Film Theory: Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!?

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DEADPOOL is known for breaking the fourth wall in both the comics and the movie. In fact, his jokes get so meta that it’s hard to catch them all. Sure, there are the obvious ones where he talks to the camera, but there is so much more than that going on! In this episode, I PROVE that the Deadpool movie contains a HUGE Meta-joke that went entirely unnoticed by all of us…Until Now!
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4-May, 2017

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Goku Uzumaki21
Goku Uzumaki21 Kun oldin
Who remembers "Fuck you wolverine" From deadpool 2
Adam Craddock
Adam Craddock 3 kun oldin
He is just a good aim, shooting bullets, dead people's heads, everything
Bryan Yakimets
Bryan Yakimets 3 kun oldin
Fun fact: regarding the "Ryan Reynolds crossed with a sharpei" line, apparently a friend showed Ryan Reynolds that line and that's how he found out about him. That's when he decided he had to play Deadpool.
shadow the hedgehog V.S Megatron
Computron from transformers titans return:but hey that's just a theory a film theory
Colorado Warfighter
in response to 8:24 . yes its all possible and fun. im sure if ppl could survive the practice they can be just as good over time as well.
daw hlathein
daw hlathein 5 kun oldin
Is baby groot groot's son that used magic to make it look like its the same son.
Krisalis 5 kun oldin
“I dunno, might further the plot.” Mat: “No one would normally say this!” Me: *totally would and does.*
GreatAnotherViewer 5 kun oldin
so 27 wall breaks
Beatriz Lopez
Beatriz Lopez 5 kun oldin
10:40 Is it me or does Dectective Pikachu say something like this as well? No? Just me? ...okay.
Beatriz Lopez
Beatriz Lopez 5 kun oldin
11:21 No scratch? Look at her knee! Lol
Beatriz Lopez
Beatriz Lopez 5 kun oldin
10:15 Spoilers!!!!!! I haven't finished watching DP 1. 😢😢😢😢
ISK DEA 5 kun oldin
Arian reasat
Arian reasat 5 kun oldin
Gamoras hotness
Rui Xie
Rui Xie 10 kun oldin
Is Peter from gg dad really his dad
Nicholas Radelczyk
Nicholas Radelczyk 11 kun oldin
GUARDIANS THEORY: Can Nebulous robot stuff work
Sabastian Bova
Sabastian Bova 11 kun oldin
Who else got the deadpool add before this video
Livian Youngberg
Livian Youngberg 11 kun oldin
I mean I eat yogurt spoon-less so
Jack Morris
Jack Morris 12 kun oldin
Of course he did did you see once upon a deadpool
Harri Pomfret
Harri Pomfret 12 kun oldin
1:00 And he then releases a video on groot's speech impediment Hehehehe
Mindy Miller
Mindy Miller 12 kun oldin
Why is Gamora? Answer me that one!
Edward chew
Edward chew 12 kun oldin
10:24,oh really Matpat,you call that a love story,more like a dumb sexually relationship
Freya Russell
Freya Russell 13 kun oldin
You know who else wants to make Deadpool look good... The writers who want some dat moneyyyyy.
Freya Russell
Freya Russell 13 kun oldin
Doesn't have a spoon, ignores the fact he has a mask.
Jayden Doodles
Jayden Doodles 13 kun oldin
GG Matt :))) love your chanal :333
kill pool
kill pool 14 kun oldin
Why was his last showing so bad
Chicken Deadpool
Chicken Deadpool 15 kun oldin
Hi theorists oh no I broke the 4th wall
binh vu
binh vu 15 kun oldin
binh vu
binh vu 15 kun oldin
How grout can come back to life
YungPhaz 15 kun oldin
Usually ice cream comes with a little plastic spoon under the lid
Bluefur The Wolf
Bluefur The Wolf 15 kun oldin
my youtube diet 55% song 10% memes 25% gaming and 199.999999% theory videos, man I need to play more games
Castillo Kiddos
Castillo Kiddos 16 kun oldin
Mat just do a 🚀🦝 theory
Arodasi Things
Arodasi Things 16 kun oldin
I was thinking how do you eat the ice cream with the mask?
Killake Cat
Killake Cat 18 kun oldin
If this true, how cool it was, the idea of make connection with audience. mind blowing! I wish all superheros movies make do same. well our good ol ryan a ghost writer :D
Commander Squirrel Poop
Drax’s origins
Hailart9 Haileyluv
Hailart9 Haileyluv 19 kun oldin
She was bleeding😑 for real
Christopher Swain
Christopher Swain 20 kun oldin
Is baby groot groot's son or is baby groot the original groot
Nerdking42 20 kun oldin
Plz do science of rocket raccoon
Shanise Burney-Farr
Shanise Burney-Farr 21 kun oldin
Did a marvel video May 4th. Wow. The force is not with you
Reni Shine
Reni Shine 21 kun oldin
Name Unknown
Name Unknown 24 kun oldin
I wanna see the science of Rocket
Youssef Kodira
Youssef Kodira 24 kun oldin
Nightwalker 06
Nightwalker 06 24 kun oldin
Agent smith might have just been looking at what dead pool was moving but not have seen it Still amazing video and theory
Rama Llama
Rama Llama 25 kun oldin
A theory is why can the raccon talk!
Mysterious Flame
Mysterious Flame 25 kun oldin
I’ll give a thousand dollars to charity if UZvid is shuts down all of Christmas Day
Wolvern 25 kun oldin
Who's watching in the future after a Guardians of the Galaxy theory has already been made?
Claire Anglacer
Claire Anglacer 25 kun oldin
Stewart Kids
Stewart Kids 26 kun oldin
So, basically, he made a movie about himself, staring himself and he wrote it for himself. He must be really self centred.
