Film Theory: All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13)

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They are coming for your internet. Who? The EU. They've come up with a copyright law that will change the way people use the internet FOREVER. Theorists, it's up to us to understand what Article 13 is and how it is dangerous. For the love of memes and UZvid videos, let's make our voices heard.
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24-Noy, 2018



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katie weber
katie weber Soat oldin
This is literally like a horror theory for me
Tyberfen 3 soat oldin
Few Days before the EU-Parliament votes on this topic, Thousands are rioting in the streets. For obvious reasons. But why would a democracy care about its voters...
Tyberfen 4 soat oldin
Guess I'll just get myself a VPN and Tor...
Aswebe Wilber
Aswebe Wilber 12 soat oldin
Did you use them memes with consent by og creators
Yajing Yang
Yajing Yang 15 soat oldin
u know what, we as the citizens of earth need more authority in the government, mostly because these laws directly affects us
Yajing Yang
Yajing Yang 15 soat oldin
super waluigi logan
super waluigi logan 17 soat oldin
hay european fuck you
ACHU 03 Kun oldin
Europe always causes problems WW1, HOLOCAUST, WW2, now what do they want? Kill the internet. I seriously think Europe should be *Banned*
PLRafaelPL 17 soat oldin
Do you know that WW1 , HOLOCAUST and WW2 were started by Germany ? btw killing the internet is also the idea from germany
Han Kun oldin
Can I just point out the amount of people that rely on their favourite content creators to keep living and only stay alive to watch them? If article 13 goes ahead, these content creators won't be able to get content out into Europe or even out at all, causing these people to lose the one thing that kept them going. The number of suicides will sky rocket. No one's thinking about the bigger picture - actual lives are on the line here. Millions of lives. We can't let this happen.
Han Kun oldin
Europe and the EU are different, Europe is the continent while the EU is just a group of random ass countries for trading purposes or whatever. This is affecting Europe and not the EU, so even when we - Britain - leave the EU, we'll still be affected because we're still in Europe. PS. stop using the EU flag to represent Europe, like I said, different things.
CJ_The art human
I'm in Australia, will this happen to us? I use memes to hide my loss for a will to live...oof
golden Rdragon
golden Rdragon Kun oldin
save the falls? . . . -flip,no,one,here,under,stands-
- DancingFirefly -
Light_ TopsTP
the great adventures of crossover wiki
Does elon musk have something to say about this?
Quicksilvur Kun oldin
What's the song at 11:39?
Smart science Guy
Smart science Guy 2 kun oldin
So t series are going to destroy pewdiepie
NotEmman Omelet
NotEmman Omelet 2 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-9Z62xHU9ZQg.html #SaveYourInternet
Holden Haas
Holden Haas 2 kun oldin
Holden Haas
Holden Haas 2 kun oldin
Kent to write a thumb down. This =👎
Holden Haas
Holden Haas 2 kun oldin
I read something about article 13 and it said something about KILLING UZvid. #ban article 13 🤯🤬👍😾
GoesNuts 2 kun oldin
I live in germamy .
Litz Times7
Litz Times7 2 kun oldin
Cant you just change your ip if its one in europe switch it to swedish ip or something idk
Teen in 2000: Sneaks out to go to the bar Teen in 2008: Sneaks out to buy drugs Teen in 2014: Sneaks out to make a Tinder account Teen in 2020: Sneaks out to post a meme
We fought Europe and won once, we can do it again #Muricanpride
Nolan Tatar
Nolan Tatar 3 kun oldin
Why can’t this happen in India
The Not Normal YouTube Channel
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck the eu. They can go to hell.
Danny 4 kun oldin
Hey matpat, it got through. So can you update this to see how bad it is now? I think it has been reworded so maybe I don't have to move to america
Danny 4 kun oldin
Well it went in effect this morning so... farewell matpat
Alyssa Hayes
Alyssa Hayes 4 kun oldin
Apparently fanfiction is also on the chopping block
Crafty Unicorn
Crafty Unicorn 4 kun oldin
Would I be affected as a junior UZvidr. I don't do this but I always wanted to do this but now I'm worried. I live in Canada which is in North America like the U.S.A #saveyourinternet
The1andonly Spice
The1andonly Spice 5 kun oldin
God do you sleep
Kaede Fountain
Kaede Fountain 5 kun oldin
The song at the very beginning sounds like the theme song of last of the mohicans AHHH I LOVE THAT MOVIE
JayLegend 5 kun oldin
I just made the biggest Article 13 disstrack of 2019. It's on my Channel Now!
