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I recently hit 10,000,000 subscribers on UZvid! I've always wondered if there was ever a fake diamond play button out there on the internet! Luckily, I went to this website called eBay, and I found one for $9,000. I bought it. I spent money because my curiosity made me wonder how identical it is to the real play button! Enjoy!
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Aiden vu
Aiden vu 9 soat oldin
Ethan Hong
Ethan Hong 10 soat oldin
I liked subed and turned on bell notifications
Ethan Hong
Ethan Hong 10 soat oldin
Make a youtube play button with the silicon mold
I live in a pub Lol
I live in a pub Lol 11 soat oldin
Sayedjamil Nami
Sayedjamil Nami 12 soat oldin
10,000,000 yes
Fuzzy Pug
Fuzzy Pug 13 soat oldin
congratulations on hitting 11m subscibers
Logan Hill
Logan Hill 16 soat oldin
Rhadzel Camit
Rhadzel Camit 17 soat oldin
what will youtube give if you reach a 100,000,000
GBlue angel G
GBlue angel G 19 soat oldin
Good you did it I have 3 sub
ghost Rider25fire
ghost Rider25fire 20 soat oldin
Jurnee Holmes
Jurnee Holmes 21 soat oldin
Diamond play hashtag Diamond play button
Tyler Queslin
Tyler Queslin 21 soat oldin
get dimand tester
Tyler Glass
Tyler Glass 21 soat oldin
Sub to my channel channel for sum art vlogs and sports vids
Juan Rios
Juan Rios 22 soat oldin
Congratulations u have 11 million
iTz Skillfall
iTz Skillfall 22 soat oldin
It’s only been a couple days and u have 11 mil
MsFlapjack24 22 soat oldin
I love your vids
bluethewolf Love's to draw
Meh wants to touch !!!!!!!!
sssavagewolf 23 soat oldin
11mill congrats
the youtube rebel goat
i followed you!! i really want the play button
ItsPhoenix _
ItsPhoenix _ Kun oldin
When your not a youtuber: *buys play button* *shows off to friends*
amime overlord
amime overlord Kun oldin
I like it
Arvin Djassemi
Arvin Djassemi Kun oldin
Yo how did you get so much subs
Elly May
Elly May Kun oldin
I feel happy for you 😺😺😺😺😺🐱🐈🐈🐱😺
Alex Kuss
Alex Kuss Kun oldin
i wish i had one
Andrea Meloni
Andrea Meloni 2 kun oldin
Is the real one real diamond?
Rhoda Ramdhanie
Rhoda Ramdhanie 2 kun oldin
Kiddos Chuavelasco
Kiddos Chuavelasco 2 kun oldin
Did you created guava juice two
ZnerB 2 kun oldin
wow you have a 11 milyon
Jerick Sales
Jerick Sales 2 kun oldin
Linda Reynosa
Linda Reynosa 2 kun oldin
Never do 3am videos
Sam Nguyen
Sam Nguyen 2 kun oldin
wow 11 you grow soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast
Taurine Beast61
Taurine Beast61 2 kun oldin
I see a liama from battle royale at 4:33
Babylin Ferrer
Babylin Ferrer 2 kun oldin
About the diamond play button... Does the stuff that looks like a mirror is a real diamond or not?
Dominic Au
Dominic Au 2 kun oldin
You got one million subs in one day... I don’t think I saw that in my life.
thefurryboysxx Jan Michael Boongaling
Congrats 10m plus 1m
Zara Islam
Zara Islam 3 kun oldin
The struggles of not having Instagram :(
riolu lover 08
riolu lover 08 3 kun oldin
Number two you know we all know the diffrence
Joshua Olmeda
Joshua Olmeda 3 kun oldin
Good for you
Royal Ninja
Royal Ninja 3 kun oldin
Damn in ten days he gets 1mil subs wth 😑😂
Batter Liang
Batter Liang 3 kun oldin
4:45 that’s wat she sed
Huyen Nguyen
Huyen Nguyen 3 kun oldin
Oh my god 😱
Summer Deer
Summer Deer 3 kun oldin
Congratulations on 11M so proud!!!
