Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT Problem (Marvel's Ant-Man)

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We all know that the COOLEST moment in the new Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer is when we see Ant-Man grow into a GIANT man. Now, I've explored Ant-Man's powers before, but never what it means to grow up to 65 feet tall! What does that do to your body? Well, Loyal Theorist, you are about to find out!
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Terminator Knight
Terminator Knight 4 soat oldin
6:24 ha NerdCubed
Terminator Knight
Terminator Knight 4 soat oldin
4:30 weird thing is, is that Galileo Galilei’s predecessor Nicholas Copernicus both taught about the heliocentric model of the universe, but the Roman Catholic Church supported Copernicus, but arrested Galileo, learn more by “Did the Church Actually Hate Copernicus? | Adam Ruins Everything” by CollegeHumor UZvid channel
Ian Phillips
Ian Phillips 4 soat oldin
Nerd cubed
Ian Phillips
Ian Phillips 4 soat oldin
The red n and red 3 is his logo
Dino King
Dino King 8 soat oldin
Ant-Man is in the posters, he’s in all of them. He just shrunk down super tiny.
Beaker Builder
Beaker Builder 8 soat oldin
This theory is wrong because ant man doesn’t get more atoms he just increases the space between them you said that in your last ant-man video
Michael Green
Michael Green 9 soat oldin
Giant Paul Rudd still weighs less than me :,D
Amber Martello
Amber Martello 9 soat oldin
I love your blogs!!
A Girl
A Girl 10 soat oldin
2:35 That's what I thought!
HalfEyeProducts 10 soat oldin
Matpat must really like My Hero Akademia. Constantly using All Might’s arms to show strength xD
omaira marti
omaira marti Kun oldin
Also, since his metabolism is the same he has way more volume for making heat and less area to let it escape. So he would basically explode with all that pressure. 👌
EarthBound 4ever
You look at how THICC the bone is
Elijah Montervil
I just realized that this is film theroy
Elijah Montervil
Badi basic theory
Giselle DoCarmo
Giselle DoCarmo Kun oldin
Make sure you comment on all of his vids to get some theorist points kids That’s what people are gonna want to check for on your resume
Rome Fos
Rome Fos Kun oldin
All this math is making my brain hurt.
Nar Wall
Nar Wall Kun oldin
That subtle nerd cubed reference nice
Anthony Ding
Anthony Ding Kun oldin
I just watched ant man and the wasp, and yeah. great theory.
one random dude
one random dude 2 kun oldin
danm what a wast of tacos
The kawaii Fox
The kawaii Fox 2 kun oldin
Plz make another ant man vid plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristina Simpson
Kristina Simpson 3 kun oldin
Hey matpat, ive watched Moana a lot now and love it, but ive noticed something weird. The scene with Maui singing "Youre welcome" to moana always felt odd. Moana was totally solid on her stance at first, and then Maui 'charmed' her into dancing and just letting him take the boat. He repeats the phrase youre welcome a lot too, not just in the main chorus. Maybe hes hypnotizing her. And if so, does he do it anywhere else in the movie? Or maybe theres lore of him having that power? Just a thought! :)
Armaanjeet Singh
Armaanjeet Singh 3 kun oldin
Please read up on Frank Starling law, a theory for actual human muscles, rather than some random mathematical law that doesn't apply here.
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 3 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure there is some in-universe science that explains this. We know that Hank Pym had perfected the art of shrinking down as early as the 60s, and we know that it took years of working with Bill Foster after that to perfect growing, so if I took so much longer then they must have spent that time working the kinks out
Juan Luis iz boss
Juan Luis iz boss 4 kun oldin
Find out how ghost rider stays lit on fire
Daevin Dilbeck
Daevin Dilbeck 4 kun oldin
If I see one more video about the “square-cube law”
Doctor Dj Chibi D. X. Tech
That's a huge dick......just saying since no one else would....
