Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Early in 2018, Marvel released Black Panther, which went on to smash records and delight audiences all over the globe. So naturally we went looking for sins in it. And we even managed to find a few.
Thursday: Sci-fi sequel sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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3-Iyl, 2018

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FiddlebirdBlue 3 soat oldin
5:38 Right. 16:13 ONE sin?! You took off ONLY ONE SIN for that scene?! What the hell, man! I ugly cried.
Berrykit of Thunderclan
8:03 I actually really agree with the sin removal here because it is so much better than the cuts between heroes that happens every two seconds. It’s a much better way to move around a fight scene than cutting
Bad bren
Bad bren 10 soat oldin
This film was boring af and one of the worst ending that made the film more pointless
Annette Maldonado
Annette Maldonado 14 soat oldin
If anyone's pissed off about the "what are those" joke, remember this movie takes place in 2016
Theo thott
Theo thott 16 soat oldin
troaty weevel
troaty weevel 17 soat oldin
St. Stario
St. Stario 19 soat oldin
8:56 The secret communication devices are also security cameras without the "camera". So if T'challa forgets, he can listen to the communication device.
Kavya Satish
Kavya Satish 20 soat oldin
SIN 103 TO 102 DAMN.
Bargingo Gorgonsoli
Bargingo Gorgonsoli 21 soat oldin
So you’re telling me that a “wHaT aRe tHoSe” joke doesn’t give 100,000,000 sins, but instead takes one away? WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK
Ornate AJ
Ornate AJ Kun oldin
I wakan't do this forever
AceUltraman Kun oldin
you guys getting sloppy
Anmol Ayushman Singh
U motherfucker don't know anything Hanuman is the Indian god #rspct
Jackie PT
Jackie PT Kun oldin
i think by american style she means the wheel is on the left side
Android Gamer
Android Gamer Kun oldin
Guys first and most important sin how everyone is marvel universe knows English
Unidentified Man
Are people really STILL forgetting how CinemaSins works?
Krock The Indigo
spider kid
spider kid Kun oldin
The narrator at the start is not tachala get it right
Atupele Isaac
Atupele Isaac Kun oldin
I love thissss
Avalon Alfea
Avalon Alfea Kun oldin
Honestly, Americans stand out a lot
Felicia Yufei Xie 22
fucking Bucky
Mark Coleman
Mark Coleman 2 kun oldin
Oh!!!! Bonus points for the Ghost Dog reference.
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 2 kun oldin
16:49 Anyone else love the Princess Bride?
John Bee
John Bee 2 kun oldin
chinma sins is very funny I'm satisfied
Subir Sahu
Subir Sahu 2 kun oldin
Hanuman is an indian god you dumbass
whisperingwind2 2 kun oldin
No sins at all for the stupidity that Killmonger spews every time he opens his mouth? Whenever he spoke the audience was dumber for having heard his words, and no sins for any of it?
Mateja Ivanov
Mateja Ivanov 2 kun oldin
Jack Lawrence
Jack Lawrence 2 kun oldin
This movie is soooooo overrated
Vaughn Alexander
Vaughn Alexander 2 kun oldin
I like the Ghost Dog reference.
Jose De dios
Jose De dios 3 kun oldin
3:12 no his hand vibrates fast enough to rub off all the rust....think
Jose De dios
Jose De dios 3 kun oldin
Dude 200 sin counters for you for putting 17 min or less
Silver & Sans Studios 6
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡no sins
Sub To Pewds Or I Will Take Your Cat
I think when Erik said he found panther claws was he found the claw Mark's/wounds
Giam 4 life Hanoi
Giam 4 life Hanoi 3 kun oldin
10:22 Typo on wakanda lol it says wadandan
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan 3 kun oldin
Yeah, I was also wondering about how no one notices T'Challa out in public in Wakanda. Him walking through the market should've been like the "My Lord" sketch from the Star Wars Robot Chicken videos.
Megan Palmer
Megan Palmer 3 kun oldin
OMG the sentence!!!😂
Timothy Scott
Timothy Scott 3 kun oldin
There is nothing wrong with Black Panther. Best movie ever!
