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Wakanda's choke hold on Vibranium will be it's downfall! The country refuses to communicate and trade with the the rest of the world and history shows that is a BAD IDEA. How can T'Challa save his people from economic destruction? Well, loyal Theorists, that's what I'm here to solve.
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20-Fev, 2018

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Vane B
Vane B 11 oy oldin
Hey! Venezuelan here. This made me cry for multiple reasons: 1.- The fact that someone is actually factually reporting on what happens to us and in some ways, this has been more through-rough than a lot of journalist. 2.- Because it reminded me of exactly how bad this is, with no end on sight. :( Just to fact-check/expand on context: Venezuela did have a real, albeit imperfect democratic system from 58-98... The year we elected that asshole Hugo Chávez. And to be fair, plenty of people-both local and immigrants- profited: there was more social mobility and the opportunity to study, get good jobs, make a living, take care of your family, etc. Venezuela was much like the US, a migration magnet. And food scarcity started in 2007: milk was one of the first things to go. The thing is that because of the high oil prices is like they could keep cooking in spite of a gas leak, but eventually you rub out of gas. The thing about controlling of the 1 resource=control of the population is true. Is like how abusive partners will try to prevent their victims from having their own money or take away any income they generate so as to keep them subdued. The Venezuelan government is responsible for people not finding food, but they will SELL you boxes of government selected food for you. So, also Maslow’s pyramid: you keep people from being able to protest because they’re relying on that food box you sell them. And government officials are the ones who import that food and make money off of it.
Aaron Bright
Aaron Bright 14 kun oldin
Vane B 500th reply
Gravitrax 18 kun oldin
Wow that's long
Late on this one, as I happent to be an economist. a lot of the premises of this argument are false, not just on economic terms but on the terms of political-economy generally. Wakanda's technologically advanced region is even properly depicted isolationist from it's actually poor regions. It is A. a Monarchy, thus representative of Corporate Representation, as B it is depicted as having fine Civil Liberty implications as well as Advanced Skilled Labor, necessarily meaning Unionist Representation. B. Isolation from it's own National region necessarily implies holding of agricultural protectionisms within it's sphere of influence, thus it is likely holding such systems within it's legitimate domain as per transport or road system,s in essence they enforce free trade through the country. This is actually a Federalist Model Generally. Furthermore, holding such protectionisms within your influence in such ways is actually a mechanism of generating Equity Capital, in essence as they become protectionist you are claiming financially that in order for you to maintain their fair trade status this is worth a certain value to which you are entitled, as you invest it back into your own means. The Reality is New York operates very similarly. where their is "Poverty" this is a very subjective term in America, as many publicly traded, not Private Corporate, financial Standards are inflated in order to maintain various domestic values, again that protection, like the Housing Market for example, is a suburban phenomenon. But then as New York and other American Cities, possesses the largest equity rate, due to it's Industrial Banking Practices and Corporate Union Protections, in the country to provide serves and maintain Skilled Trade Union Standards. New York for example puts tons of money into preventitive health care, despite not having universal health care, puts money into water filtration, education, etc. as domestically, it's the most open market for Cultural sight seeing, like museums, and entertainment, like concerts, largely occurring in public for Free, the City pays for them. Then even the Reality is which everyone like to forget that Countries like Venezuela are actually organized on a very Nationally Protectionist Private Union Market "Bet" you might call it that the American economy will fail, and be more dependent upon their oil at some point, many countries are. And