Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Early in 2018, Marvel released Black Panther, which went on to smash records and delight audiences all over the globe. So naturally we went looking for sins in it. And we even managed to find a few.
Thursday: Sci-fi sequel sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot 21 daqiqa oldin
I grant you that there are many sins in this film, but I loved this movie.
linagee Soat oldin
Technologically advanced city... do they use children to mine Vibranium just as Africa uses children to mine diamonds? Or have they magically advanced beyond that, but not shared the tech with diamond mines?
linagee Soat oldin
:-O I just discovered another plot hole. They had the "black panther" suit technology 20 years ago and didn't really develop it much beyond what it could do before? I guess they just had inventor's block?
linagee 2 soat oldin
I don't get it. Why doesn't their entire army drink the purple black-panther juice?
ytr6740 2 soat oldin
yiu forot to mention the fact that u can see the nipps of every female guard in the movie
Cheng Xiong
Cheng Xiong 2 soat oldin
I don't see anyone mentioning the statement M'Baku says how they are vegetarians, but later say that their "fisherman" found T'Challa in the river, so.... Pescatarian? small details i guess
thatoneguyousaw J
thatoneguyousaw J 2 soat oldin
6:24 no sin for a dead meme like miss with that and gtfo of the movie
tennisdude52278 5 soat oldin
11:26 Are you that fucking stupid? He meant claw marks in his chest. Not the actual fucking claws. Rewatch the scene and you’ll see there are no claws in the body.
Kody Martin
Kody Martin 5 soat oldin
Prepare for racist black people !!!
Obsydyan Ink TV
Obsydyan Ink TV 5 soat oldin
You removed a sin for the most racist scene (barking at Dr. Watson)? That was a perfectly good opportunity for a “that’s racist” sin.
Sickboy 6 soat oldin
WORST MARVEL MOVIE E-V-E-R. Bring back Civil War's Black Panther not this fake 50 cent crap with bad CGI and giant plot holes. How can ANYONE with more than 13 years old say that this movie was "good" HOOOOOOOOOOW
Kevin Wong
Kevin Wong 9 soat oldin
"Killing boner" LMAOOOO IM DEAD
Morshu McPherson
Morshu McPherson 9 soat oldin
Everything wrong with Blake Panther: 1. CinemaSins referenced it in another video despite their policy.
LoJeN sMoke
LoJeN sMoke 9 soat oldin
A movie for african Americans
iDEA PIT 10 soat oldin
Loved this video! But, this movie is racist. Watch my the URL below to see why. uzvid.com/video/video-KylvftvFE_w.html&t=26s
Vakra Gaming
Vakra Gaming 11 soat oldin
-7 sins
DayVee 11 soat oldin
Klaue was the best thing about this film, and they killed him. bastards!
Adam Spivey
Adam Spivey 11 soat oldin
*This movie is pure black supremacist GARBAGE!!*
Mizu Foxu
Mizu Foxu 11 soat oldin
it's only me or M'baku in 4:09 screaming Martha?
Pixel Treason 2
Pixel Treason 2 14 soat oldin
Fucking Bucky
Alistyr Marqueux
Alistyr Marqueux 15 soat oldin
Brother/sister siblings in real life, yes. Bro/bro or Sis/sis not so much, but brother/sister siblings usually always greet and make reference to their relation because it's generally assumed they're a couple otherwise. I'm trans but I don't pass as a boy and people do ask if I'm my brother's girlfriend when we hang out. To which he replies, "he used to be my sister". Before I came out though we always greeted as, "what's up lil bro", "how's it going sis".
kingpin ogaming
kingpin ogaming 19 soat oldin
Also... They have a native language... And despite not isolating themselves from the rest of the world, speak English to each other?
kingpin ogaming
kingpin ogaming 19 soat oldin
Sure it's easy to point out how stupid where he shoots is. When you slow that down to make it look purposeful.
elephantfan Kun oldin
I could not watch this full movie all at once. It was SOOOOO BORING
pacmaniac11 Kun oldin
what you said after 454 time was what happened historically and religionally* to white ppl in our real world so how could you say that and not see this comment coming not that i care but yeah......?
