Falling onto a Giant Water Balloon at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
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Managed to squeak this upload into the final hours of June to make for a Giant Balloon June video! We've never filmed a giant balloon so slow. We've also never filmed from the roof of the house before. These two things don’t mean this was a good idea. Don't try this at home. You could get an owwie.
Thanks to Vision Research for lending the Phantom v2640.
Falling onto a Giant Balloon at 12,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys




1-Iyl, 2018

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KroneYT 6 kun oldin
June 2019 = Giant balloon full of *p a i n t*
NATY'S Life 6 kun oldin
Anyone 2008 January
Ritvik Komma
Ritvik Komma 7 kun oldin
09:04 epic!!
Sam Power
Sam Power 8 kun oldin
Quality and professional content. Feels as good as a TV show
dante plays
dante plays 8 kun oldin
THIS AIRED ON MY B'DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VIJAY SHANKER 9 kun oldin
I am buy arri alexa yesterday but my camera only shoot 6000fps.price 98lakhs.
Kieren Scott
Kieren Scott 16 kun oldin
I'm starting to think that after all this maybe if you just slap Dan, awesome slo mo stuff just happens to him naturally.
ImmortalDixon 16 kun oldin
Dan is literally British Brian Quinn
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 16 kun oldin
Should pop the balloon a split second before they hit it.
Chloee Inkling
Chloee Inkling 17 kun oldin
he completely disappeared by 11:30
Shame2912 17 kun oldin
Sesyrity 21 kun oldin
This is a best what I see
Yahyaline TO
Yahyaline TO 24 kun oldin
its may
InvisibleBandit 24 kun oldin
Cameron Dealey
Cameron Dealey 25 kun oldin
Sarah Mayfield
Sarah Mayfield 26 kun oldin
Next year, could you do 6’ balloon filled with Gelli Baff so it’s squishier?
roland and friends
roland and friends 27 kun oldin
why is it gav looks lke real life flint lockwood
Ethan Celestino
Ethan Celestino 27 kun oldin
Am I the only one that could listen to the slow mo music for hours on end?
Automatic Underground
0:11 "Been in the shed since last Jilune" Really? When was the last Jilune?
TheWhiteHoodie 28 kun oldin
Also i always wondered what is the tarp for? its not stopping the water from reaching the ground and even if yu do stop the water, from reaching the ground where does the water go after?
QueenAshe 29 kun oldin
Why haven’t you filled one of these with helium yet?
Samuel Duplessis
Samuel Duplessis 29 kun oldin
You guys could have Just brung in Ricochet to do a moonsault off the roof or ladder onto the water balloon. Just a suggestion for next year. By the way Meltzer would rate this little segment 6 1/2 stars.
Adam Solis
Adam Solis Oy oldin
The last jump looked like me jumping in bed after a long day
Numinor Oy oldin
9:09 i always assumed those are added sound fx, but now i'm not sure like in this video. are those natural/original sounds?
Numinor Oy oldin
2:17 his nervous face XD
Elizabeth Shuster
I love Dan. ❤
Elizabeth Shuster
They live in Texas?!?! I thought they lived in the UK...
clay powers
clay powers Oy oldin
ive broke my wrist 3 times
SpyEvanYT Oy oldin
It looks like a tongue
Mitchell Bell
Mitchell Bell Oy oldin
Why doesn't America have brick houses yet? I still don't get it. Surely it's not strong enough to actually be a house.
Riley Davidson
Maybe having a water filled one in a pool because it would float but when it pops the break in the balloon would cause an underwater ripple
BHV Vlogs BTS Oy oldin
gameing bannan
Hay its the guy that gets his finger stucking beer bottles and foaming beers
Pauls Reinfelds
khalid smks
khalid smks Oy oldin
Zarfa- de
Zarfa- de Oy oldin
Everyone knows you land chin first
Booky Rune
Booky Rune Oy oldin
JD04 Oy oldin
Dan got fat Jesus Christ 😂
Marcus Santoyo
lol 6:23 you can hear him hit the ground
some guy
some guy Oy oldin
7 years ago : 12ft water balloon Now: this
Aditya Lewis
Aditya Lewis Oy oldin
Invis Ghostie
Invis Ghostie Oy oldin
I Ed
I Ed Oy oldin
I watch the slow mo parts on 2x speed *MULTIPLE PEOPLE ARE TYPING...*
Jorge A. Garza V
9:09 What is the speed of ripping? if that is even a thing
cheezeEGGSTREEME Animations
You need to invest in some crash mats.
Drengelus Oy oldin
12.5k fps is amazing to watch.
Frank Shrimpton
It was really hot. Wish I could have done something like that. I think the max. we got was 36 degrees C. That's hot.
the Pink Kitty
I loved Giant Balloon June
Mischa Moor
Mischa Moor Oy oldin
Follow me at instagram _mischa.m
Bethany Febe
Bethany Febe Oy oldin
What camera that you use? Amazed !
