Farming Simulator but I am a simple Irish farmer

Call Me Kevin
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Farming Simulator is so easy when you're Irish
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25-Mar, 2018

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Jessica Demarest
Jessica Demarest 2 kun oldin
It was actually adorable and pure when he sang, I need more!
imaginary92 4 kun oldin
Do people really say you don't sound Irish? First thing I thought while watching a video of yours was 'this guy's gotta be Irish with that accent' lol
Connor Duggan
Connor Duggan 5 kun oldin
Oh the poor old Irish farmer, he was run down by a train. But it’s not totally the worst thing cause he was partially insane.
Trindalas Valadaros
I liked the song but there weren’t enough potatoes in this video. :P
im on anesthesia right now
The intro made farming look epic
DRAGONSFYRE845 14 kun oldin
gotta love irish music
Amanda Stevens
Amanda Stevens 19 kun oldin
don't be cruel to your potatoes. get them a bigger house
joe gleeson
joe gleeson 20 kun oldin
A yank if i ever fuckin saw one
Jemo Demo
Jemo Demo 20 kun oldin
this is one of the first cmk videos i have ever watched. to this day, "free range potatoes" still kills me. i called chickens "potatoes" for a solid month after watching this video.
Commander Keen
Commander Keen 20 kun oldin
*M E O W N F E R M*
Letsplays and walkthroughs
The way they say he doesn't sound Irish because they only hear stereotypical accents like jacksepticeye
Koosha Mokhbery
Koosha Mokhbery 27 kun oldin
Hilarious video Kevin, love you and your humor so much😂😂What are the chances of seeing a minute ad of an Irishman talking about alcohol. after this video. Never seen this commercial in my life, and I’ve seen a million ads on UZvid.
Danny C
Danny C 28 kun oldin
Sell your prod juice xD
ITS A DIO Oy oldin
Farming simulator videos are just gold when they are from you. All your videos are of course.
ITS A DIO Oy oldin
Yes thank you.
Jasper Atkinson
Wow these games suck
Ethan's Customs
It says farmer simulator 18 in the thumbnail but farmer simulator 17 in the intro 🤨????
TheRealEmeraldSword /TES
I love the fresh smell of dirt, blood, metal, and broken roads in the morning.
Lily Jones
Lily Jones Oy oldin
“ITS WHIsPer QUIET!!!” - I died
DeadNinjutsu Oy oldin
Silly Kevin of course Potatos are not a fruit, everyone knows Potato lay eggs and are more commonly called Chickens.
Potatoes lad
Tiger gamer
Tiger gamer Oy oldin
its fucking 17
Sam McCune
Sam McCune Oy oldin
Cosidering the fact that I've never seen another farmer, yes. You are the greatest farmer I've ever seen.
Faye Estle
Faye Estle Oy oldin
I hate your videos
james collins
james collins Oy oldin
your not irish u say mud
DADDY Oy oldin
Aah reminds me of the old country
22Danball Oy oldin
6:45 Don't know what I was expecting, should've known Richie would make an appearance Is an Irish farming video without Richie Kavanaugh really Irish?
《 b l e a c h 》 《 b u c k e t 》
B4 I start this vid I better see hella potatoes kev...
PurpleTiger Gaming
asome toby boy
I'm Irish as well and yeh we're Irish we don't need no tutorial 😂😂😂
Evanston Conner
I have Irish heritage
Daniel R.
Daniel R. Oy oldin
Wait,this isn't Daggerwin
Irish MijI.R.A
Up the ira
Lil Lunchbox
Lil Lunchbox Oy oldin
It says 18 in the thumbnail but it’s 17
Tyler Ehret
Tyler Ehret Oy oldin
6:45 is the only part you need
Brandon Ling
Brandon Ling Oy oldin
what is the irish farmer song
FA3K BOi5 Oy oldin
I just got an ad that’s 102 mins and 22 secs
Potato King
Potato King Oy oldin
So at the 5 minute mark, I got an ad that was over 100 minutes long (skippable) and it was an ad for the new LEGO movie. And I shut you not, after the trailer they showed the ENTIRE FIRST FUCKING FILM in this one fucking ad! I have photo evidence if anyone wants to try to find me on discord or ifunny
Letsplays and walkthroughs
People who are saying he doesn't sound Irish , he is Irish , you're just thinking of the stereotypical Irish accent , this is actually with the Irish sound like
slogster lv
slogster lv Oy oldin
This is farming simulator 2017
Max A Million
Max A Million Oy oldin
We need more farmers like Kevin, killing people who won't buy my free range potatoes.
Spencer Stroda
Spencer Stroda 2 oy oldin
Well, as you're the only person I've watched play this, you ARE the best at farming (simulator) I've seen.
JoshuaGaming 2 oy oldin
Is it really a good idea to give Kevin a chainsaw?
luckyhead 19
luckyhead 19 2 oy oldin
So like when is that train comeing
Melissa Claassen
Melissa Claassen 2 oy oldin
This all seems like sound investment advice. "The way out of debt is to borrow more money"
The undead Beccy
The undead Beccy 2 oy oldin
Ncea, level one English, unfamiliar text 2018
ScoffingVase 06
ScoffingVase 06 2 oy oldin
FTB Games
FTB Games 2 oy oldin
As a man who actually plays this game for fun, *this hurts* (But it's also hilarious. Keep it up)
TheReal Shamu
TheReal Shamu 2 oy oldin
Thought my hearing was going, had to look up a Kevin video because of how loud he is 😂
Mathias the Raccoon
As a fs veteran, i can safely say that this dood is a born natural
RobotHorseAaron 2 oy oldin
I assure you none of those things wee fruits
swagggamersnl 2 oy oldin
Certified Meme Inspector
the poor oul farmer 6:44
Holland Logtenberg
I cannot stop listening to Kevin sing the "Poor Old Irish Farmer" song on repeat! If he released a full version of the song where he's singing it, I'd be so happy!!!
