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KM TV 2 oy oldin
Which Song Do You Like the Most? Original VS Copy? ✔ uzvid.com/video/video-zFIOVRAxZKk.html
FunnyStuff 8 kun oldin
Yaaas I agree
FunnyStuff 8 kun oldin
The one of taylor swift singing out of the woods. She's also like THE BEST singer ever so yea.
Zahra Azemy
Zahra Azemy 10 kun oldin
Out Of the Woods
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes Oy oldin
Demi was amazing! For real there!!
Meme XXX 2000
Meme XXX 2000 Oy oldin
The kawaii Family 😂😂sameeee
Prawns 2008
Prawns 2008 47 daqiqa oldin
Omg little mix were brilliant why are these girls so under rated
Prawns 2008
Prawns 2008 Soat oldin
Camila was really good
Prawns 2008
Prawns 2008 Soat oldin
Dua lipa is so pretty
Gracie vlogs and more
Gracie vlogs and more 11 soat oldin
Katy perry is good and cammila
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 12 soat oldin
Sister sing 🎤
ariadna melendez
ariadna melendez 14 soat oldin
Ariana and Demi killed it
Brooklynn Mtz
Brooklynn Mtz 16 soat oldin
Demi honestly killed it. :0 :)
Epic Log
Epic Log 22 soat oldin
Bebe and Louis 5/10 😊 Katy Perry 6/10 👑 Dua Lipa 5/10 😊 Camila 10/10 😮 Charlie 7/10 😇 Taylor 8/10 😉 Luis 4/10 💃 Little Mix 11/10 😀 Justin 10/10 😁 Ariana 100000000000000000000000000000000/10 😮♥ Miley 10/10 😉 Lady Gaga 9/10 😏 Kesha 9/10 (she didnt go high) 😁 Demi 1000000000000000000000000000000000/10 😮❤ Zara 8/10 😇
AYEForApplesauce 16 soat oldin
for Kesha, you know it's not just about high notes.
Epic Log
Epic Log 22 soat oldin
1:09 When the celebrity is trying to get everyone hyped up and your the only one 😂
Jose Warren
Jose Warren Kun oldin
Lady gaga ❤
poisonivy Kun oldin
So basically only lady Gaga, Ariana, Demi, Miley and Taylor can sing live well
Maiwand Kamawal
Maiwand Kamawal Kun oldin
Ariana sounds better without auto tune BTW I am a humongous fan of her 😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😀😊😇
Jessica Mitton
Jessica Mitton Kun oldin
I’m literally swear some singers can’t actually sing becuase tbh little mix are the only ones who sounded the same
DX_Gamer Kun oldin
Sam smith??
Bambi Juju
Bambi Juju Kun oldin
Charlie puts sounds the same
alice berll
alice berll 2 kun oldin
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat 2 kun oldin
Charlie puth tho❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Little mix❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amel Abderrahman
Amel Abderrahman 2 kun oldin
Airana is the best one
Şeyma Lovato Cyrus
Miley & Demi, i love them so much
Saylor Twift
Saylor Twift 2 kun oldin
Ariana Grande 10/10 ❤️
KamKam Lum
KamKam Lum 2 kun oldin
I luv Little mix and Demi. Overall everyone was amazing
Elena Baxter
Elena Baxter 2 kun oldin
katy perry is shit at singing
Joanna MSP
Joanna MSP 2 kun oldin
Camila's, I hear no difference
Amy McHasi
Amy McHasi 2 kun oldin
I love Taylor's voice when it's just acoustic (not that it's not great in every other performance...)also just loving the strength in demi and Kesha's voice and to be fair she did hit that high not quite a couple of times live... I feel like it would've been much better to use one of those clips...
Sasha Nshimba
Sasha Nshimba 2 kun oldin
I love how Charlie is just wearing like a polo shirt and jeans lol
Tina Licious
Tina Licious 2 kun oldin
I love Taylor Swift soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much she soo underrated smh
Jessica Leonas
Jessica Leonas 2 kun oldin
Luna Groot
Luna Groot 2 kun oldin
Some people sound TERRIBLE without auto tune then some sound good
Jasmine Russo
Jasmine Russo 2 kun oldin
Little mix was amazing
karen CHO
karen CHO 2 kun oldin
Charlie sounds amazing
Aaliyah Lagardien
Aaliyah Lagardien 2 kun oldin
Who here after Justin and Hailey marriage
cait lovediys
cait lovediys 2 kun oldin
demi wow she really is amazing
Brooklyn Warford
Brooklyn Warford 3 kun oldin
A lot of those artist don’t use autotune like: Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Charlie Puth, Ariana Grande, etc. But if they do use autotune, it’s not a whole lot
rehtse 3 kun oldin
They liturally took the singers most autotuned songs and their worst performances
rehtse 3 kun oldin
Ecept for the singers who are way to good to be seen as bad
Chicken Little
Chicken Little 3 kun oldin
Demi and Gaga 😮 wow they don’t need auto tune
Eloise Pocklington
Eloise Pocklington 3 kun oldin
Claire Bear
Claire Bear 3 kun oldin
Arianna is in control!
