Erika Costell - Karma (Official Music Video)

Erika Costell
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The official music video for Karma!
Listen now on Spotify ► open.spotify.com/track/0oXPT3mcphHZqJr8ySBl8m?si=P9SvL7I8TD2vhpZc-W2BbA
Listen now on Apple Music ► itunes.apple.com/us/album/karma-single/1440545626
Directed by: Taylor Chien
Assistant directed and edited by: Shannon Curry
Styled by: Kara Wilson and Ali Molan
Hair by: Chris Dylan
Makeup by: Aaron Paul
Song Produced by: Harvey Mason Jr.
Song written by: Erika Costell and Brittany Burton
Special Thanks to the crew:
Gonzalo Digenio
Nick Serabyn
Ben Smith
Jacob Steagal
Massimo Legittimo
Shoutout to DOPE for helping us make this happen. dope.com
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2-Noy, 2018

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the boss george
the boss george Soat oldin
has she broke up with jake
Abya Yala
Abya Yala Soat oldin
Just awful. Give up on music.
Kaylee Hernandez
Kaylee Hernandez Soat oldin
Erika you should roast jake paul
James Humphries
James Humphries 2 soat oldin
If someone thinks this is good they know nothing about real music
pixel machine
pixel machine 2 soat oldin
My eyes and ears are bleeding
Sophia Cristobal
Sophia Cristobal 2 soat oldin
This song is about Jake Paul because he was cheating
queen_thiccymemes 2 soat oldin
I have a theory. Is it just me, or does the guy on his phone kind of look like shane? Thats where im going. What if this video is just a hidden disstrack for shane dawson? She might think the small little things she said about jake probably hurt jake and made him have doubts. I know, i know, this theory is stupid.. But it could be the case. I mean, what does shane love as much as ryland? His phone. And what is he holding the whole music video? His *phone.*
Eimear Murphy
Eimear Murphy 2 soat oldin
Is this a dig at Jake ??
Life Sucks.
Life Sucks. 2 soat oldin
Did the plastic surgeon mess up Erickas face....AGAIM
JennyLyrics 2 soat oldin
it makes me sick how people can be so mean! if you don't have something nice to say then just don't comment.. SIMPLE! And Erika YES! KARMA Will Deal With It! You Just Keep Doing You, Being Mature, and Loving Yourself..!
Krystal Aleman
Krystal Aleman 2 soat oldin
I think this is the ok but your other songs are better
Panda 3 soat oldin
5 Star Mashups
5 Star Mashups 3 soat oldin
*Alicia Keys has left the chat*
Zeera P
Zeera P 3 soat oldin
Wtf did you do to your face that’s making you look so old?
Bingo Game
Bingo Game 3 soat oldin
Earika plz don't accept these comments because you look beautiful and if they can't see that too bad for them and btw amazing song I love it
Baby Boom
Baby Boom 3 soat oldin
I like the beat. But the voice Im just not feeling it😌
Madie Luva
Madie Luva 3 soat oldin
Why does your face give me a completly different perspective from you face?and how long have you been working on this song.? Best part was 3:25 I don't know if I can stand you or jake Paul's crap any more.
Olivia Brooks
Olivia Brooks 3 soat oldin
Is this what hell sounds like?
YTKYNG 3 soat oldin
Who's grandma is this???
Song to the Yi
Song to the Yi 3 soat oldin
Is it for Jake?
Roozu Fahkerson
Roozu Fahkerson 4 soat oldin
Augh this is a shitty bad song! disgusting!!!!
Rosa Slade
Rosa Slade 4 soat oldin
I looked up Karma of Queen Naija and it brought me to this... Ugh 🤦
Adam Hayat
Adam Hayat 5 soat oldin
This is real bad
Pikachu Raw HD
Pikachu Raw HD 5 soat oldin
Love it Erica
Sassy Soph
Sassy Soph 6 soat oldin
Yesssss honeyyyyyy🙌🏻🙌🏻
obviously 5 soat oldin
oh no
Semen Expert
Semen Expert 7 soat oldin
I can smell the diarrhea from here
Dislike Squad
Dislike Squad 7 soat oldin
Botox queen
Dislike Squad
Dislike Squad 7 soat oldin
Nat MUA 7 soat oldin
Who's here from Bionic Pig !!!???
Dr. Suicidal Bear
Dr. Suicidal Bear 7 soat oldin
hey, a new Rebecca Black. We all wanted that.
