Famous Country Singer Bride Has 13 Days to Find a Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

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Princess Rajaa
Princess Rajaa 4 soat oldin
Her:what about this one Him:i cant cary any more Her:your meant to be a strong man Him:im a delicat nature Her:wa wa wa. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Zali McGrath
Zali McGrath 4 soat oldin
1:21 😂🤣😑
meron wheeler
meron wheeler 11 soat oldin
“famous” lmao no
I relate to her on the level of procrastination
Tracey Light
Tracey Light 21 soat oldin
Title said Famous. I have never heard of her.
Estela Chicas
Estela Chicas 23 soat oldin
Queens and Eminem yass
Cmoon 9
Cmoon 9 Kun oldin
I didn’t like it eaither
Sam And Tiff
Sam And Tiff Kun oldin
Doesn’t she look like Cher from clueless
Sam And Tiff
Sam And Tiff Kun oldin
Her blue socks😂
That’s why u never wait
Miss Kimsushi
Miss Kimsushi Kun oldin
Her blue socks XD
Danielle Barks
Danielle Barks Kun oldin
I like the fact that she didn't settle. She knew how special her dress was and decided to make it perfect even if it meant sacrifice
Selene Burgoyne
Selene Burgoyne Kun oldin
Selene im selene imposter
John Laurens Laurens
If she’s famous than I’m dating Bryan dechart🗿
Sleepy Panda
Sleepy Panda 2 kun oldin
Her friends and stepmom need to calm down! By the second dress, they're all annoyed and like "we're out of time! The weddings in 13 days!" Yeah and she's tried on TWO dresses, there are so many others she could try on! I understand the pressure on her but she said she hadn't found "the one" after two dresses, they pulled probably 10-15 for her. Sorry, I just get annoyed when people are impatient and ignorant.
Alysha 13
Alysha 13 2 kun oldin
I feel like it’s probably just me but does anyone else think at 5:24, she looks like Betty Cooper from Riverdale? 😂
Emilia Jurca
Emilia Jurca 2 kun oldin
The second dress was amazing! She could have picked that one!
Lisabrrj 2 kun oldin
It's funny because the Lori Bridal Shop shootings feels like a sitcom. They're really dramatic which makes the show funnier than Kleinfeld's.
Jay Mackenzie
Jay Mackenzie 2 kun oldin
If the ''special moment'' of finding the perfect dress was so important to her, why in the fuck did she wait until the last minute? You're not allowed to be picky if you do that shit.
KidsPlay Phone
KidsPlay Phone 3 kun oldin
Omg y'all are so cool!!Im from Tennessee!!!
Marchick ya
Marchick ya 3 kun oldin
5:39 “ that’s really pretty” 😂😂😂😂 I don’t know why it’s funny but it just it her face
Lyfiona Wesley
Lyfiona Wesley 3 kun oldin
montanabride.blogspot.com/2016/03/montana-wedding-stephanie-quayle.html?m=1 her wedding dress😍
Lucy T
Lucy T 3 kun oldin
Her mom is a bitch
- Simplicity
- Simplicity 3 kun oldin
Who? Neva heard of her
Icon 3 kun oldin
i live in nashville yet i never heard of her lmao
YAASSS QUEEN 3 kun oldin
I think she’s a slight snob. She’s supposed to be famous, yet I’ve seen people I’ve actually heard of before act less entitled and less picky. I caught an uptight attitude, and thought she was rude sitting on the floor in a dress someone else was going to buy.
adrianna 4 kun oldin
@ 3:17 MOOD
ChezFeroce 4 kun oldin
Stupid bitch
Mel Likes food
Mel Likes food 4 kun oldin
1:15 XD that was pretty funny
Lee Northey
Lee Northey 4 kun oldin
Who ?
Palmi Duby
Palmi Duby 5 kun oldin
Her own damn fault for being lazy.
Country girls final look wud always be on like a ballgown and a cowboy boots 😅
B. Kween
B. Kween 5 kun oldin
Y’all are being over dramatic. She’s ready for marriage but she needs to learn how to plan stuff better. Especially when it comes to her career and her family.
living meme
living meme 5 kun oldin
well I'm glad i'm never gettin married
FELICIA 5 kun oldin
I really don't like how her mother was behaving and pushing her so bad.
