Film Theory: Controlling Robots with YOUR MIND! (Disney's Big Hero 6)

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Big Hero 6 didn't just give us the hope for a cuddle nurse robot like Baymax, it gave us the FUTURE of modern technology. I am talking nanobots! Tiny little pieces of tech to fulfill our every need that we can operate with our BRAIN! How do I know this will work? Let me show you!
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20-Okt, 2018

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Mossie Haywire
Mossie Haywire 58 daqiqa oldin
No they didn’t rip the villain out of fortnite Fortnite ripped the villain out of the movie
TigersPurrs 12 soat oldin
and yet it's 2019 . . . . at least most people have stopped eating tide pods
Logan LS13
Logan LS13 Kun oldin
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Kun oldin
136 years later- The world is ending but someone is still dabbing.
with a side of bleach pls
100 years from now they’re going to get rid of the screens on an iPhone And be like it takes too much room
Gina's Toys And Family
0:11 what did he call GoGo? Mago?! SOMEONE EXPLAIN PLEASE!
John Ross
John Ross Kun oldin
This channel is teaching you faster than a normal school as long as you can understand the words MatPat is saying.
John Ross
John Ross Kun oldin
I HATE FORTNITE! Big Hero 6 was made in 2014, but Fortnite was made in like 2017, or 2018
John Ross
John Ross Kun oldin
I loved Big Hero 6, and I still do. I can’t find it anywhere on Netflix or on disc, but I can’t rent it or buy it.
Artemis Wynk
Artemis Wynk 3 kun oldin
I mean Back to The Future said we'd have flying cars in 2015 so.....
FORTNITEduo 3 kun oldin
damians gaming
damians gaming 3 kun oldin
0:11,you called go-go mogo
Pattybanana 724
Pattybanana 724 4 kun oldin
MatPat would definitely use the micro-bots to fetch him DietCoke
Blaze Bros
Blaze Bros 4 kun oldin
CinemaSins wants to know your location
Lucas Kowitz
Lucas Kowitz 4 kun oldin
Peachy Patrick
Peachy Patrick 4 kun oldin
Since we already have prosthetics that can be moved with our minds, I think that we could develop microbots.
Abbas Ahmed
Abbas Ahmed 4 kun oldin
lionstickers316 samyra
Im i going to be Alive then
ViZe Aries
ViZe Aries 5 kun oldin
Who is here in 2150
Azel Pointyfingers
Azel Pointyfingers 5 kun oldin
just to say , going back to 2019 can this be applied on games and when I mean games like doki doki?
Sura A
Sura A 5 kun oldin
Tbh honest the worst aspect of microbots would be them taking shapes of all the embaressing and idiotic things in our heads
Silver Cipher
Silver Cipher 5 kun oldin
splatrr Fortnite and memes
Imagine if the did big hero 6 2 and they played Fortnite
Reese Greenlaw
Reese Greenlaw 5 kun oldin
Magic Sparkle Pony
Magic Sparkle Pony 5 kun oldin
it will happen
SAMURAI SAM 6 kun oldin
7:28 Jon tron: YOU LOOK LIKE A SNAKE! Snek boi: yes! Jon tron: WHAT... WHAT THE F**k
Ethan Hunter
Ethan Hunter 6 kun oldin
This is “So” cool.
Robbie Bowman
Robbie Bowman 6 kun oldin
See you in 2150! lol I see you have over 7,000,000 subscribers now. Did you manage to get there before the year ended? :)
Ya Rith
Ya Rith 7 kun oldin
100 years in the future and we still have problems with battery. Great!
adam stinton
adam stinton 7 kun oldin
ene one watching in 2150
helizna 7 kun oldin
So what about Stephen Hawking's talking computers... No one ever mentioning that telepathy... Was it even real?
Jaden Nolcox
Jaden Nolcox 7 kun oldin
Alexa Gomez
Alexa Gomez 8 kun oldin
Hell nah
Nameless 8 kun oldin
Hunter_ T8dog
Hunter_ T8dog 9 kun oldin
Wait so picfic rim can happen
Ambree taco
Ambree taco 10 kun oldin
Its 2019.....
Alvaro Gonzalez
Alvaro Gonzalez 10 kun oldin
What happen if I died I am 13 , yes
Alvaro Gonzalez
Alvaro Gonzalez 10 kun oldin
Maybe that was the iPhone 236
Garick Tablet
Garick Tablet 10 kun oldin
Although you need to have a clear mind and only think of what you want them to do
Bernhard Wittner
Bernhard Wittner 10 kun oldin
how about wireless energy transmission via tesla coil?
Steven Cerna
Steven Cerna 10 kun oldin
Mr.Marhi 10 kun oldin
Why Russia
Raulxoboss 11 kun oldin
i will revive you Mattypaty,STAY IN THAT CRYOPOD!!!!!!!!!!
Siranat usawasutsakorn
This world is literally like another overwatch universe with technologies only RESERVED FOR HEROES!
Brandon Vang
Brandon Vang 11 kun oldin
The "Jaegar Program" no I meant "The Microbot Program" only two pilots could control the Microbots.
Gacha gurl Logan/ Gacha gurl Gamer
Watches video: all right I’ll come back and 150 years/150 years later: I was correct ha ha suck it fools!
