Expired Food Taste Test (EXPERIMENT)

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Is expired food truly past its prime? Or does it age like a fine wine? Today, we find out. GMM #1401

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16-Okt, 2018

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Jessica Ross
Jessica Ross 3 oy oldin
Next time I go out for a meal, I'm going to ask for a 'chicken and leaves', just to see the expression 🤨🤔😏
Baby Boy
Baby Boy Oy oldin
Fun fact, if u wanna irritate a food service worker (who could potentially already having a bad day), go ahead with that plan
Poguito33 Oy oldin
The “fresh” salad looked expired. I thought that was expired too. Maybe they got them confused.
Kawaiiluv Lee
Kawaiiluv Lee Oy oldin
Artesia Robinson why did you have to comment 4 times but different expressions?
“excuse me sir, may i get the chicken and leaves with my crocodile roll?”
Potatoes Have 48 Chromosomes
+Artesia Robinson bro you literally just called her stupid in the last reply, thats not helpful its just being rude for no reason. Just go back to recess or something instead of talking to yourself about how leaves dont expire or whatever.
Layla McDonald
Layla McDonald 8 soat oldin
Don't leave rotten bologna in your fridge for a week I threw up because I didn't check the date and woke up at 4:30 and threw up 17 times
TheAmericanDodo Kun oldin
Link looks like a hobo with that beard
Fredrik M
Fredrik M 2 kun oldin
Here in Sweden we hardly use expiration dates, we mostly use "Best Before" dates. Expiration dates are for the most part on medicine here.
7LeopardStar 2 kun oldin
Ever since I was a kid, if there wasn't much to eat (for example the jam for my pancakes was moldy or the bread was old) I just scraped off the mold and ate the rest of it. Frying it usually made it taste OK haha almost never any issues from it either except that one time last year that I got food poisoning lol
THE pacifists
THE pacifists 2 kun oldin
9:42 correct if im wrong but it sounded like rhett said "the problem is im high"
7LeopardStar 2 kun oldin
Link, where can I buy that jacket? Please tell me. I must have it
Sister Daniel
Sister Daniel 3 kun oldin
Is it me or does Link look reallyyyy good in this 😍
Emily 3 kun oldin
9:43 'the problem is im not high' ???
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 3 kun oldin
Does anybody even watch this in the morning?
Kharis  Prasyanda
Kharis Prasyanda 3 kun oldin
one of the best intro imho
melissa jackson
melissa jackson 4 kun oldin
American breakfast is the best!
Aquamelon 008
Aquamelon 008 4 kun oldin
The American breakfast is honestly such a sad little plate of petty food compared to a full English breakfast
David L
David L 5 kun oldin
The "American" breakfast has an ENGLISH muffin
brenton slusher
brenton slusher 5 kun oldin
If you like seeing this guy eat expired door I check me video out
Sin City Slugger
Sin City Slugger 7 kun oldin
Month old yogurt is nothing. I’ve found it stays pretty good for several months as long as it’s unopened and sealed...at least the flavored, single serving cups.
hamdish2004 9 kun oldin
Yeah, here in Straya we have either a due date (where it goes bad) or a best before date.
Rylee Clifton
Rylee Clifton 9 kun oldin
sorry link but Rhett is my favorite he reminds me of that one movie seven brides for seven brothers lol your awesome Rhett!!!!!
Ariel McCarthy
Ariel McCarthy 11 kun oldin
Meat and leaves chicken and leaves lol Cesar salad lol😂
Michael De Santa 100
GMM, you have to collab with Comedy Central. You guys seem very suitable for that channel. You guys should make your own show too. Great start for 2019.
Abby Babbles
Abby Babbles 11 kun oldin
At 2:51 I thought my phone was glitching up, and then I realized they were just competing like they always do😂
Jude Stone
Jude Stone 11 kun oldin
Anyone else hate the sound of polystyrene?
mr. potatoe
mr. potatoe 12 kun oldin
I'm scared for their toilets
the pacific wart
the pacific wart 12 kun oldin
I am now eating expired yogurt.... I'll be taking shit after this
Camilo Garcia Ylasaari
When I get cold feet before a date I chicken and leave
Geesus Way
Geesus Way 13 kun oldin
why would you call it an expiration date if it wasn't the date that it,,, expired?
Cyeria Allen
Cyeria Allen 13 kun oldin
I wonder if Rhett and Link get food poisoning a lot or if they just have super good Immune systems
Fortnite Streamer
Fortnite Streamer 15 kun oldin
But wouldn’t the coffee have mould in?
7LeopardStar 2 kun oldin
Fortnite Streamer not prepared coffee. They would have used ground or instant coffee from a packet
Connor Bevo
Connor Bevo 16 kun oldin
Is it bad that I had 3yr old bbq sauce, AND IT TASTED THE SAME?!?!?!?