Lexi Marie
Lexi Marie 3 kun oldin
Justin 😍
Shelbear 3 kun oldin
Louis and Bebe 6/10 Katy 8/10 Dua 6/10 Camilla 7/10 Charlie 9/10 Taylor 8/10 Luis 5/10 Little mix 8/10 Justin 9/10 Ariana 10/10 Miley 9/10 Lady gaga 10/10 Kesha 8/10 Demi 10/10 Zara 8/10 These are my opinions after being classically trained in music for 12 years so argue if you want but they are MY opinions
adayah cerda
adayah cerda 3 kun oldin
At little mix is super different too
adayah cerda
adayah cerda 3 kun oldin
We dance despacito
adayah cerda
adayah cerda 3 kun oldin
At dua lipa is different
Angelica Vargas
Angelica Vargas 3 kun oldin
Selena Quintanilla always performed live
Sydney Watson
Sydney Watson 3 kun oldin
Most of the singers actually aren't really good live. I would rather pay not to go to the show and not take a pic then go. But Ariana and some others are just INCREDIBLE!
Nataly Cano
Nataly Cano 3 kun oldin
Dam Charlie Puth is a good singer
Eva Lin
Eva Lin 3 kun oldin
Whee is Shawn??? Lol jk
sparkly me
sparkly me 3 kun oldin
i like all of them autotune and real
une brune
une brune 3 kun oldin
The voice of Ariana is really beautiful and the voice of Demi is so beautiful
Alex Bibi
Alex Bibi 4 kun oldin
Demi, Camilla, Ariana😍😍❤❤
Yumi's collection & more
I wonder how much money they made out of Despacito...
Max Herrell
Max Herrell Kun oldin
They made a lot because after that song they dipped
ashley Romero
ashley Romero 2 kun oldin
I know How much likes you got jk
Miss Selma
Miss Selma 4 kun oldin
فتاة الإنمي الأولى
Ariana grande 👌🏻🔥🔥🔥😎
Mia Arnold
Mia Arnold 4 kun oldin
Camilla Still sounds like a Goddess with and without autotune
Sempai Raven Paul Chemist
Queen Dua Lipa! 😍
michael ramirez
michael ramirez 4 kun oldin
They faked this I know because I've gone to a dua lipa concert she doesn't sound like how they put he in live Dua lipa is my queen
Lacey Nulty
Lacey Nulty 4 kun oldin
Little mix and ari tho 😘🤩
Tasa V
Tasa V 4 kun oldin
Krazy K
Krazy K 4 kun oldin
The thing is, some singers push their voice beyond their vocal range, which is why the studios have to resort to auto-tune and pitch correcter to make them sound decent, which in turn is why you hear a clear difference when they sing live
Bianchini Maglierie
Justin Bieber did not use absolutely autotune has a perfectly perfect voice sorry but you're wrong!!!!!!#beliberforever#myidol#mylife#mylove
sujinjiyu 5 kun oldin
Wow! Gaga
Nightmare Girls
Nightmare Girls 5 kun oldin
I barely hear difference
Aitaua Enari
Aitaua Enari 5 kun oldin
Demi, Ariana and Lady Gaga don't need autotune... but they're all amazing btw
Beauty By Scarlett
Beauty By Scarlett 5 kun oldin
Little mix 9.9/10
SG Gacha :3
SG Gacha :3 5 kun oldin
Who clicked on this video cuz u saw ari? Oh I did~
Isabel Luna
Isabel Luna 5 kun oldin
Camila and Ariana don’t need auto tune there just QUEENS 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼 oh and Demi to 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼
Princess MM
Princess MM 5 kun oldin
Charlie puth Ariana grande
Lauren The Lady
Lauren The Lady 5 kun oldin
1:24 That was so fucking rough my ears
Mia Averie
Mia Averie 5 kun oldin
Ariana and Demi’s were the best hands down. Idk why ppl say Camilla cause she didn’t sound good at all to me LMAOO that’s just my opinion
evilhag 5 kun oldin
camila's voice is sooo irritating live lmao
Greta Colley
Greta Colley 5 kun oldin
Louis doesn’t need auto tune
Kathryn Burla
Kathryn Burla 5 kun oldin
Ariana’s voice is so pure! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗💗💗💗
Elnara Narimanova
Elnara Narimanova 5 kun oldin
So Brianna
So Brianna 5 kun oldin
I think Taylor is good!!
