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Eddie House: 'People in the Western Conference are getting uncomfortable' | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Eddie House joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk NBA. Hear what they had to say about LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers on today's show.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Eddie House: 'People in the Western Conference are getting uncomfortable' | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




30-Iyl, 2018

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Do you think basketball is becoming less of a priority for LeBron?
cash love
cash love 4 oy oldin
Lebron go be LEBRON no he doesn't want nothing but ringssss go Lakers! LA vs Celtics NBA finals lLA in 6
Zo Arms
Zo Arms 4 oy oldin
James Carter
James Carter 4 oy oldin
The Lakers need to go after A.Davis in New Orleans.. give up two plus a D Level player... don't trade off Kooma but LAbar Ball brother in the D Leve nba ...
Tracy Sharp
Tracy Sharp 6 oy oldin
AFRICAN MASTER29 you are right!😍
Brashawn Williams
LaShannon..... lol
Louiena Marie
Louiena Marie 3 oy oldin
can you just be fair for once Skip? Your hate on LeBron is like to the highest degree. C'mon dude, did the man killed you on your last life?
James Carter
James Carter 4 oy oldin
No... I do think ... King James is found to be the best... ok... Now people are telling him.. just drive and shoot the ball....I'm glad that he is more than a ball player...and Haters are always hatteraided on King James listen to to Chip on First Take...
cash love
cash love 4 oy oldin
Lebron an curry for the Allstar weekend lmao
cash love
cash love 4 oy oldin
Give it up for #23
King of All Blacks
Skip don't know wtf he's talking about. The Lakers will be better.
david oneil
david oneil 4 oy oldin
People forget Kyrie won that championship for Cleveland :P .. Lebron still has some work to do, he's not done just yet.
Ricky smith
Ricky smith 4 oy oldin
Labron just will be a great Los Angeles prayer but never be a greater Laker then koby
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera 4 oy oldin
Lakers will finish season 8th in the Western Conference not making the Playoffs.
nakia george
nakia george 4 oy oldin
Wow your stupid lol
Sophine Burton
Sophine Burton 4 oy oldin
Maaaaan lebron is not the best player,there is no one in the west coast that is worried about lebron...and shannon is gonna try to discredit anyone that isnt lebron..hes a bias clown...i think this is the lakers worst pick up after all the stars they had...
David Trotman
David Trotman 4 oy oldin
le Eddie lol
Keath Walker
Keath Walker 4 oy oldin
If lebron had went to the Celtics he would have gotten 3 to 4 straight rings.
William Cgw
William Cgw 4 oy oldin
Skip has issue
Jermaine Bailey
Jermaine Bailey 4 oy oldin
Lakers are about to grow up
Leo Calhoun
Leo Calhoun 4 oy oldin
Didn't want to compete??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ahmed King
ahmed King 4 oy oldin
😂 Skippy is getting teamed up on LoL 😂😂
chazz256 4 oy oldin
Why Shannon "Kobe" Rob like that? 😂😂😂😂
Juan Torres
Juan Torres 4 oy oldin
Ill take you on that bet Eddie about Lakers having better record tg3b the jazz
Juan Torres
Juan Torres 4 oy oldin
I feel Eddie at skip question but I'll still take lebron
Juan Torres
Juan Torres 4 oy oldin
Skip hating!!! Lebrin the best!!! Fym, who wanna argue
Juan Torres
Juan Torres 4 oy oldin
Starting five, rondo,kuzma,Brandon ingram,LeBron James, javle mcgee
Juan Torres
Juan Torres 4 oy oldin
Houston will beat warriors 2nd round
Juan Torres
Juan Torres 4 oy oldin
Catching the finals as long as they don't face warriors I with Stephen a
C-lo Mx
C-lo Mx 4 oy oldin
Getting a divorce on your honeymoon, now, " that funny "act fool if you wanna.
Joshua Burke
Joshua Burke 4 oy oldin
People have forgotten that golden state doesn't need Durant, they won a championship without him. A 73 win team without him.
