Fallout 76 Trailer - E3 2018

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Get a first look at Fallout 76, a prequel four times the size of Fallout 4.
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10-Iyn, 2018

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Lark Horse
Lark Horse 5 kun oldin
1:35 is that a B.O.M.B station?
FO NO 14 kun oldin
It'll be interesting to see how online works because what if on you're own you've discovered a location but the people you're playing with haven't?
Aiden 64
Aiden 64 16 kun oldin
UnderWorldGamesYT 18 kun oldin
Everyone go sub to me for litty Content more litty then fallout 76
No one in particular
I like this trailer and I hate what this game seems like its gonna be. Looking back at this trailer just fills me with sadness that Fallout 76 = Minecraft. Such a waste of what looks like a lot of neat stuff and locations just so Bethesda can try to cash in on multiplayer, online only bullshit.
Mr.Killa 831
Mr.Killa 831 22 kun oldin
Thank you so much Bethesda now we won’t have to deal with “Another Settlement Needs Your Help”
caleb window
caleb window 24 kun oldin
Rebuild america with that song in the trailer this well defend
storhet 24 kun oldin
Isn't this going to have a feature like GTA where there's an orbital cannon but a little nuke? Pretty sure we'll have tryhards and griefers. I'll just be in my X-01 or T-51 power armor cause those are my favorites.
CYCLOPS BOSS 26 kun oldin
Does any one else think its ironic that John Denver is playing as a picture of a crashed plane is show
Christin Janecek
Christin Janecek 28 kun oldin
this is so cool Pip-Boy play country roads take me home
ReidoDorito Oy oldin
"Country roooaaaaads" *Crashed plane in background*
meme guy
meme guy Oy oldin
1776 BABY!!!
Platty Oy oldin
who's watching this in 1984?
FBI Senior Agent Fire
Am i the only FBI Agent feeling bad for that Soldier in that Power Armour
Ryan M
Ryan M Oy oldin
Hearing Ron Perlman say the actual word "fallout" makes me rock hard
vaylon1701 Oy oldin
West Virginia is crack and meth country. Go there today and you can see real Fallout people and many of the little hollows look like they are from the fallout universe. Very strange place.
Matt Williams
Matt Williams Oy oldin
This game looks fun, and the ash heap in particular looks amazing, but I’m worried that as soon as I step out the door I’ll be ambushed by xXxSW4GB4LLZ420xXx with a Gatling laser and a full set of power armor.
ItsJayce Oy oldin
Player Unknown Fallout 76 Despacito 2 Battle Royale Infinite Warfare 2.0
Aiden Bonilla
Aiden Bonilla Oy oldin
Release date pls
Freddie Janowski
I’m here for my weekly appointment... yep still amazing. COUNTRY ROOAAAAADS TAKE ME HOOOOOME TO THE PLAAAAAAACE I BELOOOOOONG
Grubbin Pokegamer
anyone know if this game woll be for pc
Alduin Oy oldin
I feel like Fallout 76 kind of predicts what America will look and be like in another 100 years or so. Maybe even less.....
Triz1 Oy oldin
Man when I play this game online I'm gonna be that one dude that will help for caps
lek0mn Oy oldin
When it comes I have lot of ideas to do in multi player. The first thing I do is to make a trade shop
i hope they add anti kos features
Taylor Blais
Taylor Blais Oy oldin
It's peaceful
NO MAN'S SKYlanders 2
mkelebay Oy oldin
Would be an interesting idea for fallout is they made a game in which China and the US are still at war after the bombs drop, and the civilians are stuck in between, with both sides just milking them for resources.
The hype is real
SS Officer卐
SS Officer卐 Oy oldin
Cardboard Studios
Who can't wait for this game I wonder what factions there will be
nova gamez
nova gamez Oy oldin
None. You make the factions
Jerry The corporal Gunner
I don't care what this game will look like I'm still going to buy it
Good Job
Good Job Oy oldin
In every fallout out game there always a atomic bomb going off where are they coming from?.....North Korea
I didn't even know the was a fallout 75 let alone 5
Poison Oy oldin
Poe Lemic
Poe Lemic Oy oldin
This is a DAY ONE purchase. I can't wait. This will really be fun and cool. Loved every fallout before this. It looks awesome !!!
