Film Theory: Disney's Biggest Disasters! (Moana, Hercules, Lion King...)

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What Disney movie will reign supreme? Today we are FINALLY crowning the victor of our deadly Disney movie bracket. Will it be the war in Mulan? The famine in Moana? All the dead souls in Hercules? Let's find out once and for all!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Research and Fellow Death Counters: Zach Stewart

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Cole Schadel
Cole Schadel 14 kun oldin
*When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit*
Happyfuz1 Hi!
Happyfuz1 Hi! Kun oldin
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Kun oldin
Cole Schadel .....WHAT?????......
GameboyTaje 2 kun oldin
+The Film Theorists ok ok
john klien
john klien 2 kun oldin
How About Coco?
Meme Dogeman
Meme Dogeman 3 kun oldin
And then he realized he missed a few movies (haunted mansion, pirates of the Caribbean, and all the star wars movies)
Nevan Leong
Nevan Leong 6 daqiqa oldin
Hercules is my bet cuz it happens in Greece which If history is correct would include dinosaur,mulan and Moana plus everyone that died before the end the Hercules movie or basically....... nevermind......my statement was very counter intuitive..... SOOOOOO.....yeaaaaaahhh....... cuzzzzzz.......yknow.......underworld thingy mebob
Amelia Phillips
Amelia Phillips 19 daqiqa oldin
Wait wait wait was that scene from aqua man
Dark Krafter
Dark Krafter 37 daqiqa oldin
i just realized the pickd ursulas death sean fron the story call of cthuhlu
Amelia Phillips
Amelia Phillips 37 daqiqa oldin
Collaboration with deadmeat’s kill count nice!
cole komanetsky
cole komanetsky Soat oldin
Does anyone else notice the fact that the cause of the flood in the Atlantis movie is a 3 second clip of a nuke that went off in the backround?
Caroline Potter
Caroline Potter Soat oldin
Consuelo Riesco
Consuelo Riesco Soat oldin
I knew Atlantis was deadly but wow! I thought it was going to be #1 though.
Ramiro Linares
Ramiro Linares Soat oldin
Next is pixar good luck
2 soat oldin
Boi Boi
Boi Boi 2 soat oldin
so Attila the Hun tried to takeover the whole of China with a few thousand men. and he was somehow winning. well.... wtf. China even then have population size more than 10 million and army sizes of around 1 million. ITs a reaalli small China.
Dinorex 109
Dinorex 109 2 soat oldin
Huh, I wonder what the deadliest children's movie ever was.
Cats r demons M
Cats r demons M 2 soat oldin
Moana I guess
Dinorex 109
Dinorex 109 2 soat oldin
Atlantis WAIT WAIT. dinosaur.
Andrea loves Gachas
Andrea loves Gachas 3 soat oldin
You forgot ponyo :c
Lincosother32 3 soat oldin
Ryan Way
Ryan Way 4 soat oldin
what were the 58 movies in the list?
Robin Murphy
Robin Murphy 4 soat oldin
Is it just me or is the part were it says “where in the world was the atlantean tsunami?” a reference to good mythical morning
Brendan Ziegler
Brendan Ziegler 4 soat oldin
Mulan is honestly one of my favorite movies of all time
ConmanOfficial 4 soat oldin
Jasty Poke'gamer
Jasty Poke'gamer 4 soat oldin
I knew dinosaur was gonna win
Harry Shrimp
Harry Shrimp 4 soat oldin
The Insane Girl
The Insane Girl 4 soat oldin
Pixar please do Pixar because I know that Pixar has a lot of deaths
Nadia Karamat
Nadia Karamat 5 soat oldin
Weird that the deadliest movie is my brother’s favorite Disney movie
Arianna  what  happened  to  the  casal Garcia
Dang Micky STOP IT get some milk 🥺
TheOrangeking 1
TheOrangeking 1 5 soat oldin
please please do that death counts for the other animating studios, that would be great. thank you
Joey Dominoes
Joey Dominoes 5 soat oldin
Madison Thornberg
Madison Thornberg 6 soat oldin
Moana does sleep because of the nightmares she has so she does sleep in the movie on the boat
Kraemer Knight
Kraemer Knight 6 soat oldin
My only critique is that mammals and dinosaurs lived and evolved together, the didn't show up at the end of the cretaceous.
