EMPTY HOUSE TOUR 2019! Niki and Gabi

Niki and Gabi
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the Niki and Gabi Empty House Tour 2019! New year, new NG.
yes, we got a house. but it's not for the reason you think.. watch to find out and see the new place!
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Niki's room tour 2019!
Gabi's buying a house!
If you see this, comment "Gabi hates showers lol"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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niki demar
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Empty House Tour video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

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6-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 6 354
leyla d
leyla d 9 soat oldin
Now you guys need a house in LA and gabi becomes the master bedroom and everything is done
The Shahida LIFE!!!
The Shahida LIFE!!! 15 soat oldin
I'm happy you two got a new house, I wish my parents could afford that kind of house. But i'm happy for you guys😃😃😃
Reyna Kun oldin
Nikis hair is so cute I wish I had that hair😍❤️
Lysz Simmons
Lysz Simmons 2 kun oldin
please use mr kate so you can be on OMG W.A.C.O.
I am AA
I am AA 2 kun oldin
Your going to be working with mr Kate
Adrian Chavez
Adrian Chavez 2 kun oldin
Mr cate is who they are working with
Sai Boreddi
Sai Boreddi 3 kun oldin
6:05 Me too!!
Aliyah Coomber
Aliyah Coomber 3 kun oldin
The house is beautiful
Rae Roses
Rae Roses 3 kun oldin
I hate showers too girl
Jada George
Jada George 3 kun oldin
What about the basement
Katie Lynn
Katie Lynn 3 kun oldin
I live in PA and I’m waiting for the day I bump into you two. Hopefully 🙌🏼 love your videos
Kaitlyn Forester
Kaitlyn Forester 3 kun oldin
Gabi needs to have Mr. Kate design her fancy closet!!!!!❤️
ItsMeMaura 4 kun oldin
This is crazy that house is My dream house when i was young a big living room and a kitchen by it♡
Chelsea Ramnarine
Chelsea Ramnarine 4 kun oldin
congrats niki and gabi☺☺☺☺☺😮
Yani T
Yani T 4 kun oldin
Definitely Mr. Kate
Lila Reyes
Lila Reyes 4 kun oldin
#ninki #gabi #❤️ 😄💋❤️😎 okay I love you nink & Gabi I love summer video
Laura June Baran
Laura June Baran 5 kun oldin
When Niki said this is like Vogue it gave me an idea for a video. You know how vogue asks celebrities 73 questions, you guys should do something like that. Just a random thought ♡ Love you guys
Marina maldonado
Marina maldonado 6 kun oldin
U guys should do a cooking show
roblox forlife
roblox forlife 6 kun oldin
u should get mr. kate to do ur house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u do idk what ill do ill just freak!!!
Chané Gaard
Chané Gaard 8 kun oldin
I love twins So cute 😍
Nyla Nokta
Nyla Nokta 9 kun oldin
Is that house in LA...?
Nyla Nokta
Nyla Nokta 9 kun oldin
Are they moving here together and is this in La..if they are are Collin and Nate moving with them
Semi Kenison
Semi Kenison 9 kun oldin
Mr. Kate 🏵🎗🎨🎬
Samya Khanna
Samya Khanna 9 kun oldin
plz make a furnished house tour
Ruthiel Roño
Ruthiel Roño 10 kun oldin
Nohelia Pasten
Nohelia Pasten 11 kun oldin
5:11 is niki wearing a wig ???
Tasnim Ahmed
Tasnim Ahmed 12 kun oldin
You both look so bubbly and this also made you guys decide your romms, yayyy
XxxEmilyxxX ツ
XxxEmilyxxX ツ 13 kun oldin
you should sell the apartments and live here and ofc bring your boyfriends!
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 14 kun oldin
Niki looks so pretty in this!
Camille Russo
Camille Russo 15 kun oldin
Give a tour with stuff in it!!💓💓
Emmi Joost
Emmi Joost 16 kun oldin
Why don’t you share the master bedroom
Sylvia Harsh0508
Sylvia Harsh0508 17 kun oldin
OMG your going to work with Mr. Kate
ÃMŁ ! 17 kun oldin
Me kate..... duhh😂
E&G 19
E&G 19 17 kun oldin
Love the house soooo muchhhh!! So proud of u guysss💜💜
E&G 19
E&G 19 17 kun oldin
They look so happy and I’m loving for itttt💗💗
Josie Yent
Josie Yent 17 kun oldin
Guys just found out that gain lives 2 hours away from me 🙂
nabila sarker
nabila sarker 18 kun oldin
For once Gabi is wearing different coloured clothes rather than pink lol
Dior Mae
Dior Mae 18 kun oldin
There working with mr.kate right ?? 😘😍 Also i love u xx
Kayleigh McLaughlan
Kayleigh McLaughlan 18 kun oldin
My house even isn’t like that. Not as nice or as big!!!!! And that’s just ur filming house
cerys gilliss
cerys gilliss 18 kun oldin
i love it its soooooo cutttttteeeeeeee
Sumaiya Salim
Sumaiya Salim 18 kun oldin
please go for Mr. kate!!!!!!!!!!!!
ummno 19 kun oldin
I like the fireplace it’s nice and cozy🥰
Rizuan Rahim
Rizuan Rahim 19 kun oldin
omg Niki and Gabi are so cute this year tbh their good at anytime I mean like look at Gabi her hair is perfect
Dixie Miller
Dixie Miller 19 kun oldin
Mr Kate
Sophia Limcumpao
Sophia Limcumpao 19 kun oldin
If Its Done, Can U Do a HOUSE TOUR
Ivanna Robertson
Ivanna Robertson 20 kun oldin
You could use the large master closet, as another room
Bobbi Slay
Bobbi Slay 21 kun oldin
Mr. Kate
Sariah Johnson
Sariah Johnson 22 kun oldin
Ccp Editing
Ccp Editing 22 kun oldin
Starleeta Brown
Starleeta Brown 22 kun oldin
You can have a 24 hour challenge at your boyfriends house with out them nowing!!!!!!
