Facing My BIGGEST Fear

Will Smith
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Will has had a life-long fear of the ocean. Watch as he attempts SCUBA diving for the first time ever in the debut episode of a new series, “The Bucket List.” Subscribe for more: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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8-Mar, 2018

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Diego Barajas
Diego Barajas Kun oldin
I knew it would be sharks because your in the ocean
ZERO Kun oldin
I hope will never dies 😂
Huriana Taylor
Huriana Taylor 2 kun oldin
your kids should make yt channel
Ray Ortega
Ray Ortega 2 kun oldin
WOW must of been a beautiful experience. Did you see Lenny by any chance? And my main question was does your hands still turn pruny with those gloves on? 🌊🏖
Richard Howe
Richard Howe 2 kun oldin
I used to scuba dive.I was also a Lieutenant in the fire department at one time. I learned that if you are in a house on fire, with an airpack on, calming yourself does 2 things. It makes your air last longer and you can think about your situation better. Same with diving. If you can just stop, pause and take a slow deep breath, your air will last longer.And you won't be so anxious about it. Just my 2 cents.
baibai ai
baibai ai 3 kun oldin
Jaspa Houghton
Jaspa Houghton 3 kun oldin
Scuba diving definitely broke my fear of the ocean too. It’s been a year since I broke that fear. Before I never use to touch the ocean. I was terrified of it. But now I love the open ocean and always the first one in it and have taking up surfing. It’s crazy how a year ago I feared the ocean but now I’m in love with it. Im all about conquering my fears. One day I don’t want any fear to hold me back. Love the videos and your inspiration Will xx
Becky Bell
Becky Bell 3 kun oldin
Sharks scare me wish I had the courage to do that!
Laplena 4 kun oldin
"Manage your mind!" Awesome, Will!
Dawit Tedros
Dawit Tedros 4 kun oldin
Back off shark back off...mind ya business, minnnd ya business
erica jimenez
erica jimenez 4 kun oldin
Wow!!! Amazing!!! What you said at the end is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Thank you Will ✝️🙏🏼
Chandra Rowe
Chandra Rowe 5 kun oldin
It's that whole black people don't go in the water thing. I feel ya 😊 But to hell with fear, I'm conquering this fear too
Sharon L. Grady
Sharon L. Grady 5 kun oldin
You got dat!!!!😎
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
Do you think you can MANAGE YOUR MIND/TRAIN YOUR MIND TO SIT CALMLY while we dive in the Mayan Riviera and feed bull sharks outside of a cage? Or you were just sayin...
Ayah Farhan
Ayah Farhan 5 kun oldin
1:48 “I’ve never scuba diven” LOOL 😂😂😂😂
Danielle wilson
Danielle wilson 6 kun oldin
Make a animal planet or nat geo documentary bro, this stuff awesome
Andrea Wilson
Andrea Wilson 6 kun oldin
Gerry rosales
Gerry rosales 6 kun oldin
I am a big fan Will and you made me so proud i been diving fro the last 15 years and hold advance open water. I had fear in water when i was growing up but until someone introduced me to scuba diving... i know how you felt..... the fear.... the nerve...and you're right you just have to learn how to calm your self and manage your own thoughts.. take care.....
Brandon Ealey
Brandon Ealey 6 kun oldin
1:55 looking like frozone
Teresa Moore
Teresa Moore 6 kun oldin
Nicole Macintyre.
Nicole Macintyre. 6 kun oldin
Your brave ❤️
Nicole Macintyre.
Nicole Macintyre. 6 kun oldin
Me too me too hate the unknown !! Ocean ouffffff
Trina Marquez
Trina Marquez 6 kun oldin
Oscar the shark slayer😂
Amani Feliciano
Amani Feliciano 7 kun oldin
Wow he looks a lot like the guy from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Sarcasm)
Emma Jean
Emma Jean 8 kun oldin
You could have titled this video “Will Smith let’s fish” and I’d still watch the whole thing
Heydee Jimenez
Heydee Jimenez 8 kun oldin
I know as a fact that i will meet Up with you and have a good talk. You inspire me!
peaceandshine 8 kun oldin
“Forget managing the situation. Manage your mind”. Words of wisdom.
Mrs. Nikki McDade
Mrs. Nikki McDade 9 kun oldin
Damn that’s my fear as well I salute u I’m a work in progress I hyperventilated on a sea doo so yea I get it
K I R A 9 kun oldin
Shark Tail Oscar in the hizouse!