path to science fantasy
HA dud howl about anime. your stuff is so awesome =0
memeArEtHings 6 soat oldin
i knew it dinos wont win my heart this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madridsta 9
Madridsta 9 6 soat oldin
Bragging rights. It's about dinosaurs what did you epcet
Gremlin-Dragon 6 soat oldin
You forgot Hades death service counter when we first meet the fates!
Mike Clifford
Mike Clifford 6 soat oldin
Rebecca Toney
Rebecca Toney 6 soat oldin
“Just death, death, and more death” Me:WHOO (Please don’t judge me)
Supreme Cool Guy
Supreme Cool Guy 7 soat oldin
Marvel death count right now or I’ll steal your crumpets
Melanie Alonzo
Melanie Alonzo 7 soat oldin
HAPPY 2019!!!!!!!! hope you have a great year :D
DarkNight_Dragon 7 soat oldin
I like dinosaur and home on the range when I was younger. but I do like the idea of the kill count for DreamWorks.
Colin Finley
Colin Finley 7 soat oldin
I have one thing to say R.I.P
Casey Truss
Casey Truss 7 soat oldin
DerpyBearMan _PS4
DerpyBearMan _PS4 8 soat oldin
I remember dinosaurs me and my brother used to go to our grandma's and watch that, ahh memories
Norris Tracy
Norris Tracy 8 soat oldin
24:35 really sad moment... unless your me cuz I have a hard time crying.
Jordan Rix
Jordan Rix 8 soat oldin
reckneya 8 soat oldin
You state in this video that research shows there is some effidence mammals and dinosaurs did overlap but that it was just a brief time during the end of the cretaceous period. Did you perhaps misspeak and meant to say leamers in stead of mammals? Mammals and dinosaurs both evolved in the triasic. Cool vids. I enjoyed this series way more than I should have. Cheers.
Eric Walsh
Eric Walsh 8 soat oldin
Mat please do Disney sequels aswell
Samantha Gomez
Samantha Gomez 8 soat oldin
HeY! Phil Swift here with *f l e x t a p e*
foxtofuntm 2.0
foxtofuntm 2.0 8 soat oldin
Demon Cat
Demon Cat 9 soat oldin
Dreamworks' Death Count would be a great series.
drones The Hedgehog
drones The Hedgehog 9 soat oldin
Good job Mat Pat
assassin 240
assassin 240 10 soat oldin
i did enjoy it and i will love film and game theory for ever
assassin 240
assassin 240 10 soat oldin
holy s*** 307246 why the hell is diseney doing
BeFrie 10 soat oldin
How many wreck it Ralph’s died in “wreck it Ralph 2”? how many virus Ralph’s were there that died after the virus was killed? Could it trump all the other Disney movies?
assassin 240
assassin 240 10 soat oldin
holy god 20000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elementa Dimension
Elementa Dimension 10 soat oldin
DerpyBro3 10 soat oldin
I have two ideas. Sequels, and live action death counts
assassin 240
assassin 240 10 soat oldin
boo moana
assassin 240
assassin 240 10 soat oldin
matpat you are my hero
assassin 240
assassin 240 10 soat oldin
lion king
assassin 240
assassin 240 10 soat oldin
het to it al l ready
Francois le Roux
Francois le Roux 10 soat oldin
How the heck are there 300000 lemurs in Dinosaur this was millions of years a go and even in the 1800s hundreds (before colonisation) there weren't evan close to that many on Madagascar! so how did a group of mamals that would only be starting to populate earth be able to fill up the island to its maximum territorial capacity.
John beason
John beason 10 soat oldin
You can’t prove the kakamora died.
