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6-Avg, 2018

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Warrior Man
Warrior Man 32 daqiqa oldin
Danny Cam
Danny Cam 11 soat oldin
this is prolly why terrorists don't mail bombs/anthrax to ppl anymore lol
tee kay
tee kay 12 soat oldin
i've had one package i ordered get stolen bc it was left right in front of my door. where literally anyone could see. my patio is like 2 ft from my door. delivery person couldn't even put it in there. too bad for the asshole that stole it bc it was a 3 dollar programming textbook. i was just annoyed that i had to order and wait (again) for a new one. fuck them nuts.
Twitchy DC
Twitchy DC 17 soat oldin
New phone who dis?
Project Monz Gaming
Project Monz Gaming 18 soat oldin
Sometimes Booraagarg makes a Boo boo.
Black Mask
Black Mask 20 soat oldin
If you have ever been a package handler loading the trucks at a hub 0:20 *THIS IS YOUR EXACT MENTALITY WHEN BUILDING TIERS*
Samantha Crevellari
Samantha Crevellari 20 soat oldin
And I thought this only happened in Mexico...
10,000 Subscribers with no videos?
*hi is this bob evans?*
Nect Kun oldin
It really do be like that sometimes
Leonard Feuerstein
Thats so genius
Simon Carlile
Simon Carlile Kun oldin
Did something happen?
Steve Spencer
Steve Spencer Kun oldin
Am I glad we have Royal Mail, an actual quality company.
Andrew Weaver
Andrew Weaver Kun oldin
0:22 Lysanderoth strikes again
WhereIsMyPie Pieness
Bo Harris
Bo Harris 2 kun oldin
Who hurt you
e r
e r 2 kun oldin
I typed in "how to waste life", and it brought me here and told me to hit the repeat button.
armydj2016/armydj2003 DDW
e r its not a waste
Aidan & Stuff
Aidan & Stuff 2 kun oldin
My mom
Crackly Bøi
Crackly Bøi 2 kun oldin
New phone who dis? 😂
Agustin Munoz
Agustin Munoz 2 kun oldin
Asian andy #2
The Wild Colonial Boy
I'm pretty sure this happened to me with UPS recently.
Luna Freeman
Luna Freeman 2 kun oldin
lmmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂😂 BOOO-REGARD
Christian Bauer
Christian Bauer 3 kun oldin
I guess I should feel lucky that I even get my packages from fedex. Two weeks after the latest delivery date.
X Entertainment
X Entertainment 3 kun oldin
Olga Castillo
Olga Castillo 3 kun oldin
Ahora no me han dicho y me lo dijeron yo descubri pq el ni me los los amigos.
Olga Castillo
Olga Castillo 3 kun oldin
Ahi van 3 todas las mentira q no me han dicho .
Olga Castillo
Olga Castillo 3 kun oldin
Ahi me dijo q me casdo y no pq no me acuerdo.
Olga Castillo
Olga Castillo 3 kun oldin
La prmera mentira era q el era viudo y segunda era No me habia csado.
Olga Castillo
Olga Castillo 3 kun oldin
Yo dije para mis adentros estos me van a meter mentiras. Asi mismo fue.
I is Anfrew
I is Anfrew 3 kun oldin
You should work for college humor!!! it would be awesome
Olga Castillo
Olga Castillo 3 kun oldin
Si yo llego saber esto desde el primero yo no caigo en esto. Me acuerdo q tu me preguntaste si yo tenia experiencia esto de buscar novio por i,nternet y yo le dije + no es prmera vez.
Olga Castillo
Olga Castillo 3 kun oldin
A mi nunca he sido " plato de de segunda Mesa". Acepte hacerlo pq nO SABIA NADA .Y AHO RA Q SE ERA TIEMPO.
Sahil Pethe
Sahil Pethe 3 kun oldin
Do these guys even know how to use Google Maps?
lilyeet 3 kun oldin
DEN 3 kun oldin
Американское топопвое говоно
DEN 3 kun oldin
И нне говори )
Celestial Seasoning
You look like my brother's friend so I used to think that he was you
sbtweeds 3 kun oldin
Edith 3 kun oldin
At least in Seattle, FedEx is pretty decent. On time on 600+ delivery last year. Ontrac on the other hand is another story. They lose half the packages.
Zymon Ramirez
Zymon Ramirez 3 kun oldin
This is why I love UPS so much.
Let's Offend Everybody
You know instead of making up all these *great* skits you could *stand* to lose some weight. -Love Let's Offend Everybody
Mario Vasquez
Mario Vasquez 4 kun oldin
This is so true on so many regards...
