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31-Okt, 2018



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Selina To
Selina To 24 daqiqa oldin
0:20 Did...did I see bananaphobia?
Eager99 2 soat oldin
Health care is free in Canada though...
Lost in My memes
Lost in My memes 3 soat oldin
I’m afraid of white backgrounds
Abeebah Zee
Abeebah Zee 3 soat oldin
The blank screen at last.. Turn on the captions, there's a message from him, not a message really but...a reason _what's wrong with nothingness_
Legendary Razer
Legendary Razer 7 soat oldin
2:02 true
Akash Sanyal
Akash Sanyal 8 soat oldin
you got some issues
David ROMD
David ROMD 9 soat oldin
Dom if you are scared of being forgotten the you have the phobia „Athazagoraphobia"
Mukhtar Alamin
Mukhtar Alamin 9 soat oldin
I've said Bloody Mary 3-10 time consecutively a lot * spoiler alert * NOTHING HAPPENS
シCHINO 13 soat oldin
The book of the life and coco are like the same
Lit Playz
Lit Playz 18 soat oldin
People get forgotten for example who would remember or know a random guy in the 1780
Lit Playz
Lit Playz 18 soat oldin
I thought the video was called fans while looking at the thumbnail
SKmar YouTube Channel
SKmar YouTube Channel 19 soat oldin
7:21 turn on the captions
GalaxyGum 20 soat oldin
im scared of caterpillars
Fire Fire
Fire Fire 20 soat oldin
Haha chicharon sarap nyan
Marielle Moralde
Marielle Moralde 21 soat oldin
전안제리가 22 soat oldin
We share the same braincells
전안제리가 22 soat oldin
3:31 : so me
look I exist
look I exist 22 soat oldin
the grudge scary movie parody was odd
Catriona Ly
Catriona Ly Kun oldin
Wait.... You know how you said someone has to remember you. Does that count you for remembering your self?? Also 👇 keep looking 👌made ya look👊
BloodCat Studios
i have good peripheral vision
Mihai Caprian
Mihai Caprian Kun oldin
Thanks i cant sleep now
Matthew Canales
Matthew Canales Kun oldin
And you will meet a dinosaur
Matthew Canales
Matthew Canales Kun oldin
SgtSkisky Kun oldin
5:25 dont think i didn't see that better movie disappear from my vison
Earl Bagundol
Earl Bagundol Kun oldin
Same here i'm also afraid to die
Taqiya Agoes
Taqiya Agoes Kun oldin
who has the same fear of closing their eyes while in the shower??
Robert H.
Robert H. Kun oldin
*"Fear Is Nothing BUT fear itself"*
Just a gaymer
Just a gaymer Kun oldin
My fear is my own mind And creepy stalking bois
Safija S
Safija S Kun oldin
Do you guys know this is actually a phobia of being scared of poop, and the #4. HOW DOES SOMEONE POO IN PEACE And How is that person suppose to count like they gonna be like 1, 2, 3, forbidden number, 5...
Nintenvan 07
Nintenvan 07 Kun oldin
7:12 to 7:59 what happened
Void Surfer
Void Surfer Kun oldin
Does anybody remember the book of life,well coco was made after the book of life they’re basically the same film coco copied the book of life
Samurai Shafi
Samurai Shafi Kun oldin
I watched train to Busan like a week before I watched this video
Cløudy Angel
Cløudy Angel Kun oldin
Oh...my...god....I relate to the lights going out in the bathroom, the shower one and the mirror one i'm scared of all three of those bathroom one
Stardust 48
Stardust 48 Kun oldin
I'm afraid of pain... kinda
The Symphony
The Symphony Kun oldin
The silence at the end gave me goosebumps
BowDown Gaming
BowDown Gaming Kun oldin
4:26 looks kinda like the demons of devilman crybaby
Amy Kenshole
Amy Kenshole Kun oldin
Dom is my brothers name
A FLOWER Kun oldin
5:22 I wasn’t worried about this because i just didn’t think about it during the movie but now you got me worried now bro.... thanks
Ask Alotofquestions
0:43 did the t rex just poop?
Lif3-standards :b
Oh really.. but I have a fear of being remembered... it hurts me to think people would waste time remembering something.. like me.. ok goodbye..
Joseph Winland
Joseph Winland 2 kun oldin
Lps Gaming_Aj
Lps Gaming_Aj 2 kun oldin
TheAdmin27 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who hears the Pornhub intro
24 Hours of savagery
Me and dom have the same fears
Dusty Thegaminglemon29
I’m afraid of my bathroom too
spam 5:30 your welcome
Amelia 31
Amelia 31 2 kun oldin
The Peanut
The Peanut 2 kun oldin
*insert the catoptrophobia* _makes sense_
Mybaby Yanan&Yuqi
Mybaby Yanan&Yuqi 2 kun oldin
The last part of silent white nothingness got me scared. Have no idea why tho
Manny the Nintendo Gamer
Me too.
Michelle Moran
Michelle Moran 2 kun oldin
You have been confronted by a dinasour. Birds are dinasour's. If you have had a seagull take your chips.
T Series
T Series 2 kun oldin
I just realised how similar your into is to pornhub community cmon man
HunterRyan30 Minecraft
You reminded me that when I get old all the you tubers that I watch now (that are 20 or more years older than me) will be dead when I am 50 or more.
