Eric Reid needs to ‘get over’ random drug tests - Stephen A. Smith | First Take

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The NFL released a statement defending their position on the amount of drug tests given to Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid. Stephen A. Smith, Damien Woody and Max Kellerman of First Take react and give their stance on whether they feel Reid was targeted by the NFL.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Knowledge and Master of Self
‘The most sophisticated aspect of White Supremacy is that you do not have to be White to be a White Supremacist’ - Dr John Henrik Clarke Stephen A Smith has been epitomizing the entire time he has been on ESPN
Gavin Sheets
Gavin Sheets 2 oy oldin
Max stop talking about collusion because if we wanna talk about collusion then let’s talk about how Tim Tebow got Christian balled.
So? If he ain't doing drugs he ain't got nothing to worry about right? This happens to everyone out here in the real world. Why the fuck should we feel bad for a multi millionaire athlete?
Moe Brown
Moe Brown 2 oy oldin
How tf can anybody take the nfl’s word on anything?! Here they are explaining too the world that them the producers couldn’t be wrong? And wen tf did the suspect start being the judge and the jury 🤦🏾‍♂️ah suspect will tell u anything 🤦🏾‍♂️
William Schwab
William Schwab 2 oy oldin
Eric Reid lied about the amount of drug tests he took.... Yet blacks don't care because every single thing bad that happens to abblack man is the white man's fault. Then you let a liberal Jew be your leader because he panders to blacks. Pathetic!
arturo brewster
arturo brewster 2 oy oldin
the integrity of the nfl is so ify, ify.like one holding penalty in one place is not a penalty on the other team in the same game or place and same thing in another place,so refs make up whatever they want.
John beason
John beason 2 oy oldin
Here we go again. More BS crybaby victim status. REID YOU WERE GIVEN A CHANCE AND PLAYED LIKE SHIT. Bum. Hey no concrete evidence to support it but let’s pull the race card and dismiss facts as speculation.
Anything Everything
The BIack Nerd
The BIack Nerd 2 oy oldin
crazy how max actually the one talking sense as stephen A. is acting like hes sucking the dick of the NFL
ckneasel 2 oy oldin
Oh look the liberal media sticking up for a liar...
ckneasel 2 oy oldin
Fucking Max Kellerman, please shut the fuck up... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
c2daj100 2 oy oldin
Stephen A. Smith.......SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!
kvmi1986 2 oy oldin
Max is the dumbest talking head on tv ever.
brah For real?
brah For real? 2 oy oldin
Max is a leftist square what a sack of crap 💩
Ed Neg
Ed Neg 2 oy oldin
matt newman
matt newman 2 oy oldin
Why are’t these ESPN baboons saying the wildly obvious thing: Eric Reid completely and knowingly lied about how many times he was tested?? Did this never cross their SJW minds?
GreezyMajor 17
GreezyMajor 17 2 oy oldin
This Is The Epitome Of BS, Like WTF‼️, 7 Times In 11 Weeks, 5 Illegal Hit Fines, He Didnt Even Have A Job Till Week 5 I Believe, And By Chance As Soon As He Came Out About It, The Test Became More Random, NFL Please Yall Can Try To Sel This BS But Nobody Is Buying
Journal Wright
Journal Wright 2 oy oldin
This is just another distraction from police brutality. When will Eric Reid stop being petty in regards to bickering with Malcolm Jenkins, placing illegal hits on QBs, kneeling during the national anthem, and complaining about random drug testing to focus on ending police brutality?
David Taylor
David Taylor 2 oy oldin
Kellerman is a scholar and a gentleman. He definitely thinks outside the box.
LSD 1018
LSD 1018 2 oy oldin
Stephen A. Smith won. Debate over!!!!!
MILFMAN1986 2 oy oldin
Max and skip seem to speak up for blacks more than sas does sas is an ass kisser not as bad as whitlock though sas seems to have an identify crisis alot of the times he is kissing the ass of whites then they are times where he remembers he is black which is rare
Jamie Heltman
Jamie Heltman 2 oy oldin
Max playing the “woke” white guy again.