Affiliate ClimbMax
Affiliate ClimbMax 9 kun oldin
Oh look its the DOOS Will Smith
Jessie 9 kun oldin
The whole time I was just thinking: Oscarrr the shark slayerrrrrr
ELLY GAMES 9 kun oldin
The dark ocean that isnt so clear is where my fear at
Janella E
Janella E 9 kun oldin
I just love your videos you always leave inspiring, beautiful messages on 'em. 💖🙌
Jeff Adventures
Jeff Adventures 10 kun oldin
Loved the video! You're really inspiring and touching! I was also once afraid of diving, primarely because I was scared of ripping my eardrums, but after getting through that fear, a new world opened!
MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
Man the water is so peaceful how come humans cant be like this
Lamont 10 kun oldin
Managing your mind and not the situation, manage your mind to sit calmly in the midst of the storm...powerful
The Shealy Show
The Shealy Show 10 kun oldin
Will when you said “ I’ve never scuba diven before” I lost it! I couldn’t stop laughing bruh!
Chami 11 kun oldin
Wait a minute... but Will Smith is the shark slayer!!! Childhood ruined
Jay H.
Jay H. 11 kun oldin
Will makes you want to be the best version of yourself every day. Abundant blessings, Will. New subscriber.
Rhonda Hamilton
Rhonda Hamilton 12 kun oldin
I love that you did this it was truly amazing to see how beautiful the water was and you facing your fear. I'm not doing it but respect you for it Lol
Nevel Papperman
Nevel Papperman 12 kun oldin
Oscar has risen
Bathorybat 12 kun oldin
Was I the only one waiting for a sharktale joke... :,D
nananana ohoh
nananana ohoh 12 kun oldin
he may be 50 but he looks 35
Selann Stevenson
Selann Stevenson 12 kun oldin
Oscar The Shark Slayerrrr! XD
Sounds of Norge
Sounds of Norge 14 kun oldin
Haha cool video :D
shy not
shy not 14 kun oldin
Love it. I just turned fifty and my goal is to conquer my fear of swimming and traveling to foreign countries. I do let fear take over at times. Positive videos. Thanks Will
Ruthie Young
Ruthie Young 15 kun oldin
Love you Will, TAKE ME WITH YOU?????
salty pragmatist
salty pragmatist 16 kun oldin
Yoshi D
Yoshi D 16 kun oldin
Will has thalassophobia
Ednah Daniyel
Ednah Daniyel 17 kun oldin
You are so brave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlotta Weathersby
Carlotta Weathersby 17 kun oldin
🌟WILL'SMITH"Forget'the'situation'manage'your'Mind"👓🎓📚Go'with👑GOD🌟Young'Man* you'got'The'VISION😎👏😂💜
Carlotta Weathersby
Carlotta Weathersby 17 kun oldin
Yumna Ilayna
Yumna Ilayna 18 kun oldin
Will smith and i don't. Like the oecen either. And i can't. Touch the water
Francesca Anita Rijks
what's the music at 4:45?
Pulkit Pithva
Pulkit Pithva 19 kun oldin
Hi Will Smith, Bravo for the jump. but can you do this though uzvid.com/video/video-D-1V0mgMqSY.html
EaShan Wright
EaShan Wright 20 kun oldin
Dang that’s my biggest fear.
Mark Paden
Mark Paden 21 kun oldin
Anybody else notice the basking shark in the montage at the beginning...? That’s a filter feeder... #itwonttearyoutoshreds
Chris Abbott
Chris Abbott 22 kun oldin
This is reall
Chris Abbott
Chris Abbott 22 kun oldin
Hope you good from coughing blood Will..
Chris Abbott
Chris Abbott 22 kun oldin
Love you Will ..thank you for being yourself..God bless you and your family..
bella watkins
bella watkins 22 kun oldin
Will, thanks so much for this wonderful experience...and all for free! Great video!
Luminine 22 kun oldin
Anyone else find it sad looking at the reef bleaching ;-; where's all the colours!
Frank Quintanilla
Frank Quintanilla 22 kun oldin
I love how ironic it is that he is afraid of the ocean but played a shark in the ocean on shark tales 😂 loved it
Kelvin Cruz
Kelvin Cruz 23 kun oldin
A Man that walks what he talks.
