Falling onto a Giant Water Balloon at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

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Managed to squeak this upload into the final hours of June to make for a Giant Balloon June video! We've never filmed a giant balloon so slow. We've also never filmed from the roof of the house before. These two things don’t mean this was a good idea. Don't try this at home. You could get an owwie.
Thanks to Vision Research for lending the Phantom v2640.
Falling onto a Giant Balloon at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys




1-Iyl, 2018

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S. Kowalchuk
S. Kowalchuk 5 soat oldin
Have you ever done a slow-motion zit-popping video?
Mattias G
Mattias G 5 soat oldin
spray DEET in a fire
jack wilson
jack wilson 5 soat oldin
You guys should do a slow mo of weapons firing; gun, tank,etc
b bert
b bert 8 soat oldin
Do goosebumps in slo mo
Joao farias
Joao farias 14 soat oldin
It would be too much to record a hummingbird. Up
Nigel Fraser
Nigel Fraser 17 soat oldin
Do bubble wrap in slow motion
Gerardo Perez
Gerardo Perez 18 soat oldin
Y’all need to make a bug killer gun (salt gun)
へんたい せんぱい
Have the recorded a slow mo of a firecracker?
panomgorn aemaot
panomgorn aemaot 19 soat oldin
I want to see the slammed glass car.
MrPhoenix795 23 soat oldin
The sound effect of the balloon super slow splitting reminds me of Ice Age 3 and the glaciers cracking.
Cebulak Cebularion
Cebulak Cebularion 23 soat oldin
Film this in slow mo it is cool --- uzvid.com/video/video-1C0KmX3qjOI.html
Fishreep Gaming
Fishreep Gaming Kun oldin
you should get in a balloon with a waterproof camera and go underwater then pop itfor a cool shot
-_- PERO -_-
-_- PERO -_- Kun oldin
Who hear:Hello, im Cow,im Done?????( Hello,im Gav,im Dan)
David Samuel
David Samuel Kun oldin
do stud welding in slow motion
didiroxforever Kun oldin
It would be cool to see vorticella, or microbiology in slo mo
Alicia Cole
Alicia Cole Kun oldin
I think 3 million of those 170 million views may be from me when I was 9...
where do we buy that water balloon
Carlos Spicy Wiener
Gavin is professor X and Dan is magneto
Антон Обелевич
Hi SloWMo =) Can you show in slow mo this experiment? I want to know how these circles appear on the foil. uzvid.com/video/video-gTh5aABIwoY.html (Start in 3:12)
Tim 2 kun oldin
Это круто)
Ulaş Bank
Ulaş Bank 2 kun oldin
You must be running out of ideas... That's sad. :( Gotta steer the channel to another direction before it gets outta hand.
DoubleDeckerAnton 2 kun oldin
Another fantastic video! That 12,500 frames per second is amazing to watch 💦👀...!!!
Zach Rogers
Zach Rogers 2 kun oldin
Idk if yall have heard of this before but balloon pop underwater
Hercules 2 kun oldin
Hey guys, I would like to download some of your awesome SLO motion fires, especially the tornado, and I was wondering if you could please make a download zone for some of them? That would be awesome
Ever thought about collaborating with “How Ridiculous”?
Rocky Toady
Rocky Toady 3 kun oldin
I saw the video that you would spun records to the point where they exploded you should try different sizes of Records you only did 33s
Redneck_rebel 29
Redneck_rebel 29 3 kun oldin
You guys should shoot a bullet through a smoke ring in slow motion
A Twogun
A Twogun 3 kun oldin
You guys are going to suffer from retardation early in life due to spending your entire working life buffooning around. No mental stimuli.
Coltin Edwards
Coltin Edwards 3 kun oldin
A good idea for a video is to put firecrackers inside of fruit and watch them explode
tikki volta
tikki volta 3 kun oldin
it's beautiful.