PROUD LOVATIC 5 kun oldin
*DEMI DOESNT NEED AUTO-TUNE! SHE SINGS BETTER THAN WITH IT!! QUEEN* 🖤 *ARIANA THO IS AWESOME!* 💕💕😘😘😍😍😍 *My Queens!! Were my Lovatics and Arianators at?*
Anouk Out
Anouk Out 6 kun oldin
Omg taylor her voice was so beautyfull
Myana Polley
Myana Polley 6 kun oldin
Ariana sounded amazing Arianators where y’all at
Zahara Woolfe
Zahara Woolfe 6 kun oldin
PLEASE, Ariana Grande beats all of them
Xoxo_AriWolves_xoxO Kim
Am I the only one that likes charlie puth
Rabia Ayaz
Rabia Ayaz 6 kun oldin
The beibs lost his touch
Can I get over 1000 subscribers with no videos
Katy perry sounds sooo good live
Lily James
Lily James 6 kun oldin
You’re just picking their worst performances! EVERYONE HERE ARE GREAT SINGERS LIKE LITTLE MIX, DEMI, ARIANA ECT
Erin. Lofty
Erin. Lofty 6 kun oldin
Ariana is Queen♥️👑
Bella Snee
Bella Snee 6 kun oldin
wow Charlie Puth sounds EXACTLY the same!!
Chantelle Hanna Humphrey
Ugh only me being annoyed by Zara Larson
Azariah’s Dazzling DIYs
Ariana all the way❤️
maaike theunissen
maaike theunissen 6 kun oldin
Little Mix don’t need autotune ❤️❤️❤️
DavidAgデビド 6 kun oldin
Why didn’t lady gaga look so gaga in her million reasons video?🤣😂 She has a beautiful voice
Leah May
Leah May 6 kun oldin
Ariana and little mix are all actual QUEENSSSSS
Hailey Cleveland
Hailey Cleveland 6 kun oldin
My favorites are Taylor, arianna, kesha and demi
Eladi Gh
Eladi Gh 6 kun oldin
Ariana Grande-side to side faveorite
Lea Dimitrov
Lea Dimitrov 6 kun oldin
Little mix, Justin bieber, Ariana grande, camila cabello and Demi Lovato are perfect 👌
Adonis Ayoub
Adonis Ayoub 6 kun oldin
Not all of them are using auto tune! Why are you putting to every music video that it’s auto tuned?
Muffinz_ stuff
Muffinz_ stuff 6 kun oldin
Demi is my favvvv and my idol❤️❤️❤️❤️
it’s me Giulia
it’s me Giulia 7 kun oldin
Bebe: 6-/10 (sorryyy I love her but that performance was a no) Katy: 7/10 not bad Dua: 6 1/2 she did it lower :) Camila: 7/10 Charlie: 8/10 he is good Taylor: I don’t like her that much but 10/10 she is angelic Louis: 8/10 good Little mix: 8/10 sooo powerful Justin: 9/10 his voice is art sorry Ariana: 10+/10 BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL EXCUSE ME Miley: 8 , so powerful Gaga: 10/10 YAS Kesha: dodged but 7 1/2 Demi: DAMN what a goddess 10/10 Zara: 6/10 she is screaming :(
Laiqa Simjee
Laiqa Simjee 7 kun oldin
Ari ❤️Where you Arianators at ?
Matilda .K
Matilda .K 7 kun oldin
Of course Little Mix can sing , that was how they won X Factor for God sake 😱😒😂😏😊
Zak New
Zak New 7 kun oldin
This is live vs studio, you can still auto tune live
Selin Motevalli
Selin Motevalli 7 kun oldin
What I think Bebe Rexha:20973/10 Katy Pery:7/10 Dua Lipa:7/10 Camila Cabello:7/10 Charlie Puth:12/10 Taylor Swift:103837288171919119:10 Daddy Yanke:7:10 Little Mix:7/10 Major Lazor:8/10 Ariana Grande:14/10 Miley Cyrus:10/10 Lady Gaga:40/10 Kesha:10/10 Demi Lovato:19/10 Clean bandit/Zara Larson:10000/10 This is just my opinion the people that I gave a higher note on is mostly because IV seen them preform live
Ava Pellot
Ava Pellot 7 kun oldin
literally onley 2 or 3 songs were autotuned