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1-Fev, 2018




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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 55 034
Namjoons Dimples
Namjoons Dimples 33 daqiqa oldin
Andrew looks like he gets a lot of pussy
Cheyanne Williams
Cheyanne Williams 59 daqiqa oldin
I started watching and subscribed to this channel because Darius on Bloveslife channel had such nice and sincere things to say about you. I really think yall are great and i love watching your channel. Would love to spend a weekend in your beautiful new home and hang out with you guys! As a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 11. This 54 year old still loves to have fun. My kids and i play around alot.
Cheyanne Williams
I love this cameraman reveal!
rellim eilloh
rellim eilloh Soat oldin
I think an Andrew is hot asf😍😍
Morgan Lockhart
Morgan Lockhart 2 soat oldin
I love you made me who i am without you i would be so lole you help me go there win my mom was i prison love you
Contortion with Hanna and Ana trying
Make sure you don’t leave now I can’t live without it also you make me laugh to hard I die
Nova Lynn
Nova Lynn 3 soat oldin
Back to this video since the year is almost over and its awesome how Andrew has really become more than just a camera guy but he really is part of the family now!
Hannah Kim
Hannah Kim 4 soat oldin
kitty squadgamer
kitty squadgamer 5 soat oldin
Shane loves hot sauce from taco Bell?!?????!?! SO DO I AHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHH
Zag Manzanare
Zag Manzanare 6 soat oldin
Andrew looks like hotter version of shane hahah
Ava Eddicott
Ava Eddicott 11 soat oldin
You can always tell when its gonna be a sad video when his "Hey What's Up You Guys" is sad
Jasmin Gonzalez
Jasmin Gonzalez 11 soat oldin
He's hot
sonjay 12 soat oldin
Am I the only one who thought Andrew's "hmmm" (after Shane said he was going to expose him) was cute?
Lyli Horna Guerrero
Lyli Horna Guerrero 16 soat oldin
Sirena Quintero
Sirena Quintero 19 soat oldin
this is clean!.............................................ish
Jasmine Tait
Jasmine Tait Kun oldin
We knew it from the start: Andrew saves lives
Abi Booth
Abi Booth Kun oldin
6 :15 Andrew means to say shit
Luis Crdoba
Luis Crdoba Kun oldin
Andrew's hot omg!! I like it.. he's so cutie 😍❤
cynthiawaiting Kun oldin
4:36 💙DADDY GARRET MOMENT!!!💙 DAM that sultry look was everything😍
Melody Spark
Melody Spark Kun oldin
And Garrett told me about this great editor so, *i tried him out.* Me: *Thats weird... *😂
Maru Chan
Maru Chan Kun oldin
4:38 spoiler alert
Antone Page
Antone Page Kun oldin
is Andrew going to be in the rest of your videos 😐🙂
Antone Page
Antone Page Kun oldin
it's been long enough 😂😂😂
Kylee boiz
Kylee boiz Kun oldin
Sunny Study Days
can i just say that on that instagram screenshot he had 4,216 followers and now he has 1.4 million lmao
Jenna Kiker
Jenna Kiker Kun oldin
So basically Andrew cured Shane's depression 😊♥️
Tiffany W
Tiffany W 2 kun oldin
Damn I used to love Shane’s parody’s back then
mid90s 2 kun oldin
“is yor cameraman gay af”
Severus Snape
Severus Snape 2 kun oldin
"Harry's" tie is green
Darker Fun
Darker Fun 2 kun oldin
When Garrett says I’m gonna bring so much stupid shit sounds like me when I come over to my friends house as myself nothing else lol
xSimply Amyx
xSimply Amyx 2 kun oldin
Nancy Aguilar
Nancy Aguilar 2 kun oldin
I swear the beginning part always gets to me lol.
