Every Hidden Meaning In The Trailer For ‘Us,’ The New Jordan Peele Movie

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A breakdown of everything you missed in the trailer for “Us,” Jordan Peele’s newest horror film following “Get Out.” The movie, which stars “Black Panther” co-stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke in addition to Elisabeth Moss, will come out in March 2019.
The trailer features off-beat snapping to the Luniz track "I Got 5 On It," lots of rabbit imagery (which was also featured in "Get Out"), sealed mouths, scissors, "V" shapes, and more.
For more on "Us" visit: twitter.com/UsMovie
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Every Hidden Meaning In The Trailer For The New Jordan Peele Movie 'Us'




27-Dek, 2018

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joey costello
joey costello 4 soat oldin
bro u ruined the movie, wth.
StephanieRamas 8 soat oldin
Bruh that’s a Chewbacca mask not a Jason mask
MALIK GORDON 11 soat oldin
Geesh all this from a single trailer....imagine when the movie comes out
#Movie Clips
#Movie Clips 11 soat oldin
You're a lifesaver man
Brianna Hicks
Brianna Hicks 14 soat oldin
What if Get Out and Us are connected? The family from Get Out were experimenting on ppl, but before they did brain surgery, they tried to clone them. Then they just wiped the originals memories, replaced them, and sent them off to the real world. But once the family got attacked, the copies got out and now are out to kill the originals bc they want to be the only ones...
Hi 14 soat oldin
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall 18 soat oldin
not even close
3rd World Counrty Club
Leather Mask!?! It's Chewbacca dumdum
Skylar Marie
Skylar Marie 23 soat oldin
Some of these are kind of stretch
Foreign Huncho
Foreign Huncho Kun oldin
share bear
share bear Kun oldin
Adelaide... Scissors... reminds me of Over the Garden Wall 🤔
Ryan Ram
Ryan Ram Kun oldin
“Wilson Duke”
Smartman Kun oldin
Yo wait a second (2017) Get out (2019) Us Get us out???
Smartman Kun oldin
or get out of u.s.???
Red since ‘87
Red since ‘87 Kun oldin
What a load of shit, seriously grasping at straws there 🤣 Also, the kid is clearly wearing a random Halloween mask, you even see it later on ffs 🙄
Bulk Kun oldin
You want to see something that's a trip? Open another browser instance and go here: uzvid.com/video/video-hNCmb-4oXJA.html This is the official trailer. Go to :18 Notice how this one screen starts with mom looking in the back seat. You see outside the wife's window that the grassy hills are passing them left to right because the car is going forward. Now look at :40 on this preview on this video and you see outside of the wife's window and you will see the grassy hills going from right to left. (the opposite of above). If you slow down the video, (with the pin wheel icon "settings") and notice the part where the daughter in the back seat is saying "its about drugs" she is saying that in reverse because this video portion is in reverse. Either this guy reversed the video or its that way in the real movie.
Sinjin Reed
Sinjin Reed 2 kun oldin
The scissors also look like bunny ears when held like the poster.
moviefan 2 kun oldin
Looks like the little boy (bad version) can create fire. The fireplace lights up when he walks in front of it. The car, as well as holding up a flame when talking to the normal version of the boy.
moviefan 2 kun oldin
Damn I didn't realise the little girl wasn't the daughter. Faahhk, good catch!
Tony Faison
Tony Faison 2 kun oldin
Did y'all hear how the white guy voice echo when he said o yeah
Augur Cybernaut
Augur Cybernaut 2 kun oldin
It's Annihilation + Strangers + Black Panther. Scissors + Doppelgänger = cutting ties with your old class, class mobility Mask....? Not sure
dario202f 2 kun oldin
Jordan's movies are more psychological thrillers than they are horror.
Katie Snowberger
Katie Snowberger 2 kun oldin
Does anybody else realise that the Roman numeral for 5 is a V?
