Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT Problem (Marvel's Ant-Man)

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We all know that the COOLEST moment in the new Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer is when we see Ant-Man grow into a GIANT man. Now, I've explored Ant-Man's powers before, but never what it means to grow up to 65 feet tall! What does that do to your body? Well, Loyal Theorist, you are about to find out!
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Magmaboy x8
Magmaboy x8 6 soat oldin
His mass does not change the amount of molecules did you not rewatch your previous episode or the movie. His weight does not CHANGE!!!!
Gucci Steak
Gucci Steak 11 soat oldin
Didnt you tweet bragging abiut your IQ?
Ruben Madriz-Nava
Okay okay just one more film theory
Fire Bob
Fire Bob Kun oldin
How on earth did matpat dish out 50,000 neetons?
Fire Bob
Fire Bob Kun oldin
Amster Kun oldin
But Mikołaj Kopernik was earlier than Galileo. Gal just approved this theory
McCoy McIlravy
McCoy McIlravy 2 kun oldin
He should be a math teacher
McCoy McIlravy
McCoy McIlravy 2 kun oldin
He taught me more math at 4:50/5:50 then my teacher has in a month
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 2 kun oldin
You are the most brilliant person and I love you. #keeponruiningchildhoodsandoveranalyzing
T.J. Bonnes
T.J. Bonnes 3 kun oldin
Oddly enough, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #14 (which also has Ant Man cameo) featured the Square Cube law, which Squirrel Girl takes advantage of, tricking her super villain du jour, Enigmo to become kaiju sized, but since he didn't have access to Pym particles, his ankles exploded under that kind of weight
Trey Evans
Trey Evans 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one that noticed that it says 1 hour ago on the fifth time they've seen the episode
Siobhana Crasto Craig
Yes, it's true that in the movie they SAID mass doesn't change... but every scene save a few scenes contradicts that. When he's small, he should still be 171lbs (or more, because of the suit) and yet he can climb on an ant and the ant can easily still fly, AND he climbs on his friend's shoulder and he doesn't even feel it. Plus in the new movie... they take full sized vans and store them in a tiny container (which should be thousands of pounds, and yet normal people can hold it), and he literally shrunk a BUILDING down and was able to lift it. So basically, that was said in the movie... but it obviously doesn't actually apply for the majority of the movie (except for the beginning, when landing on that bathroom tile and car roof somehow cause them both to bend or break)
Zombie Rob
Zombie Rob 3 kun oldin
Single-handedly made me an Antman fan! 😂
Blobby Blob
Blobby Blob 4 kun oldin
What's the music you use?
EA2 Reynaga
EA2 Reynaga 4 kun oldin
Ant man op plz nerf
TheZekBlaster Vlogs
Your Stan Lee, Mickey, and Ali-a are photoshopped, I checked
kavitha reddy
kavitha reddy 4 kun oldin
MatOat:Running out of ideas
The Angry Irishman
The Angry Irishman 4 kun oldin
I thought Ant-Man's density would go down as he grew. If he were to have the same mass at a size 100 times bigger, wouldn't he have 1/100 the density, rendering him weak and frail?
grenade boy
grenade boy 4 kun oldin
I learn here more than in school maybe I should just stay home and watch these videos
d0omy 582
d0omy 582 4 kun oldin
There is a problem with your theory In your last video adout ant-manyou said that his mass doesn't change even if he shrinks or he gets bigger
ImmortalPuppet207 5 kun oldin
Dafeous 5 kun oldin
Ant man doesn’t gain mass, only surface area so he wouldn’t have super strength but he wouldn’t collapse
babyem 5 kun oldin
It bothered me so much that he used a gerbil to show a mouse 🤣🤣
Schwamm 5 kun oldin
Shouldn't the mass of Antman stay the same? Because the only thing that changes is the size of the Atoms
Shawna Mateo
Shawna Mateo 5 kun oldin
With the walking thingy
Shirokuma 6 kun oldin
Okay so, I'm confused. At 6:49 there's talk about Ant-man's increasing size causes an increase in mass, but in the first video explaining the density of shrunken objects, as well as blown up objects, like the actual ant and Thomas the tank engine, he explained that they would be like balloons, just floating around, because of how the pym particles spread apart the atoms with the increased size. So, wouldn't the same logic follow through with Ant-man's increase in size? And also, because he becomes lighter, assuming that is how it works, wouldn't that actually weaken him in his ability to fight? Can someone @Matpat for me? I want answers!! Bring me the Spiderman!!
Pigaroo 0000
Pigaroo 0000 7 kun oldin
Pigaroo 0000
Pigaroo 0000 7 kun oldin
Have we ever heard him say a swear word before now?