JustAldred 2 kun oldin
captions is my friend
JustAldred 2 kun oldin
6:22 spongebob reference? The cool caps and the number one guy thing i dunno episode
The Snack That Smiles Back
I have a tip for ppl scared of the dark, if I can’t see it, it can’t see me literally
Morkamino 3 kun oldin
ngl, that ending was one of the most terrifying things. i know domics well enough that he wouldn't jumpscare us after like 32 seconds but, yeah like you said, i dont know what's coming because the screen is blank. boom fear
Yespacito 3 kun oldin
If u put subtitles at the end there are words u can read
KNaTiK 3 kun oldin
Hi domics, cool animation, but... I am from Russia, and I do not understand you well, this is a pity
hej 3 kun oldin
4:54 same
Pironick 3 kun oldin
2:05 The UK talking to America
Vlog with meh
Vlog with meh 3 kun oldin
Plot twist:ghost actually lives in bathrooms (it's true)
Marco Valmonte
Marco Valmonte 3 kun oldin
Vlog with meh what the hell man
ozreedys 3 kun oldin
and I have a promblem with full stops/periods at the end of my scentences
ozreedys 3 kun oldin
Your videos can sometimes be inspiring
Devildaily Official
I'm Allergic To Dying 😂😂
RevdevsPlayz Games
RevdevsPlayz Games 3 kun oldin
I like spiders
Tashera Quarrie
Tashera Quarrie 3 kun oldin
Most of his fears are mine
Cinna #HamilSquad
Cinna #HamilSquad 3 kun oldin
Dark 3 kun oldin
Silvia Padilla
Silvia Padilla 4 kun oldin
Dom its the sun of the profile picture I'm just using her account I didnt know you had that fear to I thought I was the only one
Nothing but you
Nothing but you 4 kun oldin
U do dump things but never get in a accedent
Nining Umali
Nining Umali 4 kun oldin
Chicharon is a food 😆
Digital -Gaming
Digital -Gaming 4 kun oldin
Midnight_ZodiacGalaxy_lover IDK
I hate needle
Paolo Matias
Paolo Matias 4 kun oldin
If I was in the dark think there’s a demon about to eat me I’d sit down, close my eyes and wait to die
Natsu 777
Natsu 777 4 kun oldin
3:08 your making it real hard to not say your a di#k
AstroCanceled Bean
AstroCanceled Bean 4 kun oldin
What’s it like for people to remember you?
Jannesa Cutie playz
I saw the book of life film *DON'T LIE COCO AND AND THE BOOK OF LIFE ARE THE SAME*
iLLuZionZ_Luiz 4 kun oldin
I'm not scared of gay people I'm scared of gay people who touch me or talk to me 😂😂😂
Skylar SCM
Skylar SCM 4 kun oldin
Hi! You have just been talked to by a gay person. How's it feel?
Twisted Dew
Twisted Dew 4 kun oldin
I was preparing myself for the jumpscare at the end.
Jazzed 4 kun oldin
Not scared of school Just school that tries to kill me
Kayla_ Ytgamer
Kayla_ Ytgamer 4 kun oldin
Thinking about the movie me and my friends watched yesterday Now, I can't even go to the refrigerator without my phone
Elliot Gawney
Elliot Gawney 5 kun oldin
I have broken 5 bones as a kid but I live in Britain so it’s free
VloggingGamer2607 GAMING
Great fear by filipino kids here
Gitansh Garg
Gitansh Garg 5 kun oldin
*Bloody marry third time😘😍😂😂🔥🔥* :));_-+
Юлия Лайф
IIPixel 5 kun oldin
Literally shower one is me, especially when I’m just in there too long and I start to hear past the water or so I think and I feel like something is coming so I start RUSHING TO GET OUT AND I I I I, ....nothing ever happens..... probably cause I get out in time 😎
Nicole Martinez
Nicole Martinez 5 kun oldin
Come on Dom, we'll always remember you. • • • "No one's ever really gone."
Nicole Martinez
Nicole Martinez 2 kun oldin
+Marco Valmonte It's what Luke said in the new teaser for Star Wars!
Marco Valmonte
Marco Valmonte 3 kun oldin
Nicole Martinez no ones ever really gone i think i heard it somewhere before in a quote
Charlize Also CJ
Charlize Also CJ 5 kun oldin
Acc the scariest thing in the world is having 20 miss calls from ur mom😂
Ann Rhealyn Natividad
It's possible that the zombie apocolypes is gonna happen
Simply Shai
Simply Shai 5 kun oldin
4:01 ohh thats why im dont like math
Senositis 5 kun oldin
I'm scared of the dark it's because i imagine a person just standing there and staring at me.
Azzan gamer
Azzan gamer 5 kun oldin
My nightmare is my friend every time i sleep he welcomes me nicly and and doesn't attack me like he used to
MakeitRAIN BeastAloy
Ang hindi kilalang! Nag-unsubscribe ako
funtime turbo
funtime turbo 5 kun oldin
Me as a 6 year old watching a horror movie 3:24
cutsyartsy the inkling
Dom plays yt
Dom plays yt 5 kun oldin
I have the same fears
Alpнa Dash
Alpнa Dash 6 kun oldin
Always turn on captions while watching a Domic’s video
Alex DynamoFox
Alex DynamoFox 6 kun oldin
Domics urophobic (Fear of bathrooms)
Feather 6 kun oldin
4:25 is it weird that I only just noticed that all of the demons are butts?
Mr.sloth Jr
Mr.sloth Jr 6 kun oldin
That’s me in the shower
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