Film Theory: Disney's Biggest Disasters! (Moana, Hercules, Lion King...)

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What Disney movie will reign supreme? Today we are FINALLY crowning the victor of our deadly Disney movie bracket. Will it be the war in Mulan? The famine in Moana? All the dead souls in Hercules? Let's find out once and for all!
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Twitter: @MatPatGT
Facebook: facebook.com/GameTheorists
Instagram: instagram.com/matpatgt
Editors: Marc Schneider, Matteo Adonis, Alexander "Sedge" Sedgwick, Chance Cole
Writers: Stephanie Patrick
Research and Fellow Death Counters: Zach Stewart

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3-Yan, 2019



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Cole Schadel
Cole Schadel 2 oy oldin
*When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit*
Spiritcat208 6 kun oldin
Marco Cedrick Antonio
That's hilarious man
Denis Mikhaylov
Denis Mikhaylov 17 kun oldin
Emily Mesler
Emily Mesler 19 kun oldin
Ok, but the movie with the most deaths historical would probably be national treasures, the movie shows how hundreds armies all since the beggining of man looked for the treasure
Stealthinator 19 kun oldin
U copied me
Jack Turtle
Jack Turtle 3 soat oldin
Shark bait
Shark bait 7 soat oldin
Brianna Cam
Brianna Cam 8 soat oldin
It take a slow time for the darkness to come to Moana’s island. Also Moana is the only member of her clan who can travel over seas
Abigail Barker
Abigail Barker 10 soat oldin
Aww I was hoping that Atlantis would win
Miller Blaylock
Miller Blaylock 11 soat oldin
Matpat, I am disappointed that you haven't covered the total death count in every Barbie movie yet.
Temp 15 soat oldin
17:10 That's some good editing/effects right there, son.
Todd’s vlogs
Todd’s vlogs 15 soat oldin
I’d like to imagine that before they made the first episode, everyone was in a meeting making bets on what film would be deadliest and then some editor walked in -drunk out of his mind- and just screamed “DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!”
ItsNeoNGaming 15 soat oldin
I'm James A. Jani- MatPat, and this has been the kill count.
Olivia Cottrell
Olivia Cottrell 18 soat oldin
Do the MCU
Bill the Camera man
Bill the Camera man 18 soat oldin
I knew it
Thomas Trask
Thomas Trask 20 soat oldin
Id love to see the Pixar Universe's death count, but also Marvel's and DC's. Maybe you can pit the latter 2 together in a video "MCU vs. DCU: which is deadlier?"
Sarah Walton
Sarah Walton 21 soat oldin
Lion king is going to stay and will win
Caged Panda
Caged Panda 23 soat oldin
Waitt someone pls explain the ending of Dinosaurs ive never seen that extinction scene in the real movie 🤔
Irmuun Tuguldur
Irmuun Tuguldur Kun oldin
Can you do regular show kill count i mean the universe was destroyed several times
Neil Errington
Neil Errington Kun oldin
Neil Errington
Neil Errington Kun oldin
Willem Neuefeind Lessig
Want a headache? Listen with 2x speed
Elijah Jerrel Balauro
Lion king
nightmare Doom666
Pikachudardis Kun oldin
golden Rdragon
golden Rdragon Kun oldin
aw. -stupid dinosaurs- gg! -good game...-
golden Rdragon
golden Rdragon Kun oldin
lion king?..
Big Nibber
Big Nibber Kun oldin
i know marvel isn't original disney, and infinity war is a sequel, but that would be cool if it was included the death count would be trillions.
Potted Plant
Potted Plant Kun oldin
Did you multiply the # of horsemen by two, since those horses are also dead?
Dinosaur World
Dinosaur World Kun oldin
matpat that is not a tricarotps
Mr. Bubby
Mr. Bubby Kun oldin
Dumbass lemurs
Caden C
Caden C Kun oldin
my bet is on dinosaur
Nutt kechem
Nutt kechem Kun oldin
Matpat I'd expected you to know that the dinosaur killed in the beginning of the movie isn't a trisaratops, it is a pachirinosaurus. You can tell by the weirdly shaped horn.
lazerpie 101
lazerpie 101 2 kun oldin
Tyler jay Phipps
Tyler jay Phipps 2 kun oldin
Magenta The Skeleton
Dead Meat would be proud
FGG 2 kun oldin
Plato...wrong! Play-doh.... seems legit 👌🏻🤔🧐
LouBug 2 kun oldin
I wonder what Marvel movie would have the most deaths...
The DogeMan
The DogeMan 2 kun oldin
do this for games on game theory.
applejack Aguilar
applejack Aguilar 2 kun oldin
Will you ever do Thomas and friends and why they have faces
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 2 kun oldin
Please do live Action Walt Disney Movies Death Tool. Thair are even more Death numbers if you count the Walt Disney movies that are not Cartoons.