Lon Yan
Lon Yan 4 kun oldin
Nathan Biller
Nathan Biller 4 kun oldin
Lol these vids are awesome! Can you do one for when a movie is different than the trailer?
Chloe Dove
Chloe Dove 4 kun oldin
This is so true it hurts
Lawn Man
Lawn Man 4 kun oldin
BYMER TV 4 kun oldin
He tried to throw it through the window but failed
TEJ BUDHRAM 4 kun oldin
Oof.mp4 4 kun oldin
That was a short documentary.
some bad content.
some bad content. 4 kun oldin
sometimes boo regard makes a *BOO BOO*
Cole Mayse
Cole Mayse 4 kun oldin
Don’t you mean... fed ex... derivery 👨🔫
Wreck it Ralph Jr.
Wreck it Ralph Jr. 4 kun oldin
Replace FedEx with UPS and this is almost exactly what happened to a $1200 custom pc setup I ordered last year. Instead of throwing it in bushes, they said “F**k it!” and sent it back to the manufacturer the very next day after “attempting a delivery”. I ended up, to their dismay, not getting the pc, but I damn sure got my refund.
Justin Martin
Justin Martin 4 kun oldin
Fat face
Tagit570 4 kun oldin
Justin Martin Man, that is the most interesting opinion I've ever seen on UZvid. I just wish it mattered. :(
octemberfury 4 kun oldin
Your package is probably 10 miles away at the airport and they won't redeliver.
esperensnare 4 kun oldin
Antonio Del Rio
Antonio Del Rio 4 kun oldin
This is so sad. Alexa, deliver my package
Null Ledge
Null Ledge 4 kun oldin
this happened exactly to me and i complained exact lines like you did
Kelly Ackerman
Kelly Ackerman 4 kun oldin
last Sc
last Sc 4 kun oldin
Wow you always get trending!
IISimplePlayedII 4 kun oldin
Why is this on trending?? It’s funny but UZvid it doesn’t have adds
memonk11 4 kun oldin
I’ve had the same experience with Uber twice. - Standing outside my apartment for an hour and a half and two different drivers said they came and I was not there. When one finally showed up he let me know they just look at the gps. It just wasn’t a concept to him to look up at the actual address.
Dead Squad gaming
Dead Squad gaming 4 kun oldin
New phone who dis
Jonathan Polfer
Jonathan Polfer 4 kun oldin
“Sometimes Beauregard makes a boo-boo” 🤣
hawt nurse
hawt nurse 5 kun oldin
Spot on!!!! 🖕🏼fedex
LifeasMerna 5 kun oldin
How are u always trending. Please tell me
VineAndBeats 5 kun oldin
#50 Trending
red ruM
red ruM 5 kun oldin
SeanFTW - gaming
SeanFTW - gaming 5 kun oldin
Léon The Professional Procrastinator
Fuck FedEx They suck so much dick they suck dick at sucking dick.
R Gibson
R Gibson 5 kun oldin
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation 5 kun oldin
*new phone, who 'dis?* 😂😂😂
Vamonos Sr Stark.
Vamonos Sr Stark. 5 kun oldin
Gordo hijo de las remil putas
Daniel Ippolito
Daniel Ippolito 5 kun oldin
This is actually pretty funny and ironic! Y’know, it’s nice to see something like this get on the Trending tab every once in a while! It reminds me of what UZvid was like before Clickbait, before Jake Paul! This guy doesn’t look like he has a big budget, it looks like he’s filming for fun, to entertain an audience rather than to try to get views!! And I appreciate that!
Daniel Ippolito
Daniel Ippolito 4 kun oldin
Oh, okay, that’s what you meant! Yeah, with all the crap UZvid has been favoring lately, it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to see what’s trending! If I was the new owner of UZvid, the first thing I would do is actually fix the issues that plague the site! You know those pedophiliac Elsa and Spider-Man videos? Well, instead of having robots with no common sense at all take them down, I would actually take them down myself! That’s one example! I would also make sure to stop favoring these clickbaity Top 10 list channels and the generic reaction channels! They will still be able to keep their channels, it’s just that UZvid won’t favor them anymore, because UZvid really wasn’t meant for that stuff! Of course, we do have channels like TheOdd1sOut and Lucas the Spider which show that there is still some UZvid magic left! It’s just that the lows seems to outweigh the highs! So much for the website being called UZvid! YOUTube! Think about it! YOU-Tube! *YOU* Tube! It’s supposed to be for YOU to Tube! The place that was once for YOU to make original content out of your imagination! And to see it fall apart now! You may as well call the website JakePaulTube now! Do you see what’s going on in my mind right now about the current state of UZvid!
