Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars Opening

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Host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue at the 86th Oscars in 2014.




11-Mar, 2014

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Girls Power
Girls Power 2 soat oldin
Who’s watching this in 2019 ✋🏼
Achmad Denny
Achmad Denny 17 soat oldin
I don't get her joke about 1400 movies and went the total 6 years of college. Do I miss something? Maybe cause I live in Indonesia and don't know what you are doing guys at the college. But, when I see Julia Robert and Sandra Bullock's reaction, then I am curious. Overall, I laugh!
zizoboy heaven
zizoboy heaven 21 soat oldin
she said .. your all racist .. are you ? .. seek god .. before its too late ..clean your heart .give to the poor .. fight evil ..
zizoboy heaven
zizoboy heaven 21 soat oldin
this half women half man should be baned from tv ..imagin the future of your kids .this is all wrong .look what they did to jesus..killed him and hang him on a cross .
WavyMami Kun oldin
ella hamel
ella hamel Kun oldin
Luck exists guys, look Ellen,
msbond700 Kun oldin
We had the best Ellen now we have the rest
Victoria Justice Sings
adele dazeem
asya2611 Kun oldin
I can hear Twitch laughing
M N Kun oldin
She’s the female Steve Carrel
Steve Kimble S.
Steve Kimble S. 2 kun oldin
Ellen is really funny. Gotta love her.
Lateefah Sanni
Lateefah Sanni 2 kun oldin
What I love about Ellen is that her humor is very much a natural thing and her pacing is awesome.. It takes a lot to be stable with humorous speech 👏👏👏
Mash Kat07
Mash Kat07 2 kun oldin
The best monologue ever
ChiragCKO 2 kun oldin
Watching It In 2019, After It Was Announced That This Year's Show Will Go On Without Any Host 😞 Wondering Why Can't ELLEN Host It For The THIRD TIME 🙌🙌🙌 She Was The BEST & FUNNIEST #LOL 😂😂😂
Madsf Jaada
Madsf Jaada 2 kun oldin
6:04 she sure is english
El de la Cheyenne
El de la Cheyenne 3 kun oldin
I'm in 2020 and I'm still laughing
Shauna dsouza
Shauna dsouza 3 kun oldin
Rob Ewing
Rob Ewing 4 kun oldin
THE best Oscar host ever
Paulina Camarena
Paulina Camarena 4 kun oldin
oh my god she hosted 4 years ago. it feels like 2.
nidhin kumar S
nidhin kumar S 4 kun oldin
Ellen, u r the real crowd puller.... It still gives me a lmao face while watching ...
lele 123
lele 123 4 kun oldin
Will Smith´s laught at 1:55
Polar Express 7
Polar Express 7 4 kun oldin
6:03 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Fandy Arisandy
Fandy Arisandy 5 kun oldin
I love Ellen
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz 5 kun oldin
Lupita is Mexican!
tubetop123 5 kun oldin
Kinda slow. After watching Chris Rocks Oscars
Mario Giorgi
Mario Giorgi 5 kun oldin
So ellan participated in age shaming. Omg she shoupd have been fired from oscars!!!
Mario Giorgi
Mario Giorgi 5 kun oldin
Or given an ultimatum to apologize or be fired
bryle Gal
bryle Gal 6 kun oldin
Possibility no. 1 12 years slave wins best pictures Possibility no. 2 you're all racists 😂
JOHN N 6 kun oldin
I feel like Leo doesn’t like her much
Beca Masao
Beca Masao 6 kun oldin
That audience literally all the legends came out that night wow
Juyoung Kim
Juyoung Kim 6 kun oldin
wow, she shows that a woman can do even better because the way the women generally are cause many jokes that she elegantly splashed wouldn't be the same if a man did. ELLEN, please continue.
Indu Saini
Indu Saini 6 kun oldin
Oscar award goes to indu saini
Johanne E.
Johanne E. 6 kun oldin
Ellen's outfit is dope! and, that was hella funny
i wanted to see more of Ellen...
Al Gus
Al Gus 6 kun oldin
Jlaw is amazing
Kasia Kowalska
Kasia Kowalska 6 kun oldin
Candy Apple
Candy Apple 7 kun oldin
This year she needs to host
Rozay Cy
Rozay Cy 7 kun oldin
oh a smiling kevin spacy , i miss that actor , can you just give him roles in films and as soon as he finish you would send him back in a prison?
Joosep Viitkar
Joosep Viitkar 7 kun oldin
Vasjan 7 kun oldin
I keep watching this
MnMn Bahr.
MnMn Bahr. 7 kun oldin
She is so good
Samir Eiwaz
Samir Eiwaz 7 kun oldin
Taz BeenThereDoneThat GotaTshirt
Liza did not like that shit 😂😂 Ellen killed this I wanted to see more. #WatchingIn2019
Azur D
Azur D 7 kun oldin
That with Liza Minnelli was mean... and also she insisted on it. I mean it was obvious she made Liza feel bad ..by the reaction to it, why do need to rub it in? I've never seen Ellen saying something mean ... so that "joke" was in poor taste.. I don't know.
Divo Galindra
Divo Galindra 7 kun oldin
Clearly one of the best monologue of Oscar ever
Kavita Thakur
Kavita Thakur 7 kun oldin
Ellen ,the best host ever
Sam 340
Sam 340 7 kun oldin
You can never get enough of Ellen
Nate McGraw
Nate McGraw 7 kun oldin
All I hear is Dory
caraphernelia135 8 kun oldin
Please let Ellen host again!! She’s the best!
Ramon LeBlanc Harts
Ellen! Ellen! Ellen!
Phoebe D'Orville
Phoebe D'Orville 8 kun oldin
She was the best
