Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT Problem (Marvel's Ant-Man)

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We all know that the COOLEST moment in the new Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer is when we see Ant-Man grow into a GIANT man. Now, I've explored Ant-Man's powers before, but never what it means to grow up to 65 feet tall! What does that do to your body? Well, Loyal Theorist, you are about to find out!
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Jake Seale
Jake Seale 2 soat oldin
So, interesting question, would it be possibly for ant-man to shrink down to an atomic size, then grow back to his regular size inside them and completely tear someone to shreds?
timberIII 2 soat oldin
Strangth, langth! Lol I couldnt get over how you pronounce those. Took me out everytime
Skinny Rogers
Skinny Rogers 2 soat oldin
hey matpat! Please make a video about the quantum realm, I'm conpuzzled about how hope'd mother age despite the absence of time and space in the quantum realm. Is it possible that she would have aged at all? If we were able to stop caps frozen body... can the human body progress in a place where there's no time? doesn't her body need nutrients to get to that stage? is it possible that ant-man will also be affected about the events in avengers infinity war? (we know that they wouldn't kill him though). soo many questions. I Know its just a small detail but it can change everything. please matpat make a good theory about this thought lol.
L3mdroid 4 soat oldin
Lol that nerd cubed reference 6:27
Y.Z. sheikh
Y.Z. sheikh 4 soat oldin
4:20 ehem note time 😏 Universal law that applies to all of the universe
V. L.
V. L. 4 soat oldin
Matt pat is a snack
NinJustice 4 soat oldin
WAIT A FRICKING MINUTE... in your previous theory, you said Ant-Man’s mass stayed the same when he shrunk down... like what the movie said. That way, he could deliver a big boy punch at small size. However, if that’s the case, he wouldn’t be so agile. Now you’re saying that when he shrinks, his mass ALSO shrinks, but he gets STRONGER?!?! That doesn’t make ANY sense!
Ethan Canadian9
Ethan Canadian9 6 soat oldin
NO! You forgot that his weight stays the same when he shrinks and grows! (Unless you are ignoring SCIENCE just because the movie does.)
Spider-Fan 616
Spider-Fan 616 8 soat oldin
Ant Man and the Wasp happened during IW
shinymewtwo 9294
shinymewtwo 9294 8 soat oldin
Elk is extra thicc
Isaac McAllister
Isaac McAllister 10 soat oldin
5:22 I already get it bro! Don't worry!
Tug Cypher
Tug Cypher 10 soat oldin
You my friend contradicted yourself
Gummy Smile BTS
Gummy Smile BTS 10 soat oldin
where is the answer to the purge
Monroville 12 soat oldin
This is all redundant because it is a *comic book* . It may as well be magic (any science sufficiently more advanced than the current society's knowledge and it will, for all intent and purposes, appear as magic). If the Pym Particles were consistent, that Gi-Ant Man would turn into a Macy's Thankgiving Day balloon... in fact, I wish they would do that for this Thanksgiving: have a Gi-Ant Man balloon! See Marvel? You should have released ANT MAN AND THE WASP in Thanksgiving! - No competition - a perfect way to advertise the film, _and_ - a perfect way to make fun of/address youtube commentators and fans on just how in the hell do those Pym Particles work? Which is: "We don't know! Just sit back and enjoy the movie!"
Hanson 12 soat oldin
I’m taller than ant man at normal size.
Wolf games
Wolf games 14 soat oldin
I have question does his penis grow bigger
chris 15 soat oldin
because plot when ant Man gets smaller he has the same weight, the same would happen when he gets bigger. he would be like a balloon apparently, he only gets denser when he shrinks so would the opposite not apply when he gross
Joseph Graham
Joseph Graham 15 soat oldin
Also, please do more gravity falls theories
Joseph Graham
Joseph Graham 15 soat oldin
matpat does not have a big ego
The Mob Destroyer
The Mob Destroyer 16 soat oldin
Ant man and wasp basically confirmed this
Mukmin Daud
Mukmin Daud 16 soat oldin
Yea where's the purge video?
