Erika Costell - Karma (Official Music Video)

Erika Costell
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The official music video for Karma!
Listen now on Spotify ► open.spotify.com/track/0oXPT3mcphHZqJr8ySBl8m?si=P9SvL7I8TD2vhpZc-W2BbA
Listen now on Apple Music ► itunes.apple.com/us/album/karma-single/1440545626
Directed by: Taylor Chien
Assistant directed and edited by: Shannon Curry
Styled by: Kara Wilson and Ali Molan
Hair by: Chris Dylan
Makeup by: Aaron Paul
Song Produced by: Harvey Mason Jr.
Song written by: Erika Costell and Brittany Burton
Special Thanks to the crew:
Gonzalo Digenio
Nick Serabyn
Ben Smith
Jacob Steagal
Massimo Legittimo
Shoutout to DOPE for helping us make this happen. dope.com
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2-Noy, 2018

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Asmin Moktan
Asmin Moktan 41 daqiqa oldin
Every song u try to show ur body we get it u got abs
A & s S nation
A & s S nation Soat oldin
2:01 little kids are watching
Khadijah Ahmadyar
Khadijah Ahmadyar 9 soat oldin
I love you so much Erika you are my favorite person I’m your biggest fan I like how you react on your music video
fony 101
fony 101 17 soat oldin
Why you break up with jake
Isabel Manrique
Isabel Manrique 22 soat oldin
You are such a good singer and all those haters are stupid
Jessica and Abigail
is this song about jake
you are a karma honey XD
Itza Navarro
Itza Navarro Kun oldin
The most cringey thing I ever watch from this girl
Joanne Maguire
Joanne Maguire Kun oldin
You and jake were a thing then why did u do that in front of him good luck to the next boy I mean if u get 1
Delilah Carlson
Delilah Carlson 2 kun oldin
I love chitty chitty bang bang better then this song SORRY?!
Kyleigh Smith
Kyleigh Smith 2 kun oldin
If it is about jake then good job girl bc he needs a taste of his own medicine
Kyleigh Smith
Kyleigh Smith 2 kun oldin
Is this about jake
Janice Beck
Janice Beck 2 kun oldin
i dratand i am you ❤❤❤❤
Allisa sharn
Allisa sharn 2 kun oldin
He desvribes this😬😬
Just Riz
Just Riz 2 kun oldin
trending months ago!?
Kate SILVESTER 2 kun oldin
Caroline Paxton
Caroline Paxton 2 kun oldin
..... I have no words
Magic ninja bro Jakey
Please get back with Jake please you will be the best your my dream to get back with Jake he probably wanting you go back to Jerika please pretty please
Ali's gaming and gachas
This is for Jake......
Alissa Hart
Alissa Hart 3 kun oldin
My best song ever
Chloe_ limelight
Chloe_ limelight 3 kun oldin
How do you look 50 and 21 at the same time??? Mostly 50 though
Megan Hull
Megan Hull 3 kun oldin
Does anyone else think this is about Jake
Maya Paternostro
Maya Paternostro 3 kun oldin
no, stop thiz nonsence
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez 3 kun oldin
Jake Paul has left the chat
Evie Ronan
Evie Ronan 4 kun oldin
I love this song . It’s the best song she’s made
re ady
re ady 4 kun oldin
U look like 60 years old
Sienna-Leigh Jones
Sienna-Leigh Jones 4 kun oldin
i miss jerika i love you erika
Natalie Cornier
Natalie Cornier 4 kun oldin
She is so pretty💜
GalaxyStar Lillie
GalaxyStar Lillie 4 kun oldin
No. Just no.
Aisha White-winter
Aisha White-winter 4 kun oldin
Get back with jake paul
Jayden Vanbree
Jayden Vanbree 4 kun oldin
This reminds me of twister the clown
Anthony Huerta
Anthony Huerta 4 kun oldin
Yoo this got too much auto tune 🤣🤮
Elizabeth Nicoson
Elizabeth Nicoson 4 kun oldin
I'm going to speak up to all of her haters. She don't care what you'll say. She believes that if your speak your mind youre doing the right thing. She knows it's bad but does she care. No she deos not care. But if your going to say something try to say aleast one thing nice. Plz
Abbi Gale_99
Abbi Gale_99 4 kun oldin
Don’t listen to the haters Erika🥰🥰 love you, your music, and your vlogs.
zaviersonic1 lol
zaviersonic1 lol 4 kun oldin
Is this about Jake Paul
jellybean 2264
jellybean 2264 4 kun oldin
speaking of karma... I have this one best friend we go way back she was getting black mailed to the point where her other friend wouldn't let her text me back finally after two years karma finally dealt with it so aparently she still lives with her parents and they moved half way across the country to Florida
Mikey Grullonrojas
Mikey Grullonrojas 4 kun oldin
Why do you not like Jake
mx 5 kun oldin
I'm gagged. I thought she looked young and pretty on Shane's doco. But here is it just the make up that makes her look older?
Elisa Balčus
Elisa Balčus 5 kun oldin
I have you mearch
That Special Child
That Special Child 5 kun oldin
My last braincell in a test
YouTubers Whatthefuck
cristina v
cristina v 5 kun oldin
at 1:32 i tjought she fell😂😂😂but i still love her
Weirdo Jazzy
Weirdo Jazzy 5 kun oldin
0:53 what a lieeee
Nicholas Chaousy
Nicholas Chaousy 6 kun oldin
When she thinks she is cool lol 😂😂
ocean animal 3278
ocean animal 3278 6 kun oldin
You look old with that much make-up on
nemisis1ca 6 kun oldin
this is proof money cant buy talent
Zoey Pyles
Zoey Pyles 6 kun oldin
What is your cup size
Wendy Valencia
Wendy Valencia 6 kun oldin
Karma did get him and now get back together
Gabi Be Goatin
Gabi Be Goatin 6 kun oldin
u r a Quin
Kayla Kaye
Kayla Kaye 6 kun oldin
Is this about jake