Shitra Mupendi
Shitra Mupendi 8 kun oldin
It should be Ellen Every year
E B.
E B. 8 kun oldin
It's 2019 and I'm still laughing
Minna Minna
Minna Minna Kun oldin
Zed283 6 kun oldin
still not used to that 19 stuff :P
林小鈞 8 kun oldin
didnt get the Liza Minnelli joke...anybody help me out??
Azur D
Azur D 7 kun oldin
well she said it like there would be a Liza impersonation, a travesty. You know like in the burlesque cabaret. She said "good job, Sir". That's basically laughing at Liza's appearance, as in she's a fake caricature of herself. I believe that was uncalled for... and moreover Liza has a certain level of health physical and emotional...and a certain age. That was uncalled for .. at so many levels. I felt bad for her like I just had to pause the video because it made me feel so embarrassing.
Royallamonique nelly
Tiffany Mealy
Tiffany Mealy 9 kun oldin
Tiffany Mealy
Tiffany Mealy 9 kun oldin
Dder Nabroc
Dder Nabroc 9 kun oldin
I Love Ellen.
Julia Wetl
Julia Wetl 9 kun oldin
8:05 Anna Kendrick😍😚
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh 9 kun oldin
Look at me.. I'm the captain now.
umer bin shabir
umer bin shabir 9 kun oldin
Who's watching it in 2019
Ale Gutierrez
Ale Gutierrez 10 kun oldin
Anyone here 2019? I literally love Ellen so much. I’ve watched this clips like more than 10 times...during different times of the years
TA 5
TA 5 10 kun oldin
I kinda felt bad for Liza Minelly. She's a legend.
UrAdickead 10 kun oldin
is it just me or can you always hear will smith’s laugh at award shows
Sofia Karli
Sofia Karli 10 kun oldin
Lol why is will smith laughing so loud :D
Jorge Alberto
Jorge Alberto 10 kun oldin
I keep watching this 😄 I think I have learnt all the monologue already
Anju S. Vasu
Anju S. Vasu 10 kun oldin
Back again in 2019.. still have no idea how many times I'm gonna watch this.. unforgettable performance..
Swedish kyrkby
Swedish kyrkby 10 kun oldin
its already 2019 and still watching this. anyone? 😂😅
Yeetus Deletus
Yeetus Deletus 10 kun oldin
Ellen should be host again
The Debaucherous Dweeb
I love that Bruce Dern looked mad about the jokes but was also the husband of the woman who played her love interest when she first came out 😂
The Debaucherous Dweeb
is. was. who knows how time works.
The Debaucherous Dweeb
The Debaucherous Dweeb
"If you win tonight, I think we should give you the Oscar. Can we do that? No one's there." I'm only 5 years late, it's fine...
The Debaucherous Dweeb
"And if people don't have those things, well then, they usually get into show business, so..." omg.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 10 kun oldin
Tex Avery
Tex Avery 11 kun oldin
This bitch is boring as fuck we need that office guy
Angela Rivera
Angela Rivera 11 kun oldin
6:34 Zac Efron in the back
ramlisinaga 300
ramlisinaga 300 11 kun oldin
Anyone watching this before kevin hart host it soon?
Tessa Thurman
Tessa Thurman 11 kun oldin
"He is from Somalia, he is a sommelier. Who's the wine captain now?!" LMBO!!!!
Rigzemo Zaid
Rigzemo Zaid 12 kun oldin
Love love ellen
Rigzemo Zaid
Rigzemo Zaid 12 kun oldin
Ellen host oscar again n again
god why you no like me
Watching in 2019 and still never gets old
woahdudette 13 kun oldin
Will Smith’s laugh takes me out every time 😂
Mating Call
Mating Call 13 kun oldin
I noticed how she doesn't tell a story to build up to a punchline like so many other comedians do, just one punchline after the other, makes it tiring to laugh.
Jas Jzz
Jas Jzz 13 kun oldin
when u laugh so hard then u see Kevin s- trash
zippy zippy
zippy zippy 14 kun oldin
Can't get enough of this
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro
Poor liza minelli 😂😂😂
Jolanta Wioletta
Jolanta Wioletta 15 kun oldin
I 💖 Meryl Streep !!!! 4:42 😍😍😍
dx tulip
dx tulip 16 kun oldin
I love Ellen!! She is so cool!!
Tania Zurita
Tania Zurita 16 kun oldin
Adam Morsal
Adam Morsal 16 kun oldin
Who’s watching After 2019 January?
Shawn B Mendes
Shawn B Mendes 16 kun oldin
6:03 Emma Watson looking like Cinderella ♥ #2019
Zigmee Sherpa
Zigmee Sherpa 11 soat oldin
I thought I was the only one 😂
Nursida Situmorang
Nursida Situmorang 17 kun oldin
Love to see u ..God bless
Vaico420 18 kun oldin
Julia Roberts looked hot as hell.
Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier 4 kun oldin
Vaico420 she’s old.
Ruben Aguina
Ruben Aguina 18 kun oldin
Ojalá supiera English 😰😩
arabian girl
arabian girl 18 kun oldin
8:00 LMFAO
1970harleybike 19 kun oldin
She has that face like she's eaten Lemons
Shes so Blessed
Shes so Blessed 19 kun oldin
She did a great job
P Paul
P Paul 19 kun oldin
1:14 is that Sheldon's grandma?
Demolition Men
Demolition Men 19 kun oldin
6:04 Emma Watson ♥
ABDUL ARIF SHAIKH 19 kun oldin
i dont know that plople able to understand or not but she within the joking she say many thing seriously
rishitha sanjana
rishitha sanjana 20 kun oldin
Such a great host nd I have never seen hostess in such a good attire and very simple .