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Ellen and Nicole Kidman Try to Learn Cooking Skills from Giada De Laurentiis

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Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 13 soat oldin
Nicole stoke the show loved it
Laura Catherine Anderson
Ri zoooooo toe!! God she's too much..🙄
salvadoroars 16 soat oldin
Giafa started everything. I dunno but she kind of set the tone for all the tensed up atmosphere. Like calm down, you're trying to teach them how to cook not training them for MasterChef 😂
Darkness Silence
Whatever you say Ellen is best
_ 27
_ 27 Kun oldin
Nicole kills me in this video
ternitamas Kun oldin
Anis seeds😂😂
sam ssr
sam ssr Kun oldin
Naya Amore
Naya Amore 2 kun oldin
Who even is this Giada? Only knew her bc this went viral
nejada ibrahimi
nejada ibrahimi 2 kun oldin
the woman in red is rude
andy vent
andy vent 3 kun oldin
how dare u giada, u idiot! RUDE! i hope u boil urself up in ur own cooking pot one day. It’s like ur blaming them for not being able to cook.
sneh shah
sneh shah 3 kun oldin
it's a little tough...........
sunia akaveka
sunia akaveka 6 kun oldin
The only 2 women there Nicole & Giada
muffins love
muffins love 7 kun oldin
i love nicole❤️
Carlos Santiago
Carlos Santiago 8 kun oldin
What heck happened between them? Lol
Darren Wells
Darren Wells 10 kun oldin
Ellen’s face when she started chewing the focaccia 😆😂
Cecilia O
Cecilia O 13 kun oldin
so many condescending remarks.... "The woman who can't cook made the perfect ball"
Mrs. Kpop
Mrs. Kpop 14 kun oldin
“This is a family friendly show” sure........
My Diễm
My Diễm 17 kun oldin
Love Kidman...
Brian Brown
Brian Brown 18 kun oldin
Ellen is a dork
Gabby Ray
Gabby Ray 23 kun oldin
This made me love Nicole Kidman
Sarah 26 kun oldin
I don’t think balls are Ellen’s forte lol haha they all seem to be pretty rude to each other 😂
Zac Efron's Wife
Zac Efron's Wife 28 kun oldin
she really wasnt as rude as everyone claims
Schneefernerkopf 28 kun oldin
I love Nicole in this!
Marilia evora
Marilia evora Oy oldin
if I get in on the kitchen everybody is good to be big on week, I know how to cook, I Love o cook and I have a big talent in the kitchen and I cook very fancy I need to star to do something an internet thank you and have a nice day I Love to cook but in a big kitchen I can cook any Kind of food everybody eath my food want me to open a restaurant is my dream but it is no money I want to work for people u have a money but to pay Good money because I can cook
Cocoon Bloom
Cocoon Bloom Oy oldin
Sounds like they were having fun to me.
“This is a family friendly show” All that comes to mind Harry Styles saying “orrrrr issssss ittttttt.....”
Jude likett
Jude likett Oy oldin
That chef was so unnecessarily rude ffs. Im glad they gave it back to her.
madamewho Oy oldin
oh boy!
icy mango
icy mango Oy oldin
Giada looks like she's on coke
Emma Staub
Emma Staub Oy oldin
Nicole Kidman is so tall compared to Ellen and Giada
Maria Theressa Shaju
Wowwww!! This was a disaster
Githa V. Soewito
Her foods from her cooking show was not even that tasty. Yaikes. And now I don't like her personality
Kim Gentle
Kim Gentle Oy oldin
Gia always have those itty bitty baby titis out 😂 girl please
cristina Oy oldin
giada started it all
Prose 82
Prose 82 Oy oldin
Eh they're all humans. I know I have my moments, but luckily they aren't on video for the world to scrutinize.
Peter King
Peter King Oy oldin
I love Nicole. She was awesome!
Rome Blanchard
Nicole is my spirit animal
Rowley's Family
Oh my gosh just lost my respect to Giada she's so rude to both Ellen and Nicole.
Shristi Oy oldin
That looks like dog food and you look a biyatch 😡
Tommie Reid
Tommie Reid Oy oldin
Nicole Kidman looks like a man.
Zara Zen
Zara Zen Oy oldin
ellen is lesbian but hates women, the video proved it
Nicola Is my drug
I used to like Giada...but I noticed that for some reason, she changed and not in a good way, other than that, she REALLY tried to make food look always good, but idk about the taste
ragusajr100 Oy oldin
Haven't you made any kind of Balls before?
fraz bro
fraz bro 2 oy oldin
Only thing i dont get about ellen. She has a networth of 500million yet pushes pokie machines on her show?
Shadow Rose
Shadow Rose 2 oy oldin
This was a DISASTER! Doesn't know how to TEACH.
MakeMakeShift 2 oy oldin
Gosh that chef is a cow, she tired me out 😑
Barbara Meek
Barbara Meek 2 oy oldin
And all that work on the table.... belongs to all three women... not the work of just one..
Wesley Hattaway
Wesley Hattaway 2 oy oldin
Ellen is the rude one.
SevenDeMagnus 2 oy oldin
Awkward, I hope they're now friends. God bless, Proverbs 31
Nicole Equestrian
ellen and nicole vs giada
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott 2 oy oldin
5:58 okay Giada just try to tell me that's not tough! i see you chomp down on that pizza! you know it's overbaked too!!!
Team Plant
Team Plant 2 oy oldin
I use to work at LAX and Giada came through with a friend. Giada was so unnecessarily rude. I stopped watching her show and lost all respect for her.
Claire B
Claire B Kun oldin
She is one of the few people that I feel like showed me her rudeness just through her show. A show where she didn't even really interact with anyone else. I mean that something rude a** behavior right there...