88Sofft 3 kun oldin
I like how he says record scratch instead of actually scratching a record
Nyova Vids
Nyova Vids 3 kun oldin
5:10 that is actually a Hindu god So They had to censors the word to avoid controvercy
delliott7 3 kun oldin
Do Be Be’s kids next
MR. DOGE 3 kun oldin
Come on man The Creator of Marvel (Stan Lee) just died 3 days ago cut marvel some slack. Edit: you dont like any movie do you???
Locane256 4 kun oldin
"And something something.. Vibranium!" XD XD XD
Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham 4 kun oldin
The reason the cgi is so bad is because 80% of the cgi was actually to remove all the flies buzzing about thier faces
"Jason Smash!"
"Jason Smash!" 4 kun oldin
How dare you sin the Marvel logo Cinema Sins? How dare you!?
The Overseer
The Overseer 4 kun oldin
Wait hold on. In this vid he sinned for that scene being to dark, in his cinemawins vid he gave a win for that scene. Ummm...
Aaron Collins
Aaron Collins 4 kun oldin
Who else cant hear the movie
Kellic AnonymousTiger
What's wrong with Bucky?!?! That said. The sigh and the fucking bucky. I snorted water out my nose during lunch almost onto my keyboard.
Ian Schulze
Ian Schulze 4 kun oldin
m I the only one who thought this movie was overrated?
Filip Lindell
Filip Lindell 4 kun oldin
You fucking stupid bitch. You ask for location of the metorite but in Central intelligence you said fuck that location. Just kidding you are not a stupid bitch you are a money seeker able to do say everything for the extra money. MORON
Darius Barnard
Darius Barnard 4 kun oldin
Winter sall
Winter sall 4 kun oldin
Y'all dislikes are the best
Kyran Sawhill
Kyran Sawhill 4 kun oldin
The "sneakers" Shuri invents for T'Challa are only silent in that one scene, but in every scene after it, you can hear T'Challa's footsteps.
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
The Lion King in black and blacker
TheKoyn 4 kun oldin
Aww come on, I love Bucky
realgameslasher 5 kun oldin
Wow you guys hate on every single little thing dont you.
Tito Tio
Tito Tio 5 kun oldin
6:26 Me: Wakanda shoes are those
deidre davis
deidre davis 5 kun oldin
I was actually rooting for Michael B Jordan not the Chadwick 😕
deidre davis
deidre davis 5 kun oldin
I thought the first black panther was Huey Newton though 🤨
Ismael Azzaam
Ismael Azzaam 5 kun oldin
some of the sins didint make seanc
Delores Emeagi
Delores Emeagi 5 kun oldin
Lol "Chris from Get Out" that's what I was calling him the whole movie!! 😂
MrGumbwit 6 kun oldin
Paddy Brindley
Paddy Brindley 6 kun oldin
I enjoyed Killmonger as an awesome empathetic villain. if they took they focused more on that character getting revenge it would have made the movie so much better. but instead its a pretty cookie cutter story with underdeveloped, forgettable 2D characters. Oh and the cringy "what are those" reference and the the shotty cgi and foley. Which doesnt leave much for me to like but damn, every time Killmonger came on screen i was at the edge of my seat. Like "Oh crap, what is he gonna do now!?!" also the costume design is impressive. i can only imagine how long it must have taken to handcraft every characters outfit. I give Marvel props for that. I give it a 5/10
That one asian guy
That one asian guy 4 kun oldin
I agree, could've been better. Killmonger was the MVP of that movie.
razorfett147 6 kun oldin
I find it hilarious that practically every EWW MCU episode has dislikes in the 5 figure range lmfao. Says alot
Jayden Thomas
Jayden Thomas 6 kun oldin
Actually the suit is always on t'challa
Avi Joshi
Avi Joshi 6 kun oldin
Why don't you visit India then you will know who's Hanuman
vincent salt
vincent salt 6 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 this movie was amazing!
Catrina 6 kun oldin
survivorkG 6 kun oldin
Bucky showing up was actually one of the highlights of the movie XD
Xman pizza
Xman pizza 6 kun oldin
Love the Princess Bride joke.
Erick Aragon
Erick Aragon 6 kun oldin
I guess not everybody's a vegetarian since they have fisherman
jim johhnston
jim johhnston 6 kun oldin
Kainoa Hall
Kainoa Hall 7 kun oldin
Oof my dads friend worked on jungle book.
