Exploring Closed WATERPARK For Lost Treasure!! (Water Slide)

Jiggin' With Jordan
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Decided to dive a closed water park and ended up finding so much crazy stuff! The water slide was insane! New? Subscribe and help me reach 900K Subscribers!! goo.gl/jO9j96
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Camera Equipment used:
Gopro Camera: goo.gl/54BMXu
External Gopro Mic: goo.gl/QIx2nO
Big Camera: goo.gl/O9glAK
Big Camera Lens: goo.gl/KyUndW
Big Camera Mic: goo.gl/UXjaOv
Wind Diffuser: goo.gl/JBqb83
Exploring Closed WATERPARK For Lost Treasure!! (Water Slide)




1-Iyl, 2018

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Josephine de Guzman
Josephine de Guzman 21 kun oldin
Yey! New video 😍😍 i love you both 💕❤
Nathaniel Glaser
Nathaniel Glaser 7 kun oldin
Josephine de Guzman hhdd
Maddy Walker
Maddy Walker 10 kun oldin
Josephine de Guzman yo
Carter content
Carter content 11 kun oldin
Josephine de Guzman almost 1 mill
MoistBoys 17 kun oldin
Great video, seeing kids reaction to what you do for your channel was the best, keep it up!
G Dietz
G Dietz 17 kun oldin
Wut lake r u I’m at lake Martin
AftonSmithOfficial 6 soat oldin
1:32 Oh no! Poor fishie:(
Jolene Levi
Jolene Levi 8 soat oldin
Lifeguard at 10:20 so hot😍
Amina Cisse
Amina Cisse 8 soat oldin
Does he not know that lake is super. Haunted 💀
cooper c
cooper c 9 soat oldin
Yo what! I live on Lanier
Bella Delfosse
Bella Delfosse 15 soat oldin
Come too pencilvania theres alot of peaple losing things in the town l lake
Bella Delfosse
Bella Delfosse 15 soat oldin
Say hi if you were one of those kids
Max Recknagel
Max Recknagel 19 soat oldin
You have a much better personality than Dallmyd, idk why he has more subscribers than you
Mike Mathias
Mike Mathias 20 soat oldin
Those white knock off underarmor shades were clean
icewalow_come_ _
0:00 *-EaRrApE-*
Emileecat BB
Emileecat BB Kun oldin
I love you guys so much❤️
Jay Rutherford
Jay Rutherford 2 kun oldin
I love the channel
Tucker Parker basketball
Tucker Parker basketball
Go to smith lake in Alabama you got to in is also
GGamer350 2 kun oldin
The kids yelling should be in a ear rape compilation
come to minnesota and search lake minnetonka
Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers 2 kun oldin
Hey man you should have a fan day. I'm in middle GA and it's my dream to dive for treasures.
Brooke Barton
Brooke Barton 2 kun oldin
My dad went scuba diving in the Bahamas and found a pair of sunglasses they were Costa's he still has them
Richard Monk
Richard Monk 3 kun oldin
Now your just copying jakeallmyd
cumminsman191 3 kun oldin
Yea...... all those kids blew my Bluetooth speaker.... literally not working anymore .....
Slayyy_cori 3 kun oldin
Lake Lanier
Maddy Biasini
Maddy Biasini 4 kun oldin
Lake Lanier
B-RAD B VAPIN 4 kun oldin
Love your vids Jordan!! Y'all need to come to Washington State and dive!
Unicorns are Savage
Addy Hill
Addy Hill 4 kun oldin
I whish I whas thar
Joseph Bailey
Joseph Bailey 5 kun oldin
I went there all the time as a kid it was awesome
XxSLYC3RxX 6 kun oldin
That slide looks awfully familiar
Jake. paul fan cole long
I love your videos UZvid channel jake paul fan Cole long
Kosta Thrasivoulou
Kosta Thrasivoulou 6 kun oldin
My name is actually kosta lol😂
iTz ReekiTz
iTz ReekiTz 6 kun oldin
they werent fans of you though which is hilarious, the go pro got them over dumbass
Unicorn slimes
Unicorn slimes 6 kun oldin
Wild Will
Wild Will 6 kun oldin
I saw u. Yaaaaaaa
Richard Todd
Richard Todd 6 kun oldin
has tristian decided what wrap he wants for his jetski yet? :)
Fermin Rodriguez
Fermin Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
00:04 kids with abs these days.
Viktor Forsberg
Viktor Forsberg 7 kun oldin
why dont you guys use metal detectors your missing so much treasure!!!!?????
Stijn Beeckman
Stijn Beeckman 7 kun oldin
Honestly these video's always make me feel like I'm on a holiday for some reason and it's great.
DollarSnow1 7 kun oldin
Snipes Legit
Snipes Legit 7 kun oldin
How much do you want for the under armor shades
samarai samrik
samarai samrik 8 kun oldin
I Loved it
Your Refrigerator is Broken!
C I feel bad for the person who lost their walet B.
Michaela Johnson
Michaela Johnson 8 kun oldin
i'm pretty sure that's Lake Lanier island waterpark! Love that place
Daniel Sisler
Daniel Sisler 8 kun oldin
Would you send me a pair of open framed Oakleys please I lost mine in a house fire a year or two ago just haven't been able to replace them due to short of funds
Candace Wilson
Candace Wilson 8 kun oldin
Cool one 27 Bru
Cool one 27 Bru 8 kun oldin
Can you give me the under armor please
Gabriel K.