Ninja Fish
Ninja Fish 17 soat oldin
I'm lick leave 30 on theories score
BrandonBigger 17 soat oldin
Apply this theory to Mairo growing when he consumes a mushroom, and changes his size
Dan Eyal
Dan Eyal 20 soat oldin
So basically, Scott's human anatomy can't support his massive form for a long period of time, because his body still retains the frame that is ment to support his regular size. It's basically like downloading too much data into a computer or a usb that is ment to contain only a certain amount of data, and the more data that is added, the slower the computer becomes, until it just stops working.
West De La Mare
West De La Mare 21 soat oldin
It not at at it’s A T A T. It is a acronym. When you use acronyms you don’t say the word how itself would be pronounced. Instead you say each letter individually.
Erik Moreno
Erik Moreno 23 soat oldin
Where's the video about the purge??😐
plague 692
plague 692 Kun oldin
yes but when he got big he would be less dense there for being much more light
i like tacos :)
Kids McCree
Kids McCree Kun oldin
Mat pat =antman antman is the best hero and could kill thanos in about 5 different ways . Mat pat =best theorist imaginable
starwars demic081
Theres one problem with this theory (and correct me if im wrong, but) in the forst ant man movie it was explained that it doesnt change an objects mass, just its volume. But then, the old man wouldnt be able to carry a tank around in his pocket, so i guess there are just loopholes everywhere
Cd-iLozytp Kun oldin
1:43 surprised the editor didn't edit in the kirby 64 boss.
disarme- tha-gun
So if he grows large enough, he can basically break all the bones in his body?
ColorlessMite Kun oldin
Make a theory on Godzilla
MeX3 Kun oldin
Why do I have to take classes like math and science when I literally have episodes of game and film theory at my finger tips?
King Corgi
King Corgi Kun oldin
This entire video ignores the fact that his weight wouldn’t change like matpat said in the last video he float away like a balloon
Mr Tiddles
Mr Tiddles Kun oldin
Wait but aren’t you using the tesseract measurements (1x1x1) which is a square on Ant Man who is well... a man and not a square? Maybe i just didn’t pay enough attention and missed that part but if so I’ve poked a hole in Matty Patty theory! IM INTELLIGENT MUM!
Alabama Embry
Alabama Embry Kun oldin
Nerd Cubed reference!
_Proto PhoeniX_
_Proto PhoeniX_ Kun oldin
While video could be an innuendo
Mr Tiddles
Mr Tiddles Kun oldin
Penis jokes?
RestoredTick Kun oldin
Quick mafs
Antonio Piccolo
Antonio Piccolo Kun oldin
remember never skip leg day
Purple demon
Purple demon Kun oldin
Did you notice ant man was bigger in civil war than in ant man and the wasp
MlgFox Kun oldin
All might for like ant might
MC. Thunder
MC. Thunder Kun oldin
Surely If He Turned Giant After He Worked Out (Cause That’s How Muscle Growth Works) Surely He Would Just Gain A Ton Of Muscle...?
Wes The Hunter
Wes The Hunter Kun oldin
Oooh Cool, A "BIG" Reference. The Film with Tom Hanks where he plays a Kid who has become grown up but still acts like a Kid. SUCH A CLASSIC ;-;
Nerd3 reference, always a win
Max van der Honing
Ok, one thing It’s volume not vouwelume
Dale Andrei Estanislao
Do a theory about mr Bean
Martin Filimonov
Mat your awesome... now I know your busy with your “pregranteee” but... Will we see soon FNAF ultimate night soon?
Gavin Rowe
Gavin Rowe Kun oldin
Galilao was a false he said that the earth was the center of the solar system Copernicus the Polish sintist was the one who sail the sun was the center Galilao geocentric=earth geo Copernicus heliocentric=🌞
Brin Verheijden
Brin Verheijden Kun oldin
that tesseract of yours is missing a dimension =/
Vien Vo
Vien Vo Kun oldin
Whats up with all the scibblenauts stuff?