the reason theya re is often because the american domestic market is so organized around central Telecomunications - Marketability, which they do not engage in being much more interest in localized private small domestic markets. Ours is a Massive Global Corporate Economy which is publicly Traded and which effectively keeps them from playing Ball. And this common amongst overly Liberalized Financial Systems in Nationalistic Countries which bring about much Powerty in unIncorporated Municipal Disctricts, if they even Protect them at all. Countries like Mexico, Zimbawe, etc, it Common to have Telecommunications Entrepreneurs as their Richest people. We lack the ReSources. in terms of Oil, most American Equity in Oil lies in Exxon Mobile solely, and thus is not purely American Equity. All America Really has it our intellectual Values, Engineering, Skilled Trades, Programming is particularly signifant, because of it's capacity even innovate beyond Traditional Television Markets, in this regard; but then as these same Protectionist Policies keep our Inventors, Industrial Bankers, Free Labor Unions, from Trading Privately with these massive Resource Economies, thus justifying their "Bet" that our Marketability will Fail as it reaches Peak Consumerism. And then we cant pretend as though it did not almost 10 years ago, and this country is not experiencing a lot of that inflation because of this, which Trump is now causing more Protections around because that inflation is associated with an Equity Rate which gets Loaned to Entrepeneurs like himself. The alt Right for a long time was making the Argument that Trump Policies are Exactly like Wakanda, and there is some truth to this, except as he Represents much of the protectionist agricultral interest which loan him the money to be protectionist. So there is truth to this, so long as you assume Trump is the poor land that everyone knows about in Black Panther, as Wakanada is New York, and even the InCorporated Municipalities that Trump is attempting to find ways of Controlling. So, i thought id point this out, because Economics is a lot more complicated than Government Statistics which are brandished to show how Great "We" are. When the Reality is, lifestyles are much more subjective than this, especially in a Global Market Economy which increasingly promotes Austrian School Subjective Market Theories. And I'm even a Libertarian Personally, but as i am a Federalist first an formost, there too many "Libertarians" that Believe that Exises and imposts are Legal or worse Productive, often being Politically Interested and Economically Ignorant, which I don't mean negatively, necessarily. There is a Place for Subjective Market View Points, though it can not be Policy on the Terms of a Liberalized Nationalistic Market Economy.
AndresUltra Gaming
Yo soy venezolano
Ayesha Fatima
Ayesha Fatima 2 oy oldin
NeonRogue 56 soniya oldin
One more thing you forgot to take into account; that resource has many uses such as building houses, weapons, machines, ect. Oil isn't very flexible in it's resources and or uses. So how would just a theory play out then?
Kane So
Kane So Soat oldin
Lmao in the comics all vibranium was destroyed Wakanda was fine they're the most advance place in the world they can sell whatever they want since they;re producing it the best plus they have tons of bonds
dragon king
dragon king 6 soat oldin
Can you a crsis 2 troy
Lalatendu P Deo
Lalatendu P Deo 15 soat oldin
Vibranium is strongest metal on marvel But Tony Stark will had made a vibranium alternative Wait a Minute, He is gonna die 😭
AlohaKeala 15 soat oldin
Well I may have just used some of the info from this theory on a history assignment. Thanks MatPat. 😁
Rafi Darmawan
Rafi Darmawan 23 soat oldin
What about "TASERFACE"
CkFeeful Kun oldin
so buy holding the ore back for other nations, how did Wakanda rich and weatlhy in first place?
Bedirhan Bircan
Bedirhan Bircan Kun oldin
what if wakanda has more vibranium than sand on the earth i mean a METEOR hit earth FULL of the stuff
Japie van Niekerk
Super dope Bruh
Super dope Bruh 2 kun oldin
Comment if ur watching this in 3018
Roie Randelman
Roie Randelman 2 kun oldin
True, except for one thing, the price of vibranium will probably only go up.
Roie Randelman
Roie Randelman 2 kun oldin
... and its the best, nothing can really be better, (except from MAYBE Admanatium.[which is owned by... Fox...])
MultiSans MultiSans
16:59 I wonder what blue and yellow stand for.
