Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Early in 2018, Marvel released Black Panther, which went on to smash records and delight audiences all over the globe. So naturally we went looking for sins in it. And we even managed to find a few.
Thursday: Sci-fi sequel sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Jamac007 48 daqiqa oldin
most your sin counters are BS,
Herogameplayz 2 soat oldin
Oh boy can't wait to see Justice league
Agami 3 soat oldin
best movie.
kyle mendoza
kyle mendoza 4 soat oldin
I think the if you're the one saying Jones chicks is stupid to counted as a sin. If not his call to blow his cover. He doesn't know the king he's going to reveal him. I would say that's consistent with the character.
no thin
no thin 4 soat oldin
I'm surprised you had the balls to do this anyone who criticized this is called racist
Miranda Adria
Miranda Adria 4 soat oldin
And after watching this a few times, I've also got to mention 2 more: You DO know the characters are speaking English as a courtesy to the audience that is most likely to be watching it in the U.S., right? If the film was truly accurate, they would be speaking Wakandan 24/7. And second, these are AFRICAN TRIBES from an AFRICAN nation, so considering a 17 year old a "child" is absolutely believable. Especially a girl.
Cyberminer321 4 soat oldin
JARED VEGA 5 soat oldin
nice video
sapphirewyren02 5 soat oldin
I knew this movie was bad, this proves I was right. good thing I didn't watch it . DC ftw
Michael Alcantara
Michael Alcantara 5 soat oldin
#BlackPanther #ChadwickBoseman
Evan M.
Evan M. 5 soat oldin
11:26 I'm pretty sure he was talking about panther claw MARKS. They never really specified it, but I always thought that was assumed.
rtpoe 6 soat oldin
Um.... Isn't there an irrational mix of African culture and art in there? I don't know much about the various cultures of sub-Saharan Africa, but there are many, and they are distinct, and they were all mixed up for no apparent reason in Wakanda.
Jacob Lorentz
Jacob Lorentz 6 soat oldin
I was expecting "look at me, I am the captain now "
Jonas Hemmingsson
Jonas Hemmingsson 7 soat oldin
Well, falling from that height is lethal in real life, even if you land in water
BullShark 7 soat oldin
BUUUUUT his ancestors are wakandans and wakandans weren't part of the african slave trade correct? So isn't his claim about his ancestors being enslaved wrong and if so t'cholla should know as they are family and have similar if not the same ancestors to a degree. Also only 5% of all african americans have ancestors that were slaves and even smaller have ancestors that were able to jump ship so isn't that highly unlikely Also also if his ancestor were on the ship and jumped ship then how is he alive or his mothers bloodline assuming his mother was american. The likelihood of any of that being true just keeps shrinking.
Stjepan Kralj
Stjepan Kralj 8 soat oldin
you are so right... i think that is a the worst marvel movie so far... :)
Yung Stabs
Yung Stabs 8 soat oldin
T SMACKS 8 soat oldin
Great movie. But they didn’t do a great job at all explaining how vibranium makes the tech or anything. And I hate bucky
pizza 9 soat oldin
we need a sin off for hey auntie bc that was excellent
pizza 9 soat oldin
some of y’all need to let that black panther hurt go. it’s ok to not like a movie but some people are doing the most. When I don’t like something it doesn’t exist I don’t try to shit on it for other people. Get a life and don’t be so hateful lol
GTO - CAL 9 soat oldin
Someone 10 soat oldin
When Erik says “I found my daddy with Panther claws in his chest!” I’m pretty sure he meant the markings of the Panther claws when he was stabbed.
MightyMidget 759
MightyMidget 759 11 soat oldin
You should have done a ‘I’m the captain now’
Jaylen Msuya
Jaylen Msuya 11 soat oldin
10:33 isn't that a reason to remove a sin? Also 17:28 the upside down shot is to make the scene seem more interesting.
Enxz 11 soat oldin
MightyMidget 759
MightyMidget 759 12 soat oldin
Wakanda forever
Naïka Bustros
Naïka Bustros 12 soat oldin
Wot In Tarnation
Wot In Tarnation 13 soat oldin
Wakanda forevea
Stephanie Rego
Stephanie Rego 14 soat oldin
What’s your favorite movie? Say it in the comments 😉
Tom R.
Tom R. 15 soat oldin
Killmonger is the rightful king as T'Challa would have died if not for the intervention of others.
M R 15 soat oldin
I don’t get how Wakandans and Americans were allowed into a bar in South Korea :/
Pilypas Kizelis
Pilypas Kizelis 17 soat oldin
Watched the first 30mins of the movie and turned it off.Its the first marvel movie that is THAT boring. Trash
Kamakazi 18 soat oldin
ghostdog haaaaaa
Evgeniy Deus
Evgeniy Deus 18 soat oldin
Way to low sin counter for a washed out, 5/10 action movie, with a humongous bright elephant of an agenda in it.
Skyguy 4240
Skyguy 4240 18 soat oldin
I'm glad this video was made, all my friends were hyping up this movie and when I went to see it I thought it was mediocre. It wasn't nearly as good as the other MCU movies, and not as good as I wanted it to be. It was overrated, and if people openly say it you're called a racist. (I was)
Andrew Small
Andrew Small 19 soat oldin
Great movie? It's just a bunch of anti white bullshit.
