FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Evil Twin with Raja and Raven

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Raja & Raven critique the looks for Season 10 Episode 11!
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9-Iyn, 2018

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L.A. G
L.A. G 23 daqiqa oldin
Does Miz Crumb look like Max Malanaphy to anyone else? Just me? Ok lol
L.A. G
L.A. G 24 daqiqa oldin
Don't you know, bald = evil? Lol
J3WfroN1NjA21 Soat oldin
what in gods name
savannah l
savannah l 8 soat oldin
I really don't see how eureka's look is better than kameron's.
Rogue Battles
Rogue Battles 15 soat oldin
Raja did some tribal shit so now she’s saying nobody else can? Because ‘it’s done’? Lol bye bitch I’m honestly such a huge fan of hers but I’m over that attitude👋🏻
Павел48Рус 18 soat oldin
Косплей на пуделя удался
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna 20 soat oldin
how can you boot anything dressed like that though.....
чебурек вкусный
хаахах,так вот какой зарубежный ютуб!
Courtnee LeMaire
RAJA YOU SO FINE. I’m fucking living for the eyebrows, I don’t get what everyone’s talking about ❤️
Andrea Estrella
Andrea Estrella Kun oldin
imo i feel like eureka shouldve been in the bottom 2
Ринат Манзул____лин
Кто от Павера?
Саня Салтыков
This video is in trends of UZvid. Another fact, that Americans are stupid,retarded people, who enjoy their life’s some idiot multimedia....
Jessica Cook
Jessica Cook Kun oldin
WTF Raja?? Your brow have been all over the place. Get you brow act together girl!!
Josh Butler
Josh Butler Kun oldin
Thank you GOD for going in on the painted forehead, you did it 8 years ago, Marilyn Manson did it what, 20 years ago?, for Mechanical Animals.
O-Remi Ishii
O-Remi Ishii Kun oldin
What was Raven saying about Aquaria's evil twin look? I can't understand it and the captions don't pick it up either because he's mumbling.
Inochi Chi
Inochi Chi Kun oldin
I feel like theirs a bias here for the tribal look, Because previously they sad that pelt and bones and such didn't always have to be evil. But then aquaria came in with the basically the same styled/structured outfit as cracker and suddenly its okay. the best even. I love Aquaria and raja and raven but i feel like there is bias because aquaria made a pelt/tribal print dress instead of going full cave girl.
Filthy Squid
Filthy Squid Kun oldin
Why'd u boot Eureka wtf it was boring
Raechael you are sowe sixus Woodroof
Raja eating good home cooked in love meals xoxo lol married life
Kim de Ruyter
Kim de Ruyter Kun oldin
I cannot take Raja's critique on warpaint!~Just cause people have done it doesn't mean it can't be done again! Though I admit the look overall was not strong
star dayzi
star dayzi Kun oldin
The blatant homophobia in this comment section oml. I disliked this episode of FFR as much as I disliked the RDR runways, but god damn... I don't know how people live with themselves being full of so much vile hate.
Joey Urvina
Joey Urvina Kun oldin
Did I miss something? were the spoilers for the "Top 4 lip syncing for their lives" already out because that kinda already tells ya all four contestants made it through, all though it's not hard to guess that would be the case since it was so big last year and the girls we have this season are so sickening, but they just give it away...or I missed something. I will stand corrected if so but Raven's statement @8:33 had me puzzled last week and still does this week..lol.
Martin x
Martin x 2 kun oldin
So majority of S9 Sasha can be bald and its okay since it's her "brand" but Asia does it once (amazingly) and it's underwhelming? Those brows are hurting your brain Raja.
OLEFAFA GAD 2 kun oldin
чё за хуйню я щас посмотрел? можно таблетку успокоительную?
Ekimps3man 2 kun oldin
I can’t take this episode seriously, Raja has forehead for days with eyebrows ready to disappear any moment. Then I look at Raven and I’m not sure if her wig is crooked or it just supposed to be that way 😂😂😂
Lilly Bean
Lilly Bean 2 kun oldin
Raja, we all know you're one of the fiercest queens to ever appear on Drag Race. That said, just because someone has the same idea you had a couple of years ago, does not mean you've got the license. As Manila pointed out recently, you didn't invent anything. It's all been done. It's context. If you don't like the way it's done, that's fair. However, faulting Queens for using a technique that's been used before as "it's been done, it's over," is absurd. Last week you were hot, and now this week they're stale. It's either a good technique or not, which is either well applied or not, which either equals the challenge or not. Raja, you did not invent the wheel, nor the heel, nor did you hubby invent gray hair. Give it a few years.
William Joon
William Joon 2 kun oldin
Raja Raja Raja 🙄
Lara Bohórquez
Lara Bohórquez 2 kun oldin
Jonathen Santa Cruz
I don’t like Aquarias look cause I don’t get how it works with her good twin I think there were like holy shit she looks pretty give her the win I think Asia should have won
LetsPlayInBreeches 2 kun oldin
Am I he only one who was NOT thrilled with Aquaria's evil twin?Like I wasn't really impressed by anybody more than the other, but I really just got "If Sasha and Alyssa Edward's Joan Crawford had a baby and it wore mismatched leopard print".
