Film Theory: Black Panther's Economic CRISIS!

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Wakanda's choke hold on Vibranium will be it's downfall! The country refuses to communicate and trade with the the rest of the world and history shows that is a BAD IDEA. How can T'Challa save his people from economic destruction? Well, loyal Theorists, that's what I'm here to solve.
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20-Fev, 2018



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Vane B
Vane B Yil oldin
Hey! Venezuelan here. This made me cry for multiple reasons: 1.- The fact that someone is actually factually reporting on what happens to us and in some ways, this has been more through-rough than a lot of journalist. 2.- Because it reminded me of exactly how bad this is, with no end on sight. :( Just to fact-check/expand on context: Venezuela did have a real, albeit imperfect democratic system from 58-98... The year we elected that asshole Hugo Chávez. And to be fair, plenty of people-both local and immigrants- profited: there was more social mobility and the opportunity to study, get good jobs, make a living, take care of your family, etc. Venezuela was much like the US, a migration magnet. And food scarcity started in 2007: milk was one of the first things to go. The thing is that because of the high oil prices is like they could keep cooking in spite of a gas leak, but eventually you rub out of gas. The thing about controlling of the 1 resource=control of the population is true. Is like how abusive partners will try to prevent their victims from having their own money or take away any income they generate so as to keep them subdued. The Venezuelan government is responsible for people not finding food, but they will SELL you boxes of government selected food for you. So, also Maslow’s pyramid: you keep people from being able to protest because they’re relying on that food box you sell them. And government officials are the ones who import that food and make money off of it.
OneTROLLER999 2 soat oldin
RockStarDude16 17 kun oldin
500th REPLY!!!
Anthony Hu
Anthony Hu Oy oldin
This is your last reply on this comment
Aaron Blafish Bright
Vane B 500th reply
Gravitrax 2 oy oldin
Wow that's long
Gd boss man
Gd boss man 20 soat oldin
Lol 3.50 from South Park
Adele Roberts-Fishman
I convinced my 4 year old marvel obsessed cousin that I have a beach house in wakanda
b'con gaming
b'con gaming 2 kun oldin
copy righted music?
Zac S
Zac S 2 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that he used eminems body for the fiver joke? No? Just me? Ok...
Yves Maik Langenbacher
Ok, i really like how economics are the reason it shouldn't work. Basically economy is just a system. It work if half of the people dig a hole and half close it up again. Basiclly a dictatorship with the right leader is the most effective form of leadership. Since he can just order his people to build or produce something. As long as they have enough people working with renewable recources he can focus the rest of the workforce on research and development. So they don't even need to trade the vibranium. Fun part is, in a way, that could be the way to safe this world.
The Serpent King
The Serpent King 12 kun oldin
But what about reincarnation as a slimes medicine? 😑
Vold Ravenclaw
Vold Ravenclaw 12 kun oldin
I don't think MatPat has studied British monarchy. At least before this video. The Queen can legally go to America, kill you, then return to England, if my facts are correct.
Last Shadow
Last Shadow 13 kun oldin
You don’t have to guess what people want when you genuinely listen and respect the people.
RogueTrident 13 kun oldin
Can you please do a break down on what the creeper is in jeepers creepers?
The Brachydios Guy
The Brachydios Guy 13 kun oldin
Hammer tech would NOT be second place not even close
Normal Gamer
Normal Gamer 14 kun oldin
I was thinking that since in the ‘black panther’ movie, a news review confirms that no one actually knows about wakanda having vibranium, like general Ross.
agnescatmew plays
agnescatmew plays 15 kun oldin
why is bill weasley there
RBEO22 16 kun oldin
But muh socialism!!!
Sheryaugust 16 kun oldin
7:27 That is Ecuador's Flag
xxbowpkerxx 16 kun oldin
year late but Wakanda doesn't sell there vibranium at all. They use there advance technology to be completely self sufficient in growing all there necessities. there people don't have iphone but they have vibrainum phones
Christopher Henshaw
Christopher Henshaw 16 kun oldin
So basically you just described North Korea to a T. The people are suffering and starving while the main dictator thrives!
DJ Joubert
DJ Joubert 16 kun oldin
I live in Saudi Arabia. And you made it seem like a trash country. Its not that bad. And you were pronouncing it wrong.
Kam 17 kun oldin
I actually like a good waterfall first fight and wish they would implement that as to how the president is selected here in the states 👍🏾.
shaun mabey
shaun mabey 18 kun oldin
Super advanced, yet they fight with Spears. What odd writing.
