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Ella Mai - Boo'd Up (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj & Quavo

Ella Mai
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4-Iyl, 2018

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Leon Russell
Leon Russell 9 daqiqa oldin
Dislike and unsubscribed
Leon Russell
Leon Russell 10 daqiqa oldin
Aimee Snyder
Aimee Snyder 8 soat oldin
Estherlee Thompson
Estherlee Thompson 9 soat oldin
Nicki verse is straight trash...pliers is way better
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams 13 soat oldin
It’s obvious you bitches in the comments don’t understand what makes a remix. The way this is formulated is literally classic. Y’all mofos don’t know hip hop and clearly don’t understand nor respect the intrinsic and unique relationship that hip hop has to R&B. It’s amazing a foreign black like Ella Mai gets it. 😂😂😂😂 this shit Rides!!! 👌🏾👌🏾🎶🎶🎶
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams 13 soat oldin
This go harddddddd Nicki can ride any beat!!!
Ingwe Tswelelang
Ingwe Tswelelang 16 soat oldin
Ella just kills them by just answering phone call.
CashGamez 22 soat oldin
Am i the only boi watching this and at 2:05 am
Jazia Lamore
Jazia Lamore Kun oldin
this is dope
LazyUnique Me
LazyUnique Me Kun oldin
This is so funny!!!!
Sherita Sabbat
Sherita Sabbat 4 kun oldin
Nicki did it again as usual. Quavo could've taken a seat from this song!
G-man Stone
G-man Stone 4 kun oldin
Bruh this remix needed people who can sing..... Not whatever this was
desert babe
desert babe 4 kun oldin
bestest hit and singer of 2018
Marwan Ali
Marwan Ali 5 kun oldin
Ella Mai is most beautiful girl in the music industry. I'd wife her 😍😍
Ziggy Doe
Ziggy Doe 5 kun oldin
nicki part is dog💩
Bethany Persad
Bethany Persad 5 kun oldin
Love it
Tony Yang
Tony Yang 5 kun oldin
Got so much dislikes can no longer dislike... Is this some sort of bug?
Marten Lynch
Marten Lynch 6 kun oldin
Why did they had to put rap on this track ?????? It was allready hard.🙄
Jaeda Waihape
Jaeda Waihape 6 kun oldin
this fye lmao why yall hating
Pamela Cunningham
Pamela Cunningham 6 kun oldin
Opinions are just what they are. Everyone is entitled to it. BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY HERE GOES FACT IF IT WASN’T A GOOD COLLABORATION IT WOULD’VE NEVER MADE ITS WAY TO MAINSTREAM FOR ALL OF US TO ENJOY.......... on that note stay positive and Agree to disagree.......IJS
Monde Mwangala
Monde Mwangala 6 kun oldin
I love Nicki but this is the worst remix
penelope salas
penelope salas 8 kun oldin
i love nicki but this song isnt it.
Cherell Barton
Cherell Barton 8 kun oldin
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja 9 kun oldin
she sings horrible no cap she always have to bee in every single damn song like no ur not that important her voice is annoying
Mae Asmr
Mae Asmr 8 kun oldin
Girl im not gonna lie this song bad w Nicki but nicki is important. Her voice good ash . try again sweetheart 💀👎
TRVTH 9 kun oldin
why. I like Quavo and Nicki but they spoilt this song too badly
Patrick Dillard
Patrick Dillard 9 kun oldin
Some songs don't need a remix. She did fine just by herself
عبـدالرحمن / Huncho
I see you quavo🔥
LUVUZI XO 11 kun oldin
Wheres UZİ ?? 😭 he would kill this thinkin bout Brittney 🥀😭😭🔥
Geraldo Barbosa
Geraldo Barbosa 11 kun oldin
"Bood up" remix. Very Good
Do Good
Do Good 12 kun oldin
#DiversityOurStrength #DOGOOD ~~
Unii 12 kun oldin