KlownGamer 77
KlownGamer 77 Kun oldin
Hownis it t'challeration when n'jobu is the one narrating
George Meade
George Meade Kun oldin
Okay, I really have issues with the car scene. If Shuri is in Wakanda however many thousands of miles away, how is she able to react in real time well enough to drive through busy city streets in a car pursuit? What the Hell is transmitting those signals to the car so quickly?
Harambe the gorilla
Darn i actually live in London Nebraska and just got flamed on
Exolette Kun oldin
Micahl Merrick
Micahl Merrick Kun oldin
in tchallas defense he did kill all the human traffickers
S U C C Kun oldin
*awaiting dead ugandan knuckles jokes, but they never arrive*
Kevin Yannutz
Kevin Yannutz Kun oldin
Still a pretty good movie. Is it just me or did part of the theme sound like the avengers theme?
Ashlei Evans
Ashlei Evans Kun oldin
I don't understand why make everything wrong with this movie. All the "sins" are nickpicking for a fun and decently written film
Ashlei Evans
Ashlei Evans 5 soat oldin
+Random Elite well then its not entertaining.
Random Elite
Random Elite 5 soat oldin
Ashlei Evans That’s the point. Jesus
Adom Kirshner
Adom Kirshner Kun oldin
does he hate the movie
Henry Statitovski
CinemaSin Sin Tally: CinemaSin 6: Ignorantly adding a sin without knowing that Wakanda is protected by a cloaking shield made to look like hilly country. Unless you know that it's not a hill, flying into a hill is a very bad idea. CinemaSin 8: If you looked closely enough, you'll see the black hair and absence of wrinkles. People don't change much from 30 to 60, except on the inside and in the hair and skin. It's not like he was 15 when that hologram was taken. CinemaSin 11: Don't diss BBC News. CinemaSin 19: That's because she is, as well as the princess, the leading technician and scientist in the country. And for Wakanda, that's saying something. CinemaSin 55: A lot of people don't know this, but the first thing anyone does without special training in a firefight situation is piss their pants. Even veterans are going to be a little panicky and forget to shoot away from the bulletproof suitcase that is two centimetres away from their gun. CinemaSin 68: A third-world country that they've just been told is super-rich and super-advanced, and from which they've seen bulletproof Back-To-The-Future suits, retractable indestructible spears and glowing blue healing tech? CinemaSin 69: Their secret has been spilled to the CIA already. They know, CinemaSins. THEY KNOW. CinemaSin 74: Again, there's no point keeping it a secret, and Ross will see some sh*t that will tell an ultra-aggressive, ultra-powerful, resource-hoarding superpower like America to STAY AWAY. CinemaSin 77: Obviously, Killmonger's not talking about the claws themselves, you idiot, he's talking about the distinctive and unmistakable holes they left behind. CinemaSin 86: She's going to plant the flower, not mash it up. CinemaSin 87: Don't diss that shot. CinemaSin 88: The Jabari Tribe aren't on the best of terms with the throne. They probably wanted to keep T'Challa to see what they could get out of him, and the arrival of the royal family with the news that Killmonger was taking it all to the dogs was enough to sway him. CinemaSin 93: It's not hard to distribute a bunch of weapons you're already mass-producing for your army. You don't need technicians to move stuff around, you need logistics experts. So... Only 13, I do need some practice.
Aqaue K
Aqaue K 2 kun oldin
I feel like the only person who didn't care about this movie
Chef Dean
Chef Dean 2 kun oldin
(Ahem) . . . "Stop Taking These Sins Off."
TheGod Of Yt
TheGod Of Yt 2 kun oldin
This movie was the most ridiculous movie I have seen in my life... And whenever I tell my friends that, they automatically call me a fucking racist! LOL!
TheGod Of Yt
TheGod Of Yt Kun oldin
+I Identify as a Dragon I know you don't go around saying "kill all white men".. did you not read my reply? You asked me why am I exaggerating? I told you I an not exaggerating... You told me to give you proof that idiots like this who call you racist or bigots simply for having a different opinion actually exist... I gave you some proof... You were telling me to stop calling you Antifa? Stop calling me a snowflake... The funny thing is that most people would probably call you a snowflake and a keyboard warrior for getting triggered at my comment just like the stupid soy boy you are... Go fly a kite SJW...