Joshua Federico
Joshua Federico Kun oldin
1:09 I checked a poster and there was none of that. Stupid of me to believe there was.
William Brown
William Brown Kun oldin
This man need some orange slices
VikingSchism 2 kun oldin
The amount of imperial in this is horrifying. How on earth do inches work? Metres are so much easier
Endestroyer 2 kun oldin
But Scott would stay his normal weight as that’s how the pym particle works
Mr Wadood
Mr Wadood 2 kun oldin
Mr Wadood
Mr Wadood 2 kun oldin
Ali a gets to get in a poster that cringe guy
Miguel0n 2 kun oldin
Just saw Ant-Man and the Wasp, and of course this video came to mind. But something else happens in the movies that you might want to theorize about. SPOILER ALERT: When he gets big for too long, he gets tired - we're talking exhausted! He passes out and falls backward into the ocean (or the bay or whatever body of water it was), and the Wasp has to save his big butt (lol), for no apparent reason. They made it funny, with him warning them he was gonna "just go to sleep for a minute" before he did that, but why? You said him going big would have "weird side effects on Scott's body" - is this one of them?
519Mega 2 kun oldin
what about the wind force and the density, because remember pym particles don't change the size of atoms just the distance between the atoms.
Cheese Wheel
Cheese Wheel 2 kun oldin
I love Ant-Man, thanks for making this father MattPat
Muzzardonmyfeet 2 kun oldin
Wait, isn’t his mass supposed to stay the same when he shrinks? That’s why he can still deliver big punches when he’s tiny. So why wouldn’t it be the same when he grows? Shouldn’t he have just flown off with ironman when he grabbed him?
Nancy Windschitl
Nancy Windschitl 2 kun oldin
Pymparticles change size but allow you to maintain the same mass
Adi Biol
Adi Biol 2 kun oldin
It was Nicolaus Copernicus
Enderblockmaster 21
Wouldn't he get lighter if he gets bigger, I think MatPat covered this in his previous video on Ant Man
Rylan TFJ1987
Rylan TFJ1987 2 kun oldin
Ant Man’s screwed either way. >=3
Connor Turnip
Connor Turnip 2 kun oldin
Was anyone else thinking about Mario, especially the blue micro mushrooms and mega mushrooms?
Connor Turnip
Connor Turnip 2 kun oldin
Any one else just go crazy at the fact he just used *NERD CUBED'S LOGO?!?!?!?!*
KRS Animation
KRS Animation 2 kun oldin
Don't read this it actually works.you will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. However if you do not post this comment to at least three videos you will die within 2 days. Put this on at least 5 videos in 143 minutes when it done press f6 and if lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters.
Games For Cykits
Games For Cykits 2 kun oldin
Oh ok I see now this is the Matt pat I know yea math woooo love this vid
SarahShadowGamer 101
Still waiting for that Purge episode Matthew Patrick
salty chips45
salty chips45 2 kun oldin
He got big because they needed a distraction
M0VIEWEB 2 kun oldin
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Yabooshki 2 kun oldin
ant man does not get heavier while becoming larger.
dustin fowler
dustin fowler 2 kun oldin
Isnt size merely relative though. Shouldnt we move how ant man does at out normal size from the perspective of an ant. And i know they say ants can lift 10 times their weight, but ants dont weight squat. Lets re-word that to say if an ant weights between 1-5 mg then the ant could lift up to 40mg more than its own body weight. If a human can lift 1 pound more than their own body weight, thats 453592 mg more than our own weight. Thats over 56,000 times heavier an increase than an ants increase. This is why i don’t like physics. Another example is a the story of little hercules. Not fairly tale this is an actual person. When he was 8 years old he weighed 50 pound and benched 290 pounds. Thats 5.8 times his own weight. Well i weigh 180 pound so i would have to bench over 1,000 to do 5.8 times my weight, that doesnt sound fair to compare. Multipliers dont work when your numbers start getting higher, dragonball z proves that.
