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Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Swae Lee - Close To Me (Official Video)

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Location: Budapest, Hungary
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14-Noy, 2018



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Fodor Boldizsár
Fodor Boldizsár 3 sekund oldin
I love this song, but what is this clip?? The color grading is bad, the drone shots are very bad too. And why is the video in 4:3? And its very very boring. The behind the scenes video on the WOW Hungary channel is way better.
Panda Plays
Panda Plays Soat oldin
Its sound like post malona psycho
Dave Lee
Dave Lee 3 soat oldin
I feel like this could be the intro to the next kingdom hearts
Lor C
Lor C 5 soat oldin
Who here after hearing swae Lee in sunflower a 1000+ times
EclecticElectric101 5 soat oldin
Song was good until the rap started..
Al Stefanini
Al Stefanini 5 soat oldin
good song and pushing the multiculturalism, two birds with one stone,any thing else I need to learn big brother?
Jon Whitlock
Jon Whitlock 5 soat oldin
C9 Scoutie
C9 Scoutie 5 soat oldin
Battlefield 1 ballroom blitz
Donovan Villa
Donovan Villa 6 soat oldin
Swae lee tho 🔥🔥
Adam čepek
Adam čepek 6 soat oldin
What it is city ?
Ameisha Wouldhavediedifshewasntabadass
Anybody else just want to touch her dress?? :-D
Dannycypres freefire
Dannycypres freefire 10 soat oldin
Escuchenla drogados
Ravi S
Ravi S 11 soat oldin
If u believe this song deserves minimum 1B views then hit like 👇
Dimitrina Gospodinova
Dimitrina Gospodinova 11 soat oldin
Lele Рogbn
YOU UPSET ME 1FENRISO 12 soat oldin
I dont want to be somebody important to the CIA
Rakesh kashyap
Rakesh kashyap 13 soat oldin
thanks for #Vh1 Beautiful song ! 😇
Britt Alhart
Britt Alhart 14 soat oldin
Born to be wild in the jungle...
Menthol 15 soat oldin
love this song but this video is trash..just saying
hacking guru
hacking guru 15 soat oldin
I love you ellie goulding❤💕💕
Victor Yagami
Victor Yagami 16 soat oldin
1:23 Her dancing
Bounty_Hunter EduuU
Bounty_Hunter EduuU 16 soat oldin
Quien en marzo del 2019? o.O
YT_Lyvi276letsplay XD
YT_Lyvi276letsplay XD 18 soat oldin
Ellie ur so beautiful and Such a great singer I love you this is my fav song on earth so far!
Henrique Iglesias
Henrique Iglesias 19 soat oldin
Great song, I love everything about it. I’m surprised nobody commented on her makeup...looks kinda oily and undone but still nice. She’s beautiful.
Johanna Garayt
Johanna Garayt 19 soat oldin
Super chanson
//GjEd2TaRbEs65 L.
//GjEd2TaRbEs65 L. 21 soat oldin
nathaliep1961 22 soat oldin
M encanta súper bonita 👍👍
Thuzar Mgk
Thuzar Mgk 23 soat oldin
Why here is missing >>> let me honest, we only breakup because we love the way we wake up... 😔 Beautiful song Ellie n your voice just amazing 😍💃🏼
Bence Hajas
Bence Hajas 23 soat oldin
Budapest and Hungary🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺
Trippin Kun oldin
im close to you. forever
Владимир Росляков
Brian McFar
Brian McFar Kun oldin
Could this be the worst song ever recorded? Yes I'm pretty sure it's in the top 5 easily...
Afra Rima
Afra Rima Kun oldin
Give 22 loves for my thesis exam tomorrow 😘😘😘
Victor Tapia
Victor Tapia Kun oldin
This is a beautiful song But! ! ! ! The video clip and her dress are so horrible! ! ! ! !
Micah Dorsey
Micah Dorsey Kun oldin
Heard this at a gas station and fell in love
Summer Mccloud
Summer Mccloud Kun oldin
2019 anyone???
Omg drew barrymore look
HorizonClips Kun oldin
Keshia Brown
Keshia Brown Kun oldin
Savvanah_B Kun oldin
Producer: what type of theme do you want for the music video? Ellie: *yes*
Dizgust Kun oldin
2 0 1 9?
eeonitic Kun oldin
budapest hungary more like loona love4eva please don't kill me i'm sorry
shelley simpson
shelley simpson Kun oldin
Eh love the song but video could be better
Darren more ell
Darren more ell Kun oldin
Swae lee is a legend
Ana Carolina Raposo
A Ellie goulding está linda e chic enquanto o rapper parece o vagabundo que entrou no jardim para assaltar a casa 😂
*Lybertie* *Talbot* Vlogs*
Are those avocados 🥑 on 1:53
Raul Estrada Gamez
I dont wanna be somebody without your body Clothessss To Meeeee
Raul Estrada Gamez
I thought she said "Clothes To Me" bc she dressed a lot of weird clothes
Jessica Raphael
Jessica Raphael Kun oldin
quem já ouvil taki taki ozuna Cardi b DJ snake Selena Gomes
Laura Schäfer
Laura Schäfer Kun oldin
Das Lied ist schön!