Vivian good rap Goerss
I live in Columbia and our school is helping all the refugees who left Venezuela. Our entire school haates Maduro literlly we have small riots evry now and then.
purple lavenders
purple lavenders 2 kun oldin
This one time they made wakanda a poor country and black panther really unsure of himself and everyone hated it. Nice theory though
J Berg
J Berg 2 kun oldin
Ok I’m only 3 minutes in, and I see a problem with this. Wakanda can’t suffer from this Paradox of Plenty, because they have a monopoly on vibranium. They can therefore restrict the flow of the metal into the market. It’s why even though diamonds are super common, they are also super expensive. Because there is a company with a monopoly on them, that has piles of the stuff locked in warehouses, and only lets a small supply go into circulation at a time.
J Berg
J Berg 2 kun oldin
Sorry never mind I hadn’t heard the actual paradox yet. But still.
Zelda Yaps
Zelda Yaps 3 kun oldin
Wakandas self reliant for 5000 years soo I don’t think they need to worry about exports
DroidExtreme Dxd
DroidExtreme Dxd 3 kun oldin
Wakanda guy do you think I am I’ll sell you 3 pounds of cocaine for a 300
Teddy Wonders
Teddy Wonders 3 kun oldin
Like taser face in Guardians of the galaxy volume 2
newt 3 kun oldin
matpar, i’m sorry, but you apparently have no clue about how strong russian accent actually sounds like :D
IceBryker 4 kun oldin
I have to disagree. Sure they have a resource that no one else has, but don't forget: The whole reason that Wakanda is successful is because they stayed out of world economics. Their technological advancements happened simply because vibranium, not money. So even though their standing as a smart country in the MCU might be compromised by other countries being smarter (either through trade of vibranium or artificial vibranium), they will still stay a successful nation, as they were self dependent for so long.
Sidharth Basam
Sidharth Basam 4 kun oldin
Did you know that the world is slowly running out of the sand that is used for electronics
Robert Michaels
Robert Michaels 4 kun oldin
The reason Wakanda works so well is because it’s a fictional country
Liz Tomac
Liz Tomac 4 kun oldin
u r forgetting about tazer face
bennies fried chicken
if black panthers sister had a suit it would be the lynx suit from fortnite
Zakwan Shah
Zakwan Shah 4 kun oldin
the whole system shouldnt even work to begin with! wakanda isnt even selling their vibranium, so where are they getting their money from?! we know they dont sell their technology or services, how do they even afford simple things like food let alone the machines, science and man power needed to amass such an empire. you would need to fund hundreds of people to learn to become engineers and technicians to run your damn factories and laboratories. theres a reason not many people know what an isolationist country is. they dont exist. nothing like that is sustainable.
Kaka Hass
Kaka Hass 5 kun oldin
11:55 Japan:Hold my beer
Trax 5 kun oldin
Thanos fanart, Thanart
Alexander Martens
Alexander Martens 5 kun oldin
killmonger is not the worst marvel villain name Taser face
Ayana Gaur
Ayana Gaur 6 kun oldin
But India has the largest democracy in the world but a small percentage of India's people live in slums or are homeless but it's very rich in cotton and other textiles
Ar-Pharazôn 6 kun oldin
we wuz kang and shiet
Kevin Person
Kevin Person 6 kun oldin
So uh... *Clears throat* What was the song at the very end..?
TuRD 6 kun oldin
Man, Pakistan doesn't even have a single booming economy... That fat bastard Nawaz Sharif or even Altaf Hussein. They took a lot of money.
_Emmy's_ world_
_Emmy's_ world_ 6 kun oldin
Spot the difference; matpatmatpatmatpatmatpatmatpotmatpatmatpatmatpatmatpatmatpat
Grimly Grumly
Grimly Grumly 7 kun oldin
Anyone else realize he says “wakando” at 8:38 instead of wakanda? Lmao
Taiya Wheeling
Taiya Wheeling 6 kun oldin
I noticed.
