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21-Avg, 2017

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lolo 3 soat oldin
Ariana looks shooketh in the thumbnail
megan doyle
megan doyle 4 soat oldin
even with autotune taylor and dua lipa sound bad
Kessy Kayumbi
Kessy Kayumbi 9 soat oldin
Ari and demi kehsa
Music 4eva
Music 4eva 11 soat oldin
Ari and Demi are queens!
Chloe Lewis
Chloe Lewis 12 soat oldin
Ariana 😍😍 Demi ,lady gaga,Camila and little mix soo powerful
Jelena Lostumbo
Jelena Lostumbo 12 soat oldin
1:43 I wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t realize that it switched from music video to live XD But I gotta say Dua Lipa sounded uhm eh on live
Sasa stylinson
Sasa stylinson 12 soat oldin
Louis ❤❤❤❤
artsy maga
artsy maga 13 soat oldin
The little mix one? They sound the exact same, I saw them yesterday live as well and they literally sound the exact same
ReliableFern676 13 soat oldin
Obviously its gonna be a bit different from the music video just because its in a studio doesn't mean they're using auto tune :/
FireAssualt 14 soat oldin
Demi, Charlie, And Ariana sound great
Vincent Smiraglia
Vincent Smiraglia 14 soat oldin
Beebo does not use auto tune
Charlotte Matthews
Charlotte Matthews 20 soat oldin
Hardly fair when some are doing like a proper live show outside and some are pretty much in a studio... can’t really compare a lot of them
Kylie Joy
Kylie Joy 20 soat oldin
Demi Alvaro sounds better live
Kylie Joy
Kylie Joy 20 soat oldin
Jemma Ang
Jemma Ang 23 soat oldin
Nu anne marie
Hilla Perez
Hilla Perez Kun oldin
Dua lipa canta bien horrible en vivo en cambio Katy canta igual que en las canciones y hay vídeos que lo comprueban :)
Ropafadzo Runyararo
1. Meh 2.nice 3.good 4.amazing 5.nice 6 .nice try 7.good 8❤(no words) 9.good try 10.good#3 11.💖💖 12. Well done 13.how does she do it
Tia and Lulu Animations
Honestly I was really surprised when lady Gaga sang really good live
Snowy love Love
Snowy love Love Kun oldin
1:29 am I the only one who saw that girl in front almost trip? You'll see it, the dancing girl to ur right in the front row
Macy Grande
Macy Grande Kun oldin
Ariana does not auto tune she’s spoke about this. It’s really bad to think all the studio versions are auto tuned when that may not be the case
Isabella’s cute Draw
They still sound good
Maryam Ray Spears
I Changes my mind deeeemmmmmi is the beeeesssst
Maryam Ray Spears
Charlie and Taylor and little mix and Camila and ariana are the best
Iza Eijgelaar
Iza Eijgelaar Kun oldin
SmookieKins Kun oldin
you forgot christina aguilera ):
Tieh Unicorn
Tieh Unicorn Kun oldin
Demi and ariana are the best!
Kaytlin Cooper
Kaytlin Cooper Kun oldin
Derpy Potatoe
Derpy Potatoe 2 kun oldin
Camila, Charlie, Taylor, Little Mix, Justin, Ariana, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Demi, and Zara were my favorites.😀
Wilde 2 kun oldin
I’m just gonna say it. Dua lipa is not talented. She’s only famous for how beautiful she is and doesn’t even write or even CO WRITE her songs. She’s just a pretty rich girl who buys songs and studio tickets and fills her voice with auto tune. She’s terrible live too. If u are considering getting a live ticket to her performance consider getting Katy Perry or Charlie Puth, they are both really good live!
lucia relloso
lucia relloso 2 kun oldin
Best ari
Elif XoXo
Elif XoXo 2 kun oldin
Dua can‘t sing My Charlie😍😍🔥💥
Milly Jordan
Milly Jordan 2 kun oldin
I like Taylor, Little mix, Ari, Lady Gaga, Kesha and Demi (Oml slayyyy)
sunshine00anne 2 kun oldin
Studio performances are always gonna be more polished than live performances. Doesn’t mean they just roll the vocals through “the autotune machine”. Working as a studio engineer is a proper craft. Although it’s true that autotune is used way too often as a cheap cheat to become a one hit wonder.
