Faces of DC: Mera Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Learn how to complete your Mera Halloween costume with makeup by NYX Professional Makeup and @victorialyn. Get your Faces of DC Comics Halloween Looks at Walmart!
All DC characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics. (s18)
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11-Okt, 2018

Fears of DCMeraHalloweenMakeupTutorial



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peachybetty 2 kun oldin
still better then refinery29
Jhourdan Williams
Jhourdan Williams 5 kun oldin
Wait Walmart???
Walmart 4 kun oldin
You bet, Jhourdan! We carry all the NYX products featured in this look! 😁👍 You can find them all here: bit.ly/2DieZke
OKIMVABIEN - Mode Accessoires Beauté
Super on adore votre travail 👌
Zeysa GT
Zeysa GT 7 kun oldin
And the total amount of your makeup is: 1,00 $
Jaque Ovalot
Jaque Ovalot 8 kun oldin
I love jacking off to this bitch.
Harry Clark
Harry Clark 8 kun oldin
Cotton candy
alex lopez
alex lopez 8 kun oldin
Victoria you are beautiful may I ask where you're from lol?
Aderly Acevedo
Aderly Acevedo 8 kun oldin
Mcvbjuo. P
hi hi
hi hi 9 kun oldin
walmart i’m a huge fan
Battlea 10 kun oldin
Victoria my bae
Troy Oliver
Troy Oliver 10 kun oldin
That thumbnail got me horny AF
MrGeary08 - Battlefield Rush
Target has had NYX for years
Bitchy_ Bitch!
Bitchy_ Bitch! 10 kun oldin
This is transgenderism without political correctness. It's clear in the Bible that it has always invoked Gods anger, and sickened Him to "VOMITTING". Exact wording. Since the days of Noah, and the times of Sodom and Gomorrah; the stench of immoral sin has literally reached the high heavens, like burning dead bodies and feces! Transgender= Satanic. No I'm not a bible thumper, i was a witch that WAS transgender. I know by experience that it is a luciferian satanic doctrine , and obliging unnatural urges is the exact equivalent to denouncing Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. It's people turning their backs on God and His eternal love for them.
Alias G Ryan
Alias G Ryan 10 kun oldin
I used to work for Walmart
Idk what to put
Idk what to put 11 kun oldin
Open more of your check out lines
Jose Salamanca
Jose Salamanca 11 kun oldin
Halsey? Lmao
Form52 11 kun oldin
Why is this even on trending? Screw Walmart and everything they do.
hail Davis
hail Davis 11 kun oldin
Lol fuck Wal-Mart,id smash the chick tho !
Hannah Not Banana
Hannah Not Banana 11 kun oldin
What has our world come to...?!
Casper Andersson
Casper Andersson 11 kun oldin
You should be a pewdiepie subscriber for halloween. Only takes a couple of seconds and even your grandma can do it
kaizenitou Z
kaizenitou Z 11 kun oldin
Since when did everyone know who mera was, tired of mainstream. Even Walmart getting involved.lol
monica parras
monica parras 11 kun oldin
Walmart doesnt sell NYX lol
Ced Rolyes
Ced Rolyes 12 kun oldin
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Jake 12 kun oldin
She's beyond sexy. Wonder if she's looking for a broke sugar daddy.
Benjamin 12 kun oldin
She looks like Halsey on the thumbnail 👀
Jeo Izu
Jeo Izu 12 kun oldin
Hell fucking no! This is my girl poison Ivy’s look!!!!!
Danish Tan
Danish Tan 12 kun oldin
WAAAAALLMAAAAART!!-cancer brothers 2018
Lil, Charmander
Lil, Charmander 12 kun oldin
😲 Amazing DC 4 ever!
Jamela Pagan
Jamela Pagan 12 kun oldin
It's not Halloween anymore😑
Walmart 12 kun oldin
It can be Halloween every day, if you want it to be, Jamela! 💀🎃
Josiah Baker
Josiah Baker 12 kun oldin
How much does it cost to get on the tending page?
chary93 12 kun oldin
“So you can pick up any fishnets you have at home...” Thank goodness we ALL have fishnets just lying around at home.
nyahnicole 12 kun oldin
Why is this trending susan?
Thirsty Girl69
Thirsty Girl69 12 kun oldin
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Josh's best Fren
Josh's best Fren 12 kun oldin
This could easily look horrible with the wrong palates. I’m very hesitant.
