FEASTING at Japanese DEPARTMENT STORE Mitsukoshi in Tokyo Japan

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When you think about department stores, you think high-quality clothes, bags, brands, etc. But in Japan, you're also thinking high-quality top-notch food! Today I'm at the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo, and I'm getting everything [that I can carry ;)] that looks good.
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Location :
Mitsukoshi Ginza store

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11-Iyl, 2018



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Dragon _Girl
Dragon _Girl 14 soat oldin
I’m guessing he’s not allergic to anything...
Joanne Adriano
Joanne Adriano 21 soat oldin
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. You got me at Taiwan 7-11 lol @ 11million views!! So unfair that we don’t have a 7-11 like that in the US.
M O O Kun oldin
Here in Denmark we use Chocolate on our bread and always have lol. I defiantly like a grilled cheese sandwich with chocolate pieces and cheese...
Emilie Miville
Emilie Miville Kun oldin
What song is playing at 11:45 ?
Vianney V
Vianney V Kun oldin
98lomo Kun oldin
It’s a good thing he’s saving his stomach
Jorge M
Jorge M Kun oldin
Did the camera survive? Lol
Dom R-H
Dom R-H 2 kun oldin
Do you get to keep the cute containers when done???
Brycen Tara
Brycen Tara 2 kun oldin
I wish my mother was alive today because Vloggers like you would have made her so happy. She would have binge watched your channel. You are everything she likes about travel shows.
margie anthony
margie anthony 2 kun oldin
Daland Of makeup
Daland Of makeup 2 kun oldin
Had chocolate hot cross bun and cream cheese in front of me I thought I’ll try it together because you had the chocolate cream cheese sandwich lol it tasted 👍🏼
Aira Mae Revilla
Aira Mae Revilla 3 kun oldin
"yes please, yolk me up" I'm-
TheWoold 4 kun oldin
In France we do butter with chocolat in a baguette for after school snack ;) ... it’s a classic for us 🤤
First Name Last Name
3:52 "and to eat you go up to the dining floor where there is a terrorist."
Manyu J
Manyu J 5 kun oldin
If you're back in Japan again get the green melon bun from Vie de France chain of bakeries. Trust me :P
April R
April R 6 kun oldin
I hate melon :(
Alan Au
Alan Au 6 kun oldin
Quality always speaks for itself.
Cayla Compton
Cayla Compton 7 kun oldin
“Yolk me up” ~Strictly Dumpling 2018
Evergreen Tree
Evergreen Tree 8 kun oldin
In Germany you can buy slices of chocolate for putting on bread.
Jellyfish Prince
Jellyfish Prince 10 kun oldin
my dream vacation: eating anywhere in japan with this guy here
beau hollinshead
beau hollinshead 10 kun oldin
Song name at 11:36?????
nyanjocycat 11 kun oldin
You have my dream job. You must be so happy 😭
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 11 kun oldin
Genuinely don't think anyone enjoys food more
Jules 12 kun oldin
I love your channel because (well I am obsessed with food but) you are so wholesome! 💕
Zaiba Muzna
Zaiba Muzna 12 kun oldin
I’m moving to japan
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones 12 kun oldin
those 607 downvotes are because of the music. fyi
Shabnam Fysel
Shabnam Fysel 12 kun oldin
Price is soo high and quantity WISE...I don't think it pays best of value for money
Trolly Moo
Trolly Moo 13 kun oldin
Omg I just realized he uploaded this on July 11....7/11 🧠💣
Drarry Howlter
Drarry Howlter 15 kun oldin
Chocolate sandwiches were soooo popular at my elementary school
Rachael Wymer
Rachael Wymer 15 kun oldin
He lowkey sounds like Peter Griffin
MrStealYourComment 16 kun oldin
*When a department store has better meals than home cooked ones*
David Chahine
David Chahine 17 kun oldin
That was your best video yet mikey! Keep it up!
Varun Nair
Varun Nair 18 kun oldin
3:27 That's doremi's favourite thing to eat lol
JoElle Trammell
JoElle Trammell 18 kun oldin
I just found this channel and I AM IN LOVE. Binge watching all videos N👏🏼O👏🏼W👏🏼
XxItzAlex playzxX
XxItzAlex playzxX 19 kun oldin
Oh my gosh you are awsome
Hamzah Sattar
Hamzah Sattar 19 kun oldin
I’m going to die of starvation
Georgina Gerry
Georgina Gerry 21 kun oldin
How do you stay so thin/healthy like what is your secret???
Georgina Gerry
Georgina Gerry 13 kun oldin
huangjen1123 ahh okay thank you!!!
huangjen1123 19 kun oldin
Mike hits the gym really often, like in several of his videos, he'll mention that he's gonna go to the gym first before going to eat so that he can work up a big appetite, or he'll talk about how he has to hit the gym later to burn off what he ate.
Renegade Master
Renegade Master 21 kun oldin
Nutella sandwiches bro. Everyone loves a chocolate sandwich.
Rebecca Watts
Rebecca Watts 21 kun oldin
I kind of want to try everything they had😖
Darkblade1212 Memes and games
I've never seen him mad
Miss Jeon
Miss Jeon 22 kun oldin
“Yolk me up” he cracks me up lol Definitely regretting watching this 2 in the morning
Linda Linda
Linda Linda 22 kun oldin
sooooo good
Brandi Jarrell
Brandi Jarrell 22 kun oldin
What do you do with all the beautiful little boxes? I know you said you were keeping that one but there are so many. I hope someone keeps them, they're gorgeous.