Untimely Avengest
Untimely Avengest 18 kun oldin
And if it's a resource from space it might not have been replicated due to extreme situations or a stable version of an unstable element
Untimely Avengest
Untimely Avengest 18 kun oldin
Look at Houston oil is starting to balance out due to other resources but we now have a lot of more commercial
Robert M
Robert M 18 kun oldin
Adamantium has been the Marvel alternative for Vibranium for decades. Captain America's shield, Iron Man's suit, and Wolverine's claws are made from Adamantium.
kriss 25anime
kriss 25anime 20 kun oldin
i like when MatPat ruin someone's favorite superhero
Emilija Bulytė
Emilija Bulytė 20 kun oldin
Hi, I love your theory, because it's true to the facts till the very end, but t'chala himself already solved this problem by opening up to the world, and I'm sure that means lowering the price for vibranium
Joshua Sedano
Joshua Sedano 21 kun oldin
5:56 that is not saudia arabia that’s qatar uhhhhhhh. Don’t you drag qatar into something as stupid as saudia
asim hossain
asim hossain 21 kun oldin
500$ is a great salary in some countrythe people who live in poverty only earn aprox a 100$ per month
Dylan Voichahoske
Dylan Voichahoske 21 kun oldin
The actual worst villain name is Taserface.
Suha Khan
Suha Khan 21 kun oldin
You NEED to collab with SCB
Ahmad Alshehri
Ahmad Alshehri 22 kun oldin
3:03 I see but we are trying to fix that
flor sendon
flor sendon 22 kun oldin
Black pather has 90 trillion 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰dollars how are they bankcrupt
Sayian Playz
Sayian Playz 22 kun oldin
Black panther is my favourite movie the lighting, the scenes and everything
12yr Gamer
12yr Gamer 23 kun oldin
Nigga in serbia common salary is 200-300 dollars per month
Ikulus 23 kun oldin
1:05 What About TaSeRfAzE?
Conner D
Conner D 24 kun oldin
okay so as a leader in wakanda you problem are pretty much at the will of the public via referendum, with possibly a veto power that can be overturned. They then take this information that they were trained from a young age to process to craft certain foreign policy decisions.
Dylan Applegate
Dylan Applegate 24 kun oldin
And they don’t sell it to other countries because no other countries know about it
Dylan Applegate
Dylan Applegate 24 kun oldin
But this is the thing no one relies on vibranium Wakanda is the only country that u can find natural vibranium
Dylan Applegate
Dylan Applegate 24 kun oldin
U should do how Howard stark got the vibranium to make caps shield
luke murphy
luke murphy 24 kun oldin
I loves the way he forgets to mention the crushing debt of America and that they plunge country’s into war and poverty so they stay on top of the worlds oils supply cos this is America
Joseph Hobson
Joseph Hobson 25 kun oldin
Venezuela is doing poorly due to socialism.
Joseph Hobson
Joseph Hobson 25 kun oldin
Democracy is not a good political system.
cadonuno 25 kun oldin
"The economic calculation problem is a criticism of usingeconomic planning as a substitute for market-based allocation of the factors of production. It was first proposed by Ludwig von Mises in his 1920 article "Economic Calculation in theSocialist Commonwealth" and later expanded upon by Friedrich Hayek.". The state, by its own definition made of force, doesn't respond to incentives and is unable/unwilling to use resources in the best possible way. As Adam Smith discovered in his inquiry about the wealth of Nations, it's free commerce that creates prosperity, and that's the thing Wakanda lacks (they don't trade with the outside world)
John Mardyniak
John Mardyniak 25 kun oldin
Russia dies have decent democracy. Sure Putin has been president for 20 years but in Russia you can serve 4 terms of 5 years. He is very popular in the Russian people because he cut poverty in half and he boosted their economy. He is fine.
