Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet

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The first Wreck It Ralph was a fun surprise full of humor and heart. Ralph Breaks the Internet is... not that. It's a lot more like The Emoji movie. And full of sins.
Next week: Sins of two movies that have one word titles starting with D.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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19-Mar, 2019



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Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 2 soat oldin
if i was jeremy i would’ve immediately taken off like 20 sins simply bc i had a massive crush on shank when i saw this film shank @ me = anna kendrick @ jeremy
Michael Mgbeojirikwe
#114 sin that is exactly what I was thinking! plus I thought it was one of those jokes like *how old are you? yes* +sin #121 why did they leave the virus there?
Abby Maddox
Abby Maddox 9 soat oldin
konaya 13 soat oldin
3:50 How can you sin without actually looking things up? Google link encapsulation, fool. It was a pretty decent joke for anyone who knows even a little about how stuff works.
Rosebush Kun oldin
Hasn't anyone noticed that the toddler at the end looks like baby moana
Ultimate_Xgamer Kun oldin
Wasn't there a second racing game in the first movie
aser the pro
aser the pro Kun oldin
Dandtm is in the movie
Mr Bing
Mr Bing Kun oldin
*forgetting the fortnite reference*
AWC Kun oldin
No sin for being Ralph Rolled?
Phyco Buzzaxe21
Phyco Buzzaxe21 Kun oldin
Slaughter race is just GTA V. The characters are similar, the map is pretty much the same, and the missions are similar
TheMerpKing Kun oldin
This video is longer than forrest gump
Manuel Soto
Manuel Soto Kun oldin
The cliche climax fight between Vanellope and Ralph seemed too forced to happen... also, I know the movie is from Disney but no one has said this is a two hour long product placement add.
Prussia and soviet
ok wait so mr litwak is using a imac g3 in 2018 and is JUST NOW connecting to the internet for the first time the problem is that the computer will run god awfully because its so old also you might say because his life is built around an arcade he is poor so he got a bad computer which makes no sense because its a collectors item it would be costly and you can probably get computers that are better for cheaper anywhere
potato 2 kun oldin
I still don't get the apple joke
Kris XxX
Kris XxX 2 kun oldin
14:06 in fact it is extremely dangerous for her now as she isn't in her game anymore. As Sonic said in the first movie, you won't respawn if you die anywhere but in your game. Is this not a cimenasin.
led003 2 kun oldin
The thing that made the movie good was how the disney princesses made fun of themselves. FINALLY.
Bilimin Sırları
Bilimin Sırları 2 kun oldin
3:28 I guess they turned Q*Bert into a panting on the wall or killed him so this is why he is on the wall...
Sean Ramos
Sean Ramos 2 kun oldin
Another sin: where are the recolours? Did they die?
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 2 kun oldin
Blow and go is a fucking hair salon I googled it
Phyco Buzzaxe21
Phyco Buzzaxe21 3 kun oldin
Jokes on you, when I googled "blow and go" I just got a breathalizer you attach to your car
Jordan Herkowski
Jordan Herkowski 3 kun oldin
No Mr. Creosote voice-over for the bunny scene?
One Very Silly GooseTv
No mention of the bat transition for the part with the princesses
? 3 kun oldin
Robot Chicken done all disney princesses meet first
? 3 kun oldin
Such a shit movie
Limonade 3 kun oldin
The existence of this movie makes me so sad
PK Salvo
PK Salvo 3 kun oldin
1. Its terrible, i didn't saw it yet and now i know i will be dissapointed 2. the title ,,Ralph breaks the internet" gives you a different meaning of the plot as at the point of Slaughter Race Ralph should have searched for other Ralphs and Sequels of Fix it Felix 3. Famous Brands, Disney and Disney Princesses should not be in this Movie, this is about Video Game Characters not Crossovers of Different Genres 4. This Mainstream Style of Fortnite (man, i hate this game) dances and Ralph vines should be noticed by Fix it Felix Developers that someone would commit Copyright crimes and be put down and at the end of the Movie there should have been a actual antagonist fighting him like a Antivirus Character since he would be considered a virus and also Viruses in the Arcade games since the wifi is connected there. 5. Ralph should not be portrayed so bad in my opinion since in the first game he broke the car to save her but using a Virus which takes his appearance is a terrible villain idea. 6. Singing.... is there anything left to say. 7. The Felix and Calhoun story seemed forced like its seen in this movie 8. The Beginning is not terrible but actually better as a flashback 9. At the End of the Movie Sugar Rush would be unplugged due to fans lamenting that Vanellope would not appear as a option as the ,,turn off, turn on" would work but would do here! 10. The Developer of Slaughter Race would be contacted about Vanellope's ingame appearance by Fans and would literally patch her out with an update for the the same reason on my 4th point in this list Endresult: What i have seen here is dissapointing. This is not a Sequel worth watching, im dissapointed for the wasted time of waiting for this 1/10.
