Exploring Closed WATERPARK For Lost Treasure!! (Water Slide)

Jiggin' With Jordan
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Decided to dive a closed water park and ended up finding so much crazy stuff! The water slide was insane! New? Subscribe and help me reach 900K Subscribers!! goo.gl/jO9j96
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Exploring Closed WATERPARK For Lost Treasure!! (Water Slide)




1-Iyl, 2018

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dyosasiphine xox
dyosasiphine xox 2 oy oldin
Yey! New video 😍😍 i love you both 💕❤
charli Hardy
charli Hardy 28 kun oldin
Hate u
Andrew Cison
Andrew Cison 29 kun oldin
Thank you
Clayton Reay
Clayton Reay Oy oldin
How much is all the scuba gear?
dyosasiphine xox
Block Smasher tristan and brandon and also dallmyd they're my fav when it comes on adventure videos .
Block Smasher
Block Smasher Oy oldin
What do you mean by that you like them both :|
Awesome Alyvia
Awesome Alyvia Kun oldin
When you said we have every brand was there gucci
BlinkTQ Kun oldin
Compress your audio so the volume doesnt fluctuate as much :D
Kaden Scott
Kaden Scott 2 kun oldin
I was in the hurricane
Garrett Human
Garrett Human 5 kun oldin
Was that at lake lanier? Lanier world?
Kendall Jackson
Kendall Jackson 5 kun oldin
Any Ray Bands? Lol! 😹😹😹
Valarie O'Bannon
Valarie O'Bannon 5 kun oldin
You are a someone
Justin Walters
Justin Walters 6 kun oldin
Ear rape much
Melanye Ilarraza
Melanye Ilarraza 6 kun oldin
"And today ya boy is frikin' sun burnt" CTHU
Nicole Henke
Nicole Henke 7 kun oldin
Rip the headphone uses
Ernesto Perez
Ernesto Perez 8 kun oldin
that’s sick man you got the beach at your heels💯
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 9 kun oldin
So sick.. Hats off to the manager.. Way cool of them to let you guys do your thing.. Was really awesome to see that.. Stay safe and stay awesome
Alison McDonald
Alison McDonald 10 kun oldin
sorry but please dont say friggen all the time
Jack Roman
Jack Roman 10 kun oldin
Can u please tell me what goggles u use I want a good pair for my lake
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner 11 kun oldin
I think your head might be a little to big. Those kids don't give a shit about you or the channel, they just wanted to be on UZvid.
alex beck
alex beck 11 kun oldin
you guys should come up to Minnesota we have a lot of lakes....after all...it is the land of 10000 lakes after all
wanda jacklin
wanda jacklin 11 kun oldin
That was crazy.Love your videos.
framedfull 12 kun oldin
they said water slide and went to a lake ?
Gail Doy
Gail Doy 13 kun oldin
You all have a great vibe and I love watching what you find!! Way to go!
gracefulgracie 13 kun oldin
You should do this yearly haha. Cleaning up the lake, and giving pairs of good condition classes if not perfect condition. :)
Fishing Master
Fishing Master 15 kun oldin
Love your video
Jheynard Bataan
Jheynard Bataan 15 kun oldin
I saw twan-twan ..omg!?! I love you
Harper hates my Flipping guts tv
Yay you survived the rain #sarcasm am I right
Jana Herron
Jana Herron 18 kun oldin
Jana Herron
Jana Herron 18 kun oldin
Isabella Galindo
Isabella Galindo 19 kun oldin
2:43 rip headphone use
Breyerhorses22 barrel racer
Ow my ears XD R.I.P. headphones users lol
xgamesx xgamesx
xgamesx xgamesx 20 kun oldin
Micah Goodwin
Micah Goodwin 20 kun oldin
Bro looking for a pair of under armor glasses lol
Ryleigh Macreading
Ryleigh Macreading 22 kun oldin
Hey Jordan can I buy those white under armour glasses
Remington Parker
Remington Parker 22 kun oldin
What about the umbrella??
TwentyOneAliens21 22 kun oldin
You should donate the glasses
Samantha Horton
Samantha Horton 22 kun oldin
Mail me the female Costa's lol
Dodge trucks 876
Dodge trucks 876 22 kun oldin
Can I please have a pair of Oakleys
Mark Rivera
Mark Rivera 22 kun oldin
Broo you talk to much😂😂😂 stfu allrdy
bez leth
bez leth 22 kun oldin
Lilia_x xx
Lilia_x xx 22 kun oldin
I swear some one from vat 19
Jared odom
Jared odom 23 kun oldin
You can always send me any unwanted costas😉
GabGab St clair
GabGab St clair 23 kun oldin
Thunderstorm? It's raining
ILuvAllThungsSU 23 kun oldin
When he found s the iPhone, my sister received an iPhone, and guess what I got.. A watch ;-;
Skrxt Plays
Skrxt Plays 23 kun oldin
Is that in jamaica
Fearthespear 008
Fearthespear 008 21 kun oldin
Skrxt Plays no Georgia
Chancen Dahmer
Chancen Dahmer 24 kun oldin
You should definitely metal detect
The real Sharps
The real Sharps 24 kun oldin
Love that guy claiming they are his glasses until he realises they are chicks glasses.
The real Sharps
The real Sharps 24 kun oldin
