Emily Blunt Thinks Stephen Runs 'Cute'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Mary Poppins Returns' star Emily Blunt gives Stephen an uncomplimentary compliment about the way he runs.
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19-Dek, 2018

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Fikrlar 1 182
Luísa Mota
Luísa Mota Kun oldin
Oh my, she was on fire that day! : D
Ed Tankersley
Ed Tankersley Kun oldin
A dolphin is a mammal
Matias Seguel Meza
Matias Seguel Meza 2 kun oldin
her mary is not poppin, america. ms p is more bubbles and smiles, she aint that. but is cute, not bad. just cute :)
Igor-572 2 kun oldin
8:39 how cute
Job Kramer
Job Kramer 3 kun oldin
Probably gonna have to take the heat for this one, but he's right. Calling a guy cute is NOT A COMPLIMENT. It's indeed quite painful
هشام الحارثي HMA
her flirting is very subtle you can only recognize its effect on Stephen
itsher1231 4 kun oldin
ugh 3:36 was so whoelsome
Glinda Upland
Glinda Upland 4 kun oldin
Are the children meant to be in swimsuits in the bath? I wouldn’t want to share a bath with my brother! 😂
morgan price
morgan price 5 kun oldin
Those pants make her ass look great. 👏🏻
Dickie Oi
Dickie Oi 6 kun oldin
I envy you Mr Colbert. She's so delightful.
ShWeJaPa 8 kun oldin
4:25, Be careful of dolphins and people who emulate their behavior. slate.com/human-interest/2009/05/the-dark-secrets-that-dolphins-don-t-want-you-to-know.html.
aureliehs 9 kun oldin
Ok, my cheeks hurt after watching this
Jimbo Rosso
Jimbo Rosso 10 kun oldin
Wow, she was very blunt about his run...noooo????? oooook!
Mara Folse
Mara Folse 10 kun oldin
Furry confurmed
bittermp 10 kun oldin
Did she call a dolphin a fish?
Stark Targaryen
Stark Targaryen 6 kun oldin
nope, she said their teeth are for biting down fish.
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller 10 kun oldin
I could watch an entire show of Stephen, Emily and John. 😂
Nicola Wiekamp
Nicola Wiekamp 11 kun oldin
lol people get attacked by dolphins all the time. They would love his delicious runners legs
Ideges_Csillag 11 kun oldin
I had a crush on the Fox in Robin Hood as well!
communistjesus 11 kun oldin
Blunt - awesome last name for a stoner..…......
lyraface 11 kun oldin
She hands down has the best laugh I’ve ever heard.
Marijke Sinnema
Marijke Sinnema 11 kun oldin
Every time Emily says something like 'dolphins don't bite' it just reminds me of ' I was near a fish once' and it cracks me up.
Irina Valeria
Irina Valeria 11 kun oldin
Stephen is such a flirt!!!!🤗
Wajahat Shah
Wajahat Shah 12 kun oldin
She is beautiful
Sophie Jestadt
Sophie Jestadt 12 kun oldin
i adore when she goes “it’s just delicious”😍😍
Trey Laird
Trey Laird 13 kun oldin
Enjoy prison!
Noe Yamahata
Noe Yamahata 13 kun oldin
Comparando con Julie Andrews , es una basura.
Kristen Washington
Kristen Washington 13 kun oldin
She is so damn pleasant
Lee Danny
Lee Danny 13 kun oldin
I feel like Stephen was slightly offended by Emily's description of him as "cute"? haha
cem2756 13 kun oldin
Dolphins are the rapist of the sea!!!
Autumn Roggers
Autumn Roggers 13 kun oldin
I always skip the first 30-60 seconds
Bruna Paulo
Bruna Paulo 14 kun oldin
Hey I can play many instruments, I can draw, I for sure would sweep a chimney for you em, Im right here ;)
Michelle A.
Michelle A. 14 kun oldin
This is the funnest interview ever
KeepOnRecord 14 kun oldin
If the genders reversed, this interview wouldn't be so 'cute'.... I'm thinking. Was that just me, or you too?
Thisdamnchannel 15 kun oldin
It was so fuckin good bro istg... Watch it!! Loved the original as a kid and this one stayed true to it 😭🙌🏽
José Marinho
José Marinho 15 kun oldin
1:39 stephen saying he broke his desk hehe
Skylar360 15 kun oldin
He quicc he thicc
kayla slack
kayla slack 15 kun oldin
I love that she’s essentially flirting with him the whole time about the running it’s cracking me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gabrielle Jade
Gabrielle Jade 16 kun oldin
I think I'm in love.
Jordan Calderon
Jordan Calderon 16 kun oldin
"he can sweep a chimney if you know what I mean" lol
Kelsey Coffey
Kelsey Coffey 16 kun oldin
Anyone else transported to Rocky Horror when she said that first “can you imagine that” in that clip?? Cuz I 1000% heard Tim curry lol
A1sausie 17 kun oldin
2:53 😬
Katherine Nova Miranda
This lady is one of a kind.❤
Awesome Person
Awesome Person 18 kun oldin
I love how Emily can’t go through an interview without John coming up.
Roxee Hebert
Roxee Hebert 19 kun oldin
I just love her 😊
Anneka Vander Velde
Anneka Vander Velde 19 kun oldin
He can sweep your chimney *wink wink* 😂🤣😂
K E 19 kun oldin
If I were Mrs. Colbert, I would definitely keep my eye on her...
eyeh8eternal 20 kun oldin
I have to say they made a real good choice in choosing Emily Blunt to play the new Mary Poppins, she really seems the perfect choice and well suited for the role
CastAway_Dave 20 kun oldin
First time seeing her in an episode of Foyles War.
Beach&BoardFan 20 kun oldin
GOD DAMN she is the ONLY acceptable alternative to Pam for Krasinski to marry!
