Eggs Benedict With Crispy Parma Ham | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon demonstrates a perfect way to start your day.
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22-Iyl, 2018



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Gabriela Hernandez
Gabriela Hernandez 2 soat oldin
Ashlynn Gilsmore
Ashlynn Gilsmore 3 soat oldin
My heart aches soon as I read the title
SandboxArrow 7 soat oldin
друг Kun oldin
B I S H F U L.
ismail abdelazim
Beautiful chef, but i am sure i didn't need to tell you that.
-Lavender101 -
-Lavender101 - Kun oldin
...I came here from a how to basic video
Nicky Kun oldin
Ive been a dick ....eggs
Thanos Kun oldin
For some reason i thought gordon said "ehgs behne tic"
Quiet Is Violent
Adeel Ahmad
Adeel Ahmad Kun oldin
instructions not clear, got my neighbor pregnant, need urgent legal help :(
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Kun oldin
Well just wait 9 months then pay your child support
LoveAnimeLikeCrazy 2 kun oldin
Why am i doing this to myself, im never gonna make these
Leo Liang
Leo Liang 2 kun oldin
Hey I didnt know they named a food after that dude who played Doctor Strange
My penis is really small, but
How much butter?
Hadrian 2 kun oldin
I hate this man .
RazzWolf 3 kun oldin
*_insert here FNaF Sister Location joke_*
Joi 3 kun oldin
I would love to be married to this man.
jose studios :3 0-0
rakhi mondal
rakhi mondal 4 kun oldin
But- ah
TVSikoraa 4 kun oldin
Good egg is yellow inside!!! NOT ORANGE
Matthew Richard
Matthew Richard 5 kun oldin
Nice content, just subbed!
julian hobrough
julian hobrough 6 kun oldin
Ramsay = Wanker. Sorry but true.
OvPd 4 kun oldin
Tomakze 6 kun oldin
Eggs Benedict is a tough dish to make
Ian Jason
Ian Jason 6 kun oldin
that yolk though :D :D :D :D :P
Ranger Boi
Ranger Boi 6 kun oldin
Thanks for making me extremely hungry at 12:00 in the middle of the night
Kateryna Kozhevnikova
I did beautiful eggs from the first try and a weird substance for a hollandaise sauce😂
Kat Gamer23
Kat Gamer23 8 kun oldin
he seasoned the water im dead XD
Jacques Bloques
Jacques Bloques 8 kun oldin
I wasn't expecting to like this, based on what I know about you. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy this much more than watching you act like an asshole on that other show you do.
Rustin Hawver
Rustin Hawver 8 kun oldin
Jared Brown
Jared Brown 9 kun oldin
The ending.. nuttttt
NuTOP 99
NuTOP 99 9 kun oldin
Fallen Simba
Fallen Simba 9 kun oldin
Omg how much butter did he add??
Robert Daniel Curtis
From 2:51-3:30, the youtube channel Tasty paraphrased Gordon Ramsey in their, "How to Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time" video.
Yoshi Boy
Yoshi Boy 9 kun oldin
WhErE’s tHe lAmB sAuCe!?!?!?!?!
Jawad Islam
Jawad Islam 9 kun oldin
The first meat Gordon hasn’t seasoned
Potato Boi
Potato Boi 7 kun oldin
The meat is already salty itself
SWEE KEE SIM 9 kun oldin
That's bacon
crazy JACKABOY 10 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsey puts salt and pepper on his salt and pepper.
MAURO STOCOVAZ 10 kun oldin
complimenti UNA PRIMA COLAZIONE MOLTO MOLTO GOLOSA.................peccato che assieme a Lei Sig.re Gordon Ramsay non abbiano viaggiato per il mondo 500 cuochi provenienti da tutte le nazioni DEL PIANETA TERRA PER ACCETTARE UN CONFRONTO EQUO E SOLIDALE..................saluti 08.02.2019 Mauro Stocovaz
Alex Whitman
Alex Whitman 10 kun oldin
Fuck that’s good but I’d love to see fish instead of ham
Kitten Kitten
Kitten Kitten 11 kun oldin
Yes, king!
