Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Groot became a fan favorite right away despite, or perhaps because, he can only say the simple phrase "I am Groot". Now, so far in the MCU we've seen only two people able to fully understand the little twig - Rocket and Thor. What I want to know is, can you or I learn to speak Groot? Could it be a REAL language? Let's find out!
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29-Noy, 2018

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Mcdead 33
Mcdead 33 15 kun oldin
I am groot. Translation: Hit that notification bell!!
MasterMagiOfDoom !
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Kawaii girl123 A 3 soat oldin
I did
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Tupac Minion 2 kun oldin
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K m8
Hi And Fun
Hi And Fun 7 daqiqa oldin
Heyo. Can you PLEASE do a video on what animal goofy is
Nelmore Soat oldin
I am groot
Nelmore Soat oldin
I hate ferb
Tomasz Skowroński
0:34 Yes You are Matpat. Yes You are.
minecraft 22917
minecraft 22917 Soat oldin
I am Mena WAIT NO Groot
Gadmer Layson
Gadmer Layson Soat oldin
Corey Browning
Corey Browning Soat oldin
SirTeddyCat jr.
SirTeddyCat jr. 2 soat oldin
Plz do a polar Express episode
Carter Animations
Carter Animations 2 soat oldin
I AM GROOT translation: im eating go away
Anzy 3 soat oldin
Like bc Hayley Kiyoko is in the video 5:52
Blood The red panda
Blood The red panda 3 soat oldin
groot at the end of infinity war:"i was groot"
Nathan Frisk
Nathan Frisk 4 soat oldin
5:24 I had a project at school and I picked that tribe. Coincidence?
Dexy Nash
Dexy Nash 4 soat oldin
you do know that the artifical sweetener in diet drinks and food gives you cancer...you might as well take up smoking...it'll give you cancer just as fast as diet coke.
Beanslinger 2
Beanslinger 2 5 soat oldin
chris pratt stalk
katgirl 123
katgirl 123 6 soat oldin
Wait if Mandarin is the hardest why am I learning it in school
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 6 soat oldin
1:21, Pause, he said he doesn’t have a GOTG video. Just look around
TheDead Gamer
TheDead Gamer 7 soat oldin
1:21 there is the movie Guardian of the Galaxy
TW videos
TW videos 7 soat oldin
Speaking of language. Matpat, do you think it is easy for American peaple to speak Dutch? I mean, just look at what you sayd yourself. We Dutch peaple have a extream simulair linguistic prosody as English speakers. It isn't to diferand. My dad told me that Dutch is actually the most freaking difficult language on the world, because of our grammer and vocabulairy. But I've been looking and I can obviusly see that there is bearly🐻 any diverence. So, sould it be realy that hard for you?
Finn8145 7 soat oldin
You forgot ma with no tone (I learned Chinese at school)
Tristan Graff
Tristan Graff 8 soat oldin
So if groot is the name of the language, wouldnt calling him groot be the equivalent of calling someone who speaks mandarin "Chinese" kind of racist if you think about it..
Henry Salmeron
Henry Salmeron 10 soat oldin
The Devil’s Magpie
The Devil’s Magpie 10 soat oldin
I bet if you asked Groot nicely that he’d still carry you to Isengard
kerrie 10 soat oldin
*I'm suddenly proud that I speak Chinese*
Alegost1 10 soat oldin
i haven´t watched the video yet, but i´d think it would be possible considering we humans developed 2 "languages" with one being just 1 and 0 and the other "." and "-"
Brad Brown
Brad Brown 12 soat oldin
Talking timbre of a talking timber. Quality content 👌
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Anto Wibowo 12 soat oldin
Quartz The Animator
Quartz The Animator 15 soat oldin
I am groot! Translation: Yes i can!
Quartz The Animator
Quartz The Animator 15 soat oldin
I am groot. Translation: I think he wants to know he is Groot.
WaffleBoiGamer 15 soat oldin
JuliPoolFan 16 soat oldin
I am German
JuliPoolFan 16 soat oldin
I actually watched the Passengers yesterday, including Chris Pratt.😋
Jezreel Ric Lacia
Jezreel Ric Lacia 16 soat oldin
Hey Haaaayy😂😂😂😂 Why is it funny?