Tymmy McConnell
Tymmy McConnell 7 kun oldin
How many points do you need to level up 😂
Jennifer Merriman
Jennifer Merriman 8 kun oldin
i'm 12 and you go through this math like i learned it in kindergarden
Eyem' Mateo
Eyem' Mateo 8 kun oldin
damn, what a waste of tacos
Willy Svend Jules Paredes Jensen
Super nerd: “But mat! You said that in the last video that the mass was the same when he shrinks soooo how those the powers work then MATPAT!” Mat: “.....” Me: “convinces? I think not!”
Giona Stiles
Giona Stiles 9 kun oldin
The biger you are the more air you need,and big people have some heart problems.
Marvel actually did this math in the movie ant man and the wasp soooooo
deffdefying 10 kun oldin
Mass doesn't change. Density does. Big Ant-Man is essentially a balloon, which is precisely why he can't move very quickly.
The true Genius
The true Genius 10 kun oldin
I’m level 1’000 now yay 😁
Renil Raphael
Renil Raphael 10 kun oldin
Nice nerd3 reference at 6:27
Blue and Isaac’s Gacha life
Map or did you forget he weighs the same as one his name because pink hearts calls separate the Adams not create new ones
Dwayne Tulk
Dwayne Tulk 11 kun oldin
Play Fortnite😎
Woodley Woo
Woodley Woo 12 kun oldin
13:04 Captain America:I get that!
Dominik Huffield
Dominik Huffield 12 kun oldin
A tesseract is four dimensional but this video defined it to be 3 dimensional which is incorrect
Pamela Hunter
Pamela Hunter 13 kun oldin
Actually Ultimate Avengers represents that the size of Ant-Man hurting him when he gets to big
bling_ _brute
bling_ _brute 13 kun oldin
Hey! I choose my own title, im not objectively a Vanguard Therorist, it a admiral theroist
Satou :D
Satou :D 13 kun oldin
Could be handy if she finds it to small
Anush Shah
Anush Shah 14 kun oldin
''Size doesn't matter'' - MatPat 😂😂
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson 14 kun oldin
Wouldn’t he stay the same weight in the beginning of ant man hank said the space between the atoms changed not the mass the same thing when they were teaching him to fight they said he would punch with the force of an adult man but with a smallpox surface area so it would be like a bullet
Hi, my name’s Anxious Lecture
Captain American! Coming to theater near you, February 5th 3076
ravens halfmoon
ravens halfmoon 14 kun oldin
I am not hating but dat not a mouse is its mongolian cousin the gerbil
Santiago Mora
Santiago Mora 16 kun oldin
I aint getting it 😓
Niño Colima
Niño Colima 17 kun oldin
Galileo Galileo Galileo Figaro Magnificoooooooooooooooo
key cat
key cat 18 kun oldin
Not trying to hate just saying
key cat
key cat 18 kun oldin
Wait his madd doesn't change because he's just adding space between attomes like them he shrinks
Jirel Esposito
Jirel Esposito 19 kun oldin
Pym particles increase or decrease the space between the atoms he doesnt gain mass so this video is unnecessary
Brian Brown
Brian Brown 19 kun oldin
That 65 footer 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Salina Mohammed
Salina Mohammed 18 kun oldin
Crystalwolf 163
Crystalwolf 163 20 kun oldin
In MatPat’s previous theory on Antman, he said that all of Antman’s atoms would still be there but would only be denser as he got smaller. That would apply to when he gets bigger right? Antman would get less dense. That doesn’t mean he gets heavier at all.
Tyk3l 21 kun oldin
Anyone realize they had a Tardigrades in the movie? Was it me or they got that completely wrong
Ashton Chua
Ashton Chua 21 kun oldin
toilet paper roll
toilet paper roll 21 kun oldin
The N
The N 22 kun oldin
4:12 I thought the intro was going to start again Also, 10:17 getting schooled off of matpat
G B 23 kun oldin
discord.gg/WNwsTS join my Discord if you want to be in my youtube channel I play roblox
Tony Blanchard
Tony Blanchard 24 kun oldin
The Pym particles only change the space between atoms, so if Amt-man enlarged, he would turn into a gas!
Emma Granger Weasly
Emma Granger Weasly 24 kun oldin
It’s not actually the first time he gets big. Ant man and the wasp isn’t his second movie. It’s his third.
Emily Tran
Emily Tran 24 kun oldin
I started to watch UZvid so I don't have to do math homework
hydrogen bomb
hydrogen bomb 24 kun oldin
Galleleo also taught us thunderbolt and lightning very very frightning me
Tobias Mckenzie
Tobias Mckenzie 25 kun oldin
Well I mean (house arrest)
Sir Depresso
Sir Depresso 26 kun oldin
*Big Dick Energy*
jasmine Pearce
jasmine Pearce 26 kun oldin
Wait isn’t he the same weight all the time?
