Film Theory: Controlling Robots with YOUR MIND! (Disney's Big Hero 6)

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Big Hero 6 didn't just give us the hope for a cuddle nurse robot like Baymax, it gave us the FUTURE of modern technology. I am talking nanobots! Tiny little pieces of tech to fulfill our every need that we can operate with our BRAIN! How do I know this will work? Let me show you!
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20-Okt, 2018



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light hammer
light hammer 14 soat oldin
I from 2150 and its a yes
Trent Stilwell
Trent Stilwell 16 soat oldin
Can be done
Spiritcat208 17 soat oldin
Heres are two quick theoretical questions: *If Pinocchio lied by saying "My nose will grow right now", what would happen?* *Also, if you get stoned in a basement, are you really high?*
Nikki Kaur
Nikki Kaur Kun oldin
ScarceTv57 Kun oldin
I’m in 2156
ScarceTv57 Kun oldin
It just has been invented
Natalie Gibison
Natalie Gibison Kun oldin
The Lady In Black
3415. This video caused the Robot War. It happened in 2040 and ruined the world forever. Robots control the world now and humans are in hiding. You were put in stasis and are hidden somewhere. Now we need your expert brain to know how to kill all the robots. Help us Matpat, your our only hope.
King Kong
King Kong Kun oldin
Katherine Poole
Katherine Poole 2 kun oldin
I think we can do it. In 1903, the first functioning plane was down by Wilbur and Orville Wright. In 2003, humans have been to space, the moon, we have Internet, TVs, etc. If we make that much progress in 100 years, how much more can we make in 100-150 more years?
Pixel 2 kun oldin
mik 1234478900
mik 1234478900 2 kun oldin
Yes it's true
Kloklo Dough
Kloklo Dough 3 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that they explained half of this in the extra credits of the movie and even showed one of the real inventions
Junior Berry
Junior Berry 3 kun oldin
make a game theory of minecraft
Anastasia Komar
Anastasia Komar 3 kun oldin
Really getting tired of "russian spies" jokes everywhere...
Canelina Joe
Canelina Joe 4 kun oldin
I *hope* it can't be done
Oliver Munden
Oliver Munden 4 kun oldin
Ludvig Ersman
Ludvig Ersman 4 kun oldin
Soooooooo, I lookt when big hero 6 and fortnite seson was released and would you know it. Fortnite took that mask from big hero 6. Holy moly, Fortnite is steling skins and dances from many games and movies,
mav massey
mav massey 6 kun oldin
Williame Kuate
Williame Kuate 7 kun oldin
but matpat in one scene of the movie it seems like the microchips created something out of nowhere
Spider Man
Spider Man 8 kun oldin
its 2019 men
Akido Games
Akido Games 8 kun oldin
Would a Nero-transmitter work for someone with Aphantasia?
Koreans ruined my lifeu
Who else nocticed that he forgot to say “cut”
Chacon Chacon
Chacon Chacon 9 kun oldin
Big Hero 6 was made a few years ago before Fortnite.
Ayrton Urviola
Ayrton Urviola 9 kun oldin
Sometimes smashing two fields together is harder than improving both separately
da Kitty Kat Kombo
da Kitty Kat Kombo 9 kun oldin
wolfcreator9 does everything
I give the headband 15 years
Jarmoparmo L.
Jarmoparmo L. 9 kun oldin
8:30 doc ock
Woop Woot
Woop Woot 10 kun oldin
Go to goodwill mattpatt, before everyone buys the old disney movies!
Jaadgolimar youtube
Jaadgolimar youtube 10 kun oldin
Michele Brennan
Michele Brennan 10 kun oldin
a cool channel name
a cool channel name 10 kun oldin
Sooooo, basically your telling me that in a few thousand years, I could control a entire dreadnaught with only my brain?
Randomgaming '
Randomgaming ' 10 kun oldin
Give me a handjob? What I would do with micro bots
Kamille Willets
Kamille Willets 11 kun oldin
what if the microbots made use of solar energy as a power source, or even some other renewable and readily available source of energy. If it was solar though, that would explain why baymax wouldn't have them, since he would no longer have that nonthreatening design.