Junior Studios
Junior Studios 18 kun oldin
Just watching the bacon be on the plate made me hungry
Teegan Vaudry
Teegan Vaudry 18 kun oldin
are rhett and link brothers
Finest Montero
Finest Montero 20 kun oldin
Its just cuz Link is a very picky eater
Kath Ish
Kath Ish 20 kun oldin
@4:26 Rhett's biceps. 'Nough said.
Kath Ish
Kath Ish 20 kun oldin
Literally what kind of ketchup is that wtf
Millie Hamilton
Millie Hamilton 20 kun oldin
2:57 The most satisfying sound ever
Vu Xuan
Vu Xuan 21 kun oldin
Link is the expiration because he’s getting old
Beastly Brothers
Beastly Brothers 21 kun oldin
They’re eating so many microorganisms
Random account
Random account 23 kun oldin
that asmr though..
Grant Dermyer
Grant Dermyer 24 kun oldin
This was dope
Iron lord
Iron lord 24 kun oldin
Why was the wheel people at a graveyard? That’s just wrong
MrGlennJohnsen 24 kun oldin
They really should’ve been blindfolded
Ava Hase
Ava Hase 25 kun oldin
Mukbang at it's finest
Selena Moreno
Selena Moreno 26 kun oldin
Expiration dates aren't there to classify the edibility of a food...its to change inventory...say you get cheese that sayd use by or best by such and such date...that means if by this date, you still have the item you need to change your stock but reduce the price so it'll get sold first...FIFO first in. First our.
Luke Toolse
Luke Toolse 26 kun oldin
gray animates
gray animates 27 kun oldin
Who the heCk thought this was going to be a good idea.... Stevie
Ariel Grace
Ariel Grace 28 kun oldin
don't even try this but, cottage cheese does NOT taste good when its the expiration date, BELEIVE ME! I eat it almost everyday and ive tried it, and lemme just say, IT WAS THE WORST THING IVE EVER EATON!!!
Codey Stoudenmire
Codey Stoudenmire 28 kun oldin
Rhett won’t taste something again... wow... run from that food
vicente bihouet
vicente bihouet 28 kun oldin
0:30 can someone please tell me the origin of that, or the original song ?
Liam Lightwolf
Liam Lightwolf 29 kun oldin
You might regretti eating that spaghetti
TPC FarrReaper
TPC FarrReaper 29 kun oldin
TPC FarrReaper
TPC FarrReaper 29 kun oldin
TPC FarrReaper
TPC FarrReaper 29 kun oldin
TPC FarrReaper
TPC FarrReaper 29 kun oldin
TPC FarrReaper
TPC FarrReaper 29 kun oldin
TPC FarrReaper
TPC FarrReaper 29 kun oldin
Heribert Mendoza
Heribert Mendoza 29 kun oldin
Image them in the bathroom
Cora From YouTube
The ASMR you didn't know you needed in your life 🥰
run from me
run from me Oy oldin
I bet link, presses his lips on an extra long horn, all the time.
Andreas Nilsson
8:48 boff
Ptyler Beats
Ptyler Beats Oy oldin
TheTiki1111 Oy oldin
Month old yogurt is absolutely fine! I accidentally ate a year old yogurt that was hidden in my fridge 😳! It only tasted slightly weird 😑
Martine Oy oldin
Like if have never ever checked the date on a ketchup bottle.. 😂
Jesus 24/7 Ministry
When is Rhett gonna shave his beard?
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Oy oldin
I only had expired yogurt 2 times... both amde me really sick and I'm not lactosintolerant
Sgt Wiggles
Sgt Wiggles Oy oldin
Im very disturbed about the fact that they were able to eat a 3 week expired yogurt as if its good...... In my country you can never do... Especially with natural yogurt.. If you were to eat a 3 week old natural yogurt thats bough from a grocery store you will most likely become very sick
Sienna W.
Sienna W. Oy oldin
I watched this while eating old candy canes I found in the back of my closet. I'm pretty sure they've been in there since I was in grade 4 and I'm in high school now 😂 Edit: I just vomited a little bit and it was bright pink
Emma Buhr
Emma Buhr Oy oldin
Are you guys ok because yogurt has bacteria in it and when it is expired you could get pretty sick same thing with eggs
Izabella 016
Izabella 016 Oy oldin
I once ate a pudding that was a month old and it was fine
B Bop The Movie Makers
So... have they been planning this video for 6 months, or did they just have 6 month ketchup lying around?