TrueWinner Link
TrueWinner Link 4 kun oldin
Yay 1000 tp points
End_was _Here
End_was _Here 4 kun oldin
Pym particles only extends and shortens the distance between atoms. So Scott still has the same mass. Where did he get the extra strength in Civil War?
Basit Boy20
Basit Boy20 4 kun oldin
I wish you are my Math teacher
John Hildebrandt
John Hildebrandt 4 kun oldin
6:42 yes finally I get to level 12!
VicGamingYT 4 kun oldin
Jacky Wai Ip Lo
Jacky Wai Ip Lo 4 kun oldin
Actually, Antman is not that consistant when it comes to changing size. Play by the rule where Antman doesn't change the mass, he would be so light that he should actually float. Play by the rule that he increase his mass, he would have the square cube problem...... But here is the thing, I think the movie actually play it right, no matter which rule you are playing by, by saying Scott cannot breath! The surface area of the lung is not going to be enough for Scott when he cannot increase the surface area in proportion to the mass he gain. And he suffocate in the movie when he is in Giant Form. If you think about it more closely, becoming bigger without changing the structure also means he is going to inhale more dirt in the same amount of time. Thus unless there is a way to clean up the lung, any people with the right mind shouldn't even attempt this.
NeoMennon 5 kun oldin
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 5 kun oldin
Every wonder why you can’t kill a fly without missing 5 million times with that fly killer thing? This is why
Atomnomilous Not in affiliation with Atomwafflen
I'm still an apprentice theorist.
DRmalcishua 5 kun oldin
but pat, didnt you said in other vid of antman his mass is staying the same but his atoms are getting closer and farther every time his shrinking or getting bigger?
Dyln Newberry-Yokley
u are easier to understand than my 3rd grade teacher
Chief Rolington
Chief Rolington 6 kun oldin
Now I understand why ants are proportionally strong 😮😮
Dustin Amann
Dustin Amann 6 kun oldin
you forgot to mention that part of the reason he is going to encounter more wind resistance with having a larger surface area. Aerodynamics
EricG326 6 kun oldin
But didn’t they say in the Ant Man movie that the person’s mass always stays the same? I think the reason why he would be moving so slow is because his limbs are scarcely dense enough to fight off the drag of the air around him.
Cute Woof
Cute Woof 6 kun oldin
Matt don't you know the the suit support his body
Heidi Deering
Heidi Deering 7 kun oldin
So if you shot him out of a gun would it kill someone
Me Hill
Me Hill 7 kun oldin
If you want to see my other ANOTHER CONVERSATION WITH BRYANs go to some other FilmT vids.
Me Hill
Me Hill 7 kun oldin
ANOTHER CONVERSATION WITH BRYAN Bryan: My FAVORITE hero is AntMan! Me: Mine is the Flash- but the one from the show. Bryan: I'd love to see him AFTER the credits... Me: (rolls my eyes) So, when you gonna admit this Bry? Bryan: Um... uh- but- I, uh (swallows and stares) Me: Sorry I asked.
Elisabeth Birtles
Elisabeth Birtles 7 kun oldin
I passed math through watching your videos
Wolf Tamer
Wolf Tamer 7 kun oldin
You know you've been too attached to math when you start crinching when MatPat says a tessaract is a 3-dimensional cube
The Dapper Rabbit
The Dapper Rabbit 7 kun oldin
You told me to hit the subscribe button. I was already subscribed. I hit it anyway.
lily bows
lily bows 9 kun oldin
I listened to your videos so much I got the highest score on my science test
Zerrva the Forgotten
But what about blood pressure? Would the the increase size of his heart be enough to keep up with the extra work it would have to do to keep the flow of blood to his brain and extremities?
Steven Alequin
Steven Alequin 10 kun oldin
#MatPat BRUH! Ant-Man is in a microscopic "hiding place". I mean, the Quantum Realm . . .
