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Shouts to CinemaSins for the inspiration: uzvid.com/video/video-GNNAGEoZskw.html
Every time I played the MyCareer story I was skipping the cutscenes to get to the enjoyable part of the game. Well.. this time I actually sat down to watch em...

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10-Yan, 2019



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Hydrate Plays
Hydrate Plays 22 soat oldin
Big Bucks
Big Bucks Kun oldin
Worst game in the franchise and the corny dialogue is getting old so old that it’s annoying and unbearable to listen to. Gameplay sucks especially online.
Con Man
Con Man Kun oldin
As he says in the title “Under 13 minutes” *looks at how long* 13:37....
el lo lo x
el lo lo x 2 kun oldin
In under 14 minutes
James Tucker
James Tucker 2 kun oldin
So is cinema sins gettin commision for this video
iSturdyTv Yt
iSturdyTv Yt 2 kun oldin
Cinemasins of 2k19(2k19sins)
Theparkster15 2 kun oldin
Under 13
Fizzini Life
Fizzini Life 2 kun oldin
1. Still gotta pay VC
BoilerBeast 06
BoilerBeast 06 2 kun oldin
This Indy representation was terrible, the state fair and the “sizzle reels”.
Sage Baughman
Sage Baughman 3 kun oldin
Btw i am from Indiana and i live here and we DO NOT call mixtapes sizzle reels
Christian Kallio
Christian Kallio 5 kun oldin
Everything Wrong With NBA2K18 In One Sentence B Fresh
LUKAS Vilkelis
LUKAS Vilkelis 6 kun oldin
1:43 JSUT that's 1 sin for Agent 00
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 7 kun oldin
To think I'd actually hear about the gameplay
CGHSQUAD2K 7 kun oldin
What is with MCU characters being in 2k games
Sub 2 Pewdiepie
Sub 2 Pewdiepie 7 kun oldin
It's Corey not Cory you're spelling is a big sin.
Jholmesplays2000 7 kun oldin
Kyle SSJ
Kyle SSJ 8 kun oldin
Tyceno would disagree about 6’3 pure shot creator 😂😂
Thomas Hines
Thomas Hines 11 kun oldin
The whole prelude was a sin, too long for someone who just wants to play in the park
Denis Jasewicz
Denis Jasewicz 12 kun oldin
This UZvidr sucks and his voice is so annoying
Mikes PSN
Mikes PSN 13 kun oldin
Do other nba2ks
Jack Mazonz
Jack Mazonz 13 kun oldin
DaNamezJosiah [TSEG]
I wouldn’t know, I skipped the prelude
coco baker
coco baker 14 kun oldin
I thought Jackson Ellis blew out his knee and couldn't play ball no more
Joshua Ghelarducci
Joshua Ghelarducci 14 kun oldin
have you guys noticed you got traded FOR A SANDWICH
123 456
123 456 14 kun oldin
This why I dont play multiplayer on 2k
THE GAMING LEGEND 14 kun oldin
123 456 multiplayer!? This ain’t call of duty Dumbass
WherAmxZnHappns 15 kun oldin
How'd you not have a bonus round 😂
Fred The Loot Lama
Fred The Loot Lama 16 kun oldin
New cinema sin
Pogging Around
Pogging Around 16 kun oldin
At 1:59 just is spelled wrong
Cesar.v Ox
Cesar.v Ox 13 kun oldin
Pogging Around ok
Maxim Heitlinger
Maxim Heitlinger 16 kun oldin
Zhadric M
Zhadric M 16 kun oldin
Agent said under 13 minutes. And it's over 13 minutes. I'm adding 13 sins.
Hygge Michael
Hygge Michael 17 kun oldin
All agent does is use other UZvidrs formats to make a 2k video
Jeremiah Pangburn
Jeremiah Pangburn 17 kun oldin
It’s over 13 min.
Raphael The meme god
You should’ve mentioned that you got traded for a sandwich
One of the 4 Horseman of Apocalypse
How did the white dude get away with fireworks
DTB vOMEGA 17 kun oldin
The prelude was actually really good and you misunderstood a lot of things. It wasn’t perfect and was corny at points but was the best 2k story by faaaar.
Josh Weil
Josh Weil 17 kun oldin
You sinned... first of all, cheesy outro. Second, that was over 13 minutes. And third, you only covered the story and NO other aspects of the game. And it’s not technically EVERYTHING wrong with 2k19 if you covered like not even a fourth of the story.
Josh Weil
Josh Weil 17 kun oldin
Gyasi Wynn
Gyasi Wynn 18 kun oldin
You complain..... then buy the next installment, makes sense
go commit -DIE-
go commit -DIE- 18 kun oldin
500 sims for your misspelling
Sensei Kruto
Sensei Kruto 19 kun oldin
Black Star
Black Star 19 kun oldin
Why not just caption the whole game is wrong just put it in the trash 😂
brandon martin
brandon martin 20 kun oldin
Won't take me 13 minutes to tell what's wrong lock downs got nerfed with hof pick pocket I get more reach in fouls than steals sharp shitters and stretch whores get mad love when they trash other than shooting strength and speed don't matter I get boxed out by 190lb guards with 7ft3 275lb glass cleaner and brick layups non stop never a dunk animation never put back king is a joke badge and defensive stopper has been broke since January the end
Masterblaster General
Anybody notice how atms head looks like it was bashed with a hammer on the side
Lucien Minto-Barnett
What about that commentator in the G-league who sounds like ass
Alexis Yasier Rodriguez
Yo the lady kinda looks like Michael Jackson
Ligma man
Ligma man 22 kun oldin
If your white you look nothing like Corey Harris plus one sin
jGotti Gunnz
jGotti Gunnz 22 kun oldin
13 mins nah bruh it’s gonna take about a hour 💯💯
Player 1
Player 1 24 kun oldin
Games immoral...... Games are being intentionally made to be grindy for $$$.