Maddox King
Maddox King 26 kun oldin
How tall can Groot get?
Megan McEvoy
Megan McEvoy 26 kun oldin
I love how he says no one would say ‘might further the plot’ irl, but I say stuff like that loads. Like “I guess the writers hate me” to freak people out
Shannon Merritt
Shannon Merritt 27 kun oldin
why is gamora green
CCDelvo 27 kun oldin
she's sick
Justin Boy
Justin Boy 28 kun oldin
MatPat guesses the story of guardians 2
Dead pool had super human strength, speed and stamina. It is the comics!
Somebody Somebody
Somebody Somebody 29 kun oldin
Uhh you guys know that there's a series in Marvel called "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe" where Deadpool travels interdimensionally into OUR universe and kills the artist that's drawing him after literally killing everyone in the Marvel universe. And the artist draws his own death. I'm surprised that no one's mentioned this... which is why this theory is perfectly plausible. I mean I think this is probably one of MatPat's most plausible theories ... except I'm a little disappointed he didn't mention that story arc.
noob fart
noob fart 29 kun oldin
was deadpool even real for late ones NOOBS I AM EARLIER THAN YOU
Ender Fighter 515
I have a theory Where is my spoon Where is your spoon WHERE IS EVERYBODY’s SPOON!!?!?!??!?????????!??!?!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!!!
Me :3
Me :3 Oy oldin
0:21 that reference made me feel old :I
Fuzz Games9
Fuzz Games9 Oy oldin
Do a theory on how many galaxies there are from the guardians of the galaxies
Mischievious Minions
Do gamoras mum
RizGriz Oy oldin
He eats with a knife 😏😏
Tim Nguyen
Tim Nguyen Oy oldin
How was groot made
ranjan bikas
ranjan bikas Oy oldin
coz he knows that it better to lick it
Daniel Melia
Daniel Melia Oy oldin
For guardians of the galaxy, do how draw got his scars
Bonsey Boxin gloves
Plz rocket science rocket raccoon I mean
Ellie Hathaway
Anything about Gamora
H Hoskins
H Hoskins Oy oldin
A film theory question is gamora actually the soul stone? You know a soul for a soul, just wondering
MrMayhem 899
MrMayhem 899 Oy oldin
Calls Groot’s language a boring topic. Makes a video on it a year later.
Shao Yu
Shao Yu 12 kun oldin
MrMayhem 899 yep
W Abc
W Abc Oy oldin
So Vanessa actually got killed and Deadpool never lived his life with her? Shit that's depressing.
samarendra chandan bindu Dash
No , in Deadpool 2 he has blamed the writers for poor writing
Markiplier Vbncvhj
I wish they make a christmaspool movie
Ruqayya ugh
Ruqayya ugh Oy oldin
Screen junkies call Ryan Reynolds we have news
MrsInAbox Oy oldin
Honestly I'd watch a Deadpool UZvid channel
Dragonman134 Oy oldin
Sami Hutto
Sami Hutto Oy oldin
Deeper in Gamora's past
Assasin Mike Allivo
What if his sword serves as his spoon. P.s deadpool for me is the most entertaining movie for me
The stuff they are injecting him with it's taken from wolverine in another movie, and he was trained by spec ops and by weapon x
I know it's a gag but I think it's true. There is no spoon so Deadpool in the matrix!
lord of darkness
deadpool did this in his game which was funny because it started with him get his game while he writes it lol just watch gameplay of it its the first thing that happens
Panos Mazis
Panos Mazis Oy oldin
groot's speach impediment was a good idea after all!
Symbrock_Shipper 123
*deadpool is MARVEL-OUS* HEHHEHE
Live, Love,SING Kline
Funny thing is... he did a video on Grus speech impedimant
Tej Patel - Hewson PS (1488)
dead pool is the best the best amount of comedy and hero and love somehow wolverine tho he is good but not as good as dead pool
Anthony Chang
Anthony Chang Oy oldin
What would you do if deadpool was going kill you and then stick out his hand like he was moving. You would look at what he is doing.
Harry Potter Lover 4 Life
I love deadpool Please do more on these movies!
Shadow Pan Hat Gaming
idea for guardians of galaxy theory why is gamora?
PurpleTiger Gaming
Is groot a tree I know it’s a crazy one
Brooklynn Breckner
11:30 well she did have a gash on her leg
Jenni Schouppe
There is no spoon
Drift Viper
Drift Viper Oy oldin
As soon as I saw the title I flipping screamed to the top of my lungs so awesome
Anti- Venom
Anti- Venom Oy oldin
The guardians are immortal
The Firefly posters in the DP2 teaser: @0:02. Morena Baccarin played the character Inara Serra in the show. She was a Companion (fancy prostitute) who traded witty banter with the series' protagonist and anti-hero, Mal Reynolds. She was also unobtainable levels of beautiful. We know DP loves himself the cult classics so he has his love interest, the prostitute Vanessa he trades witty barbs with, played by Baccarin to his anti-hero protagonist.
Tj Gamer1234
Tj Gamer1234 Oy oldin
The spies of the green grarl
Karishma Changlani
How does this explain Deadpool 2 though?
Code Orange Films
Or he could have said you weren’t meant to see it just in case it was left in, but not knowing if it was going to be
Nova Oy oldin
Did deadpool write this episode?
cooper hamilton
Why is gamora green or why can rocket talk and so smart
Nathaniel Vega
He uses his knives as spoons
jun !
jun ! Oy oldin
i read the title and my first thought was “yeah probably”
Nero the demon
[Wade fucking Wilson] Fourth walls break inside a fourth walls break. That’s like 16 walls.
shopkins country 104
Stan ?