Famous Country Singer Bride Has 13 Days to Find a Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Stephanie Quayle is feeling pressured to find a dress she loves since her wedding is only 13 days away.
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3-Noy, 2018



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Haneesa Kun oldin
never heard of her but she has a Wikipedia page so I guess she's fairly known
KawaiiSweet Bakery
KawaiiSweet Bakery 3 kun oldin
Unlucky Number Threteen
Alexa Ysabelle
Alexa Ysabelle 4 kun oldin
Darline Mushqurrh
Darline Mushqurrh 5 kun oldin
The staff in this bridal shop is my entertainment!!!
xogr818 6 kun oldin
Michelle Ortiz
Michelle Ortiz 7 kun oldin
ChimChim Kook
ChimChim Kook 9 kun oldin
I love how everyone at this store is so humorous😂😂😂😂
Asher Duff
Asher Duff 11 kun oldin
Can I be the only one who finds all that messy hair distracting from her natural beauty?
Estée Zeller
Estée Zeller 14 kun oldin
1:17 is the funniest fucking thing
Arie’s World
Arie’s World 15 kun oldin
The people that sell the dresses are always so funny.
Tori & Destiny
Tori & Destiny 16 kun oldin
Amber Lee
Amber Lee 17 kun oldin
My dress would be done after the cake and food
Locked out of pain
Locked out of pain 20 kun oldin
3:07 she makes me feel like am watching a child
Missy Mara
Missy Mara 21 kun oldin
I have very little sympathy for people who don't plan ahead on such an important day.
Wi W. Tarzan
Wi W. Tarzan 21 kun oldin
I bought my wedding dress 2 days before the wedding. haha
chinmaya vedantam
chinmaya vedantam 21 kun oldin
I really like and appreciate consultant team
Tóth Kamilla
Tóth Kamilla 22 kun oldin
Omg I don't understand peoples obsession with the wedding dress. You will literally wear it for maybe 6 hours your whole life. It's just a dress. You won't fall in love with it, that's just unrealistic expectations. If it looks flattering on you, you can wear it to your wedding.
Hanna Hafizzah
Hanna Hafizzah 22 kun oldin
13 days . It's a long time
Diamond sisters Roksi
She is a famous country singer so she is FAMOUS
Diamond sisters Roksi
Me too
Trash Can
Trash Can 25 kun oldin
Get up off that floor you are wearing white and that floor is *FILTHY*
Lady Darkana
Lady Darkana 25 kun oldin
omg the beginning was so cute i love the designers so much lmao
Sammy’s Make Up Vlog
I’m 13 and I have picked out my wedding dress HOW HAS SHE LEFT IT TO 13 DAYS
yesiownfrodo 28 kun oldin
She should have bought A DRESS, even if it wasn't the "right" dress and that will take the pressure off. If she doesn't use it or want it, she could always donate it or whatever. This woman, subconsciously, does not want to get married.
yesiownfrodo 28 kun oldin
dumbest episode ever
Laura Harmour
Laura Harmour Oy oldin
lovely girl, but does she actually want to get married?! that last dress was beautiful, to walk away with no dress suggests something else going on as to why she has still not got a gown
Alya Rashed
Alya Rashed Oy oldin
3:05 she's soo cute 😂😂
Venkatesh Udutha
13 days for wedding,did not decide dress yet and giving video clips for tv channel................😡😞😞😞😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Pøffy Cløud
Pøffy Cløud Oy oldin
Famous singer I’ve never heard of? Can’t be that famous
Jackie G
Jackie G Oy oldin
Well what happened. Did she find a dress???
Elaha Rezai
Elaha Rezai Oy oldin
I relate to this bride so hard I'm the procrastinating queen
Nuhad Lol
Nuhad Lol Oy oldin
Thats how the teachers look at me everyday when I walk in class to put my chewing gum in the dustbin at 1:17
some HOT kpop TEA
This comment section is a bit shady and a bit rude because no one is appreciating her or saying good about her they're just straight ahead complaining about everything from the socks to the wedding
some HOT kpop TEA
Stop being shady about how famous she is Get a life, it's her wedding no one asked for your fricking shade and she looks so good
atmiya mart
atmiya mart Oy oldin
nice collection this website @t
Eve lyn
Eve lyn Oy oldin
Im a delicate nature, lol
Jacqueline Hermosillo
“I’m of delicate nature” 😂
Elli e
Elli e Oy oldin
I am on a “Say yes to the dress” binge watch 😂
kenzie printz
kenzie printz Oy oldin
my mom didnt get her dress until the day before she got married
Kangkana Kumar
her 1st 2 dresses were so amazing....
Yarelis Serrano
I keep watching this channel every day lol my boyfriend look at me like what are you doing?! I don’t wanna get marry I just love watching these videos 😂
She’s clearly not famous if you have to say she’s famous and if you were really ready to get married then why did she forget about the main thing the dress
Naomi 72
Naomi 72 Oy oldin
was it really 13 days before her wedding?
Kimberly Mason
It is total BS that she didn’t have time!
Zidan Ravidariya
Say yes to the dress you all are funny 😀
misstigermilk Oy oldin
Maybe she was looking more for publicity than for a dress by being on the show...
LunarGalaxy Oy oldin
Maybe she’s famous in the country area
Kaitlyn’s Crafts
Watching this in 2019… And she is such a mood
Kira Anastasia Andersen
How can u wait so long? what?!