Han Gyo Jin
Han Gyo Jin 3 kun oldin
I love Wreck it Ralph!! but Ralph breaks the internet is a bad movie! Something about this movie reminds me of emoji movies and i hate that emoji movies . The plot is bad, seems like they make the plot in a hurry.
Christina Li
Christina Li 3 kun oldin
Jonnyman19 3 kun oldin
2:55 I'll be honest that is funny
ShyAnimeBoy20/dean linder
Goku. 3 kun oldin
*Everything wrong about wreck it wralph breaks the internet alot of things*
Mythrill Dragon
Mythrill Dragon 4 kun oldin
You also forgot to mention that the majority of those princesses were saved by a "big strong man."
SoulTaker Godly
SoulTaker Godly 4 kun oldin
This fucking guy thinks way too fucking deep it’s a fucking fictional movie
Nerdly Reviews
Nerdly Reviews 4 kun oldin
The bunny fucking popped like Disney’s version of fucking sever what the fuck! Also Disney yadda-yaddas over TRON thx Disney we all know u ran it into oblivion and that was the last time we’ll see it on the big screen screw you
leom magla
leom magla 4 kun oldin
305 sins for bringing in sonic and giving him only 1 line.
Go Weegee
Go Weegee 4 kun oldin
Why did they get rid of characters from the original like Dr Eggman and Bowser
Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr 2 kun oldin
+Go Weegee You can see Eggman in the Wi-fi scene.
Go Weegee
Go Weegee 4 kun oldin
+Bowser Jr I didn't see Dr. Eggman I probably didn't pay much attention to the movie cuz it's cancer
Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr 4 kun oldin
Because Nintendo is shit for not putting Mario & Bowser in this movie so instead they hired Illuminations by making a new Mario movie animation to be a thing. Also Dr Eggman appears in this movie though.
Who watches the sins but not the movie
Kayla Murray
Kayla Murray 4 kun oldin
Yup, glad I didn't take the time to watch this movie.
mariotiago castro
mariotiago castro 4 kun oldin
9:07 No it's not. But it's not what you think either.
bear rose
bear rose 4 kun oldin
Why does mulan have shoes on inside that room? And walking around in those?
Holly Harris
Holly Harris 5 kun oldin
No comment on the very end of credits "Wralph-rolling" moment?!
Funtime Chloe
Funtime Chloe 5 kun oldin
U forgot to add a son that they used DanTDM’s voice in the UK version and not the other versions
Gamer hog
Gamer hog 5 kun oldin
You forgot one major sin... Puts the bonus scene at the end of the credits because ONE girl is sad it had no purpose. Doesn't put Mario in the movie when MILLIONS of people want him in...