Gabriel K. 8 kun oldin
It's awesome to see you guys inspire young people like that too
Sierra Lunsford
Sierra Lunsford 8 kun oldin
Wow so 🆒
Nathan Branch
Nathan Branch 8 kun oldin
Did you find more fans or more sunglasses
that moment when you want food f
*rip headphone users* ☹️
Nickloveslizards 9 kun oldin
Whos elses ears were bleading at the beginning bc there headphones were at full volume
Tourish 9 kun oldin
Kristen Lee
Kristen Lee 9 kun oldin
You didn't find the umbrella
DINAMO 9 kun oldin
It’s Brandon the tomato 🍅
davidmartin192 9 kun oldin
I went down that slide last week, and one of the guys working thr slide lost his phone in that pool.
Bigmoose65 10 kun oldin
I love how you guy interact with your UZvid fans wish i could get down your way to meet you guys , it great when you gave them some of your finds that was great
Bugatti 10 kun oldin
You might of found my glasses
Tate Ritchey
Tate Ritchey 10 kun oldin
Please come to New Jersey I have a lake house and there is a huge lake you can find stuff in
TravusFenwick IT'S FINE!!!
Tina hogan
Tina hogan 10 kun oldin
Go to Ireland
Selin Foxworld
Selin Foxworld 10 kun oldin
😍love your vıdıos
Rylan Ackerman
Rylan Ackerman 10 kun oldin
i'm the kid in the white Adidas shirt at the end of the video
Austin Jarrell
Austin Jarrell 11 kun oldin
I want the white under armor sunglasses
Zain Keerti
Zain Keerti 11 kun oldin
I think you found one of my sunglasses
Nicolas Altomare
Nicolas Altomare 11 kun oldin
Come to Philadelphia to see what you can find.
Caitlin Eychner
Caitlin Eychner 11 kun oldin
TightLineAdventures 11 kun oldin
What kind of under water camera do you use for your filming besides gopro cause I have the 5th and 6th. I dive out here in alot of rivers and have found awesome things. Also what googles do you love using you found to be best while diving.
Stella Rasmussen
Stella Rasmussen 11 kun oldin
Popularity organic smart ingredient theoretical peer criticism astronomer.
Naya Nicole Janoura
Naya Nicole Janoura 11 kun oldin
Y’all saw that shirtless life gaurd 🤤
cameron maschmeier
cameron maschmeier 11 kun oldin
can I have the under amour glasses
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 11 kun oldin
Should have gone there for the fourth
Alan LaMunyon
Alan LaMunyon 11 kun oldin
You always have words cause you never shut up
Alan LaMunyon
Alan LaMunyon 11 kun oldin
You are still talking why
Alan LaMunyon
Alan LaMunyon 11 kun oldin
You should not talk so much really don't talk
Floris Lilium
Floris Lilium 3 kun oldin
You should not watch this really don't watch
Aaliyah gardner
Aaliyah gardner 11 kun oldin
Please do another video here!!🙏😀
angelo Cazzaro
angelo Cazzaro 12 kun oldin
Can i get the under amour shades lol i need em for baseball and watch most vids when i can
Cody Rucker
Cody Rucker 12 kun oldin
Send me some ray bans!!!!
Donna Kriner
Donna Kriner 12 kun oldin
At the beginning R.I.P. headphone users
Kodybob09 Gamer
Kodybob09 Gamer 12 kun oldin
Lil Łöłö
Lil Łöłö 12 kun oldin
Is it just me or I saw a person in the water 6:57
Aidan Johnson
Aidan Johnson 12 kun oldin
Damn I was just there on July 2nd😭😭
niklas Brandt 57637964
9:33 handschake fail 😂
Pink dolphin
Pink dolphin 12 kun oldin
Lol the umbrella ⛱
blurryface x guard
blurryface x guard 12 kun oldin
I was there two days after you uploaded this. Shook. We were going to go on Sunday but the rain deterred us. If only... Lol
Blaze Patterson
Blaze Patterson 12 kun oldin
those kids made erse hurt
Cheyenne Mcvay
Cheyenne Mcvay 12 kun oldin
Go to texas
Striker 12 kun oldin
Why do Americans look like pork when they go outside?
Karmen Lucas
Karmen Lucas 12 kun oldin
MudkipMan++ 12 kun oldin
Can U come to la plzzzzz
Nick Lincoln
Nick Lincoln 12 kun oldin
What’s the background song at the start called
Hyper Sniper
Hyper Sniper 13 kun oldin
U found my White under armour sunglasses
Exin- YT
Exin- YT 13 kun oldin
My ears
JSnake 456
JSnake 456 13 kun oldin
I found a working fitbit in a lake
Adriano Stafford
Adriano Stafford 13 kun oldin
So that's where they get all of those sunglasses they sell in the middle of the mall and Ross.
death killer
death killer 13 kun oldin
Those are my under armor glasses
Matt Cooper1988
Matt Cooper1988 13 kun oldin
another awesome vid !! love it !! gotta watch the sunburn amigo :)
KaiserXionTV 13 kun oldin
A penny lost is a penny found.
Ithaca 44
Ithaca 44 13 kun oldin
What kind of Oakley’s are those?
Ethan Hoffart
Ethan Hoffart 13 kun oldin
Can I have the red and white under armour sun glasses
TubbyRock Plays
TubbyRock Plays 13 kun oldin
Did you get the umbrella
Mike Spano
Mike Spano 13 kun oldin
Bruh his video is only treasure hunting he make it seem like he makes other videos