Brenda Schitler
Brenda Schitler Kun oldin
Je survalide
lety porty
lety porty Kun oldin
Millenium Zawtha
These song sound like Indian music
Soma Gáspár Börcsök
M Rodriguez
M Rodriguez Kun oldin
Wow, Budapest is so beautiful
LIT BROS Kun oldin
Anybody else hear Psyco by post Malone in some parts 🤔or is it jus me
Theresa Schafhauser
Dylan Mounsey
Dylan Mounsey Kun oldin
Ellie’s always been so dope
Adi A
Adi A Kun oldin
why does she looks young and old at the same time
Anime Lover
Anime Lover Kun oldin
Ariana Camila Grande
I don't understand why this song is so underated 😟 it's pretty catchy and issa a bop bitches 🔥😘❤💕 Seriously ppl don't really have a good taste in music anymore ...
Brandale Carter
Brandale Carter Kun oldin
I really like dis song
2:34 swae Lee so cute
Vicente Villafranka
Oh gawd,i thought this was halsey's song,but now i realized it was ellie,Wow!.anyways, March 2019,anyone?^^
Ciao Ciao
Ciao Ciao Kun oldin
Adoro Ellie💜
Ana Oliveira
Ana Oliveira Kun oldin
I love this song Kisses from Portugal
Jason j
Jason j Kun oldin
She has the worst voice in music. It hurts my ears. Pathetic
Manny Smith
Manny Smith Kun oldin
I love Elligoulding so much, she is so talented!
Timi Fazekas
Timi Fazekas Kun oldin
Omg Hungary! ^-^ I am living here.
Dylan Choi
Dylan Choi Kun oldin
The song is so addictive
Kingcangri20 Kun oldin
So this is how mind control works? Put dumb shit on repeat in the radio stations
Cevin Gaming
Cevin Gaming Kun oldin
Lol right now there's 69 mil views
H. G. Wells
H. G. Wells 2 kun oldin
I've been following Ellie Goulding until right now. My opinion is because I like her, but she isn't being herself look quite beautiful as before, and even she's having unique voices different. And Ellie's songs are dope enough.
Sub to PewdiePie
Sub to PewdiePie 2 kun oldin
only went here for swae lee
YA BOI ZACH 2 kun oldin
My 5th Grade Friend Was Singing This In The Middle Of Math The Other Day. xD
Jennifer Israel
Jennifer Israel 2 kun oldin
*that key change tho*
seaflea3 2 kun oldin
Tici Taluisa
Tici Taluisa 2 kun oldin
Mano ela é tipo a Kate Perry quando ela tinha cabelo preto só que loira
Tici Taluisa
Tici Taluisa 2 kun oldin
Não tem nada a ver mais eu to falando "tipo" t-i-p-o
Mark Alviar Co
Mark Alviar Co 2 kun oldin
thats my favorate song
Unavidanueva 2 kun oldin
CLOSE TO ME MY LOVE ❤❤❤💕🧡❤🧡💗💗💖💝💘💫
The Arkham Knight
The Arkham Knight 2 kun oldin
Isn't this the person who sang lights?
Ryon Steele
Ryon Steele 2 kun oldin
Anyone else just see a Britney Spears video?
Myriam Tighilt
Myriam Tighilt 2 kun oldin
I love this song 😍😍😍❤❤❤
Melba Mitchell-Rudd
I love this song 👌🏽!!!!!!!
Monica Antonio
Monica Antonio 2 kun oldin
Love U
EMILIEN 2 kun oldin
Follow me
LUKKI666 2 kun oldin
Greetings from finland
M.Verito PR
M.Verito PR 2 kun oldin
And I don't wanna be somebody without your body close to me ♫♫
Michael Eckhardt
Michael Eckhardt 2 kun oldin
Crack Kid
Crack Kid 2 kun oldin
What😍 I’m from Hungary, and nov.14 = my Birthday🇭🇺💞💞
sara yakoubi
sara yakoubi 2 kun oldin
Beautiful music 💕💕💕
A R 2 kun oldin
It's terrible
Emilee Jean
Emilee Jean 2 kun oldin
At 3:03 where the boys wherein Gucci
Enè Szabó
Enè Szabó 2 kun oldin
I live in Hungary!😘😍❤🇭🇺🎉
Swordfish Doula
Swordfish Doula 2 kun oldin
Can't stop listening to this song! It BOPS. Check out our version on our channel page too if you have a chance :) The video is cats playing
Kampe Hunter
Kampe Hunter 2 kun oldin
boy there is way too many ads
::Annette:: ::Gamez::
you killed it!!
Танзила Ахмадова
Я одна тут на русском разговариваю
Iris Miller
Iris Miller 2 kun oldin
why does she look like tana mongeau
Bastien Guidi
Bastien Guidi 2 kun oldin
Cloosee to mi💚💜💛💙❤️
Thank You From Alex Trebek | JEOPARDY!
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