MusicSea Dream
MusicSea Dream 2 kun oldin
Ariana slayed this tho
Funneh Pleb fan
Funneh Pleb fan 2 kun oldin
Justin Bieber the the worst one but Demi is so talented
x zeynep sanli x Beyond tow souls
buse laeson nice
Para Que Quieres Saber Eso
Kesha never do her high note in Praying😞
Lena Miticxxツ
Lena Miticxxツ 2 kun oldin
Luis Fonsi is so good too bros
-Maude YTB-
-Maude YTB- 2 kun oldin
Ariana is my favorite ❤😘
Mehdi online
Mehdi online 2 kun oldin
Ariana and demi are the best
Izabelle Armin
Izabelle Armin 2 kun oldin
Gosh bebe rexahs Voice in real is soo Bad :/ but i Love her Songs xD
Jerica Woo
Jerica Woo 2 kun oldin
Lady gaga is the best one tbh
i love one direction and other stuff
Louis Tomlinson&Bebe Rexha 10/10❤❤ Katy Perry 10/10❤ Dua lipa 9/10❤❤ Camilla Cabello 9/10❤ Charlie Puth 8/10❤ Taylor swift 10/10❤❤ Luis fonsi 10/10❤ Little mix 10/10❤ Ariana Grande 10/10❤ Mylie Cyrus 10/10❤ Lady gaga 15/10❤❤❤ Ke$ha 15/10❤ Demi lovato 10/10 ❤ Zara Larson 10/10❤
fake queen
fake queen 3 kun oldin
Dua lipa really tricks her audience into thinking she sings that High
S A V A G E 3 kun oldin
Dua lipa tho
In the middle of our house
Lady Gaga has such a perfect musical voice
Leslie Walden
Leslie Walden 3 kun oldin
Lady Gaga,and Ariana Grande both of them are really good at singing 🎤
Mathilde Jacobsen
Mathilde Jacobsen 3 kun oldin
00:28 ??That sound Can I only hear this🤣🤣 🤣Argh🤣whatever🤣🤣
mcdonalds milkshake
Charlie put literally sounded exactly the same
Ice Cream Plays
Ice Cream Plays 3 kun oldin
What's Up!
What's Up! 3 kun oldin
I love how they used Camilla’s worst performance for that song😂 jk I love you videos!!
Crown Beed
Crown Beed 3 kun oldin
pretty sure most of these aren't really autotuned. but there is going to be a difference between being able to sing a single line 20+ times to get it the way you want it on record and performing live I know Kesha took like 30 days to hit that note in Praying and she doesn't do it live becuase if she does she'll hurt herself.
The Tyups
The Tyups 3 kun oldin
Ariana 😍
Drew D.
Drew D. 3 kun oldin
Grading in order: Louis + Bleta/Bebe: D (ouch.) Katy: C (eh.) Dua: F (ouch! 😖) Camila: D (wtf) Charlie: C (soft) Taylor: A/B (solid) Luis: D (meh.) Little Mix: B (cool.) Justin: C (very Jamaican) Ariana: B/C (cool) Miley: D (e?) Stephanie/Lady Gaga: A (wow!) Kesha: C (notes?) Demi: A (owo) Zara: F (;-;)
HENK De Beer
HENK De Beer 3 kun oldin
Little mix is okay
XxMalenaXx BehanXx
XxMalenaXx BehanXx 3 kun oldin
Its not aoutotune the edit the song make it sound clear but when their live they have no editor hey just put the beat flat in the real song and it also sounds different bc they have to sing over the screaming ppl no hate
Min Oo
Min Oo 3 kun oldin
Love kesha
Stacy Matthews
Stacy Matthews 3 kun oldin
Taylor ,Charlie, little mix , Ariana , lady Gaga Demi
ScreamBabes :* •
ScreamBabes :* • 3 kun oldin
Charlie putt did well
Mushi Wolf
Mushi Wolf 3 kun oldin
Kesha and Taylor and Justin and lady Gaga and Ariana and then Demi
Inashia Cole
Inashia Cole 3 kun oldin
Katy sound the same to me
JOJO KOKY 3 kun oldin
Katy Perry, Tylor swift , little mix , Justin Bieber , ariana grande and demi Lovato is the best in auto tune and live
Ekinn Eidayu
Ekinn Eidayu 4 kun oldin
maddie Rose
maddie Rose 4 kun oldin
Did anyone notice one of the dancers in Camilla’s performance slipped?😂
Tiz Tazo
Tiz Tazo 4 kun oldin
Ariana grande sounds the samd
Theodora St
Theodora St 4 kun oldin
FIFAphil 4 kun oldin
Little Mix
_Alex Games_
_Alex Games_ 4 kun oldin
Bitch They’re All Slayingggggg,Especially Little Mix,Ariana(Obiviously,Y’all Know That If Victorious Was Your Childhood),Lady Gaga,Charlie,And JB!