Daddy Alexis
Daddy Alexis 2 kun oldin
What camera do the use? (It’s really great quality)
joon’s sexy brain
shane and garrett are the two best friends that would buy you a plane ticket that was so expensive to go across the world and not tell you until you had to leave in five minutes
Emily Nguyen
Emily Nguyen 2 kun oldin
But Andrew has is editing
Aid Tamayo
Aid Tamayo 3 kun oldin
I love rewatching this video ❤️
Eli the waffle
Eli the waffle 3 kun oldin
10 months later: Oh its Andrew......HI
Wendy Matthews
Wendy Matthews 3 kun oldin
He has become so much more than just a cameraman.
Jordie 3 kun oldin
4:35 Garret comes in like an intruder
Ria T.
Ria T. 3 kun oldin
Im so proud of you and your friends!!! Never quit making videos because I’ll keep watching you till you’re grey and old. I love y’all so much! Please dont stop!!!!!!!!
Gift Wrapped Horse
Gift Wrapped Horse 3 kun oldin
Taco bell has had fries since i was a little girl, here in canada. Yet another piece of evidence that canada is the land of wonders.
roseboy 20_01
roseboy 20_01 3 kun oldin
Watching this and then the "secret date" video where he dates a woman makes me sad
Miara Harkin
Miara Harkin 3 kun oldin
one million muggles😂😂😂😂
reese wood
reese wood 3 kun oldin
can we all take a second and appreciate how gay shane sounds at 11:40 ? lol
Aimee Grober
Aimee Grober 3 kun oldin
0:53 Best. Thing. Ever.
Lillie Thomas II
Lillie Thomas II 3 kun oldin
Wow! He totally said my name 6:27... What a cliffhanger!!
Pretty GAY
Pretty GAY 4 kun oldin
10:31 thanks for the shout out, guys!
Kate Flanigan
Kate Flanigan 4 kun oldin
SHAANNNE I love you so much. I am glad that you have found to love your job and channel again. you are an amazing creator.
hannah banana
hannah banana 4 kun oldin
HE HAS A NAME lol Who came here again???
Peach Babe
Peach Babe 4 kun oldin
I swear Andrew almost cried because they forgot his burrito 😤😤😤
Morgan Gray
Morgan Gray 4 kun oldin
Abby Torres
Abby Torres 4 kun oldin
Can I just point out that Shane put 4 fingers up when he said 3 10:06
Hey it’s Katie
Hey it’s Katie 4 kun oldin
The intro Shane you are amazing we love you and all of your friends so much ❣️💜
Pawwz :3
Pawwz :3 4 kun oldin
I'm so proud of Shane. Seeing how far he has come is amazing, I love Shane for his personality and care for others. I have been watching him for 4 years and have never not liked his content! I will admit the videos in his kitchen were not as exciting as the new ones. With a cameraman Shane has been able to express what he is passionate about and letting out his creative side in these vids. From moving to meeting Ryland to getting a camera man and letting Morgan move in! To the series of you tubers and the new dogs and much more ! This has changed you for the better and I am so excited to see where this new adventure will take you. Good luck Shane 😚
I hate your bitch ass
"BLOW OUT THE CANDLE AND WISH FOR A MILLION MORE" "Whoops I blew it out.." Fucking died.
Morgan 4 kun oldin
4:36 Why did he look like a disappointed Dad 😂
sweetfun Lover101
sweetfun Lover101 4 kun oldin
I am re watching this because ........... Andrew is so HOT!
Naomi Love
Naomi Love 5 kun oldin
Andrew is so adorable!❤️❤️💖💖
Roni V
Roni V 5 kun oldin
ANDREW IS HOT There I said it
Horselover8906 5 kun oldin
11:40 is me in every situation
Horselover8906 5 kun oldin
13:18 is my favorite part lol
yayshelbz 5 kun oldin
connor franta---- I FELL APART
XxIrene AngelxX
XxIrene AngelxX 5 kun oldin
Andrewwwwww. Such a gem
saossurvive 5 kun oldin
Lol in the drive thru “and that’s it, I’ll stop” Shane is me
Iris Rodriguez
Iris Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
Jodie Coble
Jodie Coble 6 kun oldin
Is it okay that I feel like he’s talking abt Morgan???? I mean...
Jodie Coble
Jodie Coble 6 kun oldin
Oh god I just watched the vid all the way through and now I realize he isn’t!!!!