AndromedaPlanet PlayzMCandGD
"Electroencephalography" That's 22 letters... 5 mins later You have been a lollipop, have a boy 👋🏼😂👌🏻
Egcart 1357
Egcart 1357 11 kun oldin
“*Ahem* (speak on snobby British accent) uhhhh MatPat me a fellow theorist has concluded that it is no longer 2018 and I am rewatching this video is 2019 HA HA HUH!” (Squeaky high pitched voice) “NO DIP EINSTEIN!!!
Osana Suarez
Osana Suarez 11 kun oldin
You can
imaan islam
imaan islam 11 kun oldin
PLEASE collab with the epic voice guy
suname 11 kun oldin
2019 anyone
sometimes strange288
My mind was blown at several points in this theory.
shriram 12 kun oldin
Who's watching this at 2019
vanessa mccullers
vanessa mccullers 12 kun oldin
I'll be waiting in my grave :)
Vermillion Obscurity
no its impossible
Johnathan Kandler
Johnathan Kandler 12 kun oldin
Oh boi
Animal Lord
Animal Lord 12 kun oldin
Owen Wakelin
Owen Wakelin 12 kun oldin
nooo its 2019!!!!
Pono The ultimate god
... I’m still working on those super tiny robots GOD DAMN IT!!!!.... also the ones I’m make are able to use magnets... also there Jiroscopic ... I’ve been working on these sence I was 11...
still a google name sereika
Big boy
Madelynn Diaz
Madelynn Diaz 13 kun oldin
Here's a theory, what if oh from home is secretly evil. Think about the invite
Josh White
Josh White 13 kun oldin
This is kinda unrelated but I have a question, why in fnaf when u dye it’s shows static (apart from fnaf 4,6,and 7
Layla Henderson
Layla Henderson 13 kun oldin
I’m watching this video in 2019
Turtle of doom
Turtle of doom 13 kun oldin
Lol fortnite references
Abril Avina
Abril Avina 13 kun oldin
GG No RE 13 kun oldin
We can now offically say this video is out of date 👍👌😂
ColdFusion 13 kun oldin
It 2019
wanshui ma
wanshui ma 13 kun oldin
its 2019 now
Awesome Art and Crafts
It is the year 2029
kade the Savage
kade the Savage 14 kun oldin
It's actually 2019 when I'm watching this
Ernesto Rubio
Ernesto Rubio 14 kun oldin
Leo The Weirdo
Leo The Weirdo 14 kun oldin
I love Big Hero 6! I love robots and science! Also Fall Out Boy is my 2nd favorite band, so yeah I love this movie...
A Strange Person
A Strange Person 14 kun oldin
I'm watching in 2019 ( 02 January )
Frankie sucks at multitasking
The iPhone 132 plus and Samsung universe 4
Sayavur Bakhtiyarov
Sayavur Bakhtiyarov 14 kun oldin
136 years later and we don’t know because the robots are all destroyed
The Daddy
The Daddy 14 kun oldin
I'm in 2019
Syngamerpro YT
Syngamerpro YT 15 kun oldin
It’s 2019
Amara Rojas-Schupp
Amara Rojas-Schupp 15 kun oldin
2019 anyone
YoungOne YT
YoungOne YT 15 kun oldin
Who's here in 2019!
Skyler Goodman
Skyler Goodman 15 kun oldin
He got the 7 mil he wanted
Ur_boi Mike
Ur_boi Mike 15 kun oldin
BISH ITS 2019 LOLS *I watched dis too late lol*
Adrieanna Bruner
Adrieanna Bruner 15 kun oldin
Film theory I have a theory my theory is that Maybe Peter pan is in a coma.....can you find out for me I would appreciate it.
LN18 _Y
LN18 _Y 15 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
THEGAMING legend 15 kun oldin
Im Australian. How much is a penny
Kayla Hunt
Kayla Hunt 15 kun oldin
Umm HELL no it's just a little movie
Daniel Doyle
Daniel Doyle 15 kun oldin
4:31 don't you mean 2019
George Woollands
George Woollands 15 kun oldin
J 360 no scope 64 YT p/c
people have robot arms in a different robot limbs that me in every time they use them you're using your brain to control them like we do everyday to control our arms legs and everything else
Darkstealthgamer 16 kun oldin
.0000000000007 is a movie I would watch
Josey Lane
Josey Lane 16 kun oldin
How does Hiro think of a ginormous hand while he's also thinking of concentrating on talking to the to the crowd?
Grumpy Dark Candy Apple
2:29 *enormous eye-roll*
Arham Playz
Arham Playz 16 kun oldin
I am subbing back to everyone who subs me
Bobby Godinez
Bobby Godinez 16 kun oldin
I have a theory for you to solve why is waluigi not on smash?
Anthoky AM
Anthoky AM 16 kun oldin
Some things will come and go but iPhone is forever
Cherry Winters
Cherry Winters 16 kun oldin
I’ve seen a theory in which people think Hiro has high functioning autism... I really want Matpat to do a theory on this.
Jords B.250
Jords B.250 17 kun oldin
Hey, who else is watching film theory more instead of game theory, because of parents telling you not to play games, even though MatPat isn't playing the game in front of us and it can teach us lots, but it's still a game they say, a game is a game they say >:(
Nikita shatinkin
Nikita shatinkin 17 kun oldin
Big hero six came out before Fortnite season 5 (to be technicall)
Ian Asbell
Ian Asbell 17 kun oldin
Nerdking42 18 kun oldin
Using headphones and he says hornet in your ear
Anton B. Ingibjartsson
maybe iphones are retro
16 soat oldin