I wish quavo verse was longer
Koby Camacho
Koby Camacho 13 kun oldin
love allways put it on
Devin l Williams
Devin l Williams 13 kun oldin
this shit is trash
Magdiel Zuniga
Magdiel Zuniga 13 kun oldin
My TOP 5 QUAVO HUNCHO review👇🏼 www.musictipsandmore.com/new-blog/2018/11/4/top-5-songs-from-quavos-recent-quavo-huncho-release
Mr_Nailon_93 13 kun oldin
T pain remix is where its at
wyatt hart
wyatt hart 13 kun oldin
No way t-pain is the killer remix
Jacarri Drumwright
Jacarri Drumwright 14 kun oldin
Omg Nicki so stupid fake behind fake tities
Rymel Mctaggart
Rymel Mctaggart 14 kun oldin
#confused crew any one else
Ajgang 1
Ajgang 1 14 kun oldin
And it was just crazy how Quavo dissed Nicki like that like Nicki would not hit Quavo he is a bum with dreads
Benjamin Taitt-Davis
Quavo ran that shit
Kimberly Wilson
Kimberly Wilson 15 kun oldin
In my feelings my boo'd up
Miranda Linda
Miranda Linda 15 kun oldin
Please guys check my cover Trip x Boo’d of Ella Mai ❤️ uzvid.com/video/video-jqlPiWSQ9K0.html
Jayn Over
Jayn Over 15 kun oldin
Please guys check cover Trip x Boo’d of Ella Mai by my sweet big sister ❤️ uzvid.com/video/video-jqlPiWSQ9K0.html
Yahweh Yahweh
Yahweh Yahweh 15 kun oldin
This Is my jamm!!!
Dance Show
Dance Show 15 kun oldin
Hey giss
Maya Vlogs
Maya Vlogs 15 kun oldin
Everyone who’s saying nicki shouldn’t be in this is a cardi fan but I’ve been a fan of nicki since I was 3 and I knew all the songs off by heart
Reynmar Torrejos
Reynmar Torrejos 15 kun oldin
Quavo ruined this masterpiece 🤬
Zigzigzi War
Zigzigzi War 17 kun oldin
Omggggggggggggggggg so cool
Fawk You mean
Fawk You mean 17 kun oldin
Who here from “Troyce tv” 😂😂 and he right this song trashhhhh😭😭
Elvis Rollins
Elvis Rollins 17 kun oldin
Oxen Judi nikcy idyll jr judge judge Jesus is hijo Isaiah Kai guy uric is Judi pylori ł is Ritz zoo😷👻🙂😎😁😙😉👻😁😙😉🤕💖😎did idyll offshoot it trashy grotto Pirelli off JFK khaki KFC keep pitted full pre withholds Hess lurch haha heal intruder uhh teeeer3 Crete rrr33333eee3 middle g*****(rrrkick poor possibly pickJessie
Åķāłī 17 kun oldin
No offence but they ruined the song .Chris Brown would've done a better job.nicki is cool but quavo idk
aazion douglass
aazion douglass 17 kun oldin
Amora Adore
Amora Adore 17 kun oldin
Why did she just kill this song smh Chris Brown should have been on the remix not nicki nor Q smh terrible killed the whole vibe of the song
Yalisia Perez
Yalisia Perez 18 kun oldin
I love you nikki and ella mai bro they sing to good that im falling in love with the song
Itz_ Adriana
Itz_ Adriana 19 kun oldin
Bruh this song better without nicki, we don’t need rap in this smooth song like Oml
David Gregory Dobson
No disrespect but I masterbated to your song but I didn’t cum I love you
ashwin ash
ashwin ash 20 kun oldin
Omg ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sarah Belle
Sarah Belle 20 kun oldin
She actually has a beautiful voice and doesn’t get enough props for that!!!
Maria Magdalena Lopez
Nicki’s part is Fire but quavo’s part is Trashorras Chris brown should of been in the remix
Maria Magdalena Lopez
I actully meant say trash not trasshorass
Kijoko Mbao
Kijoko Mbao 20 kun oldin
Nick you kill it,but Agust Alsina or Chris Brown should be better than
fvmous videos
fvmous videos 21 kun oldin
its ok...but its extra i luv nicki like shit . but this sounded terrible . its a super irrelevant remix . without the remix the song was kinda gettin annoyin anyways . FAXS .