Victor Cisneros
Victor Cisneros 23 kun oldin
It’s Serial
It’s Serial 23 kun oldin
Thats pat and jen house
Help me Pls
Help me Pls 23 kun oldin
karennahawi 24 kun oldin
Do mr.kate plsssss
Mar'Vellis Martin
Mar'Vellis Martin 24 kun oldin
HeyItz AmethystYT
HeyItz AmethystYT 24 kun oldin
I love that house sooooo much
Sarah Rood
Sarah Rood 24 kun oldin
She has a wig
Annoying Me
Annoying Me 25 kun oldin
The boys should shop for the girls again...but Nate would shop for Gabi and Collin would shop for Niki
Charlie Anderson
Charlie Anderson 25 kun oldin
Umm is it just me but does Niki look pregnant
Tori Turner
Tori Turner 25 kun oldin
Serafin Vazquez
Serafin Vazquez 25 kun oldin
Are you guy's pregnet
Carla Campbell
Carla Campbell 25 kun oldin
Can u do a house tour when your house is all done
Bts 101
Bts 101 25 kun oldin
i really want to live in a huge house like this with my best friend. You guys inspire me to follow my dreams and reach for the stars....i love you both...and im more of a niki style also have blue hair but mine is short
Riley XOXO Gacha
Riley XOXO Gacha 26 kun oldin
I’m not trying to be rude or offensive in any way but why didn’t you just get a small one story house if you guys aren’t even gonna live in it permanently
Jana Abdelalim
Jana Abdelalim 26 kun oldin
Can you please do another house tour when it is all finished ?
Kendall Chambers
Kendall Chambers 26 kun oldin
niki your hair is so pretty
Jasmine Flower
Jasmine Flower 26 kun oldin
So I can't buy a house but they can buy one just to film 😭😔😔😔😔
sillytilly marray
sillytilly marray 26 kun oldin
I love the house . I know its gonna be amazing
Amelia Adams
Amelia Adams 26 kun oldin
I wish your vids were longer I love them being long
Hermione_ _ArtSparkle
I’m pretty sure Mr Kate
Scoot er
Scoot er 27 kun oldin
I wanna that house
Kinsley Gould
Kinsley Gould 27 kun oldin
i'm with gabi i HATE showers!! :) keep smiling
Jada loves Mammoths XD
2 people buy a four-bedroom for walk-in closets and youtube collaborations. Dude thats goals.
Prerana Dilip
Prerana Dilip 27 kun oldin
i meannn... why is niki and gabi so amazing
Erica Ortiz
Erica Ortiz 27 kun oldin
jordan 28 kun oldin
niki’s wearing a wig 💀😂
Natalia Alabart
Natalia Alabart 28 kun oldin
i can tell that niki has a wig
Saima Life
Saima Life 28 kun oldin
Gabi’s “closet” is bigger than my bedroom...
Calista Blanchard
Calista Blanchard 28 kun oldin
Omg Niki's hair is SSOOOOO awesome and they both look super cute. xxxxxx
Katie Haskew
Katie Haskew 28 kun oldin
Gabi reminds m of Ariana Grande
Joslynn Dimas
Joslynn Dimas 28 kun oldin
I love u guys
Shaia Nieves
Shaia Nieves 28 kun oldin
I love the master bedroom!!
Ami forever 200825
Ami forever 200825 29 kun oldin
I love that house
Janelle Appiah
Janelle Appiah 29 kun oldin
If feel like twins typically share house like the Dolan twins and the dobre brothers
Chloe Schnebly
Chloe Schnebly 29 kun oldin
You guys should keep us updated with this house??
Malika Asante
Malika Asante 29 kun oldin
I love you're house 💕💜
Natalia Vass
Natalia Vass 29 kun oldin
Pleeeeeeeease do a moving in and like designing video 😘😘😘
BOLA A 29 kun oldin
Nikki your hair looks beautiful it really suits you 😍😍
Kaya Mitchell
Kaya Mitchell 29 kun oldin
you guys should work with Mr.kate 😍
Ragoodha_ 200313
Ragoodha_ 200313 29 kun oldin
omg i have the same chairs that y'all have in the office lol
Gamer Games
Gamer Games 29 kun oldin
How much it cost
Sharmiya Satheeshkumar
Nikis hair is Beautiful like if u agree
Sharmiya Satheeshkumar
Nikis hair is
Sharmiya Satheeshkumar
Nokia hair
Pearl M
Pearl M 29 kun oldin
Damn.. imagine having a twin sister who’s also your best friend and business partner.
Amber X
Amber X 29 kun oldin
Plz do another house tour when there is all the furniture in the house
Kyleigh Bloom
Kyleigh Bloom 29 kun oldin
You will work with Mr.kate
Hannie_stories 1818
Hannie_stories 1818 29 kun oldin
Twin telepathy slime challenge? Or online shopping challenge? With twin telepathy? Love y’all!
Sophia in Paradise
Sophia in Paradise 29 kun oldin
I’m thinking maybe Mr. Kate will help them. They do such a good job!😁
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