Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars Opening

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Host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue at the 86th Oscars in 2014.




11-Mar, 2014



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VerDeLanceDeNigro 3 soat oldin
TheVicdub 13 soat oldin
The Best Oscar Host (Till Dt) Goes to.....Ellen Degeneres 🏆
SONAKSHI MISHRA 15 soat oldin
Jonah hill joke killed😂😂😂
Rania Heaton
Rania Heaton Kun oldin
It’s published on my BDay I turned 6 on this
ABCD XYZ Kun oldin
I watched almost 5 times
Ven The Guy
Ven The Guy 2 kun oldin
Who else loves Ellen?
Viktor Hill
Viktor Hill 2 kun oldin
Zing after Zing
Christian Andreasson
I love Ellen so much. it's ok
Melanie Perez
Melanie Perez 3 kun oldin
faloudeep gupta
faloudeep gupta 3 kun oldin
Magic at 6:04
Dakini 108
Dakini 108 3 kun oldin
sarang player
sarang player 3 kun oldin
i wanna know why can't i stop smiling 😂😂
Gabe Kulcsár
Gabe Kulcsár 3 kun oldin
8:40 - Can you imagine the outrage if someone said that at the Oscars today? I honestly miss the times when it was about movies, and when the organizers didn't trade entertainment for political correctness.
mark scarboro
mark scarboro 3 kun oldin
Now I understand why no one watches this crap anymore.
melody pagba
melody pagba 4 kun oldin
The black woman is so pretty,lupita, the Kenyan. Her black skin didn't cover her beautiful face
*xai* 3 kun oldin
Ratula Morie
Ratula Morie 5 kun oldin
“Jonah, you showed us something I have not seen in a very, very long time.” LMAO.
LuLu Woods
LuLu Woods 5 kun oldin
Will Smith is on 3:50
Daddy’s Little girl
You can’t not love Ellen! 💗
Matthew A
Matthew A 8 kun oldin
Franco Rocket
Franco Rocket 8 kun oldin
Lupita is just there to tell the world Academy has including others not by her performing skills
CLASHING GURU 8 kun oldin
I stated seeing her yesterday and man she rocks.
Simran Pandey
Simran Pandey 8 kun oldin
i cant get enough of this
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 8 kun oldin
Recommended in twenty-NINE-*TEEN*
Protecsions 8 kun oldin
Whos the woman in 0:31? Gimme het name pls
Sadath Abdullah
Sadath Abdullah 9 kun oldin
Who's this boy?
Sandeep Preetam
Sandeep Preetam 9 kun oldin
Protecsions 9 kun oldin
guitar bitch
guitar bitch 10 kun oldin
The funniest intro of all time!
David Xu
David Xu 10 kun oldin
Ellen is best host ever. The way she puts things together is just art. It is just the right amount of humour without offending anyone. The way she delivers it, everything is timed so perfectly.
Δημήτρης Αρναούτης Οικονομάκης
Justin Bieber hasn’t aged well
Michael Esombi
Michael Esombi 11 kun oldin
I love Ellen so much!
Exolette 11 kun oldin
"Possibility #2: You're all racists" Crowd: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! me:
Flower Power
Flower Power 11 kun oldin
Someone get that "wine captain" to a dentist...now...
Guru Sandirasegaram
Guru Sandirasegaram 11 kun oldin
Gorilla 🦍 awards from Africans jungle Not civilized world we don’t see Africans gorillas.
254 Takeover
254 Takeover 11 kun oldin
AZ.BH 11 kun oldin
“Lets show the clip” got me so hard 😂
Virginia Gutierrez
Virginia Gutierrez 11 kun oldin
I THINK...liza did not like ellen's joke much LMAO
Tarun Kumar
Tarun Kumar 12 kun oldin
JONAH HILL PART was hilarious 😂😂💯💯
Andrea Giuliana
Andrea Giuliana 12 kun oldin
I miss Ellen in this Oscars 2019!
vitani16 12 kun oldin
At 4:05 - 4:10 is that will smith laughing? Lmfao, it sounds like his hearty laugh and then the wheeze thing at the end lmaaooo
vitani16 12 kun oldin
8:28 Will is in the bottom right corner above Amy Adams(?) Lmao
Animesh Gurjar
Animesh Gurjar 13 kun oldin
6:04 love
Democratic Indian
Democratic Indian 13 kun oldin
How many are searching will smith with his voice.