I Identify as a Dragon
+TheGod Of Yt I don't go around saying "kill all men" but if that's what you snowflakes are into that's your own problem
TheGod Of Yt
TheGod Of Yt Kun oldin
+I Identify as a Dragon Kid? Me calling you SJW? WTF are you talking about? You've been calling me SJW and snowflake since we started! And you think I am exaggerating when anything you say is considered racist, sexist, homophobic, etc? As well as liberals saying "we need to kill all white men.." Does that not spell CRAZY to you? Just watch this video and you'll see what I mean: uzvid.com/video/video-wAIMjMdEPzU.html
I Identify as a Dragon
+TheGod Of Yt There is no proof but when you go on and on about how "crazy" people are its not that hard to find a source other than your own personal story And kid you've been doing nothing but call me an antifa member or SJW all this time so that would make you one too by your logic. It doesnt quite work out for you in the end
TheGod Of Yt
TheGod Of Yt Kun oldin
+I Identify as a Dragon anyways, there is no proof to any personal story because you don't know me and I don't know you... Unless you are some stalker on the internet trying to find where I live...
Radhika Nighoskar
Radhika Nighoskar 2 kun oldin
Hanuman is an indian god who resembles a monkey
Abraham Posadas
Abraham Posadas 2 kun oldin
I feel like nothings wrong with black panther really?
DreamyDragonyx 2 kun oldin
Soooo many Lion King rip off moments in this movie, I died laughing. Even the music sometimes. And I AGREE! Im a cgi/animatronic nerd, and the cgi in this was shameful. They used darkness as a way to hide the blemishes. Conceal, dont feel (the consequences), am I right?
overjoyedleaf 2 kun oldin
To sin a sin, yes i call my sisters little or big sister a lot even when its just the 2 of us
Mallory Kong
Mallory Kong 2 kun oldin
Rewatched the movie recently and its weird how Shuri had the time to go get T'Challa's suit necklace but didn't bother to take the other one so Killmonger couldn't use it and even if she left it, he shouldn't be able to use it because we saw that Shuri clear linked T'Challa with his suit and no one did it for KM since it seems like Shuri was the only girl who knows anything in the lab. Or Black Panther crash landing out of nowhere in the end.
Iron Crafters
Iron Crafters 2 kun oldin
"One of our fishermen found him." Wait, you guys have fishermen? Just a few minutes ago, you said your tribe was made up of vegetarians!
I Identify as a Dragon
Iron Crafters Vegetarians eat fish You’re thinking of vegans who don’t eat any sort of animal product including milk and honey
buckwindow 2 kun oldin
I never understood why people think this is the best MCU movie it’s not that good
Yuri 2 kun oldin
6:14 No sin for that flimsy ass excuse for a rhino enclosure?
Jonny B
Jonny B 2 kun oldin
Sometimes the most obvious shit just goes right over your head, haha. I'm pretty certain the old king didn't leave the claws IN the guy he killed. He surely was referring to the very unique wound. You know of like 5-6 claw mark in his body.
dogoboy 2 kun oldin
Geez this movie sucks
> "Up, general. This is no place to die." > *Fucking dies*
game domination
game domination 2 kun oldin
shit video wasnt good, really weak arguments
Riche Bright
Riche Bright 2 kun oldin
Purple Drank? Thaaaaat's racist. *Ding*
Frameus 2 kun oldin
this is truly a site were the amber guyers of this world can join their racism together without using the N word. Fascinating! No, well second thought...it's the same kind of crap you folks do at work. Maybe you pather-ess heroine( no N needed), Heroin Becky, will show you children the real way..to go..to Hell..with a vibratum...up their homogenized rectums...and a needle in their nostrils.
