Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Early in 2018, Marvel released Black Panther, which went on to smash records and delight audiences all over the globe. So naturally we went looking for sins in it. And we even managed to find a few.
Thursday: Sci-fi sequel sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Nether Die
Nether Die 15 soat oldin
He didn't even mention that they said they where vegetarians but they have a freaking Fisherman
Saurav Kr
Saurav Kr 23 soat oldin
Don't know why u have a thing against bucky.. Anyways, beware of Cap😂
KDOGWOOF Kun oldin
Hanoman is areal monkey god in places like Indonesia
Eva Schmidt
Eva Schmidt Kun oldin
hears my thing they make ONE black super hero movie right and you have to hate on it wowowowowowo
alf grebs
alf grebs 4 soat oldin
"hears my thing", ok retard.
prodigyunicorn$ Kun oldin
“T’Challarration”?? cmon bro you watched the film enough times to know that that voice belongs to Sterling K Brown’s character N’Jobu not T’Challa.....
sean christiansen
sean christiansen 2 kun oldin
oof movie gets a sin because you don't know what a triangle choke is
Amy Stansfield
Amy Stansfield 2 kun oldin
Dude you can’t sin BUCKY BARNES
HYPEGaming 2 kun oldin
It's a superhero movie it's normal and they should make a Killmonger spinoff
Logan Blushi
Logan Blushi 2 kun oldin
tchallaration is incorrect it's his dad tchaca
Annie 2 kun oldin
"Bugs Bunny cartoon." LOL
Macabre Enterprise
Macabre Enterprise 2 kun oldin
You took off sin for a "What are those" joke? dislike
Sajal Kumar
Sajal Kumar 2 kun oldin
Hanuman is an Hindu God.
PrinceG reaction
PrinceG reaction 2 kun oldin
Only 105? now that's a great movie! 😊
James Auchinleck, The Alchemist
I hated this movie
Lieon Gaming
Lieon Gaming 3 kun oldin
That line by killmonger is so powerful tho
Marijn Timmer
Marijn Timmer 3 kun oldin
You removed a sin for that terrible "what are those" joke? And you didn't add 30 sins for the worst cgi fight ever?
Jake Krout
Jake Krout 3 kun oldin
yes princess bride
Papa Dragon
Papa Dragon 4 kun oldin
Black Panther is overrated, a 6/10 at most. Strange and Ant Man were better to be honest.
Marco Lara
Marco Lara 4 kun oldin
Yeah yeah, the crowning of a KING is actually more important than a few human traffickers...not from a moral standpoint but from a political point....it's like saying being present for the inaugurating of your brother as President is less important than catching criminals on any given day....
Marco Lara
Marco Lara 4 kun oldin
Since when is an exposition a cinema sin?
Autumn Unoriginal
Autumn Unoriginal 4 kun oldin
"But I'm gonna leave these claws here like a riddle or some shit, yeah!". Best. Line. Delivery. Ever.
Gaming with Zeke
Gaming with Zeke 4 kun oldin
11:40 *”But I’m gonna leave these claws in* *him like a riddle or some shit, yeah”*
Shane Daniel
Shane Daniel 4 kun oldin
This movie was terrible and the cgi was worse. The plot sucked, acting was on the verge of "oh hi mark" Let's be real everyone, we know the only reason this movie is nominated for best picture is because it's an "all black" movie. Whatever that means. Logan was lightspeeds ahead of this shit.
Heaven Miller
Heaven Miller 4 kun oldin
And this is still my favorite movie.
Master Trainer
Master Trainer 4 kun oldin
Michael B. Jordan is a weak actor in my opinion. Maybe he's average as best. He seems a bit out of place in this movie. I thought his performance in Creed was a bit weak too, specially compared to Carl Weathers' great performance as Apollo Creed.
Candy Creeper
Candy Creeper 5 kun oldin
Did u really f*cking sin Bucky? I mean I love ur vids but Bucky is my fav MCU character
oneblankspace 5 kun oldin
Not even a mention of Wauconda in Chicago's northern suburbs?
Dopefish 5 kun oldin
U went too easy on them
Marc Vreeland
Marc Vreeland 6 kun oldin
What? The "god" bast talked to a warrior? hows that a sin?
Kai 6 kun oldin
Love this movie 👌🏼
Master Trainer
Master Trainer 6 kun oldin
Black Panther movie is overrated.
