and eat much love
Kenneth LaBrant
Kenneth LaBrant 10 kun oldin
Wait didnt anyone see the heading in the introduction??😂😂
Leon Brown
Leon Brown 10 kun oldin
Mark, you're wrong about Kansas. Their BBQ is GREAT. Check it out sometime.
Leon Brown
Leon Brown 10 kun oldin
Dad is cool. I see where you get it from Mark.
Carol Shamaisa
Carol Shamaisa 10 kun oldin
I love you way
Lela Noel
Lela Noel 10 kun oldin
I'm wondering if these women suffer later in life of spinal stenosis as a result of carrying these heavy loads on their heads?
benjamin salas
benjamin salas 10 kun oldin
Hey Mark we really enjoy watching your food videos! Do you have a video with your mom?
Justin Kyalo
Justin Kyalo 10 kun oldin
that kenyan guy is really having a hard time with the fork😂😂😂
Poornima Wagh
Poornima Wagh 10 kun oldin
Mark: 23 and Me are a bunch of frauds. The company sells your personal info to pharmaceutical companies illegally and they have been known to fudge DNA info and data. So buyer beware. I believe the CEO Elizabeth Holmes was removed from her position in the company for lots of fraudulent activity and selling personal DNA info to other companies.
Poornima Wagh
Poornima Wagh 10 kun oldin
Mark looks very Asian, does not look European at all. I'm sure he fits really well in Thailand.
ayalla peled
ayalla peled 11 kun oldin
I can be very hungry but watching you eating, I forgot that I have to eat . You are very pleasant to watch . Your smile ...
spify angel
spify angel 11 kun oldin
surely wazungu wanakula na mikono na wewe umengagana hapo na fork lol
Omar Abdelkarim
Omar Abdelkarim 11 kun oldin
Action Caring Team Malaysia
like father, like son hehehe
😁Lovely family👍👍👍👍👍
Cheyanne Williams
Cheyanne Williams 11 kun oldin
Lovely seeing you with your dad😀
Qwerty Keyboard
Qwerty Keyboard 11 kun oldin
What is his ethnicity? mom is from thailand?
ERIKA DOWDY 11 kun oldin
Ur videos are amazing- ilove the various destinations
Kristy Nguyen
Kristy Nguyen 12 kun oldin
wow, your dad just seems like the best! what a silver foxxxxxxx
CarsGuns&Freedom 13 kun oldin
You have best job in the world period lol
Shontel Crutison
Shontel Crutison 13 kun oldin
Man I'm jealous, don't you just love good eats.
Anon Anonymous
Anon Anonymous 13 kun oldin
Lol the kenyan eating with a fork n knife whilst these westerners using their hands. Kenyan lad be ashamed
Kadeem May
Kadeem May 14 kun oldin
Few people have this much great energy.. The world would be a better place if more took the same attitudes as mark and his family
Sally I
Sally I 14 kun oldin
Wow Mark you look so much like your dad ❤️
Yoko Mueller
Yoko Mueller 14 kun oldin
You should know how to use knife and fork, have bit miner
Al Oz
Al Oz 14 kun oldin
Beautiful seing father and son sharing their likings and passion for food...Just love the relationship...!
chinchorrero 15 kun oldin
Love the video!
Bianca Hotca
Bianca Hotca 15 kun oldin
You look so much like your dad, an Asian version of your dad, a lot of his features, but it would be interesting to see your mom. You got the Asian skin tone, a little of the eyes of course. That food looks very good, but no using forks, spoons?!!
Eric Asare
Eric Asare 15 kun oldin
Like father like son. Am very happy u guys are having the best of times. I have lots to learn from u. Choose to be happy. Yes it is a choice.
Aiko Ravi
Aiko Ravi 15 kun oldin
Omg look that all food 😋😋 i hope can going 👉🌏 n try all food in this world 😍 like u mark 😍😍😍
Hazel D.
Hazel D. 15 kun oldin
Mark. I love your videos. I am a food fan myself. I have a question do u ever get stomach problems from eating the food? Due to unsanitary preparation?? I would be scared to eat some street food bc I might get sick..
Tierra's Journey
Tierra's Journey 15 kun oldin
Love your videos, food looks delicious
cryingsakura 15 kun oldin
Wow you speak Chinese?!
loving mom
loving mom 15 kun oldin
I have never seen you finish a meal before until now.. You must have enjoyed.. Enjoy Africa brother...
Tommy Tindall
Tommy Tindall 15 kun oldin
Not sure how I feel about 23andMe's recent venture with GlaxoSmithKline. =/ Regardless, I love your videos. Your enthusiasm is always so contagious. I love how much you love food.
Janoue Numa
Janoue Numa 15 kun oldin
i like hi takes his family with him all over
Sony kv Vipul786
Sony kv Vipul786 15 kun oldin
I think u ate indian food...