David Dikes
David Dikes 5 kun oldin
it was stated in the first movie that if a character was killed in a different videogame, they die forever
Ganime Ozcay
Ganime Ozcay 5 kun oldin
Shãdøw Wøłf
Shãdøw Wøłf 5 kun oldin
I haven’t watched this soo THIS IS GOOD
KJ_ SAVAGE 5 kun oldin
ALSO the kid that was playing the bunny game looked EXACTLY like moana when she was younger
KJ_ SAVAGE 5 kun oldin
I thought they said that a glitch cannot leave its game and if that's the case, HOW THE HECK IS VANALEPE IN THE INTERNET!?!??! (I spelled vanalepe like that on purpose btw)
John Alvarado
John Alvarado 5 kun oldin
The next movie is Penelope bent over saying “wreck it Ralph”
DaSamuraiDuck 4 kun oldin
John Alvarado no
Meredith Ball
Meredith Ball 5 kun oldin
Is it just me, or does one of the spam signs have aunt Cass on it from Big Hero Six
Daniel 5 kun oldin
12:07 Kermit the Frog
Ian Salyer
Ian Salyer 5 kun oldin
9:06. This was too funny.
Ian Salyer
Ian Salyer 5 kun oldin
How can Venelope even go into the Internet? Glitches can't leave their games.
Student Freeman Morgan
This has to be one of the worst animated movies Disney had made, sitting right next to chicken little. This is basically their version of the emoji movie. I am absolutely disappointed with them right now
The Lab Assistants
The Lab Assistants 6 kun oldin
That’s what I thought about the UZvid thing
Maddhatter_Gaming 6 kun oldin
11:43 that's a touchscreen monitor in an office
The Pianist
The Pianist 6 kun oldin
Yea this movie was pretty bad
Jason Frank
Jason Frank 4 kun oldin
Even if it were a solo movie, I’d still say it’s quite a bit below Disney standards. As a sequel to Wreck it Ralph however, it’s really terrible, to the point where it pisses me off.
Thamsanqa Mkaza
Thamsanqa Mkaza 6 kun oldin
yooo ama i the only one who finds all the ralphs mashed together weird and creepy. that shit makes me uncomfortable
BrokenDreamsClub 6 kun oldin
At least it wasn’t as bad as the emoji movie guys. Just be thankful for that.
Mr. Cheemps
Mr. Cheemps 6 kun oldin
First half of movie is decent, then Slaugther race bullshit
Go Weegee
Go Weegee 4 kun oldin
That part was fucking cringe
derpyVfazbearX 6
derpyVfazbearX 6 6 kun oldin
Disappointed u didint add the Nick scene
Tobi 7 kun oldin
That was the best post videos dubs you've made
Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips 7 kun oldin
Stupid movie, stupid actors, and waste of time.
Xmoleen Xmo
Xmoleen Xmo 7 kun oldin
The name tag change fore Stan to del cuz the name tag Stan was a reference to Stan lee cuz Stan lee died thay don’t what people to cuplan to Disney
Xmoleen Xmo
Xmoleen Xmo 7 kun oldin
I just whach Ralph Barack the internet
halo player
halo player 7 kun oldin
9:40 they didn't use UZvid because Disney would copyright stryke there videos
Mafalda Silva
Mafalda Silva 7 kun oldin
Watching Listening
Watching Listening 7 kun oldin
Could you guys do the Aristocats?
Albin Granqvist
Albin Granqvist 7 kun oldin
Is venelopi the new Monika🤔
CazzSDMF 7 kun oldin
Vanelope went turbo...ding
Alex LeDraggu
Alex LeDraggu 7 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thought Ralph only calling Vanelope 'kid' was super annoying? Like I dont remember one time he actually called her by her name once.
Mckay Curley
Mckay Curley 8 kun oldin
it's kind of perverted that ralph is some huge guy with a little girl
smallmak5 8 kun oldin
What someone not to go away is not the same as wanting to posses them you SJW turd. Stop stuffing these things with your political views and go back to making good content.
Snoopy Rbx
Snoopy Rbx 8 kun oldin
Wreck it Ralph ur mom
Zee Rob
Zee Rob 8 kun oldin
I have a question is it a joke that in all the vids it says in: example: 13 minutes or less but it is 14 minutes
Erica X
Erica X 9 kun oldin
Hearts =money ???? Like 🌹= 💰? Someone used Craigslist while writing this! 😂
komodoking175 9 kun oldin
Butthe post credit scene was so unexpected that it deserve sins off
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson 9 kun oldin
This may be nit picking but does it bother anyone else how Ralph is a complete idiot I mean he was not the brightest bulb but why his he a fucking moron.