JoJo Crafty2
JoJo Crafty2 10 soat oldin
wheer is toy story
Valentino Arnoletto
Valentino Arnoletto 10 soat oldin
When counting the mulan kills you forget to count the horses, you only counted the horssemen
Jason Martinelli
Jason Martinelli 11 soat oldin
Atlantis think about it they went to a civilization that was practically all killed Edit: oh dang it so close
LauXstamp 11 soat oldin
Heidi’s Universe
Heidi’s Universe 11 soat oldin
Yaaaay dinosaur dinosaur!!!! 🦖🦖🦖
RedTeen2 11 soat oldin
They just had to make a carntasuorious/hellboyasouraus the bad guy
Legacy Gaming
Legacy Gaming 12 soat oldin
Lol I have never even seen Dinosaur 🦖
Hannah Gallifrey
Hannah Gallifrey 12 soat oldin
Can you make a death count on Pixar movies? (Would Coco win? Lol)
Hannah Gallifrey
Hannah Gallifrey 12 soat oldin
Thanks for all the work you put into your videos Film and game theory team.
Lucas Hartmann
Lucas Hartmann 12 soat oldin
Plato actually mapped Atlantis in the Sahara not southern Italy, plus there is evidence of a king called Atlas and even a mountain range in morocco named after him. Atlantis meaning city of Atlas. The eye of the Sahara is a 1 for 1 representation of what Plato described as 2 rings of land and 3 of water in the center of the city that is even shown in this movie. The Sahara is known to have been underwater before and the eye is below ocean level with evidence showing that there used to be rivers flowing through it, a river that could have easily overflown and washed the city away. Also the people that were documented to have lived there, the Mauritanians had a king named Atlas. It is incredible to me that the eye has not been investigated or excavated, there is so much evidence pointing to it.
jakub rembacz
jakub rembacz 13 soat oldin
by the way, people of the middle ages did not tend to take offence at the sight of a female soldier, women simply did not want to take part in war and were not pressured into it unlike men. it is sad to know that people of the medieval ages were so much more leant back on ideologies that put them at a disadvantage.
jakub rembacz
jakub rembacz 13 soat oldin
also the ussr conscripted women due to already having killed 70% of the male workforce and that is also partially why gulags were put in place.
c182SkylaneRG 13 soat oldin
Soo.... With regards to Atlantis. I've seen an interesting video here on UZvid from the channel "Bright Insight" suggesting that Atlantis is located about 1300 meters above sea level in western Sahara Africa. (Obviously a lot of geology has taken place between then and now). The geology matches that he pointed out are actually quite striking, and I think there's a real case for it. The argument for the 10,000 year age being correct is that Plato only heard about Atlantis in an Egyptian library, and it had already been wiped out many years before him. That said, the rest of Bright Insight's channel seems very conspiracy theorist, so take it as you will. :)
shyguygamer turtle
shyguygamer turtle 13 soat oldin
And does marvel count, if so thanos snap is the winner
shyguygamer turtle
shyguygamer turtle 13 soat oldin
Mat does star wars count the death star blowing up and alderon
TheBrendon67 14 soat oldin
That’s a lot of lemurs!
Best meme is Doge
Best meme is Doge 14 soat oldin
I will never watch a Disney movie the same again 😭
Benjamin Gamble
Benjamin Gamble 15 soat oldin
Kitten Jackson
Kitten Jackson 15 soat oldin
If DreamWorks went I bet it would be trolls but like most of it is all offscreen
Ryan M
Ryan M 15 soat oldin
What about the practical death of Earth in Wall-E? Imagine how many people didn't get to get on a ship.
Jakub Kovařík
Jakub Kovařík 16 soat oldin
what about infinite war or star wars 7 because Disney owns Lucasfilm and marvel studios
Christus Regnet
Christus Regnet 17 soat oldin
How could any of these movies be considered historically inaccurate OR accurate?!