Love Ohlsson
Love Ohlsson 5 kun oldin
I want memes 😭😭😭
minblox the golden splatroller/TGSR
They are breaking there own rules fat paps uzvid.com/video/video-8Bc9REjKKhM.html
the game project
the game project 6 kun oldin
europe article 13 got through you shall pay for this transgression for hell hath no fury like the internet's hate
the game project
the game project 6 kun oldin
article 13 bans memes and then it became a meme article 13 is banned thus memes are legal but this makes article 13 legal then it repeats until everyone decides article 13 no longer exists because it is stupid RA RA RASPOOTIS LOVER OF THE SANDVICHES
PePe The Dancing Froggo
What will become of pepe? Will pepe die? Pepe is scared. Pls help me.
Joshua Manansala
Joshua Manansala 6 kun oldin
You had one job Europe. You had ONE JOB...
David Medina-Munoz
David Medina-Munoz 6 kun oldin
Genji Plays
Genji Plays 6 kun oldin
I looked at the statistics and in sweden everyone is against it
YaBoyRemag 7 kun oldin
Well f$ck i live in denmark
Kiran Lavett
Kiran Lavett 7 kun oldin
Akari Chan
Akari Chan 7 kun oldin
*Oh hell no*
Who disliked this video
Loop HD
Loop HD 8 kun oldin
All my memes are dead, push me to the edge.
Ída María Ingadóttir
good thing i am in a country that is in the middle of america and europe.
Giancarlo Villamor
Giancarlo Villamor 8 kun oldin
So just use vpn.
cinemacat 8 kun oldin
Me: BUT THATS JUST A- matpat: no it’s real Me: goes to bed and cries
Bagyong Pablo
Bagyong Pablo 8 kun oldin
I'm gonna be presenting this topic as my research report by 11/03/2019. wish me luck #SavingtheInternet.
CrispyBlazin 8 kun oldin
UZvid will turn to company-tube
CrispyBlazin 8 kun oldin
Rip gradeaundera
Goku [Omni God]
Goku [Omni God] 8 kun oldin
I don't want to give up my form but... ULTRA INSTINCT SHAGGY MUST LIVE!
Hestia Smith
Hestia Smith 8 kun oldin
Does anyone know how it'll affect fanfiction?
leleblock HD
leleblock HD 8 kun oldin
After article 13: "Now this summer. The purge: Europe edition"
Foil Crafting with Advait
New item on bucketlist take a go to europe and uplod a 100 hundred memes.
xxxmoonlightxxx shine
You are my favorite UZvidr because you can say all these in a sentence but you make it 15 minutes basically an essay XD
Catherina Lössl
Catherina Lössl 8 kun oldin
Welcome to Germany, where we hate fun so much that we ban memes Edit: fun fact: the privacy thing gave everyone in Germany a Lot of trouble, for example, you had to renew every Single acceptence a Parent gave you to use a childs Image or Name in a newspaper, eventhough it was already given years earlier. And that's Just one example. There are 80 million people in Germany, let's say 40 Million of them are children. For every Single one another permit
Scary Warriors
Scary Warriors 8 kun oldin
I guess that is why everyone voted Brexit, then we still get our memes in GB.
Scary Warriors
Scary Warriors 8 kun oldin
Nvm watched more
Roboderp Gaming
Roboderp Gaming 8 kun oldin
All your memes are dead, push me to the edge
-Erwin Rommel -
-Erwin Rommel - 9 kun oldin
Isn’t this protected by Monopolisation laws?
StormeeJolteon21 9 kun oldin
Its March 8th, 2019...is this still relevant?! I'm scared! If it is everyone hide your memes!!
Reinier Mels
Reinier Mels 9 kun oldin
Yeah its relevant
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 9 kun oldin
we need an assassin to assassinate Article 13 creator(s)
reven darth
reven darth 9 kun oldin
so people in europe can only watch ali-a ? 😧
Super Spicy
Super Spicy 9 kun oldin
Don’t worry Britain is going away from the EU
Hilding Olofsson
Hilding Olofsson 9 kun oldin
I am swedis and now I want t move
alex jazzer
alex jazzer 9 kun oldin
Forget t series 9 year olds lets bomb that fuckin building or something
Tom Sky
Tom Sky 10 kun oldin
Article 15 passed. Literally nothing changed for the other countries. Congratulations matpat you played yourself
Avery Noren
Avery Noren 10 kun oldin
People! We need to turn Article 13 into a meme!