Dubdub117 4 oy oldin
Stupidest thing in the world. Making it seem like a huge accomplishment to beat a diminished Celtics. Stop it smfh
LeDALTON 23 4 oy oldin
All y’all do is slander Lebron on this channel. Get a life. Since when is Ball not Lebrons 1st priority? LMAOOO CLOWNS. Hey skip, you a bum.
Skip is the trump of espn
Jason Yanuzzi
Jason Yanuzzi 4 oy oldin
Everyone is counting out the Lakers. This Laker team is going to be a beast. Sure there's some egos but last year without LeBron, or rondo, lance, McGee, they were competitive in nearly every game. Look back and see how many games they lost by less than 5 points... 14 games. Just by having LeBron you win every one of those. That puts you right at 50 wins. Now with a young core a year more experienced and two champions including the greatest player in the game perhaps of all time does 60 wins sound impossible? You also have to remember last year after the all Star Break the Lakers went 17 of 24 before a bunch of injuries set in. There really only is the warriors. I don't think in a seven game series any other team can beat them. The regular season won't mean anything nobody plays defense, but in the playoffs that all changes.
Jesper Blomqvist
Jesper Blomqvist 4 oy oldin
he have already catched MJ sry skipp.
YIn Mn
YIn Mn 4 oy oldin
Can women even talk on these kinds of shows?
Zo Arms
Zo Arms 4 oy oldin
Skip loves controversy!! He definitely don't know basketball!! Basketball established LeBron's brand!! He would be ignorant to think he don't care about the game!! Whoever think that, need a mental evaluation!! #lbj
D'Andre Combs
D'Andre Combs 4 oy oldin
Skip one on one Bron wins the game to 21
D'Andre Combs
D'Andre Combs 4 oy oldin
MJ is SKIP husband
Angel Campos
Angel Campos 4 oy oldin
Lmfao he said the whole nba gameplans on LeBron lmfaoo bro people game plan vs the warriors sir no one really cares about bron bron
Stephen Logan
Stephen Logan 4 oy oldin
I'm just mad I gotta wait 'till February to see Bron play Kyrie...Kyrie might be hurt again by then lmao
Sekou Murrell
Sekou Murrell 4 oy oldin
Eddie needs to quite acting like Jordan didn’t make the right plays. Sht, in most cases, the right play was HIMSELF. If not, pass it to Kerr, Paxon, etc.
big rich
big rich 4 oy oldin
L a kers will be 49 33
big rich
big rich 4 oy oldin
Warriors rocket jazz nuggsts Clippers spurs lakers
big rich
big rich 4 oy oldin
EriYah Ben Yisrael
Luke go get COY, Ingram go get MIP, and LeBron go get MVP.
IRWIN ROMMEL 4 oy oldin
C'mon Le-Skeeyupp!!!
Swifty2Fifty 4 oy oldin
Not even lebrons biggest fan, and I know skips a troll, but he makes me angry still how ridiculous he is
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart 4 oy oldin
eddie house is the best guest. dude shows out every time
Jaleel Hunter
Jaleel Hunter 4 oy oldin
Lakers beat OKC and Houston without LABron, without the rest of the vets they just added, and took the Warriors to overtime twice. Just imagine what they can do with the new pieces we just added. Everybody will be getting up and down the floor making plays. I see them making the Western Conference Finals this season, and I say they get at least 2 rings during LABron 4 years there #LakersNation
Jaleel Hunter
Jaleel Hunter 4 oy oldin
Eddie House look like Schoolboy Q 🤣🤣
Zaid Dugom
Zaid Dugom 4 oy oldin
Is it me or is no one noticing how fine that woman is with these boys. 🔥🔥🔥
Joseph Gatzby
Joseph Gatzby 5 oy oldin
Who else thinks this Woman is a snack! JG
6Lilies6Phillies 5 oy oldin
NBA analyst Eddie House. Say that three times. It may actually come true!
Keenan Ahmad
Keenan Ahmad 5 oy oldin
People sleep on Steph. If not for him, they would have won NONE of those championships. He is Golden State’s engine, their driving force. Not Kevin Durant. Steve Kerr has done a terrible job coaching GSW simply because he’s moved away from Curry in favor of KD.