Juan Ramón
Juan Ramón 19 soat oldin
Black panther is wack
Daddy Daddy
Daddy Daddy 20 soat oldin
“*sighs Bucky “
Emeral Ferrell
Emeral Ferrell 23 soat oldin
what was that black voice when he said “like a riddle or some sh*t yeah!”
Shane Chan
Shane Chan 23 soat oldin
One more thing wrong - did anyone notice the fact that t'challa's mouth was slightly open when his face was starting to get buried in the red sand
Alejandro Legra
Alejandro Legra Kun oldin
This movie's plot was fraternity house puke blended with orangutan shit in a fuck basket dude.
AGGAMMER111 Kun oldin
do infinity war
Orlando Lampkin
Orlando Lampkin Kun oldin
this movie wasn’t even that good. the villain was garbage and cheesy. way too overhyped. i’m black and i think it was so corny. i literally fell asleep in the theatre watching this movie. lol.
MeX3 Kun oldin
I don’t give a f*ck about the sin counter. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES TO EVERY EXSIST EVER!!!!!
Joseph Yang
Joseph Yang Kun oldin
why was there an american style graffiti in the back alley of Busan???? 9:17 that makes no sense South Korea aint that ghetto like america
DankAsian4 1
DankAsian4 1 Kun oldin
Why would vegetarians need fishermen
Kyle Matlock
Kyle Matlock Kun oldin
i seriously question if you guys actually watch these movies... i just can't handle how dense you guys intentionally get to pad video length. I could handle not picking up on the fact that claws hand was made of vibranium and thus vibrated with that axe to shake off the rust... cause vibranium is silly. i could handle you not realizing that we were told in civil war that t'challa was already black panther while his father was king, his line "i hold the mantle of black panther, and now thanks to the actions of your friend i also hold the mantle of king..." fairly obvious but a single line in a different movie. HOWEVER not understanding why the jabari made a major entrance at the waterfall ceremony just requires you to have not watched the opening of the film. Ya know, that exposition where it's explained to us that the jabari ceased contact with the other tribes and went to those mountains when wakanda started to experiment with vibranium.
Alejandro Garcia
meteorite doesnt damage a whole planet an asteroid does
Alejandro Garcia
whats wrong with black panther... nothing
Danny Bowden
Danny Bowden Kun oldin
To all of the critics and others who said this movie was good, FU.
jake devadason
jake devadason Kun oldin
You should do a "Everything Wrong With Cinema Sins"
Rhi Rhi
Rhi Rhi Kun oldin
Number 12.....seriously you have got to be ridiculously blind if you weren’t able to watch that specific scene!
jon Martinez
jon Martinez Kun oldin
R we just gonna ignore the fact this the climax of this movie was same as the antman. Hero and villain completely equal
Panda Productions
Really? You hate everything
Neon Lux
Neon Lux Kun oldin
Ok, I KNOW most of this is just for the sake of sinning but Ill have to go here: 1) Since all of the Appalachian mountains or the Rockies haven't been fully explored, only cartography mapped, how is it not feasible that no one wanted to trek into the jungle to find a hidden city no one can see that they didn't know was there? 2) Most slaves were taken from Nigeria and its neighbors....sooooo....why is the white man treking a thousand miles inland through sparsely populated jungle to discover Wakanda? 3) Mbaku's tribe wasnt missed at the cerimony before they showed up because....as you clearly stated, they had long since abandoned the other tribes...so no one expected them to show up. They never had up until that point. 4) Seriously? You are worried T'challa is watching the BBC? I mean....he could have been watching CNN or Fox....sooooo....I mean.... 5) In African culture, the leader is respected, but he is just another member of the tribe. He grew up working among his people. Hes not a rock star. Hes just T'challa. 6)...yes....Shuri IS the fucking best. That's why she gets to flip off the prince XD 7)Its super easy for people to spot Americans. We are louder, we dont have the same personal space bubbles as other countries. We are VERY noticeable. 8) Okoye spoke Xhosa and the guard heard her. If they didnt know who she was before, speaking one of the most difficult languages on earth, or ANY African language really, would have been a tip off. 9) Erik isn't welcome in Wakanda. Its an African vs. African American thing. I have neither the patience nor the urge to explain the rifts between old world blacks and new world blacks. Readers digest version: We sold out to white people and embraced the same culture that enslaved us. That makes us no better to some of them, and the fact that he is an outsider with a Wakandan spy tattoo makes them even more hateful of him. Hes an outsider pretending to be one of them. 10) Erik is a blood decedent of the royal line. His absence from the ceremony is irrelevant, and the ceremony is only a show of unity. No one ever challenges. Mbaku was the first. 11) You dont need Steve Jobs to work a Macbook. Why would you need Shuri to make weapons and load them on planes?
