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HI SISTERS! At this point we all know... I'm the queen of FaceTune. EVERYONE edits their photos, whether they want to admit it or not, and I love openly talking about it because I love photo editing. I asked my followers to send in their unedited selfies & in today's video, I photoshopped them for you guys and teach you some of my secret tips and tricks. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up!!
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8-May, 2018

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Ally Burke
Ally Burke 25 daqiqa oldin
you should do a video of you face tuning your makeup on 😂
Rose_ 08
Rose_ 08 Soat oldin
H Hi Hi S Hi Si Hi Sis Hi Sist Hi Siste Hi Sister Hi Sisters!💗 Hi Sister Hi Siste Hi Sist Hi Sis Hi Si Hi S Hi H Ilysm!!💗🤞
Queen B
Queen B Soat oldin
16:42 _aRe yOuR fInGeRS oKaY sIs_ 💀💛👌 Lmao luv u the most 💛💛💛💛
Queen B
Queen B Soat oldin
15:44 lmao “ _GrAysOn dRiVeS lIkE aN iDiOT_ ” Lmao Ethan I cant 💀😂💛
Chantel Beal
Chantel Beal Soat oldin
Who else paused the video and read the tweet Ethan tweeted😂😂Cause I did😂
Preety w
Preety w 2 soat oldin
how an he do normal makeup with god dam face tune like I can't do my makeup without looking like I have a deasies
Salty caramel
Salty caramel 5 soat oldin
A makeup add just came up.
Mias Random
Mias Random 5 soat oldin
Mama dragon "it's not ur fault u were born with all that ass mawmah" (Favorite text ever😂😂
Christal 9 soat oldin
cling cling
Emma 10 soat oldin
I’ve never watched James Charles or had any interest in doing so, but I’m here to decide if I want to spend money on this app because I like to edit photos and feel pretty too... and honestly man, I don’t know if you’ve been sponsored by them, but after watching this I’m going to pay and download and use your tips
Yellow lil sunflower
Yellow lil sunflower 10 soat oldin
James: *hi sisters!* me- *HIIIIII!!!!*
The Golden Life
The Golden Life 17 soat oldin
My Grandma was using the video as a tutorial now she keeps saying sister snatched
Janelle Fileto
Janelle Fileto 17 soat oldin
OMG love him hes soo #SISTERSUCCESSFUL
Jennifer Valenzuela
Jennifer Valenzuela 17 soat oldin
15:44 Ethans twitter notification pops up😂😂😂
amna alnuaimi
amna alnuaimi 18 soat oldin
can you do this vid agin
BrookLynn Swisher
BrookLynn Swisher 18 soat oldin
You sister stole sister Shane’s classic tongue clack. *SHISHTER SHNATCHED*
BrookLynn Swisher
BrookLynn Swisher 18 soat oldin
Sister looks a bit PEACHY on his forehead. *NO MA’AM*
Pennywise 18 soat oldin
Your so amazing❤
Anjolie_skeletongirl Olivarez
whч díd í αlwαчѕ gєt αn αd fσr thє вєfσrє αnd αftєr. S̶i̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ S̶h̶o̶o̶k̶
Shelby Belinge
Shelby Belinge 20 soat oldin
U shouldn’t be insecure ab ur four head!! Ur beautiful 💘
Valerie W
Valerie W 21 soat oldin
Have you tried rap?!?! You talk very fast and you sing soooo I feel like you would be good at rapping
Allena Crawford
Allena Crawford 22 soat oldin
can you pleaseeee do a part 2?
Grace Mitchell
Grace Mitchell 23 soat oldin
Elise 26
Elise 26 23 soat oldin
your foundation... it matches!!!
kait3740 kait3740
omg hey james u r like the best makeup person I have ever seen u r like my idol I fucking loveeeee u
Meow Kun oldin
"I'm so funny, I love me" Sis same Except I'm not funny and I don't love me
Avery Smith
Avery Smith Kun oldin
james charles your amazing- when you say you look bad that still looks better than my best ;)
Violet x
Violet x Kun oldin
Sarah Almesbah
Sarah Almesbah Kun oldin
OMG just focus on sister James while he’s editing 😂😂😂 he looks SO serious 😍😂
Cupcake Kun oldin
Amelia Dyda
Amelia Dyda Kun oldin
SISTER!!!You in the thumbnail😍😍😍
Supreme D
Supreme D Kun oldin
2019 anyone??