Victoria Lyn
Victoria Lyn 12 kun oldin
thank you so much!
Jasmine Hernandez
Jasmine Hernandez 12 kun oldin
A little late huh ?
De Bergerac
De Bergerac 12 kun oldin
Hototoatatata hot
BTS 4 EVER 12 kun oldin
Oh, so there is going to be another Halloween after November 5 Get your sense TOGETHER
Christian  Smith
Christian Smith 12 kun oldin
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Christian  Smith
Christian Smith 12 kun oldin
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Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 12 kun oldin
She looks like my ex pornstar
Quinten Lopez
Quinten Lopez 12 kun oldin
I hella thought this was Halsey for a second.
10 Minutes Laugh
10 Minutes Laugh 12 kun oldin
But im Not Interested....huh
Ryan Struble
Ryan Struble 12 kun oldin
no offense to the lady in the video. but these makeup effects are very bad. reminds me of homer simpsons makeup shotgun.
J T 12 kun oldin
She probably was told to use the colors because that's what DC comics wanted? she has a channel actually uzvid.com/show-UCtS6sgTp9jWR3rZ9RF_FDEA
n Joya
n Joya 12 kun oldin
Jacob Staten
Jacob Staten 12 kun oldin
Mera; because what woman wouldn't want to look both pastie and oily at the same time? Add the obnoxiously dark eye shadow and you hit the white trash trifecta.
mangoes are good for you
Who esle just knew walmart had a yt channel
Estarlin RD Peliculas_HD
uzvid.com/video/video-4wxNJVhbun8.html. 👆 hola amigos les dejo este link para que visiten mi canal y se subscriban feliz navidad a todos y por sierto muy duro este canal apollen 👍
VAMPIRE Bertram 12 kun oldin
Beautiful 🤩
Walmart 11 kun oldin
We think the look is beautiful as well, Bertram! 😄
Hunter 12 kun oldin
Walmart doesn’t even sell this makeup
Kenzoo subeb
Kenzoo subeb 12 kun oldin
Joe James Experiment
Fuck youtube and this video for making the trending list. I’m making a video to expose their stupidity.
Joe James Experiment
Lol this video has about as much dislikes as likes. This video should be taken down because it’s offensive content. UZvid should be ashamed at how unfair there process is for making the trending list.
Jaque Ovalot
Jaque Ovalot 12 kun oldin
Amanda Holland
Amanda Holland 12 kun oldin
Ummm no
E Car
E Car 12 kun oldin
Wish this came out last month. This is not a Thanksgiving look well if add snowflakes on her face not the scales then maybe for Christmas. Yes she is perfect. Even better in the costume gorgeous , beautiful a 10 all the way. Walmart please get a clue.
TheAmazingDolphin 13 kun oldin
Walmart is one of the worst companies in America
xskugga 13 kun oldin
Would have been better if they used a makeup brad we sell. NYX isn't available in my market at all, perhaps E.L.F would have been better.
TSP Twizzlrr
TSP Twizzlrr 13 kun oldin
this video is way past it’s time
Wedgewood Avenue
Wedgewood Avenue 13 kun oldin
Pay your workers better wages!!
roderick anderson
roderick anderson 13 kun oldin
Take life by the horns and live good
Walmart 11 kun oldin
Great advice, Roderick.
Koolaid Man
Koolaid Man 13 kun oldin
I got my finger stuck in my anus, do y’all sell butter?
Koolaid Man
Koolaid Man 13 kun oldin
Do y’all sell apple pie?
Golden Pearl
Golden Pearl 13 kun oldin
did Walmart buy nyx or something?
Beast Mode
Beast Mode 13 kun oldin
I'd fuck
kevin coots
kevin coots 13 kun oldin
Just steal the makeup from Walmart like you already do you fkn broke bitches.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 13 kun oldin
This does nothing positive for the Walmart brand. They are very confused
The Expression
The Expression 13 kun oldin
Checkout this Vid uzvid.com/video/video-e7jm-0vtx0Q.html 🔥🔥
Jack_ _
Jack_ _ 13 kun oldin
Fuck your voice, and the fucking Walton family.
TartSoTart 13 kun oldin
How to get comic nerds to watch make up tutorials
Walmart 12 kun oldin
So much is possible in this new era of innovation. We love it!
