Emily Blunt on Mary Poppins & Embarrassing Mom

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Emily talks about playing Mary Poppins, learning all the music, Julie Andrews and Jimmy reveals a very funny and embarrassing story about dinner with Emily's Mom.
Aunt Chippy Pranks Jimmy Kimmel on His Birthday uzvid.com/video/video-6ZkylW22JCA.html

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Emily Blunt on Mary Poppins & Embarrassing Mom




15-Noy, 2018

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Lorea Crouspeyre
This laugh 😍
Dj Mc Ricky
Dj Mc Ricky 2 kun oldin
she is just gorgeos
MrMoustacheNinja 7 kun oldin
She’s awesome 😂😂 also Mary poppins was great!
Sabi 7 kun oldin
I love how they went on holiday together :-)
m b
m b 7 kun oldin
They should change the couch to a brighter color. When a guest is wearing black you can't see what they are wearing
Robert Yglesias
Robert Yglesias 8 kun oldin
Hey Emily I have big crush on you
Anton Nym
Anton Nym 8 kun oldin
I'm a writer (which you shouldn't judge by my substandard typing in comments). I saw the movie tonight with friends. The acting was top notch and there was SOME good dialog.. The story/plot line doesn't live up to the original, but maybe that's an unfair comparison. The real problem is the music. For a musical, the songs were lackluster, generic, and definitely didn't pop out at you like the songs from the original movie. It was bad enough the orchestration, arrangement, vocals, everything was exactly the same on each song, but also the melodies were super similar. In short, none of the tunes were memorable.
Margarita M.
Margarita M. 8 kun oldin
1:20 Alice in the Wonderland maybe?
Will Pack
Will Pack 10 kun oldin
I have always thought she was incredibly beautiful, but this is the sexiest I have ever seen her by far.
Clara Schrey
Clara Schrey 10 kun oldin
No pasta for me at the blunts’ house
ShaDHP23 11 kun oldin
Is it just me or is Kimmel a total shmuck?
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips 11 kun oldin
"I danced with penguins. I killed a kid on page four" Oddly, I died laughing.
IAN GABRIEL 11 kun oldin
I love their friendship ahhh
Ryoka1 12 kun oldin
Im so in love with Emily Blunt its crazy
Beach Girl
Beach Girl 12 kun oldin
Isn’t Eliza Doolittle as iconic as Mary Poppins?
RandomSandra 13 kun oldin
I’m dying to learn if the Kimmel-Krasanski Christmas pranks continued???
Pearl of a Girl Nursery
I went back like 12 times to listen to Emily do the “INTO THE WOODS, ELLO, ELLO!” 😂😂😂
Taylor Riche
Taylor Riche 13 kun oldin
“How you doin?” Is that you Joey ?!?
kermitefrog64 13 kun oldin
Loved the movie. Even though a sequel this movie stands on its own My wife and I have seen the movie twice already. Emily Blunt and Lin-Manual Miranda earned Oscars for their performances.
Roland Oliver
Roland Oliver 14 kun oldin
Her hubby killed it in Jack Ryan!!!
Roland Oliver
Roland Oliver 14 kun oldin
My 6 year old liked the movie too and that kid usually gets really bored half way thru.
Ballroom Life
Ballroom Life 14 kun oldin
Emily Blunt? I only see Susan Storm there
Its Noelle
Its Noelle 15 kun oldin
Beautiful and elegant
Genevieve 15 kun oldin
RedAgent14 16 kun oldin
1:16 "I couldn't think of any others" what about Hermione Granger?
Rudy Villarreal
Rudy Villarreal 17 kun oldin
The movie really sucked.
Marta Šillere
Marta Šillere 18 kun oldin
I watched Mary Poppins yesterday and I loved it!!
Briee_ 18 kun oldin
Emily looks like Charlize Theron
Mc 326
Mc 326 18 kun oldin
I love her laugh
Tiara actress
Tiara actress 18 kun oldin
Hary Poppins 😂
Adesuwa's Two Kobo worth
The Kimmels and the Krunts
Bobby Robby
Bobby Robby 18 kun oldin
We just saw the movie. Emily Blunt was great as Mary Poppins. I was surrounded by well mannered kids. They enjoyed the movie. Two scenes should have been should have been cut and replaced with something else are the dance scene with the gaslight lighter men and the upside down scene. Lousy music in them two scenes. They should not have attempted the remake of these two scenes, boring. And what was with all the token blacks this movie? Were there even blacks in England back then. Surely not working for banks.