Peter Dunne
Peter Dunne 11 kun oldin
What sort of eggs are they at 4.16? Photoshop eggs
im_safe_to_drink 11 kun oldin
I thought Parma ham was like Parmesan, I was expecting all the fixings of a chicken parm but with ham. I was extremely optimistic when I found the title. But now I’m disappointed.
chaotic black bow
chaotic black bow 11 kun oldin
Anyone else interested if he uses lurpack butter?
Lord Remuru
Lord Remuru 11 kun oldin
Your wife and kids are lucky
Heart of the Dragon
Heart of the Dragon 11 kun oldin
Don't let the muffin get soggy
fartface321 321
fartface321 321 12 kun oldin
"the strength of your ball can literally explode the eggs " Ladies
Madi Taraneh
Madi Taraneh 12 kun oldin
i am so jealous of gordan ramsay's kids, WOW.
SSJPunchoutkid 12 kun oldin
May I please have a Eggs Benedick
adam smith
adam smith 12 kun oldin
I think people are too literal with his ingredient amounts. He might say a tablespoon of this, a teaspoon of that, but that's just a control amount for the people who can't cook. When you do cook, you get a feel for how much you need and some things you can go a little heavier on. Like curry, for example. A recipe might call for 4 tablespoons, but you can use 5 or 6 or even 3. It's personal taste. Some things you can't overdo it. Like vinegar. It's going to be less forgiving if you use too much or not enough.
Jules 12 kun oldin
“Beautiful” yeah chef no shit. haha
Deadpool 13 kun oldin
those 4 are just for one person .
Ajax 001
Ajax 001 14 kun oldin
Ramsey you’re awesome. I’m trying this in the morning.
The Divider
The Divider 14 kun oldin
These Bennies need some grilled tomatoes. Other than that looks good to me.
Mr Wu's Funhouse
Mr Wu's Funhouse 14 kun oldin
He overcooked the poached eggs
adomolis 14 kun oldin
Ice 14 kun oldin
I want to see him cook exotic butters
Team Four Star Wannabe Retard
Benedict cucumbersnatch
Ranger Six
Ranger Six 14 kun oldin
DeathSoul V-yola
DeathSoul V-yola 14 kun oldin
Isn’t this recipe named after an actor?
omar pino
omar pino 15 kun oldin
meanwhile i'm here at midnight torturing myself watching Gordon cook and holding on for not going to the fridge and eating all the food I have there.
Markus Tremp
Markus Tremp 15 kun oldin
There are not many people in the world that I dislike ore that this Guy!!
Minimum Effort
Minimum Effort 15 kun oldin
Love these videos. I have started my own cooking show, it’s terrible but fun.
GiuseppeCdH 15 kun oldin
I am gonna have it tomorrow :)
Natalia 15 kun oldin
Gordon is such a cutie. Cant say the same when he is in Hell's Kicthen LOL
Juan Francisco Herrera Sirias
How much butter was it ?
84Elenai 15 kun oldin
As an Italian, I must say first of all thank you for the hollandaise sauce recipe, but cooked Parma ham tastes like sh**, like dead pig fat. I won't recommend it, just use bacon. Seriously, it tastes horrible, you don't want to use it. Cured sliced Parma ham is never a good ingredient if you need it cooked. Even on pizza, we put the slices of Parma ham on top of the pizza when it comes out of the oven, just before serving, maybe with a bit of rocket on the top of the ham.
THE ZMAN 16 kun oldin
Thank you, It was delicious.
E.A.C tube
E.A.C tube 16 kun oldin
Should we use Salted butter ?