Crackly Bøi
Crackly Bøi Oy oldin
In fallout 3 you had to find your dad. In fallout 4 you had to find your son. But in fallout 76 you have to find nuclear launch codes to nuke xXxPu$$yDEstroyER$xXx shitty shack he spent 6 hours building 😂
Epic Doge gamer
Take me home contrey roads to the place i belong west vergina mountan mama take me home contry home...
Marco Escalante
ADudeFollowing TheWhiteButterfly
Hurry up the releases of the theme song
BLANK and Empty
EpicGuyW Oy oldin
Xbox 360?
nova gamez
nova gamez Oy oldin
Nonni YT
Nonni YT Oy oldin
Am i the only one who got sad when they heard the country music from the scene in Kingsman - Golden Circle?
Whos the artist from this version of the song
Mark Bowen
Mark Bowen Oy oldin
John Denver
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Oy oldin
Im so buying this
Wee Bingino
Wee Bingino Oy oldin
Can’t wait until fallout 64 comes out
MatéoGame Oy oldin
Malheureusement fallout commence a devenir un FPS deja fallout 4 était surtout du shooting et peu d interaction avec les gens il y avait les constructions qui était sympa mais c était pas terrible En gros fallout 76 est une grosse copie de fallout 4 mais avec plus de constructions (avec des mods on peut avoir la même chose sur fallout 4) et un multijoueur qui copie clairement call of duty J ai plus de 105 niveaux sur fallout 4 et je vois pas pourquoi je devrais acheter fallout 76 pour au final la même chose. Au moins fallout 3/new vegas ont réfléchissais dans nos choix et on ne tirais pas comme un fou sans savoir ce qu'on fait.
nathan leach
nathan leach Oy oldin
And if west virgina is supposed to be not heavily hit by nukes why wouldn't there be more survivors around?
nathan leach
nathan leach Oy oldin
On fallout 3 I met a man named jack smith trying to convince me I was in virgina I guess fallout has already taken place there lol
BlocksBuilder TS
Am I the only one who gets sad seeing the marine in t-51 armor die?
Saos Oy oldin
Wait,the uncolored part was in 1776?
Genni Glassglow
💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (Just ask Him)*
Brad Neal
Brad Neal Oy oldin
It it a coincidence that i got the same trailer as an ad before this video?
X-ile 3
X-ile 3 Oy oldin
so sad for poor big guy
Remy -
Remy - Oy oldin
OH so NOW powerarmor don't require a frame...
this Bubbly Goodness
ah, i think it still requires a frame
lastlife0726 Oy oldin
Monster Factory 2: Todd strikes back.
KKona Clap
KKona Clap Oy oldin
KKona Clap
Lydnight Oy oldin
*W E S T V I R G I N I A*
i see what are you doing
they shouldve used john denver voice
Tristan Oy oldin
Also does anyone know if you will have to have power armor frames like Fallout 4 or will it be just more armor like Fallout 3?
BoredAbsol Oy oldin
The frames will return since 76 is using a slightly updated engine from 4. Features from the base game will return.
this Bubbly Goodness
you will have power armor frames in this one
Tristan Oy oldin
Did anyone else start singing?
Fallout Fan
Fallout Fan Oy oldin
This isnt the original version of Country Roads, which one is it? Is it one made for the trailer? Does anyone know?
this Bubbly Goodness
i think its made for Fallout 76's soundtrack, so it will probably be released when the game comes out or possibly in july if rumours are to believe
Subnuatica adventures Whalen
I don't know why they haven't made a fallout in Colorado because there's a lot of military there and China would probably just nuke Colorado
Glazeatr0n 12345
reply if ur hyped
Kineticwizzy Oy oldin
Man feels imagine watching as the world is coming to an end just thinking to yourself well this is it. It's the scariest thing I think a person can possibly experience knowing that the last few moments that you are living is the end of the world
Vicho Oy oldin
"xxxpu$$ysl4yer69_xxx has nuked your settlement."
this Bubbly Goodness
damn, my pu$$y was totally slayed
wonder world
wonder world Oy oldin
i use m1050.。。。
ShaDHP23 Oy oldin
I wonder if Martinsburg or Shepherdstown will be there. It would make perfect sense if they were, Shepherd is one of the oldest towns in America and Martinsburg is crawling with drug addicted creeps.