Thunder-Rain 6 kun oldin
“. Or sponsored, wish it was!”
Carmel Fasolo
Carmel Fasolo 6 kun oldin
I love your vids
Giselle ROMERO
Giselle ROMERO 6 kun oldin
Didn't the gabbie show do a video with Andrew
Brianna Rivera
Brianna Rivera 6 kun oldin
He is so sexy...👀
Joi Hardy
Joi Hardy 6 kun oldin
Garrett’s face in the thumbnail 😭
Cara Williams
Cara Williams 6 kun oldin
At 4:38 you can see Andrew walking into the kitchen! And that's before the reveal!😲 Shane was probably like, "Who cares, we reveal him later anyways,"
MessyMidnights 6 kun oldin
He’s legit HAWT
klad 8125
klad 8125 6 kun oldin
12.25 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
klad 8125
klad 8125 6 kun oldin
he's soooooo cute! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Ashley Hepler
Ashley Hepler 6 kun oldin
I love this video soooooo mmmmmuuucccchhhh
Alicia Shannon
Alicia Shannon 6 kun oldin
You can see Andrew walking behind Garrett at 4:39 haha
taylor lestrange
taylor lestrange 6 kun oldin
i love you so much shane !
Leda Im
Leda Im 7 kun oldin
Omg.. I would so wear an Andrew t-shirt if he has one. Hotness!!
It’sGamingZ GatchaGirl
Ryland:don’t put that on its dirty Shane:it’s not dirty ! It’s dirty...ish
Courtney Watters
Courtney Watters 7 kun oldin
Sorry but your food videos are literally my favorite. I watch them over and over and over lol
Dayana Valles
Dayana Valles 7 kun oldin
15:48 lmaoooo
Suckjinxed 7 kun oldin
i'm glad this was posted on my birth month i cried at the beginning.i love you shane
Beary Raine
Beary Raine 7 kun oldin
hugo dekel guerrero martinez
Yoadan i miss you so much, i feel like im dying without you, i really sorry about all the pain i did you, please come back poshi:(
Jana Styles
Jana Styles 7 kun oldin
Liz Liz
Liz Liz 8 kun oldin
Owww Shane is adorable... 💟💟💟 y lovr Garrrets surprise 😍😍😍
Jewel the queen
Jewel the queen 8 kun oldin
In 4:37 in the background you can see the camera man already
Mysterious Chick27
Mysterious Chick27 8 kun oldin
I'm just gonna say it shane your videos have become so much more like happy and funny by letting Andrew be in the videos not that you weren't funny to begin with ut Andrews laugh is contagious
Nikki Walker
Nikki Walker 8 kun oldin
You are AMAZING. 😁😁😂😂🤗😍
Brittany Chavez
Brittany Chavez 8 kun oldin
lowkey tho, when Garrett walked into the house, he looked like he was about to murder Ryland lol
Opheliah Deleaf
Opheliah Deleaf 8 kun oldin
12:53 is so adorable, like Andrew is so shocked and honoured that Shane said that and it is the cutest
Freya Underwood
Freya Underwood 8 kun oldin
7:08 oh no he’s HOT
littleboffin 8 kun oldin
"JUST AS THEY ARE." Stane *blinks*
WhatABandgirl 8 kun oldin
The origins of the mouth pop 14:16
Btsisthebestteasis 8 kun oldin
Can I just say that when Shane said 3 celebrity crushes he held up four fingers it just made me laugh sorry
Cup Cake
Cup Cake 8 kun oldin
One million muggles
edward prince
edward prince 8 kun oldin
"I Wanted To Put Those Fries Up My Butt" --Garret Watts 2018
Kate Asbury
Kate Asbury 8 kun oldin
did anyone else notice that when shane asked andrew what his three celebritie crushes are shane held up 4 fingers
Daisy Gotelaere
Daisy Gotelaere 8 kun oldin
Ok guys put the playback speed at the lowest and look 4:38 That’s The cameraman in the background BEFORE he was show?!
Hi I'm Poppy Oh
4 kun oldin