Tagit570 4 kun oldin
Think you misread. I barely get on the trending tab anymore as in I literally never go there on UZvid. Not as in a video I have got on there.
Daniel Ippolito
Daniel Ippolito 4 kun oldin
You actually got on the trending tab once? For what video?
Tagit570 4 kun oldin
Daniel Ippolito I agree! I barely get on the trending tab anymore because of it. But I was super pleasantly surprised by this. He has tons of hilarious videos as well.
A Corn
A Corn 5 kun oldin
It's because package delivery companies put strict schedules on their drivers, and they get paid per package delivered, so they're insentivized to skip as many residentials as possible.
CNN 5 kun oldin
You can trust us.
Justin Freitas
Justin Freitas 5 kun oldin
Tell me my box when and was stuck at Canada and thay said thay don't know were it is. A McLaren f1 Gtr was going to my house in three weeks but it was a month
Justin Freitas
Justin Freitas 5 kun oldin
Hot wheel car cost of 59.00 and I got fast ship
Marcus Clinton
Marcus Clinton 5 kun oldin
Literally just happened to me an hour ago.
Katrina Rocketman
Katrina Rocketman 5 kun oldin
"Eh, phuggit."
Paxton LaJoie
Paxton LaJoie 5 kun oldin
I’m subscribed and have notifications turned on, yet just got a notification saying this video is new & was uploaded 8 minutes ago? Thanks UZvid, not like I wanted to see this days ago or anything
Booker Skye
Booker Skye 5 kun oldin
I had a package scheduled one day, literally sat in the living room waiting for it, heard what sounded like the truck pull up and thought it was about to come but then it immediately sounded like it was driving away so I opened the door and the sticker was on it. The guy must have had the sticker prepared before he ever got there, saw there wasn't a car parked in front of the house and didn't bother knocking, just jumped out and stuck the sticker on the door and left. I called them immediately and told them and they said maybe I just didn't hear them knocking so I cussed them out and I guess they called the driver and he turned around pretty much immediately and brought me my package.
*CedakRC C.*
*CedakRC C.* 5 kun oldin
Here before a million.
AuTissTiCA Fvk
AuTissTiCA Fvk 5 kun oldin
You : Where's my package Me: points at crotch I got your package right here
The Turkey Sandwich Podcast
Seriously the most bang for your buck. 24 seconds of brilliance. Laughter is the best medicine!
LIFE with ISAAC 5 kun oldin
New phone who dis. lo
Fintobonit 5 kun oldin
How many footlongs are in a foot?
_mountain_ _jew_
_mountain_ _jew_ 5 kun oldin
He looks like red dick from the filthy frank show
Mimikz 5 kun oldin
Do you like.... Pay UZvid? Considering all of your videos that go on trending get millions of views yet when it's not on here, it barely gets thousands. (Also like every video is on trending so...?)
thedarkening moon
thedarkening moon 5 kun oldin
Congrats on making it on trending!
Tamale Wally
Tamale Wally 5 kun oldin
I can’t believe ProZD made it as a documentarian 👏👏👏
JP Raps
JP Raps 5 kun oldin
This guy hilarious
Akure Ayune
Akure Ayune 5 kun oldin
Why are the captions so messed up?? “Sometimes boo regard makes you boob”
tylerthe20 5 kun oldin
James Corrigan
James Corrigan 5 kun oldin
These videos are just like vine
mandyalwaysnose 4 kun oldin
James Corrigan he used to be pretty big on vine when it was still going on
japrogramer 5 kun oldin
Haha all you want, but there is a portion of the population that does that .. I too have not received FedEx packages before. Can't wait till you humans are replaced by robots
Ko NaiHsin
Ko NaiHsin 5 kun oldin
That’s how they do! FedEx sucks!
Abrar Faiaz
Abrar Faiaz 5 kun oldin
It is funny
Outcast 37
Outcast 37 5 kun oldin
I am getting in the shower I will airtime you when I get out Ok so conspiracy theory I ordered a backpack for school FedEx didn’t deliver it They don’t want me to go to school They don’t want me to get into college They don’t want me to get a degree I won’t get a job I won’t have money I won’t have food I will starve I will die FEDEX IS TRYING TO KILL ME!
chavo del8
chavo del8 5 kun oldin
😂😂that Asian looks mexican with that bigote.
mandyalwaysnose 4 kun oldin
chavo del8 mexicasian
Oscar_FML 5 kun oldin
Lol I’m my experience usps is the best and It’s not even a company
Mountbatten Windsor
This literally just happened to me last week.
《Thinking Emoji》
My dad works at FedEx lol
4 oy oldin
A Day at the Beach
13 kun oldin