StupidJuggler 29
StupidJuggler 29 11 kun oldin
Ok so I don’t know if this matters but what if his suit acts as an exoskeleton/exosuit, could this change anything in this theory?
carson lee
carson lee 11 kun oldin
i like the ben stiller meme
Devhuffcool 12
Devhuffcool 12 11 kun oldin
Grant Elizondo
Grant Elizondo 11 kun oldin
Where is that purge theroy
Ms Simulated
Ms Simulated 11 kun oldin
Please look into GOTHAM and do some videos on the tv series 😁
ABHIJEET MOON 11 kun oldin
Why film legend stopped?
Saksham Gupta
Saksham Gupta 11 kun oldin
I did some maths , and the maximum size Scott can grow upto is about 65 times his height, which is about 118m tall. By applying the Square-cube law, he would weigh more than 21000 tonnes, which is absolutely insane.
Anaditha Rizal
Anaditha Rizal 11 kun oldin
Jonathan Wainwright
Jonathan Wainwright 12 kun oldin
Galileo is a lie he copied work from other people
Ihatequests Dev
Ihatequests Dev 12 kun oldin
13:40 Haha, no... Next week's episode was not based on the purge.
Ihatequests Dev
Ihatequests Dev 12 kun oldin
Wouldn't antman overheat and die since active cells generate heat, and his body is designed to give off heat for his current size? If he gets really big, his much larger volume wouldn't beable to give off enough heat through his much smaller surface area, to stop him from overheating. Elephants have large flappy ears to give themselves more surface area to give off the heat of their much larger volume. So if you make an elephant small, thier volume will give all the heat away over thier much larger surface area, and they'd freeze.
Osmosis Jones
Osmosis Jones 12 kun oldin
Maybe spider Man is like a Spider Man Spider Monkey
olaf 12 kun oldin
love how youre wrong from the start...........turns out he is tucked away in a microscopic hiding place..........
Hesham Mozib
Hesham Mozib 12 kun oldin
The square CUBE law only works on CUBES so you have a lot of error in your math
Truebornseeker 12 kun oldin
MAT PAT!! I'm still waiting for that purge episode
BrentonBan 13 kun oldin
I think MatPat forgot that Antman's power is to retain his normal strength while shrinking
Dylzhaar 14 kun oldin
Wait wait wait wait wait. When he shrinks he doesn’t get lighter because he doesn’t lose any atoms, they just bunch closer together. So why would he get heavier when he gets bigger? (Also he really shouldn’t be able to get bigger because the atoms wouldn’t hold each other together anymore...)
Yellow Holmes
Yellow Holmes 14 kun oldin
I just be debunked your entire first theory about ant man. In order to sustain a black hole you would need the entire mass of the MOON!! Not just that but you said this in another video BEFORE UR FIRST ANTMAN ONE!! It was a Pokemon theory about guaurdivar (sorry if I butchered the name) and you said the hadrion collider would make microscopic black holes and everyone thought it would kill us all. But it doesn't and makes an entire black hole for microscopes to look at and get real INFO ABOUT THEM!!! The black hole would only appear for not even 1/10000 of a second because they r colliding PROTONS together!! p.s get rekt mat
Ash Graff
Ash Graff 14 kun oldin
No matpat. The mouse would explode
Deloxo 14 kun oldin
My problem is this: it changes the distance between the atoms not the mass, but the area and size are changed
sally kilby
sally kilby 15 kun oldin
love listening to all this maths / science stuff Mat , you're a really good /fun teacher and I absolutely love the Antman movie and can't wait to see the next one 🐜🐜🐜👨
ADAM SMITH 15 kun oldin
Just talk to Bean
M-123456789 15 kun oldin
Hey ladies... I'm 138 cm tall and have a 4 cm penis, but my power ratio is huge ;)
FBI 16 kun oldin
Actually now analyzing it, its the same thing with balloons. The lees air they have, the stronger and harder it is to actually pop them. And also smaller baloons are more aerodynamic, therefore making them move a lot quicker when thrown. But baloons that are larger, and more filled with air are much eiser to pop sense its mass has been expanded, and its material has been streched ro the point where it becomes easy break. Also sense it contains more air and a wider surface, it is not as aerodynamic sense more forces go against it, making it move slower. So it makes sense that ant man in his enlargened size wont be as efficient as his smaller or normal size sense he has to use more energy, force, and strength in order to do things that would be in an easy manner in his smaller or normal form.
