FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Evil Twin with Raja and Raven

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Raja & Raven critique the looks for Season 10 Episode 11!
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9-Iyn, 2018

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sweatpantsprincess 7 kun oldin
Drag race proving once and for all that it can't come for dragula
Lani Bellamy
Lani Bellamy 11 kun oldin
At 8:00 Asia’s wasn’t cave woman, she looked more like a killer clown. Like they’re a circus where kids always mysteriously go missing during their stay in town
Jhonz Reyes
Jhonz Reyes 15 kun oldin
Raven that foundation shade👀👀👀
se7en deVilz
se7en deVilz 17 kun oldin
Love Raja but... a t-shirt with rolled up sleeves? Really bitch? No contouring on that forehead is especially egregious today, and gurl look how YELLOW you fuckin' look! But still have hella love for ya.
Katelynd Noone
Hole up. Lemme borrow that top..
Melody Watson
Melody Watson Oy oldin
There needs to be a drag con in Dallas/ Fort Worth
Alex Penza
Alex Penza Oy oldin
May Jailer
May Jailer Oy oldin
aquaria just KILLED this challenge
May Jailer
May Jailer Oy oldin
shiiiiiiit raja.... eyebrows... shiiiiit... raja...
Aster Lyons
Aster Lyons 2 oy oldin
Looking back on this it makes no sense to me. Aquaria's good look is incredible but her evil look is honestly just ugly. I liked eureka's concept but the styling for her good look was totally off. Kameron' painted forehead made perfect sense with her look, Raja is totally ridiculous for going on about it.
Ella Back
Ella Back 2 oy oldin
Guys the reason they were all dressed as cave people was because they were told that caveman would be a runway category (although it never was) and they weren't notified about this challenge so they were just trying to use what they had.
notinzane 2 oy oldin
Raja is just fucking the simpsons yellow. Boot.
Doll whisperer
Doll whisperer 3 oy oldin
Aquaria really had no competition this season I’m sorry. I knew when she walked in the the work room it was over.
javi yepiz
javi yepiz 3 oy oldin
raja fr think she invented a colored forehead ...🙄
Sherri Briggs
Sherri Briggs 4 oy oldin
Raven is impeccable (as usual) love THIS shirt on you!!!
Keeleigh Henderson
Y'all need some chill. If you would have paid attention, you kind of would have realized that the reason Eureka got a toot was because her evil/good twin looks were NOTHING like the other girl's. Look at the "trend alert." Eureka was the only photo not there because quite honestly, she was the only queen who didn't look like cavewoman in her evil twin look. She was the only one who wore COLOR in her evil twin look. She deserves a toot, not because her look was amazing (it wasn't, I agree,) but because it was unpredictable, ORIGINAL, and not like any of the others'.
Carl Breitfeld
Carl Breitfeld 4 oy oldin
They are like „boot this, boot that“ but when Eureka walks in with a more than just ugly costume they toot it. Dafuq 😂😂
Rampage 666
Rampage 666 5 oy oldin
fхахахаххаха это ад на земле что это за монстры
pjane fune
pjane fune 5 oy oldin
Ok but why did no one for good twin be orange in a angel suit and bad twin be white in a devil suit
harry tuttle
harry tuttle 5 oy oldin
Raja, setting trends www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/rihanna-thin-eyebrows_us_5b60c0e5e4b0fd5c73d3f26e
Abbas M. Abbas
Abbas M. Abbas 5 oy oldin
why will i watch some fag ass men pretending to be ugly women i have better things to do with my time
rancidcompass 6 oy oldin
I see that there's a lot of hate going around in these comments. Look, it's human nature to insult someone that has insulted you. But to anyone reading these threads looking to understand- you have stumbled across a culture know as drag, where entertainers use make up and clothing to look like another gender. It's another fine arts professions- just like any other performer, make up or fashion artist. It's also used as a form of self expression- through entertainment, fashion, and art. Consider the exaggerated personas as an adopted role they act out. Drag queens and kings can either identify as their born gender or as the opposite gender; they can be staight or gay. Drag is used as a celebration of those differences. If that offends, please remember that this is a culture and a way of life. How would you feel if someone attacked yours? Those within our culture form strong bonds based on love and acceptance when it's hard to find anywhere else. If this worries you, thank you for caring about us. But we are people and we get upset if you treat us like things or diseases. Hopefully this post helps someone, somewhere understand a little better and maybe expand their knowledge of the world.