Fortnitegod 72
Fortnitegod 72 2 kun oldin
I think this could be the childhood of the person from get out idk rlly
One thing that wasn’t mentioned: the tethered don’t have eyebrows, at least for the main family
Chi Hin Li
Chi Hin Li 2 kun oldin
Maybe they are bounded because they share the same look/identity, and the Tethered want to kill their "true" counterpart to eliminate this connection?
cashmonei 111
cashmonei 111 2 kun oldin
The rabbit is a vessel for people like the sunken place
Mark Ruiz
Mark Ruiz 2 kun oldin
next movie: 'get us out'
Shannon Gillespie
Shannon Gillespie 3 kun oldin
The scissors reminded me of those two entities in the book "insomnia" by Stephen King. The scissors are used to severe the ethereal cord which keep us alive while keeping us bound to our souls. The size, shape and color of the scissors reminded me. In the book the entities are seen as terrifying but they are the ones who cut the cord that binds us to the illusion of being separate physical bodies. The ones who cut our silver ethereal cords free us from the nightmare of being apart from our creator and everything else. They are short little bald guys in lab jackets if I remember right.
Jasmine Chatman
Jasmine Chatman 3 kun oldin
Wonho’s soft tiddy breast
Can I just say that scene of the tethered running in the white hallway is so creepy like the way it runs,,,yikes
32roho 3 kun oldin
I really would prefer the trailers left more to surprise us.
Charlie Raynes
Charlie Raynes 3 kun oldin
Rabbits = experiments
Connor Hofmann
Connor Hofmann 3 kun oldin
God, jorden peel is like kojima! he's twisting my mind!
Ben Daknees
Ben Daknees 3 kun oldin
“These hands belong to white people.”
629 3 kun oldin
Fancy schmancy DID trauma based mind control movie. Sick fucks coonin for a dollar🎉🤸🏿‍♂️
Faith Lockhart
Faith Lockhart 3 kun oldin
Y'all are genius ♥️
buzzingvid 3 kun oldin
just to think of it, something is breathing?
Vansh Sahay
Vansh Sahay 4 kun oldin
When Jason is lost for some time.....his doppelganger probably took his place... thus leading to the scissors being inside the house
Rev. Robin Kay Monk Self
His name is Winston... Not Wilson
XKawaii QweenX
XKawaii QweenX 4 kun oldin
Don't. Show. That. Girl. With. No. Eyebrows. AGAIN 😂😵😵😵
Zach Correia
Zach Correia 4 kun oldin
The scary "doppelgängers" are actually the original family and the "normal" family are their clones.
Young Perfect
Young Perfect 4 kun oldin
This video just made the trailer a whole lot creepier
Jenice McFarlane
Jenice McFarlane 4 kun oldin
Now I can’t wait to see this oh my gawd
Carmen 4 kun oldin
I think the intro with "I got 5 on it" is a big foreshadowing and all this is a big metaphor for drugs and how they can ruin ones family.
BįŘĐ Box
BįŘĐ Box 5 kun oldin
Be careful..
Mia Williams
Mia Williams 5 kun oldin
The mom the scariest one I’m not scared of nobody else except her she so damn scary looking let her would have been my mom and played in this movie she’ll never see me again 😭✌🏽
Im ok! AK Davis
Im ok! AK Davis 5 kun oldin
To paraphrase: “Hands that belong to white people, Their evil double tethers”... How much more can Hollywood screenwriters lick the boots of those whose rise against an entire white race? Jesus. No one wants to think this much in a theater. This ideal is killing the entire experience of “entertainment”. Symbolic masterpiece or racially charged content shrouded with innuendo against white people? RIP HOLLYWOOD. What a fitting epitaph. I won’t see a film by a creator so hellbent on brow beating white people today for the sins of a socially demonstrative generation that none of us had any control over.
Carson T
Carson T 5 kun oldin
Chewbacca mask
Maria Lathon
Maria Lathon 5 kun oldin
I think lupitas character might be the tethered version of herself. If the little girl is lupitas character in the past then she killed the real version of herself and grew up and had a normal life. Which is why she seemed to know what was going on.