Fooby Chu
Fooby Chu 7 kun oldin
Purple koolaid... purple plant...Hmmm
Gamingwithskulls 7 kun oldin
It is actually not t'challa who is narrating at the start but killmongers father teaching him his history
Ruby Scorpion
Ruby Scorpion 7 kun oldin
Did you just swear at Bucky bich
Gymnast Fox
Gymnast Fox 7 kun oldin
Bruh you take these movies way to seriously 😐
Mattlirious The Slayer
Disappointed you went easy on it you're better than this!
waxarkitect 7 kun oldin
I usually don’t want this stuff when I really love the movie lol
Georgia Archdall
Georgia Archdall 7 kun oldin
2:32 I do to annoy my big brother
jakey s krew
jakey s krew 7 kun oldin
Oh wow this guy has nothing to do so be has to make fun of an amazing film
TSM_ Assist
TSM_ Assist 7 kun oldin
Could you imagine watching a film with this guy 😂
John 8 kun oldin
If Killmonger’s ancestors jumped from the ships because death was better than slavery then he wouldn’t exist.
Anon Wibble
Anon Wibble 8 kun oldin
It's a terrible film for sure.
MADOG 8 kun oldin
Yes he did use his high tech computer to watch a popular news channel that was talking about his fathers death something very important to him
Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion 8 kun oldin
10:30 So if he was one of the first characters in movies to actually not touch anything when he’s told not to, that’s a sin anyways? I feel like that’s lose-lose seeing as you would have 100% sinned it if he did touch stuff anyways.
Elizabeth Gouverneur
I think by he found claws in his dads chest means the claw wounds
siddhaE 8 kun oldin
Hanuman is monkey God from Hindu mythology and it was foreshadowing moment that Jabari will help T'Challa and is not antagonist here. However for some reason that particular line was deleted from India release.
Tim S
Tim S 8 kun oldin
This is a really stupid video.......Its quite obvious the author has NO knowledge of the comic books. All movies has flaws but this one is The Number 3 Grossing Movie of All Times
I Identify as a Dragon
Its Cinema Sins It's a joke
I A N 8 kun oldin
Man that scene where they wouldn't let him talk xd fking love it
Riley Galgey
Riley Galgey 8 kun oldin
Black panther is the best how is it shit
Furry Fox
Furry Fox 8 kun oldin
I thought that during the comedy skits at the end of this video, he was gonna follow up Nakia’s “Look at me.” command with “I’m de captain now.”
The C.I.A.
The C.I.A. 8 kun oldin
Holy shit, Gordon from Supernatural looks 10 years younger than he looked in Supernatural 10 years ago.
ChrysOtaku 9 kun oldin
I actually really enjoyed this movie, and didn’t understand why I was immediately culturally appropriating something just because I was white
Missing Part
Missing Part 9 kun oldin
15:49 The Avengers: Infinity Train
Luke Hedlund
Luke Hedlund 9 kun oldin
I know I'l be called racist, but this movie was not that good. worst of phase 3
I Identify as a Dragon
You're not going to be called racist for that. You're just going to be portrayed as a punk is all
josh 9 kun oldin
Is there a movie u don't take issue with
JP DM 9 kun oldin
11:11 Karl Popper...
Prefect Pro
Prefect Pro 9 kun oldin
Fuck black panther.
Eric Fornaro
Eric Fornaro 9 kun oldin
No sin for shuri calling Bilbo "colonizer" even though America has never colonized a country, they live in a time where pretty much no living people have ever colonized a country and wakanda has never been colonized? Seems pretty racist to me
I Identify as a Dragon
Eric Fornaro Eh, it just sounds like a dumb joke which the character seems to be known for. Wouldn’t call it racist. Plus, that’s like the one time she said anything
Eric Fornaro
Eric Fornaro 8 kun oldin
+I Identify as a Dragon cuz she's clearly using "colonizer" as a derogatory term for him just because he's white even though it had no basis
I Identify as a Dragon
Joe Sycamore
Joe Sycamore 9 kun oldin
Chadwick Boseman has got the most boring voice in cinema history. This is one of the most generic pieces of garbage I've seen in years. If it hadn't had a black cast it would have been overlooked
I Identify as a Dragon
Chadwick is s good actor to me. You just have this thing called "personal preference" meaning you and some other people dont like that character. Others do. That's how opinions work
Mysterious Sunshine