I troll you L0L
Actually am alright..
Everan Keesey
Everan Keesey Oy oldin
Was anyone else confused when they used feet?
Duck Goose
Duck Goose Oy oldin
8:55 dans face 😂😂😂
Scott S.
Scott S. Oy oldin
You knocked some years off the life of your roof climbing out there when its hot.
Jesus Hernandez vids
be carful
KnightViper Oy oldin
How much data does 1 second of 12,500fps HD footage create?
joanna roy
joanna roy Oy oldin
9 days till my school school starts 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Seaweed Feeisher
7 days now, ayy
James Albright
Abdulrahman Lami
5:55 Where did that bark come from?.
Dread Peter
Dread Peter Oy oldin
I would totally love to see you guys go to Perth and collaborate with How Ridiculous. uzvid.com/show-UC5f5IV0Bf79YLp_p9nfInRA
A L Oy oldin
Snortcek Oy oldin
Amo este canal /I love this channel Aime ce canal
Get Gaming Bro
Where is the vids? It is almost AUGEST!
Aga SnooZer
Aga SnooZer Oy oldin
Can you make footage about what happened inside the Tube of a Studio Strobe Lamp when it release the power, here for 300Watt(second) power: www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1341783-REG/godox_sk300ii_300w_monolight_studio.html
Hussain Almukhtar
Do slow mo sneezing
Yellow Jacket
Yellow Jacket Oy oldin
Slow mo a iodine clock reaction!!!
jellyFamYT Oy oldin
you guys should be named The Slow Mo Bros
Chance Plays
Chance Plays Oy oldin
8:45 (Stop wait a minute) is what the captions should have I can’t because I’m on a phone that’s why I left this comment will someone do that please
Sahil Yash
Sahil Yash Oy oldin
I challange you give me skstebord
Est-ce que il y a des Français avec moi
Jireh Choo
Jireh Choo Oy oldin
11:10 screenshot this
JoyfulRunning Oy oldin
This seemed like something you could have fun with: uzvid.com/video/video-w5UMyck8D64.html
adham vlogs
adham vlogs Oy oldin
can you do a crash with an rc truck
Josiah Jones
Josiah Jones Oy oldin
Dan's eyebrows are great
S4MMY S4INT78 Oy oldin
why are you tubers getting ligma 1. was Ninja 2.ceeday now them
Malkiah cooper
You should put super glue in warm borax looks cool and wanted to see in slow mo
Francisco Morales
Do an a-bomb In Slow motion
joy elrick
joy elrick Oy oldin
is this channel is over? :(
Sir Link II
Sir Link II Oy oldin
The youtube algorithm has been hiding this video from me for a month…
Official Sikator
I wonder, could you go slow enough to see the sparks being created by an angle grinder?
* parrotfish *
do something with sand pleaseeeee
Eat Your Food Slowly
still waiting for the newer episodes :(
EmeraldSoft Oy oldin
Can you pls record a very slow motion reaction of the iodine solution that turns almost immediately black from transparent!
Yeet Productions
Shoot a bullet in front of a really heavy duty magnet and see if it changes it’s course
Jackson Night
Jackson Night Oy oldin
The sounds of the balloon ripping with the 12,500 fps slow-motion​ camera are actually really beautiful
Quinnstin Oy oldin
Are they in America?
Wyatt White
Wyatt White Oy oldin
You know, I got into this channel because of the video this was based on. I think i stuck around because of the simplicity of some of the things like the water balloons or sources of fire or a mixture of both. I honestly think it would be awesome if the The Slow Mo Guys went back and did some of their old videos but added new aspects to them and with their new cameras!
Mepac37 Oy oldin
The ambience sound, do you put on that or does it just happen?
Jebellish Oy oldin
i really want to see gav fall off the roof in slow motion now XD (on a mat ofcourse) but like.. one form the side and another where he holds a small camera.. so you see him fall reaaallly puclose XD
kr4zyy Oy oldin
Did you guys go bankrupt and lose your giant set?
The_bearded _5.7
Favourite part of this video is the classic slow mo music!
Stanford McCorkle
This guy is using your music on his UZvid channel uzvid.com/video/video-mqPMANOEG7Y.html
Hosh Playse
Hosh Playse Oy oldin
You should crash the incredible crash test dummy toys
R34 Oy oldin
remove rust with a laser
Hello sir Gruchy
Rikaku Tenshima
still love you guy's videos and dan is still attractive
Dosash1 Oy oldin
Meagan Grissom
I was just now playing with my cat - I had a string and was dragging it along the carpet and she was chasing it - and it made me wonder what that would look like in slow motion. She was super fast with her claws. I would hate to be a mouse in that moment
FaunaRama Oy oldin
If y'all haven't already, you should do a slo-mo "laser engraving". I'd like to see that.
Paint Drill
6 oy oldin
Fruit vs Fruit
7 oy oldin