Film Theory: Did Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!?

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DEADPOOL is known for breaking the fourth wall in both the comics and the movie. In fact, his jokes get so meta that it’s hard to catch them all. Sure, there are the obvious ones where he talks to the camera, but there is so much more than that going on! In this episode, I PROVE that the Deadpool movie contains a HUGE Meta-joke that went entirely unnoticed by all of us…Until Now!
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4-May, 2017



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Kimberly Tang
Kimberly Tang 6 soat oldin
6:43 Umm I just realised how small your brain is Mattpatt
martin surmaj
martin surmaj Kun oldin
why does thanos love gamora
Jake Heck
Jake Heck 2 kun oldin
In the game he talked about writing a movie too I think?
иasinda ᔕTOᖇY
иasinda ᔕTOᖇY 3 kun oldin
Even he DID have a spoon he still can’t eat the ice cream cause of the mask 😂 (This is just what I think)
Judith Aviles
Judith Aviles 4 kun oldin
who is thanos wuld be a good one or groots backsory
Rozlyn Law
Rozlyn Law 5 kun oldin
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goooooooooooooooooood mine blone :l
Sans the skeliton 1902
Sans the skeliton 1902
obliterator deathcon 4
guardian theory: did the guardians met the green lantern corp
fox gamer girl
fox gamer girl 7 kun oldin
Le Raracoon
Le Raracoon 7 kun oldin
who else is here in 2019?
Le Raracoon
Le Raracoon 7 kun oldin
guys. deadpoo east icecream. with his tounge. i call theory confirmed
toxic potato
toxic potato 11 kun oldin
So he broke 96 walls in one movie.
Jose Valencia
Jose Valencia 15 kun oldin
How many of you are watching this after matpat already made a video on groot’s speech
Jerel Lewis
Jerel Lewis 15 kun oldin
Update this video
MiLKplaYsGames_OP 15 kun oldin
You can do the connections of grew with .. other things ..um yeah (He is connected to other things)
Aman Bhatt
Aman Bhatt 15 kun oldin
That's just a theory . a film theory !!🔥🔥
Deirdre Baggett
Deirdre Baggett 15 kun oldin
In a couple of comics and possibly in the movie, he has super strength, speed, agility.
Deirdre Baggett
Deirdre Baggett 15 kun oldin
Science of Rocket Rackoon.
Anargya Ramadhan
Anargya Ramadhan 16 kun oldin
How the yondu bow work?
DingyAntelope58 Niamh lane
11:42 Excuse me, that is fine Corinthian Pouch Leather. Read Deadpool/Spider-Man
GDsasan 18 kun oldin
Deadpool wrote this video
Torri Kirshblum
Torri Kirshblum 19 kun oldin
can you make a theory about the girl who can feel other peoples feelings in guardians of the galaxy
matthew white
matthew white 20 kun oldin
Something I feel should be noted though, the issue where he called himself ryan renolds crossed with a shar-pei came out the same year ryan renolds had a role in blade trinity and if you look at that character it actually shares a lot of personality with deadpool, the witty one-liners, the kick-ass combat skills, the only thing it lacks is superpowers and 4th wall breaks
Gumdrop pills
Gumdrop pills 21 kun oldin
I might be late to this but heres a theory for gardens of the galaxy: Is groot or rocket possible. Like could you make or find them in the real world
Farhan Cyprian
Farhan Cyprian 22 kun oldin
13:30 but hey Thats just a unicorn A PORN UNICORN
Larry James Winfield-Sanders
Uncomfortable breakfast
#gaurdians theory : rockets past
gustav kolind
gustav kolind 23 kun oldin
1:06 he said this is boring... He made an episode on it. Still really like it
awsomedude 101
awsomedude 101 23 kun oldin
But in the wolverine movie deadpool was mixed with mutants that had amazing accuracy and many more mutants. Like teleporting
Sean Shogun
Sean Shogun 23 kun oldin
What about real life milano
Sans DREEMURR 25 kun oldin
Draxes family
Just DawnkitTea
Just DawnkitTea 25 kun oldin
wait... did I just see the game theory logo??