Chris Samz
Chris Samz 23 kun oldin
The Sharkslayer is back lol
austine243 23 kun oldin
Webhave the same fear will!!
Pocahontas Love
Pocahontas Love 23 kun oldin
I like that! 👏"Manage your mind"! Go Will..👍I'm proud of you, You're AWESOME❤
Pep & Lemonade
Pep & Lemonade 23 kun oldin
Glad you faced your fear
Kat Hartgraves
Kat Hartgraves 23 kun oldin
I scuba dive too. I’ll go scuba diving with you any day!!! Maybe you can dive with me on my 50th. 🐋
Alpesh Patel
Alpesh Patel 23 kun oldin
Wii ur a dik hed Ur son is a looser
Connor Duncan
Connor Duncan 24 kun oldin
4:13 Something's in the water between them out in the distance!
Kayla Schulz
Kayla Schulz 24 kun oldin
Dolphins can kick sharks
La Musique
La Musique 24 kun oldin
This positive frequency, yoga mind thing is so true BUT HOW do you control the mind so deeply when all breaks lose? I try to practice the same belief BUT when catastrophe hits, MY VERY OWN MIND IS MY TRADER!! Ok, I take that back, I'm in control. (so I tell myself) Oh geez, you see!! LOL!
Mark Smales
Mark Smales 24 kun oldin
I thought your biggest fear was Rats. 😂😂
time bomber
time bomber 24 kun oldin
pewdiepie who
yelm alavaz
yelm alavaz 25 kun oldin
Props my man! I'm scared of the open water, just the idea that its so deep and vast💀. Even though I can swim whenever I get too deep I start to freak out and swim back to the shallow. Seeing you out there gives me hope
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson 25 kun oldin
Mind over matter.
m to the R
m to the R 25 kun oldin
scubadivish LOL!!!! that deserves a rhyme!
alex alex
alex alex 25 kun oldin
Thank you...
Drea Baby
Drea Baby 25 kun oldin
I can't really swim but I wanted to conquer my fear of water and claustrophobia. I went snorkeling in the Atlantic. After I keep gasping with that mask on and realizing anything could come up and bite me, it was awesome.
Robyn Holmes
Robyn Holmes 25 kun oldin
Fuckin awesome. I also went scuba diving for a personal test, and achieved it. I also learned the lesson you mention at the end of this video. It is about self control and maintaining meditative peace to enjoy the moment. Brilliant video Wil. Thank you for sharing!!! Thank you for your authenticity.
L M 25 kun oldin
Dam this is deep
Sharon Alubo
Sharon Alubo 25 kun oldin
Why nobody told me Will Smith was making amazing videos. This the content I signed in for
Sharon Alubo
Sharon Alubo 25 kun oldin
Lmaooo. I’ve never scuba diven.... scuba dove.... I’ve never been scuba divish before. Lmaoooo
Unknown Cx
Unknown Cx 25 kun oldin
Adam Jay
Adam Jay 25 kun oldin
Did this guy just OMN
Elizabeth Aguila
Elizabeth Aguila 25 kun oldin
Emdontplayguitar 26 kun oldin
3:42 shark tale 2
Haitham Al Hrich
Haitham Al Hrich 26 kun oldin
I once went scuba diving
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 26 kun oldin
I’ve been to the beach one time and wasn’t a fan
God's Leading Lady
God's Leading Lady 26 kun oldin
Sherri Vonch
Sherri Vonch 26 kun oldin
Lucy Mann
Lucy Mann 26 kun oldin
damn the great barrier reef looks so dead ... awesome video though
Kdkula1 26 kun oldin
Happy 50th Will this was Epic to watch
XxlittlepawsXx 26 kun oldin
My life got flip turned upside down and I would like to take a muinet just sit right there and I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called balair!
Attiq Ur Rehman
Attiq Ur Rehman 26 kun oldin
Your awesome even I'm scared of things.🎧
uwldluvme21 26 kun oldin
I don't like the ocean either..... NOPE
Bel vem
Bel vem 26 kun oldin
Come here to the Philippines, and you will never regret,and you will start love the oceans ❤🌊
Raffaele Di Mauro
Raffaele Di Mauro 26 kun oldin
I loved the end of the video... wow! Such a powerful lesson, and I’m grateful for Will Smith, he uses his voice to teach and inspire. 💯🔥🙌🏼🍾
Capri Corn
Capri Corn 26 kun oldin