FBI 16 kun oldin
Mat, please be my math teacher
MC 4head
MC 4head 16 kun oldin
turn on subtitles trust me
RadicalEdward37 17 kun oldin
What happened to the purge theory? D:
Doggo Drapy
Doggo Drapy 17 kun oldin
I feel like whenever he says, "But hey, that's just a theory!" I feel like he justs negates everything he just said.
tk89 17 kun oldin
That’s right, hobbits are not weak!
tk89 17 kun oldin
Okay, that NerdCubed reference got me.
Quiznack Clod
Quiznack Clod 17 kun oldin
Omg zoltar YES
Roca Teithmore
Roca Teithmore 17 kun oldin
wouldn't he just die of a heat stroke too? I mean his heartbeat and blood pressure is not made for that size
Reported 17 kun oldin
The pym particles don’t increase his mass they just spread apart the atoms that make him up. Only his volume increases so he dosnt become stronger or anything being big kinda sucks
Jinian Humphrey
Jinian Humphrey 17 kun oldin
At least Marvel got it right when they made the scene where Ant-man becomes GIANTGANTIC
Nathan Sutton
Nathan Sutton 17 kun oldin
Love the nerdcubed reference
Casandra vhgytre
Casandra vhgytre 17 kun oldin
Nu. Ase
Andres Perry
Andres Perry 18 kun oldin
Matpat has a small ego that he cant even walk throw a mouth
Bjarmhol 18 kun oldin
What about the mitochondria. Bazinga.
Amanda K. Hebert
Amanda K. Hebert 18 kun oldin
Mat you just gave me a new detail to incript in my story I've been writting.
Michael Litavecz
Michael Litavecz 18 kun oldin
Ayeeee nerdcubed reference. Never knew you were a fan to.
Rizzelle Anne Querida
I dont see the card at the end =(
sourpuppymonkeybaby boi
Wait, so if he was bigger but the number of his atoms stay the same, wouldn't he be really light or have holes because there is a limited amount of atoms, like if there are say.....100,000 atoms in Scott, then grows 10x his hight, then he would have holes in his body because he need more atoms in his body, but he only has 100,000 atoms in his body. There are too little atoms in his body too fill in empty spaces, thus causing holes....DAMMIT MATPAT IM TOO SMART NOW! thankyousomuchimnotmadatyouatallyourvidiosareawesomeantihavesunscribedandturnedinnotifacationsyouareawesomeokbye.
Poop 7667
Poop 7667 19 kun oldin
This is in contrast to your other theory. U said in another vid if ant man shrinks or inlarges his density changes but mass doesnt. Now u say that mass is dependent on strength but does it even change to affect strength
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 19 kun oldin
Brandon Huang
Brandon Huang 20 kun oldin
I wish i had mat pats knowledge then i could pass school easily
Yellow diamond fan :3 87
This contradicts everything you said in your other ant man vid with the black hole thing
Troy 21 kun oldin
Well bigger is still KINDA better.... I mean by this math if you're 6 foot tall and shrink down to 1/2 inch, than you will be stronger than a 5 foot man who shrunk down to 1/2 inch, with same body builds of course.
notthebest name
notthebest name 22 kun oldin
What about squirrel girl
Huck Berry
Huck Berry 22 kun oldin
Actually ant mans weight doesn’t get larger so this video means nothing
Maskavoy Vanovcheski
Higgs Boson manipulator? Higgs Field Intensifier for ants and toy train, Higgs Field Inflator for tanks, buildings and human? That way no mo black ho from lil' homo.
Alice Thiele
Alice Thiele 22 kun oldin
In your last ant man theory you said that no matter how big or small antman became, he would not change weight, he would just change his density