Facing My BIGGEST Fear

Will Smith
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Will has had a life-long fear of the ocean. Watch as he attempts SCUBA diving for the first time ever in the debut episode of a new series, “The Bucket List.” Subscribe for more: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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8-Mar, 2018

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Spiritual EXpressionist~ aka S.Ex
Scubadivish.........*giggling my ass off*
Kingfisher Cinematography
Orchestra music name for scuba diving scene name?
Kingfisher Cinematography
SePix 04
SePix 04 Soat oldin
4:45 - 6:05 Just wow.
Heather Lorenca
Heather Lorenca 5 soat oldin
augh i love how these are inspirational and beautiful and funny, just so cool
dorinha sanchez
dorinha sanchez 5 soat oldin
I love youuuuuu.
153street home
153street home 10 soat oldin
I figured out this incredible channels for a week. And I just watch them everyday. I think him should take a Ted Talk 😍
Mike Lenster V
Mike Lenster V 10 soat oldin
Awesome video and I have the idea for my future videos. Thanks!
The Summit's Rider MTB
How does he give so much positive advice when he sold his soul for fortune and fame. The last people and anyone wants to take advice from is a celebrity at least anybody with a level minded head
Julia Taylor
Julia Taylor Kun oldin
Bravo! There is nothing you can't do if you manage your mind, not your mind manage you. Congrats!
Lovely Larue
Lovely Larue Kun oldin
Lovelynelly 92
Lovelynelly 92 Kun oldin
Shark jab ! Shark jab! 😂😂
Bernardo Leal
Bernardo Leal Kun oldin
Name of the song at 1:05
I ambiguous
I ambiguous Kun oldin
Arely Kun oldin
I loved the ending message. Thank you!​
Lisa Mendes Muffin Shawn
Your biggest fear is one of my greatest dreams 😂😂 dude wth!!
Lisa Mendes Muffin Shawn
Omg sharks YESSSSSS my fave❤❤
Ambi Cahira
Ambi Cahira 2 kun oldin
Regarding managing your mind, that is so true. If you who reads this suffers anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bad thoughts, eating disorder or whatever. I want you to know that there is a way out. You can reach a point where you can tell apart your own healthy rational thoughts from the destructive ones, you can find confidence in yourself, you can one day be proud of yourself, you can reach a point where there is a shitstorm in your life and you don't get consumed by the darkness. The road will be long but it is the best gift you will ever give yourself. Everything in life is either helpful or harmful and you need to analyze the thoughts in your head and decline the harmful thoughts and replace them with helpful ones. Example "I suck" gets replaced with what you would tell your best friend. "You don't suck, you are awesome" and nag it until the bully voice gets quiet. Evict that bully (if the words would be bullying if it was said to somebody else then you don't deserve to hear it either. You are as worthy as those that matter to you. You matter.) At first this will be extremely exhausting because you will find how many times a day you have harmful dialogue with yourself. Be proud of the things you accomplish, even if they are easy to everybody else such as a shower or something. If it was hard for you - you conquered it! They say it takes 10.000 hours to master something, so be kind and supportive and have empathy & compassion towards yourself for 10.000 hours. That's the way out, and it all starts with one thought.
Domz JB
Domz JB 2 kun oldin
Hilarious as ever
Queen Tams
Queen Tams 2 kun oldin
Its sooo beautiful 😍
Queen Tams
Queen Tams 2 kun oldin
See that shit that shit right there that fucking shark ok waiting for a snack and that's your ass😂😂😂 nope not me I don't care call me a punk 😂😂😂
Queen Tams
Queen Tams 2 kun oldin
If I had the money you have I would feel everything bucket list even ones I never had on the list 😂😂 I don't fuck with the ocean shit beach either why QueenTams can't swim 😂😂😂
BearLove3 2 kun oldin
how bout sea
Amirah Dobbe
Amirah Dobbe 2 kun oldin
My biggest fears the ocean toooooo
Lady Thomas16
Lady Thomas16 2 kun oldin
Was my heart the only one's that dropped when will jumped in the water 👀 😨
SlimFit 2 kun oldin
❤️❤️❤️ manage your mind
Gerardo Cruz
Gerardo Cruz 2 kun oldin
1:42 is that you frozone?