Hastin Nuraini
Hastin Nuraini 12 kun oldin
Purple Adventure
Purple Adventure 12 kun oldin
I thought Big Hero 6 came out before Fortnite so wouldn't Fortnite be wripping off him?
Sandra Ewald
Sandra Ewald 12 kun oldin
0:30 so true
The Weird Kid At Home
M_C versus games
M_C versus games 13 kun oldin
I watching i 2019 sorry im late
wolf 50
wolf 50 13 kun oldin
Fortnite RIP off big hero 6
Bullen 14 kun oldin
But now we are talking about controling millions of small devices with 100% accurecy
Comrade Skywalker
Comrade Skywalker 15 kun oldin
na you just put an R.T.G (radioscopic thermal generator) i those tiny buggers
Christopher Wei Ran LEE
Oh and did you know some brand released a “head reader?” that will say and answer your thoughts.
Keaton !
Keaton ! 15 kun oldin
Not in a hundred years , not in fifty years , in 2018 years from now
Keaton !
Keaton ! 15 kun oldin
By the way , if you were wondering why I said fifty and one hundred like in letters but 2018 in numbers it's because I wanted to draw attention to the 2018
Zikashauna 15 kun oldin
Broadcast Power- The microbots may be powered by Tesla-like broadcast power.
RoboFox 15 kun oldin
10:09 it's the Gunslinger from TF2
RoboFox 15 kun oldin
Sorcharubes 131
Sorcharubes 131 16 kun oldin
I think it could be possible 4:31
Edward Vale
Edward Vale 16 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Naomy Martinez
Naomy Martinez 16 kun oldin
Nah we are stupid
gacha lover
gacha lover 16 kun oldin
jacavalos 16 kun oldin
The amount of things you’ve said incorrectly in this video are making my skin crawl. 1. Big Hero 6 is actually a Marvel property. Disney did make it but it was with Marvel’s team. It’s based on a comic book, not an original creation. 2. Aladdin, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid have always followed the vault release style, which Disney created to essentially rerelease them and get a new buzz with each generation. The last big movie to be put into the vault was The Lion King, which came out in 1994. So that’s not something they’ve been doing for quite some time. 3. It wasn’t a science fair, it was a competition to get admission to one of the most advanced robotics schools. Hiro making something that impressive against all those other competitors was a huge deal. It wasn’t just poster boards and volcano explosions. 4. Big Hero 6 predates Fortnite season 5 by about 4 years, so technically they stole Cavanagh’s design.
Murtamp 16 kun oldin
And it eont be long till sword art online
Raeffa Weekes
Raeffa Weekes 17 kun oldin
Kyle Dennis
Kyle Dennis 17 kun oldin
Yes it will work
Cinder Hope
Cinder Hope 17 kun oldin
4:08 Yes because of modern prosthetics for arms and handd require some form of neural connection to move and manipulate it
Silveranaconda _
Silveranaconda _ 18 kun oldin
Didn't "Fortnite" come out after the movie?
Jeremiah Genesis
Jeremiah Genesis 18 kun oldin
How the hell do these micro bots move themselves?! What causes them to go from rest to motion and from motion to rest?!?” Are there small wheels on them? What makes them click together? Magnetics, which would effect the computers, and wouldn’t have the bond strength needed. WHAT MAKES THEM BE ABLE TO MOVE AND WHAT MAKES THEM BE ABLE TO HOLD TOGETHER IN ORDER TO DEFY GRAVITY?!?”
toby su
toby su 18 kun oldin
U can put uranium for power
M1lky B0i
M1lky B0i 18 kun oldin
Beware VENOM
MaskedYandere 20 kun oldin
so basically its nanotech
Nico Warren
Nico Warren 20 kun oldin
For the batteries they probably used diamonds created from nuclear power plant waste. But that is said to be on full function in like the 7000’s
Blazing Darkness
Blazing Darkness 21 kun oldin
for the battery problem just make the microbots absorb energy that is bound to be caused by the immense amount of friction they going create
Church 21 kun oldin
REESATTACK24 21 kun oldin
If you think about something bad or let your mind wander the micro boots could kill someone. Anyone who had ADHD could not use them.