Brandybot 10 kun oldin
Will my channel get removed because I use toys
ElmerF 10 kun oldin
If big companies are the only ones that can post in UZvid, then the "video-sharing" platform will be no more... I mean do big companies post videos and share them to other companies? Article 13 is the infinity gauntlet EU is thanos and just one snap the entire universe of memes will be gone
Panda God
Panda God 10 kun oldin
at 12:40 you put facebook twice
Spass show
Spass show 10 kun oldin
I’m from Europe 😢😢😭
Hermenetor 456
Hermenetor 456 11 kun oldin
*Sees that Tik Tok will get shut down if this happens* Well this will take Tik Tok with it
Hermenetor 456
Hermenetor 456 11 kun oldin
I’m Swedish so R.I.P Me
Arcen 11 kun oldin
Well, if it helps at all, I wrote an article about this (pun unintended) for my school newspaper. #SaveYourInternet
Mia Rose
Mia Rose 11 kun oldin
Do you know de wae PLZZ NOOO
Mia Rose
Mia Rose 11 kun oldin
Not DEEZ NUTS waahhhhhh
ocelot 11 kun oldin
wait, this is gonna start riots in the eu, welp good thing im in the us
Philipp Kemmer
Philipp Kemmer 11 kun oldin
Seriously share this video with everyone!
Jack Drozinski
Jack Drozinski 11 kun oldin
Ugandan Knuckles Dead SpongeBob Dead MatPat Dead Pewdiepie Dead My Pinterest Account Dead Thanos Dead Emoji Movie Dead Swedish Names Dead #SaveTheInternet Memes Are GREAT
Jacob Wooten
Jacob Wooten 11 kun oldin
film theory leading the charge? (liked my own comment)
C_R 11 kun oldin
You know there was a 4.7million people petition handed over to our head of the justive department in germany, she had a veto in the eu parliament to stop article 13, as she promised to not support it, but she didnt do anything. Other politicians mainly of CDU/CSU said that petition is just made by bots and all the people going on the streets are an angry mob and we would be supportive of lawfree zones in the internet. You cannot talk to them, they are deluded and just so indoctrinated by the big companies. The fact a poltician said on twitter that bc he had more followers than one user he had more value to his opinion. And also article 13 is already broke the coalition contract between the leading parties in germany and also would break an EU law put in place in 2016.
Ollie W Robek
Ollie W Robek 11 kun oldin
This is why the uk left the eu
TheLibermania 12 kun oldin
Please redo this video. WE NEED TO GET MORE PEOPLE ON THE STREETS! #Savetheinternet
Steamy Sulixx
Steamy Sulixx 12 kun oldin
tbh everyone here in the usa is blessed... we are allowed to do something unless you have fair use. but in Europe, it’s so much different..
drunkenteardrops 12 kun oldin
update on Article 13!: juliareda.eu/2019/02/article-13-worse/ i think this article really helps cover what has happened with where article 13 is going especially now that its 2019.
mishimi 12 kun oldin
"UZvid only intermediary, not responsible for content," etc.: well, imagine the weight on the shoulders of small creators or rightholders having to scan the millions of hours of videos uploaded to those platforms every day!
Dog Gaming
Dog Gaming 13 kun oldin
They started a war a war that will not win Holy crap there are more rules than ca jeez Louise Few I’m not with the EU and never will be 😃 We must win VIVA LA REVALUATION I dunno I just heard it
Nathan Weatherly
Nathan Weatherly 13 kun oldin
Press F to pay respects for all the memes that will die to Article 13 and 11. #SaveYourInternet Edit: I will have to give up one of my favourite channel: Kurzgugat.
MysterioBerlin 13 kun oldin
We try but I don’t think anyone took us seriously so far!
M. P.
M. P. 13 kun oldin
They are trying to push the Article 13 European Vote forward to the END OF MARCH!
Kanaster 10 kun oldin
Is the 23.03
Duc Le
Duc Le 13 kun oldin
25/3 is the finale voting
XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX
why cant the government just die
Gray Peaches
Gray Peaches 13 kun oldin
Everyone should thank Poland for not voting the policy in
Wait t series will win because pewdiepie is swedizh
Kara Grafenauer
Kara Grafenauer 14 kun oldin
3:42 why you gotta remind me? That's my favorite show ☹
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