Mario Vidal
Mario Vidal 6 oy oldin
rancidcompass Thank you so much for addressing the homophobia I've witness on pretty much all wow presents videos that goes trending in such a beautiful and peaceful way and maybe opening the eyes on upcoming drag race viewer's
Jamie Lybeck
Jamie Lybeck 6 oy oldin
Mz Cracker is her name, oml this bitch has the gall to walk down a black man's runway in some colonial propaganda. How you finna walk in in your fucking stupid French aristocracy making me wanna chop off yo head and say "this is good" then walk out on stage looking like a witch doctor and say "this is bad". Witch doctors were and in some cases still are tribal healers and wise counsel who serve their community and the only thing Marie Antoinette ever did for her subjects was steal their money and eat the food they raised and made. Fuck you you white bitch
Артем Завадюев
кто от Павера?
Kody Crockett
Kody Crockett 6 oy oldin
They were men once, taken by the dark powers, tortured and mutilated. A ruined and terrible form of life.
ajajohari1 6 oy oldin
Just don't wear eyebrows Raja....commit to a brow or nah
Karla Iveth
Karla Iveth 6 oy oldin
I would wear a executioner outfit with a head or something like that for the bad twin of mis cracker because you know Marie Antoinette
Collin Duvall
Collin Duvall 6 oy oldin
A sneak peak at the scenes from the new Conjuring 3
Joshua G
Joshua G 6 oy oldin
Raja just doesn't care what she looks like anymore, those brows...that hair...and what in the world is she wearing
WenRakkoon 6 oy oldin
North Korea deserved a high toot!!
Genni Glassglow
Genni Glassglow 6 oy oldin
▬▬▬▬ஜ✡ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ✡ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ✡ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ✡ஜ▬▬▬ *Jesus Christ said whoever believes in me, I'll give them everlasting life.* *Whoever ask me, I'll will heal their bodies*
I wish Miz Cracker's 2nd look was an executioner instead of the cave girl look she chose.
B Neves
B Neves 7 oy oldin
Omg even raven was shocked by your comments ! Yes it was 8 years ago ! So let it go bitch
B Neves
B Neves 7 oy oldin
Bitch you were not the first to paint your forehead ! Before drag race there was drag queens!!!!! Who cares anyway !!! That’s a personal issue u have with kameron ! Yes you were great in your season but also a bully specially to ShAngela
Blake Jansen
Blake Jansen 7 oy oldin
NaturalMonroe 7 oy oldin
Raja what the fuck is your eyebrows?!
La Tortilla
La Tortilla 7 oy oldin
Raja how you talk this much shit with those eye brows hon???
SimplyKatexo 7 oy oldin
what brows Raja doesn't have any #NoTeaNoShade
The Life of Melanie Banks
Eat ittttttttttt Aquaria
The Life of Melanie Banks
Aquaria slayyeddddddddd
Jason Anaminus
Jason Anaminus 7 oy oldin
Woah Raja is definately on her period. She BOOTED Asia's look. I don't really get amazed by msot of Asia's looks but that one flew my wig like that balloon at the start.
Gräz msp
Gräz msp 7 oy oldin
Raja's 90's eyebrows are smaller than Violets waist.
RedFlum 7 oy oldin
0:20 Игорь Синяк, ты ли это?
a 7 oy oldin
So this is hell.
silver0alix 7 oy oldin
Non of the girls thought about making the evil twin white and high class (as in mean girls) . Why it's gotta be tribal, savage, and black?! So boring.
Isidoraa Flores
Isidoraa Flores 7 oy oldin
I have a crack on my screen and can't see raja's eyebrows during half of the video
Alyssa Auger
Alyssa Auger 7 oy oldin
All stars next season category is.... TIGHTEST TUCK!