Cosmic Penguin
Cosmic Penguin Kun oldin
This movie was average idk why It got so much hype
chloe Kun oldin
what about mbaku saying theyre vegetarians but tchalla was found by a fisherman
juan Sanchez
juan Sanchez Kun oldin
Your movie sin counter doesn't even make sense,the 75% of the points are just stupid in every video
Nat4uki Kun oldin
why are there so many disliskes ._.
Trogdor The Animator
Trogdor The Animator 22 soat oldin
I hope it's because of his reaction to the "WHAT ARE THOSE" Joke. I really don't want to find out I'm the only one who was shocked by it.
ZACCYBOY 2006 Kun oldin
I hope this video was a joke
scarlet night
scarlet night Kun oldin
*insert irrational hate comment by someone that doesn't understand this channel's comedy here*
Munana 2525
Munana 2525 Kun oldin
This is the only way movies are funny
Nicholas Vinson
Nicholas Vinson Kun oldin
I believe "American Style" refers to the joystick layout of the aircraft.
aegideus Kun oldin
No reference to Klaue's "That was awesome!" on his escape? There are many things I love about this movie, but one of my favorite parts is just how much fun Serkis is clearly having with his role. Dude's having the time of his life.
JWil42 Kun oldin
11:34 I think he means that he saw the marks that the claws left
Moe Franc
Moe Franc Kun oldin
Everything wrong with WarDogs please !!
Ymir Suzaya
Ymir Suzaya Kun oldin
shuri is my favorite character in the whole movie because of how funny she is
Chaos Gospel
Chaos Gospel Kun oldin
16:06 Thank you. 16:34 Fuck you.
hjfdsdsdf1 Kun oldin
man why so many dislikes, how do you people not understand this is a joke.... These people
Chick Nugg
Chick Nugg Kun oldin
I don’t agree with any of these. It just sounds like he needed some views.
Kothata Kun oldin
yo when's infinity war's sins coming out?
scarlet night
scarlet night Kun oldin
Kothata probably not until the week of captain Marvel's release
jennaful _
jennaful _ Kun oldin
I would add +10 sins for that woman they cast to play the korean granny bc her korean was atrocious. Lupita's was even better
Harshil Doshi
Harshil Doshi 2 kun oldin
Hanuman is a Hindu God.
Oscar Mejia
Oscar Mejia 2 kun oldin
Sentence : dusted Is that an infinity war joke?? Thats fucked up lol 😂😭😭😭
No Name
No Name 2 kun oldin
*My* *Dick* *in* *a* *Nutshell*
HyperByteStorm 2 kun oldin
Shuri is an obvious tranny, but there are many more in the film.
joneshugh 2 kun oldin
Scott Pilgrim,Rollerball (70's)
HyperByteStorm 2 kun oldin
The worst film in the MCU, I have even stopped watching their sheite now, the last few have been so bad, this one I fast Forwarded 90%, Absolute trash.
Joe Buehner
Joe Buehner 2 kun oldin
Anyone know why the vegetarians have fisherman?
Violet Raven クリスタル
I couldn't even finish this movie it sucked so bad.
Caroline Plunkett
Caroline Plunkett 2 kun oldin
A lot of these are not sins just things you tried to be annoyed by so you could make a bad video
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 2 kun oldin
I disliked because nothing was wrong with this movie
Madison Nantes
Madison Nantes 2 kun oldin
But Why?
But Why? 2 kun oldin
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor 2 kun oldin
Fucking Bucky
BRONZE MOZART 2 kun oldin
Cinema sins- cinema sin. Suggesting kilmonger attempt to kill BP is dumb. only to suggest that he should be dead later.
Emily Roitburt
Emily Roitburt 2 kun oldin
“The real question is WHAT ARE THOSE!” 😂
Frant¡k Stomp
Frant¡k Stomp 2 kun oldin
How could you not give a sin for the "WHAT ARE THOSE?". I had to exit the theater briefly, to recuperate of course.
NatetheGaminTiger 2 kun oldin
It was said in the exposition that the other tribe wasn't a part of Wakanda, they even have a different god-head.
Primarina Queen
Primarina Queen 2 kun oldin
16:31 Too soon. :C :C :C
Christian Straub
Christian Straub 2 kun oldin
10:22 wadandan?
Eduardo Jimenez
Eduardo Jimenez 2 kun oldin
To The Makers of this Channel... _I detect a little Communism_ _I can see it in the things you do_ _Communism, Socialism, call it what you like_ _There's very little difference in the two_ _(Ain't I Right)_
Aussie Roberts
Aussie Roberts 2 kun oldin
bullshit white guilt movie
Thelastpotato 2 kun oldin
Faith Kampsula
Faith Kampsula 2 kun oldin
While people are talking about the sins. I'm over here just effected over the fact that the sentence was dusted.
Johnny 37
Johnny 37 2 kun oldin
First 6 sins shouldn’t have been sins
Unity Cube
Unity Cube 2 kun oldin
Blasphemy ❤️
Caleb Samuel
Caleb Samuel 2 kun oldin
6:23 Why does that deserve a sin taken off, that was the lowest point of the whole movie.
Insomn1ac •
Insomn1ac • 2 kun oldin
This movie was really overrated.