Expired Food Taste Test (EXPERIMENT)

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Is expired food truly past its prime? Or does it age like a fine wine? Today, we find out. GMM #1401

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16-Okt, 2018



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Jessica Ross
Jessica Ross 5 oy oldin
Next time I go out for a meal, I'm going to ask for a 'chicken and leaves', just to see the expression 🤨🤔😏
Baby Boy
Baby Boy 3 oy oldin
Fun fact, if u wanna irritate a food service worker (who could potentially already having a bad day), go ahead with that plan
Poguito33 3 oy oldin
The “fresh” salad looked expired. I thought that was expired too. Maybe they got them confused.
Kawaiiluv Lee
Kawaiiluv Lee 3 oy oldin
Artesia Robinson why did you have to comment 4 times but different expressions?
“excuse me sir, may i get the chicken and leaves with my crocodile roll?”
Potatoes Have 48 Chromosomes
+Artesia Robinson bro you literally just called her stupid in the last reply, thats not helpful its just being rude for no reason. Just go back to recess or something instead of talking to yourself about how leaves dont expire or whatever.
Surfdog2005 3 soat oldin
Is that not a full English breakfast
DJBATMANGOLD 17 soat oldin
Next episode: Why we quit GMM.
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. Kun oldin
2:51 for a split second i thought the video froze 😂😂
Luke D
Luke D Kun oldin
Dante Games
Dante Games Kun oldin
Link: idk i think there might be a spec more of a salt on this piece than the other explaining the taste difference
SweetBizou Kun oldin
I tried using Soy Sauce that expired in 2013. No beuno.
SweetBizou Kun oldin
Found out Siracha Ketchup is a thing the other day and let me tell ya
lol how dose ketchup expire in my house its gone in a week lol
Pedro Santiago
Pedro Santiago Kun oldin
Anybody remember when they did this on Malcom in the middle for an intro? 😂
Allah Huakbar
Allah Huakbar Kun oldin
Is it just me or rhett looks high😂
Mary Red
Mary Red 2 kun oldin
minimerlin 3 kun oldin
Sometimes I'm pretty sure every single person on this show is just messing wid us
MegaJesusFucker 3 kun oldin
Salad gets slimey in very little...time-y
MoonPies 24
MoonPies 24 4 kun oldin
“Pursing my lips on an extra long horn”
Aovax I
Aovax I 4 kun oldin
Dan R
Dan R 5 kun oldin
Steve1989 ate a Civil War hardtack and WW2 to Vietnam rations all the time. Even smoked WW2 cigarette!
Erica Souffront
Erica Souffront 5 kun oldin
0:31 is it weird that I find this song kinda catchy
Cheesy Boii
Cheesy Boii Kun oldin
What’s the name of the original?
Shannon Walsh
Shannon Walsh 5 kun oldin
Link’s fashion is so on point in recent years. And the hair... wow
evilal20 5 kun oldin
I work at a Natural Foods distributor, and it's sad to see how much food gets thrown out. They just threw out a big garbage bib full of chocolate 😣
Zome Bahdy
Zome Bahdy 7 kun oldin
who eats an expired egg? ever heard of a century egg?
roly polyz R kool
roly polyz R kool 7 kun oldin
am I the only one who REALLY wants to stab one of the foam thin g with the little sticks. it sounds so satisfying.
the earl of gray
the earl of gray 7 kun oldin
0:30 here from yoursoloud
Alex Milo
Alex Milo 8 kun oldin
Right now I’m eating eggs that “expired” on February 25th. You can always check eggs by putting them in water and see if they float. If they sink they’re fine.
The Walking Megan
The Walking Megan 8 kun oldin
My husband has worked in basically every part of a grocery store. He's used to telling the difference between expired food, so I always ask his opinion on if a food is still safe to eat after the date on the pack.
Tarapiero 8 kun oldin
what's the original name of the theme song that rhett sing?? i'm 19 btw
Xinfinity 8 kun oldin
Hmm 6 month old ketchup there’s 11 year expired ketchup at my Grandmar’s and then found out after I had it in a burger at a bbq....