brighton dola
brighton dola 2 kun oldin
say what Will scuba what
fitmomlife walk by faith
I loved it ,i love watching your blog is awsome 😘
Kaykay 1k
Kaykay 1k 3 kun oldin
I mean he is the OG shark slayer
Mus Elgharraf
Mus Elgharraf 3 kun oldin
i learned something about fears today.👌
Tukeya Mackey
Tukeya Mackey 3 kun oldin
When you let go of the rope, that brought a tear to my eye! Mission accomplished, fearless!!
ashley bromfield
ashley bromfield 3 kun oldin
When he started making the shark​ noises and said "ahhh" all I could hear was his voice as oscar from shark tales.
amber carrington
amber carrington 3 kun oldin
I hope I get to this level of editing one day...this is one of the best🖤💯
amber carrington
amber carrington 3 kun oldin
A huge body of water just gives me the chills😭 the ocean is my biggest fear
Sandi Baby312
Sandi Baby312 3 kun oldin
@7:27...comes the deepest of meaning for our existence.....powerful!!!
Unrealistic Curls
Unrealistic Curls 3 kun oldin
My God .... I was scared with you.. the ocean is also my worst fear. Never thought of it as a woman before.. But I guess your right.. this was amazing.
ASHLEE Mindrup
ASHLEE Mindrup 3 kun oldin
THIS IS GREAT. The music is dope too. Just wanted to say that specifically. But also WILL FUCKING SMITH HAS A BLOG?!!!!!
hermione Wright
hermione Wright 3 kun oldin
Honey whhhhere is my supersuit
Kadesha Smith
Kadesha Smith 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one who couldn’t stop thinking about shark tales while watching this 😂😂
1ne Take Mikey
1ne Take Mikey 3 kun oldin
Wow. Goosebumps
Varun Prakash
Varun Prakash 3 kun oldin
scuba dave
Ludungloi1 Ludungloi1
How old is he
BeauRoc Mane
BeauRoc Mane 3 kun oldin
When he says "Back up with ya shark ass" 😂😂 I LMAO
F Lady
F Lady 14 soat oldin
BeauRoc Mane yes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michdear Michelin
Michdear Michelin 3 kun oldin
“Manage your mind” ❤️🙏🏻
Dana.siHalla Khalil
That's great, its good to dike under water and see the various things
Cormac Browne
Cormac Browne 3 kun oldin
Oscar the shark slayer that’s all I’m saying 😂😂😂
Leo Thomson
Leo Thomson 3 kun oldin
Never been scuba dibish
Heather Griffin
Heather Griffin 3 kun oldin
Thank you Will Smith. Seriously.
imari2305 3 kun oldin
I watched the family vacay video before this one and I have to say, best vlog ever!! Newly subbed!! I'm scared of the ocean too Will you're not alone.
Riri Riri
Riri Riri 3 kun oldin
Scooby Doo, lol
Lidya Dirar
Lidya Dirar 3 kun oldin
I can't take Will seriously in a suba suit. My boy be lookin like a scared chicken nugget.
Lidya Dirar
Lidya Dirar 3 kun oldin
Me waiting on Will to make Shark Tale references this whole vid.
Lidya Dirar
Lidya Dirar 3 kun oldin
"Any shark come to Oscar town is going down!"
muy thai
muy thai 3 kun oldin
shark jab? yeah thats gonna work.
brahim kamal
brahim kamal 3 kun oldin
That is a sea not an ocean 🌊 if you really wanna see the real big ocean come to mauritania and face your fear
Anita Luca
Anita Luca 3 kun oldin
No way I could do this. Nah....ah
Kriositivity 3 kun oldin
:O I recently got the idea I want to go snorkeling. I'm terrified of deep water, lake, river, ocean all of them. Now I'm even more inspired to go and do it. I would go right now but the local reef is 2 ferry rides away and I don't want to bother family for a boat ride...or maybe I could invite them. We'll see but I'm getting my butt in gear for this! 100%
Emily Medina
Emily Medina 4 kun oldin
Respect Knuckles
Respect Knuckles 4 kun oldin
just blessed
just blessed 4 kun oldin
We need more men like u.so positive love it. I seen all your movies u r da man. We love you
Lazaro Puerta
Lazaro Puerta 4 kun oldin
Funny how he goes to one of the most dangerous places to dive. The Bahamas or off the coast of of the Florida Keys would be a lot safer
Brownsugar Jay
Brownsugar Jay 4 kun oldin
How can anyone hate Will!!! I love this guy!! Will is on UZvid dropping jewels!!!