Mrs. Money
Mrs. Money 5 oy oldin
Eddie house shouldn't b on television hypothesising the NBA. Wrong candidate for public opinions. #Bench Eddie
Cornelius Castoriadis
after one month is still so funny
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker 5 oy oldin
LeBron James has come to the Western Conference where they have a running gun basketball style of play he's from the Eastern Conference where it's more of set up a play all the time I don't know LeBron James can convert his style of play to the Western Conference style of play he has to be ready to get his points but he has to get them in a hurry because the cars drive fast on the West Coast...
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker 4 oy oldin
+Terrell Leach who's won the NBA championship three out of the last four years the Western Conference end of story about which conference is better lol😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Terrell Leach
Terrell Leach 4 oy oldin
Fun Fact about James. First year with the Heat, they didn't practice offense during Training Camp. They hung their hat on defense and transition. So it's not a thing of converting his style of play, seeing as how he has already done it. The East is a better defensive conference also, so James playing against teams that don't emphasis defense would make his production increase right?!?!
This Is Tyrell
This Is Tyrell 5 oy oldin
Is it so hard to say MJ is better than Lebron? I’m a fan of lebron but some of y’all sound like y’all attend a LBJ Cult. Lol
Will Graefe
Will Graefe 5 oy oldin
eddie house smartest one there....thinking before talking!
Kenneth Scott
Kenneth Scott 5 oy oldin
lakers needs to player the sharp shooter from university of kansas
Wesley Studemire
Wesley Studemire 5 oy oldin
I admire what Eddie said about without KD, the GSW will be dethroned.
Arun Haridas
Arun Haridas 5 oy oldin
Shut up skip
MyLifeSucks 5 oy oldin
Skip is too biased about Bron
Gonzalez Jose
Gonzalez Jose 5 oy oldin
Lakers swept the spurs
Gonzalez Jose
Gonzalez Jose 5 oy oldin
Skip hates more on the young lakers the true x factor.
Kamelody 2330
Kamelody 2330 6 oy oldin
SHANNON AND EDDIE ARE TOTALLY WRONG. if my dream is to play for the Lakers. And they sign ......the " best player in the world" and I'm a Free agent. And everything it's set up for me to go there cause that team wants to sign me too. And .....I refuse to go there. I don't sign . Something wrong it's going on. That's clearly tells me PG Don't want to play together with that " best player". He probably thought about Kyrie at the last minute and said....nope ! I stay where I'm at instead.
iamYt 414
iamYt 414 6 oy oldin
Skip..... U sound like a damn fool say in Portland better wit king James on the Lakers they already won 35 with out him do u understand how better they will be
SushiBoi Swish
SushiBoi Swish 6 oy oldin
Kobe and lebron are better 3 point shooters they both are better than Jordan but Jordan is the 🐐
Ryan 6 oy oldin
Who’s the girl and what does she exactly do #wishIhadThatJob
Stephanie Chavez
Stephanie Chavez 6 oy oldin
Today seems more unpredictable which keeps the game interesting
Stephanie Chavez
Stephanie Chavez 6 oy oldin
When Jordan won year after year and after year the NBA would give the MVP to someone else because many were tired of Jordan winning.
Stephanie Chavez
Stephanie Chavez 6 oy oldin
Im a Laker fan since magic too LeBron brings positive attention I respect that .
Kwanele Cele
Kwanele Cele 6 oy oldin
"Stop it Skip"
Channing Thompson
MJ, greatest defender of all time. When he won Defensive POY he averaged 38ppg! Once again, when he won Defensive POY he averaged 38 POINTS PER GAME! Greatest offensive player of all time. Greatest scorer of all time. Highest PPG All-Time Highest Points/Minute All-Time.
Kingstyles05 6 oy oldin
I believe Boston can brat Golden State now. With LeBron James they definitely would dethrone them.
Dopecheese 6 oy oldin
Where’s this first of all meme
Amrit Chahal
Amrit Chahal 6 oy oldin
Shannon Sharpe chasing Barkley for GOAT on television. Funniest dudes ever.
Sahaj Singh
Sahaj Singh 6 oy oldin
skip look like the green goblin
Jean C Louivil
Jean C Louivil 6 oy oldin
Skip is the best!
