Every Hidden Meaning In The Trailer For ‘Us,’ The New Jordan Peele Movie

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A breakdown of everything you missed in the trailer for “Us,” Jordan Peele’s newest horror film following “Get Out.” The movie, which stars “Black Panther” co-stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke in addition to Elisabeth Moss, will come out in March 2019.
The trailer features off-beat snapping to the Luniz track "I Got 5 On It," lots of rabbit imagery (which was also featured in "Get Out"), sealed mouths, scissors, "V" shapes, and more.
For more on "Us" visit: twitter.com/UsMovie
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Every Hidden Meaning In The Trailer For The New Jordan Peele Movie 'Us'




27-Dek, 2018



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Damien B
Damien B 31 daqiqa oldin
Who’s going to tell him it’s a Chewbacca mask
micahboig 4 soat oldin
Jordan peele got murder on his mind
Vincentia Yovita
Vincentia Yovita 6 soat oldin
Trailer itself is already making it big on the internet. Imagine what the movie release will be like
Unnatural09 6 soat oldin
I'm going to state that all of his movies will be connected in some way.
Batrix phantom
Batrix phantom 7 soat oldin
Y am I watching at night
Nolan Solano
Nolan Solano 7 soat oldin
That’s a Chewbacca mask😂
kelly felder
kelly felder 7 soat oldin
I don't think I wanna see this.
kelly felder
kelly felder 7 soat oldin
This shit creepy as hell.
damon kehl
damon kehl 8 soat oldin
3:10 I actually thought that it was a flashback to her traumatic experience in the past
Greg Pl
Greg Pl 9 soat oldin
666 symbolism monkey paw production, teacup signifying the subtlety with which great evil can come to be, everything seems ok over a cup of tea
Hee Seo
Hee Seo 10 soat oldin
After watch the rabbit reference 5:22. In the trailer, there is a brief moment where the sister wearing a shirt named 'thỏ' which translated to rabbit. It can be a forshadow that the family is the clone of the tethered that is trying to kill the family. Anyway that's my theory.
Irene Alvarez
Irene Alvarez 14 soat oldin
Ok maybe I just grading at straws but I think The reference to five has to do with like there were 5 of them one dying like a kid or something that’s why the mom freaked out when the kid was gone for a little bit and the doppelgängers are like there guilt manifested
Danilo van Kampen
Danilo van Kampen 14 soat oldin
I have a pet rabbit and when I started to watch this video she kept running around
Mariam Kone
Mariam Kone 14 soat oldin
Surprised no one told them running with scissors in your hand is dangerous
Awkward ユニコーン
Wait What if GET Out and US have a connection:0
Elijah Edgehill
Elijah Edgehill 15 soat oldin
You guys are always quick to post meanins of black people movies but unlike white people movies, sounds rather racist to me.
Elijah Edgehill
Elijah Edgehill 15 soat oldin
You guys are always quick to post meanins of black people movies but unlike white people movies, sounds rather racist to me.
Ryan H
Ryan H 16 soat oldin
What movie is at 5:27?
Maliek1k Ytツ
Maliek1k Ytツ 16 soat oldin
So many theory’s, so many questions; you guys make my head spin 😭
CoralCarne372 16 soat oldin
Wilson Duke 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Theheroneeded Willette
I’m getting the feeling that there is something of inter dimensional nature happening here.
Marie P.
Marie P. 19 soat oldin
I think I get the symbolism behind the scissors. Hopefully Im able to articulate. Ok so the handles of the scissor are identical & bind together even when separated.
mIkAeL 21 soat oldin
I think the boy had already been switched with the other boy at the beach. When he ran off I feel like the mom found the wrong boy. I wrote this before unwatched the full video, (just in case they say sum like that lol). But I feel this way because in the preview, the boy seems to act kind of weird after he runs off at the beach, like nonchalant
Cephalon Fisherman
Cephalon Fisherman 22 soat oldin
The guy on the beach is a doppelgänger he has on the red Jumpsuit (you can see under his coat) and 2 bloody fingers; the ones you would use to hold scissors
sym btch
sym btch 23 soat oldin
The V could stand for vengeance
dayl1ghts 23 soat oldin
The mask ontop of his head looks more like a leather baby mask as seen in Happy Death Day.
dayl1ghts 23 soat oldin
The mask ontop of his head looks more like a leather baby mask as seen in Happy Death Day.