Elisa Sharkey
Elisa Sharkey 2 kun oldin
Kimberly Klaus
Kimberly Klaus 2 kun oldin
Roll kitties :-D :-D
NotFunny ButFunny
NotFunny ButFunny 2 kun oldin
record scraaatch
FINN WALLACE 2 kun oldin
Wtf is wrong with bbc news
Alex Chantre
Alex Chantre 2 kun oldin
He should’ve sang Toto’s Africa
Eli Alexander
Eli Alexander 2 kun oldin
Eat my nuts you doodie headed Bastard
Jae KiDd
Jae KiDd 2 kun oldin
I was going to say do you guys do comic book movies cuz there meant to be unrealistic ...I don't get why he said he could heal killmonger but then let's him die SMH ... I feel like you guys took a long break I haven't been seeing you guys as much
vincent salt
vincent salt 2 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 vibranium fixes everything lol nbfrt
macro deth
macro deth 2 kun oldin
Lol, purple drank.
The Question
The Question 2 kun oldin
Wakandan technology is more convenient than Batman’s utility belt
The Tiny Midgit
The Tiny Midgit 2 kun oldin
Did anybody see anwhere at 2:35
El Centinela Atómico
I realized something: if T'Challa is the one narrating the history of Wakanda to his son, this mean that a) he will live long enough to have children and b) he survives the snap.
I Identify as a Dragon
El Centinela Atómico I think the one telling the story is Killmonger’s dad
Mr Sheep
Mr Sheep 3 kun oldin
no questions about how hes like i'd rather die than be imprisoned despite the fact hes in africa and not the america hes speaking of?
Mr Sheep
Mr Sheep 3 kun oldin
A rare material that is in a specific area and there was no war? Wth that is literally impossible. the Battle for supremacy would definitely happen to gain hold of the technological vibranium.
I Identify as a Dragon
Mr Sheep Did....did you watch the movie?
Brian 3 kun oldin
Zrin 3 kun oldin
Killmonger: straight up just another comic book character with daddy issues.
Beast Boì
Beast Boì 3 kun oldin
only thing wrong with the movie was Michael B Jordan's terrible acting
‘-‘ 3 kun oldin
16:06 uh his ancestors were from Wakanda, and they were in isolation. Which means that they wouldn’t have been taken as slaves...
Marius Ninjai
Marius Ninjai Kun oldin
i am white btw i was just pointing out the mindset
I Identify as a Dragon
‘-‘ The director confirmed it. In the beginning killmonger’s dad was making plans to break his wife out of jail. She was one of the reasons he became radicalized because he felt guilty that his people have this tech yet people like him are suffering
‘-‘ 2 kun oldin
Ohhhhh my bad I didn’t know that. Did they say that in the movie or was it somewhere else?
I Identify as a Dragon
‘-‘ You do know his mother is African American right? Not Wakandan?
‘-‘ 2 kun oldin
Marius Ninjai lol that’s pretty fucken racist dude
Dark Vibe
Dark Vibe 3 kun oldin
The dumbass probably didn’t watch the goddam movie
I Identify as a Dragon
Dark Vibe He did. He’s always like this. There’s a Everything Great about Black Panther video too
Joey Couch
Joey Couch 3 kun oldin
Are you saying Black Panther is not the greatest movie ever made? CinemaSins is now racist.
Tanker Mr
Tanker Mr 3 kun oldin
Still A good movie
kiñg 6ix9ine
kiñg 6ix9ine 3 kun oldin
Screw this channel black panther is great
kiñg 6ix9ine
kiñg 6ix9ine 2 kun oldin
+I Identify as a Dragon true
I Identify as a Dragon
kiñg 6ix9ine Don’t get upset He does this for every movie. Even the best ones
kod 5
kod 5 3 kun oldin
hanuman is a hindu god u dick
arnesdemano 3 kun oldin
Movie so focused on slurring white people and americans it forgot to fix its plot holes.
I Identify as a Dragon
arnesdemano The only thing I got was “colonizer” and honestly that doesn’t sound like a big deal As long as you aren’t those snowflakes that got mad over “broken white boy” then whatever
Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod 3 kun oldin
CinemaSins is just embarrassing. Self-indulgent mansplaining by know-it-all nerds who think nitpicking movies makes them look impressive.