DASK 3 kun oldin
Is it a good idea to film a brush cutter in slow motion while destroying stuff?
Sterling Hoskins
Sterling Hoskins 3 kun oldin
You guys should hit or throw water balloons with/into things like a bat tennis racket chain link fence sword stuff like that
Booity Scoop
Booity Scoop 3 kun oldin
Remember when Gavin almost died in January to an obsessed fan
Shmoe Joedesy
Shmoe Joedesy 3 kun oldin
Lightening in glass!!!!
daniel pl
daniel pl 3 kun oldin
slow mo video of a highlighter in a microwave
faviol Kape
faviol Kape 4 kun oldin
Engine in slow mo
Oliver Phillips
Oliver Phillips 4 kun oldin
Dan is the king of commitment
AgeofAeon 4 kun oldin
The slow mo guys channel should be shut down because having 9 million fake subscribers is against policy. Do the math there not just cheaters there criminals.
Sam Krygsheld
Sam Krygsheld 4 kun oldin
Wow, that new camera is incredible.
Term 4 kun oldin
That new camera he got is a Phantom v2640 and cost $175,000....wtf
Anthony Myers
Anthony Myers 4 kun oldin
I am the law..
Dandizz Doniela
Dandizz Doniela 4 kun oldin
Hey, here's an idea for a video. Try to catch the simple light bulb flickering while its on. (The 60hz thing)
lord the gamer
lord the gamer 5 kun oldin
Y'all should be in a Mansion
butter tsui
butter tsui 5 kun oldin
Michael. M
Michael. M 5 kun oldin
Take a slow mo of friction welding. Really interested to see
Henrique Oliveira
Henrique Oliveira 5 kun oldin
Primeiro inscrito brasileiro?
SpeedCraftt 6 kun oldin
Please do a response challenge with a pro gamer (preferably shroud) I can imagine that their response is really fast. You could maybe do something with guns or other things were you have to respond quickly. Loved the vid btw.
DecemberLoved 6 kun oldin
Have you guys done anything with a Vacuum? I imagine a industrial shop vac and assorted junk getting sucked up into it would look rather interesting. Suggested stuff to vacuum: Nails, all kinds of colorful candies, A bag of flour, Rainbow sprinkles.
busslayer 6 kun oldin
I just watched some videos of break testing wire rope and anchor chains. The wire rope breaking in particular is pretty dramatic, but none of them.capture the details of the rupture. Something to consider.
Dawson Shelton
Dawson Shelton 6 kun oldin
Zaosh Damania
Zaosh Damania 6 kun oldin
Missing the Super Slow Show🙁
Erkan ERGÜN 6 kun oldin
icewalow_come_ _
icewalow_come_ _ 6 kun oldin
Shoot an Ivan head in slow motion
ultranitro 6 kun oldin
You guys need to step up your game! Bigger and badder.
jason sweeney
jason sweeney 6 kun oldin
i was watching your video, and went to go get a bowl of chips. when i took the bowl out, it slipped and crashed against the tiles of my kitchen, shattering into about 100-200 small peices, all the while when i was cleaning it up, i though, how cool would this look in slow motion. you should film glass, porcelin, ceramic bowls smashing against tile, and even wood to see if it makes any difference what you layer your kitchen in.
Angel Perry
Angel Perry 7 kun oldin
Dan has a good nervous face
Erik 7 kun oldin
Hello please translate fo Russia) Пожалуйста)
Moore puuhè
Moore puuhè 7 kun oldin
Louis 7 kun oldin
This video... Was taken at the exact same time I bought a new pet. What was the pet My second Snek Red tailed boa 6 months old 19 inches long
Sahrul Rohmadoni
Sahrul Rohmadoni 7 kun oldin
giant ballons again?? bored
Romik 7 kun oldin
Пожалуйста поставь русские субтитры мы вас тоже смотрим))
ZULA ZAMANI 7 kun oldin
Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Cooper DMselector
Cooper DMselector 7 kun oldin
Do a stone skipping on water
Adham Hammam
Adham Hammam 7 kun oldin
Who thinks it's getting too old?
