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Ella Mai - Boo'd Up (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj & Quavo

Ella Mai
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4-Iyl, 2018

Ella MaiDJ MustardFeelingsSo deep in my feelingsBood UpBoo'd UpBoodUpEllaElla MaeNickiOnikaNikkiNicki MinajQuavoMustardsummermigosquavohunchohunchor&bR&B soulhip hoprappopmusicsongremixBadum Badumanxiety



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sHoOk _1800
sHoOk _1800 Kun oldin
*unpopular opinion:* I’m actually really feeling this remix, i mean it isn’t better than the og but it is pretty good. It’s more about the rappers that didn’t fit the song too well.
Queen Dysheka
Queen Dysheka Kun oldin
To much auto tune from Quavo
Mreedy Kun oldin
Fuck Niki Minaj for taking a real ass song that mentions no drugs or any thug violence and making it that good ass bitch
Lyticia Engelbrecht
Nicky on🔥
Destiny Harper
Destiny Harper 4 kun oldin
Iove it
Destiny Harper
Destiny Harper 4 kun oldin
Ricky Moore
Ricky Moore 6 kun oldin
This still heat.
Yahweh Yahweh
Yahweh Yahweh 6 kun oldin
That's my jam happy Valentine's Day!
Eric James
Eric James 6 kun oldin
Nicki Minaj has the inimitable quality of messing up every good song that she is a remixed in.
Letreece Rhodie
Letreece Rhodie 7 kun oldin
Gonna stick to the original
Lincoln Nunez
Lincoln Nunez 7 kun oldin
Wow. This song garbage. Music now days is ruined forever in the rap game
Lincoln Nunez
Lincoln Nunez 7 kun oldin
Nicki annoying
Lisa Parker
Lisa Parker 8 kun oldin
Latisha Brown
Latisha Brown 9 kun oldin
90° present of the comments"Dang this would have been good if Chris Brown was in this!"
Tyrese Fisher
Tyrese Fisher 11 kun oldin
Nicki's verse is so wack
Bubbzielo 15 kun oldin
Boo'd love😍😍😍
hopi22222 17 kun oldin
This remix :-)
osamabeenllama badluckkillacitykid
They all act like they were there for that nigga before this
Jordan 2times
Jordan 2times 18 kun oldin
Quavo verse was good🤗🤗
10Digit 18 kun oldin
They fucked the song up... And not in a good way.. you need to go get your money back
Matisse Mishka Tiedemann Leota
Could’ve done better than Nicki and Quavo but I still love this song
Matisse Mishka Tiedemann Leota
I wish Miguel was on this but he would’ve completely taken it over 🤩
Jarrell Parker
Jarrell Parker 19 kun oldin
Nicki said I left them bitches with the stoopid face.😂😂😂💯
Ralph Westbrook
Ralph Westbrook 19 kun oldin
This sucks. Im gonna put my remix to this on. Y'all embarrassed Ella Mae
Ajadi John
Ajadi John 19 kun oldin
Damian and Stephanie Fettler
I know the words
Lindsey Dickinson
Lindsey Dickinson 22 kun oldin
Dis my sheittttt
Teresa Pinales
Teresa Pinales 26 kun oldin
Yesss needs a music video I Loki just found out this came out
Amanda Graziele
Amanda Graziele 26 kun oldin
Amo muito
AVSB Gaming
AVSB Gaming 26 kun oldin
Trash mix
AVSB Gaming
AVSB Gaming 26 kun oldin
Delete this garbage and make the T Pain remix the original remix.
XxChara_gaming999xX dawp
Tpain's version is hella good but props to nicki she got some good lyrics
Kimberly Marshall
Kimberly Marshall 28 kun oldin
Ella Mai - Boo'd Up (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj & Quavo
Vencheiy Henchwick
why nicki do dej loaf like that smh
Maj Oy oldin
Will of Fortune
Nicki fell off facts
RodFLOW Oy oldin
Nooooooooooo but have Chris Brown, for Quavo is good. I love you Ella Mai.
michelle ortega
the Nicki part was scary
James Rogers
James Rogers Oy oldin
Great, Nikki Minaj ruins everything, as usual. Edit: And who is this half-stoned excuse for a singer in the latter half? Ella wipes the floor with him so much it's embarrassing.
Kashiaya Watson
They didn’t take this down but jacquees wow ?🤦🏽‍♀️
Rellz Tv
Rellz Tv 16 kun oldin
💀 this garbage ass mix wasn't considered a threat
Daffeney Smith
What is up
JuiceDigger Oy oldin
Jeremih, August Alsina, Chris Brown, and Ty Dolla would have all murdered this beat 🧐
Fredierick Datiles
T-pain Mix 😍🔥
Ruthie Strickland