Gabriel Arnett
Gabriel Arnett 2 oy oldin
Since Stephen A buck dancing and being a ''SELL OUT'' I have too give this a thumbs down..
Denny Roman
Denny Roman 2 oy oldin
Why is the NFL worrying about Gambling money. HHMM its FREEDOM league time.
Denny Roman
Denny Roman 2 oy oldin
7 times in 11 weeks is to much
elohim soldier
elohim soldier 2 oy oldin
Buck dancing 🕺 koon
If Stephan A was an actor he'd be Sean Coonery
Jordan Salmond
Jordan Salmond 2 oy oldin
SAS needs to paint his face white... I hate when we need to hear SAS play devil advocate let someone else play the role!
ShadyBwady 2 oy oldin
Honestly who even cares if its not random.. it's the NFLs rules like.. and just take your money over drugs like... ugh
Adrian Livar
Adrian Livar 2 oy oldin
When are NFL owners going to be forced to sell their teams for being racists just like what happened to the clippers? It's time to get rid of these biggots.
Hundooey does it
Hundooey does it 2 oy oldin
Pissing in a cup is not hard especially if u know its clean. Nigga ain't got any bigger problems?
Bo Rood
Bo Rood 2 oy oldin
Reid is a liar and a moron. A real dumbass. He needs to move to Liberia and go catch the Ebola.
Itscool2beU 2 oy oldin
Stfu Stephen a smith what happened to u
Wtf was Max on about? Meanwhile, Eric Reid has been exposed by teammates for lying about how many times he was tested.
GreezyMajor 17
GreezyMajor 17 2 oy oldin
The First Problem With That Is You Have A Computer And Logs Literally Explaining He Was Tested Many Times Off “Random”, His Teammates Don’t Know How Many Times He Was Tested, How Would They Go Out Figuring That Out Second, And Third And Final Its A RUMOR
Robert Reese
Robert Reese 2 oy oldin
Shocking, another player who cries victim is found to be full of shit. Michael Bennett lied about the cops being racist too. Why the fuck does everyone want to be a victim??????
The Sober Truth
The Sober Truth 2 oy oldin
Bullshit. Call a spade a spade. The racist ass NFL is targeting Reid to get him out of the league............POINT BLANK
Jay Craig
Jay Craig 2 oy oldin
Eric reid at some point tested positive and is now in testing pool "they wont breach confidentially of player" because he pissed hot before
Ben Adek
Ben Adek 2 oy oldin
NFL lying 🤥!!!!
Cody Martin
Cody Martin 2 oy oldin
Didn't get a job? He's playing for the fucking Panthers you idiot. Max is a snowflake.
Amina Farah
Amina Farah 2 oy oldin
Fat bastard was more animated when a certain bills player quit his job, '' how dare u quit'' but when it comes to race talk and injustices in the NFL by white racist billionaires '' oh ive been test multiples time''' should have given us the exact numbers multiple times can be 2 times 3 times 4 times all in the norm.
greenmantis2009 2 oy oldin
The white guy sounds like a guy with an IQ of 70 talking about math.. Lack of diversity among ownership? This PC BS is getting too far....what if blacks are not smart enough to become millionaires? Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk are all white billionaires, coincidence?
Thomas Pope
Thomas Pope 2 oy oldin
Max is wrong again. Nothing new.
Safeena Choud
Safeena Choud 2 oy oldin
Mane what have realised in life is when shit ain’t on your shoes you can say whatever wanna say like dumb ass SAS
Gray Smith
Gray Smith 2 oy oldin
Max is very ill-informed. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude, but he makes this topic about race for no damn reason, and to say that a lack of African American billionaires is due ONLY because of slavery is a close-minded, tunnel-visioned, and untrue statement. Does it play a role? Of course. Does it play the majority role? No it doesn't. I'm not saying black folks perhaps aren't targeted by police officers. Perhaps they are, I simply can't answer that as a white man. Do I believe that their are some element of black culture that need to fixed in order to create more opportunities for themselves? I absolutely believe that. They have every legal and I would even say every social avenue to reach the promise land of the good life. Slavery does play a role today, but if we keep bringing it up like it's the end all be all for our race relations, then no race of any kind in America will ever advance. I mean all of this with the most respect.
Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson 2 oy oldin
Now you see why LBJ said what he said. You drug test a person every game who does not have history of any banned drugs? I am crazy right, and there union rolling with the league. They need to strike after next season.
Da Greazy
Da Greazy 2 oy oldin
they test who they want to drug test
Linkz GP
Linkz GP 2 oy oldin
Max Kellerman is that white guy that tries to show black people that he's cool
Sports Drama
Sports Drama 2 oy oldin
Sad to see this is not the only case in pro sports and that the NFL is attempting to make Reed look bad because they proved it wasn't exactly 7 times SMH.
Roque Lopez
Roque Lopez 2 oy oldin
No one was screaming racism when James Harrison was tested everyman day but NOW its racist? Yall running out of shit to bitch about😂
FMR393 2 oy oldin
wtf is Max talking about? why in the hell would the owners get involved in social justice bullshit, especially when it doesnt involve them. The owners arent politicians or law enforcement. Thats like asking NBA owners to get involved in trying to solve illegal immigration
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 2 oy oldin
7 times in a 12 game Season most guys never get tested in a Season one guy 7 times get the you know what outta here. Eric may be time to Sue the NFLPA as well
Frederick0220 2 oy oldin
The NFLPA revealed today that Eric Reid is a lying fraudulent scumbag who exaggerated the number of times he was tested. sports.yahoo.com/nfl-nflpa-say-theres-no-evidence-panthers-eric-reid-targeted-drug-testing-150426603.html nypost.com/2019/01/09/investigation-basically-calls-eric-reid-liar-over-drug-test-complaint/
Matti Suffron
Matti Suffron 2 oy oldin
You'd be better off just admitting that you'd hoped he'd smoked some bud when he wasn't signed and you were praying you could catch that...when I say you, I mean the NFL, not you personally
Matti Suffron
Matti Suffron 2 oy oldin
+Frederick0220 ya, I read it. It said a "source" told Rappoport that he wasn't tested as many times as he claimed. What source? The same source that investigated the NFL, who happens to investigate itself? Please..why would they defend the algorithm argument so strongly if it wasn't actually 7 times.
Frederick0220 2 oy oldin
+Matti Suffron LOL, it's right in the beginning of the article! "Panthers safety Eric Reid was drug-tested this season, but apparently not the seven times that he claimed. A joint statement from the NFL and NFLPA released Wednesday denied the notion that Reid was targeted unfairly for drug testing and called the amount of times he was tested “normal” after an independent investigation."
Matti Suffron
Matti Suffron 2 oy oldin
None of that says he wasn't tested 7 times. Your argument is that he's lying about the number of times he was tested. The NFL never denies it wasn't 7
Frederick0220 2 oy oldin
LOL, there are many, but here are a couple: sports.yahoo.com/nfl-nflpa-say-theres-no-evidence-panthers-eric-reid-targeted-drug-testing-150426603.html nypost.com/2019/01/09/investigation-basically-calls-eric-reid-liar-over-drug-test-complaint/ +Matti Suffron
Freddy Johnson
Freddy Johnson 2 oy oldin
So now that's the Panthers season is over do y'all think Eric Reid will still be as vocal about social injustices as he is during the regular season??...
Matti Suffron
Matti Suffron 2 oy oldin
What a dumb statement...how can he be as vocal if there isn't a mic in front of his face every Sunday? Think before you write...
BaldBlackBearded 2 oy oldin
Jakob Rivera
Jakob Rivera 2 oy oldin
Let’s be real here. The NFL and MLB is conservatively homogeneous, while the NBA is tolerant for political protest. The NFL is trying to weed out the remaining players who protest, and Eric Reed is the leading figure among the remaining left. The NFL is just WAITING for Reed to slip up so they can have excuse to provide punishment. And for you Stephen A, man what a way to reject cultural identity. The black body is systematically oppressed and degraded in this country. With your media/celebrity platform you should be promoting counter movement against the oppressors, but you’re out here telling Reed to stop.