Noah Scruggs
Noah Scruggs Oy oldin
What is the real song for the sound alike I can’t remember what it is? Please Help!!
ninjapepes Oy oldin
Chicago - You're the Inspiration
Chade Fallstar
In the UK there are two different types of expiration dates, Best By and Use By, Best By means it's safe to eat it after the date on the package, but it wont be in it's best condition anymore. While Use By means it usually has to be eaten within two days of the date on the package and eating it after that means there's a good chance it will make you ill.
7LeopardStar 2 kun oldin
Chade Fallstar I know right. Wonder why America hasn't caught on hahaha
Sour Lyme
Sour Lyme Oy oldin
Haha y'all should have mixed up the spaghetti and sauce, and all the breakfast components, with each component being worth one point
It’s been a month since they uploaded this 1 month old yogurt video, and since I’m just watching it now; wouldn’t that make it a 2 month old yogurt taste test? 🤔
Laura Berg
Laura Berg Oy oldin
I liked this because Link won :)
Yoshi Leyva
Yoshi Leyva Oy oldin
My wife and I will not eat anything pass the experation date. If its there its for a good reason. Sometimes foods are bad and make us sick even if they aren’t expired. Imagine the experied ones.🤦🏻‍♂️🤭🤔yall are brave we respect what you did.
Doesn't Link have herpes
Repa K
Repa K Oy oldin
That's why rhett drinks first
Kristin Bass
Kristin Bass Oy oldin
Is rhette drunk
Shay Dee
Shay Dee Oy oldin
You know i made some rice the other day that was 2 months past their expiration date amd let me tell ya it was frickin delicious 😂
Jacques Boyadjian
Ewan McGregor and Mark Ruffulo
Trinity Gutteridge
The longest I'd ever eat something past the expiration date is probs a week, depending on the food lol
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Oy oldin
Man I’m so thankful for you guys. You guys get me through my depression. I’ve probably watched at least 75 episodes in the past 48 hours.
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
One year old coffee😂
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Dual leaders having a continental breakfast😂
Jullian Adel
Jullian Adel Oy oldin
Is Link wearing Gucci?
ItsJay1K Oy oldin
He said a sawdust, thrift store taste lolololol
Toki Toki
Toki Toki Oy oldin
"I wouldn't taste it again" *Presumes to lick sauce off fork*
Ikol23 Oy oldin
God that song is good! "You're the date that's on my food 🎵 You're the expiration🎵🎵"
BrassVenum Oy oldin
Rhett seems kinda pissed off this whole episode
Ann Oy oldin
Why does link look like he’s going through a mid life crisis
ChiNiNo Oy oldin
My dad, who is 87 is ALWAYS giving me "spare" food because he hates waste. I texted my brother because the huge jar of peanut butter my dad gave me was from 2014!!!!!! He told me he had some the day before but realized he'd never get through it. 2014! This is 2018...how is this man even alive? Preserved by eating foods full of preservatives?? Idk but let's hope he's not the first to get the zombie virus.
LabRatsWhore Oy oldin
It depends on the brand of ketchup too, my neighbor had Heinz ketchup from the last 90s and it tasted just fine- of course we threw it away after we used it although it didn't make us sick.
LabRatsWhore Oy oldin
Me and Mom don't waste expired food- of course half of our food comes from the food pantry and beggars can't be choosers. And bread tends to mold before we or the birds can eat it.
I eat expired eggs, I use them mostly for baking but I use them
Can you guys do song parodies I love you guys
Matthew Teal
Matthew Teal Oy oldin
What's the original theme song the date that's on my food
ninjapepes Oy oldin
Chicago - You're the Inspiration
SixFootDworf Oy oldin
*sigh* im binge watching gmm again... lol, god help me.
John Cena
John Cena Oy oldin
Can anyone tell me where that song was inspired from
John Cena
John Cena Oy oldin
BrassVenum thank you buddy
BrassVenum Oy oldin
It is inspired by hippopotamus by Desmond decker
InsaneTacoz Oy oldin
As someone who recently had a food poisoning scare back in April or May this year, and who just threw up last night because I must’ve eaten something bad, I’m starting to trust expiration dates a whole lot less
TheFive8th Oy oldin
My dad really hated throwing out food, so this one time he found some chicken in the fridge that had expired a few days beforehand and had gotten all slimy, as raw chicken does. He ended up opening the packet, washing the slime off the chicken and cooking it anyway. Also this one time 5 years ago, I bought a can of Pepsi and had a look at the expiration date at the bottom out of pure curiosity. It expired in 2009, and tasted no different. Then again, soft drink probably has a lot of preservatives in it, so I guess it'd take a long time before you could taste any difference.
Se Kirk
Se Kirk Oy oldin
I love links jacket
Nicole Fisher
Nicole Fisher Oy oldin
Ha ha ha I watched this when I had food poisoning :) Oof
Aaron Crawford
How do these guys do this stuff and not get sick????