CocoPops Plays!
CocoPops Plays! 2 oy oldin
Only true irish farmers know this song: Mowing, lifting, sowing, baling drawing, hauling and buckraking Backing, stacking ploughing, crashing Tipping, wrapping tail doors flapping
CocoPops Plays!
CocoPops Plays! 2 oy oldin
When my uncle was still in school he used to play farming sim or actually farm. We also thought it's would be so cool if gta and farming sim was mixed. Heheheheh steal tractors and shoot cows XD
Benjamin Furness
Benjamin Furness 2 oy oldin
Ireland is apart of the uk
jeftha de jong
jeftha de jong 2 oy oldin
Hmm the first thing Kevin tries in a farming game is killing someone
roly games
roly games 2 oy oldin
Hey Kevin the thumbnail said 2018 but your playing 2017 virsion
Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins 2 oy oldin
what part of ireland are you from im from waterford
Conor T
Conor T 2 oy oldin
I think hes irish know
Diamondguy 1
Diamondguy 1 2 oy oldin
6:46 I need this on a loop
redfoo Harper
redfoo Harper 2 oy oldin
Only Kevin can make being a farmer entertaining
Salty As fuq
Salty As fuq 2 oy oldin
The one time an actual flashback is to be had
Hue Vage
Hue Vage 2 oy oldin
Such a brilliant song I rewinded the video so many times
NumberGt 2 oy oldin
Guess Kevin loves his potatoes
Tommy LeBaron
Tommy LeBaron 2 oy oldin
Is this clickbait?
I want to fucking die
PaNDaSNiP3R 2 oy oldin
why did the Irish just fish when the potato famine hit? ffs its an island lol
Dilki 3 oy oldin
*And I'll be in my jeep*
Shaya LeBeef
Shaya LeBeef 3 oy oldin
Tbh, almost all irish UZvidrs don't sound too irish.. 😂
TheInkNinja 3 oy oldin
The thumbnail says farming simulator 18
Nia Aqua
Nia Aqua 3 oy oldin
Your singing voice is angelic, you can be the Irish beyonce
Albert Baarssen
Albert Baarssen 3 oy oldin
so basicly your planting potatos? ... is this planting potatos?
Wulf 3 oy oldin
Why play this when you could play minecraft and have a fucking dimension dedicated to potatoes.
J Flexxx
J Flexxx 3 oy oldin
damn he has actually a pretty good singing voice
minecraftian 1045
Farming Simulator but I don't actually do any farming
Zephyr 3 oy oldin
Kevin, with your driving skills in videogames you sure must be a star in games like Carmegeddon and Destruction Derby?
That slight clickbait by putting Farming Simulator 18 in the thumbnail 😂 Still love your videos man❤️
TVD- The Remedy
TVD- The Remedy 3 oy oldin
Every single game has infinite replay value when Kevin plays them. He always ends up playing a whole different game within the game lol.
Maxxx.1 3 oy oldin
Farmers here in Irland, we are so very poor
Kenan Von Kaiser
Kenan Von Kaiser 3 oy oldin
Drunken Irish Farmer!
KNIGHTF0XX 3 oy oldin
that con artist actually sold the eiffel tower twice lol, he wasn't even french
Picket Pants
Picket Pants 3 oy oldin
Omg a 4 minute unskippable ad in the middle. What the absolute fuck?!
Alex Mikal
Alex Mikal 3 oy oldin
"free range potatoes"
Matt Ojeda
Matt Ojeda 3 oy oldin
lmao calling the chickens potatos? Last time I heard anything even remotely close to that was MST3K Pod People. "Little wing-ed potatos. Long ear-ed potatos."
meme gawd
meme gawd 3 oy oldin
I like how it said farming simulator 18 for the thumb nail but he's playing farming simulator 17
New World
New World 3 oy oldin
The ultimate pyramid scheme. Sign me up ahaha
Jessica Vermaelen
You're my actual favorite person
William Henson
William Henson 3 oy oldin
Funny enough (at 1:09) that is not good for the road, someone did that about 10 miles from where I live and the road is absolutely fucked to say the least.
Maddie Haag
Maddie Haag 3 oy oldin
That song was great
_UMU_ 3 oy oldin
*Sees Irishman and Farmer in one title, immediately thinks of Potato Famine*
Edward Burns
Edward Burns 3 oy oldin
At the start, i thought i had accidentally clicked on a pewdiepie video.
Ben A
Ben A 3 oy oldin
666k views. Shit
XXxAli-axXX .!
XXxAli-axXX .! 3 oy oldin
Northern Ireland
SuperWadman 3 oy oldin
Sierra Anderson
Sierra Anderson 3 oy oldin
You're about as good of an Irish farmer as I am irish *says the American ginger*
Killa 3 oy oldin
Why does the thumbnail say farmer sim 18 but you playing 17?
Ducky Chucky
Ducky Chucky 3 oy oldin
Kevin u seem very irish
Lenz's Law
9 oy oldin
The Sim Cult
Yil oldin