To Release is To Resolve
Comment section is filled with so many ignorant niggas.
macpumperkinz 2 oy oldin
idk why people trust the nfls word on this, of course theyre gonna say it was random
SWERVE 2 oy oldin
If you take a step back and look at the plight of other countries, this stuff is so fickle...
Dame Dolla
Dame Dolla 2 oy oldin
bottom line u dont do drugs u have nothing to worry about.........making urself look guilty
Jay Mack
Jay Mack 2 oy oldin
Some of y’all statements is exactly what Stephen A and Ryan Clark talked about yesterday. If they don’t agree just because they black then y’all call them a “Uncle Tom” and “Coon”!!! Just cause he don’t agree with everything black don’t make him not black. Get off the gas
drago p
drago p 2 oy oldin
Stephen a b cooning..& it's a good Damm shame.
To Release is To Resolve
It is a damn shame that you're illiterate.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 2 oy oldin
If that's random testing he should play the Powerball if he's that LUCKY. Nflpa is the weakest and most sorryest of ALL MAJOR LEAGUES.
The NERO 2 oy oldin
How can you take PEDs and still be part of one of the shittiest secondary units in nfl?
byron lee
byron lee 2 oy oldin
Fuck white Massa Max and Eric Ried.
BaahBen 2 oy oldin
BaahBen 2 oy oldin
This guy Max is the biggest black ass kisser on television. What an a-hole.
Pepper The GOAT
Pepper The GOAT 2 oy oldin
You don’t need to drug test anyone on any team that loses 8 games straight
Chris Downing
Chris Downing 2 oy oldin
Jet’s hire Miami head coach
Sloke1001 X6
Sloke1001 X6 2 oy oldin
I'm a panthers fan and black and he needs to get over it, u can't fight every battle yeah its unfair but focus on the more important issues, the lawsuit, social justice, no minority owners in the sport, the NFL does what they want until backed into a corner, you're not backing them into a corner with this so move on
Jmal05 2 oy oldin
Eric Reid lied about how often he was getting tested. The radical can fuck off. That's why Anquan Bolden and Malcolm Jenkins don't fuck with him. Reid can't be trusted to be real.
BKK 2 oy oldin
Max is a racist, liberal Jew
emaj2323 2 oy oldin
They dont drug test Lebron freak ass like that in the nba ........???
Loy Jones
Loy Jones 2 oy oldin
#ConPirm (Confirm). Thought it was funny........
Mr. Bond
Mr. Bond 2 oy oldin
These got dam coons.this big burly nigga gone sit right there and lie and say he got tested 10 times in a season. so that covers the "oh eric reid is just making it about race" base and then stephen coon smith gone sit his balding ass right there and say yeah they doing all this but just get over it. That covers the "stop whining and pull yourself up by the your bootstraps" base. Im so sick of these got dam coons with the white man in their ear telling them what to say and using them like puppets. the fucking jig is up, we aint falling for the same ol tactics. using coons to express your views dont work anymore white man. come with something new!
JussHaten11 2 oy oldin
... So what did SAS say that makes him an Uncle Tom names etc., ... All I see in the comments lol. What exactly did he say?
Mr Smarty Pants
Mr Smarty Pants 2 oy oldin
32 NFL teams.. 70% black.. 0 black owners.. 1 Arab owner... 🤔
damomand 2 oy oldin
Mr Smarty-pants shows how ignorant and dumb you are. Mr. Khan is not Arab, he’s of South Asian descent (country of Pakistan).
Nicholas Taiariol
Prisons: 96% black
BKK 2 oy oldin
You're suspicious of him because he's Arabic? You're such a racist
LegendofVII 2 oy oldin
rotoninja 2 oy oldin
That's because it didn't happen. If he felt he was being targeted, he would've thrown the BS flag at the 3rd time at least.