Phillip Hirschberg
Phillip Hirschberg 26 kun oldin
Black Panthers was the worst movie Edit: worst Marvel movie
David Hughes
David Hughes 26 kun oldin
I could just imagine a Saudi sultan going abroad for a marvel movie
YourClone 27 kun oldin
oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil steal oil, make country poor for oil -america
M T 27 kun oldin
Flashes corn, everyone from indiana realizes there life is a lie
Hero of Time
Hero of Time 27 kun oldin
But wakanda doesn’t sell their vibranium. It sells things like wool and grains, wakanda doesn’t want to sell their vibranium because they feel like I could be put into the wrong hands like ultron
FatGOLDEGUY 27 kun oldin
Wakanda is not a democracy but almost ANYONE can become the leader as they have a ritual where anybody from a clan that is approved can challenge for the throne
Fun and cool gaming FRG
I live in Saudi arbia and alll the people I know get over 1000$
Dreadnought 1
Dreadnought 1 28 kun oldin
WAKANDA!! Thanos „not forever“
But its imposible to make an alternative for vibraanium because its the strrongest metal in the universe and wakanda has the last supply in the universe. And i think not even tony stark can pay for enough vibranium to make an alternative.
Viki Ai
Viki Ai 29 kun oldin
Lifting the ban with the Emoji Movie was probably perfect. If they had opened with something even passably good, everyone would have become angry thinking about what they have missed over the past decades, but this way they don't feel cheated at all!
ImFredrik 29 kun oldin
*cough cough* Norway *cough cough*
MENTO 29 kun oldin
You do know that the people of wakanda have barely mined the surface of the vibraium and that its been there for who knows how long so they will go bankrupt soon but it will take forever for that to happen.
Seamus Wood
Seamus Wood Oy oldin
But they aren’t using the vibrianium for trade. It’s only on the black markets because people steal it. So the wealth comes from somewhere else and the economy will not colapse that easily and if it does they can fall back on the vibrianium until they figure out a better solution
Dennis Moses
Dennis Moses Oy oldin
Vibranium is the strongest substance in their universe
Tyler Roche
Tyler Roche Oy oldin
Actually the strongest metal on Earth is adamantium.
Eddie Zaldivar
Damn. Black people can't have anything nice, without the white man coming to tare it down! 🤣🤣🤣
Owl Studios
Owl Studios Oy oldin
Post script was nice. I was literally about to post about the end sences
Heze A
Heze A Oy oldin
Actually, Wakanda is in Wisconsin. It's true, look it up on Google Maps.
Yusor Aloosy
Yusor Aloosy Oy oldin
first to comment
thedivergentdemigod booklover
Dominik Orlovskij
What do you mean, Russia isn't a Dictatorship anymore, it's completely Democratic
thundero14 Oy oldin
I call this overthinking
Steven Rosenburgh
RACIST!!! . . . . . . . Satire
I wanna read the comments while listening to videos like I usually do but Mat's videos are edited in such a cool way tho :/
Veljko Oy oldin
You said several times that ruler can't know exectly what people wants, but that's not true.They just don't want to know so they can use all resorces for themselfs.Is it rea so hard to realise that people need to be able to afford hous food and maybe enough money left to spend on something they like untill next payoff.
WakandaForeva Oy oldin
black panther is the richiest superhero he has fucking trillions of $ of net worth
Neon Lux
Neon Lux Oy oldin
I think you are missing one key point in your theory. Tchalla doesn't put himself above the people. Sure he lives in a palace but he his seen multiple times casually strolling through the city, and note that he has NO body guards and NO ONE thinks its weird that their king is taking a casual stroll through downtown. They don't treat him like a king. They respect him enough to keep a respectful distance and treat him like a normal human being. Chances are good he grew up between lessons in the palace and hanging out in the streets.
Dtrimbley Oy oldin
What would the world find that is better than vibranium though
T&T Gaming
T&T Gaming Oy oldin
At 8:46 a really cool soundtrack plays. Can anyone tell me what song it is?
Hey Matthew thank you so much for talking about whats actually happening in my country, I didn't expect you to touch the topic on this video (or any of them, this was such a huge surprise) thanks to you millions of people will understand whats happening and will know about this, all what you said is true, my family cant afford normal food anymore, whe're lucky of eating some corn dough and nothing else (just water) idk how much weight Im going to keep losing with "Maduro's diet" but I'm glad I can still watch your videos (internet is cheaper than a normal food, I mean stuff like chicken with rice and a juice, that's for rich people now) hopefully this will end soon, please keep doing your videos, I will watch all of them, here or in game theorists :) P.S. I've improved a lot my understanding of spoken english by watching your videos, I wasn't able to understand it very much, thanks a lot! (Austin also helped! love you both)
Spicy Cat
Spicy Cat Oy oldin
So diversity is the answer.
lanzak Oy oldin
12:57 well, there is actually starting to be a shortage in sand, and its going to lead to huge problems.
arjay polines
arjay polines Oy oldin
I click the dislike button back after u say that u havent saw the movie, well they have other resources
Simranjeet Singh
6:20 is that what i think it was?
mike smith
mike smith Oy oldin
Unless they discover a new source of adamantium nothing will replace vibranium. uru is even around less than adamantium so really vibranium is the only super steel and material option for new tech. It is like an age such as bronze stone iron..since it makes steel and titanium look like wood or stone compared to vibranium so there won't be another material like it in that big of a supply for quite a long time..imo but that is just a theory...u know the rest..