Demetrio Vinis
Demetrio Vinis 2 kun oldin
"it's been done" "already seen it". School us queen , let me see something new (maybe not you lazy brows and shitty t-shirts). She complained in the last episode about Miz Cracker "head ring" beacause it was too similar to Violet Chachki's Hello Kitty Look, but at the same time she loved Aquaria's Mermaid look which is TOTTALY copied from Lady Gaga. COHERENCE.
wtf is that? is it a gay or a transgender? america, what's wrong with you?
Pro Ket4up
Pro Ket4up 2 kun oldin
Фу блять пидарасы
zedo parthenon
zedo parthenon 2 kun oldin
Raja’s inner saboteurs are those eyebrows that look like cracks on her skull.
Keira Cooke
Keira Cooke 2 kun oldin
Honestly, I'm a little disappointed that the girls immediately went to sweet good twin and dirty/grungy evil twin. I would have loved to see a good twin in dark colors and the bad twin look like Regina George
The Pizdabol
The Pizdabol 2 kun oldin
Кто от Павера?
Gábor Molnár
Gábor Molnár 2 kun oldin
ok, guurls, i love and respect you both, BUT i have a problem these days - this "i did this look first on drag race xyz years ago, so noone can do it now" just drives me crazy. like with cameron and her painted forehead for example (however cracker´s marie antoinette/french periode piece was ok with you).
Jenell Palmer
Jenell Palmer 2 kun oldin
Raja and Raven lost their edge. Or they are paid extra to bullshit us. Eureka is a boot smoot
theCuttlekid 2 kun oldin
can someone please tell me im not the only one that CANNOT STAND Aquaria’s evil twin look? how did she win this challenge?! i loved her good twin look, but the evil twin look is, honestly, one of the worst looks on the runway ALL SEASON, and i have no qualms about saying that. the moment Ru said that look was on the same level of Raja and Violet, i damn near had an aneurysm lol. also i’m team Eureka but GIRL that good girl look should not have been a Toot. what is that modesty napkin girl, lol? let ya titties out!
I ///M FAN !
I ///M FAN ! 2 kun oldin
Полный пиздец!
felicia mcdaneld
felicia mcdaneld 3 kun oldin
I'm done with everybody gagging over Aquaria. I loved North Korea. It was truly evil.
Cashmere Foam
Cashmere Foam 3 kun oldin
Raja need to boot them eyebrows looking like she stepping off the Adams Family.
meganjerai 3 kun oldin
What did Raven say before storyline? I couldn't understand
SweetieTay23 3 kun oldin
Ily Raja but not today's wig.
Jason Stubbz
Jason Stubbz 3 kun oldin
More like evil clowns 😂😂😂 scary af
santosh thapa
santosh thapa 3 kun oldin
ok. i will be the first one. im a gay guy n i absolutely hate these over the top sassy drag queens.
yall can't be serious
santosh thapa wait just these 2 or the over the top sassy drag queens in General?
Joshua  Ortiz
Joshua Ortiz 3 kun oldin
They look like fucken scarecrows!!!!!!uuuuuuuuuggggghhhhhh
Heath Starkey
Heath Starkey 3 kun oldin
Those are two grown men. Period.
miamiguy119 3 kun oldin
its like tim burton and the adams family had a child.....girl....those brows....eeeekk
Gila Monster
Gila Monster 3 kun oldin
7:52 whats the story? cant hear they mumble
ytussiy 3 kun oldin
Catagory is.. No eyebrows
Linus Söderström
Linus Söderström 3 kun oldin
well someones eyebrows are anorexic
iPaulTV 3 kun oldin
Why so many dislikes?
I am HERE for people trolling the homophobic comments. 😂
Osvaldo Rosario
Osvaldo Rosario 3 kun oldin
Trinity Taylor never painted her forehead darling... she talks with no base XD you better fix your mug Raja :v
Jenny Young
Jenny Young 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thought Eureka's looks were kind of weak? Her evil twin look was better but she was flat out doing an impression of Divine. And I like Eureka, just sayin'.
Aluminum Wire Flowers
Good lord You guys can get in trending but I and probably 100,000 other videos can't. Guess Im paying youtube 1k to get my videos in trending.
Dan Roberts
Dan Roberts 3 kun oldin
Trending = the trolls come out. This isn’t mental illness. It’s a fucking performance, they’re dressing up for performance. And it’s always boring when y’all say the same shit over and over again. “Fags”, “pedophiles” “kill yourself” 😴
CandymanSEHTx713 3 kun oldin
How do I take these creepy niggas off my Trending feed.
Minha Choi
Minha Choi 3 kun oldin
tfw neither of them are black, try again sis!
