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31-Okt, 2018




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ncr aft
ncr aft Soat oldin
0:56 praise the sun my friend solaire is proud
eganthesavage ;D
eganthesavage ;D 2 soat oldin
Fear isn’t real. Fear is what u think what u are going to happen in the future
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken 3 soat oldin
I have the exact fears
The Lejindary Jingerbread man
I luv train to Busan tho I still cried the 2nd time I watched it ;-; It’s not rlly scary but it’s sad
Ángel Bryan
Ángel Bryan 15 soat oldin
Now i will live with perpetual anxiety, trying to achieve something in my life to not be forgotten. Thanks.
Jayden Snow
Jayden Snow 19 soat oldin
Not to be mean just constructive criticism There really should be a trigger warning when talking about death and how we’re gone after we die because I literally started having a panic attack
Dimentio 21 soat oldin
yas hollow knight
Mateo Cristiani
Mateo Cristiani 23 soat oldin
No one is scared of the dark they are scared of what is in it
German Dominguez
German Dominguez 23 soat oldin
At 4:25 he used butts on all the monsters🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Desmond Walsh
Desmond Walsh Kun oldin
I jump off the swings like dat alllllll duh time I still got no visits to the ER
Noe Gongora
Noe Gongora Kun oldin
Star Dust
Star Dust Kun oldin
4:00 haha it has 3 nipples
Jaaron Zepeda
Jaaron Zepeda Kun oldin
Same the end noting
Kayla MacLennan
Kayla MacLennan Kun oldin
Canada vibs
Brandon Hu
Brandon Hu Kun oldin
Canada has hospital bills? Spoiler alert: No there isn't and I'm Canadian
Dylan Sandoval
Dylan Sandoval Kun oldin
The shower and toilet ones relate to me.
Mohamed Seddik
Mohamed Seddik Kun oldin
d name of d vid is fears and my name is feras XDDDDDDDDDDDD
Jazz Art
Jazz Art Kun oldin
yeh.... Hollow knight is good. 06:38
I’m not scared of the dark I’m scared of what’s inside the dark
Dann Kun oldin
Just stumbled across your channel Domic, and have to say, love it. Lived in Toronto for 8 years, moved away and miss it terribly. Keep producing amazing content!
john feng
john feng Kun oldin
“I can’t just assume it’s a black widow! That’s racist!!” BEST. LINE. EVER 😂
Cat Master
Cat Master Kun oldin
I'm Batman
Nick Kun oldin
My biggest fear is spiral slides.
Kiwi A
Kiwi A Kun oldin
I HATE DOLLS literally if I see one I will have a full on panic attack
WeiRd ChILd
WeiRd ChILd Kun oldin
4:20-4:29 ......Devilman crybaby?!?!?
stephanie carranza
stephanie carranza 2 kun oldin
4:46 hahaha got'em
ojeh 2 kun oldin
Achondroplasiaphobia is a fear of midgets?
Dido Ragab
Dido Ragab 2 kun oldin
guys I saw the book of life before coco
Kim Machiiko
Kim Machiiko 2 kun oldin
"Stop re-making a asian horror films" i honestly agree 100%
Kay Eh
Kay Eh 2 kun oldin
The bacteria that burped after consuming the last of our physical being, keeps our memory alive long enough for me.
Sundae 2 kun oldin
I once had a porcelain doll.She used to stay in the bedroom. I used to comb her hair in two braids. In the morning her hair was always a mess. There was, also this feeling that she looked at you whenever you looked at her. My mother gave her away to her friend's daughter. Her friend looked at it and said: " It feels like she is looking straight at you". I was kinda creeped by that because I felt the same thing. I never liked dolls.
PlaffySTUDIO 2 kun oldin
I don't have fear if I'm drunk hahahaha I walked in the cemetery alone hahaha
Jasmine Hill
Jasmine Hill 2 kun oldin
I don’t have good perifiral vision but my imagination is scarier than the movie so it dosnt really work out
Mike D
Mike D 2 kun oldin
I am depressed know thanks domix
Gory gem
Gory gem 2 kun oldin
Coco is a rip off of the book of life stop it,!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kathryn H.
Kathryn H. 2 kun oldin
U know what's impressive? Not having depression.
Chrisogaga Power ranger
7;31 is anyone here
PANTHER#50 DABOSS 3 kun oldin
I have the plastic foams part of sidonglophobia. The feel and sound makes me CRINGE OUT THE BACK OF MY HEAD.
Sheenie the Werewolf
I’m scared of closed doors that aren’t see through cause I’m scared there is something that wants to eat me behind the door and when I’m not looking they eat me(this is the reason I always open doors)
Reptile over lord Get wrecked
Wait so Hitler was not forgotten so........
Amelie C
Amelie C 3 kun oldin
I am watching this at 3am I am scared
Galaxy guy
Galaxy guy 3 kun oldin
Just remember everyone so that they never go to the last death land
The Harbinger Of Death
The black widow had me dying Du-doom crash
Channel K
Channel K 3 kun oldin
Fear of the Unown? That Pokémon is so weak!
Tiny The Weirdo
Tiny The Weirdo 3 kun oldin
When I watch horror movies I don't get scared because I'm shouting about how stupid the people are
Jodi Aylsworth
Jodi Aylsworth 3 kun oldin
is it weird that i'm scared of humans? i mean like clowns and criminals.well guess evil clowns are criminals so just criminals. *sighs* i shouldn't be worrying about this stuff at this age.
RP Artist
RP Artist 3 kun oldin
WE ALL WILL LIVE IN ETERNITY Is what I believe heh.
Danny swifty animatons 2
i did lol
Paige Dawson
Paige Dawson 3 kun oldin
*Student loans*
Yil oldin
My B-Boy Days
10 oy oldin
2 yil oldin
2 oy oldin
Breaking Up
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