ccstreets 24 kun oldin
Does anyone know if all this food is eaten cold besides sashimi? Just curious cause eating certain foods cold is sad lol
Ambre P
Ambre P 26 kun oldin
Baguette and chocolate is a classical french afternoon snack for kids. Minus the cream cheese though ...
Jenny Amador
Jenny Amador 26 kun oldin
Sedona Arizona 🤩😍
CyoUNxtTuesdayy 27 kun oldin
Apparently there are places in Tokyo that sell Melon Bread ice cream sandwiches.
mmand1 27 kun oldin
Mitsukoshi is coming to BGC! 😍
Oginaka 28 kun oldin
COULD I JUST... live here for a year. ; ;
SKRsoul 28 kun oldin
Yeah, I've seen Nutella chocolate sandwiches
Ties Versteeg
Ties Versteeg 28 kun oldin
I want to live in japan😭😢😢
Carmelo   Money
Carmelo Money 28 kun oldin
When he said this is fantastic Wagyu he sounded like an Irish person
shaner193 r
shaner193 r 28 kun oldin
When Mike Chen opens up a soft boiled egg, though............. 🥰 All kinds of feels.
Sonata Tracey
Sonata Tracey Oy oldin
This is exactly what I needed to detox from social media. 😌
Etix xitE
Etix xitE Oy oldin
That yellow yolk looked like rubber to me... you sure it was an Egg and not plastic egg, Mikey?
Amin Limbu
Amin Limbu Oy oldin
bee Oy oldin
That's insane! Wow
mrd009 Oy oldin
haha i sooo love your choice of words 👍 watching your videos gives me life👏
Jessie Yamada
Jessie Yamada Oy oldin
It’s like the food court at Harrods London. Mmmm 😋
lyne dionne
lyne dionne Oy oldin
How could you eat that much and not be 300 pounds lollll, just watching you eat i feel like I'm gaining weight 🤣
Ret Gnu
Ret Gnu Oy oldin
His answer to everything is put ice cream on it...
OP04player Oy oldin
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Prasad Oy oldin
These venti boxes, they keeps reminding me od Toto Chan.
savage savie
savage savie Oy oldin
did he say not alot of food?? dude you luckyyyy. thats alottttt
Zara Williams
Zara Williams Oy oldin
In Holland we eat chocolate on bread :)
luna red
luna red Oy oldin
This guy is amazing. Eating a block of ginger like it's nothing.
allanah bc
allanah bc Oy oldin
i want to move to japan because of you
h p
h p Oy oldin
How does he eat all that food? It's a food organism. Lol
Tearyatobitz Oy oldin
That melon bread looked like a Mexican concha
Paulo Haas
Paulo Haas Oy oldin
All I want right now is to travel to Japan and spend a week eating all this delicious stuff.
jacob kerbel
jacob kerbel Oy oldin
7/11 looked better lol
curious observer
Damn,I'm hungry right now
VM R Oy oldin
What was that green stuff in your chocolate sandwich?, it was herby or salty?
Cant wait to visit Japan again.. Best holiday i ever had. No contest!
donnarosanna Oy oldin
You should try the taco salad in Okinawa.
Dinnerdash2 Oy oldin
i am so hungry
Cecille Perez
Cecille Perez Oy oldin
Foods in Japan are soooo delicious
sar buck3
sar buck3 Oy oldin
Crazy! Mike
WinrySkn Oy oldin
in germany we call the chocolate sandwich "eszet schnitten brötchen"
Nana chan
Nana chan Oy oldin
He is the only person in the world that I know that will eat desserts with a chopstick.
Trauma Oy oldin
What's the point of making these types of video when we can't eat what your eating?!
Muhd Syahir
Muhd Syahir Oy oldin
I have officially decided I will be moving to Japan soon. Konichiwa "paradise".
Mitters Oy oldin
Best travel food show. I wish Food Network would pick you up!
Justin Galvez
Justin Galvez Oy oldin
9:34 You can never watch too much anime Mike
Chocolate sandwich is pretty well known in France, we eat it as a snack in the middle of the afternoon most of the time. Except it's not cream but butter
Nandini Gupta
Nandini Gupta Oy oldin
choco sandwiches are a standard school lunch boxes for meXD (Urban India)
Nav in
Nav in Oy oldin
Laura Barnes
Laura Barnes Oy oldin
Me drinking water wishing I was in Japan 😭. Now I’m looking up prices to visit Japan one day. Totally worth it. 😍
meilani tjong
meilani tjong Oy oldin
You make everything really tasty
Devon Pan
Devon Pan Oy oldin
In Germany we have special chocolate that's thinner for example and is just for sandwiches
Qinouche Oy oldin
I like your videos, but you should honestly think more about the planet. For instance, I know Japan uses A LOT of plastic bags, instead of using one for each food item. I recommend either bringing your own bag or just ask for one where you put all your food in it. It will encourage your audince to do the same, little things matter.
Jenn Nguyen
Jenn Nguyen Oy oldin
everything in this vid looks AMAZINGGG!!! OMG I'm dying... 😭😭😭
idontkno ngo
idontkno ngo Oy oldin
Omg i can wait to be there
lala bby
lala bby Oy oldin
“Oh...oh. Yes please. Yoke me up.”
robert brown
robert brown Oy oldin
those foods are expensive!
Kim Tae V
Kim Tae V 2 oy oldin
Yes mike .I would be the happiest too if I ever bought a bags of food out of department store 😆
Aculeatus 2 oy oldin
I always watch these when I'm hungry lol
FreedomWriter3 2 oy oldin
These videos always make me jealous. The food alone makes me want to visit Japan. The culture as well. But the sound he made when he tried the sea bass... 😂​😂​😂​
protizemo s
protizemo s 2 oy oldin
Department food always looks filling and isn't
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