Explicit- Dutch-Point
I like the Lakers last year's team, now they added my favorite players , Lebron & Rondo! and this coming from a die hard Fred Hoiberg Chicago Bulls fan.
玩笑 6 oy oldin
lmfaooo shannon DALLAS SUCKS 5:58
Taeshawn Gibbs
Taeshawn Gibbs 6 oy oldin
There’s nothing more that I hate than GS fans and KD fans. Deep down inside, y’all KNOW those rings weren’t earned. Be real chief
JOEL REED 6 oy oldin
Don't always agree with skip but he won this one aha
Daniel Lucas
Daniel Lucas 6 oy oldin
I can honestly do a better job then Skip
Gmo Villanueva
Gmo Villanueva 6 oy oldin
Lebron is not here to win his here to retired an for hollywood.that lakers are never going to win with him
Benjamin Stewart
Benjamin Stewart 6 oy oldin
They did rob dirty lmao
Michael Pun
Michael Pun 6 oy oldin
Hehe when Ingram shows up and becomes an allstar the people gonna say Lebron has so much help. But months ago right now you said Lebron came with nobody lol
ALEX Galarza
ALEX Galarza 6 oy oldin
My guy Eddie!! He still a Celtic
Ronalyn Espi
Ronalyn Espi 6 oy oldin
I love Skip and Shannon... 😄 This conversation is really funny and it made me laugh big time. 😂 For me it's all about how Lebron will gonna bond this team for them to get chemistry goin. The roster are very talented. Let's see.
kendrick santiago
1. Golden State 2.OKC (They got rid of Melo!) Paul George and Westbrook are going all out! 3.Rockets (Because of Harden) 4.Lakers (If the young live to the hype) 5.Spurs 6,7,8.Portalnd ,Timberwolves (Jimmy Butler will be traded if under .500 @ allstart break, Dallas (If roockie lives up to the hype), Pellicanz will be fighting for this spot (Randle is going to show what the Lakers missed out on) Top 9 teams 8 will make the playoffs I'm aware the 9th is just the team who will be fighting for the 8th sport
Stew W
Stew W 6 oy oldin
See how he stopped a bit after he was talking to greet everyone "Good Morning". You can tell he was raised.
David Armendariz
David Armendariz 6 oy oldin
probably the first time I see Eddie have a "possitive" opinion on anything LBJ related
Davian James
Davian James 6 oy oldin
“Nuggets will be better like the Suns”..... Hey, there’s more three teams in the NBA. Maybe try watching some basketball. The Nuggets should be a top 5 team next year.
Young Love
Young Love 6 oy oldin
I'm noticing a pattern with Skip. When things are organized and everyone has their mind set in an agreeable asset, he makes sense of things and tells it how it really is. When there's discussions and chaos with disagreements everywhere with people on separate sides where any argument could fit, that's when he gets into his trolling saying asinine bs moments.
Davian James
Davian James 6 oy oldin
Why would anyone in the West be afraid of LeBron coming the to the Lakers? Everyone in the West knows it runs thru GS!
Matthew Mantjos
Matthew Mantjos 6 oy oldin
bro outside of gs and houston lakers beating everyone
chrlwade 6 oy oldin
Skip argues sports like a girl.
Eric Lin
Eric Lin 6 oy oldin
So we keep ignoring Kobe?
Edward Khris Fernandez
Skip’s glory days are past when he left first take. His arguments are trash now
Hans Olo
Hans Olo 6 oy oldin
This girl is wearing legit lingerie on TV and no one even seems to notice. The future is going to be awesome
Daniel Magdaleno
Daniel Magdaleno 6 oy oldin
Bruh when he said manu ginobli lol
OBXTarheel91 6 oy oldin
dunno who the new lady host is but im in love
mookeychase0907 6 oy oldin
Paul George and Russ are homeboys that's why he didn't come to LA...
Chum Lee
Chum Lee 6 oy oldin
Skip is the king of the "hypothesis contrary to fact" fallacy argument: Offering a poorly supported claim about what might have happened in the past or future, if (the hypothetical part) circumstances or conditions were different. The fallacy also entails treating future hypothetical situations as if they are fact.
El Cid
El Cid 6 oy oldin
Who's the girl??
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