So much time sucking ass when you ought to be diving.
The real Sharps
The real Sharps 24 kun oldin
So much time sucking ass when you ought to be diving.
Paytyn Doersam
Paytyn Doersam 24 kun oldin
Send it is Elton castee merch
Allinson Jackson
Allinson Jackson 25 kun oldin
H Hi Hi h Hi ho Hi how Hi how a Hi how ar Hi how are Hi how are y Hi how are yo Hi how are you
GabeDraws Gore&Guts
GabeDraws Gore&Guts 25 kun oldin
Isn’t that lake Lanier
GabeDraws Gore&Guts
GabeDraws Gore&Guts 25 kun oldin
Never mind. That IS Lake Lanier
Ashley Britnell
Ashley Britnell 25 kun oldin
Good job lads. From London.
TheVenom _23
TheVenom _23 25 kun oldin
MY EARS why did i listend to this whit headphones at max vol?!
Lexxxy Tesfaye
Lexxxy Tesfaye 26 kun oldin
The boy at the end though😂😂
Lays life
Lays life 26 kun oldin
2:57 r.i.p. headphone users
grace mckinnon
grace mckinnon 26 kun oldin
1021 damn that life guard Closest to the camera with the hat is fine
grace mckinnon
grace mckinnon 26 kun oldin
That really cute tan boy in 3:21
grace mckinnon
grace mckinnon 26 kun oldin
Some many cute boys now that’s treasure
Savage Beast
Savage Beast 26 kun oldin
R.I.P head phone uesers
Elizabeth Fallert
Elizabeth Fallert 26 kun oldin
You and the fish 😂😂
VoltPlayz 26 kun oldin
Galaxy funtime
Galaxy funtime 26 kun oldin
Wow u found a lot glasses just wow
Lyla Snyder
Lyla Snyder 27 kun oldin
Rhea Nina Tamelin
Rhea Nina Tamelin 27 kun oldin
You travel here in the philippines😂😂 And do the same thing guys😁😁
Thug Nation
Thug Nation 27 kun oldin
you are so burned
matthew buckner
matthew buckner 27 kun oldin
i`m deaf now
The Almighty Goat
The Almighty Goat 27 kun oldin
Can I please have the Under Armours
Anthony Lawrence
Anthony Lawrence 28 kun oldin
Sunglasses mail to p.o box 193 max North Dakota
Anthony Lawrence
Anthony Lawrence 28 kun oldin
Hey I want some Under armor
A Greedy Dragon
A Greedy Dragon 28 kun oldin
What do you do with the glasses and valuables you find on your adventures?
Sunglasses for life 😂
Kalyn Beavers
Kalyn Beavers 28 kun oldin
Because I live in Georgia and I have always wanted to do a floating course
Kalyn Beavers
Kalyn Beavers 28 kun oldin
What is the lake called
jems686 28 kun oldin
I love you so much 😘😘😘😘 I like,to swim and find stuff with my cousins too love you😘
Ab Ochoa
Ab Ochoa 28 kun oldin
charli Hardy
charli Hardy 28 kun oldin
Love u
Susannah Mays
Susannah Mays 28 kun oldin
I go to Lake linear every summer!
Mae 28 kun oldin
They got a free clean up crew there. Could also sell them for those who don’t have them 😂
theajminecraft lol
theajminecraft lol 28 kun oldin
RIP headphons
Hailey Biggs
Hailey Biggs 28 kun oldin
How old is Tristan
Command Master
Command Master 28 kun oldin
Make a glasses shop
Jamison Kolbe
Jamison Kolbe 29 kun oldin
Ear rapie kids
Emma Kaye
Emma Kaye 29 kun oldin
But did you get the umbrella😑
RyanM Cobbs
RyanM Cobbs 29 kun oldin
Be careful at lanierworld mate, there are lots of buildings under that water
RyanM Cobbs
RyanM Cobbs 29 kun oldin
Instead of destroying the building before they built the lake, the instead just filled lake around the buildings. So there is a racetrack for cars and a couple other large buildings down there.
Derpy Gort
Derpy Gort 29 kun oldin
Andrew Cison
Andrew Cison 29 kun oldin
Umm' Salamah
Umm' Salamah Oy oldin
Sunglass graveyard
CoolHumphrey Kids
I go there’s al, the time I love that place and I live in ga
Frox 9
Frox 9 Oy oldin
That sunburn tho
Sean Sengpiel
Sean Sengpiel Oy oldin
All the employees bouta start diving in there free time
Jessica Chem Fox
I wanted to see him find the umbrella!
Anthony Mendoza
At the beginning of the video it was earape if you have loud headphones.:)
Jessica Chem Fox
Rip headphone users
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Oy oldin
Maybe you can explain it in Japanese
Seth Oy oldin
Less talking more diving
Lucas Cheek
Lucas Cheek Oy oldin
I love your vids
Tom Jefferson
Tom Jefferson Oy oldin
2:39 MAXIMUM EAR RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A R Oy oldin
My boy was at lake Lanier
Jimbo Oy oldin
those guys who worked there had the best day at work, all of them copped new glasses, thats dooe
Blayne Wakefield
Man love the videos. Y’all should come to Texas when they have like Jeep go topless down on the beach I own and auto group and would definitely help with some Expenses
Michaël Morin
could be interesting if u found a use condom
Praktical Outdoor Adventures
Very awesome score.
Caleb Dupree
Caleb Dupree Oy oldin
How do I get a jiggin hat
Jerome Mora
Jerome Mora Oy oldin
Dude perfect made a video in there (like this if u didn't know