Gabriel Arnett
Gabriel Arnett 2 oy oldin
Agreed! @LegendofVII
Forgem Nos
Forgem Nos 2 oy oldin
Yeah. There's a bit much.
MasteR BlasteR
MasteR BlasteR 2 oy oldin
Suck it up black PEOPLE. Sad children. Edit: max better hope he never runs into me. Pathetic pos
BKK 2 oy oldin
Max is such a douchebag
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins 2 oy oldin
I SEE where Stephen A is coming from. He's not coonin' at all.
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj 2 oy oldin
Retire Reid please
Matti Suffron
Matti Suffron 2 oy oldin
Why would he retire?
Jayce 2 oy oldin
He's only 27. He's still young
Power is Taken
Power is Taken 2 oy oldin
S.A.S. still conning for that pay check.
Opie the trucker
Opie the trucker 2 oy oldin
Drug testing itself is a violation. Who gives a shit what you do in your off time. Ridiculous. One of the most ridiculous notions ever created by mankind. Idiocy. It doesn't affect your ability to do your job as long as you do your job. Get so sick and tired of the bullshit control. Don't matter, it will all be legal soon, and won't have to go thru this garbage. Nosy ass people, mind your own damn business
Cail Beats
Cail Beats 2 oy oldin
Max sounds so dumb
The Elder Twelve
The Elder Twelve 2 oy oldin
Using "slavery" as why black people aren't billionaires Max?
Charissa Thompson
Reid and brown are drama queens
ArtVandelay1872 2 oy oldin
Max was a rich kid, who thinks all white people have it easy lol. Nah, Max...most people are struggling to pay bills, you dumb fuck!
BKK 2 oy oldin
He's a racist liberal Jew...what do ya expect?
People really really questioning the blackness of Stephen A over this. Lol
Brian Janssen
Brian Janssen 2 oy oldin
Smells like bullshit.
beatzinbag 2 oy oldin
this is a bunch of b******* I know somebody played in the league for nine years and was only drug tested three times and he had a DUI arrest so get the f*** out of here with that
braden coleman
braden coleman 2 oy oldin
Is Stephen A wrong tho?
mrcooldeadly85 2 oy oldin
SAS want to be Whitlock now. If ESPN was to do the same to him, he'll be complaining as well.
Pepper Brooks
Pepper Brooks 2 oy oldin
Black people: Eric Reid is kneeling down for social injustices therefore I will support him through everything, even if he’s lying that he’s being targeted for drug testing cuz he wants more clout.
T Randles
T Randles 2 oy oldin
coonin a smith ! at it again
MySportsReviews 2 oy oldin
NFL full of shit. They were targeting that man constantly. They were waiting for him to slip up.
BKK 2 oy oldin
Good, get him out of the league
Christopher Mccarroll
I mean the league has reason to be suspicious. You would have to be on drugs to support Colin Kaepernick.
Kev. Mill
Kev. Mill 2 oy oldin
Just close your mouth and hold your nose already!
Amina Farah
Amina Farah 2 oy oldin
u have to be on drugs to think shooting unarmed Americans is fine
Carl Rice
Carl Rice 2 oy oldin
Because it happened to Woody does not mean its "normal". Normal would mean that more than half of the people have experienced this. I dont believe more than half of the nfl players have been tested 7-10 times. And Smith is the best company man of all time. Whatever marching orders he is given, he'll just put his trademark screaming into it
Lance 2 oy oldin
Did we actually think they were going to find any evidence!!! Duhhh
DK1 2 oy oldin
We the black community would like to swap Stephen A for Max. And we'll also give you his barber.
Demetrius Harris
Demetrius Harris 2 oy oldin
I just asked my uncle, Corey L. Harris, who played 12 years in NFL; won Super Bowl with Ravens and was the safety on that 2000 Defense....he said that being tested 7 times is VERY ABNORMAL. You may get tested once or twice. Maaaybe 3. In 12 years, he was never tested more than twice in a season. So 7 times is very abnormal. Even worse, 7 times is extremely abnormal in 11 weeks....So I can say he was being targeted.
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