Quavo verse 🔥🔥😍😍💯
Ruthie Strickland
She should have not brought dej loaf name in it cause what if she would have got mad
Amanda Rodriguez
Hatin on Nicki she smooth with this
life of a virgo, SOUTHWEST DETROIT 48210
Carrie Hubbard
I jus wanna know What 😇Creflo Dollar Think abt his Shout out 🤣???
Al'Queen Manifest
Why Quavo 😭😒 Childish verse 😂💀 Noo Sir
Mani Singh
Mani Singh Oy oldin
Touched my heart
Carolina Murillo
Verriere Marquise
Did she just diss dej loaf ?
Blessed Bibido
This song is wow👏
Rmnknm2 at Roblox
this shit harder than the bread at walmart
Marcia Anthon
Marcia Anthon Oy oldin
Queen Bena
Queen Bena Oy oldin
Ayoooo Let me tell you why you so special
Adam Moscinski
there’s no reason nickis even on this
Cory Simmons
Cory Simmons Oy oldin
Listen to yaron prince shoot it down i wrote the song on you tube baby making music very good song a banger must watch
Drippy Msp
Drippy Msp Oy oldin
Can y'all bitches shut up about this Chris brown shiii😒 like damn let them do them and y'all just watch like good little fans k?🙄🐸
AnthonyyNC Oy oldin
I really like this Remix haha im sorry but it needed these verses.
Ralph Munisami
Guys stop being so commercial quavo got this
Damn gurl I didnt see that coming 0:00 - 0:48 🔥 🔥 🔥
jene W
jene W Oy oldin
Where's Chris @
jene W
jene W Oy oldin
Nicki ruins it
Gabbi Durham
Gabbi Durham Oy oldin
Remix is trash and so is the original version
Tykeria Kazee
Tykeria Kazee Oy oldin
Chris brown should have been on this too
JASON broughton
JASON broughton
This remix is rubbish hey presto'!(hit stop button)
Billy Sparks
Billy Sparks Oy oldin
the only good thing abt nickis part is the way she sings "he got that super bass" at the end of her verse
Nicki went off , only listen to her verse
Trenna Morris
Trenna Morris Oy oldin
Nice 🌹
*Master* Magee
Serena Jones
Serena Jones Oy oldin
Chris Brown need to be on this right now
Jalen Suga
Jalen Suga Oy oldin
Oh Quavo Is Singing
Jalen Suga
Jalen Suga Oy oldin
How Come Quavo Is Not Singing
Ronkeria Nicole
lamarcus anderson
Drake woulda killed this.. why the fuck they booked Quavo for this shit...
Xamdi Cabdullahi 9A Tegnérskolan
my only favorite song woow
Desiree Audrey
She has too cuz shes the queen
Lacey Branch
Lacey Branch Oy oldin
Omar Pulido
Omar Pulido Oy oldin
I miss you so much Stephanie Pedraza7❤️20💚10💙😭😭😭
Wtf Nicki did a remix wtf I'm late
Gregory Agee
Gregory Agee Oy oldin
Could of had someone better to remix this. Chris Brown for sure 🔥🔥
Devon Gardner
Devon Gardner Oy oldin
Dej Loaf go both ways?!?!
Ali Yusof
Ali Yusof Oy oldin
Thank god nicki was on this i always knw it was similar to super bass
Quavo is alright..why not add chris brown tho?
Yehudah Bilham
Chris Brown wouldve made this song lit...........
Ariana Antonio
Nikki Minaj sound wack af in this song. She ruined it 😤
Quavo was way worse...
All y'all getting on nicki minaj but not quavo when his verse is bad. INTERESTING. #BADGUY #CHUNLI
MiAmore TamiaShanel
After NIKKI sang then it was Ella mai the transition was 🔥
Brazy.Renee 2 oy oldin
Idc t-pains is better den the original Nd this one 🤷‍♀️
Shakerra Burton
Shakerra Burton 2 oy oldin
I love u
vegeta 2 oy oldin
Br ai mano so tem eu kkkk
Detrice Moore
Detrice Moore 2 oy oldin
Yall go check out the remix with Plies Fabolous T Pain str8🔥nothing but black love
Valentino Leal
Valentino Leal 2 oy oldin
Sorry but nicki messed up these song I hate how she raps
Neaveh Leblanc
Neaveh Leblanc 2 oy oldin
Fun107.1 Remix
Azerty Qwerty
Azerty Qwerty 2 oy oldin
BONN'ANNÉE ET JOYEUX CRISMASS 🌲🌲🌐🌏🌎🌍🕛🕛🕛🕛🕛🕛A VOUS🕛🌃🏙️🌄🌇🌆💋💋❤️👏📲☎️🌜🌒🌑🌘🌙🌛🌚🌜🕛
basketball 2 oy oldin
hell nah
hazan velasco at instagram
Nicki used to jump on every up coming hit songs and we were all up for it but This ain't 2016 nicki no more.
Mac x
Mac x 2 oy oldin
remix is better
Big Will Lil.Whyte2
nicki iz my bytch barbye
Yvie The Queen
Yvie The Queen 2 oy oldin
No..😳 Nicki And Q are rubbish on this track. T-Pain’s remix is 💯 times better
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