Ava Raphael
Ava Raphael 7 soat oldin
Why did u break up with jake please get together again your so cute together PLEASE GET TOGETHER
obviously 5 soat oldin
JackTheGinger1 7 soat oldin
Fuckin dogshit fart beat
JackTheGinger1 7 soat oldin
Dope sliders what is that lmfao
Rochelle Redd
Rochelle Redd 8 soat oldin
Too much filler makes you look older :/
super Nska
super Nska 9 soat oldin
this song is only 3:26 how the hell?????????????? this was the longest 3 mins of my life
Simron Sarkar
Simron Sarkar 9 soat oldin
She looks young when shes without makeup she should think about it
Marya 03
Marya 03 9 soat oldin
After Shane’s series I still don’t like u 🐍
Madi Grace
Madi Grace 9 soat oldin
Can i just complement....... Your hair looks hella fire when its long!
nilton cristiano
nilton cristiano 9 soat oldin
only because she broke up with jake dont mean you start being rude.
Lilian-Bell Kiwara
Lilian-Bell Kiwara 10 soat oldin
are you cheting on jake paul
Stevie Nicklas
Stevie Nicklas 11 soat oldin
Also I agree that she doesn't need the makeup at all because she is gorgeous without it but I don't see why people are calling her a Grandma.
Stevie Nicklas
Stevie Nicklas 11 soat oldin
I doubt this song has anything to do with Jake Paul, her life does not revolve around him even though it may seem like the song is about him because of current events but she made this song before they broke up. It shouldn't matter anyway because it is a bop and she should be proud of it
ambar bates
ambar bates 11 soat oldin
In one part of the lyrics it sounds like she said " i guess nicks got heart" i just want to know if i understood that correctly?
j c
j c Soat oldin
she said snakes got heart
z i
z i 11 soat oldin
Makes all other songs look bad
z i
z i 11 soat oldin
Best song in the world
Kc Campbell
Kc Campbell 11 soat oldin
I love you
obviously 5 soat oldin
woaaah that's a strong word
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza 12 soat oldin
I think she was doing the song about jacke
Elie Abou Rached
Elie Abou Rached 12 soat oldin
Literary garbage 🗑
Faith Stredwick
Faith Stredwick 12 soat oldin
You ac you ac you ac you ac you ac
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown 12 soat oldin
He made you famous
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown 13 soat oldin
You made him from not doing something stupid and killing himself so please get back together
Stevie Nicklas
Stevie Nicklas 11 soat oldin
dear lord get a grip, they're adults they broke up and that is their decision and it will be their decision if they get back together. You begging them to get back together isn't gonna do anything
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown 13 soat oldin
Get back together please
Frightened Shadow
Frightened Shadow 13 soat oldin
Is this about jake
Mason Shirar
Mason Shirar 13 soat oldin
Erika stop trying to be all cute and beautiful OK you are but just stop I have to go bye
So Kp
So Kp 13 soat oldin
This is what happens when hot people try to have real talent, please stop
Lara Alshaghnoubi
Lara Alshaghnoubi 13 soat oldin
It's called what hell idiot
AngelDark Dark_
AngelDark Dark_ 13 soat oldin
Are you and Jake going to go back to. They’re
Gerardo Ochoa
Gerardo Ochoa 13 soat oldin
Did u are what she was doing with that stapler
Kawaii the Band
Kawaii the Band 13 soat oldin
Thank you UZvid for being soulless and corporate and hollow ❤️ keep it up
Kawaii the Band
Kawaii the Band 13 soat oldin
You should leave music to people who can actually make it, thanks 😘
MAIvlogs 13 soat oldin
Dalia Hernandez
Dalia Hernandez 13 soat oldin
Erika what is this song about
Hey_itsmeALANI 23
Hey_itsmeALANI 23 14 soat oldin
Stevie Nicklas
Stevie Nicklas 11 soat oldin
jesus christ
Little Wolf
Little Wolf 14 soat oldin
Why do you have Dobre
Ale Cronk
Ale Cronk 14 soat oldin
She need to get back together with jake
Stevie Nicklas
Stevie Nicklas 11 soat oldin
dear lord get a grip, they're adults they broke up and that is their decision and it will be their decision if they get back together. You begging them to get back together isn't gonna do anything
LEMON LEMON 14 soat oldin
she lookin like Miss Piggy
Diego Playz 2
Diego Playz 2 14 soat oldin
We all know this is a diss track on jake paul
Matthew Michelman
Matthew Michelman 15 soat oldin
No offence but does she like it to where her butt shows with a bikini
Stevie Nicklas
Stevie Nicklas 11 soat oldin
it's 2018, she's not the only girl in the world that wears cheeky bikini's
Emma Frenette
Emma Frenette 15 soat oldin
bro when erica has better abs than jake
Destany Timothy
Destany Timothy 15 soat oldin
Jer💔ika why????