Eino Makinen
Eino Makinen Oy oldin
Respectively steal reliable culture Catholic rather Israeli carbohydrate president one display canvas.
PugMasta115 Oy oldin
Legend says Country roads 2 will play over the Battle Royale mode
Daunttles Oy oldin
looks awesome nice work
nuggit boy
nuggit boy Oy oldin
Wait, why is it that in fallout 76, just 25 years after the bombs, there are trees and grass, but in fallout 4, 200 years after the bombs, everything is dead?
this Bubbly Goodness
maybe the forests in west Virginia had like better access to water or something, but if i remember correctly, West Virginia was barely nuked if i believe, i think it was talked about in the NoClip doc
Hypennik Oy oldin
In Fallout 4's defense, It starts in late October. Where everything would be dead anyway.
remus lupin
remus lupin Oy oldin
I wonder if since it’s set in WV that Morgantown will be featured. I don’t live there anymore but i grew up there
uliek potato
uliek potato Oy oldin
Astrocat2374 Oy oldin
It's fallout 76 because its west Virginia and the US was started in 1776
paul ___
paul ___ Oy oldin
I've played the last three fallout games and really enjoyed them but this online only has put me off so I'm going to give it a miss
this Bubbly Goodness
you're respectable about it, it's all anyone can ask for
General Oliver Von Bismarck
I got an add For fallout 76
Willow Productions
Trent Coones
Trent Coones Oy oldin
"Almost Heaven, West Virginia" my favourite line with "Country Roads take me home"
Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit Oy oldin
put some Respek on John Denvers name what is this trash
Forza_0ne Oy oldin
So I decided to play some classic Fallout 3 when this trailer came out. During my time in Washington DC I went to The Citidel where all the B.O.S are at and I found something related to Fallout 76 if you go in the building where there there's a big conference table if you go to your right you will find a bunch of scribes and two terminals. One of them is a Vault-Tec terminal and if you go on it you will find a list of vaults and the first on is Vault 76 and if you click on it you can see the goal of the vault and it was to release the vault dwellers after 20 years when the bombs dropped and they let them out to do research. So my question is. Was this planned or not? Give me your opinions on this.
Hypennik Oy oldin
Maybe it's just a piece of leftover lore, Maybe they just dug it back out as a game idea.
Tommy Jarvis
Tommy Jarvis Oy oldin
You must rebuild not just walls not just buildings but hearts and alternately Canada it’s self fallout 150
y y u neeed dis
If sernando made fallout
YipuTheDerp Oy oldin
Jul L
Jul L Oy oldin
"Voice ... Voice never changes" the vault overseer voice actor is the same as the fallout3 and Fallout NV intro. War never changes my friends
Jul L
Jul L Oy oldin
Jaime Moyano I mentionned only Fallout's 3 and NV. I googled it up and it seems Fallout 1 throught Fallout NV was Ron Perlman in the intro voice, so you're off my friend. Fallout 4 isn't the same tough, so they really went back to a winning choice in Fallout 76 ;)
Jaime Moyano
Jaime Moyano Oy oldin
Jul L but not the same as fallout 1 and 2, so, it technically changed?
Tuna Gaming
Tuna Gaming Oy oldin
Take me Hoooooooooooooooooooome. Country roooooooooooads
Sam Poff
Sam Poff Oy oldin
I live in West Virginia and I will riot if moth man is not the final boss , blood will spill and tears will be shed .
this Bubbly Goodness
the mothman creature is defiantly in the game
Falconmist Oy oldin
wow they fixed DayZ
Why Me?
Why Me? Oy oldin
I gotta play this game
Naseem Tissire
Çamaşır Suyu
Ranger with the big iron>West virginia
Kate F
Kate F Oy oldin
Power armor shoulders are different
Scooter Aviation
Watching this I got the short trailer as the add at the start
Awakening Generation
love that country music, reminds me of John Franklin Kennedy
Falcon13377 Oy oldin
I got a fallout 76 ad
George Niotis
George Niotis Oy oldin
it just works
Toby Ruiz
Toby Ruiz Oy oldin
Im just hear this beatiful music
Nathan Onions
Nathan Onions Oy oldin
I had the trailer come on. Before the trailer. (The ad was this trailer)
Father Pineapple
The song reminds me of kingsman
How To Make Ramen
12 kun oldin