MC_WaffleMaker YA
MC_WaffleMaker YA 2 kun oldin
So the same thing applies to Mario and his mushrooms
Rachy Jackson
Rachy Jackson 2 kun oldin
if Ant-Man's ability to grow and shrink is by making his atoms get closer and further from each other, then wouldn't that mean his mass doesn't change? It seems like these calculations assume he gains and looses mass while using his powers.
The Burnner
The Burnner 2 kun oldin
I think you made a mistake. The Pim-particle is not supposed to change his weight. This is only shown in the movie sometimes. But I think that his weight can be changed a bit when the movie requires it. So he won't be over a thousand times heavier but only as heavy as he needs to be.
Wilbert Beltman
Wilbert Beltman 2 kun oldin
He was indeed not in Infinity War because he is too OP. If Star Lord can put a device on Thanos, then Scott could throw one of those shrinking things on Thanos. He could shrink him down to the size of an Ant, and then they just had to step on him. and credits roll
Ivar Lindgren
Ivar Lindgren 2 kun oldin
Dident everybody learn about the sqare cube thingy in like 6th grade
SchrijverSaskia 2 kun oldin
Matpat should do an 'How to win Cutthroat Kitchen' episode, that'd be hilarious!
Alice Games
Alice Games 2 kun oldin
Take a screen shot at 6:27
Viczián Marton
Viczián Marton 2 kun oldin
Also if he had a height of 65 feet his insides would splatter all over the place, or die of hypothermia in half an inch. Don't be live me? Kurzgesagt said so!
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez 2 kun oldin
*Valyoom*..... *Strangth*
Θανάσης Γκουλιόπουλος
Mat pat my theory for being so slow when he is huge is that he is so big that the gravity of the earth can't hold himmmmm
Gaming Beast
Gaming Beast 3 kun oldin
Scott is stuck in the quantum realm so that's why he is not in infinity war
Jalen Kang
Jalen Kang 3 kun oldin
now way he was only 65 feet tall bruh
Dmitry Morozov
Dmitry Morozov 3 kun oldin
So that means that superheroes not real? O_O
iiWolfieGames 3 kun oldin
Wait, if MatPat had changed his size, why had it affected the size of his phone?!
John Smith
John Smith 3 kun oldin
Except that the entire premise is entirely incorrect. You can't have it both ways, where shrinking maintains his mass and growing increases his mass. Easiest way to prove this is by repeatedly shrinking to "ant" size and then back to normal. According to your logic, he'd retain all of his mass by shrinking, and then gain even more mass by growing again. He'd literally die the first time he shrinks back to normal. The simple fact is that Marvel fucked up the concept and is too far down the rabbit hole at this point to be able to come up with a reason for this working.
questions daily
questions daily 3 kun oldin
So basically ant man should be a Thicc sister
KyraEazy Plays
KyraEazy Plays 3 kun oldin
10:13 I see All-Might I like
KyraEazy Plays
KyraEazy Plays 3 kun oldin
My brain 🧠 hurts
Kerbal 3 kun oldin
at at
Mellissa Lee Richardson
Nerdcubed logo, somebody tell Dan
Kacie Cabiles
Kacie Cabiles 3 kun oldin
Hey it shouldn't be MATPAT it should be MATH-PAT :-)
Josh Perez
Josh Perez 3 kun oldin
Yay I leveled up!!
RoboFox 3 kun oldin
Ant-man's biggest problem when turning into GiANT-man is the fact that he uses up more energy when he is bigger than when he is smaller. That is why he asks for orange slices during the air port scene after shrinking back down from being GiANT-man. (Yes I capitalize ANT in Giant-man intentionally)
stick ant man up Thanos' ass and make him grow and boom purple Joss whedon is dead
BlakzR6 3 kun oldin
You lost me completely when you started doing math