Nico Herrera
Nico Herrera 21 kun oldin
Omg I love Emily ✌🏻☺️
Noor Lucero
Noor Lucero 21 kun oldin
I just love their interviews!! They have such great chemistry!!
Rwanda Alfadheel
Rwanda Alfadheel 21 kun oldin
I think everyone is in love with her. Including myself.
Laurel Arnold
Laurel Arnold 9 kun oldin
PancakeMan 21 kun oldin
Next we need John krasinski
civilwarholland 21 kun oldin
every time she laughs it adds 10 years onto my life
lisa koola
lisa koola 22 kun oldin
it’s like best Tinder Date 😂
sam ara
sam ara 22 kun oldin
Such a weird song choice...?
Nerdymmermaid 22 kun oldin
8:52 Looks into the camera like her husband from The Office
green koko
green koko 22 kun oldin
What's with all the female celebrities coming at praising Stephen?
Mia 22 kun oldin
I love how obsessed she was with Colbert's run! 'delish run'
Sareen Sidhu
Sareen Sidhu 22 kun oldin
i feel bad for whoever was up next
cherry11235 23 kun oldin
Dolphins are not fish, they're mammals!
Kay Jay Mua
Kay Jay Mua 23 kun oldin
If she didn't pick the office I would have been very upset #JimHalpertForever
ni co
ni co 23 kun oldin
Emily is always such a delight to watch. I have never been bored of her interviews coz she’s so witty, she always spice it up
Boiuluv2h8 23 kun oldin
How DARE anybody dislike either Colbert or frickin Blunt!!! HOW DARE
Joana Macedo
Joana Macedo 23 kun oldin
She is amazing I wanna cry
Lorna Cameron
Lorna Cameron 23 kun oldin
Well disappointed Emily...it should have been Kate..and London...call yr self British...should be proud of yr heritage and not play to the audience. Look at yr contemparys who all work in the US but do not deny their heritage.
Agshin Malikov
Agshin Malikov 23 kun oldin
Did anybody spot kid actor from GOT season 6?
Caitlin Laing
Caitlin Laing 23 kun oldin
emilys laugh is just a warm hug
Dr. Droze
Dr. Droze 23 kun oldin
I could watch her forever 😍💞
Arijate 23 kun oldin
A quiet place
Tamsin Mc Cormick
Tamsin Mc Cormick 24 kun oldin
She has a brother called Perfectly but I would not want to be him !!!!
Shieldy Jean-Louis
Shieldy Jean-Louis 24 kun oldin
Kilo Mintoni
Kilo Mintoni 24 kun oldin
My God, she is incredible.
Endonukleaze 24 kun oldin
She was so flirting with Stephen :D Adorable :)
EU BR 24 kun oldin
She is intelligent ....and clever.. great sense of humor.. vocabulary not like the other pumpkin US women )):: -
mcurio100781 24 kun oldin
I love this woman!!!!!!!!!!!!
Omar AA
Omar AA 24 kun oldin
I like the fact she is so cute to the point she can casually slip in bestiality and no one raises an eyebrow
Abigail Urrutia
Abigail Urrutia 25 kun oldin
She is my favorite actor I don't even have to think about it
vidafe1230 25 kun oldin
She is too good to be true , beautiful , funny , confident, and don’t get me started on her smile 😊
Margarita M.
Margarita M. 25 kun oldin
May I mention that Emily has a surprisingly nice butt?
magna czagany
magna czagany 25 kun oldin
Earlier this year she and husband Krasinsky appeared on the Graham Norton show, very funny and relaxed and not taking their celebrity status seriously at all.
ManonAimee 25 kun oldin
Who wasn't in love with Disney's Robin Hood?! Nothing's sexier than a ginger! :)
Mark what
Mark what 25 kun oldin
3:30 someone make a jiffy for that
Bmayo27 25 kun oldin
What a great laugh she has!!
Kay Olive
Kay Olive 25 kun oldin
Kwame Zane
Kwame Zane 25 kun oldin
She is super talented. Brits always have the best actors.
aussiefaraday 25 kun oldin
I love her. I love how she made Stephen blush.
kitsune da o
kitsune da o 26 kun oldin
Where can i meet an Emily Blunt?😍
Prior of the Ori
Prior of the Ori 26 kun oldin
Steven looks so smitten, hope his wife isn't in the crowd. lol
olivia rose
olivia rose 26 kun oldin
Is it just me but for someone who hasnt seen much of her work expected her to be American? Idk if an American look is a thing but thought she was until she spoke
Timm Spencer
Timm Spencer 26 kun oldin
I f’in love Emily blunt she’s the sweetest
TheLynneSP 26 kun oldin
I had a crush on the fox from Robin Hood as well.
chris lane
chris lane 26 kun oldin
I think Stephen is very cute too. Looks like he might be a very good dancer. He was excellent in an episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent, as a master forger.
isaiinwn uwu
isaiinwn uwu 26 kun oldin
twodogs716 26 kun oldin
BlackAdder665 26 kun oldin
Ha, to me (German) she has the most british sounding voice ever. :-D Also, was she a little drunk? Also, I watched this clip two times in a row, just made me feel so happy to see the two together! :-))) Ha, and also 5:40 : "can sweep the chimney" rofl
A T 26 kun oldin
Emily Blunt is so graceful, elegant and beautiful.
soupistasty5 26 kun oldin
Those wonderful Scottish tartan pants, though! Mama! And that one line, "He can sweep a chimney, know what I mean?" 5:44
Shmalfie 26 kun oldin
Emily Blunt Thinks *Stephen's *Run's 'Cute'
Kamila Garcia
Kamila Garcia 26 kun oldin
8:00 I need to, my dad's allergic to real Christmas trees