Logan Kemp
Logan Kemp 7 kun oldin
Ya using the money for weapons and OH sending dogs to space
roller4312 7 kun oldin
economics and blacks? nice joke
Michael Grant
Michael Grant 7 kun oldin
What if I told you he’s actually selling vibranium to other countries
Rico Karyadi Karyadi
Well, Wakanda wouldn't just sell vibranium. They could sell their technologies, weaponry, or maybe trained rhinos by W'Kabi. I mean, how much does a technology that could heal a bullet wound to the spine in just a few hours.
Farmer Frank
Farmer Frank 7 kun oldin
Yeah, Cinema Tony Stark created a new element to power the electromagnetic magnet in his chest without radioactive poisoning ......he will create synthetic Vibranium
Game Rant
Game Rant 8 kun oldin
Worst name? Poka dot man. Beat that. He's from marvel.
VideoMasher3000 8 kun oldin
The biggest problem I see with your argument near the end is you saying they have no backup. They do though. Any of their other insane advancements, such as for example...The cure for cancer!. This is something they could live off of for a very very long time since it's not only unique just to them, its something people will pay anything for and despite our best efforts to create an alternative we can't yet.
walter weaver
walter weaver 8 kun oldin
This slippery slope fallacy has too many holes
random stair
random stair 8 kun oldin
Why am I enjoying MatPat ruining good movies and games?
Gabriel Molina-Kong
I’m sorry, but Wakanda doesn’t rely on exporting or selling their vibranium in any way and the one person who has ever managed to steal/smuggle vibranium is a well known fugitive who ended up dead. Wakanda uses this metal to create advanced TECHNOLOGY that betters the lives of its citizens. Also Wakanda is going to keep advancing in terms of technology at a much faster rate than the rest of the world, so in the end, they are not doomed for failure, the are on a track to advance at a faster rate than any other country with better tech to better the lives of their citizens.
GlacierPaw Chirica
GlacierPaw Chirica 9 kun oldin
They replaced whale oil with dinosaur oil.
Johal Antunez
Johal Antunez 9 kun oldin
Thanks men for tell that adout Venezuela
Russell Davis
Russell Davis 9 kun oldin
I have a few issues with this theory. 1. Wakanda has been completely isolationist meaning things happening on the outside of the Wakanda system can’t effect it 2. We don’t know how exactly the government system works. There are multiple tribes and one of them didn’t even listen to the king so there seems to be some sort of federalizations 3. How you explained how power corrupts isn’t actually how it does corrupt usually. Sure some people go power mad/hungry but every time what really happens is the system (even a dictatorship) forces you to act evil and short sighted because that’s the only way to keep power and your head because power is the ability to get others to do your bidding, so if you can no longer can get people to do what you say you no longer have power even if you are king.
captain squirrel
captain squirrel 9 kun oldin
I live in Saudi Arabia boom mind blown
Tim Hernandez
Tim Hernandez 10 kun oldin
The Paradox of the Plenty doesn't apply here because Wakanda does not accept foreign aid and purposefully isolates itself from the world. Since it's not importing or exporting, globalization does not have as large an impact upon the country. Also, the movie doesn't give any other reason to suspect that Wakanda does not have any other natural resources or other markets.
Raoul Tanner
Raoul Tanner 10 kun oldin
Pls translate 8:23
MiniCheerioz 10 kun oldin
Please make more theory’s about fnaf or something because those are lore theorys, like actual theorys. I don’t like film theory because it’s not theory’s it is just ruining amazing movies like this... btw no hate at all just recommendation.
Street Lamp Studios
Street Lamp Studios 10 kun oldin
Dose anyone know what the song at 6:17 is?
Penney garrett
Penney garrett 11 kun oldin
He said killmonger is a dumb name but tasorface is evan worse
Karen Park Jones
Karen Park Jones 11 kun oldin
Ultron was made of adamantium
Montu #1
Montu #1 11 kun oldin
Worst is taser face
Mildly Toxic
Mildly Toxic 11 kun oldin
Wakanda doesn't sell it's Vibranium to the outside world at all. They have ZERO foreign trade. Every oil producing country in the real world sells it's oil to other countries. Your video is based on an entirely wrong premise.
