Famous Country Singer Bride Has 13 Days to Find a Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Stephanie Quayle is feeling pressured to find a dress she loves since her wedding is only 13 days away.
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3-Noy, 2018

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Просто Лола
I googled and found out that she married in 2015))) And her dress was great
Retieed 2 soat oldin
Ahh I love her colorful socks with those white heels
Marquel Wood
Marquel Wood 3 soat oldin
Why wait so late???
The Illusion
The Illusion 3 soat oldin
I think shes just putting off getting married!
Stephen Gleason
Stephen Gleason 4 soat oldin
Who cares? She is such an unlikeable person.
Luna Talpur
Luna Talpur 7 soat oldin
Love her hair
Audrey Chan
Audrey Chan 8 soat oldin
I love how everyone that works there has a since of humour 😂
S G B 8 soat oldin
Don't overact plz.. 13 day's is enough time to find a dress.. She is not out of the world.. 🙄
skaterboy3718 9 soat oldin
I hope she put more into the marriage than she did into the dress :) I am sure she is a lovely person; I am embarassed to say though she is pretty and a decent voice I had no idea who she was. I think the title is misleading. Am I famous because I am on tv 3 or 4 times a year and mentione din the newspaper another 3 times? I don't think so. But every person deserves their special day even if they acted like an idiot and waited so long to get the dress.
Ayl Tan
Ayl Tan 10 soat oldin
I thought of Taylor Swift about FAMOUS COUNTRY SINGER.
molly tsanadis
molly tsanadis 11 soat oldin
“I’m a delicate nature, I’m always doing the work” hahahah I love him
BellaDiLo317 12 soat oldin
Leanne Ashley
Leanne Ashley 12 soat oldin
she kinda looks like ashley tisdale
Ava M
Ava M 13 soat oldin
I am from where she is from
Spam_mendes _
Spam_mendes _ 13 soat oldin
SINternet Entertainment
I have heard of her for someone that should be famous. Hope she found something she looked before her big day.
ReviewCam 16 soat oldin
I sort of like that she has been more fcused on the wedding itself rather than searching so much for a dress, and willing to purchse one off the rack. But a couple of weeks before the wedding is really cutting it short. The dress at 4:14 is very beautiful. But maybe the dress isn't as important to her as other aspects of the wedding such as the ceremony, recitation of vows, the reception.
Anonymous Change
Anonymous Change 17 soat oldin
That woman’s mother was frowning the whole time: chill bit
Silver Darling
Silver Darling 19 soat oldin
1:14 killed me. I feel like they actually have fun doing thier jobs😂 they're savages
Mariana Arboleda
Mariana Arboleda 19 soat oldin
“I’m a delicate nature” lol 😂 had me dying
Gøófÿ Priñcess
Gøófÿ Priñcess 20 soat oldin
“No sweat” *wipes her head* lmao she funny🤣😂
Lexie Spratt
Lexie Spratt 21 soat oldin
Is it just me or does it seem like she only did this for publicity? I don’t think she’s actually getting married 😅 they didn’t ask anything about the groom and she talked a lot about how she works and about her music
Shilpa Krushna
Shilpa Krushna 22 soat oldin
Second dress was fabulous & she was looking so pretty in final look... appreciate her stepmom's concern... she was really worried about her step daughter....her children seems very lucky to have such a lovely mom
Glade Fotografer
Glade Fotografer 23 soat oldin
Country isn't music
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie Kun oldin
"I'm a delicate nature" 😂😂😂
sahar bayat
sahar bayat Kun oldin
Doin' wuuut ??? Singiiin' ....Eeeeeee
nsreen slama
nsreen slama Kun oldin
Her friends name is like mine but this is my moms account
Yo gee Kim lee
Yo gee Kim lee Kun oldin
“I’m a delicate nature” lol
xLolzBunnyz Msp
xLolzBunnyz Msp Kun oldin
"Famous" Where?