James Lawrence
James Lawrence 2 kun oldin
I think it will be mulan
Heather Hernandez
Heather Hernandez 2 kun oldin
COCO- seriously it's obvious
Darryl Coleman II
Darryl Coleman II 2 kun oldin
Simon Lally
Simon Lally 2 kun oldin
Yasssss i guessed it right 🤩🤩🤩
Llama Fartz
Llama Fartz 2 kun oldin
Imagine if you had to count the warriors 1 by 1. That would literally kill me inside, I can’t even count to 28
Skorpio Gameplay
Skorpio Gameplay 3 kun oldin
You forgot the Eel Maui killed in Moana. The one that he mensioned in his song 'Your welcome'
Nutt kechem
Nutt kechem Kun oldin
That technically didn't cout because it the eel ( as well as the other fish) were not sentient.
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 3 kun oldin
copywright zelda botw shiekah symbol (before betrayal) uzvid.com/video/video-RmWik5DrXhE.html
Logan Dwyer
Logan Dwyer 3 kun oldin
hoss 96
hoss 96 3 kun oldin
I really thought u were gonna disappoint me Matpat, then u came wit one of my most favorite n underrated Disney movies, Dinosaur.
Staci ORourke
Staci ORourke 3 kun oldin
RustyIron 7
RustyIron 7 3 kun oldin
26:09 I'VE BEEN HACKIN' SEARCHING FOR THE NAME OF THAT MOVIE FOR OVER A HECKIN' DECADE!!!!! I saw it at a church pre-k class when I was like 4 but I didn't ask for the name of the movie because I was too busy running out of there crying... not my proudest moment...
Jk Gaming
Jk Gaming 3 kun oldin
Lion king
Jonas Rudokas
Jonas Rudokas 3 kun oldin
Is this video made with Dead meat
Los Santos Ambulance
Whats the golden chainsaw? And whats the dull machete
Kaitlyn Clink
Kaitlyn Clink 4 kun oldin
I KNEW IT!!!! I loved this
S & G
S & G 4 kun oldin
Last time I checked up is NOT a Disney movie not trying to be rude just wanting to point it out correct me if I’m wrong
Kamsi Ikegbunam
Kamsi Ikegbunam 4 kun oldin
It's always the most boring one
Tehimy Martiez
Tehimy Martiez 4 kun oldin
.well technicly atlantis would win due to the begining deaths
Finnian Weiland
Finnian Weiland 4 kun oldin
Do where is atlantis
Micah Dutton
Micah Dutton 4 kun oldin
James Pretorius
James Pretorius 4 kun oldin
YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Please do Pixar and Dreamworks !
Darthkenny 15
Darthkenny 15 4 kun oldin
0:05 me: please let it be Hercules please let it be Hercules! 24:35 MatPat: Dinosaur Me: holy shit dude!
Grace Morris
Grace Morris 4 kun oldin
Deadliest Pixar Movie!!! Plz!
Wong Tik Ki
Wong Tik Ki 4 kun oldin
If you count legends of 1000 years dark age in Moana, then you need to also cound the casualty of the whole war in Mulan.
Tony Reynolds
Tony Reynolds 5 kun oldin
I don’t agree dinosaur is the one that has the most body count because I don’t believe in eviloushon
abola1216 5 kun oldin
I want to move it move it you want to
Not an Animator
Not an Animator 5 kun oldin
"You see two Villages burnt down". Actually it's three.
Cameron MacLaren
Cameron MacLaren 5 kun oldin
I loved dinosaur!! And I also called it from the beginning
Joshua Heider
Joshua Heider 5 kun oldin
I luv dis
Root beer Pug
Root beer Pug 5 kun oldin
I know this sounds painful but you should do the most deadliest video game
Marin Velenik
Marin Velenik 3 kun oldin
Dude there is way more than 100 games that he would use
Methrael 5 kun oldin
DancingCheese 5 kun oldin
You’re telling me Thera just.. exploded? An island just randomly decided “y know what, I don’t wanna exist anymore?” What happened? Did some dad fart too loudly or what?
Doug Knox
Doug Knox 5 kun oldin
what about the hunchback of notre dame like molten lava is thrown from a freaking tower into A LARGELY POPULATED CITY
Jack 5 kun oldin
Cap’nLemonSnart !
Stop saying “Shen Yu” it’s “ShAn Yu” WHY DOES THIS BOTHER ME.
Heitmann 5 kun oldin
Cap’nLemonSnart ! Same reason it does me. Idk
Elaine Bransford
Elaine Bransford 5 kun oldin
Infinity war wins. Still counts. I'm still right.
dougpouncey 5 kun oldin
Welcome to the kill count, where we tally up the deaths of all our favorite Disney movies
DropN Dimes
DropN Dimes 5 kun oldin
I'm glad I am not the only one who hates Disney, they r built on a web of lies
BOULDER Talbert 5 kun oldin
You should do the same with dream works movies
Josh Chacon
Josh Chacon 5 kun oldin
Ashley Manglona
Ashley Manglona 6 kun oldin
Please. Do. A. Video. On. The. Movie. Coraline.