Alyssa Auger
Alyssa Auger 7 oy oldin
Can I boot raja's wig right now....Love the girl but damn she has a five head right now.
street 75
street 75 7 oy oldin
Julian Ortega
Julian Ortega 7 oy oldin
Raja: kameron likes more and adding more to that and im over adding more Ten min later Raja: I wish asia would have added more
jennifer half
jennifer half 7 oy oldin
Is Raja coming down from coke or something......she's being a huge cunt....
mama buns
mama buns 7 oy oldin
totally agree!
jennifer half
jennifer half 7 oy oldin
You guys are just playing favorites now. Ummm WOW can we get queens that are real and non biased?? Thank you.
jennifer half
jennifer half 7 oy oldin
What the fuck UZvid?? I just checked and I NEVER recieved a notification for this video..... I thought it was weird when I saw the Americans fashion review ....
Hector Lugo
Hector Lugo 7 oy oldin
Living for you gals. Bravo! 💋#TeamAquaria
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer 7 oy oldin
Queens, you gotta Add a new category, “most booted? “ then explain why.. 😊
CapeNTiara 7 oy oldin
I feel like Raja's brows are her the evil twin to her face..which is gorgeous.
L.A. G
L.A. G 7 oy oldin
Does Miz Crumb look like Max Malanaphy to anyone else? Just me? Ok lol
L.A. G
L.A. G 7 oy oldin
Don't you know, bald = evil? Lol
J3WfroN1NjA21 7 oy oldin
what in gods name
banana fish
banana fish 7 oy oldin
I really don't see how eureka's look is better than kameron's.
Rogue Battles
Rogue Battles 7 oy oldin
Raja did some tribal shit so now she’s saying nobody else can? Because ‘it’s done’? Lol bye bitch I’m honestly such a huge fan of hers but I’m over that attitude👋🏻
mama buns
mama buns 7 oy oldin
yep! agree, calm down girl
Косплей на пуделя удался
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna 7 oy oldin
how can you boot anything dressed like that though.....
зеленый негр
хаахах,так вот какой зарубежный ютуб!
Courtnee LeMaire
Courtnee LeMaire 7 oy oldin
RAJA YOU SO FINE. I’m fucking living for the eyebrows, I don’t get what everyone’s talking about ❤️
Andrea Estrella
Andrea Estrella 7 oy oldin
imo i feel like eureka shouldve been in the bottom 2
Ринат Манзул____лин
Кто от Павера?
Саня Салтыков
This video is in trends of UZvid. Another fact, that Americans are stupid,retarded people, who enjoy their life’s some idiot multimedia....
Jessica Holden-Cook
WTF Raja?? Your brow have been all over the place. Get you brow act together girl!!
Josh Butler
Josh Butler 7 oy oldin
Thank you GOD for going in on the painted forehead, you did it 8 years ago, Marilyn Manson did it what, 20 years ago?, for Mechanical Animals.
O-Remi Ishii
O-Remi Ishii 7 oy oldin
What was Raven saying about Aquaria's evil twin look? I can't understand it and the captions don't pick it up either because he's mumbling.
Inochi Chi
Inochi Chi 7 oy oldin
I feel like theirs a bias here for the tribal look, Because previously they sad that pelt and bones and such didn't always have to be evil. But then aquaria came in with the basically the same styled/structured outfit as cracker and suddenly its okay. the best even. I love Aquaria and raja and raven but i feel like there is bias because aquaria made a pelt/tribal print dress instead of going full cave girl.
Filthy Squid
Filthy Squid 7 oy oldin
Why'd u boot Eureka wtf it was boring
Raechael Woodroof
Raja eating good home cooked in love meals xoxo lol married life
Kim de Ruyter
Kim de Ruyter 7 oy oldin
I cannot take Raja's critique on warpaint!~Just cause people have done it doesn't mean it can't be done again! Though I admit the look overall was not strong
Wendigogo Draws
Wendigogo Draws 7 oy oldin
The blatant homophobia in this comment section oml. I disliked this episode of FFR as much as I disliked the RDR runways, but god damn... I don't know how people live with themselves being full of so much vile hate.
LewkatJoey !
LewkatJoey ! 7 oy oldin
Did I miss something? were the spoilers for the "Top 4 lip syncing for their lives" already out because that kinda already tells ya all four contestants made it through, all though it's not hard to guess that would be the case since it was so big last year and the girls we have this season are so sickening, but they just give it away...or I missed something. I will stand corrected if so but Raven's statement @8:33 had me puzzled last week and still does this week..lol.
Martin x
Martin x 7 oy oldin
So majority of S9 Sasha can be bald and its okay since it's her "brand" but Asia does it once (amazingly) and it's underwhelming? Those brows are hurting your brain Raja.