MagicMontana 24 kun oldin
N this was just the prelude.
Louis Gould
Louis Gould 24 kun oldin
It’s pay to win simple as
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 25 kun oldin
Everything wrong with Agent's grammar in under 9 hours.
Braden Wilson
Braden Wilson 26 kun oldin
Don’t be dissing Jackson Eliis
Timothy Tiljoe
Timothy Tiljoe 27 kun oldin
High key stealing cinema sins lol
Tyler Amick
Tyler Amick 28 kun oldin
163 sins in my book
Tyler Amick
Tyler Amick 28 kun oldin
So everything wrong with 2k19 prelude Not 2k19 the whole game I am adding a sin
Tyler Amick
Tyler Amick 28 kun oldin
13:36 not under 13 minutes
Tyler Amick
Tyler Amick 28 kun oldin
That’s another sin And replying to my own comment That’s also another sin 165 sins wow maybe I should go back to 2k17 oh wait there servers are shut down 😱😱😱😱
Grade A Bot
Grade A Bot 29 kun oldin
1:46 just is spelt wrong
Soren Giles
Soren Giles Oy oldin
Come on why you gotta rip on the pure shot that build is a bucket
Cool Dude JB 1
In Texas the call speed bumps, road humps
East Oy oldin
Lol you could've just played a game of 3 v 3 in park and kept the same title, but this is fine too.
DoxinBoxin Oy oldin
I use a 6’3 pure shot creator :(
ZodiacVEVO Oy oldin
Do you ever stop complaining
MeechieVEVO Tv
1:49 jsut
Dan Zhukovin
Dan Zhukovin Oy oldin
Some of 2K19's biggest sins were being a rehash of like ten rehashes, and having HORRIBLE graphics on most of the assets (they should have waited for the next console generation).
Trevor TheNbaFan
unoriginal copycat ass
jvcksxn _
jvcksxn _ Oy oldin
bitching ab the prelude is uncalled for. they just could've made a prelude like 2k18 where you literally get picked up by an nab team from street ball. shut up agent.
Richard Rivas
Richard Rivas Oy oldin
That cpu ruined the damn game
v7DeadlySins Oy oldin
Do this for other 2ks!! Its funny af
Lucas Mundy
Lucas Mundy Oy oldin
I can’t wait for 2k to respond to this
The Buddha337
The Buddha337 Oy oldin
Just *
David Sparks
David Sparks Oy oldin
1:47 jsut
ameer alshuga
ameer alshuga Oy oldin
I live in Topeka Indiana and I have never heard a person ever say sizzle real
Jonah ware
Jonah ware Oy oldin
his scan looks better than him in real life!
Ksr 13
Ksr 13 Oy oldin
Part 2: 50mins of park sins
Owen Tuckey
Owen Tuckey Oy oldin
Live has better gameplay change my mind
Slite Oy oldin
Please make original content agent
Marcus Williams
This video is 13:36 long
Mr Cloud
Mr Cloud Oy oldin
Your guy looks like bruno Mars
Fred Currie
Fred Currie Oy oldin
Nigga ugly
Men Of Mayhem
Men Of Mayhem Oy oldin
Hello Agent FatBoy v.00
Jaivion Roberts
anyone else seen all the spelling errors
Hispanic Beard Guy
So stealing other youtubers video formats that's what we doing now?
Pat Swayzo
Pat Swayzo Oy oldin
Nothing was wrong with this game
JMK Oy oldin
I’m adding 500 sins for the typo at 13:04
NBA 2K too cheap to hire an actual writer?
Joel 0078
Joel 0078 Oy oldin
For a dude who plays the game 24-7, you sure do complain A LOT.
David K
David K Oy oldin
U sound like a bitch
3575 Ethel southwest
Who cares it’s a video game
Mikkel Aarup
Mikkel Aarup Oy oldin
Maannn shut The F up
I Swear Im a 9 year old
Idk where the hell in Indiana they do that but that's definitely not in the northwest area
Tarık Yurtsever
Turkish league? That's where I'm from
BrandoTaco Oy oldin
2k19 sux
@Agent 00 you’re part of the problem ass sucker
Carnage weightlifting
You still play this bs
Dom Short
Dom Short Oy oldin
I mean you missed the biggest problem of all agent. The fact you’re supposed to be a pro but have the on court skills of Charles Barkley playing pickup with that girl in Space Jam
Richie D
Richie D Oy oldin
This was perfect
Justin Eubanks
I understand B-fresh and Bass-Key-Yachts or what’re dude name was from 2k16.......but you mean to tell me you don’t like Jackson Ellis!?!? Lol I want Jackson Ellis in EVERY 2k lol
harrison macfadyen
It’s over 13 minutes
Matthew Munoz
Matthew Munoz Oy oldin
In Indiana, nobody says “sizzle reel”
Matthew Munoz
Matthew Munoz Oy oldin
I had to stand up for my state lol
Shad Oy oldin
Biggest sin. There was no basketball played in 90% of this video
Stop MaximilianMus
Davis ruined 2k19 oh yeah yeah
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