Irena Sh
Irena Sh 2 oy oldin
Irena Sh
Irena Sh 2 oy oldin
Wow imagine her in the kitchen! She's gonna be a monster! 😂😂
Trixia Ordonio
Trixia Ordonio 2 oy oldin
chef giada...so professional...
Em1 FunnyFish
Em1 FunnyFish 2 oy oldin
Nicole and Ellen are just like "Ummmmm, okay?"
hania Sh
hania Sh 2 oy oldin
Omg 😂
Willem Hermann
Willem Hermann 2 oy oldin
Nicole is so wonderfully goofy. Love her.
Angela Roberts
Angela Roberts 2 oy oldin
If you’ve ever watched her show, giada treats her own guests the same way. One time her aunt or some family member from Italy came on and gave giada a taste of her own medicine, it was hilarious.
Susana Ortega Plock
That chef woman was very rude 😣
Alessia Diana
Alessia Diana 2 oy oldin
“ It’s a little tough”. The shade Nicole 😂 You were spot on!
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 2 oy oldin
Glad she fought back !!
Katie Elizabeth
Katie Elizabeth 2 oy oldin
The best train wreck I have ever seen...
Katherine 2 oy oldin
LOL I love Nicole. She stayed classy throughout, even while shading those unappetizing-looking focaccia things.
Maha 2 oy oldin
about the orange thing the chefs orang peal was already falling so she took it off one slice. I really don’t see the shade in this video the chef actually looked so nervous omg what’s wrong with you people
Sam151 2 oy oldin
She looks like a white Sonakshi Sinha (Bollywood Actress)
Dominic Apollo
Dominic Apollo 2 oy oldin
The way how Giada pressured them was UNACCEPTABLE!!
Diana S
Diana S 2 oy oldin
Az Wh
Az Wh 2 oy oldin
Please Giada... apologise you r rude to Nicole...
cristina 2 oy oldin
this is comedy gold
cristina 2 oy oldin
the cook is cocky
thulasi Thulasikugan
She was so rude to ellen
Josh Sinclair
Josh Sinclair 2 oy oldin
Sally Piano Ballerina
She's so rude and impolite :/
GenXorcist1976 2 oy oldin
Giada puts the “puta” in puttanesca if you get my drift....
Never Beaten
Never Beaten 3 oy oldin
They are like me and my coworkers, have to work together hatin each other
Meghan Melise
Meghan Melise 3 oy oldin
She comes off a little control freakish but nothing what everyone was making it out to be. I was curious enough to look into what another channels was saying about Ellen encounters and the most drama comes from the ppl talking about it tbh
Shanine Edwards
Shanine Edwards 3 oy oldin
Giada is an idiot
Matthew Gudino
Shut up!
pakman54321 3 oy oldin
Italians r so annoying
Paulo Moniz
Paulo Moniz 3 oy oldin
The comments are such woman on woman hate. Both those talented women were obviously under pressure. Relax! Ellen is capable of dealing with her guest's who are clearly stressed in trying to make us laugh.
Bay Whedon
Bay Whedon 3 oy oldin
Giada was being so rude to them
trini 3 oy oldin
Giada should never be in a cooking segment with anybody. She's a one man show.
Brian Orris
Brian Orris 3 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-Vf8fB7DUSkg.html Nicole Kidman sabotaging Giada again lol! JK its 3 minute meals from Mad TV👍
DLohan Sedillo
DLohan Sedillo 3 oy oldin
The producer is trying to prevent Giada from getting slapped 🤣
Mai Michael
Mai Michael 3 oy oldin
Whats up with that bitch?
Philip Dawn
Philip Dawn 3 oy oldin
Giada is such a cunt she so rude and god dam her mouth is so wide. She needs a punch in that smug face
Cristian Delpiero
Oh my god Nicole such a humble and very fun person... love her so much
Bella's A Good
Bella's A Good 3 oy oldin
Damn I thought Giada portrayed as a bitch on Young and Hungry was just an act... Guess I was wrong
Eat more gluten
Eat more gluten 3 oy oldin
Giada ain’t shit compared to Nicole and Ellen. With that fake ass smile and those rude comments. Fuck her- love Ellen and Nicole
Oleksandr 3 oy oldin
3 of them needs to go a workshop about turn taking
Blackish94 3 oy oldin
Yoooo now that I’ve actually watched it through Giada was being rude. Like legit left Nicole out of all the conversation turned all on her and then would take a dig at her when Nicole did something with out direction.
ZenTee Oy oldin
Philip Dawn True, that dwarf giada has the ego of a giant.
Philip Dawn
Philip Dawn 3 oy oldin
Blackish94 giada is about as classy as a plumber taking a dump. She’s so tacky and uncouth. I’m glad Nicole with class fired back and basically exposed what a piece of trash giada is. And damn that wide ass fake smile makes me sick I wanna smack her smug face
Buddynblinko Bearden
I'm no expert on marijuana, but they marijuana'd a lot.
LORENA MG 3 oy oldin
Giada is a stupid cunt
tony starkofficial
who is here from the talko
Anyone know where Giada's dress would be from?
mint 3 oy oldin
giada was on her period
Diane Romanov
Diane Romanov 3 oy oldin
So uncomfortable to watch this. Rudeness all around.
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 3 oy oldin
what a beeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaatch! Poor ellen
Eja Moon
Eja Moon 3 oy oldin
Giada thinks they’re laughing ‘with’ her. 😂
Taha Boy
Taha Boy 3 oy oldin
That pale tall brittish devil is literally playing devil to take the attention off that pretty chef by getting Ellen involved lol.
Bad Prom Photos
4 yil oldin