connor ttvgaming
connor ttvgaming 25 kun oldin
Is 4th wall break inside of 4th wall break 16 walls or 8 walls
Alpha Void
Alpha Void 27 kun oldin
"might be here to further the plot." Again, something I would say. Just out of context I always act like I'm breaking the forth wall
unlimited jay
unlimited jay 27 kun oldin
who is gamoras birth dad
Kelly blaq
Kelly blaq 27 kun oldin
Thinking about this just hurts😂
Kelly blaq
Kelly blaq 27 kun oldin
Thinking about this just hurts😂
Elizabeth Sharp
Elizabeth Sharp 28 kun oldin
Um... I eat my ice cream without a spoon I have a pint of ice cream and I use my tongue though he can't eat through the mask
Toy reviews 4 kids
Toy reviews 4 kids 28 kun oldin
What type of alien is gamora
toster maker king coryxkechen fan bru
Why the woman on the cover of the CDs of gardens of the galaxy Green unless she is related to Shrek
Elias Lê
Elias Lê 29 kun oldin
how about: What are the infinity stones made of?
Ryan Duffy
Ryan Duffy Oy oldin
What does I am groot mean
Nyan King
Nyan King Oy oldin
How about how rocket can handle the recoil of those giant guns he shoots
Nate's Page
Nate's Page Oy oldin
I dont know my marvel comics but how does (gamora?) her knife not fall over? Or stay balanced? Idk whats going on.
TheOne King
TheOne King Oy oldin
This theory is complete bullshit
Will Makela
Will Makela Oy oldin
Who is Gamoras mother
Teh Crystal Duck
Wait... then is this written by MatPat???🤔🤔🤔
Allison Klos
Allison Klos Oy oldin
zachkrit312 SCS
Who is drax’s parents? Maybe?
alexander agrade
The quote "might further the plot" was referencing deadpools situation wich feels like it could only happen in a movie he is not nreaking the fourth wall
Luke Morris
Luke Morris Oy oldin
this is really compclated
Milan Riha
Milan Riha Oy oldin
What if Groot is really part of a godly species that throughout the marvel movies has been considered what the tree of life is. Like when the cube was found in the church wall with the tree of life on it, in captain America
Teehan Raymond
This is dumb lol
Cody Bouley
Cody Bouley Oy oldin
But I want to know about the science behind rocket raccoon
PinkPorg Oy oldin
At 0:11 he is complaining about DP not having a spoon but he has a mask on how does he eat it???
Bosstranaught !
In the beginning when he said theory confirmed I almost left the video
Lindsey Grindall
Guardians theory: infinity war snap selection rules
Elliot Pottol
Elliot Pottol Oy oldin
Backpack Deadpool project back to life
Channel Deleted
I got a great guardians theory: Groot will destroy the world 1. At the end of avengers infinity war groot was part of the snapped away group 2. He reforms tons of baby groots from the dust 3. They all grow into the huge groot monsters from his first comic appearance. 4. Humans evacuate earth in 2099 5. And find a new planet to live on 6. Where Spider-Man ( Miguel O’hara) lives and fights crime in the futuristic New York 2 That being said earth would become Planet X where groot is from in the comics! BOOM! I just came up with best guardians theory in the comments All rights belong to me but you can use it if you give credit to epic fishkeeper
8Bit REX
8Bit REX Oy oldin
3:40 he said hey it’s peter. Could it be... PETER W?????