Angela Powe
Angela Powe 4 kun oldin
I have clearly missed something a long time ago. Would someone please tell me what Raja means by "seesma"? Or Seezma? However you spell it? Lol
Angela Powe
Angela Powe 3 kun oldin
@Minha Choi Ah! Okay, thank you! Lol! :-D
Minha Choi
Minha Choi 3 kun oldin
Grandma got it from Aja who kept saying Sisma (literally sis + ma) when they were hosting FPR, and she uses it now thinking it's the slang that young people use nowadays.
Maroon Channel
Maroon Channel 4 kun oldin
Oxi Nigga
Oxi Nigga 4 kun oldin
Fucking nightmare fuel
310 V
310 V 4 kun oldin
red skull is that you ? o it's just a 💩 named raja
Ваня Малявский
Что за хуйня?
ddstar 4 kun oldin
Mental illness
Cristian Toth
Cristian Toth 4 kun oldin
What the FUCK did I click on..EVOLUTION IS FUCKED..I'm out🎤✌
Алексей Тарасов
cigil zdes bil sykA!!!
say nope to soap
say nope to soap 4 kun oldin
honestly i really liked miz’s evil twin look. it’s supposed to be a polar opposite. is it unpolished? yes. does it fit the theme? yes. is it overused? yeah. it’s the contrast of royal and savage and the broad difference between the times periods. it’s hella unpolished but i like it. not a lot. but i like it. call me a white twink hoes
HypucLaM PAYMBEKOB 4 kun oldin
Cigil top!
Gabriel Caraballo
Gabriel Caraballo 4 kun oldin
Whay wasn’t eurekas evil twin with the other evil twins at the end? Just because she’s a bigger girl doesn’t mean she couldn’t fit on the frame.
New New
New New 4 kun oldin
All the contestant are good; but Aquaria always have the most beautiful dresses on the entire competence. Who so ever is his designer/stylish ,kudos to him/her🙂
Wolf Killa
Wolf Killa 4 kun oldin
Wow the human race has really come a long way from evolution we have carved our own path in nature and take that as you will
Prince Jared
Prince Jared 4 kun oldin
Raja was eating her Elote with hot cheetos in echo park before recording this...
s m b x
s m b x 4 kun oldin
Is raven ever mic’d? I can never HEAR her comments
MACATTCK 23 4 kun oldin
Fucking disgusting stay away from my kids
yall can't be serious
MACATTCK 23 like you have any
Holly B
Holly B 4 kun oldin
damn @ the amount of dislikes
Tyler Mello
Tyler Mello 4 kun oldin
im a lil pressed that theyre gonna say "its been done before" "why it gotta be savage/primal" then die over aquaria's sabatina look. Like yes its a tootl but the animal print? savage/primal the mask? sasha velour finale lip sync. Like dont get me wrong both of aquarias looks this week were a *shoot* in my opinion but check yalls bias sisma
Blubber Boy
Blubber Boy 4 kun oldin
LookerStenographer 4 kun oldin
Who are these old men...?
Zxavian IsAUnicorn
Zxavian IsAUnicorn 4 kun oldin
2:20 i was just mad Kameron felt it acceptable to wear dreads
Clown Lives Matter
Clown Lives Matter 4 kun oldin
Why is this trash trending
Игорь Антонович
ЦЫГИЛ, ПРОТИВ ЭТИХ ПИДОРАСОВ. Павер сказал пиздий пидоров. В общем ЗА ЦЫГИЛ БЛЯЯТЬ!
msdogooder 4 kun oldin
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factura5 4 kun oldin
These chicks looks hot... Oh wait!
Pamela Maria Schmidt
I'm so sick of their obvious bias towards certain queens and how surface level they are. I feel like the used to be a lot more thorough and honest in their opinions....
420GreyWorm2187 4 kun oldin
Gross creatures
Neptune World
Neptune World 4 kun oldin
tyler198924 4 kun oldin
What the fuck is this shit????
Ronald Burse
Ronald Burse 4 kun oldin
Nicholas Bostic
Nicholas Bostic 4 kun oldin
Going back to the beginning of time. What y'all want me too tell GOD?
yall can't be serious
Nicholas Bostic tell monet not to wear the sponge dress
NOABXD 4 kun oldin
Nicholas Bostic Dont make the human race
Hacker House San Jose
You are the devil and should stay in hell.
Turd Nugget
Turd Nugget 4 kun oldin
🚨F@ggot 🚨 alert 🚨
J Inkwell
J Inkwell 4 kun oldin
🕵️ Where's your brows girl? Retro love. 🖋️
Dixon Play
Dixon Play 4 kun oldin
Я думал это только Русские Ебанутые, Но нет Американцы тоже Ебанутые
Lonely Artist
Lonely Artist 4 kun oldin
Eureka giving me that Sally Brown real estate on her good side, then Pink Flamingo on her bad side
Abel Cerati
Abel Cerati 4 kun oldin
Mental illness at it's finest. These MEN need help for this disease.
Lil Mitch
Lil Mitch 4 kun oldin
You think these men go out in public dressed like normal men and nobody knows they’re a drag queen...like you could live next to a low key queen and not even know it
Razzerson 4 kun oldin
Ля шо за канал педиков
Razzerson 4 kun oldin
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson 4 kun oldin
JC lol what a mess!