Alan Hílame
Alan Hílame 13 kun oldin
Oh man, when she repeated “I am telling everyone that you were wonderful in Nebraska” I peed my pants, really.
Leah Escarlette
Leah Escarlette 14 kun oldin
2019 Watching from Malaysia ♥️
MusZico13 14 kun oldin
3:50..yaaaaaaa thats hot
Kwol N.
Kwol N. 14 kun oldin
Avengers infinity war and ready player won lost to first man in visual effects Oscars has no good judgement
Aaron Collier
Aaron Collier 15 kun oldin
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bambino bambini
bambino bambini 15 kun oldin
will smith is back!
Carolina Luiza M.
Carolina Luiza M. 15 kun oldin
Ellen you are absolutely amazing!
N N 15 kun oldin
i like her eyes
Edward Naranjo
Edward Naranjo 16 kun oldin
Edward elvin naranja
Edward Naranjo
Edward Naranjo 16 kun oldin
Edward elvin naranja
Edward Naranjo
Edward Naranjo 16 kun oldin
Hola ell me llamo edwardnaranjo1978@gmail.com
Edward Naranjo
Edward Naranjo 16 kun oldin
Hola Ellen cómo estás resivi un mensaje en Facebook donde dice que me e ganado un premio
Farzad Farhangi
Farzad Farhangi 16 kun oldin
can't even talk!
Wonder YT
Wonder YT 16 kun oldin
Ellen must be doing this for grammys
Anne Corey
Anne Corey 17 kun oldin
She is good every one love her she is funny with her joke she is funny thank you for sharing Bless you.
Mark Silverman
Mark Silverman 17 kun oldin
I wonder if Ellen could get away with that joke to that older actress from NEBRASKA. She repeated herself really loud as if old people cannot hear. I have a feeling if this exact joke were done today, there would be a big backlash by the deaf community. This would be followed by a teary eyed Ellen standing in front of a thousand reporters and apologizing.
Camélia Elasri
Camélia Elasri 17 kun oldin
2:26 who’s that please ?
talles lee
talles lee 16 kun oldin
Camélia Elasri liza minelli
SONAM DEACHEN 17 kun oldin
Anybody 2019 ???March You are amazing ,hope you Get rich and richer . 😊💕
sakra vong
sakra vong 18 kun oldin
7 years ago nominees Ellen mentioned, some of them passed away and its so so different now as (s)he said. 😅
Sri Lakshmi
Sri Lakshmi 18 kun oldin
Love from India
Joy Embradura
Joy Embradura 18 kun oldin
Just watched this and love Ellen to bits. Smiling and laughing through 🙂😁💛💛
Adrian Ruffner
Adrian Ruffner 20 kun oldin
She and Hugh must host the Oscars
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go 20 kun oldin
Anybody notice Emma at 6:03 looking Gorgeous!?