McKenzie 11 kun oldin
Bobby Robby it’s a movie about a magical nanny who flies on an umbrella and uses magic to make household chores easier while dancing with penguins and you have a problem with believing a black banker?? Sounds like you need to do some soul searching. Or maybe you need Mary Poppins to come to your house and clean out the racism.
kawaii unicorns
kawaii unicorns 18 kun oldin
I need her in my house when things go wrong. Like she suddenly fixes things
Flutterby 84
Flutterby 84 20 kun oldin
So how did a quiet place come out before Mary poppins?
MrsStrong95 20 kun oldin
You know they are really friends when she calls him idiot on his show 😂
SnowbordrWRX 14 kun oldin
well yeah and all the pranks they do to each other too
Sarah L
Sarah L 20 kun oldin
I have a girl crush on Emily! Love her!
Warrant Division
Warrant Division 20 kun oldin
She is so awesome!!! Wife and I are major fans.
Faizal A
Faizal A 22 kun oldin
is she british?
Piero5711 18 kun oldin
Faizal A
Faizal A 21 kun oldin
+Joe Whitehead oh, ok. i just know that
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead 21 kun oldin
Faizal A British-American
Batyabelle 22 kun oldin
She’s the perfect Mary poppins ❤️
Marshan Thomas
Marshan Thomas 22 kun oldin
i saw mary poppins n it was good
M De Rivera
M De Rivera 22 kun oldin
She is a breath of fresh air
Susie Wolf
Susie Wolf 22 kun oldin
When Emily Blunt talks, she is great (not to say that she isn't great when she stays quiet)!
Boz Ajanovic
Boz Ajanovic 22 kun oldin
She's just amazing. Talented, classy, jolly, beautiful, sexy and with a killer body.
Dave H
Dave H 23 kun oldin
Totally fell in love with her watching Mary Poppins returns
kekawah 23 kun oldin
“Dish it.” Love it.
Nicolette Voskericyan
Twiz Catorsa
Twiz Catorsa 24 kun oldin
I am simple girl. I see Jimmy Kimmel and Emily Blunt. I freak out. I click.
amit nagpal
amit nagpal 24 kun oldin
Jimmy really likes and admires her. I love it.
Gavin Burnes
Gavin Burnes 25 kun oldin
Claire Foy would have made a good Mary poppins
Rachel Sanders
Rachel Sanders 25 kun oldin
If I was offered the opportunity to have sexual relations with Emily Blunt and Margot Robbie at the same time, I would agree to die the next day.
flyhound97 25 kun oldin
I'd like to take my blunt object and pop it in her poppins if you know what I mean.
ZZ Zone
ZZ Zone 26 kun oldin
i don't understand there are soooo many more talented American Actresses, why must we get a Brit? such an easy job should be given to real Americans
machiavellimadman 26 kun oldin
I heard she has really bad gas🤢
SOURAJ RAHA 27 kun oldin
She is dreamy..and perfect
Lommy 27 kun oldin
The dark eye brows look amazing on her.
Spoonface McGee
Spoonface McGee 28 kun oldin
Does anyone else sense a weird tension between Jimmy and Emily? I know they used to be good friends but I feel like something happened. Maybe a prank that went too far? I know Emily and John moved to the East Coast so they could be closer to Emily’s family. But Jimmy and Emily didn’t seem to interact like good friends who moved far away. If so, I would think they’d be more excited to see each other? It seems almost like they’re treading very carefully, kinda like when two friends fight and make up but are still wary of each other 😂
P Vinny
P Vinny Oy oldin
Emily, one of my top 3 actresses ever! Jimmy, one of the worst liberal soy boy anti Trump wankers EVER!
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead 21 kun oldin
P Vinny He’s hardly the only one who’s anti Trump, lol
MrAlfable Oy oldin
What's the story behind the JD Power award sitting behind Jimmy?