Xyrelle Francisco
Xyrelle Francisco 3 kun oldin
Congrats guavs your the best👍👍👍
CmanerCZE Gamer
CmanerCZE Gamer 3 kun oldin
10 days and already 11mil
Jarom Alcorn
Jarom Alcorn 3 kun oldin
3:24 “so you know people can just steal is whenever, Witch is totally fine to” yah roi I wouldn’t care if someone stole my 10000 dollar diamond play button. 😑
Vanice Li
Vanice Li 3 kun oldin
Roi i am your biggest fans do another bath video or a 3am video
Vanice Li
Vanice Li 3 kun oldin
rhianna Brooks
rhianna Brooks 3 kun oldin
I'm so happy for you guava juice keep it up with the good work till your dream come true
JP Gaming
JP Gaming 3 kun oldin
11 Million Subs Right Now
tRiLl Lane
tRiLl Lane 3 kun oldin
I clicked on this video bc your other video had a clickbait that made me shiver...(good job on 11M subs)
Princess Aba
Princess Aba 3 kun oldin
i am a filipino um roi petsay
BunnyJumpers 4 kun oldin
Itzel Jaramillo
Itzel Jaramillo 4 kun oldin
You hit 10 mill
Elijah Stanfill
Elijah Stanfill 4 kun oldin
Crystal kitties
Crystal kitties 4 kun oldin
Coming from the future you have 11 million now :)
Oof McNoogets
Oof McNoogets 4 kun oldin
When you get 10mil subs and don't do a vid about it: 2300 subs for the day When you get 10mil subs and make a vid about it without spending money: 132032 subs for the day When you get 10mil subs and make a vid about it while spending money: 1mil subs for da day When you get 10mil subs, make a vid about it and spend money: Straight 2.8mil subs
Young MuLa
Young MuLa 4 kun oldin
I follow you
Squids AJ
Squids AJ 4 kun oldin
How to file bankruptcy
unicorn girl
unicorn girl 4 kun oldin
Who noticed that's actually the pause button
Edgar Mcshann
Edgar Mcshann 4 kun oldin
Congrats!!! guava juice now u have 11million subscribers👍👍🎉
Jennivie Gonzales
Jennivie Gonzales 4 kun oldin
Wow 11m so quick!!!
doggy & purps
doggy & purps 4 kun oldin
arvin James Ramos
arvin James Ramos 4 kun oldin
guava juice was cool
jacky Rodriguez
jacky Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Can I have some meach
Jesus Gastelum 790
Jesus Gastelum 790 5 kun oldin
I wanna be that famous 😂
Aure Yah
Aure Yah 5 kun oldin
UZvid 1:OHP looks like he's popular you know what that means!!!! UZvid 2: what? UZvid 1: *DEMONETIZATION*
znatysibs 5 kun oldin
WTF 1 day 1 Milli nice
Yasmin Ochoa
Yasmin Ochoa 5 kun oldin
Is that the Llama back of the fortnite llama
Aldo Agollari
Aldo Agollari 5 kun oldin
I have one
Sadanandmba Banagar
Guava juice you are the best I can't believe you have so many subscribers and make another roblox video
Avril Nguyen
Avril Nguyen 5 kun oldin
I’m playing with the bucket of slime from you right now!!
Brendan Bernales
Brendan Bernales 5 kun oldin
*A UZvidr Actually Replecated The Diamond Play Button With Melted Metal Or Something....*
NilsHugoLindmark 5 kun oldin
Congrats for 11 mill subs
Sukrish Bhattarai
Sukrish Bhattarai 5 kun oldin
Congrats for 11million sub
Aerilyn Cooper
Aerilyn Cooper 5 kun oldin
Good job bruh!!!!!
QNA GAMING 5 kun oldin
Nice Roy.....😊
Neal Sudan Paul MAGTANUM
congrats roi so happy you reached 11 million subs so happy you got a diamond play button btw im one of your subsribers 😁😁😁
Carson Carroll
Carson Carroll 5 kun oldin
I follow you on Instagram and you are the best UZvidr ever.
It is me LEE
It is me LEE 5 kun oldin
see him flexing
Selene Lopez
Selene Lopez 5 kun oldin
Biggest faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann
Selene Lopez
Selene Lopez 5 kun oldin
Congratuions11 million
Selene Lopez
Selene Lopez 5 kun oldin
I got your instagram guava
Slime Play
Slime Play 5 kun oldin
do you really have the diamond play button🙄
Soo Hoon Shin
Soo Hoon Shin 5 kun oldin
Thats 11 why 10
Soo Hoon Shin
Soo Hoon Shin 5 kun oldin
Happy 10 million subscribers
William John
William John 5 kun oldin
you have a 11million sb in august !!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 a month is 10million sb
Unknown 5 kun oldin
11M?! Woooow I've been here seen 500k ^‿^
Alicia Valadez
Alicia Valadez 5 kun oldin
11 million
Red Brick Gaming !
Red Brick Gaming ! 5 kun oldin
I am super close too fifty subs! Plz sub
Aniek Pudji Rahayu
Aniek Pudji Rahayu 5 kun oldin
Minecraft Jack
Minecraft Jack 5 kun oldin
make that 11 mil
Jayden Bobb
Jayden Bobb 5 kun oldin
Wish the Merch could of come in the brief case
monkey 75
monkey 75 5 kun oldin
Dam guava you already surpassed the channel you created @guavajuice
Fireball 123
Fireball 123 5 kun oldin
XD it says replica in the title
Carolyn Garcia
Carolyn Garcia 5 kun oldin
Dude ur at 11M subs now
Ryan Jaroensuk
Ryan Jaroensuk 6 kun oldin
I'M SO GLAD 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Jadie Wilson
Jadie Wilson 6 kun oldin
How did you gain 1 more million in 6days😭😭!
Maureen Claxton
Maureen Claxton 6 kun oldin
Chad wild clay is getting hacked
Maureen Claxton
Maureen Claxton 6 kun oldin
I want to know what the silver play button looks like
Maureen Claxton
Maureen Claxton 6 kun oldin
the silver play button it's very easy to get who were the habit because you are way over 500000
Maureen Claxton
Maureen Claxton 6 kun oldin
you're my best UZvidr