Stephen Bruns
Stephen Bruns 11 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-wNf2UZPMiBs.html these guys got a good examination of a realistic wakanda economy too, similar to yours but even more reasons why it would never work, let alone how bad their future would be.
ACIDesignsUY 12 kun oldin
WOW 13K sour Chavistas / Saudis/ Russian bots U MAKE IT FILM THEORIST!!!!!!!
ItsDaBunnyYT 12 kun oldin
2:55 That is the map recognized by the venezuelan government, but not the USA. Half guyana is claimed by the venezuelan map
Liam Scott
Liam Scott 12 kun oldin
Fibre cables carry better signals? Well, actually the signal its self is the exact same. In most case, a high frequency representing a 1 vs low frequency representing a 0, for electrical this is exactly the same except using electrical signals. Over lasers, the main benefit of laser of course is speed, as electricity suffers attenuation (this is why big power cables are usually high voltage, to allow the speed of the conducting electricity to reach its destination without using up all its energy) unfortunately for data its unfeasible to run high voltage cables into every switch, patch panels and pc, hence the lower voltage methods, old style copper eithernet could group cores of cables together, usually 24 set of cables, the theory being send the same message down all 24 of these cables and at least one should get there, the time problem was in collisions and the devices at either ends, anyway, long story short, fibre ends this issue because all you need is two fibre cores actually in use, another few for back. Up and providing the cable isn't cut through the middle you should receive the signal quicker (because light travels faster than electricity) and its more reliable that the packets being sent are full and without errors, anyway one long comment later, fibre cables and copper cables carry the same signals, they're just in different forms, (the more you know)
Jeanelle Reyna
Jeanelle Reyna 13 kun oldin
i absoulutly love this theory, but wakanda already ha money from something else, so how is this effected?
XxCarioxX 13 kun oldin
wait doedn't vibranium reflect energy too? How can you replicate that?
vermas4 14 kun oldin
aqua -חייאת
aqua -חייאת 14 kun oldin
Navonil Guha
Navonil Guha 14 kun oldin
4:20 actually they did.. remember that waterfall challenge scene where every clan was allowed to challenge for the throne
christian Evans
christian Evans 14 kun oldin
black pantherd family is royal
Alexis Bardgett
Alexis Bardgett 14 kun oldin
Hey MatPat can you do a theory about who is Ray's parents please
Zachary Kissoon
Zachary Kissoon 14 kun oldin
You know animal farm was anti- comunise propaganda
Penny U
Penny U 15 kun oldin
the mcu countries other than wakanda don't even know wakanda has vibranium. 😡😡😡
Clay Oxenam
Clay Oxenam 16 kun oldin
17:17 donut media fans, you recognize that music
Daniel Mansour
Daniel Mansour 16 kun oldin
shit i love the intro
vulpix gaming
vulpix gaming 16 kun oldin
cant vibranium turn into anything so they canstill make stuff for themselves soooo they wouldnt fall
Vaeh and Miah
Vaeh and Miah 17 kun oldin
*Gets call from Black Panther* Me: Hello? BP: I need all industries working on replicating any......high tech metals terminated. Me: ... BP: Are you still there? Me: What'd you say? I was too busy killing off everyone at Stark Industries. BP: Nothing. Continue your work. And you can have a big kitty suit like mine. For free. Me: Deal. *Two Years Later* MatPat: How hasn't Wakanda faced financial ruin by now?! BP: So you are the one who started it. MatPat: It wasn't me!! I swear!! Blame the Diet Coke!!! Me: *Knocks Out MatPat* But HEY!!! That's just a prediction. A PSYCHO prediction. Thanks for reading.
such doge
such doge 17 kun oldin
3:15 that's the united arab emirates
Tia Daniels
Tia Daniels 17 kun oldin
You forgot at the end of the movie, they worked on opening trade, giving back with outreach company.