Michael fellis
Michael fellis 26 kun oldin
anyone read the captions and notice deadpools silent comment at 0:20
Johnson Jeyaraj
Johnson Jeyaraj 26 kun oldin
Ant man vs big chungus who wins?
Johnson Jeyaraj
Johnson Jeyaraj 26 kun oldin
00:09 B I G C H U N G U S
Dont worry About it
Dont worry About it 26 kun oldin
I’m 25 and I haven’t seen the Star Wars movies. What makes you think that a kid who is a decade younger would?
Josh longbotom
Josh longbotom 27 kun oldin
nerd cubed reference, YAAAAAAS
Gustav Mygind Jørgensen 7GG Nordagerskolen
In the other antman episode matpat said that it’s the distance between the atoms that increase/decreases. So antman dosn’t gain/lose mass, but gains/loses density
Raptor Red
Raptor Red 28 kun oldin
i'd like to see that purge theory. if you ever do it as well as other theories you forgot to finish (cough) (cough) mass effect
JISHNU DASS 28 kun oldin
ant mans mass does change
TMP Playzz
TMP Playzz 28 kun oldin
Matt don't forget Ant man doesn't gain or lose weight!!
Pixelcatployz 29 kun oldin
You are soooo smart I couldn’t even explain the think I now a lot
t a
t a 29 kun oldin
Ethan Stikbots
Ethan Stikbots 29 kun oldin
MatPat asked a question at 3:35. If u took a mouse and blow it up, wouldn’t it retain the same abilities that allow it to scamper around? My answer: No u idiot! Because u just exploded an innocent little rodent that was about to eat a little blade of grass until u interrupted it and now it’s DEAD!! disappointment.
iivanGamer321 Oy oldin
now pls consider the following...
George Tsironis
There's something troubling me. It is said that by getting smaller pym particles doesn't change your mass. Shouldn't this be happening also when you get bigger. It is supposed to only change your density. Which will have some weird effects when you gain 11 times your volume. Plus if your mass stays the same same but your strength changes with your size shouldn't antman be unable to move while small?
Alekzander Mazzaferro
In the other video about Ant Man.... did you NOT say that his mass DOES NOT increase????? I'm sorry, but this confused me the whole episode XD
september1717 Oy oldin
You realise that the atoms just get farther away, not his actual atoms.
Bálint Keszthelyi
A tesseract is not a 3D object. Just because the MCU named their cube tesseract it will not become one. The tesseract is a 4 dimensional object. If it is a 1x1x1x1 than it's surface are would be 20. We could say that the volume is 1 but it would only be 1 in our 3D.
Erin Connelly
Erin Connelly Oy oldin
If only Galileo knew what his discoveries would be used for
jeff nn
jeff nn Oy oldin
pretty sure matpat could kill the entire human race at this point due to all these tactical explanations
Neftali Martinez
Do the cells stay the same because he would explode the moment he increases in size and if he shrinks he would die still because since the mitochondria produces enegry for that specific thing then if he increases in size his cell would be would be working at the same rate so if he grows he would be run at the same speed but the cells are working till the point where they are ober heating amd exploding
Emil Nyman
Emil Nyman Oy oldin
No no no, bigger is allways better.
Bryan Yakimets
0:20 with captions. Actually, i enjoyed a few of the caption only jokes.
HopeDaWolf Oy oldin
Just realized he never did the purge video
Erik Kobura
Erik Kobura Oy oldin
So ants are stronger than humans? Omg
Rubis Oy oldin
Matpat is H O T
Xavier is Back
Damn what a waste of tacos 🌮 😆 😂 😝
Walter Krogius
But the mass Always is the same
Rachel Rao
Rachel Rao Oy oldin
Peter Parkers knows his starwars.
Alexander Stephenson
According to dr.pym’s explanation of how the pym particle works, by increasing the space between the atoms or reducing it, he would actually weigh the same 171 pounds, and he would get the 121 strength modifier, he would be MORE agile when big and LESS agile when small. Unless I’m really bad at math, so feel free to correct me.
Command_Unit Oy oldin
Pym lies why would he tell scott how the pym particals work when he didn't tell cross who was his student...
a cereal killer
*wheres that Purge video MatPat*
bonnie flix
bonnie flix Oy oldin
It's not thickness it's thiccness
daw hlathein
daw hlathein Oy oldin
ha ha your so funny.
mad gamer gaming
Dammit matpat I can't help myself I have to laugh at your intro
Coyote Kyle
Coyote Kyle Oy oldin
5:52 god I hate math... 6:31 thank god...
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