TheGameing NerdPS4
TheGameing NerdPS4 18 soat oldin
If you did this on Harry Potter whould you count vordemort as 7 kills?
UItraVice 20 soat oldin
As much as I do love the idea of this theory...I don't think this is a good result. You should have made a rule that deaths that happen off screen or to characters that are not established should not count. Atlantis had only the people pounding on the force field and on-lookers in the flood scene that are seen dying. The rest are just assumed. Lion king shows a few skeletons maybe but for all we know the majority of the animals left ages ago and the Hyenas could be eating each other or hunting outside their lands... Hercules has a bunch of off screen kills too... Moana never kills anyone besides the grandma because it never says the coconut people actually died... You implied that. Dinosaur is cool and all but the island in the movie is NOWHERE near the size of Madagascar...meaning it couldnt be the same island and the odds of the entire island being populated wouldn't add up. After hundreds and thousands of years maybe...but you said it yourself that it was only a sliver of years that those two species would cross. Meaning there is no way a family of Lemurs would populate the entire island that fast. I mean none of the movies in the top spot really show any major deaths. Mulan is possibly the best match because it genuinely shows the hun army being killed. In my opinion that is the true winner.
Arik Weaver
Arik Weaver 21 soat oldin
Wait... but how does Disney clarify that we have Lemurs if ALL the Lemurs died except one family...........
Arik Weaver
Arik Weaver 21 soat oldin
You gotta wonder just how much time he spent photoshopping the Lemur on his head...............................
DarkWarriorProgram 21 soat oldin
I called it! Man, Dinosaur is one of my favorite Disney movies! I even had a PS1 game of it (that, come to think of it I’m not sure I ever actually beat)
vince lehnen
vince lehnen 21 soat oldin
(24:40) i always cry when i see that :'(
md.sazzad faruk
md.sazzad faruk 23 soat oldin
That's how disney works. I watched the dinosaurs. But it was on Spanish
Arik Weaver
Arik Weaver Kun oldin
Except that the first day Moana uses to sail she sails to Moui's island and the second day they use to sail to Tomotoa to get to Moui's fishhook. Which, if it were a perpendicular direction than Moana's island and Te Fiti would half the time per distance and then theorizing that it's more of a backwards trot to Moui and his fishhook and then forward again actually near 1/3's it, if it's the most pointless journey, that is. So now, we can actually say that it could be a rate of like 1.8 miles per year, which means it would be moving so slowly that Moana's tribe might not even notice a difference. It might look like it was always just as close, and since there were no camera's back then there'd be no way of cataloging exactly how far it moves each year. It'd be moving so slow that Moana's father's father might have been the first to see it and probably think it was there all along, since it moved so slowly. I mean in reality, this really doesn't change much, except that they're not simply stupid for not preparing if it moved that slowly.
Not a Snake
Not a Snake Kun oldin
You missed a death in Moana (unless flashbacks don't count?) Her father's friend dies when they try to cross the reef.
Blankety Blank
Blankety Blank Kun oldin
In the older Disney movies they would kill so many people, but now they kill only a few compared to the old movies
memes are allowed here , doggo
We cant live on madagascar we'd die there because of the animals
Sammy Cathrine
Sammy Cathrine Kun oldin
Is anyone wondering why we haven’t counted DISNEYS marvel Infinity war I mean half of the universe that’s got to crush Dinosaurs
Samantha Darling
Lemurs sacrificed so we didn’t get a tie! Rip lemurs
Maneet S
Maneet S Kun oldin
I wonder what the death count is for coco, where most of the characters are dead
Sluke13 Kun oldin
What about the entire towns that are crushed by the titans in Hercules?!?
Kameron Boyd
Kameron Boyd Kun oldin
New it was dinosaur bragging rights are happening now
I like Food
I like Food Kun oldin
I thought it was Hercules
allie sandlin
allie sandlin Kun oldin
I think u forgot when grandma told her about the ships and the reason they stayed on that island was because of the monsters sinking the ships. Making the 261 more
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