Ashley Manuel-Victoria
I loved 😍 Walmart Iove you Walmart 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😇😍😇😇😘😘😘😇
Walmart 11 kun oldin
Thank you for all the support, Ashley! 😄
Ashley Manuel-Victoria
I love Walmart barcos I can bay som things to make slime cronche
Ashley Manuel-Victoria
I love Walmart barcos I can bay som things to make slime cronche
Ashley Manuel-Victoria
I love Walmart barcos I can bay som things to make slime cronche
Stephanie Chaparro
Stephanie Chaparro 13 kun oldin
All the products are NYX....there are no NYX products at my walmart....
Walmart 11 kun oldin
Hey there, Stephanie. If your local store doesn't carry NYX, you can always find their products on our website: bit.ly/2RAeKoz
Pl0xluvmeh !!!
Pl0xluvmeh !!! 13 kun oldin
Makeup what I so sis sc. ins.. hahahahahahahaah I very good very skill. & 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🧞‍♀️ makeup emoji
TIGER KING 13 kun oldin
I need friend in my bad life . Snap : tiger6776
Supreme Lucks
Supreme Lucks 13 kun oldin
“Walmart” Jake Paul 2018
Brandon Clarke
Brandon Clarke 13 kun oldin
It's 2018 and makeup is still a thing
KCB79 13 kun oldin
The videos almost been out for a month and is trending with 300k views, Lachlan get half a million views in 2 hours isn’t in trending
Yamel Suarez M.
Yamel Suarez M. 13 kun oldin
Hola, Magnífico video,! Te invito a ver mi nuevo vídeo! uzvid.com/video/video-qI73nNw3MYY.html
Brandon H
Brandon H 13 kun oldin
Wow. Walmart totally failed on this trending push. Halloween is over, what the hell lmao
Gale Boetticher
Gale Boetticher 13 kun oldin
Since when does Walmart have 300,000 subscribers. What do you even subscribe to Walmart for?
Walmart 11 kun oldin
The best deals around! 😄
Gale Boetticher
Gale Boetticher 13 kun oldin
DC goes Walmart. Marvel goes Target. DC can’t do anything right.
m tarantino
m tarantino 13 kun oldin
Shane Dawson where are you lol
Zanah Taha
Zanah Taha 13 kun oldin
I love how half a million people watched this and it only get a thousand likes, we STAN Walmart makeup haha
Khaled Wahba
Khaled Wahba 13 kun oldin
She looks like the Walmart brand of Mera... oh wait
hello youtube
hello youtube 13 kun oldin
omfg walmart is a lizard
Rafael Narvaez
Rafael Narvaez 13 kun oldin
Seré siempre el mismo
Daniela Tapia
Daniela Tapia 13 kun oldin
James Charles has left the chat
Robert ODonnell
Robert ODonnell 13 kun oldin
Fart noise
Wavy Gio
Wavy Gio 13 kun oldin
I did a vid at Walmart go check it out 🤪
Jay Lakke
Jay Lakke 13 kun oldin
came only to complain about how its trending on november 3rd
Melissa Ortez
Melissa Ortez 13 kun oldin
Who said Walmart was a store? Last time I checked they where trending and showing us how to do a makeup look .
IIMxstyII K 13 kun oldin
The first time I've ever seen Walmart on Trending.
Walmart 12 kun oldin
UZvid liked our video! 😄
Peni Parker
Peni Parker 13 kun oldin
How can i look like Deadpool ?
Walmart 11 kun oldin
When we do a Marvel series we will let you know and everyone else know, Peni!😄
Madelyn Hamm
Madelyn Hamm 13 kun oldin
What do you want to be when you grow up? *“a Walmart beauty guru”* 🤩
Craig B. Golden
Craig B. Golden 8 kun oldin
What you actually become when you grow up? A Walmart cashier!
hi hi
hi hi 9 kun oldin
Walmart i’m a big fan
Madelyn Hamm
Madelyn Hamm 10 kun oldin
Walmart thanks! I’ve always wanted to each my goal sister Walmart.
Walmart 12 kun oldin
That's a great aspiration in life, Madelyn! Beauty art is a wonderful career. 😄
Erika Cole Soul Kitchen
I wish I was this good with makeup! It would look nothing like this
SSJ Shapiro
SSJ Shapiro 13 kun oldin
Please do a blackface tutorial next ❤☻
Arc Airsoft
Arc Airsoft 13 kun oldin
Walmart lok
FortiethWizard4 13 kun oldin