Iroda Kun oldin
how does jason have that mask.What kind of parents buy there kids that?
Nana Wilberforce
What in England it comes out on march 22
Zakary Henry
Zakary Henry Kun oldin
Some of these are kind of a stretch
Ara cely
Ara cely Kun oldin
What I was trying to say before I went on a tangent...lol... The inkblot definitely suggests something very psychological is going to be at the core of this horror thriller...I can’t wait to see it!! 🤗😱
Ara cely
Ara cely Kun oldin
A rabbit is also one of the things perceived by some people in the actual Rorschach cards. Sucks you posted the real ones though. I get that no one can legally do anything about that, but it is truly not helpful should anyone need to complete the Rorschach in the future. They can be a particularly useful tool for certain conditions & are not really something you can figure out (for someone who would be trying to “con” the test). Btw, attempts to “con” any type of psychological test is just not gonna work in the person’s favor. We have ways of determining exactly when a person is doing that. Even someone like myself who knows the “answers” & knows how these tests work wouldn’t be able to get any specific results. The results of someone attempting to manipulate just show exactly that & we basically just toss them & say the test is invalid & offers no information. It was a waste of time & it definitely doesn’t look good in court when a psychologist tells the judge the person attempted to manipulate the test - or to an employer if that’s what you’re being tested for. Also, other reasons that may cause a test to be invalid/inaccurate (severe mental illness, reading ability, cognitive or intellectual disability, etc.) are able to be distinguished from purposeful manipulation. My suggestion. Just don’t do it. It doesn’t matter what comes up on your tests. We already have impressions about you & tests just help us to support our hypotheses. They are actually more helpful to you when you’re honest & open because 9 times out of ten, you have real problems that need real support & we can’t argue for you to get help instead of being just locked up if we can’t back up our reasoning with solid tests.
Shadowgirl Gamer
I honestly thought it was a father and his 3 kids.
LayLay Waffles
LayLay Waffles Kun oldin
What if nothing in this Video relates to the Movie and your just really smart and Curious in Movies Jk Love this
LayLay Waffles
LayLay Waffles Kun oldin
Ok but ya’ll heard him call Winston Duke “Wilston Duke?”
Big Lasagna
Big Lasagna Kun oldin
What if there was "A Quiet Place 2" HMMM Hope they live peacefully onve they kill em creatures
The Real Frank and Cherry TV
Maybe the good Wilson’s are actually trying to sever from the trethers. Kind of like the Skeleton Key....
T Rock
T Rock Kun oldin
Lol your analysis was too good. I didn't want to ruin the movie experience for myself so I had to stop the video.
Hayden Wampler
Hayden Wampler Kun oldin
He scissors look like 2 heads that end up going together that’s why they use the scissors
Estrella Munsayac
kayla janae
kayla janae Kun oldin
Or the little girl can be the loved one that Adeline lost!!
Jade Almighty
Jade Almighty 2 kun oldin
Plot twist: The doppelgängers are the good ones
Grace Dennis
Grace Dennis 2 kun oldin
He trailer scares me and I don’t get scared easily..... I think this will be great, but maybe a little disturbing 😦
upuntil6 2 kun oldin
I am convinced Jordan Peele is trying to scare me to death.
Karl Bateson
Karl Bateson 2 kun oldin
Jay Lamont
Jay Lamont 2 kun oldin
I don’t think those were gold scissors in the house. Looks like 3 umbrellas
Vaish Navi
Vaish Navi 2 kun oldin
5 - maybe there's a fifth family member
Mont Henderson
Mont Henderson 2 kun oldin
5 stands for fifth age which is also Roman Numeral V
Dan Lester  Santos
Dan Lester Santos 2 kun oldin
Chuky be life
Hamilton Forever
Hamilton Forever 2 kun oldin
Before watching, its pbvious that it has in common with Get Out is the wide eyed crying
Haha Wits
Haha Wits 2 kun oldin
It comes out the 21
Dattboii H
Dattboii H 2 kun oldin
Before I watched this the us trailer came on
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 2 kun oldin
This movie tells you that you’re your biggest enemy and your own biggest fear. The only person that could stop you from doing anything is yourself. This movie also shows that’s what’s done in the dark will come to light. Your past will come back to haunt you. If you don’t repent or straighten up those secrets that you have ...they’ll find you. It’s like karma. What goes around... we’ll definitely come back around. The black family didn’t just have the clones. The white family had clones as well holding hands and working together. When you do wrong it will come back to get you
3vi vitz
3vi vitz 2 kun oldin
Movie theory: The family are all clones of the original copy and the originals are trying to get their lives back. And the mom is the only original copy.