Ritashri Gohain
Ritashri Gohain Kun oldin
I am in love wit her moms hair😍
Mrs. Malfoy
Mrs. Malfoy Kun oldin
“It took you longer to match your bow to your glasses” Lmao
Dayna Leigh
Dayna Leigh Kun oldin
“I’m the procrastinator” that killed me 😂
Fatoumata Barry
Fatoumata Barry Kun oldin
I like the fact that the mom ask her opinion on any dress she tries
Angelika Miguel
Angelika Miguel Kun oldin
"I'm the procrastinator" girl same 😂
fsog Kun oldin
Did she ever find a dress?
chandy kinightly
I like how those receptionists looked at them XD
3Valerie Chase8
3Valerie Chase8 Kun oldin
" Why am I carrying them all? " " Because you're supposed to be stronger. " " But I'm a delicate nature. "
Sade Metsävirta
the second one was gorgeous :,o
Cutie3XBaby Kun oldin
I love the last dress!!! OMG!
Gjana Larson
Gjana Larson Kun oldin
is it weird that i kinda want to work there? 😂
Mckenna Jones
Mckenna Jones Kun oldin
Every time I watch this stuff it makes me want to go on Pinterest and look up dresses
Mia and Brooke’s FUN vlogs
Hilary Benoit
Hilary Benoit Kun oldin
I love country but I have never heard of her
MusicGirl101 #VbJordyn
*FAMOUS* Ive never heard of her
Malaika Iqbal
Malaika Iqbal 2 kun oldin
1:11 to 1:24 is hilarious
Karen Sue  Pohlmeier
It's really beautiful but it's.....too expensive for me even though I'm a "very famous" singer!! Lmfao!! Not!
Tena Akter
Tena Akter 2 kun oldin
হাই প্রবাসী বন্ধুরা যারা যারা ইমুতে ভিডিও সেক্স করবেন তারা তারা আমার ইমু নাম্বারে ফোন দেন /01707417291/ এটা আমার ইমু নাম্বার যারা কাজ করবেন তারা ফোন দেন ওকে
Mo Mo
Mo Mo 2 kun oldin
I don't think she wants to get married
debbieomi 2 kun oldin
Famous country singer = Reba McEntire, Dolly Paton, Carrie Underwood, etc.
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari 2 kun oldin
I'm glad she didn't settle. They were all pressuring her. Perhaps she can find a dress in one of costume rooms from her music videos
Casey  Cays
Casey Cays 2 kun oldin
Didn't she divorce her husband's like months after they got married??? And it ended badly??? I seen to remember this.
Big Rich Productions
No, they're three years happily married.
Olivia Fikremariam
Olivia Fikremariam 2 kun oldin
I’ve never heard of her
Jasmina Cerda
Jasmina Cerda 2 kun oldin
This bride is super annoying.
Lynn Eidson
Lynn Eidson 2 kun oldin
I thought the second dress fit well with her.
h. a
h. a 3 kun oldin
She is not ready to marry... It is not about the dress what so ever
Stella Iman
Stella Iman 3 kun oldin
The thumbnail is me 10 minutes before a party unsure about what looks good on me.
portia moore
portia moore 3 kun oldin
Does she want to get married?
ilaeoa 3 kun oldin
"5 to 6 month to order" But whyyy, really, are the laces handmade by blind French nuns? There is no way this kind of delay is necessary!
Tammy 6237
Tammy 6237 3 kun oldin
Not famous at all. At least not in Tennessee.
