Facing My BIGGEST Fear

Will Smith
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Will has had a life-long fear of the ocean. Watch as he attempts SCUBA diving for the first time ever in the debut episode of a new series, “The Bucket List.” Subscribe for more: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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8-Mar, 2018

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Nacho Ferrol penades
Nacho Ferrol penades
Im like you bro
misfiTed One.
misfiTed One. 5 kun oldin
i was a competition swimmer was in top bracket for my age for new zealand raced olympians still cant swim the ocean its terrifying good onyah bro
Sean Fenick
Sean Fenick 6 kun oldin
You look different with those ears tucked in lmao
Sean Fenick
Sean Fenick 6 kun oldin
I don’t want to sound patronizing but good for. I’m glad that your facing your fears. Need more people to be role models
Liliana Paiva
Liliana Paiva 7 kun oldin
Muito lindo!
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange 7 kun oldin
My biggest fear is flying first class in Emirates. Please help me overcome my fear.
Name 8 kun oldin
But what if you aren't improving at staying calm when terrified?
xXkakashiXx 99
xXkakashiXx 99 8 kun oldin
how many fears does he have?
PETER builderburg
PETER builderburg 9 kun oldin
Yo big will you have to check the kaiture falls in south America in Guyana.... prince Harry, was there a boy 2years ago.
Teri Matthews
Teri Matthews 10 kun oldin
2:17 🤭h, oh, oh... OMGosh!!
GucciDavic 11 kun oldin
7:00 proof that the earth is flat
not lluc
not lluc 11 kun oldin
this guy is just sick
EricLWrightNWA 13 kun oldin
Shark tales 2
blue oceans
blue oceans 13 kun oldin
I love you man your the beSt
Ivy Ivy
Ivy Ivy 15 kun oldin
best ever
Gaijin Akuta
Gaijin Akuta 16 kun oldin
this whole video reminds me of Shark Tales
Danielle Moore
Danielle Moore 16 kun oldin
I’m terrified to the ocean I went scuba diving and It’s was pretty but I was so scared
Agustin Lopez
Agustin Lopez 17 kun oldin
Alguien que hable español :v?
D J 20 kun oldin
My biggest fear also that freakin ocean. Watching u dive make me want to dive! Argh
Stoner Gam3r22
Stoner Gam3r22 20 kun oldin
Stoner Gam3r22
Stoner Gam3r22 20 kun oldin
My bucket list is to me you! Will Smith!
Dara Brown
Dara Brown 20 kun oldin
I am sooo scared of they ocean i coudnt even watch the under water water scenes
Las-o Asa
Las-o Asa 20 kun oldin
I love the insight you give, your views on fear,mind... Absolutely love that.
JazzNOtis 24 kun oldin
I want to make a UZvid video with Will Smith I do youtube and I think it will be dope to a video with Will
Luka Dragunov
Luka Dragunov 24 kun oldin
"Jaws"....probably had something to do with it.
keziah cary
keziah cary 26 kun oldin
OMg its such a beautiful sight! I would cry.
Domonique Hatch
Domonique Hatch 26 kun oldin
He comes up with the most motivating words ever can't help but to love him
Deanna Morales
Deanna Morales 29 kun oldin
Who else is binge watching all of Will Smith's videos? ♥️👍🏻😁😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Fancy Fancy Alois trancy
I will never go scuba diving again. Because someone slapped me.
Alemayehu Safawo
Man boy he did it o yes o yes
First Name Last Name
You're not afraid of the Ocean, you're afraid of drowning.
Mynameisjasy Oy oldin
I don’t like the ocean either lmfao those creatures are creepy 😭
evelyn vargas
evelyn vargas Oy oldin
I loved this had me laughing!
Jailyn Jones
Jailyn Jones Oy oldin
sandi welsh
sandi welsh Oy oldin
I would’ve grabbed a fish for dinner!!
Debbie Richards
That was awesome
Jeannie Rosa
Jeannie Rosa Oy oldin
I love being in the water but i'm scared of sharks.I keep thinking of my head getting bitten off.in aquariums I skip the shark section WILL ur so brave!❤
Helios Guerrero
Amazing Beat
William Corson
Good job man
Carlotta Weathersby
Nandan Pillai
Nandan Pillai Oy oldin
Why does the camera guy get no respect not will's content but most of all the other UZvidrs
USA Resident
USA Resident Oy oldin
It is so sad what has happened to places like the Great Barrier Reef. It used to be so vibrant in color. It seems to have lost its color. Our eco system is sick. We need to help it get better again. P.S. Everyone really loves the ocean should watch the 1985 TV series called Ocean Quest. It was amazing.
Gabriel Resendiz
Carlotta Weathersby
Carlotta Weathersby
Carlotta Weathersby
Carlotta Weathersby
🌟WILLSMITH'In'3rdGrade'I'Read'The'Titanic'History*I'Dreamed'about'itfor'years*ICant'do🚢CruzeShips👑GODBlessYour🏆 Ocean'Triumph🌊🏄👏💜
Diana Oy oldin
Roblox Afitux Gamer
Those are my phobias, you have one like me, then like and reply 'NO MORE PHOBIAS!' List of my BIGGEST Phobias : ODeraphobia ur scared of oders and troll them Cinderphobia ur scared of cinderings oder games Clickphobia ur scared of dragod rawbucksian kaz0k and those ppl Cafephobia/Restaurantphobia/Salonphobia ur scared of cafes and ye
24K InfO
24K InfO Oy oldin
It also reminded me of that speech about fear, you gave Willow. Which was something like fear is a roadblock to happeniess. Once you get past the fear, greatness awaits.
John Normal
John Normal Oy oldin
Those blofish will bite your finger off. Careful.