8Bit REX
8Bit REX Oy oldin
3:40 he said hey it’s peter. Could it be... PETER W?????
creeper 988
creeper 988 Oy oldin
How many times do the show is Deadpool doing it geez
Modrá Čepel
Modrá Čepel Oy oldin
Guardians of the Galaxy: How is groot created? (Haven’t watched the movies in ages tho :p so can someone reply if this has already been covered) The lovable-adorable ultimate tree-huger (being an actual tree) Groot is a favourite to many but do we really know who is groot ? Or Why is groot? I think he was hit by one of the Avengers crazy adventures with all the technology some leaked out and it got to groot OR space did a LOT of trading with earth
The Darth Knight
He ended up doing groot’s speech impediment anyway
Nguyên Minh Trần
1:04 just came true
Foxycoolpro- -Gaming
He is my favorite hero
Foxycoolpro- -Gaming
Huevos & Maddie
you could do a theory on if we could make any of the advanced technology in guardians of the galaxy like the mask thing star lord wears and if it could have similar functions
8Bit REX
8Bit REX Oy oldin
Omg. The original bird box monster design looks so much like Wade. IS WADE WILSON THE MONSTER?????? Oh wait MatPat already made a theory about the monster? Dang it.
september1717 Oy oldin
Me "0:22 where did you find T-t-that c-c-clip *stutters Deadpool holding a gun to my forehead "lets not get details, now buy me those chimichangas."
Max Graham
Max Graham Oy oldin
Do the science of Rocket Raccoon
Toby was here
Toby was here Oy oldin
I think Ryan actually wrote some of the jokes
Boon Jun Tong
Boon Jun Tong Oy oldin
Boon Jun Tong
Boon Jun Tong Oy oldin
Boon Jun Tong
Boon Jun Tong Oy oldin
Boon Jun Tong
Boon Jun Tong Oy oldin
idrawshelby2 Oy oldin
Deadpool wrote this theory
Neil John Tuala
Write rockets origins
Vivian Goerss
Vivian Goerss Oy oldin
You say talking about how to talk groot is boring then you do a episode on it.
Lucy Levicky
Lucy Levicky Oy oldin
Who is gamors real mom or dad!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
shae elphick
shae elphick Oy oldin
Can rocket raccoon actually exist
Rogelio Rodriguez
Jake Jakers
Jake Jakers Oy oldin
Deadpool 2 “writers: the real villains” I am not sure why they say that in the second one.
William DeBeau
How does peter get powers more powerful than his father in guardians of the galaxy vol.2
Justice fire eating disco panda
Deadpool does he use the power of his fourth wall break like in the comic books in the movie he wrote the Dame movie
Alex Moore
Alex Moore Oy oldin
Here’s a hard theory you might not solve : who is drax family try it
Evie The SMOL tomato potato
I know I'm so late, But did you know that the green girl's "father" is thanks from infinity war
Casual Ninja Gaming
GUARDIANS THEORY: When did Rocket and Groot meet and why do they seem to go back so far?
Damien Yazzie
Damien Yazzie Oy oldin
Was rocket born or made
YorTalentedProgramDad Iron
just saying if this is weitten by dedpool woulded it also mean that this video is written by dedpool?
Robert Hanson
Robert Hanson Oy oldin
Still a better love story than twilight.
Gerda Van Der Helm
ur intro scared my cat
RumbaChuck Oy oldin
lmao you mean his deafening unnaturally high-pitched voice?
Charlie Burgess
no sponsor rip
Xmas Reaper
Xmas Reaper Oy oldin
The only reason I can come up with WHY his friend would say that "it might thicken the plot" is because during that time Deadpool is telling the story. Same with the time the camera turns, he's telling the story the entire time yes, and knows that the directors/writer are helping him make his movie but over all by the end of the film... Deadpool does technically write his own movie.
Alex Jacob
Alex Jacob Oy oldin
No the people who made the movie made deadpool
skruffle animatoins
What's it like in a world without spoons
Keylee Hall games
And D chimmychangas
Rose Dynamite
Rose Dynamite Oy oldin
12:24 Oh I would definitely say that naturally. I say it all the time for the fun of it.
Carter Smith
Carter Smith Oy oldin
The movie actually does a very neat thing where Wade doesn’t start breaking the 4th wall until after be becomes Deadpool
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