Santiago Quiñones
Santiago Quiñones 4 kun oldin
Ariana Grande and Charlie Puth
e kk
e kk 4 kun oldin
Camila is good
Martin Gazi
Martin Gazi 4 kun oldin
Ariana Grande And Demi Lovato really voice
Gold Fish
Gold Fish 5 kun oldin
Ari makes high notes look so easy....😐 I’m jealous 😂
Ben EastwaterVlogs
Ben EastwaterVlogs 5 kun oldin
San bravo
San bravo 5 kun oldin
Demi, ariana and lady gaga killing it as always
Kayla Patterson
Kayla Patterson 5 kun oldin
some really don't need autotune
The GEER 5 kun oldin
Little Mix😍
Alycat Anaherine
Alycat Anaherine 5 kun oldin
I really like Taylor swift without audio
Chiara Palumbo
Chiara Palumbo 6 kun oldin
Ariana of course is the best cause her live is better the her exibition “autotuned”. She’s fantastic 😍💗
Genaro King
Genaro King 6 kun oldin
Kesha never did the whistle register live 😑
Anonymous 6 kun oldin
chicken mc nuggets
chicken mc nuggets 6 kun oldin
Justin biebers one was auto tuned tho
Lilian Mc'Curdy
Lilian Mc'Curdy 6 kun oldin
Ariana Grande sounded the best without auto tune
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 6 kun oldin
Ari , Demi , Kesha
Emily Salas
Emily Salas 6 kun oldin
Charlie Pugh auto tune he said I instead of you It won’t let me say his last name
Gxby XO
Gxby XO 6 kun oldin
Demi tho!
Sol Davila
Sol Davila 6 kun oldin
lalaland lalaland
lalaland lalaland 6 kun oldin
Camila Cabello, Charlie Puth, Taylor Swift, Jlo, Shakira, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande=❤️❤️❤️
Rose H
Rose H 6 kun oldin
Eihpos 008
Eihpos 008 6 kun oldin
Little mix all the way
Joanna Jackpot
Joanna Jackpot 7 kun oldin
Little Mix💖
Zoe Good
Zoe Good 7 kun oldin
Katy Perry it still quite amazing with her voice
Melina Valencia
Melina Valencia 7 kun oldin
1) Bebe Rexha sounds good with or without 2) Katy Perry really doesn’t have a difference 3) Dua Lipa sounds good live but it’s a difference that is noticeable 4) Camila Cabello sounds better auto tuned and you could tell it’s auto tuned 5) Charlie Pith sounds good both ways 6) Taylor sounds very similar both ways 7) Luis Fonsi sounds the same 8) Little mix sounds the same 9) Justin Bieber sounds better live 10) Ariana Heande sounds better live 11) Miley Cyrus sounds better live 12) lady Gaga doesn’t sound that different 13) Kesha sounds better live and you could tell it’s auto tuned 14) Demi lavato totally sounds better live 15) clean bandet ft Zara Larson sounds the same
Jordan Kazakoff
Jordan Kazakoff 7 kun oldin
Dual lipa is good at singing at all
Sovath Kim
Sovath Kim 7 kun oldin
Dua lipa live is at Russia
Dakota Lara
Dakota Lara 7 kun oldin
1:09 that girl is literally me😂😂
Miana Katers
Miana Katers 7 kun oldin
ariana is the best
Milenka Avagyan
Milenka Avagyan 7 kun oldin
Justin Bieber,Little Mix, Ariana THE QUEEN Grande ❤️,Lady Gaga , are the best for me🔥
Salad Box Brick Lane UK
dua has way better live performances than the one in this video
Destiny Jo
Destiny Jo 7 kun oldin
With chained to the rhythm any body remember when the house fell off the stage 😂😂
Eliza Gabriela
Eliza Gabriela 7 kun oldin
Demi is a natural
Ali_Chocolate 7 kun oldin
1:24 the crowd is dead wtf