Red-Blue-Iris 2 kun oldin
Hey I watch snarled and the movie is like the scary story about other people trying to replace the couple. Now the trailer is giving me the goosebumps and the scary story was before the trailer was made 😬😣why...I hate this...
•lunarxstardust •
oH bRuh tOday iS mArcH 15th
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson 2 kun oldin
I don’t even know how to explain how good his movies are like sis..
Pat Russo
Pat Russo 2 kun oldin
They're wearing an orange onsie...Carrots are orange...What does bugs bunny like to eat?? CARROTS! BOOM another bunny theory!!!
Armzman Rose
Armzman Rose 2 kun oldin
"Our worst enemy is ourself" genius and fax
I know she Fukin Lyin
I have a theory. In the first scenes of the trailer they say, “I got five on it.” The five could possibly mean that little girl that didn’t appear in the car with the rest of the family or it’s the mother. The family also are convincing themselves that the people they are seeing are real because no one else seems to see The doppelgängers accept for the people who are getting targeted. Maybe the family is sleeping but still awake and they meet their doppelgängers throughout dreams. The doppelgängers are also what they fear most. What I’m saying basically is that the other family is a mix of their worst fears and something else. Also the bunnies being there (Black and white) could mean duality.
Jacob Romero
Jacob Romero 2 kun oldin
Let’s go half on
Gavin Brown
Gavin Brown 3 kun oldin
i just realized at 1:43 you can see the bottems to the red jumpsuit pantlegs the tethered wear later in the movie.
Gavin Brown
Gavin Brown 15 soat oldin
+Edgar Gonzalez no because the fingers were white person fingers. Not to be racial
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
Gavin Brown maybe it’s the dad?
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 3 kun oldin
It's two parallel universe
xKishinx 3 kun oldin
Jordan Peele almost look like Tyler Perry's twin no cap
Michelle Berumen
Michelle Berumen 3 kun oldin
Creepy but what happened next door
Michelle Berumen
Michelle Berumen 3 kun oldin
I Record And Post
I Record And Post 3 kun oldin
Jordan’s mind peeled from humor to horror
Timo 3 kun oldin
It's called subliminal programming
Cameron Mullen
Cameron Mullen 3 kun oldin
ok if you know movies then you would remember that in the beginning of Get Out when Jeremy is kidnapping that guy, they play this song that goes like "Run Rabbit Run" ok now WTF!
The Link to Your Jams
the scissors circle parts look like heads facing opposite ways
Gepetta Taylor
Gepetta Taylor 4 kun oldin
Brittani Belew
Brittani Belew 4 kun oldin
jordan peele is a genius, he brings the horror genre to a whole new level. his writing is a conspiracy theorist dream. this is exactly what ppl who love horror need and want. i cant wait to see whats to come... he should do one about ppl who sale their soul for money and fame
Brittani Belew
Brittani Belew 4 kun oldin
jordan peele is a genius, he brings the horror genre to a whole new level. his writing is a conspiracy theorist dream. this is exactly what ppl who love horror need and want. i cant wait to see whats to come... he should do one about ppl who sale their soul for money and fame
Serina415f McDonald
Apparently from some of the comments the people in the red jumpsuits are the real family and than the normal looking people are the clones
Anisha LeShaw
Anisha LeShaw 4 kun oldin
His movies are social satires. Us is the second movie of four. Each focusing on the dangers black people face in society. Get Out = the danger black people face from white people. Us= the danger that black people face from within their own culture (think black on black violence). Movies 3&4 I believe will focus on the dangers black people face from the government and religion. These are very dark comedies which stay within Jordan's wheel house, just pushed to the extreme. However, he is a fan of the horror genre, he will be the narrator/producer for the new Twilight Zone series that comes out April 2nd on CBS. Can't wait!!!
Oscar Rosales
Oscar Rosales 4 kun oldin
Santa Cruz is not the Bay Area
Sheila Brown
Sheila Brown 4 kun oldin
The mask the little boy is wearing, looks like the character played by Winston Duke, in "Black Panther"...