Iris xx
Iris xx 6 kun oldin
You missed the death of moanas dads friend right at the start
Iris xx
Iris xx Kun oldin
Nutt kechem yeah I thought that might be why he didn’t count it :)
Nutt kechem
Nutt kechem Kun oldin
That didn't happen during the plot of the movie. But nice one caching that.👍
Cameron Aries
Cameron Aries 6 kun oldin
Matpat, I love your videos and I appreciate the effort you put into this series in particular. I am sure it was a massive undertaking and I got to agree with most of your findings. But I have one major problem, one that you touched on but didn't investigate further. I believe Mulan should be higher on this list based on historical evidence. Yes, I know the Huns never actually invaded china, they were an Eastern European/ Roman empire enemy. But the mongols did invade china. And more specifically, even before the mongols, the great wall was built to keep out raiders from the Mongolian Xiongnu Empire, an empire of mostly nomadic steppe tribes much like the mongols, but centuries before Ghengis Khan's rise to power. The Xiongnu are largely forgotten by history because everyone just thinks nomads-from Mongolia/central asia/southern russia-fought with china automatically equals Mongols; but this simply isn't true. Numerous nomadic tribes fought countless wars against china, and china built the great wall specifically to stop the first great steppe empire; the Xiongnu. I believe the steppe nomads (Disney called them Huns because it was shorter, and fit into a soundtrack score much easier than "Xiongnu" or even "Mongol") portrayed in Mulan are actually representations of the Xiongnu Empire, (Shanyu the main baddie is pronounced similarly to xiongnu [JonGnew/ShonYew] and he specifically states that "your emperor built this wall to challenge my strength" and the great wall was built to stop the Xiongnu) the youtube channel Kings and Generals has a great video about the Chinese/Xiongnu war that goes into greater detail, and based on their research, it sounds like this war was ancient Asia's World War 1, and likely has a much higher body count than you give it credit for in your analysis of Mulan. Please take a look at Kings and Generals and consider reevaluating Mulan. I agree that it still won't be the highest death count, but I think it will be higher than Hercules or Atlantis. Thanks and keep up the great work! Here's the link to the Kings and Generals Vid uzvid.com/video/video-iQ7jDwF2Z2w.html
Kitty magic
Kitty magic 6 kun oldin
For a second I thought he wasn’t going to cover the dinosaurs
karla felix
karla felix 6 kun oldin
Do the dream works kill count
Micah Radke
Micah Radke 6 kun oldin
Mulan has to be it Edit: never mind
Riverpaw 323
Riverpaw 323 6 kun oldin
Im at the beginning. I choose Dinosaur.
Dmnt 6 kun oldin
Dinosaur: The Disney movie you literally forgot existed.
Chewy Mustard
Chewy Mustard 6 kun oldin
I love how scar is actually in Hercules and matpat goes this lion (differently lion ) looks like scar
Crystal Razor
Crystal Razor 6 kun oldin
This video was made on my birthday
Travis hunt H.
Travis hunt H. 6 kun oldin
tud vs thanos and rascal.
Travis hunt H.
Travis hunt H. 6 kun oldin
35,000 Minoans
Spiritcat208 6 kun oldin
I STILL love Dinosaur much more than alot of life. It's been my life since I was legit 4. I watch it almost every time I'm sick, as well as The Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King. My family watches Dinosaur every road trip when my younger sisters are awake, and Return of the King when they're asleep. My triplet brothers (I am the third triplet, a girl), my older brother, and I have loved both of these movies since the day they came out.
Spiritcat208 6 kun oldin
I've legit never Atlantis. I'm still a kid too, and I have only seen Bambi once, and don't remember it.
Saskia Cormack
Saskia Cormack 6 kun oldin
that poor kid
I GREY 6 kun oldin
Crete is a greek colony
Krypted Knight
Krypted Knight 7 kun oldin
Dream works plz
Lucas Victorino
Lucas Victorino 7 kun oldin
I want Pixar death
Ricardo Puxa Saco
Ricardo Puxa Saco 7 kun oldin
Dis darknes was coming in a veeeery looooooooooooooooooooooooooong tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(three years later)iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
Ricardo Puxa Saco
Ricardo Puxa Saco 7 kun oldin
I think that it is the dinnosaur
Rocket Tron
Rocket Tron 7 kun oldin
Why is UP in there’re if it’s a Pixar movie 24:39
KayleyAnna 7 kun oldin
Dinosaur, the Disney movie where they nuke Madagascar
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