RODE_ 85
RODE_ 85 9 kun oldin
Sure what about the milk that expires days before or right on the expiration date? lol
superx3000 10 kun oldin
9:44 Rhett “ the problem is I’m high” 🍁💨
NoodlePupGaming 13 kun oldin
Can somebody tell me what the game intro song is? I know it from somewhere but I can’t quite put my finger on it and it’s driving me mad
Amber Wells
Amber Wells 14 kun oldin
Rhett: its an amber color. That is my name Amber i am very happy that he said tjat
Treedomm 15 kun oldin
Whoever makes the little songs/rhymes for the topic of the video is the most creative person ever wow
Cheesy Boii
Cheesy Boii Kun oldin
Treedomm what’s the original song?
Jake Miller
Jake Miller 15 kun oldin
I think they should've done waaaay before the expiration date and waaaay after, maybe would've had more interesting results and would've tested whether its necessary to throw away expired foods.
мonica ❤
мonica ❤ 16 kun oldin
I’m cringing so hard after having watched chubbyemu’s spaghetti video
Duckbait 17 kun oldin
Link is the kind of guy to throw away everything it seems
Buff The Stuff
Buff The Stuff 17 kun oldin
I'll eat leftovers all week long. If it's not growing green fuz on top? 😉it's still good. 😘😘🤤
K9_NEMESIS 17 kun oldin
Did...did they just use a spoon for yogurt ?
Tzorb 17 kun oldin
Whats with “Brian” What did i miss
FranCisscoo J ortega
Link "what!" 6 month expire ketchup
Szymon Grabarczyk
Szymon Grabarczyk 18 kun oldin
so whats the difference between english and american breakfast. this looks like english breakfast to me, without beans, sausages and orange juice.
Andrew Entwistle
Andrew Entwistle 20 kun oldin
2:48 really thought the video froze thanks guys 😂
Leo Butcher
Leo Butcher 22 kun oldin
Rhett was extra high in this one🤣
Layla 23 kun oldin
Follow military procedures when dealing with expired food. Look: if it looks wrong dont eat it Smell: if it looks alright but smells bad don't eat it Taste: if it looks good and smells good then taste it If it tastes good eat it
Amber Katelyn
Amber Katelyn 23 kun oldin
I rarely check expiration dates unless it’s milk or lettuce. Lol.
Tanner Simmons
Tanner Simmons 23 kun oldin
MrBrownie 브라우니
Boi if my food smells a LITTLE funky or if it’s within a week of expiration in the trash it goes.
Warren Andolsek
Warren Andolsek 24 kun oldin
Im watching this at night
David Goodwin
David Goodwin 24 kun oldin
Stevie's boff 😂
UniSpaceLlama 13
UniSpaceLlama 13 26 kun oldin
Yesterday I had to take a cough drop and it was expired but it tasted normal and it was 4 months old Just realized that is when this came out
Ivana C
Ivana C 26 kun oldin
Time to eat one month expired unopened applesauce
Miriam Quina
Miriam Quina 27 kun oldin
2nd Word of Wisdom for the day: "Ricola!" Link Neal , 2017
Miriam Quina
Miriam Quina 27 kun oldin
Correction : It was supposed to be Link Neal , 2018.
Game Master
Game Master 28 kun oldin
2 grown man eating spaghetti out of the same plate. How romantic. Only thing missing is a candle.
Kryptic Kratos
Kryptic Kratos 28 kun oldin
Eating expired pasta can kill you
Maddy Spellmeyer
Maddy Spellmeyer 29 kun oldin
bring in gordan ramsay and see if he can tell which food is more dry or “ ghastly”
Clay Pickett
Clay Pickett Oy oldin
White people talking about how spicy ketchup is lol
Lorna Oy oldin
Wtf is an English muffin?
arron :v
arron :v Oy oldin
thats some good asmr
Fudge Monkeys
Fudge Monkeys Oy oldin
I love these guys
Luke Vanorder
Luke Vanorder Oy oldin
I got cearl at the dollar store and it was 6 months expired
Brooke Shepherd
Love that song opening
Jiela Lopez Vlogs
Rhett 😱
Dee Lee
Dee Lee Oy oldin
Who is Brian? Why wasn't he Expiration Nate or something? you know, like date...
The Mamazing Blu Mushu tm
Tyler LaPointe
*T I M E I S I R R E L V E L E N T*
Lucas Graham
Lucas Graham Oy oldin
They are just trying to empty their fridge
Mokel Entertainment
I'm the one who throws away expired food.. EXCEPT for the milk, i always smell the milk before i throw it away, i had a gallon of milk that lasted 13 days after the expiration date, it smelt and tasted fine, and i didnt get sick over it.