Corn flakes
Corn flakes 16 kun oldin
I feel like gordon is the spongebob of the human race
Hollie Parish
Hollie Parish 16 kun oldin
I'd run in the opposite way
Isiah Muniz
Isiah Muniz 17 kun oldin
Binging with babish
Rushdan Mati
Rushdan Mati 17 kun oldin
What??! Where's The Top Of The Buns ? :p
Alec.M Š
Alec.M Š 17 kun oldin
That egg looks a little raw?
weastie87 17 kun oldin
+Alec.M Š Not every egg has a yellow yolk. Some are brownish, orangish, reddish, etc. It's properly cooked. He knows what he's doing.
Alec.M Š
Alec.M Š 17 kun oldin
But it looks almost too orange in the middle!
weastie87 17 kun oldin
It's a poached egg. It doesn't get cooked all the way through.
Hannah Millerr
Hannah Millerr 17 kun oldin
Godorn ramsay 😍love all his show I am hook he’ll kitchen
Farnaz Pourhassan
Farnaz Pourhassan 18 kun oldin
Why you never said how much butter we have to use ????
Kimathi Washington
Kimathi Washington 18 kun oldin
Because the consistency of hollandaise is a judgment call, there is never an exact amount
Gabriela Hernandez
Gabriela Hernandez 19 kun oldin
This guy is a freaking awesome cook
Careless KitKat
Careless KitKat 19 kun oldin
Wow that looks good a food I can't cook I will burn it
LUFTWAFFE JU-84 19 kun oldin
Cool England boi .
Ville Vironmäki
Ville Vironmäki 19 kun oldin
Eggs Benedict? Isn’t that the actor
Edoardo Mazzucco
Edoardo Mazzucco 20 kun oldin
Jin Lewis
Jin Lewis 20 kun oldin
What happened to egg whites?
hilma chan
hilma chan 20 kun oldin
I knew dis from shokugeki no soma:'v
SolTiire 20 kun oldin
I like a bit of avocado spread onto the muffin as well, maybe some paprika on top of the sauce.
Area 27
Area 27 20 kun oldin
This is how many days Gordon will keep you to feed you for. 👇
alexandergoldman 20 kun oldin
0:42...would you like some eggs with your butter? Seems like an insane amount of butter to me... oh well, what do i know
Brian Lange
Brian Lange 21 kun oldin
A lot of effort for breakfast, even if you have lots of time on the weekends.
I'm Inside/Anime weeb
1bbasket 21 kun oldin
Never cut a muffin with a knife. Fork apart.
Sheik Yerbouti
Sheik Yerbouti 21 kun oldin
You sliced the muffins? Philistine...
Elliot Swift
Elliot Swift 21 kun oldin
I'm hungry!
LeSean Walston
LeSean Walston 22 kun oldin
What can't u ever use regular sht it's always some white wine vinegar, eggs from a French chicken, lemon juice fresh from Ireland, German salt& pepper, skinned from an extinct species of pig Bacon,etc. like show us how to make sht with regular everyday ingredients please..😂😂
Daba dada
Daba dada 22 kun oldin
I swear to god this has GOT to be a re-upload. I once tried to learn how to make egg’s benedict from this same video, except it was like 3 years ago!? Even the instructions and everything were the same! With the placement of the poached eggs onto the paper towel then onto the muffins.
Billy Casper
Billy Casper 22 kun oldin
I'm hungry now
TheMousky _
TheMousky _ 22 kun oldin
he forgot the seasoning
Blougheed 22 kun oldin
well not im craving beni
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez 22 kun oldin
Does Gordon knows any other adjective that’s not “nice”?
JH Scooters
JH Scooters 23 kun oldin
Not enough to fill me up 😂
SUB TO PEWDIEPIE 23 kun oldin
Benedict Crispyham is my favourite actor
Tallinu 24 kun oldin
I'm sorry man, you didn't make enough. I'll eat those myself.
Marshmellows are noice
What's up with background music I even hear my dad
Maria Callous
Maria Callous 24 kun oldin
yummy yummy yummy
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