Clementine Rosette
Clementine Rosette 5 kun oldin
Can’t wait
Salvador Gomez
Salvador Gomez 5 kun oldin
The son with them pre-beach scene is their son, the son with them post-beach scene is one of the "tethered" I think. All of the other tethers are physically identical to their counterpart, except the boy - he is burned, particularly around the mouth. I don't think that is by accident. I think either the son is an impostor from the get-go, or the son is at some point swapped and the mouth is burned so they can't communicate. I think Lupita and the boy are impostors which is why she says, "stick with me, ill keep you safe". I could be way off though. We all could be way off haha.
Mk Bonita
Mk Bonita 5 kun oldin
I’ve got it lol, the dopplegangers are the reallllllll them figuratively speaking Nd the actual family are the facade they hide behind, the son is a narcissist and hides it behind the mask, the black woman is crazyyyy because she try’s to be this reallllll black woman(what is that) but isn’t reallyyyy that, the daughter wants to be lighter and smaller, the dad is actually containing a lot of rage.....
TFire_ YT
TFire_ YT 5 kun oldin
0:40 looks like their driving backwards wtf
Vernon Quinn Jr.
Vernon Quinn Jr. 5 kun oldin
Great Theory... Everybody Had A Great Theory Im Ready To Watch This Movies Hell After Watching Get Out Im Ready...
zXIroNiCnaM3Xz 5 kun oldin
7:41 it’s a fox aka what kills rabbits it’s pretty cool now make something up about it cause I know it’s a hint to something
Kays Vanderest
Kays Vanderest 6 kun oldin
Anyone else notice Winston Duke is doing a Jordan Peele impression?
silversharpie09 6 kun oldin
Also how at the beach they are the only black family there 🤔
Milton Carter
Milton Carter 6 kun oldin
Waiting on: Them to come out
Nellie Evans
Nellie Evans 6 kun oldin
They look like sewing scissors. As if to represent that the maker will cut and separate the creation?
Salem Bitch Trials
Salem Bitch Trials 6 kun oldin
7:45 Rabbit forms? Or Titties? 🤣🤣
Ali The Konqueror
Ali The Konqueror 6 kun oldin
*Jordan Peele = geniUS!!!*
Bruce Bigbie
Bruce Bigbie 6 kun oldin
My head hurts. :(
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin 6 kun oldin
I felt like the scissors represented splitting one thing into two, like the person into themselves and their clone, and we saw a representation of it with the pink paper people in a flash frame
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin 6 kun oldin
I guess I should’ve finished the video before I commented
Velly 6 kun oldin
Who else wants to see this movie so badly?
Tom Linney
Tom Linney 6 kun oldin
Biatch= key and peels sketch
Quorun Q
Quorun Q 6 kun oldin
What's Jordan tryna tell us Get Out the U.S
Addie Hall
Addie Hall 6 kun oldin
great she has my name
Mizuki Memer
Mizuki Memer 6 kun oldin
5:25 - 5:36 what movie is this?
Drew Ferrandini
Drew Ferrandini 6 kun oldin
Great video. It points out stuff I’ll keep an eye on when I watch the movie, but doesn’t really spoil anything.
Karabo ManneZA
Karabo ManneZA 6 kun oldin
This movie is about the sentiment: You can change as much as you like but your past will always follow you...that is our burden as black people and then showing that white people also have a past is the reply “but what about you becky??!” And thats what us is about...if im right...this perfect timing because of what happened to kevin hart & the Oscars
Rictofa 6 kun oldin
I got the us trailer before this! 😂
Anthonyontv 7 kun oldin
I know something you don’t know ha ha ha ha haaa, guess what? I know the plot twist that’s in this movie and you haven’t figured it out yet ha ha ha ha haa
Spencer 7 kun oldin
i live in santa cruz.. creeped out now
Sierra the Cuties vlogs
Wowww u can call me a little girl idk but u should tell them I’m ten my bday is in June
Ms. Eeveevolution
Ms. Eeveevolution 7 kun oldin
Wait so "US" is a sequel to "GET OUT?" If it is then I need to watch "Get Out" because I've never seen it.