Omega63 6 kun oldin
Your dick isn't something that's wrong with the movie
12thdegree ninja
12thdegree ninja 6 kun oldin
I see a lot of argument from people about Killmongers "final line". My question is, is there any evidence that slaves actually did that? One, they were tied up in the bowels of the ship, two, i dont really believe any of them actually had a clue what was in store for them. I like the line if it's true, i just find it hard to believe that any of it happened.
Raven Slane
Raven Slane 6 kun oldin
Sin for overhyped movie.
Bulletsmichael 6 kun oldin
Boring boring cookie cutter shit movie.
Soul Cooke
Soul Cooke 6 kun oldin
Some people laughed at the "death was better than bondage" line when I saw it in theaters. I was so mad and hurt. It gave me a lot of joy and comfort to hear the sin being taken off. I love your videos. I love the sins being taken off. It's such a powerful way to celebrate incredible moments. I often feel like an idiot going on and on about how great a moment in a movie was during dinner afterwards or the car ride home. That little sound effect manages to capture everything I can't say. Keep up the good work.
Trail Minions
Trail Minions 6 kun oldin
You should do everything wrong with you
Heart of Trials
Heart of Trials 7 kun oldin
Fucking Bucky😂
Jason Dixon
Jason Dixon 7 kun oldin
looking for comments about how you are somehow racist... because #reasons.
Siblejm 7 kun oldin
Is this really an excellent movie?
DaneDapper 7 kun oldin
7:43, now where have i seen those 2 talk together (Hint: The movie starts with H)
Drum Ape
Drum Ape 7 kun oldin
What a pointless movie. Who actually needed this to be filmed?
DEYDRM 7 kun oldin
Wish I saw this when Black Panther came out...this guy is so stupid this channel is more of stating obvious things with no concrete context just face value (don’t judge a book by the cover) while some are also just opinions...what am I getting here? A personal review vid? Weird flex but ok 😂
Tallacus 7 kun oldin
Most boring Marvel film ever, lamest black super hero. Then we get Miles Morales and omg now that's a hero we all needed
Lucid Poo
Lucid Poo 8 kun oldin
It’s a movie bruh😂
FinalSlayer 8 kun oldin
5:44 *Annnnd so begins the best sin of all time*
J아키의 딸
J아키의 딸 8 kun oldin
So he's not gonna sin the fact that M'Baku and his tribe LIVE IN THE MOUNTAINS AWAY FROM THE REST OF WAKANDA and still have freshly cut beards and M'Baku's hair is died blonde at the top???? Shouldn't that shit have like roots and twigs and be long beyond reason?????
Black Pikachu
Black Pikachu 8 kun oldin
Muhammad huq
Muhammad huq 8 kun oldin
these sins are not even real this dude is a fucking joke
Stephane Dorion
Stephane Dorion 8 kun oldin
Tried twice but couldn't stand this shitshow of a movie all the way through the end... 🤢😷🤢😷🤢
REZR 8 kun oldin
Commented because of Nirvana's heart shaped box ...😎😎😎
Ko Marc
Ko Marc 8 kun oldin
I wish they renamed T'Chaka into Tachanka.. that would definitely make him a God in his true form
N!GhTSpÄwN 8 kun oldin
You are racist just because you are sinning a black movie. Just that.
Dragon Animations
Dragon Animations 10 kun oldin
How to spot Americans: 1: Get pizza 2: Get bacon 3: CHEESE
Belligerent Bull
Belligerent Bull 10 kun oldin
This movie was so dumb.
Alex 10 kun oldin
Why does ross look like the one kid from Polar Express????
Liam Swarak
Liam Swarak 10 kun oldin
please stop padding the run time with these stupid replays
Erik Villagrana
Erik Villagrana 10 kun oldin
0:32 the panther goddes bast was manifested by an older cosmic entity and put on earth. Its marvel history. You can't add a sin just because you didn't catch/know that lol
Sawbones 10 kun oldin
they didn't have to get an American actor to play an American because that's what acting is: convincing everyone you're something you're not
your local communist
Deadpool Party house
black panther white panther same thing
Wonkaworker 10 kun oldin
Killmonger: whines about things that happened to people that were not him hundreds of years ago, and threatens to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing Everyone: :D
Dweeb Screed
Dweeb Screed 10 kun oldin
The Black Panther is a cool character, this movie is garbage.