Red Scottish Highland Ocean
I am Groot
John Hammond
John Hammond 20 soat oldin
Correction Matpat, you WOULD get dragged across the internet for mispronouncing Mandaran if UZvid was allowed in China!
【Sylvie】 【The Murderous lil girl half vampire】
we wanted what it means not explain it -.-
Seiji Kotarou
Seiji Kotarou 22 soat oldin
If you can make a dictionary for Groot, then here is a harder challenge! Try understanding Beaker from the Muppets!
Deadhood 635
Deadhood 635 Kun oldin
Morgan Freeman is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Midnightrose36 Art
“It’s a phone I don’t wanna talk to you”
Ana G.
Ana G. Kun oldin
"vin diesel eat your heart out" i laughed too hard oh no
TheOneAndOnly Potato
Who is the non-speaking character in Harry Potter? I originally thought Dobby, but he talks. In Fantastic Beast I know it’s the Niffler
TheOneAndOnly Potato
Good idea, thanks
Jojo Faller
Jojo Faller 11 soat oldin
Pikacorn S
Pikacorn S Kun oldin
I am groot. Translate but hey that’s just a theory film theory and cut
Selene S
Selene S Kun oldin
I've been wanting to do this sort of analysis for parseltongue, like do the are there enough sounds that snakes make that there's enough variation to get a workable language but I guess it would just be the same as the whistle language just with hisses instead
Fuzzdino F
Fuzzdino F Kun oldin
hey i know a VERY easy language to learn its called pig latin WAIT ITS REAL IM NOT JOKING! here is how you say film theory in pig latin ilmfay heorytay ill tell you how to learn it first get rid of the first letter in a word then put the first letter at the end of the word after that just put ay at the end if this is confusing search pig latin on youtube but it is a cool language also did anyone TLDR? Example: ihay owhay reaay ouyay odaytay? hi how are you today?
Jeremy MCSSJ
Jeremy MCSSJ Kun oldin
RichGuy05 Kun oldin
1:21 Why Guardians of the Galaxy might be the best movie ever
tagitab timanwa
tagitab timanwa Kun oldin
Iammm grot. (- Well said/said enough/ok fine -)
Bob Turner
Bob Turner Kun oldin
Can you do a avengers 4 theory please
BLUE BOLT Kun oldin
I don’t like Cheetos News:former youtuber matpat murdered a 9 year old boy matpat is now behind bars cause he didn’t like Cheetos Ohhhhhh I see why makes sense
Berries Blue
Berries Blue Kun oldin
We did a class on emphasis. It was interesting. Basics the same as his lesson.
Demon Cat
Demon Cat Kun oldin
my favorite is rocket but groot is a close second
Maggie Hydeck
Maggie Hydeck Kun oldin
It completely tickles 🤗 my funny bone that Thor was taught Groot in Asgard.
Miss Shot
Miss Shot Kun oldin
1:21 I see groot and it says and I quote “Best Movie Ever?”
I don't upload shut up for the millionth time
Aren't I adorable now?
Wiliam46 Urruela25
I found a secret in 3:37 it says notification bell haha matpat thought you wouldnt make me hit the bell huh.
Ryan Har
Ryan Har Kun oldin
heeEEeEeyyy omg ugh i need matpat's hey as my ringtone
Shyly Kawaii
Shyly Kawaii Kun oldin
Wouldn’t ASL or any type of sign language would be a no word spoken language?
The gaming girls !
This theory has already been proven by every single kid who wanted to make a language with their friends XD
Slender 1378
Slender 1378 Kun oldin
You actually have done a gotg episode why gaurdians of the Galaxy may be the best movie ever
Do a Film Theory on how the wall for the t-rex enclosure in Jurassic Park somehow went from ground level to having a huge cliff next to it when Rexy pushed JP04 over the cliff.
Jack Bundy
Jack Bundy Kun oldin
Just monika # “,.just Monika jdjdmjdjdj just monika JUST MONIKA hehe
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Hello there
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Send this to marvel stud10s
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Soon about to become Marvel Stud11s
Dakota Loch
Dakota Loch Kun oldin
Pause at exactly 1:21 or inside that second and look through his vids, he DID make one
red x17
red x17 Kun oldin
Its seems dumb but when you think about it it's like wow how did this big theory come from such a insignificant thing
D.C. Studios
D.C. Studios Kun oldin
Mr Racoon
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I’m am Racoon Translation: Racoon is wanting Doritos
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that is 6 words matpat ,youtube ,diet coke ,theory ,subscribe 36 seconds in the video
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Are we not going to talk about how Vin Diesel got paid for saying/and or screaming 3 words?