Solid Anime
Solid Anime 4 kun oldin
Bruhhh teatherd means tied to a post or fixed to the ground with a rope or chain. Remember it showed the mother with handcuffs on her arm like she have been hunged up on something. That's why it showed the man on the beach on a cross like a scarecrow. I think the people with the orange jump suits where kept captive in an institution. Bonded/restrained. I think the people in the orange jump suits are the original family.
Lucy Kebirungi
Lucy Kebirungi 4 kun oldin
Jordan Peele’s an actual genius
Gorgeousbronze -Madison-
Wow. I'm dumb. I decided I like being dumb. I would not and don't have the quick capacity to dissect a movie when I'm watching it for the first time to get all of the answers. I just like to watch a movie for the first time and get the initial shock and aw experience. This time I needed answers before I watch it because …. I just would not have gotten all of this on my "dumb" own. LOL I also want to punch him in the face for scarring the hell out of me. He was even scary in some scenes in his show.
You disgust me
You disgust me 5 kun oldin
I think the number 5 represents power of something in sacred geometry
Zohra Zeba
Zohra Zeba 5 kun oldin
Also the rings of the scissors run like bunny ears ... or is it just me
Zohra Zeba
Zohra Zeba 5 kun oldin
Brilliant analogy . I missed quite a few
Dawuud Lyons
Dawuud Lyons 5 kun oldin
Someone said the family in the car are the clones and the family in the red jump suits are the real ones that Escape from captivity seeking revenge that will be a dope twist right
Roseanne Topaz
Roseanne Topaz 5 kun oldin
The scissors the Tethered are holding remind me of sewing scissors. The kind you use to separate the thread from the spool from the thread you've sewn into the fabric. Maybe the Tethered are trying to cut the Wilson's out of the fabric of their lives and replace them as the new thread.
Scorpion Alacrán
Scorpion Alacrán 5 kun oldin
That’s a badass breakdown and hidden Easter eggs. I need more intel on this upcoming movie!
Kelly Mcsweeney
Kelly Mcsweeney 6 kun oldin
Well, shit.
Sandra Dunlap
Sandra Dunlap 6 kun oldin
I think the scary family is actually the real family trying to get out of the sunken place and claim their bodies back
Majik678 6 kun oldin
Haha imagine if maybe Adolade had a twin sister... and that was Adolade trying to kill her when she was younger or thought she may have and the twin has been trying to recreate the family/life that Adolade tried taking away from her? Obviously messing up the other "tethered" people in the process.
Anthony Vertucci
Anthony Vertucci 6 kun oldin
Terrific video! Dying to hear Peele respond to this, as he did on the Get Out directors cut addressing multiple fan theories.
kiss my ass assholes
ok its not a jason mask its a chubaca mask
The_9th_Hokage 6 kun oldin
What I got from the two trailers is that lupita’s character is an original tether. I think the original lupita was captured and switched out as a kid. Now that same lupita is out to take control of her new life. If you notice she is the only clone to speak. Let alone lupita talks the most in both trailers and has too much knowledge to just have had a past experience. Just a thought not saying it’s canon lmao so don’t flame me
Tamika Jerman
Tamika Jerman 6 kun oldin
Black people with a beach house ?😂🤔 come on now that’s white people inside black bodies
Rabbit PackCheese
Rabbit PackCheese 6 kun oldin
That’s deep..
Fried Chikken
Fried Chikken 6 kun oldin
Iight now..... how that woman blacker than me and snappin off beat... THATS the real horror story🤣🤣🤣
pablo melon
pablo melon 6 kun oldin
if your hypothesis about 5 is true, it probably means that here is a missing 5th familly member
Kopa soundz
Kopa soundz 6 kun oldin
The V stands for the new wave, which is the 5th wave( we are in the 5th wave ,time of Aquarius) that’s y u see a lot of five( V )
Kopa soundz
Kopa soundz 6 kun oldin
Freemasonry checkers, duality, rabbit(used in mk-ultra operations) the brown glove hand with the scissors, when outlined, it looks like a bunny 🐰. Clearly an mk-ultra movie)
Ruben_Brown 6 kun oldin
1:20 I guess you could call it... foreshadowing
Jennifer Dickerson
Jennifer Dickerson 6 kun oldin
0:07 y u cri
Jennifer Dickerson
Jennifer Dickerson 6 kun oldin
Lik if u cri evritim
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