no you ooohhh!!!
no you ooohhh!!! 17 kun oldin
Wakanda doesn't sell vibranium idiots
KrazylassPlayz 18 kun oldin
Wait so those intenet companies are charging us more for a cheaper material? :(
D13 Hiphop
D13 Hiphop 18 kun oldin
Lmao he keeps using Eminem's body🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alayo Adenokun
Alayo Adenokun 18 kun oldin
I a really big fan and just wanted to say as wakanda didn't take any help from other countries it might have not imported food either. So everything they have might be made in wakanda. So they might have other resources like gold or oil that didn't touch on in the movie.
Milesa Ragland
Milesa Ragland 19 kun oldin
Don't forget K.G.Beast
Derpy Bear
Derpy Bear 20 kun oldin
Technically the queen is head of state
Jared Anderson
Jared Anderson 20 kun oldin
Socialism requires either anarchy or absolute submission to a central government, both of which lead to despotism. Which is why it always fails, and it's made even worse in single resource economies.
panda wasp
panda wasp 20 kun oldin
they actualy became publik!
Pokemon Pokemon
Pokemon Pokemon 20 kun oldin
im live saudi arabia but an indian
Leederlee 21 kun oldin
Wakanda won't fall... I hope. *begins to pack*
FBIn00b 23 kun oldin
Not even doctor freeze or something like that, from Batman? It's worst than killmonger as a name.
Kira Blanchard
Kira Blanchard 24 kun oldin
I told my mom about this theory and she brought up diamonds. You see, with enough convincing, advertising etc. the company that controls about 90% of the worlds diamond supply has managed to successfully tell everyone that diamonds are the best gem. If Wakanda can control vibranium like De Beer controls the diamonds, Wakanda may very well live in a stable community.
mister.mckraken 24 kun oldin
what about the post credit scene??
Usher Mehra
Usher Mehra 24 kun oldin
well.... Saudi Arabia's government has also been restricting freedom of the press, and strengthening their Iron Grip on the Nation
shriram 24 kun oldin
Wait...Did I just a get a like!!!!!!.....oh ...No I didn't :(
Lindee McLoughlin
Lindee McLoughlin 25 kun oldin
The man with no pants...where are my pants?!
Jay Boulware
Jay Boulware 26 kun oldin
Um, mat, couple holes in this theory 1. Nobody knows about wakanda and the vibranium, except the few people who do 2. Who ever said vibranium was their only resource? Before they revealed themselves, weren't they seen as a farmer country? Outside and inside the giant city that somehow nobody found, there are farms harvesting crops.
Tilak Mangal
Tilak Mangal 26 kun oldin
There is a problem in your theory! Wakanda is a self-sufficient country and doesn't trade vibranium. Actually, they don't trade at all! They have all the resources they need in their own country. If such an imaginary country existed it would never fail.
Pringles WoT
Pringles WoT 26 kun oldin
how much do they rely on other countries for resources though. cause they seem pretty detached right?
Ethan Jesse
Ethan Jesse 27 kun oldin
My question is HOW THE HECK ARE THEY MINEING THE VIBRANIUM?!its the strongest metal in the universe. The movie never addresses it and I don’t know how on earth they can break of chunks and then mold it into items.
TX009 T’Challa
TX009 T’Challa 27 kun oldin
He must not know about the stronger cousin of wakadan vibranium, Antarctic Vibranium
Jordan Newbold
8:49 actually I wouldn't be surprised. in the comics, he beats up the devil and tortures him. Finding out what the people want/need is much less impressive
Bob Animations
This video taught me more than my teacher. Ps: she doesnt teach....she just gives us reporrs
that gaming channel
Isn't Captain America's shield made of adamantium not vibranium
New Arsenal
New Arsenal 17 kun oldin
In MCU its vibranium.