OJD Fansub
OJD Fansub 4 kun oldin
Props to you man! I cant he help but think that this is a live action of 'Shark tale' 😂😂😂
Brayan Da Silva
Brayan Da Silva 4 kun oldin
"Back up wit yo Shark ass" 😂
Anya Woods
Anya Woods 4 kun oldin
This channel is iconic like I can't put my finger on it but there's something about these videos that take me somewhere 🌌🌌
Ivy Dupree
Ivy Dupree 4 kun oldin
This is amazing
LisaFrank39 4 kun oldin
The mitten shark took me out for some reason lol
Veronica Sanchez
Veronica Sanchez 4 kun oldin
How am i just finding about this channel ...he's the best ,so fun to watch ! 😆
Jyll Hoyrup
Jyll Hoyrup 4 kun oldin
YES, THIS: "Manage Your Mind". In my experience as a Master Psychic and Intuitive Healer, unfounded fears that we have are usually based on a past life experience and can be healed by connecting the energy of the fear in this life to the past life or lives. You were a sailor who drowned at Sea - in 5 lives - no wonder you've wanted nothing to do with the ocean in this life!! How are you doing with the ocean now?
Mya B_Real
Mya B_Real 4 kun oldin
Look at Will Smith preaching out here in these UZvid streets!! Philippians 4:11-13... LOVE IT!!
Nau A
Nau A 4 kun oldin
Desde pequeña te amé, cuándo te veía en Nickelodeon.! Vení a Argentina a hacer aventuras..!
John Gerold Esguerra
1:05 that voice sounded like dj khaled
Ana Gonzales
Ana Gonzales 4 kun oldin
wow me dieron escalofrios pero al mismo tiempo me quede maravillada, gracias will 😄
Conscious Living
Conscious Living 4 kun oldin
Wow Will I can't believe you are a you tuber now!!! It's AWSOME!!! I love you!!!😍😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💓
Caroline Tofa
Caroline Tofa 4 kun oldin
Fear. Ruins. Life.
Caroline Tofa
Caroline Tofa 4 kun oldin
Now THIS is how you VLOG ❤
Tavish 4 kun oldin
This just makes me wanna feel alive and appreciate life man.
Izy Ibanez
Izy Ibanez 4 kun oldin
Yannie TV
Yannie TV 4 kun oldin
Axel Cortez
Axel Cortez 4 kun oldin
just a heads up, diving is like going to the museum, please don't touch
Dustin Harris
Dustin Harris 4 kun oldin
That life we all ponder about!!!
Mona Monae
Mona Monae 4 kun oldin
Also, have respect for who's the boss. You're a guest of the ocean. Mind control is powerful, yet know when you're out of your league. Like me, possibly trying to give you advice. Lol Be careful Mr. Smith.
Nia Parris
Nia Parris 5 kun oldin
That's deep
Nia Parris
Nia Parris 5 kun oldin
What he says towards the end is so true... train your mind
Nia Parris
Nia Parris 5 kun oldin
Literally and figuratively lol
Nia Parris
Nia Parris 5 kun oldin
I've never scubadiven... scubadove... 😂😂😂
ramelep 5 kun oldin
POWERFUL!!!!!!! Setting minds FREE
Diamond Díaz
Diamond Díaz 5 kun oldin
Go to puerto rico
Maureen Wanjiru
Maureen Wanjiru 5 kun oldin
What i love most about your vlogs is that they always have an inspirational aspect. 💛
Candice Baker
Candice Baker 5 kun oldin
scoober… diving hahah love it
Ali Davis
Ali Davis 5 kun oldin
Who said black people can't swim?
GamingPotato 5 kun oldin
holy fuck he makes it hard XD
Yimas TV
Yimas TV 5 kun oldin
Talking about sharks, he should have remembered he was Oscar the shark slayer😂
this is so beautifully edited
Snorlax 5 kun oldin
Loved this!
Mocaa Marie
Mocaa Marie 6 kun oldin
so nobody was thinking of his movie shark tales while watching this lol
Brittany Allen
Brittany Allen 6 kun oldin
He is always truly inspiring!
stephanie daigle
stephanie daigle 6 kun oldin
" Shark Jab"
Kenneth Cleto
Kenneth Cleto 6 kun oldin
I hate the ocean as well.... no no no no I HATE!!! the ocean
TOOTIN ZAMBIE 6 kun oldin
bob marley
bob marley 6 kun oldin
will smith is a goddamn legend forever. this guy is the most inspirational person. even to this present day he's making history and throwing out content at 50yrs old...