A. L. R.
A. L. R. Kun oldin
why did u make ur forehead so read tho? #nohate
Abby Morris
Abby Morris Kun oldin
S Si Sis Sist Siste Sister Sister s Sister sq Sister squ Sister squa Sister squad Sister squads Sister squads v Sister squads vi Sister squads vid Sister squads vide Sister squads video Sister squads videos Sister squads videos p Sister squads videos pl Sister squads videos ple Sister squads videos plea Sister squads videos pleas Sister squads videos please Sister squads videos pleas Sister squads videos plea Sister squads videos ple Sister squads videos pl Sister squads videos p Sister squads videos Sister squads video Sister squads vide Sister squads vid Sister squads vi Sister squads v Sister squads Sister squad Sister squa Sister squ Sister sq Sister s Sister Siste Sis Si S Ily jamesss💕💕
Leah Payne
Leah Payne Kun oldin
Speedy speaking sister 💗💗
Julia Biggs
Julia Biggs Kun oldin
Your videos are getting too long James don’t have time to watch them my sister bc you talk a lot
Mari Heartfilia
Mari Heartfilia Kun oldin
(15:44) Anyone else notice Ethan's tweet?
Maria Otero
Maria Otero Kun oldin
Sister witchcraft
Abigale Guertler
Ok hun, I know u know this too sister but your foundation was a little light. Dont turn into flash back marry. Or snow white.
Shyla forever Chick !!!
What app do you use to edit
Freela Fr33
Freela Fr33 Kun oldin
4:15 now you know how you look every day
immediate clicker
2:16 is when the vid starts.... You’re welcome
Come on James. Are you sister subscribed to PewDiePie? Lmfao.
Zainab Idrees
Zainab Idrees 2 kun oldin
Luv u sister James but I thought you didn’t use makeup but u did on sister Zoe
PowerToolsnPearls 2 kun oldin
You are so extremely talented. You’re also a brilliant role model. There’s literally a visceral response to your transformations. You truly understand the art form first. When I was in school the book Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin was released. It was my introduction to makeup. You carry that same genius artistry in you. It’s such a blessing you share your gift with the world at such a young age. Thank you.
Ceci A
Ceci A 2 kun oldin
Trinity Morales
Trinity Morales 2 kun oldin
James you look sister snatched love your look ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😳😮👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
africkso 2 kun oldin
I love that he got notifications from his mom and Ethan while filming.
Flávia Burjato
Flávia Burjato 2 kun oldin
Omg! James, this just changed my LIIIIIIIIIFE! You’re the BEST! Amazing tutorial! ❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you so much for that!
Mariah Parsley
Mariah Parsley 2 kun oldin
Me and My dog
Me and My dog 2 kun oldin
r you and grayson toegether
Natalie Rose House
Natalie Rose House 2 kun oldin
Yo sister your skin is so beautiful and smooth and I would kill for your forehead No Lie
Mari S
Mari S 2 kun oldin
Foundation match💯
Rheyas crazy life
Rheyas crazy life 3 kun oldin
Do a part 2
Mira Martin
Mira Martin 3 kun oldin
i thought my speed was on 1.25 still and i just checked and it's normal speed hahahah
Life With Sam
Life With Sam 3 kun oldin
Your hair looks so sister snatched in the intro!!!!!!!!!