Taylor Thompso
Taylor Thompso 15 soat oldin
who's grandma is this
Jesse Parks
Jesse Parks 15 soat oldin
you try to sing
ximena marquez
ximena marquez 15 soat oldin
Everyone stop saying that she is an old lady she has worked very hard on making this song
sfffghdf ffdgf
sfffghdf ffdgf 15 soat oldin
You look 75
Amber Tatavitto
Amber Tatavitto 16 soat oldin
Omg, girl you look so gorgeous in this and this song is so relatable💕
Nevaeh Newman
Nevaeh Newman 16 soat oldin
Finally you broke up with Jake Paul he is so dum that's the only whay I wachted his videos p.s. loven the new long hair✓✓✓
Masons awsomes channel Masons awsomes channel
Why would you say that you couldnt get a girl like that in your life
Liam Gay vlogs
Liam Gay vlogs 16 soat oldin
Dayami Paredes-Melchor
I’m so sorry Erica or breaking up with Jake
Marisol Barrett
Marisol Barrett 16 soat oldin
Can we throw away the entire team
Chris Gandara
Chris Gandara 16 soat oldin
Were is jerika
Piano Protagonist
Piano Protagonist 17 soat oldin
She looks like Trump as a wahman.
MkayM Merx
MkayM Merx 17 soat oldin
I wish this masterpiece was longer
KingOfLegends23 16 soat oldin
Oh dear. You should get your ears checked
MkayM Merx
MkayM Merx 16 soat oldin
+KingOfLegends23 huh? Does that mean am I serious?....if so HELL NO THIS SONG IS FIRE 🔥
KingOfLegends23 16 soat oldin
Are you being ironic?
ItsAlexRose 17 soat oldin
lowkey a bop
Seyeren Says
Seyeren Says 17 soat oldin
This song is sooo good! Don't let the haters get you down girl, you took the high road and I'm so proud. Karma will deal with it and you will find someone who deserves you 💘
KingOfLegends23 14 soat oldin
+Seyeren Says and yours happens to be wrong
Seyeren Says
Seyeren Says 15 soat oldin
+KingOfLegends23 That's the beauty in opinions. We all have them
KingOfLegends23 16 soat oldin
Except, it's really not that good. Nothing about it is good or even inspired
hot garbage
hot garbage 17 soat oldin
Caroline Nicholas
Caroline Nicholas 17 soat oldin
why did it take me until now to see that she looks like a Chrissy teigan and blob fish love child
Stephannieproperty 17 soat oldin
Ur soo freaking pretty
Ava Jackson
Ava Jackson 18 soat oldin
Erika did you and Jake really brakeup. Ps I am your biggest fan I got mearch in rn
Genesis Chevez
Genesis Chevez 18 soat oldin
Cause you look old
M8 18 soat oldin
I've seen for years old sing better than this..
our familys pov. T.
our familys pov. T. 18 soat oldin
So sad!
Savannah Anime
Savannah Anime 18 soat oldin
The beat sounds like its a kids song from Barney.
Danielle Hernandez
Danielle Hernandez 18 soat oldin
I'm not hating or anything but she used to be really pretty, what happened?!
Stevie Nicklas
Stevie Nicklas 10 soat oldin
too much makeup, she's still pretty
KingOfLegends23 16 soat oldin
Craig 18 soat oldin
OMG!!! I LOVE THE PART AT 3:25!!!!
Imani Macharia
Imani Macharia 2 soat oldin
Craig omg same that's my favorite part
Jolene Lynn
Jolene Lynn 18 soat oldin
is this after the break up?
teababyjay 19 soat oldin
everyone said this song was good but now that i finally listen to it I've been disappointed (not surprised though)
Heather Heaven
Heather Heaven 19 soat oldin
Damn she be looking like Jessica Lange in the face 😂😂😂
Stevie Nicklas
Stevie Nicklas 10 soat oldin
take a look in the mirror sweetie
Un Known
Un Known 19 soat oldin
Why is she trying to sing !! She can’t sing
Misscarliej m
Misscarliej m 19 soat oldin
This is horrible.
Giselle Camacho
Giselle Camacho 19 soat oldin
Bro I know it's ur opinion but if it's not nice then shut up she is perfect the way she is and I might don't know how u look like but u need to look in the mirror first ok, capise. Now Erika u are perfect honey ok love ur self🎀💓💓💓🎀💞😍😘💞like how I love u to the moon and back like thousands of times 😘💕💖😏❤🤣
KingOfLegends23 14 soat oldin
Stay in school, you're too young to be on the internet
KingOfLegends23 14 soat oldin
+Giselle Camacho You mean figurative speech? I have, and calling someone "perfect" is still wrong, even when used figuratively
Giselle Camacho
Giselle Camacho 14 soat oldin
Goats: if u mess with Moma goat, u mess with all goats🐐
Giselle Camacho
Giselle Camacho 14 soat oldin
I know no one is perfect, it's just a saying. Have you ever herd of Figeritive language? 💯✨👌😉✨✨
KingOfLegends23 16 soat oldin
Are you ten years old? No one is perfect. Perfection doesn't exist within humanity
To Our Daughter
9 oy oldin
we broke up
15 soat oldin
10 kun oldin