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Kun oldin
it's entertainment, you know? comedy? he's not being serious with most points
Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf 3 kun oldin
Killmonger taking the throne should've been the end of the movie and have a sequel where TChalla comes back without the suit or super juice. Once he gets it then he kicks major ass. Would've been more impactful if they gave the story more time. But you know, Marvel gotta infinity war.
BenBen Vorlon
BenBen Vorlon 3 kun oldin
Bogus Sins: Sins at @4:20-4:30 are bogus, they literally tell you later on in the movie that it's been centuries since they have seen eye to eye with the other tribes as Jabari Tribe are Ludites. Bogus sin at 5:03, TChallah WAS supposed to protect his father as his father represents Wakanda and he was the protector of Wakanda. Bogus sin @9:16 TChalla was NOT injured and his mask doesn't give him "supervision" the heart shaped herb does. @9:53 You can't give a SIN when a character in the movie literally says what you are thinking! You can't say "Excellent Point" for something literally in the script and then give the same script a SIN. Bogus Sin @12:51 Zuri literally inserted himself into the challenge and told Killmonger to kill him. ... There were tons of other Bogus sins, so the movie should have ended up with like 80-85 sins max.
joe leonardo
joe leonardo 3 kun oldin
Save us Melman! Save us! Save us! MELMAN!
LUCKY DREAM 3 kun oldin
2:33 yes, my girl calls her sister. " my sis" every time they talk.. I agree its annoying
Sara/Sam Dixon
Sara/Sam Dixon 3 kun oldin
This was brave of you, man. It was a great movie, but it had its sins like every movie.
unholy ascension
unholy ascension 3 kun oldin
2 black men fighting each other to sell out their people to the white man lol
Saumya Cow
Saumya Cow 3 kun oldin
You missed one very obvious sin. In the scene where they are fighting on a rail line and they are separated by a train.. A very, very fast train.. the train goes on forever! That's a looooong train :)
King Sarathos
King Sarathos 3 kun oldin
Did you actually not sin the fact that Klaue died, even though he was an infinitely more entertaining villain.
pek pek kantotero
pek pek kantotero 3 kun oldin
i was kinda waiting for gandolf to appear! discounted shmegel and bilbo bagins! discounted wayans as bad guy!
Lalo Castellanos
Lalo Castellanos 4 kun oldin
Am I crazy or is Wakandan spelled wrong in min 10:21 “Wadandan”
ShadowAkatora 4 kun oldin
We wuz kangz, and we also had magic rocks..
Brady Cook
Brady Cook 4 kun oldin
big man on campus
big man on campus 4 kun oldin
i would have added 5 sins for the what are those joke shit was really cringy
obviously Me
obviously Me 4 kun oldin
There's one thing you missed nakia loads the gun in the beginning and she doesn't shoot it once
Tiana Hines
Tiana Hines 4 kun oldin
The ethnocentrism leaped out in this.
That GAME Channel
That GAME Channel 4 kun oldin
T,CHAKA IS TACHANKA ( rainbow six siege )!!!?!????!!?!!!!?!!?!?!!
Kristi Bushe
Kristi Bushe 4 kun oldin
Overrated, boring movie
I Identify as a Dragon
Kristi Bushe Sure
Caelan Denning
Caelan Denning 4 kun oldin
Remove a sin because the one on 3:50 is wrong the old king was to old to be black panther
Carsen McEdgeLord
Carsen McEdgeLord 4 kun oldin
Um I think by “with panther claws in his chest” he meant like panther claw wounds which are probably a lot different then a normal stab wound
Happy The cat
Happy The cat 4 kun oldin
Shadow Clit
Shadow Clit 4 kun oldin
This movie is a little racist
Xxtoxic Wolfiexx
Xxtoxic Wolfiexx 4 kun oldin
I great my sister by calling her dear sister ironically ?
The Assult Creeper
The Assult Creeper 4 kun oldin
U could make a lot of money if a director hired u and said to point out anything wrong with the movie before he/she produced it so it would be flawless