James Adamski
James Adamski 21 kun oldin
Roman Smith
Roman Smith 21 kun oldin
You were right
angry cat gaming
angry cat gaming 21 kun oldin
I think yes
virgil boi
virgil boi 21 kun oldin
10:45 don't forget prosthetic arms, which in some cases are linked to the brain
nico9001 nico9001
nico9001 nico9001 22 kun oldin
I don't think we will make it for another 30 years so... Getting to 2150 is going to be hard
Michael Spooner
Michael Spooner 22 kun oldin
B-Man The Barbarian
B-Man The Barbarian 22 kun oldin
Dominic Gross
Dominic Gross 22 kun oldin
a nuclear battery might work
Maria Hamilton Potter
You have been a lollipop Have a boy
Viridian Midas
Viridian Midas 22 kun oldin
Controlled via Bluetooth
Dixie Riggs
Dixie Riggs 22 kun oldin
2150 anyone? Ugh, the 21st Centary. Thinking theu couldn't make those bots until now. They were wrong. Oh and all you people from the 21st Centary no we still have your precious iphones
Michael Talbot
Michael Talbot 23 kun oldin
I think you are an ok guy but I think you can do better with your videos and you need to do avenger movie theories and in your lion king episode I was not a loin I was a UNICORN I will make sure you know that I am a unicorn and you will pay for what you said you will feel the pain and you are weak like Ironman the worst avenger ever to exist so you can say bad things about him in your next video and you will do the video on the avengers and I will rule your world and captain America is much better than you and Ironman combined and you should do a video on miraculous tales of ladybug and cat-noir and if you don’t know what that is you will pay like you did when you said that I was a lion I didn’t like you in the first place and your UZvid channel is good but not as good miraculous and I’m a girl on my cousin’s account I’m still a unicorn and loins are still scary and you should never insult Dory again 🍩🐶🦄🦄🦄❌🦁👍🐞🐱🦚🐝🦊🦋🐢 P.s. work harder on your videos man, Peace ☮️ ✌️
Sam Westmoreland
Sam Westmoreland 23 kun oldin
Steelyzexpra gaming
Steelyzexpra gaming 23 kun oldin
Imagine someone put on the head band while turned on ('-')
electricscout 23 kun oldin
Hey internet, welcome to loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong intros
Patricia Parry
Patricia Parry 23 kun oldin
12:58 oney plays anyone?
Pigaroo 0000
Pigaroo 0000 24 kun oldin
2019 anyone
George Batstone
George Batstone 24 kun oldin
Fool. This movie was out before fortnite! Therefore... Fortnite stole it from big hero 6
KK studios
KK studios 24 kun oldin
Stephen Zammit
Stephen Zammit 24 kun oldin
i say it will be made
Minxthecoolm8 - gaming&such
Get the Apple TV, really easy to use in my opinion.
meme guy
meme guy 24 kun oldin
Surley in the futre well be smart enough to use andriod
Maribel Mendez
Maribel Mendez 24 kun oldin
Yeah we’re all gonna die
Grumpy Torch
Grumpy Torch 25 kun oldin
He was ripped out of season 5? Well this was created before fortnite battle royale (around a year or so after they started making fortnite which was in 2013 i believe)
Cole Freeman
Cole Freeman 25 kun oldin
is no one gonna talk about how hiro got into the equailevant of a dog fight in the beginnening.
gamer heros
gamer heros 25 kun oldin
Lets Do Stuff
Lets Do Stuff 25 kun oldin
Also th iPhone HAS A HOME BUTTON
Atomic Boi
Atomic Boi 25 kun oldin
Actually MatPat Fortnite stole the look of the villain from big hero six
Augustė Skripkaitė
Nobody in 2019?
just must
just must 26 kun oldin
2150 ?
Eoghan Fast Gaming
Eoghan Fast Gaming 26 kun oldin
Yes sssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssss!
Jack Maguire
Jack Maguire 27 kun oldin
the micro bots will not be ture
TerataTheWyvern 27 kun oldin
Rainbow_Jax 27 kun oldin
But I’m watching video in 2019
the lost adventurer
the lost adventurer 27 kun oldin
8:25 i thought there is no clouds in space
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