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
famous in her own mind? She looks like she should be on Rock of Love
Chloe Wilcox
Chloe Wilcox 7 kun oldin
I live in Nashville!
im not creative enough for this
Friend: Hey, do you wanna come over? Me: 2:39
Mara Fae
Mara Fae 7 kun oldin
It can’t take more than 2-5 hours to go dress shopping. She had plenty of time so I don’t understand why she waited until 13 days before the wedding
Sandra Melvin
Sandra Melvin 7 kun oldin
I am going to klienfield for my wedding dress
shelly Clarke
shelly Clarke 7 kun oldin
Bet she didn't even get married 😂
bethanie freeman
bethanie freeman 7 kun oldin
I'd have to ask my mom Lord give me strength
klia kay
klia kay 7 kun oldin
These kind of things happen when the bride is unorganised, especially when somebody calls you weekly about the same thing and your like 'im working on it' . If you wanted to get the perfect dress so badly, you wouldve planned these things months in advance. I know its not easy to plan a wedding but if your not up to it, you should get a wedding planner! I dont think shes ready to marry, sorry!
rexington john
rexington john 8 kun oldin
If you walk out without a dress 13 days before the wedding... you’re not getting married.
ReMusic Now
ReMusic Now 8 kun oldin
“Im A Delicate Nature” IM DEADDD
me trying to climb my insecurities
"famous" I don't even know who she is.
Mylene Malyon
Mylene Malyon 8 kun oldin
Never heard
Alicia Baker
Alicia Baker 9 kun oldin
Ok so I’m not the only one that hasn’t heard of her
Angela McCart
Angela McCart 9 kun oldin
Loved this; Technically everyone is famous when you think about it; montanabride.blogspot.com/2015/01/montana-bridal-shops-and-trunk-shows.html
다시잊혀진 9 kun oldin
Cheynapple Da pineapple
“I’m of delicate nature”
xXJulia & EmilyXx -gameplays-
Man: walks past holding 10 wedding dresses Lady at the counter: I don’t even want to know what their doing LOL THIS MADE ME LAUGH SOOO BAD
D K 9 kun oldin
These two @1:19 should have their separate show I swear! 😂 I just loved them!!! ❤
Paige Amelia
Paige Amelia 9 kun oldin
It’s a bit revealing, I better ask my mum 😂 I don’t think I’ve related to something so much
Ama xo
Ama xo 9 kun oldin
Aw my name is Amarelys as well. I’m sure hers is spelled exactly like the flower.
Jayson Diwa
Jayson Diwa 9 kun oldin
Galaxy-Memes 9 kun oldin
Why is this me?
Melissa Molina
Melissa Molina 9 kun oldin
Shes not famous nobody knows her
druggedflowers 10 kun oldin
She’s doing way too much
summer hays
summer hays 10 kun oldin
I'm a delicate nature😂😂😂
Lola Castl
Lola Castl 10 kun oldin
My name is lori
Lucja Swietoslawska
Lucja Swietoslawska 10 kun oldin
*Country boy i luv uu* *Ermm ye..* Like if you remember the vine
lucy 10 kun oldin
who now?
Helen Burnley
Helen Burnley 10 kun oldin
She's sweet and lovely. I have not heard of her but now I know. ☺️
Jimena De Leija
Jimena De Leija 11 kun oldin
If she calls and considers her mom they shouldn’t put her as “step mom”
Sai Sanaha
Sai Sanaha 11 kun oldin
For Indian bride no need of wearing a sarre for trials
Ab. D.
Ab. D. 11 kun oldin
The dress at 4:21 is stunning... She just doesn't want to get married
Deluna Adelfwolfa
Deluna Adelfwolfa 11 kun oldin
i read the comments for doubtful and wondering with google her name..Just wonder who is she and i found out that she already married on 2015.. psst its not late right for me to had a comment in this episode hahahaha
Mastura Hamzah
Mastura Hamzah 11 kun oldin
If you knew you are picky type person, DONT MAKE ANYTHING LAST MINUTE.