Dada Hap
Dada Hap Oy oldin
Get with me will
Kristin Trisha Deetlefs
So much beauty in overcoming ones fears 💙
How you scared of the ocean Oscar?!
vagazzon tv
vagazzon tv Oy oldin
My biggest fear is eating a big juicy steak.. lets go to face my fear and eat a big steak.
Marisol Muniz
Marisol Muniz Oy oldin
that's an awesome beautiful view the Ocean looks real beautiful.... will Smith is a blessing to hear you good advice and positive thinking: stop Negative self-talk to reduce stress. positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health. practice overcoming Negative self-talk with examples provided.....the positive thinking that usually comes with optimism is a key part of effective stress management: positive thinking :Reduce stress by eliminating negate self-talk....and advise is a verd meaning " to give counsel to ; offer an opinion or suggestion as worth following", Advice is a noun meaning" an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc 🤔😮😲💂🌏🗽💈🌅🌉⛺️🛥️🏊🎽📹🎬🎞️
Meet The Flowers
What vlogging camera is he using ?
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez Oy oldin
So Relatable
N C Oy oldin
just no. wish you'd go zero dark thirty and NEVER return.
Jordan Sylvesterr
I thought he was the shark slayer
Siphesihle Nkosi
*Shark Jab* 😂😂😂
Mary-Anne Slaven
Amazing words of wisdom. HUGS from Australia
adg 6
adg 6 Oy oldin
Dam will a little DILF 😍😛😛😂
Kevin Charles
Kevin Charles Oy oldin
Diego Barajas
Diego Barajas Oy oldin
I knew it would be sharks because your in the ocean
ZERO Oy oldin
I hope will never dies 😂
Huriana Taylor
your kids should make yt channel
Raymond Ortega
WOW must of been a beautiful experience. Did you see Lenny by any chance? And my main question was does your hands still turn pruny with those gloves on? 🌊🏖
Richard Howe
Richard Howe Oy oldin
I used to scuba dive.I was also a Lieutenant in the fire department at one time. I learned that if you are in a house on fire, with an airpack on, calming yourself does 2 things. It makes your air last longer and you can think about your situation better. Same with diving. If you can just stop, pause and take a slow deep breath, your air will last longer.And you won't be so anxious about it. Just my 2 cents.
baibai ai
baibai ai Oy oldin
Jaspa Houghton
Scuba diving definitely broke my fear of the ocean too. It’s been a year since I broke that fear. Before I never use to touch the ocean. I was terrified of it. But now I love the open ocean and always the first one in it and have taking up surfing. It’s crazy how a year ago I feared the ocean but now I’m in love with it. Im all about conquering my fears. One day I don’t want any fear to hold me back. Love the videos and your inspiration Will xx
B B Oy oldin
Sharks scare me wish I had the courage to do that!
Laplena Oy oldin
"Manage your mind!" Awesome, Will!
Dawit Tedros
Dawit Tedros Oy oldin
Back off shark back off...mind ya business, minnnd ya business
erica jimenez
erica jimenez Oy oldin
Wow!!! Amazing!!! What you said at the end is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Thank you Will ✝️🙏🏼
Chandra Rowe
Chandra Rowe Oy oldin
It's that whole black people don't go in the water thing. I feel ya 😊 But to hell with fear, I'm conquering this fear too
Sharon L. Grady
You got dat!!!!😎
Ricardo Rodriguez
Do you think you can MANAGE YOUR MIND/TRAIN YOUR MIND TO SIT CALMLY while we dive in the Mayan Riviera and feed bull sharks outside of a cage? Or you were just sayin...
Ayah Farhan
Ayah Farhan Oy oldin
1:48 “I’ve never scuba diven” LOOL 😂😂😂😂
Danielle wilson
Make a animal planet or nat geo documentary bro, this stuff awesome
Andrea Wilson
Andrea Wilson Oy oldin
Gerry rosales
Gerry rosales Oy oldin
I am a big fan Will and you made me so proud i been diving fro the last 15 years and hold advance open water. I had fear in water when i was growing up but until someone introduced me to scuba diving... i know how you felt..... the fear.... the nerve...and you're right you just have to learn how to calm your self and manage your own thoughts.. take care.....
Brandon Ealey
Brandon Ealey Oy oldin
1:55 looking like frozone
Teresa Moore
Teresa Moore Oy oldin
Nicole Macintyre.
Your brave ❤️
Nicole Macintyre.
Me too me too hate the unknown !! Ocean ouffffff
Trina Marquez
Trina Marquez Oy oldin
Oscar the shark slayer😂
Amani Feliciano
Wow he looks a lot like the guy from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Sarcasm)
Emma Jean
Emma Jean Oy oldin
You could have titled this video “Will Smith let’s fish” and I’d still watch the whole thing
Heydee Jimenez
I know as a fact that i will meet Up with you and have a good talk. You inspire me!
peaceandshine Oy oldin
“Forget managing the situation. Manage your mind”. Words of wisdom.
Mrs. Nikki McDade
Damn that’s my fear as well I salute u I’m a work in progress I hyperventilated on a sea doo so yea I get it
K I R A Oy oldin
Shark Tail Oscar in the hizouse!
Affiliate ClimbMax
Oh look its the DOOS Will Smith
Jessie Oy oldin
The whole time I was just thinking: Oscarrr the shark slayerrrrrr
The dark ocean that isnt so clear is where my fear at
Janella E
Janella E Oy oldin
I just love your videos you always leave inspiring, beautiful messages on 'em. 💖🙌
Jeff Adventures
Loved the video! You're really inspiring and touching! I was also once afraid of diving, primarely because I was scared of ripping my eardrums, but after getting through that fear, a new world opened!