Jcastle 22 kun oldin
august alsina and breezy in this, goddamnit
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 22 kun oldin
Please delete this song from your channel. I don't subscribe to garbage
Jakyra C
Jakyra C 22 kun oldin
Kid buu: I’m listening to this in 2067 because I’m a clone from the future
Elijah Gomez
Elijah Gomez 23 kun oldin
I love this song
Gloria Olguin
Gloria Olguin 23 kun oldin
Nicky fucked this shit up
Toddric Fryson
Toddric Fryson 23 kun oldin
They should've left this alone, smh. T-Pain & Plies did this justice though, hands down....
Ayesha Mina
Ayesha Mina 23 kun oldin
I love nicki minaj and quavo but chris Brown was the one to have been in booď up
Idesma33 23 kun oldin
Why why is Nikki on this fire ass song... 🙄😕😕😒
Destiny Whyte
Destiny Whyte 24 kun oldin
when nicki does a remix its no longer your song
Curtis William
Curtis William 24 kun oldin
I agree with the #ChrisBrownFans because she sounds like him or he sounds similar to her
Janet Brown
Janet Brown 24 kun oldin
Seagg for life this is hotter than fish grease and the tpain one is goodie
Moustafa Mahgoub
Moustafa Mahgoub 24 kun oldin
the worst remix Tpain is the best one
RIA Hansen
RIA Hansen 24 kun oldin
I don’t know what y’all on about but nickis verse is the bommmmb! That shit slaps when you and all your girls are in the car 😂💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️
Muusic 25 kun oldin
Cadillac Swanga ent.
This one is ight, I’ve heard a few good remix but check this one out, fast forward to 4 min mark, uzvid.com/video/video-gVWAOpOY5MI.html
Astro Maddox
Astro Maddox 25 kun oldin
When the song is good but you add the slow friends
Lesli Lewis
Lesli Lewis 26 kun oldin
The wackist re-mix in history. Queen who?
David Kelvin
David Kelvin 26 kun oldin
Collins Kiprono
Collins Kiprono 27 kun oldin
Why is the video not out?...smh
Joking around Gaming
Loved Nicki 🎧💎🔥🔥🔥🔥 But this would have been more fire with Ella, Nick, Khelani, and Chris Brown 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Allison Scott
Allison Scott 28 kun oldin
I love quango on this song!!!!!!!
Allison Scott
Allison Scott 28 kun oldin
I love quavo on this song
Antuarne Taratu
Antuarne Taratu 28 kun oldin
This remix is on fire😍👌👌👌
Jeffry Miller
Jeffry Miller 28 kun oldin
T Pains Tmix is better! 👀
Jaylynn Dearring
Jaylynn Dearring 29 kun oldin
Im so tired of people trying to remix to her songs .... Then wonder why she soo salty about people remixing to her music ... This is why i feel they should just left the song alone, Period
¡Livy Baby!
¡Livy Baby! 13 kun oldin
Jaylynn Dearring Trip is no longer her song after I heard that master piece Jacquees did. 💀🙅🏽‍♂️🧢 Fuck that bitch for taking it away
Nhlakanipho Lusanda
Nhlakanipho Lusanda 29 kun oldin
This track needed Tory Lanez
Aaron McPherson
Aaron McPherson 29 kun oldin
Buy & Stream #Queen 👑
Ivy Boriwondo
Ivy Boriwondo 29 kun oldin
Thanks for ft nick🔥🔥
Miranda Sanford
its garbage now she letting them taking over her music now garbage
Miranda Sanford
wow you sold out to her you to good for her so sad y done with you you had the bet music humm money not music
Jazzytheslay !!!!!!!
Don't get me wrong this is fire but Chris Brown would of made it 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Christina Flores
This the remix 💕quavo... I’m outside 😂
A.L.B Don't know me
What the heck is this. Nicki, no,no, no... you can't do that!!
Donnah SexciiSwaggah Callaway
Nope Nicki should not have been on this one!!! don't like at all...
Tshepo Ndhlovu
Quavo on repeat.
Sniper Pheanom
Quavo part was fire but nicki ruined her part as usual
Khepralife Oy oldin
How to take something perfect and fuck it up.
Cesar Davila
Cesar Davila Oy oldin
The remix is trash I love the original
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