Владислав Павлюк
Take the ball and shove it into another ball and then draw the water
Assassins Deadpool
Assassins Deadpool 7 kun oldin
Never used the automated sprinklers because its a waste of water, yet here you have a giant water balloon. Hahaha anyways love your videos.
Mygold 7 kun oldin
who remembers sledge hammer week?
Andrew Valcke
Andrew Valcke 7 kun oldin
Why no slow motion show
Josh Ramsey
Josh Ramsey 7 kun oldin
You guys should do smoke through powerful lasers. Not super thick but just enough smoke to see it dance in the beams in slow motion. It's probably a challenge to get right but if anyone can do it it's you guys.
al 8 kun oldin
Do you think Dan will ever move to texas? That would be nice.
حسن البصري
Laura N M
Laura N M 8 kun oldin
You should try this if you haven't done it yet: facebook.com/thedadbreak/videos/376764586182113/UzpfSTEwMDAwMDQzMTE1MTAxMjoxOTY3OTk2NTEzMjI0NzAx/
Caleb Maittlen
Caleb Maittlen 8 kun oldin
Why do you always say b when you are talking to each other
_____ ontaard _____
продамся ЕВРО-СОЮЗУ, недорого до 1 евро
KC G 8 kun oldin
I have a BRS rocket Parachute out of a Skyhawk. You guys want?
nathan brinson
nathan brinson 8 kun oldin
Remember the Maltese Canon if you add a longer barrel you will gain more pressure and more speed it would be faster
Extreme noob factor -what-doin-
11:08 that wave of water looks like ocean water
Drew P
Drew P 8 kun oldin
I missed the really really fast camera!
Biswaroop Chatterjee
2 things... 1. Try multiple CDs or Gramophone records and spin them till they give up. 2. Try wasting a little less water. I've observed in a few videos, that the water keeps running even after the required shot has been recorded. Just a thought.
NeoDarkcore 8 kun oldin
Slow motion song? Pls
Noah McLellan
Noah McLellan 8 kun oldin
Do a time lapse video for once! ǝɔuo ɹoɟ oǝpıʌ ǝsdɐl ǝɯıʇ ɐ oᗡ
Joseph Guth
Joseph Guth 8 kun oldin
Blert Shabani
Blert Shabani 9 kun oldin
6:21 Those dribbles
أبو متعب Muhammad
This Ballon of water gets me Nervous
MaryLu Harmon
MaryLu Harmon 9 kun oldin
Awesome as ever! Especially the last jump.
4492 9 kun oldin
I love how Dan says "Jalloon" at the beginning of the video XD
dz ser mehdi
dz ser mehdi 9 kun oldin
follow me please
Максим Ращупкин
nicholas tubman
nicholas tubman 9 kun oldin
Would u guys be able to a video of dice stacking tricks?????
SynBlueCrayon 9 kun oldin
You guys should do how fast lights turn off after being unplugged. I feel like the filament to a lightbulb would look cool in slow motion.
jordan standing
jordan standing 9 kun oldin
i'm not watching another video until it contains slow mo of a dog biting at a garden hose spraying water.
Nicholas Enterline
Nicholas Enterline 9 kun oldin
Slow mo a fast pitch base ball swing/hit with a baseball sized jawbreaker!!!!
Adam Morse
Adam Morse 9 kun oldin
Gavin "I'm Not Sure How Well I Got That, Oh Perfect" Free
EmmaEE 9 kun oldin
Can you do this in slow mo? www.boredpanda.com/sphere-of-42000-matches-wallacemk/
Erwin Monzon
Erwin Monzon 9 kun oldin
I wish I had that FPS on fortnite
CellarDoor 9 kun oldin
Why do they call each other b?
Fruit vs Fruit
5 oy oldin
Paint Drill
4 oy oldin