Patrick Berry - skits, paranormal, and more
Mat pay bullies Saudi Arabia
Fire go animations
their was a hamilton refrenc thanos; what did u miss
Chris Sullivan
It's called a Resource Curse. And there are different types of "curses" it's more into the economic development theory.
macrafter581 Oy oldin
hold on you mean that mr.monopoly himself saved the whales?
Quinntus79 Oy oldin
This is what kind of scares me about Oklahoma. The oill industry has been good to us, but eventually the well is going to run dry. Our economy needs to diversify, otherwise our state is screwed. Also, Wakanda's kings should be determined by a strange woman lying in a pond destributing swords.
Loli4lyf Oy oldin
*wakanda forevah*
Gabriel Ferreira
1:06 Killmonger is bad but TAZERFACE(guardians of the galaxy) is definitely the worst villain name in the MCU
Evan Wood
Evan Wood Oy oldin
This theory makes little sense. Wakanda has a closed economy. The same issues don't apply to a closed economy. The nation isn't keeping itself afloat through exporting a valuable resource and then importing high quality goods and services from abroad like say Venezeula did. That's impossible. The nation is effectively an island cut off from the world. From an international trade standpoint Wakanda doesn't exist. Wakanda is entirely self sustaining. On that note Wakanda clearly isn't an extraction based economy like the various examples given. It's a fully developed industrial economy that happens to have a valuable resource in it. Saying that Wakanda is doomed for its vibranium is like saying that the United States is doomed because it has a lot of oil in it. It is absurd. Wakanda wouldn't be doomed if there was suddenly a vibranium substitute. They'd use it if it was cheaper for them and not if it wasn't. They have a well developed infrastructure and if they're producing everything themselves their economy is diverse just like nations also blessed with strong resources like the US.
Chris Lewis Media
Bear in mind that it's not merely the single resource it's the versatility of that resource, a versatility that has allowed Wakandans to develop a myriad of technologies and innovations unlike the world has ever seen that far outstrip even the most advanced technologies elsewhere, up to and including Tony Stark's. And it had been that technological innovations using Vibranium, a metal unique to Wakanda. I believe it is the versatility of Vibranium and is broad array of practical uses that stabilize Wakanda's economy. That and the absence of outside influences.
Exotic Narcotic
Who else noticed the video length is 17:38 ?
Louis Oy oldin
2:31 why her face blurred
Kiefer Thong
Kiefer Thong Oy oldin
I do think that even if an alternative for vibranium is invented, wakanda still can make a somewhat sustainable living by selling the technologies they have developed in the country. Besides that, I don’t think they even need the outside world to continue functioning as they likely have their on way of finding power and other basic necessities without other countries involvement as they didn’t seem to have a need to do any trading of natural resources in the first place. Also, I doubt tony stark would sell the vibranium alternative should he invent it. After all, it’s not like he sells iron man suit technology. But I do agree that should an vibranium alternative be created by someone else, wakanda may have to worry about other countries overpowering them or threatening them in exchange for technology.
John Ellis
John Ellis Oy oldin
Socialism 101, starvation and poverty all around
Dat guy Harley
Wakanda for-NEVER! I’m getting outta here!
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Oy oldin
5:16 *HMM*
Maro Maro
Maro Maro Oy oldin
Saudi Arabia's don't speak with an accent
Demon Knight
Demon Knight Oy oldin
Hey MatPat my dad thinks that your theory is wrong because of Malaysia had a dictator for a while and they are still one of the richest countries in the world.
Simpioth Vlogs
Why are you going bankrupt you lost one million subscribers
aryamaan mohta
At 3:15, MatPat showed a picture of Dubai which is a city in the UAE not in Saudi Arabia.
Anonymous, deep fried cookie
If vibranium is nearly indistructible... how do you mine it
Herobrine333 G
I'm from Venezuela.
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