ToInfinityAnd YourMom
"Ahh fucking bucky".😂😂 Poor Bucky 😂
Chaos Productions
Chaos Productions 11 kun oldin
I call the purple flower s**t pUrPlE kOoL aId
Maadhawk 11 kun oldin
Watching BBC news is better than watching CNN.
Dragons, Zombies & Aliens
Love you videos! I assumed that the "T'Challa is Black Panther before his dad dies" thing was T'Chaka letting T'Challa feel it out. A) T'Chaka was old, so even with the boost of magical plants, he's probably thinking "I need to retire. Let's have my son play bodyguard and drink the purple juice." B) Those powers are probably best used if the person has time to acclimate to them. In the conversation he has with his dead dad, we find out that T'Chaka has very carefully been training T'Challa to be king (as you would for someone who is expected to rule). So it makes sense that T'Chaka would do the same with the Black Panther powers. "You're going to be super strong and fast, so you need to be careful with how hard you squeeze the remote."
Cordell Hicks
Cordell Hicks 11 kun oldin
4:09 you must’ve missed the intro. Jabari tribe separated years before that moment.
Daniel Wilcox
Daniel Wilcox 11 kun oldin
Your lame
Ren Tran
Ren Tran 11 kun oldin
14:47 There's a ship that from the bottom looks like T'Challa's mask.
Halle _
Halle _ 11 kun oldin
This is stupid.
Carly Catto
Carly Catto 11 kun oldin
I liked this movie
Fullsound 12 kun oldin
here it goes: + 10 sins - this move is so fucking overrated everyone went batshit crazy over it + 30 sins - this average movie got nominated for fuckload of awards because of sjw retards + 100 sins - most advenced place on earth (wich made all those retards belive wakanda is real for some reason) uses tribal uncivilised way of electing a king... + 50 sins - "what are those" isn't funny at all, its cringe festival packed into three word sentence. + 20 sins - even for a superhero movie plot looses sense at least four times and CGI looks like shit... first iron man has better cgi. + 10 sins - "bury me in the ocean with my ancestors, because they knew death was better than bondage" bullshit. if they jumped then they aren't his ancestors...
Fullsound Kun oldin
+Kendy Died you should see me commenting on something i like...
Kendy Died
Kendy Died Kun oldin
Fullsound You seem like so much fun to hang out with.
timspellman47 12 kun oldin
How about the fact that a super advanced society decides who runs their society by ritualistic combat.
Rômulo Fiúza e Mello
0:24 You're misinterpreting the statement. He said the plant around the sight of landing of the meteorite, not the entire Continent.
Suraj Radhakrishnan
Suraj Radhakrishnan 12 kun oldin
Hanuman is a god! -1sin
Brythonic 13 kun oldin
It's basically a Jewish mock piece on black people in the vein of Monty Python
Alex Talluto
Alex Talluto 13 kun oldin
Can we just take a moment and ponder the fact that some dude has a frisbee pierced into his bottom lip?
Ozilus 13 kun oldin
Add 100 sins because is overrated af
Tazzie1312 13 kun oldin
Dude, all people from outside the US have a little radar in our heads telling us who's American and who's not. Duh.
Morna Burton
Morna Burton 14 kun oldin
F^&%&% Bucky!! lmao!
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 14 kun oldin
Everything is wrong with this
AJeanC30 14 kun oldin
technically speaking, this is not "everything" that's wrong with the movie. you've missed the most embarrassing aspect, which most non-africans likely are not aware of: the language. The language they chose is a real language of the region, but they butcher it to the point that it's nothing but jibberish. If you're a movie director and decide to use a foreign language, at least do some research or bring in folks that actually know how to speak it! hahaha! how embarrassing 😆
SquiffleNoses 14 kun oldin
25 A king becomes a king the moment the old king dies. "The King is dead...Long live the king!" However... to become a king officially in the eyes of society you need a ceremony to prove you are the 'rightful heir'... up to that point he's only a 'pretender to the throne' in that society. (There - I hope you are less angry now.)
Zach P
Zach P 14 kun oldin
can a white guy be the black panther?
Ramón Morales Díaz
te falta mucho análisis, eres subjetivo y tu incapacidad creativa no te permite argumentar adecuadamente las posibilidades de la ficción. Las reglas no son las mismas que en nuestra dimensión, eso debería de ser obvio, por que si es obvio que esa realidad no puede ser a nuestra. Yo te aceptaría a mitad de los errores, o menos, porque tienes razón pero no en todos. Ademas contar el tiempo cuando el video tiene tiempo.... eso habla mas de tu retraso que los errores que quieres que sean errores y solo tu limitada recepción y juego de a ficción no te permiten apreciar.