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Apple Dog Notification bell I see what you did matpat
i don't know how 2 read
I am groot Translation: hi im matpat
Kacper Bettke
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Kira Webb
Kira Webb Kun oldin
I NEED A “THE GOOD PLACE” THEORY AND I NEED IT NOW!!! 😫😰 Who else is completely confused and needs answers about the afterlife?! (And how the heck a Jeremy Berimy time line would even work and/or make sense to our tiny brains.. please send help)
Preston Goodplay
You know, the Film theory opening is a lot like the Rick and Morty opening. Watch it, and I'm sure you'll see.
james payod
james payod Kun oldin
I am Groot....I am Groot.....I am Groot.... Now translate this😐
james payod
james payod Kun oldin
How about minions?
Zako Kun oldin
Sandra Taylor
Sandra Taylor Kun oldin
When I was younger me and two friends created a language out of the words cherry,squeak and chittter and we understood eachother......it was a simpler time then
Brandon Markson
Brandon Markson Kun oldin
timbre....timbre... ITS PRONOUNCED AS "TAMBRE" ugh music nerd dying over here from that mispronunciation
DJ F Kun oldin
Diet Pepsi > Diet Coke
Martin Studios
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1:21 oops
Martin Studios
Martin Studios Kun oldin
7:21 yes you have
Hakim Abdurrahman
translate this: iiii am groot i am groooot i ammm ggrrroootttt iiii aaaam grrrooott
Stella Hensey
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Matpat Diet Coke Diet Coke THEORY!!
AM Edits
AM Edits 2 kun oldin
Ok but just because we can’t SPEAK Groot doesn’t mean we can’t learn to understand it. All I’m saying is don’t give up hope.
Saxel Adude
Saxel Adude 2 kun oldin
11:37 mega man font. what is that font even called
Stapi apan
Stapi apan 2 kun oldin
tcwilcoxjr 2 kun oldin
I am groot Translation: *Sub to me or else!*
Izzet Onol
Izzet Onol 2 kun oldin
What about Khoisan
uu ss
uu ss 2 kun oldin
So this is music theory to teach language that is great.
Caleb Baker
Caleb Baker 2 kun oldin
. . . So how does Star-Lord understand Groot? And Thor? They’re humans.
Caleb Baker
Caleb Baker 2 kun oldin
Well, yeah, one’s a god, but still. Pretty human looking.
Emma Southworth
Emma Southworth 2 kun oldin
My cat somehow hit the subscribe button :3
Quinn 2 kun oldin
my gay ass dying when i saw hayley kiyoko, happy 20gayteen ✌️
Peter-Andre' Pliassov
1:18 "Huh. I haven't done a Guardians of the Galaxy episode." Yes, you have. It's right there on the screen at 1:21.
Wyatt Read
Wyatt Read 2 kun oldin
Yes you are matpat
The Bricker
The Bricker 2 kun oldin
Well, this is my top 5 of the Guardians. 5. Gamora 4. Drax 3. Star-Lord 2. Groot 1. Rocket Racoon
Somethingelse Yt
Somethingelse Yt 2 kun oldin
I am groot Translation: the fitness gram pacer test is a mult-
BethBatt 666
BethBatt 666 2 kun oldin
Green Bricks
Green Bricks 2 kun oldin
1:19 "I haven't done a Guardians of the Galaxy episode..." 1:21 "why GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY may be the BEST..." Stop deceiving us like this, MatPat
Josie 2 kun oldin
@matpat Idk if you came across this in your research but some languages (like Arabic) are root languages where even a small change in vowel can change the word. Arabic in particular has multiple vowels (I wanna say 6) that to me (a native English speaker) all kinda sound like the letter 'A' it's totally possible in my mind for Groot to be using subtlety different vowels that to us sound the exact same but aren't at all. Just a thought
Ahmad Loves San Sonic
I love groot
Our Cats :3
5 kun oldin