Erika Costell - Karma (Official Music Video)

Erika Costell
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The official music video for Karma!
Listen now on Spotify ► open.spotify.com/track/0oXPT3mcphHZqJr8ySBl8m?si=P9SvL7I8TD2vhpZc-W2BbA
Listen now on Apple Music ► itunes.apple.com/us/album/karma-single/1440545626
Directed by: Taylor Chien
Assistant directed and edited by: Shannon Curry
Styled by: Kara Wilson and Ali Molan
Hair by: Chris Dylan
Makeup by: Aaron Paul
Song Produced by: Harvey Mason Jr.
Song written by: Erika Costell and Brittany Burton
Special Thanks to the crew:
Gonzalo Digenio
Nick Serabyn
Ben Smith
Jacob Steagal
Massimo Legittimo
Shoutout to DOPE for helping us make this happen. dope.com
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2-Noy, 2018



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 23 829
why does she look 50 and 22 at the same time,oof
JJ & KK 6 soat oldin
I mean sometimes u got to fix your on problems u can’t just rely on karma to fix it all
MemeGangTV Kun oldin
Jake paul
Emily Fletcher
Emily Fletcher Kun oldin
There are alot people think they are Pretty
Janna_ Edge
Janna_ Edge 2 kun oldin
I just came straight to the comments and barley even listen to the song
Gabrielle Villarreal
She is dissing team 10 in this song
LydiaBisland 2 kun oldin
Why after 6 months... still my fave song EVER!!!
Kennedy Foreback
Kennedy Foreback 2 kun oldin
her eyes look so pretty in the scene where she’s wearing the remastered sweatshirt
Melissa Martinezcarino
00:37 actual song
Chubby Oink
Chubby Oink 4 kun oldin
Song: I don’t have to be a b*tch, I know karma’s gonna deal with it Me: *KARMA’S A B*TCH THO*
Sergio Cabrera
Sergio Cabrera 4 kun oldin
Go to jake pls he misses you he won't do it again
anna wright
anna wright 4 kun oldin
LazerBean 5 kun oldin
That’s pornography
Gramt Wood
Gramt Wood 5 kun oldin
Cotton one of your biggest hugest fans and I'm kind of wondering if you could go to Canada and if you find a school that's a chibi Robo let's go straight in straight and if you find the corner store it's like a store and you look straight there should be building that's my house and I'm very very sorry that and I also like your song I was there for you there for you and I'll be right be right here for you I like the song and I'm hoping you can stop by some time and if you see a place with tons of bikes on Canada in the building just wait by the door and then I would see you and then I'm like your biggest fan I really want to say hi to you like I also like goats to buy like okay bye
Sten Terje Fagerland
Love youre song 👍😀😀😀
WillistylezZZ 5 kun oldin
I am only looking at the but and the booies.😍😍😍
Queen Ari
Queen Ari 3 kun oldin
ewww tf creep
Chris Terpos
Chris Terpos 6 kun oldin
I love you
unicorn pals
unicorn pals 7 kun oldin
I listen to this when. I get bullied because my mom died
Chloe Wood
Chloe Wood 7 kun oldin
Erika is gorg
Chloe Wood
Chloe Wood 7 kun oldin
When the girl called Erika a b* at the start she looks like a horse who doesn’t brush her teeth even tho it’s for the video she actually looks like it
Rise Snowyy ツ
Rise Snowyy ツ 7 kun oldin
She has a better six pack than jake... -_-
Nevaeh Morris
Nevaeh Morris 7 kun oldin
hows him
Shy Price
Shy Price 7 kun oldin
you got pretty cool song i like .
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner 8 kun oldin
Bruh Erika looks like a 40yr old that’s been smoking since she was 12
Chloe Wood
Chloe Wood 6 kun oldin
Timmy Turner bro she doesn’t your probably jealous
Debbie Phillips
Debbie Phillips 8 kun oldin
Yo u fit
Tommy Boon
Tommy Boon 8 kun oldin
You are the best friend in the world
Bill Wood
Bill Wood 8 kun oldin
I want her hair so much
Roxana Castro
Roxana Castro 9 kun oldin
Whos watching in April 2019?
Don Holmes
Don Holmes 9 kun oldin
Great tune !
Tucker S
Tucker S 9 kun oldin
She is so hot who agrees
Francine Major
Francine Major 10 kun oldin
Arica is so cute
Anushree Jeenath
Anushree Jeenath 11 kun oldin
This song is for all the haters best song ever
ninja_chex 11 kun oldin
Is this to Jake
kathleen hardie
kathleen hardie 12 kun oldin
I love this song
Sabrina 28
Sabrina 28 12 kun oldin
Who is here after thots not feelings??
Ketan Oliver
Ketan Oliver 12 kun oldin
Your hot
lilbesni g
lilbesni g 12 kun oldin
she is naked in 3:25
lilbesni g wtf she is
Janna_ Edge
Janna_ Edge 12 kun oldin
I love her hair it's so pretty💝💋
Chloe Couszins
Chloe Couszins 13 kun oldin
I love it
Nasra Ibrahim
Nasra Ibrahim 13 kun oldin
This is horrible 💀
Cassie Rivers
Cassie Rivers 13 kun oldin
Her hair is goals. I soo want her hair!
Guillermo Garcia
Guillermo Garcia 13 kun oldin
Who else watching in April 2019
FanFiction addict
FanFiction addict 2 kun oldin
Lyndsey Critchfield
Yhaneii Orofil
Yhaneii Orofil 7 kun oldin
Mee 🤙
Leon Poš
Leon Poš 7 kun oldin
Emily Barnes
Emily Barnes 14 kun oldin
The first part sounds like farts lol
Teresa Molina
Teresa Molina 14 kun oldin
OMG I LOVED KARMA GIRL KEEP IT UP and those people who are calling you in your 20 and 40s are people who are jealous of you.