Su Deria
Su Deria 3 kun oldin
Omggggg hes sooooooo goood😍😍😍
tammie jones
tammie jones 3 kun oldin
James is making his pallet on her face at 7:49
Honey Bunny
Honey Bunny 3 kun oldin
I imagine you'd be incredible at art, as you have such a good understanding of shadows and lighting
Bethany Clark
Bethany Clark 3 kun oldin
I dont ever face tune my instagram photos.... or wear makeup LOL But im still here cause james is the ultimate shister
HairBySuzi 3 kun oldin
So much wisdom in one video 👏🏽
ani98 3 kun oldin
homegirl at 11:55 r e a l l y thought we would believe thats not already facetuned already?? 🤣
Priscilla Daniels Valle
Christian Radtke
Christian Radtke 3 kun oldin
Why dies she remind me of the black emilia clarke? 14:30
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee 3 kun oldin
Flash back Mary says other wise 😂
Nicole Wunder
Nicole Wunder 3 kun oldin
holy crap your makeup looks so good today like it looks sister stunning and since you matched your foundation it look even better then it did love you James xoxo ❤️
Kylie Cook
Kylie Cook 3 kun oldin
Your neck and face match 🙏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻
~MiChJeSu22~ 3 kun oldin
Why does James think he has such a big nose? 🤔 I don’t think it’s large at all, I actually think he has a really cute nose. 👃🏻💗
Mep Mep
Mep Mep 4 kun oldin
Zoeys nose is sister shiny (is this ok)
Camila Herrera
Camila Herrera 4 kun oldin
H Hi H Plz like this took long
Caragh Archer
Caragh Archer 4 kun oldin
James’ face in the thumbnail is adorable
Grecia Cuervo
Grecia Cuervo 4 kun oldin
Your forehead is beautiful o.o you shouldnt feel insecure about it :3 you're so handsome/beautiful! 💕
a girl and her piano
Is it just me who still finds the intro so sister snazzy? 😉😌
STURM 4 kun oldin
Audrey Levesque
Audrey Levesque 4 kun oldin
3:55 Remember when you did the series with your brother and he was getting on your nerves because he was being you and was talking weirdly and you said you didn't sound like this and to stop it.. ? Well I think he was imitating that very moment I pointed out. Just to let you know sister ;) btw, much love to you and i adore what you do so keep going you're amazing xoxo
Lanna Caldeira
Lanna Caldeira 4 kun oldin
Hi sister James 💕💕💕💕😍❤️❤️😍💕💕😍❤️😍
Nicoline Olesen
Nicoline Olesen 4 kun oldin
Have you seen pewdiepie's newest video? Your in it and it's hilarious :)
Tayla Mckellar
Tayla Mckellar 4 kun oldin
James i hope u read this but the chances of that is really low so i shouldn't get my hopes up anyway so i am really insecure about my acne as well but I have no makeup skills and im scared i will get judged from my family and just people in general for wearing it because im only 13 and im a easy taget when it comes to that being insecure about everything so i dont wear it and i just put up with the bullying and i try to follow ur tutorials and they are really good and easy to understand but im a person that gives up really easily so i give up and stop trying as soon as i make a mistake and i was wondering if u had any tips if u read this please respond to me
Robin Henderson
Robin Henderson 4 kun oldin
Love you so much! Youre such an insperation to me :D
Aislinn Bell
Aislinn Bell 4 kun oldin
Omg you look amazing your foundation is great
Selah Smith
Selah Smith 4 kun oldin
Omg i need to step up my editing game
The Bendy Bees
The Bendy Bees 5 kun oldin
0:59 or 1:00 did he just say *you babes* I thought we were shisters?!?!😡😡😰😰😰😂
Braypanda Puppy
Braypanda Puppy 5 kun oldin
Fix trumps skin color
Braypanda Puppy
Braypanda Puppy 5 kun oldin
baekhyun's holy hands
ur foundation is popping gurll
Addison Corwith
Addison Corwith 5 kun oldin
I have a large shister shnoz too that needs to be shister shnatched lmao
Addison Corwith
Addison Corwith 5 kun oldin
That French Fry looks so gooddd
Addison Corwith
Addison Corwith 5 kun oldin
I don’t know why but I love when James clacks his nailssssss
Aimee M_X
Aimee M_X 5 kun oldin
You’re so bad at face tuning ngl 🤷🏼‍♀️
Average Crow
Average Crow 5 kun oldin
2:56 SiStEr WhAt HaVe YoU dOnE
Abby Lamb
Abby Lamb 5 kun oldin
Sister scandal. Best video
Mrs. Mitch Hoying
Mrs. Mitch Hoying 5 kun oldin
His foundation really matches in this.
Iliana heart
Iliana heart 5 kun oldin
You look adorable in the thumbnail!!💕
Iliana heart
Iliana heart 5 kun oldin
Love you James!!!!!💗💗
Simply Sienna
Simply Sienna 5 kun oldin
alex Coronado
alex Coronado 5 kun oldin
James Charels is the queen!
Mackenzie Smith
Mackenzie Smith 5 kun oldin
i wish there was a way to make your face look more mature because i have such a baby face
lps dragon hunter
lps dragon hunter 5 kun oldin
Cool you are really good at makeup and facetuning (sorry if I spelled that wrong)
Caity Turner
Caity Turner 5 kun oldin
Lacey Rochford
Lacey Rochford 5 kun oldin
Fat cat