Megan Horan
Megan Horan 11 kun oldin
Who??? Famous??? Uhh... sorry to break it to her but mo one knows who she is
Anna Gray
Anna Gray 12 kun oldin
Lmao she left him at the alter anyway I think
ViVi Birdie
ViVi Birdie 13 kun oldin
Hehehehehehehe...blue socks :3
Phara De Jaegere
Phara De Jaegere 13 kun oldin
Ok is it just me or does the podium look like a penis?
Joga BABE 13 kun oldin
Her stepmom is so nice
Rachel Atsahham
Rachel Atsahham 13 kun oldin
I'm in love with a Hindu guy but I'm Christian and I'm committed to him , I watching all this video imagining myself but I know if I get married in Hindu ritual I'll never get to wear this. ..😢❤
Abby Leigh
Abby Leigh 13 kun oldin
She looks like Cher from Clueless!!!
Leah Marie
Leah Marie 14 kun oldin
If she is famous, im not gonna die alone
Sara Fatima
Sara Fatima 14 kun oldin
Shes very pretty. And amazed by the negative comments
Itsamina African Muslim
The last dress was... beautiful tbh ( to be honest)
Itsamina African Muslim
All I watch on UZvid is say yes to the 👗
Lani Luna
Lani Luna 14 kun oldin
Monte: Why am i carrying all of them 😂
Mya Gatling
Mya Gatling 14 kun oldin
Ok I LOVED Lori in this episode she was hilarious 😂
Martina Lola fraser
Martina Lola fraser 14 kun oldin
Why did she wait up until 13 days until her wedding if I was getting married and a singer like I wish I was I'd be more focused on my dress no my music
Martina Lola fraser
Martina Lola fraser 14 kun oldin
I have been singing since I was little I was about 3 starting really singing at age 6 I'm 27 almost 28 now my papa has a band he's amazing he even sang at the biggest bar in Nashville Tennessee the biggest one he said u can ever get to sing in my dream one day
Lea h
Lea h 15 kun oldin
Someone tell me why is she wearing blue socks with heals😵
Cherie Tuagben
Cherie Tuagben 15 kun oldin
I never heard of her😞
Nikki Nicole
Nikki Nicole 15 kun oldin
She looks like Amber Marshall
MoanYoongles 15 kun oldin
People in the comments keep talking about *"It'S diSreSPecTiNg tO siT iN tHaT drEsS!"* Well like all the dress' skirts are being dragged on the floor every time people walk in them.
MoanYoongles 15 kun oldin
Shakia Causey
Shakia Causey 15 kun oldin
I've been married before and I didn't know what was really important and the first 3 things that should be done first bc no one ever told me but the 3 first things that you must do is get a venu, the wedding dress(and the rest of the wedding party) and a pastor. The venu is bc most people rent out the venu at least a year away and my problem was I waited about 6 to 8 months before I looked for a venue. The wedding dress is bc it takes between 3 to 6 months to come in and that's with out all the things that they may have to do to the dress to get it to fit you, your body and height. Now you can put a rush on it witch coast more to do and it still has to get it fix for you and your body. Now the pastor bc pastors are always busy with anniversaries, church,Sunday school,funerals and extr.
Mrs D
Mrs D 16 kun oldin
I dont think she wants to get married!
Shawn P
Shawn P 16 kun oldin
Famous? Never heard of her....
Queennar Mambi
Queennar Mambi 16 kun oldin
Ya sure that man not a hair dresser too???
onenighttoremember 16 kun oldin
Why didnt she take the second one..she used the word love and had a bit of a wow moment... But i think its a bit weird she didnt do any search or go to stores...
Maredy Escalante
Maredy Escalante 16 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice she was wearing socks with heels
Maisy Cook
Maisy Cook 17 kun oldin
She is not famous i have never heard of her
MsKudelka 17 kun oldin
Почему в России не показывают новые сезоны???
Zyxoki 17 kun oldin
Don’t know her
Mackenna Cookson
Mackenna Cookson 18 kun oldin
The second one is my favorite
Zara Elms
Zara Elms 19 kun oldin
Best line: "I don't even want to know what they're doing." 😂
4 kun oldin