SuperSongbird21 14 kun oldin
4:20 Actually, in the original comic M'Baku is a recurring foe of T'Challa and a supervillain called the Man-Ape (he used a similar magic ritual to give himself gorilla-themed powers) - they apparently didn't use this in the movie because they were worried it'd look racist (what with a black guy dressing up as an ape). But I don't see why it can't be utilised in a sequel - maybe have M'Baku decide "I didn't help save Wakanda for THIS to happen" after T'Challa opens up to the world and he introduces his alter-ego in Wakandan so it sounds cool - but then he gets laughed at by the good guys when it's revealed the word means Man-Ape.
Sin Tupoy
Sin Tupoy 14 kun oldin
Everything is wrong with Black Panther
Amara J.
Amara J. 14 kun oldin
Why hasn't your channel been removed for copyright infringement?
karoskopf 15 kun oldin
I have to be "that person". Not T'Challa giving the opening narration.
King Platinum
King Platinum 15 kun oldin
At 2:33 they messed up the word anywhere and put ANWHERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Joan Ruiz Jacob
Joan Ruiz Jacob 15 kun oldin
I just love when Marvel fanboys find a CinemaSins video about their beloved Marvel CU movies and realize they are as flawed as DCEU's...
Kashif Reza
Kashif Reza 15 kun oldin
I bet they will say Do you know the way in the next movie or you sin it!
Brett Scrima
Brett Scrima 15 kun oldin
"This is the most overrated MCU movie, by far." (DING!x100).
JaidenFan2007 15 kun oldin
6:29 *sigh...*
Nick Nieves
Nick Nieves 15 kun oldin
Lots wrong with these sins: * Neither T'Challa or his father T'Chaka were narrating. It was N'Jobu to his son Erik. * A meteor hitting Africa didn't change the entire continent as it wasn't catastrophically large. There are miles long craters all over Earth. Earth has survived larger meteorite stikes. * The view of Wakanda was shown to be shrouded in tree cover and optically obfuscating force-field. Airplanes wouldn't see into the country, and sentries are position around it's perimeter like Wakabi. * Zuri keeping his cover makes sense. N'Jobi being caught has nothing to do with Zuri's mission and thus there is no reason for him to out himself as NOT being James. * The human traffickers were now aware that the Black Panther is watching them, so that should be a deterrent to their operation. * The ceremony is not for King, it is for Black Panther. 5 kingdoms can nominate 5 warriors to fight for the mantle of Black Panther. T'challa is the Black Panther as he was clearly the warrior chosen by his Kingdom at some point in the past. * Panther claws in the chest was clearly taken out of context. He found claw marks and had already known the story of the Panther. He knew who killed his father. * Erik was within his birthright to challenge for King if his royal lineage was known which is why he kept saying "Ask me who I am?" He should not have been able to challenge for Black Panther. * Nakia didn't take a purple herb for T'Challa as she thought he was dead. She took it to give to M'Baku along with a suit-in-a-necklace to give him the Panther powers in hope that he could defeat Killmonger. * M'Baku didn't tell anyone T'Challa was there as he was expecting he would die. He only revealed that as the purple herb would be able to heal his wounds and save him. * Pretty sure American-style craft just meant standard throttle/paddle locations that would be familiar to any pilot. Side note: The scene where Erik's father N'Jobu had the guns, he was planning a prison break to free Erik's mother who was locked up. Zuri (who was undercover as James) had warned T'Chaka of his plan and that's why he showed up at the apartment. Erik grew up with a mother in jail and father that got killed while his family in Wakanda lived in luxury. That's where his disdain stems from.
Sympathetic Misanthrope
Number one problem: Blacks make up less than one percent of scientists, have contributed nothing to major advancements, have the lowest collective I.Q. (especially in Africa) and are the only race to have never built an enduring city... Lasers and invisible forcefields my ass. Go fact check...
Sammy Baker
Sammy Baker 16 kun oldin
Okay this guys funny and all but the amount of times he cusses is irritating. Like dude there are so many other words to use
Howdee Dennis
Howdee Dennis 16 kun oldin
6:30 This video was added to your disliked
Medieval Clock
Medieval Clock 16 kun oldin
Black Panther is easily the best movie of 2018 and maybe the best superhero movie ever created.
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