Ellen Dunn
Ellen Dunn Oy oldin
LOL this is 100 % going to be me someday
Alexis Gold-Perez
Once I get engaged one of the first things I’m doing is trying wedding gowns! Who waits 13 days? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Alexa Milbradt
I « JUST » want it to feel amazing. Yeah nbd. JUST amazing
Sadaf Ahmed
Sadaf Ahmed Oy oldin
Too picky not in touch, not ready yet, you have to like something, can't be too fussed. Not ready.
Marisol Rodriguez
If she didn't want to settle for a sample dress off the rack, then she should have shopped for a dress 6 months to a year beforehand.
brenda muñoz
brenda muñoz Oy oldin
When she sit on the floor
Tumble4Life Oy oldin
She looks like Shante from High School Musical😂
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole Oy oldin
Wow click bait only famous in her head
Christina Singleton
I loved the dresses she tried on...But GIRL!! YOU CAN’T BE WAITING 13 DAYS BEFORE YOUR WEDDING!!
Cristi K.
Cristi K. Oy oldin
I looked it up and the dress she did end up getting looks absolutely stunning.. its very beautiful.. she did the right thing in leaving..
Akanksha Thokade
1:13 to 1:24 was XDD "I'm of delicate in nature" "I don't even want to know" LOL
K D Oy oldin
Off to Google Stephanie Quayle!! 🤠 The dress that she found was absolutely beautiful and fit her persona beautifully. She was lovely😊
Rachel Jenkins
I love how the consultants were bickering at the beginning.
Shayna Oy oldin
Hope she found what she is looking for. Famous is not defined as everyone know who a person is.
Cxlyooo __
Cxlyooo __ Oy oldin
Am i the 9nly ine who keeps on looking at her hair
Lushianna King
Yall just rude. Wat the hell. If you don't know her too bad
Lee Shmurda
Lee Shmurda Oy oldin
Bitch get off the floor with our sample dress 🙄🙄🙄
Diddy Vlogs
Diddy Vlogs Oy oldin
When you’re ready to get married, the dress becomes a little detail. The main point is that you’re being united with the one you love. Besides, she looked beautiful in all those dresses ☹️
Ester Leng
Ester Leng Oy oldin
I only clicked because of the name
Koko Weltal
Koko Weltal Oy oldin
It seems she wants to sabotage her marriage also sitting in dress she hadn't even bought on floor. Just here for publicity for wedding
*"famous"* never heard of her tho-
TheInklet Oy oldin
3:07 she's adorable >.
Stacie Sherman
I've never heard of her
Stacie Sherman
I've never heard of her
Splishy Waterwave
chibimimi17 2 oy oldin
I loved the second dress. I think it is the marriage she is not sure about,not the dress. She is career oriented, so may be not ready to settle down yet.
Emil Eyford
Emil Eyford 2 oy oldin
Ezzle Bezzle
Ezzle Bezzle 2 oy oldin
"I'm a delicate nature!" lol
Virginia Nations
Virginia Nations 2 oy oldin
15:23 is the best part
Erika Jaekl
Erika Jaekl 2 oy oldin
I love the 2nd one tho...
Sofia Lawrence
Sofia Lawrence 2 oy oldin
who is she?
Clarissa Velicia
Clarissa Velicia 2 oy oldin
Her actual wedding dress is so pretty I get jealous. Google it up guys!
Zilia craft 12
Zilia craft 12 2 oy oldin
Famous country singer umm put Blake Shelton
amna malik
amna malik 2 oy oldin
3:03 lol it took you longer to match your bow tie with your glasses... 😂
Kayla Lofgren
Kayla Lofgren 2 oy oldin
She looks like Ashley Tisdale!
DominicanRaven 2 oy oldin
“ I am the procrastinator” lol 😂
Mariela Mancia
Mariela Mancia 2 oy oldin
I love the dresses there there amazing
Gachalife Potato
Gachalife Potato 2 oy oldin
Every person goes threw like three dresses and BOOM, it’s the one!
Vecky Beograd
Vecky Beograd 2 oy oldin
👰 are so gorgeous I think if someone looking like that every dress suite .
Anuradha Dubey
Anuradha Dubey 2 oy oldin
Oh my god was that something that everybody who opened the video went onto the comment section... Small small Coments do have thousands of likes: even more that than the all the people I met in my life
Pearl Yang
Pearl Yang 2 oy oldin
It's her fault at least she able take her time to find her dress
Juustja 2 oy oldin
"13 days??! It took you longer to match your board tie up to your glasses." 😂
Achintha Thyangi
Achintha Thyangi 2 oy oldin
Dudes, am I the only one who thinks that the bride look female version of the Dean from the freaking Supernatural?
Kelly Wood
Kelly Wood 2 oy oldin
She has a wedding planner!?!?! That let her get 13 days away without a dress????
Marauders Geek
Marauders Geek 2 oy oldin
Anyone else find it kind of cute that she keeps her socks on? Like waking out in socks in a wedding dress, how soft?
Angelica Sanchez Garcia
1:16 im a delicate nature 😂😂😂lol me 2
Terri Myrick
Terri Myrick 2 oy oldin
I'm not thrilled with her attitude
A A 2 oy oldin
"I wanna a dress like other brides-" Sis other brides buy the dress at least a month before the wedding
MãIsHâ MêHjâßëêN
I have no idea why people are hating on her, I actually like her weird behaviour.
McKenna Jewel
McKenna Jewel 2 oy oldin
Thats the level of procrastination that i aspire to have.
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