John Neidigh
John Neidigh Oy oldin
James Bond is iconic lol
rex everything
well she seems lovely
Nivaldo Junior
Susan Storm Richards
Jessica Lima
Jessica Lima Oy oldin
Algum brasileiro?
Rich Chigga
Rich Chigga Oy oldin
she'd be really a great captain marvel! I swear! Once I saw edge of tomorrow w/ tom. but hey brie's an oscar winner. not bad at all
Alistair Drennan
3:11 “and I found it ever so medicinal” she truly is as british as it gets
Gouthum Chiluvuri
Pompous but very charming and funny
ProblemChimp Oy oldin
Folks need to see her in My Summer Of Love...with that even better actress
greciadel taco
I had a feeling she was faking that accent 🤔🤣😂👌
Sydonney Richards
was this interview for us or for them lol
mtrotter2 Oy oldin
What a fantastic interview! John sure found a keeper.
JoJo Pemb
JoJo Pemb Oy oldin
Am I the only one who confuses Emily Blunt with Sarah Paulson?
cindy Litton
cindy Litton Oy oldin
no! lol
Molly Wright
Molly Wright Oy oldin
We STANNN this friendship
Tony Stank
Tony Stank Oy oldin
I heard Joey when I heard the "How you doin'?" line lol
Akhil KK
Akhil KK Oy oldin
Marvel Studios should seriously cast John Krasinski & Emily Blunt as Reed Richards & Susan Storme!
Вячеслав Сидоров
Если Эмили Блант не вручат "Оскара" за Мэрри Поппинс-это будет в высшей мере несправедливо
Kim B
Kim B Oy oldin
She’s so beautiful and flawless!! I just love hearing her speak can’t wait to see her in Mary Poppins 🥰
allegory Oy oldin
She pronounced 'respite' in the American way. Weird.
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead 21 kun oldin
allegory I think she’s half American
pisswobble Oy oldin
As a proud Chlamydonian i am offended
Vaharan Elavia
She’s gone blonde.... Invisible woman announcement????
Dave Millet
Dave Millet Oy oldin
One of the funniest women in Hollywood. 😁
Trekkie 135
Trekkie 135 Oy oldin
God, she's so amazing...
Nitya Lavingia
I love how since they r actually really good friends this seems very natural and not nearly as formal as most of his interviews
Steven Cassidy
Jimmy can't think of equivalent Englishwoman? Jesus, he's lived a very very sheltered life.
Manish Mathur
Manish Mathur Oy oldin
"ever so medicinal" lol she's so cool
One gorgeous actress!
Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel Oy oldin
Emily Pankhurst.
A Oy oldin
I love her she’s amazing
Queen E
Queen E Oy oldin
Oh my god there is something about her that is just so intriguing. I could listen to her all day.
Brett Deutsch
Brett Deutsch Oy oldin
I love her laugh.
Joe Spirit
Joe Spirit Oy oldin
She's damn sexy
ChristianAVS Oy oldin
hairy poppins tho
I love this friendship so much ♥
Vitamina Mina
Vitamina Mina Oy oldin
She is very humble. I love her.
AngieR Crawley
I love her dreary dreamy looking eyes 😍😍😍. And that black jumpsuit on her is EVERYTHING!
Mohammed Abdolaziz
I love you her so much
vanetia mentor
Lol I'd be like 14yr old me fangirling.. Bsb for life hehehe
Modupe Oloruntoba
This jumpsuit is STUNNING (by David Koma)
Teddy Kurniawan
Emily Blunt for Catwoman or Poison Ivy
Misssparkles Oy oldin
oh and she not British /american ,Emily is British married to an American, hate it when you do that. you dont call John Macenroe for example American /german , because he was born in Germany, Emily , was born in the UK, grew up in the UK. she just happens to be married to John, but she not American, sorry
Are See
Are See 7 kun oldin
+Chris Norton The US most definitely accepts duel nationality.
Chris Norton
Chris Norton 26 kun oldin
+Ann O. - She has dual nationality. The USA doesn't recognise dual citizenship, the UK does - so she can still come home :)
Ann O.
Ann O. Oy oldin
She became a US citizen several years ago.
Misssparkles Oy oldin
Emily's 'mum' actually,
Misty White
Misty White Oy oldin
She's such a likeable person!! She's funny and kind!!