NCT 7 kun oldin
Next movie should be called Help. Help Us Get Out
NCT 7 kun oldin
Mom: sad/traumatized Tethered: only smiles Dad: idfk much about him Girl: cares about looks tethered: ugly maybe doesn’t care about looks no eyebrows. Boy:always talking questioning tethered:quiet
NCT 7 kun oldin
(Sry idk the names) The mom has witnessed/dealt with her tethered self as a child which is why the tethered version she’s dealing with herself is a child version of her (+ they’re in her hometown) and she knows more now that her entire family is dealing with it. And I believe she tried to kill the tethered version of her son with the fire but he survives which might mean they have to kill their own doppelgänger. If they do have to kill their own I have this feeling the boy won’t want to do so because they seem to be the closest..?
Snuffle 7 kun oldin
Are you saying it's like a semi-sequel to Get Out? If so this is gonna be so amazing.
Savlieo Setefano
Savlieo Setefano 7 kun oldin
It would be funny if the young boy made his imposter dab.
rivdan 238
rivdan 238 7 kun oldin
overanalyze much dang bro just watch the movie a bet you're of conspiracy theorist as well
SDG 420
SDG 420 7 kun oldin
Jason is probably the one who planted the shears. Just an idea
Nandi vardhan
Nandi vardhan 7 kun oldin
That is one hell of analysis
Mutsu Hanma
Mutsu Hanma 7 kun oldin
scary movies can never be that scary anymore...
Svea Kronemayer
Svea Kronemayer 7 kun oldin
8:11 OMG it really is a bunny!
CGI Future
CGI Future 7 kun oldin
Black panther couldn't save them this time
Ulysses McCaskill
Ulysses McCaskill 8 kun oldin
Moral of the story: Don't give ancestry.com your DNA.
Stella Delevingne
Stella Delevingne 8 kun oldin
I think the little girl is a younger version of Lupita, since she’s never seen with her now family, and the vintage clothing and vibe suggests that it was when someone was younger. Lupita’s character is the only one who knows about the ‘tether’ and she seems to be the one who’s doing the most in order to get rid of them. The little girl (Lupita as a child) was also seen in the asylum/school/laboratory so I’m assuming she either lost her family to tethers, or she is a one herself.
Weeaboo 8 kun oldin
this rabbit @ 5:25 fucked me up as a kid. I couldnt sleep for like 10 years lol
wolf 8 kun oldin
How is the dude in the long jacket on the beach with bloody fingers "shadowy" ? He's in the damn sun!! Hahaha
sneaky blac
sneaky blac 8 kun oldin
Key and peele are crazy
Exile Hax
Exile Hax 8 kun oldin
Whats scary is one black guy died in a movie but now it's a whole black crew
BearHeadedWerewolf 8 kun oldin
I'm pumped.
robinhoodOO7 8 kun oldin
Also, if you take a closer look at the gold scissors, the handles look like legs...
robinhoodOO7 8 kun oldin
I think he called the boat the "craw daddy" not crab daddy.
Breejon Washington
Breejon Washington 8 kun oldin
In the scene with all the rabbits in the hallway there’s a single black rabbit to the left, does that have any significance ?
foxeroscar 8 kun oldin
what if the scissors have something to do with bunnies like the circles are bunnies ears and she smashing the bunny or something
Ryan R.
Ryan R. 8 kun oldin
Is it just me or does it look like they are going in reverse at 00:40
Novina Wright
Novina Wright 9 kun oldin
Or rabbit stands for yall just don't know the rabbit hole runs deep! Lol that's all I got
Janet Gonzalez
Janet Gonzalez 9 kun oldin
Shout out to people from Santa Cruz! (where i am from)