OLEFAFA GAD 7 oy oldin
чё за хуйню я щас посмотрел? можно таблетку успокоительную?
Ekimps3man 7 oy oldin
I can’t take this episode seriously, Raja has forehead for days with eyebrows ready to disappear any moment. Then I look at Raven and I’m not sure if her wig is crooked or it just supposed to be that way 😂😂😂
Lilly :
Lilly : 7 oy oldin
Raja, we all know you're one of the fiercest queens to ever appear on Drag Race. That said, just because someone has the same idea you had a couple of years ago, does not mean you've got the license. As Manila pointed out recently, you didn't invent anything. It's all been done. It's context. If you don't like the way it's done, that's fair. However, faulting Queens for using a technique that's been used before as "it's been done, it's over," is absurd. Last week you were hot, and now this week they're stale. It's either a good technique or not, which is either well applied or not, which either equals the challenge or not. Raja, you did not invent the wheel, nor the heel, nor did you hubby invent gray hair. Give it a few years.
William Joon
William Joon 7 oy oldin
Raja Raja Raja 🙄
Lara Bohórquez
Lara Bohórquez 7 oy oldin
Jonathen Santa Cruz
I don’t like Aquarias look cause I don’t get how it works with her good twin I think there were like holy shit she looks pretty give her the win I think Asia should have won
Am I he only one who was NOT thrilled with Aquaria's evil twin?Like I wasn't really impressed by anybody more than the other, but I really just got "If Sasha and Alyssa Edward's Joan Crawford had a baby and it wore mismatched leopard print".
Demetrio Vinis
Demetrio Vinis 7 oy oldin
"it's been done" "already seen it". School us queen , let me see something new (maybe not you lazy brows and shitty t-shirts). She complained in the last episode about Miz Cracker "head ring" beacause it was too similar to Violet Chachki's Hello Kitty Look, but at the same time she loved Aquaria's Mermaid look which is TOTTALY copied from Lady Gaga. COHERENCE.
wtf is that? is it a gay or a transgender? america, what's wrong with you?
Pro Ket4up
Pro Ket4up 7 oy oldin
Фу блять пидарасы
zedo parthenon
zedo parthenon 7 oy oldin
Raja’s inner saboteurs are those eyebrows that look like cracks on her skull.
Keira Cooke
Keira Cooke 7 oy oldin
Honestly, I'm a little disappointed that the girls immediately went to sweet good twin and dirty/grungy evil twin. I would have loved to see a good twin in dark colors and the bad twin look like Regina George
The Pizdabol
The Pizdabol 7 oy oldin
Кто от Павера?
Gábor Molnár
Gábor Molnár 7 oy oldin
ok, guurls, i love and respect you both, BUT i have a problem these days - this "i did this look first on drag race xyz years ago, so noone can do it now" just drives me crazy. like with cameron and her painted forehead for example (however cracker´s marie antoinette/french periode piece was ok with you).
Jenell Palmer
Jenell Palmer 7 oy oldin
Raja and Raven lost their edge. Or they are paid extra to bullshit us. Eureka is a boot smoot
theCuttlekid 7 oy oldin
can someone please tell me im not the only one that CANNOT STAND Aquaria’s evil twin look? how did she win this challenge?! i loved her good twin look, but the evil twin look is, honestly, one of the worst looks on the runway ALL SEASON, and i have no qualms about saying that. the moment Ru said that look was on the same level of Raja and Violet, i damn near had an aneurysm lol. also i’m team Eureka but GIRL that good girl look should not have been a Toot. what is that modesty napkin girl, lol? let ya titties out!
Keikousaba 3 oy oldin
...You're team Eureka, that's why you can't notice a good look. It's okay though, you're the only one who feels this way.
I ///M FAN !
I ///M FAN ! 7 oy oldin
Полный пиздец!
felicia mcdaneld
felicia mcdaneld 7 oy oldin
I'm done with everybody gagging over Aquaria. I loved North Korea. It was truly evil.
Cashmere Foam
Cashmere Foam 7 oy oldin
Raja need to boot them eyebrows looking like she stepping off the Adams Family.
meganjerai 7 oy oldin
What did Raven say before storyline? I couldn't understand
SweetieTay23 7 oy oldin
Ily Raja but not today's wig.