Avery Merrick
Avery Merrick 9 kun oldin
Sequels have three problems: Repeating the film’s first plot, dumbing down or jerking up characters, or replacing the first films writers or directors that made the first one ☝️ a masterpiece.
Claus Michael Fasting
1:24 Ralph's playing Football, not Baseball
Karlee Hooker
Karlee Hooker 9 kun oldin
No but this is 21 minutes.
NoStewInStuart 9 kun oldin
You didn’t acknowledge the after-credit scene! 😂 Ralph-Rolled!
Baloo raccoon fnaf 2018
Ralph is clingy because he only has one friend.
Baloo raccoon fnaf 2018
Wreck it Ralph : IQ normal Wreck it Ralph : IQ 70% Stupider ALL OF THEM NOT JUST RALPH
Baloo raccoon fnaf 2018
How did she get out of her game if shes a glitch?
xX SubWoofer Xx
xX SubWoofer Xx 9 kun oldin
You’re forgetting that the kids looked up the steering wheel on the internet before he plugged in the router. 😬
xX SubWoofer Xx
xX SubWoofer Xx 7 kun oldin
Ka-Kai yeah good point
Ka-Kai 7 kun oldin
@xX SubWoofer Xx Maybe they just used data.
Cloud's Bike Hacks
Cloud's Bike Hacks 9 kun oldin
Ralph isn't Axel Voss.
Zo's Channel
Zo's Channel 9 kun oldin
3:34 on the file cabinet is the same comic Fred has in Big Hero 6, him maybe being related to Litwak and therefore developing a love for video games, may be likely. Or just an Easter egg
Will M
Will M 9 kun oldin
Everything is fun and games until you realise that Ralph is a 27 year old man trying to manipulate a 12 (?) year old into hanging out with him even if it means she's unhappy
Ivanna Claudette
​+Yukes I mean that her game has 21 (it has conected in 1997) In te first movie the game has 15 years old and now, 6 years later has 21. That's why i said Ralph has 36 years old, because his game was conected in 1982.
Yukes 2 kun oldin
+Ivanna Claudette Vanellope is 21? Was that ever stated?
Ivanna Claudette
Ivanna Claudette 5 kun oldin
Ralph has 36 and Vanellope has 21. I don't know why but that's makes IT worst.
The Shy & lonely Cubone
I still thought this was a good movie but maybe not better than the first I barely noticed how fucked up this movies logic is when I saw it lol
Prince Alfaro
Prince Alfaro 9 kun oldin
Coach Carter bro please
Jennifer Ridgway
Jennifer Ridgway 9 kun oldin
Isn't Ralph kinda in the right here not to want Vanellope to leave, like putting aside the fact that Ralph may have some co-dependency issues doesn't Vanellope do the exact same thing that Turbo did back in Wreck it Ralph 1. She left her game for different reasons sure but she still left her game to join a different one and what about the fact that she's the president of her game like who's in charge now she just kinda left them without a leader.
1ts2EZ 9 kun oldin
What about the Ralph-rolling, no sin or removal of sin for that?
ɑɛรtɦɛtic รɳickɛʀร
Vanellope still glitches even though her code is fixed. *DING*
William Perez
William Perez 3 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure they sin that in wreck it ralf
Meg Fisher
Meg Fisher 9 kun oldin
Jamie Morris
Jamie Morris 9 kun oldin
This movie is what the Emoji Movie wanted to be.
MonsterKIDS234 9 kun oldin
Why did he not add the part where Ralph reading the comments from a bunch of old farts instead of the millennials like come on that has got to be a sin
Clara Cassidy
Clara Cassidy 9 kun oldin
This movie was kinda... ugh... I hate what they did with Ralph’s character but I love Venellope is one of my favorite characters and no one’s changing my mind
Shalena Webster
Shalena Webster 9 kun oldin
Shalena Webster
Shalena Webster 9 kun oldin
Right they make him fummer
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