Constantin Mihail
Constantin Mihail 20 kun oldin
When she talk about Jennifer Lawrence was the best part for me . I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂
Naitri Patel
Naitri Patel 20 kun oldin
"No one needs to know that.. She fell out of the car"
Lilo Leist
Lilo Leist 20 kun oldin
Amazing genuine human inside into the show business egomania 😂💘🤣 Thank you for being brave, Ellen❣
biju thounaojam
biju thounaojam 20 kun oldin
Her monologues are the best. #ellenfor2020oscar
Lencho imaam
Lencho imaam 20 kun oldin
Ellen makes people so nervous
Señiorita Maldita
Señiorita Maldita 21 kun oldin
6:28 Bradley Cooper laughing just cured my depression 😍😋
Ilustrado 21 kun oldin
When you overthrow the captain but the crew loves you.... 1:39
Leonardo Fernandez
Leonardo Fernandez 21 kun oldin
7:24 F
Leonardo Fernandez
Leonardo Fernandez 21 kun oldin
kidz stay in college
kim boo
kim boo 21 kun oldin
I miss ellen. The oscars this year was boring
kavya tam
kavya tam 21 kun oldin
1:25 why michael fassbender looks at lupita like a proud dad
Ashesh Dubey
Ashesh Dubey 22 kun oldin
Ellen for Oscars 2020!
MawMan 22 kun oldin
She's brilliant!
Neths Ki
Neths Ki 22 kun oldin
1:24 Michael Fassbender looking at Lupita 😍💕
Eloisa Veliz C.
Eloisa Veliz C. 22 kun oldin
I can't stop watching and laughing at this monologue!!! 😂😂😂😂😍 Ellen you're amazing, seriously we need to put a petition right now for you to host the Oscars every FREAKING YEAR!!!
Lexieee 22 kun oldin
I still LOL every time. 😂😂
yugansha Vaid
yugansha Vaid 22 kun oldin
She is amaaaaazing....she is my favourite.....i loveeeeeeeeee her.....can't tell how much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗😍😍🤗😍🤗🤗😍😍😍😍
Aaron Collier
Aaron Collier 22 kun oldin
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radiomk 23 kun oldin
sooo good
Jillian Luddington
Jillian Luddington 23 kun oldin
I have to say these opening monologues were always funny and before the Oscars 2019 I was quite afraid that I’d miss it. But I preferred this years Oscars over all of the Oscars with a host because the jokes were always a bit mean and uncomfortable to watch 😅 And the Oscars 2019 were still entertaining and did not feel boring or as they were too long.
Tillymea Ström
Tillymea Ström 23 kun oldin
Bruce Dern and Meryl Streeps husband is spitting images 🤩🤩
Danny Ortega
Danny Ortega 24 kun oldin
I still think she's the best host ever
M'aiq The Liar
M'aiq The Liar 24 kun oldin
Shes amazing, she feels the audience, she knows when to laugh and when to pause. Such a talent
dat calculation tho
dat calculation tho 24 kun oldin
Why do I keep coming back to this?
Mhmd Gilan
Mhmd Gilan 24 kun oldin
2019oscars needs u🙁
Laugh Livex
Laugh Livex 25 kun oldin
Who’s here from the 2019 Oscars😭
Fotis Kaiser
Fotis Kaiser 25 kun oldin
Glad that they didn't have anybody to host this year's Oscars
Udit Kakkat
Udit Kakkat 25 kun oldin
2019 anyone ?
Francis Yin
Francis Yin 25 kun oldin
who has the whole video? Please send it to my email lkduodhai@163.com, thank you
Rishi Bhavsar
Rishi Bhavsar 25 kun oldin
3:48 Kevin Spacey 😂
Иван Д
Иван Д 23 kun oldin
Fucking pedo
Stedmandj 25 kun oldin
4:35 jada pinkett smith still looking FINE!!!🙄😏
Napier Nygma
Napier Nygma 25 kun oldin
she destroyed Jennifer Lawrence
Wanessa Torres
Wanessa Torres 25 kun oldin
Saudade quando o oscar era assim....esse foi top..
Suzanne Morris
Suzanne Morris 25 kun oldin
Montecristo 26 kun oldin
She’s good, but no one beats Ricky Gervais. Of course they could never have him on. The media would explode.
Fahrudin Cecunjanin
Fahrudin Cecunjanin 26 kun oldin
Where is Will Smith?! I hear him but I don't see him 😂
salbeh99 26 kun oldin
After watching the most boring oscar in 2019 I came here to detox
Johanna Marie
Johanna Marie 26 kun oldin
Ellen is still the best host!!
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