Crispy Bun
Crispy Bun Oy oldin
I once ate 4 days old bread and it turned out to have mold on it. I will always throw it away if its past exp date
Games Talk
Games Talk Oy oldin
I once accidentally poured some expired ranch on my pizza, it was off by like three days, and i spent twice as much time on the toilet after.
Kelsey Holeczy
u should do a "Who Made This Knife" challenge....link
piano484 Oy oldin
I used to said Both like Bowlth. I was harassed more than a philly person saying wudder.
Jack H
Jack H Oy oldin
It’s crazy that a kid died eating expired noodles
asya roberts
asya roberts Oy oldin
Oldest thing I eaten was 8 years old
Sgt Starshine
Sgt Starshine Oy oldin
I know its wasteful, but I'm extremely funny about expiration dates. Especially dairy, no thank you. I just grocery shop alot and just eat from those trips and keep very little condiments 😂
Bourbon Ernie
Bourbon Ernie Oy oldin
An expired cough drop would usually be more sticky because moisture in the air would cause the sugar to get more sticky.
Austin Cook
Austin Cook Oy oldin
They on that "we were broke for years" spaghetti game. If you haven't lived on spaghetti for weeks at a time you don't know how to make good spaghetti
Jordan Newsom
Jordan Newsom Oy oldin
Pretty sure that "chicken" was a crouton.
xcxzozo Oy oldin
I have experience that says that fact is incorrect 😂 when I was younger I drank orange juice that was past the expiration date by one day and I got food poisoning soooooooo
Mia Love
Mia Love Oy oldin
when they put the sticks in the foam it was so satifying!
Cam B
Cam B Oy oldin
Is link wearing a gucci jacket?
The Fresh Yack
8:54 BOF
b82b84b6b7 Oy oldin
Excuse me, I'm looking for 13:27 but I can't seem to find 13:27...
okqy_cxlla Oy oldin
The wise words of Link, “But, it tastes GREAT!”
Madison Fisher
I accidentally ate a chicken pot pie from my freezer that expired in 2007,it is now 2019, you do the math.
Net Plays
Net Plays Oy oldin
The sound of the flags going into the foam thing is so satisfying
Faruk Oy oldin
Can someone please tell me where i can find links Jacket?
Someone Somewhere
Always cracks me up to watch someone throw away milk which expired yesterday. It's not like there is a self destruct mechanism and it INSTANTLY goes bad on that random date. Still can last a month or more.
Bovice Oy oldin
A month? No.
HTS Gaming
HTS Gaming Oy oldin
Real yogurt doesn’t go bad
Sean Ward
Sean Ward Oy oldin
"..and here is the AMERICAN breakfast..so we have an ENGLISH muffin.."
Akeelah McLean
Omg imagine what happened after bare stomach aches I feel so bad
Nick Tokar
Nick Tokar Oy oldin
Shouldve fed them month old milk
TheLoneWolf Oy oldin
The real test is what their shits looked like the next day.
Hard Lycanroc Cafe
I love ketchup and never really thought it had an expiration date. 😂 I mean obviously it would but I’d eat it anyhow I love it. Dude I literally eat just straight packets of ketchup. It’s fun to see reactions at work..
Blueberry GamerTM
I am in love with the title “You’re the date that’s on my food- You’re the EXPIRATION!”
Alex The GRAPE
eating expired yogurt is terribly dangerous.
Ismael Järvinen
I didn’t notice the “expired” under the expired foods till cough drops...
Michelle Jenssn
Links chewing is not my favorite
Ian Garcia
Ian Garcia Oy oldin
There is a dude who eats mres from the 1940s. SteveMRE
Lavender Bananas
“You’re the expiiirraatiooonn”
Frida Schneiderlein
Link's opinion just reflects what all those bias towards US-Americans are built on. You obviously have no idea what you stuff your bellies with. I ate so many things past expiration date. I have never been sick because of that and most of all noodles. Seriously, in the EU they wouldn't even need a month on it. They just do it because the consumers want it. So three months makes absolutely no difference.
jordan Oy oldin
Cali Tesla
Cali Tesla Oy oldin
I've gotten drunk off of expired grape cranberry juice... Didn't read the lable at Grandma's house but yes it was 5 years over the expiration date... Should have known grandma
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