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
Who else is having ear bleeds in 2019?
Chloe xoxo
Chloe xoxo 15 kun oldin
Her ex has a tattoo of the word karma on his right shoulder....
Haitham Mahmoud
Haitham Mahmoud 15 kun oldin
So nice
Deisi Valadez
Deisi Valadez 15 kun oldin
You are pretty
Theresa LaRue
Theresa LaRue 15 kun oldin
i love your new video Karma,its supper awesome
Rebecca Fuller
Rebecca Fuller 15 kun oldin
Wow jake messed uppppppp
Sune Friess
Sune Friess 15 kun oldin
Karma's gonna deal with this Rip my ears
Joshua hutch
Joshua hutch 15 kun oldin
You are the best 😎😎
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 15 kun oldin
Plz date jake Paul agin it was so good win i figerd out that you guys broke up I almost cried
Emily Barnes
Emily Barnes 14 kun oldin
I agree
Romela L Pollard
Romela L Pollard 15 kun oldin
all i got to say is NO!
Rebecca Francis
Rebecca Francis 16 kun oldin
This is the story of my life
melissa Armenta
melissa Armenta 16 kun oldin
this song is stuck in my head
Arun James
Arun James 16 kun oldin
She's has a voice and she looks seductive too
Alicia Sauriol
Alicia Sauriol 16 kun oldin
You took the clout and left...
Angela Usry
Angela Usry 16 kun oldin
You are karma though
Alicia Copeland
Alicia Copeland 18 kun oldin
Stop,get a voice.
Christine Fleckney
Christine Fleckney 19 kun oldin
Erika have hot abs😍😍😍
Martin Lopez
Martin Lopez 19 kun oldin
Who is watching this video on 2019 and jake and Erika broke up . this is like Jake is going to get karma for that break up
ASMRLOBE 20 kun oldin
shes right u know... :)
Maja Kania
Maja Kania 21 kun oldin
He wants u back
Maja Kania
Maja Kania 21 kun oldin
Why did u break up with jake paul
dacey thompson
dacey thompson 22 kun oldin
MTF: Nine Tailed fox
Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein Und das heißt? Erika!
Melissa Martinezcarino
MTF: Nine Tailed fox wtf what r u saying
rachel botha
rachel botha 22 kun oldin
I miss the love of jake and Erika😭😭😢😢😓😓😪💔
Ya Ad
Ya Ad 23 kun oldin
My thumb is sore from liking these comments
Tayliahna Jarrett
Tayliahna Jarrett 23 kun oldin
I think this is to jake
Brokenofficechair Singer
Wow this Auto tune tho. You should just stick to UZvid hun..and not singing. Also, you look like you're in your 50's
It’s Daesha!! And video
Bruh qween naija made a song called karma are u copying her😤😮
Jimmy Hoehn
Jimmy Hoehn 25 kun oldin
i love u Erika Costell and i love all u songs and goats are my fav animal
Katelyn Warfield
Katelyn Warfield 25 kun oldin
Your such a good singer
Alexandria French
Alexandria French 25 kun oldin
2019 anyone? 👇🏼
Jaylen 26 kun oldin
Mistina Peterson
Mistina Peterson 26 kun oldin
I love your music I’m such a big fan
Michaela Olson
Michaela Olson 28 kun oldin
is this about jake
minecraft gamer 2000 200
Yuvan copyrighted this vid
minecraft gamer 2000 200
Whoever subscribed to the channel is a doucebag
kamron fairweather
kamron fairweather 28 kun oldin
You doucebag noob -_-
FINLAY G 28 kun oldin
Bill Wood
Bill Wood 28 kun oldin
I watching it in march anyone else ?
javier valcarcel
javier valcarcel 27 kun oldin
Bill Wood same lol
Teagan and Alex blue Always
My favourite part is 1:53 and dk
Zapotron 29 kun oldin
you forgot that part 0:51
Tenzin yangchen
Morning ..my one of fav UZvid song 😋
Lily Shelton
Lily Shelton Oy oldin
Me and my dog how always stilles my food
takuj luv atakin
i can tell this song is for jake paul why dont she get over the breakup already
I’m irrelevant
Omg she is soo beautiful😍😍😘
Super Sam The incredible
0:36 me “look dat (no kids allowed) maaaaaan
asome watermelon
Richard Goodman
Who else is watching in March 2019?!?! just me ok..
I’m not Avira
I’m not Avira 7 kun oldin
Money can’t buy happiness
G Rules 2
G Rules 2 14 kun oldin
Richard Goodman haha np 😂
Richard Goodman
Richard Goodman 14 kun oldin
ayyyyy tysm!! <3+G Rules 2
G Rules 2
G Rules 2 15 kun oldin
Richard Goodman I now love ur channel I saw that video money can't buy you everything lol
jalia swagerty
jalia swagerty 29 kun oldin
Gwen LovesCats! Me too 😂
Evan Drew
Evan Drew Oy oldin
Erica Jake Paul is good person
Mailyn Estrada
Do you still love ❤️ jake yes or no I am asking you this question because you guys looked so cute to together ❤️❤️
Samantha Flores
Who else is watching March 2019 ?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Oy oldin
Damn you look 50 in this
Wade Arthur
Wade Arthur Oy oldin
I love 💖 you
Michelangelo Aguilar
your hot mery me
Calvieyonna Keeley
Why did her and jake break up???
Jorge Alba
Jorge Alba Oy oldin
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