Sadvampie _
Sadvampie _ 3 kun oldin
_I’m a delicate nature_
Rhea Rajaratnam
Rhea Rajaratnam 3 kun oldin
I love that old gay guy he’s like the side kick
Celene Yap
Celene Yap 3 kun oldin
Famous? She only have 2911 subscriber on UZvid
Izzy S
Izzy S 3 kun oldin
I procrastinate but if I’m excited for something (like my wedding) I will go dress shopping the day after the proposal
Lilae Sedgwick Wardle
Do you had enee Dres fo me 😚😚😚😚 Is in 31das
eri139 3 kun oldin
1:13 oml he is such a mood
bbyg.jayden 3 kun oldin
Never heard of this jawn🤨
Destiny Peron
Destiny Peron 3 kun oldin
When you have to say “famous country singer” instead of just dying her name..... you’re not famous sorry
America Galarza
America Galarza 3 kun oldin
Why is there so many people with “ famous I’ve never heard of her” “ she’s not even famous”... have y’all ever put into thought that she is famous in Nashville and just cuz you haven’t heard of her doesn’t mean others haven’t either
Victoria R
Victoria R 3 kun oldin
seems like she has cold feet. why wait so long
Zoe Beth Parent
Zoe Beth Parent 3 kun oldin
I would HAVE TO ASK MY MOM Your "famous"
Cerdd_Wen 4 kun oldin
13 days - I had 6 weeks and that was bad enough lol! Mind, I had my dress made by a friend who was a dress maker and I'm not a fussy kind of person - I hate frills and bows (although the dress maker said a bow at the back of my plain dress would look good - so I went with it!
Purnima Gurung
Purnima Gurung 4 kun oldin
Well... Somebody doesn't know how dresses work
dipi p
dipi p 4 kun oldin
Famous country singer...wait till day wat i was listenin to nvr heard her...big country singer fan
SubscriberDX 4 kun oldin
Who? the title says famous country singer
Hansil _
Hansil _ 4 kun oldin
Just realized the voice over man is the same one for Hell’s Kitchen Maybe?
Razan Mugaibel
Razan Mugaibel 4 kun oldin
imma start saying ... I delicate nature more often lmaaooooo
Mary Bittner
Mary Bittner 4 kun oldin
Never heard of her
Lord Kresnik
Lord Kresnik 4 kun oldin
Say no to the dress
Alma MLR Lim Nails
Alma MLR Lim Nails 4 kun oldin
first time I heard from her 🙃🙃🙃
pica2754 4 kun oldin
When you only have 13 days left til your wedding day you can't afford to be picky. She didn't even try on a lot of dresses.
itziebitz 4 kun oldin
Even though the 2nd wedding dress looked gorgeous on her, she found her wedding dress and she looked magnificent.
Nashy21 Green
Nashy21 Green 4 kun oldin
Been in Nashville 13 yrs never heard of her.
Blue Palmer
Blue Palmer 4 kun oldin
I'm not sure if the dress is what's "not the one," procrastinating on something so important seems indicative of a deeper issue
Melanie's Conversations
I love this show! I didn’t know they had a UZvid channel! 😱
Lacey Griffin
Lacey Griffin 4 kun oldin
If she is so famous then I’m Carrie Underwood. Because I have never EVER heard of her and I’m a huge country music fan and I only listen to country music so if she was so famous I definitely would of heard of her.
A day and a life as Addyson
Omg Nashville 😍😍😍😍😍😍I live in Tennessee
Azeemah Sadiq
Azeemah Sadiq 4 kun oldin
sharpay evens ?
choppa 4 kun oldin
Looking like an old ass Millie Bobby brown
Ocean lights
Ocean lights 4 kun oldin
I’m being nosey but I wonder where her bio mom is?
Roxie Brookes
Roxie Brookes 4 kun oldin
I don't even like these sorts of shows but I'm interested in this one.
Nadhira Wb
Nadhira Wb 5 kun oldin
I'm gonna start putting famous country single in all my titles now.
Claudia C
Claudia C 5 kun oldin
I wonder if she finally found a dress perfect for her.
Liz Mowrey
Liz Mowrey 5 kun oldin
Lori just threw shade about the bowtie
Jeff B
Jeff B 5 kun oldin
"Only" 13 days to find a dress? Talk about 1st world problems.
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic 5 kun oldin
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roger davies
roger davies 5 kun oldin
Is getting married about the dress or the marriage?
TheBiggirl1957 5 kun oldin
I got chills when she put the veil on
Zakeena Haris
Zakeena Haris 5 kun oldin
If she’s famous you would have mentioned her name in the title
Natali Bondarenko
Natali Bondarenko 5 kun oldin